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    100 Per Cent Wrong Club
      See Sports, 100 Per Cent Wrong Club
    Aaron, Amelia
      pneumonia fatal to life-long SA resident, 1938/12/16: 1
    Aaron, Claude
      named assistant cashier by Texas State Bank Board, 1970/03/06: 7
    Aaron, Henry (Hank)
      $100,000 Salary for Aaron Long Overdue (Spotlight on Sports, by Charles J. Livingston), 1965/02/26: 5
      Aaron carries Braves hopes for future, 1958/03/28: 5
      Aaron's batting sparks Milwaukee Braves, 1954/08/06: 5
      awards and honors
        can Hank Aaron win MVP award, sports fans ask, 1963/08/23: 5
        Hank and Willie Mays share NL hitting honors, 1957/10/18: 4
        honored by 100 Per Cent Wrong Club as Male Athlete of Year (photo), 1958/10/17: 2
        it may be Hank for long time winning National League's batting championship, 1957/04/19: 5
        named MVP in National League, 1957/11/22: 5
        Negro is Sally League's most valuable player, 1953/08/28: 7
        for seventh time in eleven seasons, National League's MVP is a Negro, 1957/11/29: 5
        voted All-American by radio and TV broadcasters, 1957/09/20: 5
      bats Braves to NL pennant, 1958/09/26: 5
      has close call en route to training camp, 1960/03/18: 5
      has mightiest bat in majors, 1959/05/15: 5
      HemisFair ambassador
        Aaron is HemisFair ambassador of good will (photo), 1968/01/12: 5
        banquet held in his honor (photo), 1968/01/12: 5
      hits by Aaron, Willie Mays, win for National All-Stars, 1959/07/10: 5
      hits one of longest homers at Polo Grounds in game with New York Mets, 1962/06/29: 6
      on homer binge, gets three in one game, 1959/06/26: 5
      inks Braves pact for $50,000, 1960/03/04: 5
      Koufax rates Aaron top hitter in baseball, 1965/04/23: 5
      loop batting title predicted for Aaron, 1956/05/04: 5
      mainstay of Braves in title drive, 1956/08/31: 5
      may join baseball's .400 hitters, 1959/05/22: 5
      Mays, Aaron, Banks "million dollar" players, 1960/04/08: 3
      says he's not after Ruth's homer record, 1957/07/26: 5
      sparks Atlanta Braves' stretch drive, 1954/08/20: 5
      star says Negro player must be better than white, 1965/10/08: 5
      wife, Barbara Aaron, threatened with killing by Atlanta cop, 1966/08/12: 5
      Willie Mays, Hank Aaron snapping out of slumps, 1956/05/25: 5
    Aaron, Louise A. Grant (Mrs. Walter)
      Aaron Studio Club
        formation of, 1934/02/23: 6
        music week observed, 1934/05/25: 6
      death of
        notice of death, 1969/01/03: 10 (filmed in 01/10 issue)
        Utopia Club presents James Spaights in memorial scholarship recital, in honor of the late Mrs. Louise Grant Aaron, 1969/01/03: 10 (filmed in 01/10 issue)
        well-known local music teacher and civic worker passes (Note: article gives her name as Louise C. Aaron), 1968/12/27: 1
      musical recital sponsored by Women's Home Mission Society of Bethel AME, 1955/06/17 Supp: 1
      presents saenger-fest at Friendship Baptist (photo), 1938/12/02: 6
        Aaron pupils give mid-winter recital, 1934/02/09: 7
        piano and vocal students in recital, 1945/03/02: 2
        piano pupils give recital at Alamo Piano Company (Jo's Jottings), 1961/06/23 Supp: 1, 1962/06/15 Supp: 2, 1963/06/07 Supp: 4
        students heard in recital, 1949/07/01 Supp: 1
      studies music in Chicago Conservatory of Music, 1933/07/28: 8 (filmed in 08/04 issue)
    Aaron, Margie
      notice of death, 1959/01/16: 8 (filmed in 01/23 issue)
    Aaron, Martha
      pioneer citizen, dies, 1944/10/13: 1
    Aaron, Milton J.
      notice of death, 1966/05/27: 8 (filmed in 06/03 issue)
    Aaron, Walter
      funeral rites held (photo), 1969/10/17: 1
      notice of death, 1969/10/24: 10 (filmed in 10/31 issue)
    Abbott, Mrs. Susie Dibrell
      interred in San Antonio, 1948/02/20: 2
    Abbott Memorial Scholarship in Journalism
    Abbs, Eldridge
      notice of death, 1965/10/15: 8
    Abercrombie, John A.
      notice of death, 1957/08/16: 8 (filmed in 08/23 issue)
    Abernathy, Dr. Ralph David
      anti-poverty drive led by Abernathy, 1969/05/09: 7
      arrests and imprisonment
        follows in King's footsteps by going to jail for his beliefs, 1969/05/02: 1
        jailing of Abernathy scored, 1969/07/18: 9
      "embarrassed" by Rev. Bevel's defense of James Earl Ray, 1969/02/07: 7
      Montgomery, AL, bus boycott leader
        leader says 'Bama bus boycott won't end until final victory won, 1956/09/07: 1
        MIA co-leader, on Texas tour for state NAACP, 1957/09/27: 1
      Poor People's March
        demands of poor spelled out by Dr. Abernathy, 1968/05/10: 1
        leader to face TV reporters, 1968/05/24: 9
      raps [President] Nixon for "Black capitalism" bone, 1969/01/17: 7
      seizure of documents
        Louisiana cops jail rights leaders, seize documents, 1960/10/21: 1
        seized property of ministers may be recovered; court rules no grounds for naming pastors in libel suit, 1961/07/07: 3
      Southern Christian Leadership Conference president
        announces SCLC support of peace activities (to end Viet Nam War), 1969/10/17: 1
        blasts Nixon on nomination of G. Harrold Carswell to Supreme Court, 1970/02/27: 7
      speaking engagements
        Men's Day meeting at Second Baptist Church (photo), 1957/10/04: 1
        platform guests hear Abernathy's address at Second Baptist Church (photo), 1957/10/04: 3
        Princeton Theological Seminary, presents James J. Reeb Memorial Lecture, 1968/11/29: 9
        Second Baptist Church (San Antonio) afternoon service, 1957/09/27: 8 (filmed in 10/04 issue)
    Abernethy, Frank Milton
      most of his life spent in the grocery business (Have You Met ... column) (photo), 1954/08/20: 4
      notice of death, 1958/09/05: 8 (filmed in 09/12 issue)
      succumbs to heart ailment (photo), 1958/08/29: 1
    Abernethy, Josephine Marie
      funeral services held, 1965/01/15: 1
      notice of death, 1965/01/22: 8 (filmed in 01/29 issue)
    Abernethy, O. C.
      Colorado state representative speaks at Prairie View A&M College (photo), 1947/12/05: 1
      to receive Prairie View Alumni Award (photo), 1948/05/07: 1
    Abner, Dr. E. W. D.
      scores big at meeting of American Woodmen, 1933/02/03: 1
      will address Woodmen membership (photo), 1933/01/27: 1
      Cunningham, Essie, abortion leaves SA mother in serious condition, 1955/12/16: 1
    Abraham Lincoln Post
      See American Legion, Abraham Lincoln Post 114-1
    Abram, Bessie S.
      notice of death, 1969/05/16: 10 (filmed in 05/23 issue)
    Abram, George
      notice of death, 1965/06/11: 8 (filmed in 06/18 issue)
    Abram, James
      notice of death, 1969/01/10: 10 (filmed in 01/17 issue)
    Abram, Louis Deslandes
      notice of death, 1938/12/09: 8 (filmed in 12/16 issue)
    Abram, Lydia
      dies after brief illness, 1932/12/23: 8 (filmed in 12/30 issue)
    Abram, Warwick, III
      promoted to airman second class, 1963/11/08: 7
      San Antonian promoted to airman second class, 1963/11/08: 7
    Abrams, Gary Michael
      notice of death, 1963/02/08: 8 (filmed in 02/15 issue)
    Abrams, SP5 Jimmie
      receives Bronze Star and Purple Heart awards (photo), 1969/05/16: 1
    Abrego, Joe
      killed by foster father, Hiram Abrego, after he slit throat of pet dog, 1969/10/24: 1
    Accidents and Injuries
      See also Animals and Animal Bites
      See also Assaults
      See also Automobile Accidents
      See also Drownings
      See also Fires
      See also Railroads, accidents
      See also Safety
      See also San Antonio Transit Company, accidents
      Adams, George, killed as porch collapses, 1959/12/11: 1
      Adams, Marcus, hurt as ice box top falls on head, 1937/12/31: 8 (filmed in 1938/01/07 issue)
      Adoaran, Mrs. Aralia, hurt in firecracker prank, 1950/07/07: 1
      Alexander, Charles, bruised in fall from roof, 1951/08/31: 1
      Alexander, Forest, Corpus Christi officer's leg cut in freak mishap, 1944/12/22: 1
      Allen, Gladys, breaks arm in fall from automobile, 1959/07/03: 1
      Allen, Willie, ex-San Antonian accidentally killed in Alaska mishap, 1959/10/16: 1
      Amires, Lucio, motorist wounded in side as pistol falls, 1947/03/21: 1
      Anderson, Carl, 7, wounded in accidental shotgun shooting, 1954/01/08: 1
      Anderson, Ernest, accidentally shoots himself, 1968/11/29: 1
      Anderson, Jean Linda, falls while hanging curtains, sustains cuts, 1955/09/23: 1
      Anderson, P. L., wounded by gun that wasn't loaded held by Autry Willis, 1945/10/19: 1
      Andrews, U. J., Register editor, suffers serious injury to eye when struck by softball, 1940/08/16: 1
      Anthony, Joseph, wounded as dropped pistol discharges, 1963/10/04: 1
      Applewhite, Roy, injured when tire blows out, 1951/11/02: 5
      Applin, Miss Mary, aged woman fatally injured by bus, 1948/06/11: 1
      Armstead, Britton, Jr., breaks leg in fall from wall, 1939/11/24: 1
      Armstrong, Ernest, wounded as revolver falls, fires, 1969/01/24: 1
      Armstrong, Mrs. G., breaks hip in fall from door, 1942/07/17: 4
      Austin, Q. T., avoids severe injury due to lye in eye, 1941/11/21: 4
      Auzenne, Paul, scalded by boiling water due to fall, 1945/02/02: 1
      Bagley, Samantha Jean, 17-month-old tot dies after drinking lighter fluid, 1946/01/04: 1
      Bailey, Clifton, 3, scalded by pot of boiling corn, 1958/05/23: 1
      Bailey, Columbus, loses tooth, lip cut while fixing flat tire, 1949/10/21: 1
      Baker, Roman, accidentally shot with ancient pistol, 1955/10/07: 1
      Banks, Leslie, 2, suffers burns in tumble into bath water, 1962/11/16: 1
      Bankston, Mrs. Teresa, stabs self, 1950/06/16: 4
      Barber, Janice M., shoots herself while handling gun, 1966/08/05: 1
      Barber, Jesse, hit in eye by baseball when sun gets in his eyes, 1960/03/25: 1
      Barboza, Elentia, pushed off bus, fallen on, as men tussle, 1947/06/06: 1
      Barnett, Alvin, Cuero man accidentally killed by friend, Gus Odoms, on fishing trip, 1962/05/18: 1
      Bateman, Frank, loses foot under switch engine, 1945/11/23: 1
      Bean, William, shot accidentally as revolver is fired, 1939/01/13: 1
      Beasley, Velma, shot in right leg as rifle discharges, 1950/09/29: 1
      Bedford, Dorothy, 16, burned with hot grease, 1962/02/23: 1
      Bell, Rosaline R., hot grease burns little girl, 1961/09/29: 1
      Bell, W. C., misses serious injury as police vehicle rolls off jack, 1947/11/14: 1
      Bell, Willie, 8, suffers fractured pelvis when he falls from horse-drawn vehicle driven by Oliver Fitzgerald, 1952/05/09: 1
      Bennett, Kennard, 11, shot in thigh as he plays with pistol, 1958/02/28: 1
      Bennett, Mandy, 80, and Erie Robinson, 65, burned as oil stove explodes, 1952/10/24: 1
      Benson, Janice, 7, hurt in Kerrville playground fall, 1963/06/07: 2
      Berry, Ann Haywood, train runs over woman lying on SP railroad tracks, fatally injured (Note: name listed as Ann Haywood in article), 1967/01/27: 1
      Berry, Robert, bike ride costs toe of 6-year-old who flags lift, 1947/11/14: 1
      Bethany, Daniel, SA man accidentally shoots himself on Christmas Day in Dimebox, TX, 1954/12/31: 1
      Betts, Lawrence W., tot breaks arm, 1946/05/31: 1
      Beverly, Alvin, 12, cut when glasses are broken by foul baseball, 1958/07/25: 1
      Beverly, Mrs. S. A., mother of Katherine Beverly suffers fall, broken hip (Jo's Jottings), 1960/12/23 Supp: 1
      Bishop, Clarence, year-old boy falls from second floor, 1961/03/24: 1
      Bishop, Michael Anthony, 2-year-old critically injured in fall from stairs, 1960/10/21: 1
      Black, Vera Lee, suffers broken arm in fall, 1933/10/13: 1
      Blackwell, John, escapes serious injury when hit by live wire, 1945/03/23: 1
      Bland, Lillian, locked out by husband, cuts arm as she breaks glass door, 1954/05/07: 1
