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Contains over 700 detailed industry market reports for the U.S., based on the NAICS classification. Reports include industry performance, lifecycle, products and markets, supply chain, operating conditions, regulation and policy, key competitors, barriers to entry, outlook, and more. A growing collection of Specialized Industry Reports addresses more narrowly defined product/service segments or emerging industries.More

ICPSR (Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research)

Dates vary.
Provides access to data files in social science areas such as economics, social and political behavior and attitudes, education, population, and health. Raw data is derived from censuses, surveys, and administrative records in 7,000 data collections and over 500,000 individual data files. Includes documentation for use with statistical software such as SAS, SPSS, and Stata.

Note: Please refer to the user account and FAQ webpages for information on creating a user account.

IEEE Xplore/IET Electronic Library Online (IEL)

1988 to the present
Provides full-text journal articles, conference papers, and technical standards published by IEEE and the IEE. Emphasis is on electrical engineering, computer science, and information systems.

IEEE Xplore Mobile

IHS Standards

Most recent editions
Provides access to a number of engineering and architecture related standards, including the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (sections II and X) and the AEC Referenced Standards collection. For IEEE standards, see IEEE Xplore/IEE Electronic Library Online (IEL).

IMF E-Library

1945 to the present
Provides access to IMF data and statistical books.

See also International Financial Statistics (IFS), Balance of Payments Statistics (BOP) , Government Finance Statistics (GFS) ,and Direction of Trade Statistics (DOT) .

Immunology Abstracts

Includes summaries from studies covering all aspects of immune systems in man and animals.

Import Genius

varies provides access import and export records for product shipments in U.S. ports, including shipping manifests and customs records from government agencies and global private companies. Records are also available for the imports and exports of several Latin American countries. The data may be used to research suppliers and products imported by private and public companies, trace connections among trading partners, and analyze industry trends.

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For more information, visit the company’s website:

Index of Christian Art

Early apostolic times - A.D. 1550
Contains full-text records for over 80,000 works of medieval art. Indexes images and provides textual information and bibliographies about the images.

Index to Current Urban Documents (ICUD)

2001 to the present
Indexes reports and research generated by local government agencies, civic organizations, academic and research organizations, public libraries, and metropolitan and regional planning agencies in approximately 500 selected cities in the United States and Canada. The full text of many of these documents is also provided. Note: Prior print volumes of the Index to Current Urban Documents and the full-text microforms collection, Urban Documents Microfiche Collection, are located at the UTSA Downtown Campus Library.More

Indo-European Etymological Dictionaries Online

Latest edition
IED Online is a collection of etymological dictionaries that together reconstruct the lexicon for the most important languages and language branches of Indo-European. Includes Latin, Greek, Slavic, Proto-Celtic, Old-Frisian, Armenian, Hittite, Luvian, Iranian verb and Proto-Nostratic. (Proto-Germanic and Persian are forthcoming) Dictionaries can be cross-searched or searched individually. Each entry has grammatical info, meaning(s), etymological commentary, reconstructions, cognates and bibliographical information.More

Industrial and Applied Microbiology Abstracts(Microbiology A)

1982 to the present
(Also known as Microbiology Abstracts Section A: Industrial and Applied Microbiology) Indexes and summarizes research and practitioner literature relating to microbiological applications in the agricultural, food and beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Industrial and Applied Microbiology Abstracts is a subfile of Biotechnology and Bioengineering Abstracts and Environmental Sciences and Pollution Management Abstracts.More

Information Science and Technology Abstracts (ISTA)

1960s to the present
Indexes articles from over 450 journals, as well as books, research reports, conference proceedings, and patents in information science.

Informe! (Revistas en español)

1994 to the present
(English language search interface) Full-text collection of more than 130 Spanish-language popular, professional, and scholarly journals, including Américas (Spanish Edition), Anales de la literatura española contemporánea, Boletín de antropología americana, Frontera Norte, Lectura y vida, Proceso, and Revista de historia de América, as well as many popular magazines.