      bleacher collapse at Douglass Junior High
        bleachers collapse; students injured, 1933/12/22: 1
        collapse takes life of one student, 1933/12/29: 1
        A Little Martyr [bleacher accident and death are only symptoms of school needs] (editorial), 1933/12/29: 4
      Blocker, Homer L., struck by switch engine, not badly hurt, 1946/09/13: 1
      Bolden, Cloid (Clyde), youngest war vet severely cut in fall from ladder, 1939/07/21: 1
      Borise, Jeffery, tot burned as he pulls pan of hot water off stove, 1964/05/01: 1
      Bowden, Leonard, SA man, injured battling cops, dies, 1942/05/29: 1
      Boyd, Barbara Jean, 5-year-old girl critically burned, 1966/03/11: 1
      Bracken, Vernon, Lackland airman, working part-time in funeral home, hospitalized for accidental shooting, 1964/12/25: 1
      Branch, James, falls while attempting to erect electric light wire connection (Personal Activities), 1935/09/13: 7
      Brock, Fred, shoots self in finger while handling automatic, 1948/11/12: 1
      Brown, Elzora, injures little finger (Alamo City Briefs), 1940/11/15: 7
      Brown, Gussie Lee, burned as pencil-type tear gas gun goes off, 1952/07/04: 1
      Brown, Jesse, tumbles 15 feet to death from roof of moving house (photo), 1947/10/31: 1
      Brown, Josephine, picks up wrong bottle, swallows Lysol, 1946/06/28: 1
      Brown, Lonnie Otto, loses part of thumb in meat slicer, 1941/06/20: 5
      Brown, Sylvia, chin strap becomes death noose for 15-month-old girl in family car, 1960/02/12: 1
      Brown, W. L., tot gulps cleaning fluid, 1941/03/28: 1
      Bruce, Marjorie Nell, dies from scalding, 1941/03/28: 1
      Bruno, Lula accidentally cuts her hand, 1962/08/10: 3
      Bryant, Willie, accidentally takes overdose of pain tablets, 1963/02/01: 1
      Bumbrey, E. E., shot accidentally when revolver falls, 1951/08/24: 7
      Burleson, A. J., wounded by revolver he's about to sell, 1962/11/09: 1
      Burrell, Sharon, 5-year-old hit twice by same bullet; gun discharged when pulled from table by 3-year-old boy, 1967/02/24: 1
      Burton, Robert, cut in fall, 1950/06/09: 5
      Butler, Mrs. Ida Mae, stricken on street, ambulance refuses to take her to hospital, 1945/02/16: 1
      Butler, Mrs. S.J., injured while starting car, 1933/04/07: 7
      Byrd, O. N., falls on broken bottle, suffers cut, 1949/09/16: 1
      Calhoun, Cecil
        loses much blood after fall against window, 1953/02/20: 1
        suffers severe cut on wrist from broken plate, 1959/08/28: 1
      Carter, Luella, suffers cut in fall, 1953/07/10: 6
      Carter, Paul, 10-year-old escapes injury in two-story fall, 1954/11/19: 1
      Carver, Ed, falls when roof collapses and fractures his spine, 1957/06/21: 1
      Chambers, Allen, loses fingers in wood sawing accident, 1934/01/05: 1
      Chandler, Robert Christi, 5-year old hit with ax by 6-year-old woodchopper, 1938/06/03: 1
      Cheatham, Abraham, says he shot himself accidentally, 1965/01/01: 1
      Chenault, Robert C., ice pick plunges into side as he falls, 1940/02/09: 1
      children on bus to National Baptist Sunday School Congress, here, stricken with food poisoning, 1954/06/18: 1
      Childs, Daniel, suffers season's first football casualty, 1949/09/16: 5
      Chinn, Bertha Ray, stumbles, scalded by boiling water, 1941/02/21: 1
      Chism, Delton, 9-year-old boy falls from tree, breaks arm, 1966/07/15: 1
      Christopher, Nettie Mae, hurt in fall, 1941/03/21: 1
      City, Bessie, helping blind man down steps, killed by gun falling from his pocket, 1970/03/20: 1
      Coffey, Chester Leroy, shot in leg with "unloaded" pistol, 1939/07/07: 1
      Cole, Fred, sustains painful accident, 1936/06/19: 5
      Coleman, Sidney, two men seriously hurt as gasoline truck overturns, 1948/09/24: 1
      Collins, Anthony, 4-year-old swallows tablets, 1961/04/28: 1
      Collins, Jack, auto falls off jack, kills man underneath, 1954/04/09: 1
      Collins, Solomon, SWRI employee, critically hurt in explosion; two others, Hubert Hohmann and Norvell Killison, received first degree burns, 1957/08/02: 1
      Collins, Tommy, 3, arm caught in wringer of washing machine, 1962/04/13: 1
      Collins, W. K., raps too hard on bus window; gets lacerated hand, 1946/11/08: 1 (Section 2)
      Corpus Christian hurled 30 feet as heater explodes, 1943/08/13: 1
      Cottrell, Frankie, SA woman breaks leg on fishing trip, 1957/08/16: 1
      Cox, Charles, injured when he slips while catching a bus, 1962/11/16: 1
      Cox, Clarence James, youth, 17, found shot to death, ruled accidental, 1962/05/11: 1
      Crawford, Josephine O., saved from drowning by Boy Scout, Robert Bailey, 1932/06/24: 1
      Creath, Joseph, maybe that day he should have stayed in bed; shot at snakes, but accidentally shot his foot, 1959/06/12: 1
      Cruse, Abraham Lincoln, stabbed in shoulder by wife, Ann Cruse, was "all in fun," 1954/07/02: 1
      Cruse, Marian Frances, arm broken as girl skater falls, 1939/07/28: 1
      Cubit, Ophelia, burned in gas explosion (Alamo City Briefs), 1938/01/28: 7
      Cuffin, Mrs. Mamie V., recovering from fall, 1949/09/16: 5
      Cunningham, Ernest, Jr., 25-year-old man dies under train wheels, 1969/08/15: 1
      Cunningham, Robert Charles, 8, burned by falling iron, 1962/08/17: 3
      Dancey, Stanley, 3-year-old boy chokes to death on marble, 1965/06/04: 1
      Davis, Barbara Jean, swallows safety pin; operation required to remove, 1941/02/14: 1
      Davis, Harry, found wandering with three-inch head laceration, 1944/08/04: 1
      Davis, Jeff
        saved by Samuel Henry, not girl lifeguard, 1944/07/21: 1
        saved from drowning by Mrs. Irene White, lifeguard at Central playground, 1944/07/14: 1
      Davis, Oscar, steam overcomes school janitor in boiler room, 1939/11/03: 1
      Davis, Sam, lying by tracks, hit by switch engine, escapes serious injury, 1956/08/17: 1
      Dears, Carol, 7-year-old girl back against stove, critically burned, 1965/10/29: 1
      Dears, George William, 2-year-old boy swallows lye, 1964/02/21: 1
      Demerson, Edward, two men seriously hurt as gasoline truck overturns, 1948/09/24: 1
      Denson, Marvin, Fort Sam Houston employee hurt in warehouse mishap, 1945/07/13: 1
      Dillard, Earl Byrd, 13-year-old wounded in accidental zip gun shooting, 1961/07/14: 1
      Dillard, Joseph, child injured in family row, 1945/01/26: 1
      Dilworth, Betty Jean, 12-year-old breaks leg while at play, 1950/07/21: 5
      Dilworth, Delbert Wayne, baby's death ruled "probably accidental," from a ruptured liver, 1957/11/01: 1
      Dilworth, Morris ("Wee Wee"), injures arm while playing, 1942/12/04: 6
      Dimry, Wilbur M., injured as piano falls from truck, 1949/07/08: 1
      Dobbins, Bertha, suffers broken arm in fall, 1941/01/31: 1
      Dooley, Lula, suffers severe lacerations (Alamo City Briefs), 1935/12/13: 7
      Dorn, Leroy, trapped by blazing oil, seriously burned, 1953/02/27: 1
      Dorn, Maryland, seriously hurt in fall from viaduct, 1936/02/14: 7
      Dorsett, Henry, dies from injuries, exposure suffered in fall, 1939/01/27: 1
      Douglas, Matthew, garbage worker badly hurt first day back on city job, 1942/08/28: 1
      Drummer, Alvin, sends slug through leg accidentally, 1952/02/08: 1
      DuBose, Mrs. L.E., breaks leg in fall from back steps, 1934/04/06: 1
      Dukes, Odell, shoots self in lower leg, 1968/12/20: 11
      Dukes, Wilbert, 5-year-old pulls boiling water on self, 1964/11/20: 3
      Dunn, Travis, railroad worker fractures hand in bridge fall, 1952/06/13: 1
      Edwards, Joe Willie, plays with pistol, shot in leg, 1934/03/09: 1
      Edwards, Kence, SA enrollee at Fort Sam Houston CCC camp, accidentally cut, 1937/12/17: 3
      Edwards, L. C., Cuero man, under stalled truck, fatally burned, 1945/04/13: 1
      Elliott, Joseph, GI student, hurt when crane slips, 1951/07/27: 4
      Ellison, Terrell, fall into boiling water kills Luling man, 1965/08/13: 1
      Elmore, J. B., veteran Pullman porter, loses foot in train mishap, 1943/01/08: 1
      Embree, Addie, fractures ankle, 1944/03/10: 5
      Estrada, Adelia, treated for drinking liniment, 1945/11/30: 1
      Estrada, Earl, falls on knife, suffers slashes to arm, 1951/01/05: 3
      Ethridge, Ike, Jr., may lose sight after blacking out, falling against sign, 1955/08/26: 1
      Eustace, Freddie, Lockhart man burned as can of oil explodes, 1959/01/02: 1
      Evans, Sylvia, 6 and Ellis Vernon, 18 months, burned in butane gas explosion, 1957/12/20: 1
      Evans, Willie Ray, Jr., 18-month-old killed by drinking gasoline, 1965/06/25: 1
      Ferguson, Alice, hurt in fall, 1953/06/12: 3
      Ferrell, Hollis, given turpentine instead of castor oil, 1950/02/10: 5
      Fisher, Charles A., wounded when dropped pistol discharges, 1963/02/01: 1
      Flake, Delaney, buried alive under load of hot, raw cement, 1939/07/14: 1
      Fleming, Devern M., leaves party, hears what he thought was firecrackers, but then hit by bullet, 1966/07/08: 1
      Flemings, Jeannette, 10-year-old, swinging from clothesline, falls, breaks arm, 1961/07/14: 1
      Flowers, Herretta Louise, six-month old baby unhurt in fall, 1941/05/02: 6
      Flowers, Paris "Sonny," clothing ignited by blazing gasoline as he works on auto, in critical condition, 1965/10/15: 1
      Fontelroy, Haron, suffers gunshot wounds while examining a pistol, 1951/05/11: 1
      Ford, Bertha, slips in oil at filling station, 1941/11/21: 4
      Ford, Terry, 10-year-old boy fatally shot by boy playing with gun, 1968/07/05: 1
      Foreman, Ronnie, 10-year-old boy accidentally shoots self in leg, 1965/05/21: 1
      Forney, Clifford, Korea amputee, knocked off chair, critically hurt, 1961/12/01: 1
      Foster, Annie, suffers broken arm in fall, 1942/01/09: 1
      Four Children Killed at Railroad Crossing (Tid Bits from the Week's News), 1934/04/27: 4
      four men miss death in cave-in of sewer they were working in, 1954/01/08: 1
      Francis, Clarence, hit with rock and suffers head injury, 1951/07/13: 5
      Francis, Lorenzo, 16-year-old shot in abdomen by Leroy Barnes, 1965/02/05: 1
      Franklin, Buster, worker twice endangered in foundation cave-in; rope severed as trapped man is being pulled to surface, 1958/10/03: 1
      Franks, Larry, 15-year-old loses both legs under wheels of train, 1966/01/07: 1
      Freeman, Robert, injured in plunge down elevator shaft, 1946/06/07: 1
      Fuller, Tom, injured in soap box derby mishap (photo), 1959/08/14: 1
      Gage, David, burns foot while working on roof (Alamo City Briefs), 1942/05/08: 7
      Gaines, Dollie, 6, swallows price-tag pin, 1962/09/28: 1
      Galloway, Frances, two women shot in Tuesday gunplay, 1968/02/23: 1
      Gant, Amos, breaks foot while unloading lumber, 1947/06/27: 1
      Gardley, Bernice, scalded when boiling water is knocked off stove, 1963/05/10: 1
      gay New Year's Eve reveler knocks down gas pump, 1934/01/05: 1
      George, Johnny Lee, slips while dancing at home, falls on broken bottle, 1961/04/07: 1
      Gibbons, Tommy Earl, Jr., drinking gasoline kills 2-year-old, 1961/08/11: 1
      Gibson, Mrs. Cleo, woman hurt in ambulance crash awarded $500, 1947/10/31: 1
      Gipson, Clarence Otto, 8 months old, has tobacco removed from his lung, 1954/04/09: 1
      Gistard, Yolanda, 8-month-old burned when hot plate tips over, 1964/08/21: 1
      Glover, Jack, fall on job kills worker, 1969/06/27: 1
      Glynn, J.D., crushed by elevator car, 1935/08/02: 1
      Goins, Willie E., seriously wounded as gun he handles hits table and fires, 1952/09/26: 1
      Goodlow, Robert, hurt in fall, 1944/08/18: 5
      Goodson, Clara, cut by butcher knife she takes to bed, 1962/09/21: 1
      Gordon, Jack, falls down steps, 1946/10/25: 1
      Gordon, Johnnie Mae, wounded by dropped pistol that fired, 1964/08/21: 1
      Grady, Bert, shot as wife plays cops-robbers, 1969/02/21: 1
      Grant, Milton, accidentally shot by grandmom, Mrs. Albert Hasgett, while cleaning a gun, 1963/04/12: 1
      Graves, Dennis, 80-year-old man wedged between ice box and wall for two days, 1950/01/06: 1
      Gray, Mary Ella, takes overdose of sleeping powder, 1941/05/09: 1
      Gray, Willis, suffering bullet wound, urgently needs blood donors, 1948/07/23: 1
      Green, Eddie, struck by bottle hurled into automobile, 1955/06/10: 1
      Green, Johnnie, killed by train, 1939/06/30: 1
      Green, Mildred, bruised in two-story hotel tumble, 1951/06/01: 1
      Green, Walter L., drunken driver in head-on crash with Thomas M. Rhodes, 1950/07/21: 1
      Greenwood, Isaac, injured in sawmill accident, 1959/12/25: 1
      Greenwood, Lawrence, 13, accidentally shot in abdomen by playmate, Robert Rodriguez, 1957/01/11: 1
      Griffin, John, painfully injured by exploding tractor tire, 1951/08/17: 1
      Grinage, Edie, 2-year-old girl chokes to death on lump of dirt, 1966/01/14: 1
      Hall, Dwayne, shot in thigh after throwing gun on the floor, 1969/03/28: 1
      Hamilton, Wesley, 10, "sneak" swim at closed Lincoln Park Pool nearly costs his life, saved by Willie Drummer (photo), 1970/05/15: 1
      Harbert, Tommy, Mo-Pac employee of 30 years killed by switch engine, 1964/11/13: 1
      Hardaway, George, victim of accidental shooting, 1957/09/06: 8 (filmed in 09/13 issue)
      Hardie, Charles Albert, 18-month-old tot scalded by hot coffee, 1961/11/03: 3
      Hardison, Pvt. and Mrs. Ernest, two-year-old son left alone in room, eats lye and sulphur, 1946/11/08: 1
      Harper, Johnny G., 13, cracks leg playing "yard" football, 1957/11/01: 5
      Harris, Maurice, CPSB worker is severely burned when crane touches high voltage wire, 1968/10/11: 1
      Harrison, Pearlene, arm broken 'playfully' by husband L. J. Harrison, 1954/07/23: 1
      Harrison, Willie E., 3, recovering from drinking rubbing alcohol, 1962/05/04: 1
      Hart, Christopher, 2, strangles to death on grapes, 1965/10/08: 1
      Hasberry, Cosette, 3, saved from scalding water by neighbors, 1957/12/20: 1
      Hathaway, Armond J., St. Philip's College instructor severely burned when gas fumes in his car ignited and exploded, 1961/12/22: 1
      Hawkins, Mrs. Regina
        mysteriously injured SA woman, still unconscious, 1949/09/30: 1
        mysteriously injured SA woman wounded two months ago, dies, 1949/12/02: 1
      Haynes, Walter, one-legged man found dead several hours after violent fuss; foul play hinted in death of youth on RR tracks, 1943/07/16: 1
      Hays, Martin Louis
        housewife cited for rescuing boy from electrocution (photo), 1961/02/24: 1
        kite string shocks boy and woman who assists him (Stella Baker), 1961/02/17: 1
      Haywood, Rosie
        carrying bottles, suffers lacerations in fall, 1961/06/23: 1
        throat seared by drink of lye water, 1946/08/23: 1
      Haywood, Zelma, slashes wrist with razor blade, 1952/01/04: 1
      Hazel, Josephine, treated for cut on hand, 1953/07/10: 1
      Henderson, James, burned as he works on auto; gasoline ignites as it is poured into carburetor, 1965/10/22: 1
      Henderson, Sharon, 6-year-old girl shot in leg, 1969/08/29: 1
      Herring, Victor, auto mechanic badly burned as gasoline torch explodes, 1941/12/12: 4
      Herron, Paris, thrown by horse, seriously injured, 1950/07/21: 1
      Herron, Robert L., dice shooter said accidentally shot, 1967/11/17: 1
      Hice, Amy, breaks leg in fall, 1936/01/03: 7
      Hickman, Elnora, falls from bus, 1944/04/21: 1
      Hill, Andrew, Sr., breaks leg when he falls from roof, 1947/07/04: 1
      Hill, Curlee, man wounded in both thighs by one bullet, 1966/04/29: 1
      Hilliard, Mrs. Otho E. (Robbie), injured in fall; son and sister here, 1955/08/19 Supp: 1
      Hilliard, Robert Moore, has operation for splinter in foot, 1933/06/16: 1
      Hohmann, Hubert, and Norvell Killison, received first degree burns in SWRI explosion, and Solomon Collins was critically hurt, 1957/08/02: 1
      Holt, Erwin, 8-year-old boy shot in accident, 1966/09/09: 1
      Hoodye, Samuel, Jr. tot recovering after drinking gasoline, 1948/05/14: 1
      Hopkins, John, SAPD worker, has leg broken by rolling police car, 1957/08/16: 1
      Hopson, John, railroad waiter, hurt in Nov. wreck sent to RR hospital, 1943/01/08: 1
      Horton, Chatman, treated for knife wounds inflicted by brother Joe Horton, as they were 'playing,' 1952/01/11: 3
      House, Wilbur, boy, 10, killed as shell explodes as he uses it to hammer bicycle chain, 1952/08/15: 1
      Houston, Mary, hand cut in fall at church, 1941/06/06: 5
      Houston, Wilson, ambulance breaks down taking boy to hospital, 1950/07/07: 1
      Howard, Donna, 16-year-old wounded as father's gun falls to floor, 1964/07/03: 1
      Hoyle, Lawrence, 16 months, tries to drink gasoline, 1965/08/20: 1
      Hunter, Charles, injured in fall from box, shows improvement, 1936/10/02: 7
      Hunter, Leroy, stabbed, but it was all in the name of fun, 1952/08/29: 1
      Hurdy, Roy, shocked by plug at work, 1950/03/17: 5
      Ingram, Patricia Ann, 5-month-old infant suffocates when her head is pinned between mattress and foot railing, 1964/08/21: 1
      Isaiah, Mrs. M., injured by fall, 1933/05/19: 1
      Jackson, Adolphus, city worker injured as he falls under garbage truck, 1948/08/06: 1
      Jackson, Amos, injures back, 1950/06/23: 7
      Jackson, Clarence, tank trailer rolls over his feet and ankles, 1963/03/29: 1
      Jackson, Darrell Edward, 2-year-old boy drinks kerosene, 1961/05/05: 1
      Jackson, David, accidentally shot by wife, Virgie Jackson, with gun bought to thwart thieves, 1970/01/16: 1
      Jackson, Edna, Kerrville State Tubercular Hospital employee, suffers back injury, 1960/09/09: 1
      Jackson, Gustave Barclay, hacksaw needed to release tot's finger from bike chain, 1947/09/26: 1
      Jackson, J. D., and wife, Eva, seriously burned as oil stove explodes, 1953/04/03: 1
      Jackson, Rose M., 3, scalded when she turned on hot water in bath tub, 1967/05/19: 1
      Jackson, Ruby Lee, head injured in fall, 1956/03/09: 3
      Jackson, Williard, suffers crushed foot in elevator accident, 1942/05/01: 1
      Jacobs, Frank R., Jr., killed in fall on milk bottle (photo), 1939/07/07: 1
      James, Mrs. J. A., fractures ankle at Municipal Auditorium, 1945/10/05: 5
      James, Orange, falls from truck, 1951/05/18: 3
      James, Willie, burned with lye around left eye, 1939/11/10: 1
      Jarrell, J. B., accidentally shoots self in leg, 1965/02/05: 1
      Jefferson, Janet, 5-year-old tot chokes on black-eyed peas, dies, 1964/01/10: 1
      Jefferson, Robert, suffers crushed lungs when pinned by door of truck, 1944/05/19: 1
      Jenkins, Johnnie, suffers mouth lacerations in freak accident, 1947/07/25: 5
      Jenkins, Lillie, 34-year-old mother accidentally shot in left jaw, 1966/10/28: 1
      Jennings, Mrs. Jewell, legs, foot riddled by accidental shotgun blast, 1948/09/24: 1
      Jimenez, Diego, injured when run over by bicyclist, James Dickerson, 1938/05/13: 1
      Johnson, Archie, youth hurt in freak mishap at Camp Normoyle, 1942/07/17: 5
      Johnson, Carl Milton, infant seriously hurt in high chair tumble, 1933/01/06: 1
      Johnson, George, railroad shop worker, badly scalded by steam, 1941/12/05: 6
      Johnson, Leonard, accidentally kicked in stomach by his wife, 1954/07/16: 3
      Johnson, Louis L., attempting to shoot a cat, puts bullet wound in his hand, 1954/05/28: 1
      Johnson, Mettie, injured by fall from street car, 1931/12/18: 1
      Johnson, Miss O. L., nursery school teacher scalded, 1938/09/23: 1
      Johnson, Oliver William, 16-year-old hit by ricocheting bullet, 1968/11/15: 1
      Johnson, Phillip, just misses death as he grabs live wire, 1942/09/04: 1
      Johnson, Quether, wounded when he drops his gun, 1965/09/17: 1
      Johnson, Raymond, suffers lacerated arm in a fall, 1951/06/01: 1
      Johnson, Richard Roy, injured in Expressway fall improves, 1957/01/18: 1
      Johnson, Robert, GI's arm broken in fall under bus, 1945/04/06: 1
      Johnson, Ronnie, 2, scalded as kettle of hot water is upset, 1958/01/24: 1
      Johnson, Sam, accidentally shoots self while seeking prowler, 1945/10/12: 1
      Johnson, Vernell, slashed by wife while they were "playing," 1954/01/01: 1
      Jones, Albert Chester, cut in platform tumble, 1938/07/29: 1
      Jones, Alfred, wounded in leg by 9-year-old son, 1966/07/15: 1
      Jones, B. J., seriously injured in construction accident, 1938/06/03: 1
      Jones, Charles, cut on glass while "wrestling," 1950/06/09: 5
      Jones, Cleburne, 12, shot as youths handle automatic, 1952/06/20: 1
      Jones, Mrs. Clifford Bertha Mosley, fatally injured by fall during family argument (photo), 1948/06/25: 1
      Jones, Irie L., sight saved for 12-year-old boy shot in eye with B-B, 1961/01/06: 1
      Jones, Leroy, one of three shot in SA accidents, 1969/07/11: 1
      Jones, Moses, seriously cut with broken bottle, suffering deep gash on the hand, 1959/01/09: 3
      Jones, Presley, 3, reported seriously hurt in second story fall, 1962/04/13: 1
      Jordan, Emma, and Mr. and Mrs. W. Perkins, poison food victims, 1940/04/26: 5
      Jordan, Rev. J. S., mending from fall, 1937/07/09: 7
      June, Neville, and Milburn Craig, injured in bike-taxi collision, 1938/06/03: 1
      Kampes, Leonard, hip fractured in garbage truck accident, 1945/04/13: 5
      Kelley, Jeanette, child injured in fall from car driven by Charles McClellan, 1952/10/17: 1
      Kelly, Beatrice, hurts back in fall, 1959/06/05: 1
      Kendricks, [unknown], SA man, under car, injured as it slips off jack, 1943/09/17: 1
      Kennedy, Zerra Maria, victim of carbon monoxide buried during obsequies, 1970/01/09: 1
      Killison, Norvell, and Hubert Hohmann, received first degree burns in SWRI explosion, and Solomon Collins was critically hurt, 1957/08/02: 1
      Killough, Mollie, sprains knee, then porch catches on fire, 1940/01/26: 1
      King, Mark, 2 1/2 years old, injured with a steam iron, 1962/02/23: 1
      King, Mattie, burns received from fall into hot washing water fatal (photo), 1951/08/17: 1
      King, Sidney, accidentally shot in abdomen with toy pistol by William A. Simmons, 1936/01/03: 1
      Kitchen, Julia, accidentally shot as husband, John H. Kitchen, Jr., shows pistol to her, 1957/10/04: 1
      Knowles, Leon, Fort Sam Houston soldier shot in head by woman motel clerk, who said it was accidental, 1964/12/25: 1
      Knowles, Walter, vein and nerve severed in arm in butchering accident, 1940/08/16: 1
      Kuykendall, Joseph, Fort Sam Houston soldier shot accidentally, 1941/07/11: 1
      Kyle, Shirley, accidentally shot when a pistol discharged, 1970/01/23: 3
      Kyle, Sue Ida, collapses and strikes head while ironing, 1956/10/05: 1
      Lamkin, Leroy, "show-off" shoots self accidentally, 1951/04/06: 5
      Lampkin, Foster, mechanic burned as short ignites solvent and clothes, 1959/05/01: 1
      Lancaster, Lillian, injured in fall from bus, 1941/07/04: 1
      Lane, Andrels, 16-year-old girl burned as gown catches fire, 1966/02/11: 1
      Lara, Althea, critically wounded by William Stanford Tanner in shooting accident, 1955/08/19: 1
      Lawson, Lillian, injured in bus fall, 1944/11/24: 1
      Lawson, Wendell, sits down on hot stove when his mother tells him to sit down, 1966/04/01: 1
      Lee, Clarence, cleaning fluid explosion severely burns SA man, 1965/12/10: 1
      Lee, James Edward, 6, playing with matches, sets self on fire, suffering first and second degree burns, 1963/01/04: 1
      Lee, Lloyd, tot severely burned in fall against tub, 1955/12/09: 1
      Lee, Oliver, breaks collarbone in fall from truck, 1945/01/19: 1
      Lee, Percy J., pedestrian injured by evacuation route sign when truck driven by Jose Vargas Lopez goes out of control, 1963/03/22: 1