Informe! (Revistas en espanol)

Interfase en espanol


1998 to the present
(formerly UnCover) Indexes and abstracts over 30,000 scholarly publications from 200 academic and professional publishers. Some links to full text are provided; however, most full-text articles are fee-based and paid for by the patron. Patrons are encouraged to contact the UTSA Library Reference staff for local holdings or to use Interlibrary Loan to borrow materials from other libraries. UTSA no longer subscribes to the Alerts service.More


1896 to the present
Indexes research literature in the fields of physics, electronics, computing, control engineering, and information technology. Features more than 8 million records from 3,500 technical and scientific journals and 1,500 conference proceedings.

Institute of Physics Journals

Provides access to the full text of scholarly journals published by the Institute of Physics (IOP).

International Bibliography of Art

2008 to the present
A comprehensive art bibliography, IBA picks up where the Bibliography of the History of Art (BHA) left off, with content published from 2008 to the present. Covers European and American art from late antiquity through the early 21st century. Includes the fine arts and decorative and applied arts. Indexes art-related books, conference proceedings and dissertations, exhibition and dealers' catalogs, and journal articles. One of its strengths: indexing specialized international publications that are not widely distributed.More

International Encyclopedia of Communication(Wiley)

A comprehensive reference for the communication discipline, providing background information on theories, research methods, key concepts, and current issues. Interpersonal communication, intercultural and intergroup communication, media effects, journalism, public relations, media law, media systems, and communication and technology represent major areas covered. Content authored by leading communication experts from the International Communication Association. Updated twice a year.More

International Financial Statistics

1945 to the present
Includes international and domestic finance statistics produced by the International Monetary Fund for over 200 countries. View time series data at the country level and the world level, including data on exchange rates, international liquidity, international banking, money and banking, interest rates, prices, production, international transactions, government accounts, and national accounts.

See also IMF E-Library, Balance of Payments Statistics (BOP) , Government Finance Statistics (GFS) ,and Direction of Trade Statistics (DOT) .

International Index to Music Periodicals (IIMP)

Provides full text/image access to 88 international, music-related journals, including both scholarly and popular titles. Indexes and abstracts an additional 300+ journals. Coverage is provided for various types of music: classical, popular, jazz, folk music, and others. Comprehensive treatment is provided for various music disciplines, such as musicology, theory, music education, ethnomusicology, and performance. Emphasis is on English-language material, but nearly twenty percent of citations are for non-English-language articles. The most thorough indexing (with abstracts) is for the period since 1996; less thorough indexing (without abstracts) extends back as far as 1874.More

International Political Science Abstracts

International Relations and Security Network: ISN

Dates vary.
Provides access to over 20,000 freely accessible resources in security and defense studies, peace and conflict research, and international relations, including e-books, working papers, government reports, journal articles, and historic and primary source materials. Users can search a directory of institutes/organizations active in international relations and security policy or access annotated websites in international affairs. Also included is a section on current events with news stories and commentaries, as well as free online courses and software.

The ISN is an online project of the Center for Security Studies (CSS) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), jointly funded by the Swiss Department for Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS), and ETH Zurich.

Internet and Personal Computing Abstracts

Indexes and abstracts over 400 journals devoted to topics in personal computing.

Investext (IE ONLY)

1982 to the present
Now called "ThomsonONE Investment Banking". Provides access to market news from Reuters and comprehensive financial data on 70,000 active and inactive companies globally including key ratios, capital structure, latest deals, credit ratings from S&P and Moodys; ownership, top shareholders/investors; one million private companies globally including private equity investors and fund names, key executives and investment round details; deals including M&A, bond and equity issuance, syndicated loan transactions; 1.2 million officers and directors from 70,000 public companies and 1.4 million private company officers and directors globally; compensation, both company reported and standardized; filings back to 1969. The add-on Research Module provides in-depth company and industry reports from investment banks and independent research firms. The add-on Private Equity module offers the most extensive global coverage of the venture and buyout markets.More

IPA Source

Contains International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) transcriptions and literal translations of over 800 opera arias and 4,000 art song texts.

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