      Leonard, John, car falls on him as he works under it, 1962/07/06: 3
      Lewis, Allen, cuts leg on ornament as he jumps from bike, 1939/03/31: 1
      Lewis, Arthur, 2-month-old baby hurt when dropped by holder when she was fisted, 1953/02/27: 1
      Lewis, Carl, contortionist hurt when head goes through showcase, 1959/02/20: 1
      Lewis, Garland, breaks ankle playing basketball (Alamo City Briefs), 1935/12/27: 7
      Lewis, John, train crushes toes of man asleep on tracks, 1954/03/19: 1
      Lewis, Robert, cut accidentally by fighters, 1939/08/18: 5
      Lilly, Frank L., parking garage employee killed in elevator mishap, 1959/11/20: 1
      Lott, Eliza R., falls and sticks scissors into hip, 1934/06/29: 1
      Lott, Royal, April injury from fall, causes his death after second operation, 1957/07/19: 1
      Maddocks, Joyce, misses husband, splashes caustic into face of son, 1956/05/11: 1
      Madison, Earl, shot as "unloaded" gun hits pavement, 1941/09/12: 1
      Madison, Eugene, fall against stove fatal to man, 94, 1965/12/24: 1
      Madkins, Gussie, accidentally shot in shoulder while cleaning husband's rifle, 1963/03/08: 1
      Mahalia, Mrs. Teresa, accidentally shot, 1947/02/28: 5
      Mahon, Gene, wagon runs over, breaks foot of 12-year-old lad, 1949/07/08: 1
      Malone, Walter, Santone boy, 8, saved by cousin from drowning, 1940/08/16: 1
      man who falls under train wheels dies, 1938/04/01: 1
      Maney, James, and Harold Ushery, Dunbar Junior High School students, burned when school shop tank explodes, 1962/11/02: 1
      Mann, Robert L., Kerrville, injured in fall while replacing light bulb, 1960/09/09: 1
      Manous, Harmon, accidentally shot while cleaning pistol, 1956/06/01: 1
      Martin, John Brent, Corpus youngster has narrow escape after ride on car bumper (photo), 1946/03/15: 1
      Martinez, Willie, one of three shot in SA accidents, 1969/07/11: 1
      Matthews, Stella L., settlement made in her suit against Ed Friedrich Sales for injuries when she was knocked down, 1952/07/18: 1
      Maxey, Ernest, Eagle Lake man injured in fall, 1956/09/28: 1
      Mayberry, Hodie, badly injured in elevator mishap, 1943/02/05: 1
      Mayfield, Susie, breaks ankle when shoe heel breaks, 1944/10/06: 1
      Maynard, Oscar
        critically injured in fall from roof, 1961/11/17: 1
        San Antonio man dies 11 days after fall from roof, 1961/12/01: 1
      McAdams, Charles, burned by flaming grease, 1962/07/06: 3
      McCampbell, Cleo, injures eye with hot curling iron, 1939/11/10: 1
      McClain, Mrs. Mildred, hit by shotgun blast intended for man, fired by Louis Washington, Jr., 1946/02/15: 1
      McClain, Mrs. Otho, drinks poison by mistake, 1940/02/09: 1
      McClain, Percy W., skull is fractured in fall from scaffold, 1939/08/04: 1
      McCray, Estelle, Kerrville State Tubercular Hospital employee, slips on wet floor, suffers tendon injuries, 1960/09/09: 1
      McCullough, Jo Ann, 2 years old, barely misses being hit by shotgun blast from an arguing neighbor couple, 1967/07/07: 1
      McDay, Alfred E., shot in left leg, and Antonio Monterio, shot in upper left arm, supposedly by same bullet by James Scott, 1959/05/29: 1
      McElroy, Steve, injured when scaffold falls, 1946/06/28: 1
      McElvane, Paul J., rendered unconscious by dive, boy rescued from pool, 1939/09/08: 1
      McGee, Henry, 15-year-old Kelly Field employee loses finger, 1942/07/17: 1
      McGowan, A. C., eight-year-old child faints, 1943/07/30: 1
      McKinney, Jerry, head injured in fall, 1954/09/24: 3
      McKnight, Archie
        Corpus tot who lost arm gets $1,400 judgment, 1944/11/17: 1
        three-year-old Corpus Christi boy loses arm in elevator mishap, 1944/09/29: 1
      McKnight, Charles, janitor injured in boiler blast at SA City Jail, 1953/12/11: 1
      McKnight, Ruth R., 17, accidentally shot in scuffle for gun in car with Pvt. Willie Walker, 1952/05/02: 1
      McNair, Leroy, 13-year-old, accidental shooting victim in critical condition, 1960/11/18: 1
      Meadows, Fred, working under car, injured when jack slips, 1954/04/09: 1
      Merriweather, Mrs. Marie, injured woman jumps out of hospital window, 1950/05/12: 1
      Middleton, John T., shot in freak pistol accident, 1960/09/09: 1
      Miller, Earline, tot chokes to death on bread, 1961/04/07: 1
      Miller, Silvester, 75-year-old man suffocates in overheated room, 1961/02/17: 1
      Millett, Clifford, cut in fall, 1949/11/18: 5
      Mills, Jim, "punctured" by wife Ruth as he turns around, 1953/12/25: 1
      Mills, L. D., injured in fall from ladder, 1952/02/08: 1
      Minor, Charles Lee, 11, wounded when he accidentally "cracks" a live shell, 1953/12/18: 1
      Mitchell, Garfield, bicycle collisions throws rider under wheels of bread truck in week of traffic mishaps, 1941/09/26: 1
      Mitchell, Mrs. Henrietta, injured after being pushed, 1950/08/11: 5
      Mitchell, Henry, bystander shot as wife fires at love rival, 1953/07/17: 1
      Mollett, William, roofer, burned as he falls while carrying hot tar, 1954/08/20: 1
      Monterio, Antonio, shot in upper left arm, and Alfred E. McDay, shot in left leg, supposedly by same bullet by James Scott, 1959/05/29: 1
      Montgomery, Ed and S. R. Green suffered injuries repairing a tire which blew out, 1945/08/17: 5
      Montgomery, Hosea Marie, 4-year-old girl shot when she drops purse containing pistol, 1969/03/07: 1
      Montgomery, Maxine, badly burned by exploding iron, 1939/11/24: 1
      Moody, Robert, accidentally shot as pistol jerked from drawer, 1936/04/03: 1
      Moore, A. C., man in cafe hit by stray bullet from street row, 1947/05/02: 1
      Moore, Evoise, special officer shoots self trying to stop a fight between two women, 1962/05/25: 1
      Morris, James, two workmen hurt in gasoline blast, 1950/07/07: 1
      Morris, Joe Eddie, two workmen hurt in gasoline blast, 1950/07/07: 1
      Morris, Murrel Lee, breaks shoulder in fall, 1936/07/24: 7
      Mosby, Raymond, 13, playing with pistol, shoots himself in foot, 1958/03/14: 1
      Moses, Sam, accidentally shot by wife in prowler chase, 1947/10/31: 1
      Mosley, George Russell, mistaken for a burglar, shot by his wife in the buttocks, 1963/01/04: 1
      Myles, Johnnie, victim of shotgun discharge as father misses mark, 1933/04/21: 1
      Napoleon, Melissa, two women shot in Tuesday gunplay, 1968/02/23: 1
      nature and San Antonians stormy during weekend, 1942/09/04: 5
      Neal, Katharyn, suffers painful injuries in fall on Nolan Street bus (Alamo City Briefs), 1935/11/08: 9
      Nichols, Eddie, trips, hurt as he falls through window, 1952/06/13: 1
      Nichols, Harvey, elderly man is fatally injured lassoing horse, 1948/02/20: 1
      Nickle, Harvey, injured while chopping wood, 1939/01/27: 6
      Nickson, Hobson, found lying in vacant lot in a coma, 1950/09/08: 1
      Nious, Leonard, suffers multiple lacerations of elbow and arm falling through a window, 1962/08/17: 3
      Noble, William Henry, sleeps on railroad tracks, loses two toes, 1954/12/31: 1
      Norman, Ola M., treated for food poisoning after drinking tomato juice, 1958/10/03: 3
      Norman, Thomas, 19-year-old swimming pool diver breaks his neck, 1969/08/22: 1
      O'Neal, Ella Louise, sticks nail in foot, 1938/09/30: 5
      Oneal, Elvin, accidentally stabbed by Addie Lee Griffin, 1951/10/26: 3
      Owens, Augustine, badly shaken and bruised on city bus (Alamo City Briefs), 1940/02/09: 7
      Palluman, Lea Etta, injured in tumble into hole, 1940/07/26: 1
      Parker, Gwendolyn, 3-year-old girl, wounded accidentally by father's pistol, 1966/07/15: 1
      Parrish, Jo Ann Jones, SA woman killed in Houston, ruled accidental (photo), 1968/01/12: 1
      Patterson, Frank, found unconscious on street, 1944/01/07: 5
      Pearson, Charles, injures hand when he walks into side of bus, 1946/03/15: 1
      Perez, H. B., injured in fall under wheel of dump truck operated by Robert C. Wilson, 1958/04/25: 1
      Perkins, Betty Tate, two-year-old San Antonio tot gulps kerosene, 1952/06/13: 3
      Perkins, Henry, shot by accident in a store, 1969/03/28: 1
      Perkins, Mr. and Mrs. W. and Emma Jordan, poison food victims, 1940/04/26: 5
      Perry, Willie Mae, 18-month-old tot who swallows rat poison, recovering, 1955/09/16: 1
      Perryman, Mary, four-year-old girl scalded as kettle overturns, 1940/06/28: 1
      Phelps, Clarence, shot as pistol falls to floor in tavern, 1967/01/27: 1
      Philips, George, firecracker explodes in thrower's lap, 1955/12/23: 1
      Pierson, Bruce, 3, severely burned by hot tar, 1957/10/11: 1
      Pitts, Delmar, injured when jack slips, handle strokes his chest, 1950/08/18: 5
      Pitts, James, tot eats lye, 1948/03/26: 1
      Pleasant, Carlos, 3-year-old boy scalded with boiling water, 1969/12/05: 1
      Pleasant, Charles Joseph, 12, lacerates forearm falling in broken flower pot, 1962/06/29: 1
      Pleasant, Eddie, Jr., Seguin hunter shoots himself through the foot, 1954/02/05: 1
      Pleasant, Sarach, 13-year-old girl hurt while playing as she backs into cabinet, 1964/06/26: 1
      Pleasant, Rev. Thomas, burned fighting wasps, on way to recovery, 1936/09/18: 1
      Polk, Claytie, badly wrenches knee in first ball casualty, 1940/04/26: 5
      Potts, L.C., injured as gravel pit caves in, 1941/02/14: 1
      Powell, Norman G., teen-ager breaks finger in rifle mishap, 1956/04/06: 1
      Pratts, Albert, suffers broken arm at work, 1945/03/30: 1
      Price, Emil, crushed as he's pinned against building by 2700-pound machine, 1940/08/23: 1
      Price, Wonders, breaks arm in fall from porch, 1937/09/10: 7
      Priestley, Dearee, cheek gashed in fall, 1954/11/19: 1
      Prince, [illegible] 2-year-old girl, who drinks kerosene, recovers, 1956/04/20: 1
      Ratliff, Leonard J., suffers burst ear drum in fire cracker prank, 1934/01/05: 1
      Ratliff, Willie, suffers injuries in bicycle accident, 1941/08/01: 6
      Reed, Minnie, injured as Southern Pacific switch engine runs into rear of Iowa St. bus, 1944/03/24: 1
      Reese, Georgia, burned when oil stove explodes, 1953/01/23: 3
      Reese, Henry, Garbage Dep't employee, hurt in fall from truck, 1940/08/23: 1
      Richardson, Claude, tot recovering from tumble into hot water, 1955/10/28: 1
      Richardson, Merle, passenger on train, overcome by smoke; will sue R.R., 1936/07/31: 1
      Richardson, Wilber, shoots self trying to get intruder at door, 1960/07/01: 1
      Robinson, Erie, 65, and Mandy Bennett, 80, burned as oil stove explodes, 1952/10/24: 1
      Robinson, Evelyn, seven-year-old SA girl, breaks her arm in fall, 1943/07/23: 1
      Robinson, Sandra, 10-month old tot eats insecticide, 1964/09/04: 1
      Rogers, Aaron, stabbed in shoulder while passing by fighting girls, 1939/07/28: 1
      Rogers, Joe, seriously injured in elevator shaft fall, 1939/08/18: 1
      Rogers, Sylvester, shot in hand in accident, 1969/06/06: 1
      Rome, Archie, accidental knife victim has appendix removed, 1965/02/05: 1
      Roper, Oscar, shot as gun falls from glove compartment, 1959/03/27: 1
      Routt, Rena Mae, year-old girl drinks bleaching solution, 1960/06/24: 1
      Rucker, Ben, skull nicked when Patrick "Dan" James' gun accidentally discharges, 1943/01/08: 1
      Rucker, Dolores, wounded as husband's pistol falls, 1968/05/17: 1
      Rucker, Doris, power failure leaves elevator girl trapped at moment of fire threat in downtown store, 1959/01/16: 1
      SA post office employee injured in shower fall, 1942/08/07: 5
      Sampson, Claude, Light employee, suffers injured foot, 1940/09/20: 1
      Sams, Calvin, wounded as pistol falls to floor at Ellison's Liquor Store, 1967/01/13: 1
      Sams, Nettie, 15, injured in Alamo Stadium fall, 1956/10/26: 1
      Samudio, Daniel, sleeping 9-year-old boy shot in back seat of auto while uncle and aunt scuffle over gun, 1966/08/19: 1
      Samuel, Daisy, fingers mutilated by fan blades, 1961/09/29: 1
      San Antonio has shooting, accidents during weekend, 1960/10/07: 1
      Sanford, Ike, wounded as he cleans pistol, 1947/09/19: 1
      Scallion, Charles, found in street, critically injured; wife says she left town not knowing husband's condition, 1960/02/26: 1
      Scobey, Gladys A., cuts foot while wading (photo), 1939/06/02: 7
      Scott, Charles, suffers gun shot to the leg said to be an accident, 1967/05/19: 1
      Scott, Mrs. L.A., injured from fall in bus, 1934/06/01: 1
      Scott, Virginia, mystery bullet ricochets through home, 1946/03/08: 5
      Searcy, Allie, driver injured as car, bus crash at "blind" corner, 1947/10/24: 1
      Sewell, Ronnie, 9-year-old boy's arm broken in fall from swing, 1966/05/13: 1
      Sheffield, Dorcia, 18-month-old tot strangles in car window while tire being repaired, 1964/08/07: 1
      Sheffield, Ray, man with bullet in leg says it was gun accident, 1963/08/30: 1
      Shields, Lonnie, garbage worker injures foot, 1949/07/29: 1
      Shipman, Richard D., misses death as RR engine hits car, 1948/10/08: 1
      Shropshire, Dan, hurt in fall in elevator shaft, 1933/08/11: 1
      Silar, Adolph, drive-in owner, wounded when his pistol is accidentally dropped, 1957/07/05: 1
      Simmons, Solomon, suffers cut eyelid in fall, 1950/05/05: 4
      Simms, Catherine, awakened by nephew hitting her head with bottle, 1960/06/10: 1
      Sledge, Roy, hurt in tumble from Central Playgrounds see-saw, 1936/05/08: 7
      Smith, Betty Jean, shot in season's first hunting accident, 1966/09/23: 11
      Smith, Beverly, son of Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Adams, sustains laceration of foot, 1942/08/07: 6
      Smith, Fred Douglas, 13-year-old breaks ankle playing softball, 1947/06/06: 5
      Smith, Herbert S., gun cleaner shoots self in big toe, 1966/01/07: 1
      Smith, James, head lacerated when he falls from curb, hits car bumper, 1963/09/27: 1
      Smith, Jewel Beverly, burned by hot water, steam, in freak accident, 1941/12/19: 1
      Smith, Lucy Mae, and Violet James, accidentally wounded by same bullet, 1961/12/01: 1
      Smith, Milton
        2, hit by stone hurled by unidentified boy, 1952/02/08: 4
        in third shooting on Tuesday, shot through legs by woman who claimed he raped her, 1968/02/23: 1
      Smith, Sunly, "pranking" with gun is shot in the hand, 1952/11/28: 1
      Smith, Walter Lee
        plunges 30 feet down elevator shaft, 1937/09/03: 1
        SA man's arm shot off as "jinx" pursues him, 1946/07/12: 1
      Snow, Mrs. M. L., severely burned by grease, 1942/10/23: 6
      Southern Pacific switch engine runs into rear of Iowa St. bus; five injured, 1944/03/24: 1
      Spence, John, one of three shot in SA accidents, 1969/07/11: 1
      Spencer, Ada, 8-month-old falls, lacerates chin, 1968/04/05: 1
      Stafford, Russell, Traveler's Hotel worker plunges down elevator shaft breaking arm, 1954/07/23: 1
      Stafford, William David, 10 months, dies after drinking kerosene, 1962/04/13: 1
      Stanfield, Mrs. Edith, hurt in fall from bus, 1950/07/14: 1
      Steen, Clifford, wounded in hand, tells police it was a shooting accident, 1950/10/20: 3
      Steen, Clyde D., fractures leg in softball game, 1946/05/03: 1
      Steen, Freddie, burned seriously when he attempts to help neighbor start stalled automobile, 1968/04/26: 1
      Stell, James, 17, dies when accidentally shot in the chest by David Kuykendall, 15, 1958/05/09: 1
      Stockton, Rev. Concel L., Waelder minister shot to death while hunting, 1964/02/07: 1
      Storrie, Carl H., shoots self in leg on way to target practice, 1948/05/07: 1
      Sutton, Clara, wild brahma steer breaks leg of star cowgirl, 1940/08/30: 1
      Swaner, Iona, killed by carbon monoxide fumes while riding in car, 1964/01/24: 1
      Swinger, Cynthia, accidentally shot by pistol she was examining, 1962/02/02: 1
      Take Care for a Happy Fourth of July Holiday (editorial), 1937/07/02: 4
      Tate, Samuel breaks arm in tumble from swing, 1942/09/11: 1
      Taylor, Andrew Lee, 9, wounded when he strikes a bullet with hammer, 1962/05/11: 1
      Taylor, Ben Ernest, garbage worker falls under truck, legs broken, 1964/04/17: 1
      Taylor, Mrs. Bertha Marie, suffers serious burns on face, arms, 1944/10/06: 1
      Taylor, Ernest, breaks leg in fall, 1945/02/02: 1
      Taylor, Mrs. Hesterine, knifed in back when husband's hand slips, 1947/10/31: 1
      Taylor, L. B., bullet victim in auto crash en route to hospital, 1946/08/09: 1
      Taylor, Margie, 12, shot by 16-year-old girl who didn't know the gun was loaded, 1969/10/24: 1
      Taylor, R. V., Friday the 13th unlucky for two San Antonians, 1947/06/20: 1
      Telleg, Orelio, soldier at Fort Bliss, injured when struck by car driven by Sammie Waddles, 1941/08/15: 1
      Tennard, Ruth Ann, year-old-girl drowns while mother, Mary Ann Tennard, talks on phone, 1960/09/16: 1
      Tennon, Ervin, accidentally shoots himself in hand, 1970/06/05: 7
      Thomas, Eddie, sticks needle in head while brushing hair, 1950/06/23: 1
      Thomas, Eugene, seriously injured in fall from freight train, 1939/07/28: 1
      Thomas, Evelyn, mistaken case of murder, when she fell, 1950/09/22: 1
      Thomas, Garner, in bicycle collision with James Wood, Jr., in week of traffic mishaps, 1941/09/26: 1
      Thomas, Lula Mae, innocent drive-in employee shot in chest as men exchange shots, 1960/10/21: 1
      Thompson, Earnest, re-injures same leg that was broken last year, 1960/12/02: 3
      Thompson, Mrs. Estella, needle breaks off in thumb, 1950/04/14: 4
      Thompson, Hugo, injured in fall as he runs across street, 1951/02/09: 1
      Thompson, L. G. suffers cut eye in fall, 1942/02/13: 4
      Thompson, Lee G. T., aged man found on kitchen floor severely injured, 1951/12/14: 1
      Thompson, Martin, painfully injured when bus driver slams door on his head, 1936/07/17: 1
      Thompson, Willis, man steps into battle zone, hit by bottle, 1967/12/08: 1
      Tillman, Lucy, cook at Luby's Cafeteria injured as stove explodes, 1966/04/15: 1
      Timbers, Audrey, jumps from 2nd story hotel room when officer performs routine check, 1950/12/22: 1
      Timon, Lawrence, home repairman knocked out by electricity, 1953/04/17: 1
      Tipping Inn, glass cuts two as shotgun blast strikes window, 1955/11/25: 1
      Tisdell, Brenda Faye, tot scaled by boiling water, 1960/04/15: 3
      Tolliver, Alice Lee, suffers head injury in fall, 1955/07/01: 3
      Tones, Mrs. L. M., recovering from bus accident, 1947/06/13: 5
      Townsend, Leonard, accidentally shot in the thigh by L. C. Miller, 1962/12/28: 1
      Turbin, Linda Kay, 8-year-old girl hit as bullets in trash fire discharge, 1950/01/20: 1
      Tyler, Adalene, accidentally shot as neighbor, McKinley Franks, fires at his dog, 1943/06/18: 1
      unidentified youth is mangled, decapitated by train, 1944/07/21: 1
      Ushery, Harold, and James Maney, Dunbar Junior High School students, burned when school shop tank explodes, 1962/11/02: 1
      Vernon, Ellis, 18 months, and Sylvia Evans, 6, burned in butane gas explosion, 1957/12/20: 1
      Waiters, James Edward, 7, accidentally shot; slug from gun found by playmate pierces boy's liver (photo), 1940/02/23: 1
      Waiters, Rufus, bitten by dog, 1942/05/22: 1
      Waits, John Alvin, cut as wind crashes window pane, 1939/06/02: 1
      Walker, Arthur Perkins, accidentally killed in fall from six-story building in New York (photo), 1956/09/14: 1
      Walker, Charlie, leg broken in sand lot grid game, 1936/10/02: 1
      Walker, Kathryn, hurt in fall from Transit Company bus, 1952/01/04: 6
      Walker, Stella Joanne Eustace, ex-San Antonian, recovering from serious burns in California, 1962/02/02: 1
      Walker, W. L., teacher fractures kneecap in tumble at downtown Aud.., 1952/09/05: 1
      Wallace, E., bitten by dog, 1942/12/25: 1
      Wallace, Ransom, killed by power saw blade; wood cutter's head is ripped by blade as he swoons, 1943/07/02: 1
      Walters, Viola, breaks arm in bath tub fall, 1939/12/15: 1
      Ware, Frank , San Antonio veteran killed in highway accident in Iowa (photo), 1949/09/16: 1
      Warner, Mrs. A. S., hurt in fall, 1942/12/11: 6
      Warren, George, cuts hand in fall on bottle in Saturday fight, 1950/10/13: 3
      Wash, Kato, scalded as boiling water overturns, 1953/12/25: 1
      Washington, Elliott, accidentally shot while unloading gun, 1966/05/20: 1
      Washington, James T., man found with bullet hole in chest when he fails to appear for work, 1959/12/04: 1
      Washington, Peyton, hit by stray hunting bullet while house hunting, 1946/11/15: 1
      Washington, Vera Lee, badly cut in fall on rocky street, 1939/06/16: 1
      Watson, Barbara, shot as gun discharges accidentally, 1966/09/02: 1
      Watson, E. L., head injured in altercation with Manuel Thompson, 1942/02/13: 4
      Wauls, Frank, bitten by dog, 1946/04/05: 1
      Webb, Aaron, 10 months old, slightly burned by hot iron, 1962/06/08: 1
      Webb, Mrs. Early, treated for cut on leg, 1956/01/27: 5
      Wells, Wilfred, falling dead tree damages automobile, 1963/10/25: 3
      Wheeler, Lorenzo, head hits curb, 1954/12/03: 7
      White, Ervin, cleaning gun, accidentally shoots himself in foot, 1959/08/14: 1
      White, Floyd B., shot as gun falls from shelf, 1963/11/29: 1
      White, Jonathan, 3, shot in foot as twin, Joseph, knocks over rifle, 1963/06/21: 1
      White, Willie, truck runs over his foot as he works on roadway, 1963/01/25: 1
      Wilkinson, P. S., Jr. (Paschal), 12, Register carrier, suffers leg injury when thrown from bicycle, 1940/02/16: 1
      Williams, Mrs. Celestine, injured in fall down stairs, 1950/07/14: 4
      Williams, Dorothy, injured when she walks into door, 1953/05/29: 5
      Williams, Ellis, hand injured from fall with bottle, 1959/09/11: 3
      Williams, Emma Louise, accidentally shot by husband, Joe Williams, as a result of an argument with Lowell Bacon on a bus, 1944/07/21: 1
      Williams, Ernest, man sitting on railroad tracks fatally injured, 1961/06/23: 1
      Williams, Geneva, SA girl, 11, found dead with sleeping pills by her body, ruled accidental, 1962/04/20: 1
      Williams, George H., suffers eye injury in accident, 1942/10/02: 1
      Williams, Gloria Ann, 14-year-old girl accidentally shot in leg, 1946/04/19: 1
      Williams, Katie, found unconscious in steam- and gas-filled house by husband; averts tragedy, 1940/02/16: 1
      Williams, Mrs. Lenora, takes morphine tablets by mistake, 1949/09/02: 1
      Williams, Leroy, wounded by George Palacious in trap laid for housebreaker, 1954/05/28: 1
      Williams, Lloyd, seriously wounded with gun that's "not loaded" by fellow worker, Oliver Allen, 1962/07/13: 1
      Williams, Louise, slips on watermelon seeds and suffers lacerations, 1952/07/18: 1
      Williams, Marvin Anthony, soldier thrown from horse as he tries to ford rain-swollen stream in Brackenridge Park, 1969/10/10: 1
      Williams, Olin A., bicycle injury victim's wallet stolen by small boy, 1965/01/01: 1
      Williams, R. A., shoots self accidentally over New Year's weekend, 1949/01/07: 1
      Williams, Reynolds, injured when wrecker gas tank explodes, 1939/08/18: 1
      Williams, Sadie, suffers broken right knee, 1944/11/03: 1
      Williams, Samantha, hurt as luggage falls on train, 1944/02/04: 1
      Williams, Shadrick, finger smashed in hauling accident, 1964/12/11: 1
      Williams, Willie Marie, found injured and lying in street by passerby, Leroy Benson, 1958/09/05: 1
      Willis, Gray, critically wounds self with bullet through lung, 1948/06/25: 1
      Wilson, Alfred, 14-year-old hurled from bike, fatally hurt, 1959/10/16: 1
      Wilson, Billy, abdomen grazed by bullet in struggle with his wife, Geraldine, 1961/06/16: 1
      Wilson, Mrs. C. L., Sojourner Truth School Principal, ptomaine victim, 1937/09/24: 1
      Wilson, Clem, SA General Depot employee, suffers serious burns, 1952/10/10: 1
      Wilson, Diane, 4-year-old tot killed as old stove falls on her, 1959/10/23: 1
      Wilson, Jesse J., improves after falling into boiling milk, 1938/01/21: 1
      Wilson, Leroy, brooding over old love, shoots himself, 1953/08/07: 1
      Wilson, Mary Ann, cuts foot when she kicks door, 1956/02/24: 1
      Wilson, O. C., workman injured in fall from Travis Park Methodist Church roof, 1957/08/09: 1
      Wilson, Sanders Brown, train mangles Corpus Christian, 1942/05/22: 1
      Winn, William Richard, shot in leg, says it was 'gun cleaning' accident, 1963/08/23: 1
      Winn, Willie, 17, riding flat car to job, gets frozen feet; Dallas boy was on way to Alice to work as church pianist, 1940/01/26: 1
      Winters, R.B., two-year old girl drinks kerosene, 1938/05/20: 1
      woman thrown from car suffers fractured legs, 1939/09/15: 1
      Wren, James, burned by acid explosion at government warehouse, 1932/07/22: 1
      Wrenn, Raymond, 9-year-old bitten by dog, 1946/11/29: 7
      Wright, Elmer, plunges six stories to death (photo), 1948/05/21: 1
      Wright, Jesse James, Houston man hit, critically injured by train, 1963/12/27: 1
      Wyatt, L. Bill, aged visitor is run down by freight truck, 1945/02/23: 1
      Young, Horace Elliott, victim of accidental shooting, has final rites at Friendship Baptist (Personal Activities), 1935/09/27: 7
      Young, Irene Scott, breaks needle off in hand, 1933/05/26: 5
      Young, Marvin, Corpus Christi, has 312-pound pipe fall on his head, 1944/10/13: 1
      Ziegler, Rena Mae, year-old girl swallows beauty lotion, 1960/03/25: 1
    Ace High Bridge Club
      annual meetings
        6th annual meeting held (Jo's Jottings), 1944/11/17 Supp: 1
        9th anniversary celebrated, 1947/11/28 Supp: 1
      Askey, L. E., retiring president, honored with party (photo), 1966/02/04: 6
      becomes "mixed club" instead of all men, plans tournament for April 25 (Jo's Jottings), 1959/04/03: 6
      beginning bridge classes conducted, 1962/05/18: 6, 1962/06/29: 6
      club members named 2nd place in "Team of Four" game at double sectional tournament in Houston, 1967/06/16: 8
      Fiesta de San Jacinto Bridge Tournament
        4th Fiesta de San Jacinto Open Pair Tournament held (Jo's Jottings), 1961/04/21 Supp: 1
        7th duplicate bridge tournament held (Jo's Jottings), 1964/04/24 Supp: 4
      meetings held each Tuesday evening, 1962/07/20 Supp: 2
      meetings in 1962, 1962/07/20 Supp: 2
      members leave for Detroit for meeting of the American Bridge Association (Jo's Jottings), 1962/08/10 Supp: 3
      regional bridge tourney
        held in San Antonio, 1959/05/08: 7
        hosted at Billy's Banquet Room, 1963/03/08: 6
      San Antonio-Austin Bi-City Bridge match won by Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Kennedy, 1962/03/16 Supp: 2
      sectional bridge meet hosted, 1962/03/09: 6
    Ace of Clubs
      meetings in 1933, 1933/08/11: 6, 1933/10/06: 6, 1933/12/08: 6
      organization of, 1933/07/28: 6
    Acheson, Dean
      US world leadership set back by Little Rock says former Secretary of State Dean Acheson, 1957/10/11: 1
    ACIRFA Club
      meetings in 1966, 1966/01/21: 6, 1966/02/18 Supp: 4
    Acme Social Club
      meetings in 1931, 1931/09/11: 6, 1931/09/25: 6, 1931/10/09: 6
      meetings in 1932, 1932/04/15: 6, 1932/10/14: 7, 1932/12/16: 7
      meetings in 1933, 1933/01/27: 6, 1933/04/21: 6, 1933/05/26: 6, 1933/06/09: 6, 1933/09/29: 6
      meetings in 1934, 1934/01/05: 6, 1934/05/25: 6, 1934/10/19: 6
      meetings in 1938, 1938/12/16: 6
    Action Council
    Actors and Actresses
      See also Movies
      See also Radio Programs/Stations
      Allen, E. Celeste
      Arbertha, Sherman, featured in NBC TV submarine series (photo), 1957/07/05: 7
      Aunt Jemima (Edith Murray Bruce) of Pancake Fame Dies at 81, 1954/04/16: 4
      Bailey, Pearl
      Bankhead, Tallulah, Negro judge presides over torrid trial for larceny involving her maid, Evyleen Cronin, 1951/12/21: 1
      Baskette, James, final rites held for Oscar winner, 1948/07/30: 2
      Beavers, Louise, who starred as "Beulah," is star of new daily air show, 1954/03/19: 3
      Belafonte, Harry
      Bellamy, Ralph, re-elected president of Actors Equity, votes aid to Robeson, 1958/06/27: 2
      Benny, Jack
        to air Joe Louis on the Jack Benny broadcast on NBC (photo), 1945/11/09: 3
        Jack Benny show characterizations of Feb. 5 protested by NAACP, 1950/02/17: 1
      Benson, Rochelle, supporting actress in "P. J." (photo), 1967/11/03: 7
      Bergman, Ingrid, decries Jim Crow in DC theater, 1946/11/01: 1
      Brando, Marlon
        seeks ban on Jim Crow theatres, 1964/02/21: 1
        stricken with kidney ailment on eve of rights fight (photo), 1963/07/26: 1
      Brock, Geraldine, SA actress stars in movie, 'The Girl in Room 20' (photo), 1948/07/09: 7
      Brooks, Clarence A.
      Brown, Joe E., appears in "A Very Honorable Guy," 1934/06/01: 7
      Cambridge, Godfrey
        endures 2 hour makeup sessions for his role in "Watermelon Man" (photo), 1970/06/05: 6
        featured interview in Hollywood Happenings column, 1967/09/22: 7
      Carroll, Diahann
        Mexican divorce ends marriage to Monte Kay, 1963/02/15: 2
        nominated for Emmy award, 1963/05/10: 3
        NYU freshman wins $1,000 first prize on "Chance of a Lifetime" TV show (photo), 1954/01/29 Supp: 2, 3
      Caviness, Catherine
      Cole, Carol, daughter of Nat King Cole signed by Columbia Pictures, 1965/07/02: 7
      Culp, Robert, named one of Russwurm award winners of 1967, 1967/03/17: 3
      Dandridge, Dorothy
      Davis, Bette, movie star overrules objection to mixed couples at Hollywood Canteen, 1943/01/15: 1
      Davis, Ossie, actor and author honored by Mississippi Freedom Party, 1965/06/25: 6
      Davis, Robert A., Bogart names young Negro actor for movie role, 1948/08/20: 7
      Davis, Sammy
      Dee, Ruby, gets lead in "Taming of the Shrew," 1964/12/11: 3
      DeHaviland, Olivia, cheers wounded solider (photo), 1944/01/07: 1
      Dones, Sidney P., Texan, first to produce Negro movies, is buried, 1947/08/15: 1
      Dunham, Katherine, denies international romance rumors with Aly Khan, 1953/05/15: 6
      Edwards, James, starring in "The Steel Helmet" at the Cameo (photo), 1951/03/16: 7
      Elliott, Bill, better known as Wild Bill Hickok to screen fans, has personal appearance at Cameo, 1940/11/29: 6
      Ellis, Evelyn, original Bess in "Porgy and Bess" dies, 1958/06/13: 1
      Fluellen, Joel
        added to cast of "The Chase," 1965/08/13: 7
        cast in "Run Silent, Run Deep" has best film role in the sub drama, 1958/04/11: 6
        "Run Silent, Run Deep" opening at Majestic, has Joel Fluellen playing submarine torpedo man (photo), 1958/04/11: 7
      Foxx, Redd, sued record firm denies claims made by Foxx, 1961/05/19: 3
      Freeman, Al
      Gibson, Althea
        See Gibson, Althea, music and acting career
      glamorous Negro entertainers inspire hosiery brands, 1953/09/25: 6
      Gossett, Louis, young "Take a Giant Step" star has problems, 1953/11/06: 2
      Grable, Betty, goes sepia in "Coney Island" (photo), 1943/07/09: 5, 1943/07/23: 7
      Green, Eddie of "Duffy's Tavern" fame dies in LA, 1950/09/29: 1
      Gregory, Dick
      Griffin, Ada Bell, portraying characters from "Life with Father," to perform in Corpus Christi (photo), 1947/12/05: 7
      Guyse, Sheila, used in New York bank advertisement, 1949/01/28: 6
      Hart, William S., cowboy movie star, his estate to made public park in Los Angeles, 1958/05/23: 8 (filmed in 05/30 issue)
      Hastings, Bob, "McHale's Navy" star visited by "Miss Watts" contestants (photo), 1967/09/08: 8
      Henie, Sonja, in dramatic, as well as skating, role at Majestic (photo), 1945/06/29: 7
      Horne, Lena
      Hyman, Earle
        brilliant young actor receives Seagram Vanguard Award (photo), 1955/05/27: 7
        signs contract with Columbia Pictures for a movie about the Korean War (photo), 1954/03/05: 7
      Ingram, Rex, signs for continuing role in "Brighter Day" daytime drama series on CBS, 1962/08/24: 7
      Irvin, Virgil, former SA announcer of radio station KMAC, signs movie contract (photo), 1937/12/03: 8 (filmed in 12/10 issue)
      Jordan, Louis
      Kotto, Yaphet, actor congratulates Emile Griffith following his 12-round decision over Carlos Mark (photo), 1970/04/03: 5
      Kyn-Hill, Robert, files bias complaint against Baltimore taverns, 1965/09/17: 4
      Lee, Canada
      Louis, Joe
        See Louis, Joe, films
      Marshall, William, exonerated, but gets raw deal in British court, 1959/06/26: 3
      McDaniel, Hattie
      Mills Brothers
      Morris, Greg, star of "Mission: Impossible" talks to Easter Seal patients (photo), 1969/02/28: 6
      Moten, Etta
      Negro stars in many Oscar-candidate movies, 1959/02/13: 7
      Nichols, Nichelle, takes time from "Star Trek" role to visit friend, James Garner (photo), 1967/10/13: 7
      Norris, Mary, hurls bottle at photographers after trial claiming white film executive is father of child, 1955/09/16: 1
      O'Brien, Hugh, TV's "Wyatt Earp" sued for $65,000 in assault and battery of model, Zelia Bennett, 1958/08/01: 1
      Poitier, Sidney
      policy on Negro film roles being studied, 1957/11/15: 6
      Powell, Eleanor, her comeback spurred by Pearl Bailey, 1961/04/21: 7
      Richards, Beah
        co-stars in Hollywood TV debut in "The Big Valley," 1965/09/24: 7
        nominated for Academy Award for role in "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner," 1968/03/15: 9
      Robinson, Bill "Bojangles"
      role of Negro actors clarified by statement of Coordinating Council for Negro Performers, 1954/07/16: 2
      Rollins, Rowena, former SA girl in "Scandals" at Majestic (photo), 1944/10/06: 7
      Sanford, Isabell, in key role in new movie, 1968/07/05: 6
      Sidney, P. Jay, veteran TV and stage actor portrays Private Palmer (photo), 1955/11/04: 3
      Simone, Nina, to star in Europe's first color TV premiere, 1967/08/18: 8
      Sinatra, Frank
      Skinner, Cornelia Otis, in performance here March 29, 1956/03/23: 6
      Smith, Muriel, triumphs in "Moulin Rouge," 1953/01/02: 7
      St. Jacques, Raymond, gets TV co-starring role in "Rawhide," 1965/07/09: 1
      St. John, Al "Fuzzy," in Western revue on Cameo stage, 1951/06/08: 7
      Stepteau, Zerita M.
      Sultewan, Madame, Hollywood fetes her on 80th birthday, 1953/10/23: 4
      Taylor, Robert, stepdaughter, a Negro, arrested on intoxication charge, 1962/03/09: 3
      Thompson, Harry, Ram ace, cast as Gene Tierney's bodyguard in "The Egyptian," 1954/02/12: 7
      Todd, Beverly, to co-star with Sidney Poitier in "Kane," 1970/02/27: 9
      Van Engle, Dorothy, among colored stars to appear at Strand's showing of "Lem Hawkins' Confession" (photo), 1935/07/12: 7
      Warfield, William
        is back with Edgar Bergen-Charlie McCarthy radio program (photo), 1952/01/04: 7
        and Leontyne Price, stars of "Porgy and Bess," engaged to wed, 1952/07/04: 6
      Washington, Kenny, to play football in movies, 1940/01/12: 8 (filmed in 01/19 issue)
      Waters, Ethel
      Waters, Mira L., aspires to be super star (photo), 1969/10/17: 8
      West, Mae, at Majestic in person, 1939/04/21: 7
      Whitman, Ernest, "Bill" of the Beulah Show, funeral services held, 1954/08/20: 1
      Whitten, Margaret
      Wilcox, Izenetta Tears, native of Austin and movie actress, in show at Cameo, 1940/09/06: 6
      Williams, Billy Dee, and Marlene Clark, marriage in Hawaii is dream come true (photo), 1969/01/24: 7
      Young, Otis, co-star of ABC-TV's "Outcast" has produced his own play, 1969/08/01: 7
    Adair, Richard H.
      Brackenridge grad completes Air Force basic training, 1969/09/12: 7
    Adair, Willie
      SA soldier, badly burned in Pacific, in Texas hospital, 1945/07/13: 1
    Adamick, Jimmy
    Adams, Alexander
      aged man, found dead on floor, 1940/10/18: 1
    Adams, [baby]
      final rites held for newborn girl, 1958/10/24: 8 (filmed in 10/31 issue)
    Adams, Mrs. Bernard A., Jr.
      guest artist at Saturday Morning Cultural Study Group (Jo's Jottings), 1966/02/18 Supp: 1
    Adams, Bernard A., Jr.
      to give forum talk on housing, 1941/03/28: 7
      joins Register staff (photo), 1932/07/15: 3
      manager of Wheatley Courts housing project resigns, 1949/02/25: 1
      Pvt. Adams in SA on furlough, 1945/04/13: 5
    Adams, Bernard A., Sr.
      dies suddenly in Beaumont, 1954/12/03: 1
    Adams, Booker Eugene
      notice of death, 1959/03/13: 8 (filmed in 03/20 issue)
    Adams, Carlyle
      son of former San Antonians offered multiple scholarships in technological fields (photo), 1968/07/19: 7
    Adams, Charlie David
      largely attended services held in Seguin, 1959/12/11: 2
    Adams, Clarice
      killer of estranged husband, Jackson Adams, Jr., found not guilty, 1964/06/26: 1
      wife, mother of 3, kills estranged mate, 1963/12/20: 1
    Adams, Rev. Clarice
      preaches first sermon at Missionary Universal Church (photo), 1970/01/09: 10
    Adams, Clem
      found dead in his bed, 1952/08/15: 1
    Adams, Clifford
      notice of death, 1962/12/28: 8 (filmed in 1963/01/04 issue)
    Adams, Dave J.
      funeral rites conducted, 1947/02/14: 1
    Adams, Dock
      Kelly Field worker electrocuted as he repairs flood damages (photo), 1946/10/11: 1
    Adams, Earl
      notice of death, 1963/10/11: 8 (filmed in 10/18 issue)
    Adams, Ella
      notice of death, 1967/03/03: 10 (filmed in 03/10 issue)
    Adams, Elmo
      notice of death, 1967/05/12: 10
    Adams, Emily
      notice of death, 1965/09/24: 8 (filmed in 10/1 issue)
    Adams, Emma
      girl, 7, doomed by rare disease, passes, 1953/01/30: 1
    Adams, Franklin Ernest
      of Kingsville, and Sammie Green, Cuero, killed in Corpus Navy seaplane crash, 1944/05/19: 1
    Adams, Garry
      receives 30-year service pin from Kelly AFB (photo), 1957/02/15: 1
    Adams, George (1959)
      killed as porch collapses, 1959/12/11: 1
      notice of death, 1959/12/25: 8 (filmed in 01/01 issue)
    Adams, George (1968)
      Louisiana rites set for man who died at Brooke Army General Hospital, 1968/01/26: 4
      notice of death, 1968/02/02: 10 (filmed in 02/09 issue)
    Adams, Granville
      notice of death, 1965/12/24: 8
    Adams, Harriet E.
      notice of death, 1962/06/29: 8
    Adams, Harry
      notice of death, 1966/01/28: 8
    Adams, Helen Mercedes
      Seguin woman dies from crash injuries, 1951/05/25: 1
    Adams, Henrietta
      Gen. Jonathan Wainwright, hero of Bataan, sees Washington Elementary student off on airplane (photo), 1950/08/25: 1
    Adams, Hettie
      notice of death, 1968/08/09: 4
      Saturday rites held, 1968/08/09: 4
    Adams, Ira Harry
      notice of death, 1964/12/18: 7
    Adams, Jackson
      infant thought suffocated, died of pneumonia, autopsy reveals, 1963/04/19: 1
      notice of death, 1963/04/26: 8
    Adams, Jackson, Jr.
      estranged husband's killer, Clarice Adams, found not guilty, 1964/06/26: 1
      notice of death, 1963/12/27: 8 (filmed in 01/03 issue)
      wife, Clarice, mother of 3, kills estranged mate, 1963/12/20: 1
    Adams, James
      works at Pearl Brewery for eight years (photo), 1939/07/21: 2
    Adams, Janet Yvonne
      debutantes make bow to society at Van Courtlandt Club's golden anniversary ball (photo), 1965/11/19 Supp: 2
      freshman at Incarnate Word College, awarded scholarship by Anderson-McConnell Advertising Agency of California, 1965/01/15: 1
      takes fourth place in San Antonio AKA baby contest (photo), 1948/03/26 Supp: 3
    Adams, Jennie
      notice of death, 1968/08/30: 4
    Adams, John
      dies in local hospital, 1934/03/30: 8 (filmed in 04/06 issue)
    Adams, John Henry
      originator of FDR [President Roosevelt] testimonial visits San Antonio, 1941/10/24: 1
    Adams, Joseph
      attack of acute indigestion kills 60-year-old resident, 1938/07/22: 1
    Adams, Juanita
      illness proves fatal, 1942/05/22: 1
    Adams, Julia
      notice of death, 1957/05/10: 8 (filmed in 05/17 issue)
    Adams, Leonard
      hangs himself in garage, 1945/05/11: 1
    Adams, Lewis Arlington
      two Santonians in Wiley summer graduating class, 1936/08/07: 5
    Adams, Lorraine
      named manager of Dutch Girl Dairy Store, No. 9 (photo), 1962/10/05 Supp: 2
    Adams, Lucy
      notice of death, 1957/10/11: 8 (filmed in 10/18 issue)
    Adams, Maggie
      notice of death, 1961/07/28: 8
    Adams, Mamie
      notice of death, 1965/11/19: 8
    Adams, Marcus
      wins four-year scholarship to Samuel Huston College (photo), 1949/09/02: 6
    Adams, Maxine Charles Etta
      8 year-old Seguin girl dies after serious illness, 1950/10/13: 8 (filmed in 10/20 issue)
    Adams, Paralee
      notice of death, 1960/01/15: 4
    Adams, Pearl F.
      notice of death, 1960/08/12: 8
      obsequies held, 1960/08/05: 1
    Adams, Pvt. R. J.
      Seguin GI graduates from Army school in Germany, 1955/07/08: 2
    Adams, Robert (Bobby)
      4-H Club member to exhibit at San Antonio Livestock Exposition, the first Negro to do so (photo), 1952/02/01: 2
      closes brilliant 4-H Club career with a win at SA Livestock show (photo), 1952/02/22: 1
      ex-ace 4-H Club boy interviewed by USDA official, 1952/10/10: 2
      ex-state champ 4-H Club boy buys own farm, 1953/01/09: 3
      Pearl Brewery buys Grand Champion Barrow exhibited by Bobby Adams (photo), 1952/02/29: 1
      produces outstanding watermelon crop, with two to be exhibited at Chicago fair (photo), 1954/07/23: 2
      to represent Texas 4-H Club boys (photo), 1948/06/04: 1
      of Seguin, shows Grand Champion barrow at Houston Fat Stock Show (photo), 1951/02/16: 7
      Seguin 4-H member, to exhibit at San Antonio Livestock Exposition, the first Negro to do so (photo), 1952/02/01: 2
      and Wilborn Watson, Jr., to get state awards, 1952/05/09: 7
    Adams, Robert Lewis
      dies after shot in abdoman with shotgun by Joe Blanks, 1959/07/03: 1
      notice of death, 1959/07/10: 8 (filmed in 07/17 issue)
    Adams, Sam, Sr.
      obsequies held, 1947/01/31: 8 (filmed in 02/07 issue)
    Adams, Dr. Samuel C., Jr.
      Texan named ambassador to Niger, 1968/08/09: 1
    Adams, Susan Annette
      debutantes make bow to society at Van Courtlandt Club's golden anniversary ball (photo), 1965/11/19 Supp: 3
    Adams, Thomas James
      notice of death, 1966/12/30: 10 (filmed in 01/06 issue)
    Adams, Tomie T.
      man collapses, dies, as he helps move furniture, 1966/08/05: 1
      notice of death, 1966/08/12: 8 (filmed in 08/19 issue)
    Adams, Tommie
      notice of death, 1965/03/05: 8 (filmed in 03/12 issue)
    Adams, Velay
      death takes two in Texas family in two days, 1961/09/15: 1
    Adams, William
      funeral services held, 1934/05/11: 8 (filmed in 05/18 issue)
      notice of death, 1934/05/11: 8 (filmed in 05/18 issue), 1966/10/28: 10 (filmed in 11/04 issue)
    Adams, William K.
      husband of SA girl promoted to Tech Sergeant, 1965/12/17: 7
      receives Commendation Medal at Hickam AFB, Hawaii (photo), 1967/09/22: 5, 7
    Adams, Willie, Sr.
      notice of death, 1966/09/02: 8 (filmed in 09/09 issue)
    Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Willie, Sr.
      honored with family reunion (photo), 1965/10/29 Supp: 2
    Adams State College (Alamosa, CO)
      college grads addressed by Tuskegee prexy, Dr. Luther H. Foster, Jr., 1957/08/23: 1
    Adamson, Charles L.
      Kerrville, complete Navy 'boot' training in San Diego (photo), 1963/11/01: 2
    Adamson, Solie
      aged SA man found dead, 1948/12/24: 1
    Adamson, Virgil, Sr.
      notice of death, 1961/09/29: 2
    Adkins, John
      San Marcos man buried last week, 1932/12/09: 8 (filmed in 12/16 issue)
    Adkins, Johnnie B.
      plans to attend Huston-Tillotson College (photo), 1953/09/04 Supp: 4
    Adkinson, Mrs. L.
      found dead in bed, 1944/01/07: 5
    Adkinson, Robert
      notice of death, 1957/09/13: 8 (filmed in 09/20 issue)
      See also Juvenile Delinquency
      eight stranded boys, girls found living in trailer; Louisiana show girls--14, 15, 16, 21--four youths live in trailer built for two persons (photo), 1940/11/29: 1
      The Responsibility of Youth (Commentary by Ruth Taylor), 1945/12/07: 4
      to what invisible goal is the youth of SA headed? (letter), 1933/01/13: 4
      What's the Matter at Douglass High (youth gangs, editorial), 1931/11/27: 4
      Young Girls Expelled from School for Petty Reasons (editorial), 1933/02/03: 4
      Youth Gangs Harass Students on Hackberry St. (The Echo by V.C.B.), 1931/12/11: 1, 3
      youth told self-confrontation demanded in speech by Berkeley G. Burrell at Junior Achievement's Future Unlimited Banquet, 1969/05/02: 1
      seven SA agencies unite in new adoption plan, 1968/10/11: 1
      snag hit in adopting German "brown babies," 1949/04/15: 1
      two Race "war children" await adoption in England, 1941/10/31: 4
    Adrian College (Adrian, MI)
      Hughes, Henry, Negro player puts Adrian College in NAIA basketball tourney, 1957/03/29: 3
    Adrianette Matrons Social Club
      annual spring formal held at Kelly NCO Club, more than 600 entertained, 1956/06/01: 6
      celebrate 7th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1949/04/15 Supp: 1
      charity ball
        to become annual affair (Jo's Jottings), 1946/02/08 Supp: 1
        date set for charity ball (Jo's Jottings), 1947/01/24 Supp: 1
        at Don's Keyhole Jan. 31, 1947/01/24: 6
      Cotton Dancing party hostesses (photo), 1955/06/03 Supp: 3
      to hold second annual kiddie carnival, 1945/05/25: 6, 1945/06/01: 7, 1945/06/08: 6
      meetings in 1943, 1943/04/23: 6
      present $105 to the crippled children's school (Jo's Jottings), 1946/03/29 Supp: 1
      round up time at the rodeo dance, 1948/05/14: 2
      to stage carnival, June 6, 1944/06/02: 6
      style show
        annual style show luncheon (photo), 1947/01/10 Supp: 3
        camera scenes at recent style show-luncheon (photo), 1943/07/16: 6
        cocktail party given as thank you (Jo's Jottings), 1955/03/04 Supp: 4
        committee discusses plans (photo), 1949/11/11 Supp: 2
        models at style show (photo), 1948/01/09 Supp: 4
        presents style show and luncheon at "Y" (Jo's Jottings), 1943/07/09: 6
        style show luncheon held (Jo's Jottings), 1954/01/08: 6
    Adventist Colleges
      Adventist college Jim Crow laid to 'Uncle Tomism,' 1939/01/06: 2
      Adventist schools produce outstanding Negroes, 1939/01/06: 2
      advertisers finally pounce on huge Negro market that was already there, 1964/10/30: 3
      NAACP Legal Defense Fund acts against race tagging in Dixie newspaper advertising, 1968/05/10: 1
      Down with Squabbling and Up with Cooperation [in space race with Russia] (Between the Lines, commentary by Dean Gordon B. Hancock), 1958/01/24: 4
      Glenn, Lt. Col. John, Negro technicians track his stratospheric orbits of the earth, 1962/03/02: 1
      Lockheed Missiles and Space Company, work of three area Texans noted at Lockheed, 1962/11/02: 7
      Money or Morals [Russia takes lead in missile and space race] (Between the Lines, commentary by Dean Gordon B. Hancock), 1958/01/17: 8 (filmed in 01/24 issue)
      NASA reaffirms non-race policy in picking astronauts, 1962/03/30: 1
      See also American Federation of Labor (AFL)
      See also Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO)
      AFL-CIO and NAACP heads discuss union bias, 1959/03/27: 1
      Building and Construction Trades Dept.
        Negro civil rights leaders skeptical of union pledge, 1968/03/01: 1
        pledges no-bias, 1968/03/01: 1
      Daniel, Gerald A., appointed representative in Okinawa for the International Confederation of Free Trade Union (photo), 1961/09/08: 2
      invoking Fifth Amendment costs man union post under new AFL-CIO policy, 1957/06/21: 1
      labor leaders say Negroes to gain by AFL-CIO merger, 1955/02/18: 1
      local union biases to be aired at conference of NAACP and AFO-CIO, 1959/03/06: 1
      Marcee, Rev. Emerson, president of San Antonio NAACP branch, speaks before civil rights committee, 1959/11/27: 1
      Meany, George
      merged CIO-AFL union names 2 Negro veeps, 1955/12/09: 1
      NAACP and
        AFL-CIO and NAACP heads discuss union bias, 1959/03/27: 1
        AFL-CIO must abandon 'tokenism' to survive says Herbert Hill, NAACP labor secretary, 1962/12/07: 1
        feud with AFL-CIO points to realignment in effort to end racial discrimination in organized labor, 1962/11/23: 1
        local union biases to be aired at conference of NAACP and AFL-CIO, 1959/03/06: 1
        NAACP, AFL-CIO Summit Meeting (editorial), 1959/03/27: 4
        sends letter to NAACP, seen as peace offering in anti-labor accusations, 1962/11/30: 1
      Randolph, A. Philip
        See also Meany, George (AFL-CIO President), and Randolph, A Philip
        advocates creation of National Negro Trade Council, to put pressure on AFL-CIO to eliminate Jim Crow practices, 1959/10/30: 3
        Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters and A. Philip Randolph charged with color discrimination against whites, according to an AFL-CIO report, 1961/11/17: 1
        seeks racial equality in new AFL-CIO, 1955/08/26: 1
      St. Louis union charged with bias by Labor Department, 1966/02/04: 3
      Tennessee, money provided to farmers whose funds were cut off after registering to vote, 1961/06/16: 2
      Texas AFL-CIO convention in San Antonio, adoption of weak bias stand decried; union waters down civil rights report, 1962/07/27: 1
      See also South Africa
      Africa got little of US $100 billion foreign aid, 1963/03/29: 3
      Africa is still haunted by the legend of "Tarzan," 1964/12/25: 3
      African countries feel Israel only "white" nation to trust, 1959/03/27: 1
      African in the USA, Robert F. Williams, who fled the country, named president of a paper "Black Republic of New Africa," 1968/09/06: 2
      African masses exploited by intellectuals and politicos, commentary by Enoc P. Waters, Jr., 1961/11/17: 3
      All-African People's Conference
        Africa speaks for herself at All Africa Peoples Conference, 1959/02/06: 1
        All-African People's Conference sees self-government and independence, 1958/12/26: 1
        eyes of the world focused on All-Africa meet, 1958/12/12: 1
      Another Writer Suggests Negroes Return to Native Land (Tid Bits from the Week's News), 1934/02/16: 4
      Back-To-Africa Movement (The Echo by V.C.B.), 1932/04/15: 1
      Ellender, Sen. Allen J., Louisiana, indignation mounts against Dixie solon's African insults at press conference in Southern Rhodesia, 1962/12/14: 1
      Iyallia, Joe, Nigerian ambassador visits San Antonio as part of a tour of Texas (photo), 1970/05/29: 3
      Johnson hits Garvey plan in Knoxville talk, 1934/10/19: 1
      King-Randolph Biafra peace mission viewed with skepticism, 1968/04/05: 1
      learned African on faculty of institute, here, 1949/06/24: 1
      Nkrumah, Kwame
        ex-aides of deposed exiled president given prison terms, 1967/04/21: 1
        in New Delhi, warns all Africa must be liberated, 1959/01/02: 1
      "Operation Crossroads Africa"
        Campbell, Dick, sets out to recruit Texas collegians for summer camp seminar study program, 1965/10/15: 1
        Robinson, James H., speaks on "Operation Crossroads Africa" at Trinity University (Jo's Jottings), 1961/03/31 Supp: 1
        sends 200 Americans to Africa this month to work in construction and community development projects, 1961/06/30: 3
        Williams, B. F., Jr., assistant professor at St. Philip's College, receives summer appointment in "Crossroads Africa" program (photo), 1961/05/19: 1
      Pokela, John Nyati, South African accused of plot against racists, faces death, 1967/06/30: 1
      round won in fight against apartheid as a first step, 1969/12/05: 1
      San Antonio Library has many books about Africa, 1961/11/10: 5
      writer reveals false ideas of Africa, by both Negroes and white, 1959/03/20: 1
    African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church
      African Methodism Leads the Way (editorial), 1932/05/27: 4
      African Methodists lose Western U. injunction suit, 1933/08/11: 1
      Allen, Richard E.
        commemorative stamp issued by AME Church honoring its founder, 1952/01/18: 1
        New Orleans churches fight bishop's appointments of pastors, 1967/01/27: 1
        the slave with the golden tongue: the story of Richard Allen, 1960/02/12: 6
        statue of founder proposed for Philadelphia, 1946/10/04: 4
      AME Having a House Cleaning (The Echo by V.C.B.), 1932/05/13: 1
      AME Judicial Council rulings not "supreme," 1958/01/17: 1
      AME leaders score governor's action at Allen University, 1958/01/17: 3
      Ball, Bishop William F.
      Berry, Rev. L. L.
        AME bigwigs in verbal brawl as charges fly relative to honesty and fitness for office, 1935/11/08: 1
        Berry defeats replacement efforts by Rev. Carl L. Flipper, 1933/09/01: 1
      Berry, Dr. Leonidas H., Chicago internist, proposes health plan for members, approved at Miami general conference (photo), 1956/06/22: 1
        almost all bishops accused in church wrangle to oust Bishop Sims, 1946/09/27: 1 (Section 2)
        AME bishops and Brotherhood meet, move closer together, 1958/01/24: 1
        AMEs create judicial council to curb bishops, 1952/05/30: 4
        attend Brotherhood meeting in Chicago (photo), 1958/02/07: 2
        bishops in session decry small sums church receives, 1933/07/07: 1
        Bishops Vernon and Jones first in history to be suspended, 1932/05/13: 1
        church court suspends Boston pastor who attacked bishop, 1932/09/23: 5
        court orders bishop to restore pastor to church in Media, PA, 1955/05/27: 3
        four new bishops elected at all-night session, 1940/05/17: 1
        LBJ [President Johnson] asks AME bishops to help check violence, 1966/10/07: 1
        one AME bishop gets "leave," two given retirement, 1952/05/23: 3
        prelates Ransom and Sims to appear before tribunal, 1934/07/27: 1
      Book Concern manager, Dr. W. Decker Johnson, accuses bishops of violations, 1949/05/06: 4
      Bracy, Rev. E. M., wins round with restraining order against Independent AME Church's use of church facility in Huntsville (photo), 1953/02/20: 1
      Brookens, Rev. J. F.
        AME editor escapes cops by window leap, 1948/03/26: 5
        pastor-editor denies leap to escape arrest, 1948/04/02: 5
      Brooks, Bishop Robert N.
        Methodist prelate succumbs to heart attack in Mississippi Sunday afternoon (photo), 1953/08/07: 1
        of New Orleans, to speak at Jacob Chapel for morning services (photo), 1951/11/02: 4
      Brooks, Bishop W. Sampson
      Brown, Russell S., Jr., son of Rev. Russell Brown, Sr., general secretary, not convicted in narcotics case, 1963/03/22: 1
      Bryant, Ira T.
      Bryant, Rev. Martin S., pioneer minister, passes, 1938/07/01: 7
      Butler, Rev. J. B.
      Clayborne, Bishop John H.
        charged with possessing uninspected meat sold from office, 1947/02/21: 1
        elected president of Fraternal Council of Negro churches, 1946/07/19: 8
        illness of a year claims AME's Bishop Clayborn, 1954/06/25: 1
        African Methodists lose Western U. injunction suit, 1933/08/11: 1
        AME, Governor Alf Landon, settle school [Western University] differences, 1936/07/10: 8 (filmed in 07/17 issue)
        AME Church turns down merger of Allen University and Kittrell College, 1932/12/23: 1
        AME college merger urged at Alliance meeting, 1936/01/31: 7
        A Fine Thing Turned Down [merger of Allen U. and Kittrell College] (editorial), 1932/12/23: 4
        merging of AME schools urged at Alliance meeting; Paul Quinn among those discussed, 1936/01/31: 7
        Western University has booth at AME convention in Memphis (photo), 1937/07/09: 3
        Wilberforce University, AME loses another round in feud, 1948/04/30: 2
      committee finds prelates guilty of violating discipline in use of funds, 1932/05/13: 1
      conferences and meetings
        1960 general conference definitely set for Los Angeles, 1959/10/16: 2
        15,000 expected to attend AME meet in Chicago, 1952/04/25: 6
        AME conference ends 5-day meet, 1931/10/30: 1
        AME Missionary, Young People's session, opens next Wednesday, 1941/08/01: 5
        AME quadrennial clears up last-minute details, 1948/06/04: 2
        AMEs create judicial council to curb bishops, 1952/05/30: 4
        AMEs end quadrennial with feud over building, 1952/05/30: 1
        AMEs shout, sing, march, as budget plan accepted, 1956/05/18: 1
        Bell, Ella Frances, is SA delegate to AME Church Convention at Purdue University (photo), 1951/08/31: 6
        Connectional Laymen's organization holds 10th biennial session in New Orleans, 1967/07/28: 10
        delegates of Fourth District meet in Chicago, 1936/03/20: 6
        delegates of quadrennial conference to reinstate editor 'fired' by bishops, 1956/05/25: 1
        East SA District Conference held at Bethel AME Church, 1953/08/21: 6
        filibustering and rowdyism stymie AME conference, 1948/05/21: 6
        general conference seeks integration of non-Negroes into church, 1956/05/18: 1
        Grant Memorial Church, San Antonio, hosts 2nd quarterly conference, 1963/04/05: 4
        to hold evangelistic advance Oct. 28 through Nov. 4, 1951/10/26: 8 (filmed in 11/02 issue)
        Mexico and Rio Grande Valley AME conference will open in Corpus Christi Oct. 11, 1944/10/06: 7
        Ministerial Institute, 8,000 expected for AME Institute Congress in Waco, 1953/08/21: 1
        more than 500 expected for AME meet next month at St. James, 1941/07/25: 1
        much politics promised for AME General Conference in Philadelphia, 1940/04/26: 4
        next council to meet in Little Rock, 1934/02/16: 8 (filmed in 02/23 issue)
        record number attend AME's 82nd Congress in Waco, 1954/09/03: 3
        reinstatement of Bishop David Sims highlights final AME meet, 1956/05/25: 1
        San Antonians attend annual AME Congress, 1952/09/05: 8 (filmed in 09/12 issue)
        Santonians elect delegates at district meeting, 1939/07/14: 5
        Southwest Texas Conference delegates attend general and jurisdictional conferences held in Pittsburgh (photo), 1963/05/24: 8
        St. James AME Church hosts district session, 1953/08/07: 8
        Texas AMEs hold educational congress in Waco, 1939/09/22: 1
        throng storms Philly for 1944 AME conference, 1944/05/12: 1
        tumult, confusion as AME general conference opens, 1948/05/14: 1
        West San Antonio District Conference held in Gonzales, 1953/04/17: 8 (filmed in 04/24 issue), 1955/08/12: 2
      Curry, Bishop G. E.
      Davis, Bishop Monroe H.
      Dorsey, Rev. William A., newly elected manager of the AME book concern, dies suddenly, 1940/05/31: 4
      Durr, Robert, appointed social agency coordinator for North Alabama (photo), 1939/12/08: 5
      Episcopal Committee finds prelates guilty of violating discipline in use of funds, 1932/05/13: 1
      factions in Georgia AME row seem on surface near accord, 1951/04/06: 1
      Gaines, Bishop Abraham Lincoln, buried in Baltimore, 1931/09/04: 1
      Georgia, AME Church to get into fight for civil rights with proposed five-point plan, 1962/08/31: 4
      Gomez, Bishop Joseph T.
      Gow, Dr. Francis, Capetown, South Africa, elected to bishopric (photo), 1956/06/22: 1
      Grant, Bishop, cleared of paternity charge, 1932/04/22: 1
      Greene, Bishop Sherman L.
      Gregg, Bishop John A.
      Gumbs, Samuel, defeated AME pastor sues fellow cleric (D. Ward Nichols) for $50,000, 1936/05/22: 1
      Harris, Bishop Marquis LaFayette, funeral rites held in Atlanta, 1966/10/28: 1
      Heard, Bishop William H.
      Hemingway, Bishop Lawrence H.
        must pay $7500 for slander of Rev. Clarence Carpenter, 1953/03/27: 1
        taken by death, 1954/12/10: 1
      Hicks, Bishop E. L., blasts "politicking ministers trying to run district," 1959/12/04: 1
      Hill, Dr. Charles Leander, lecturer at recent mid-Lenten institute (photo), 1936/03/20: 5
      Holbrook, Mrs. Georgia A., missionary, teacher, dies in Little Rock, 1936/04/03: 8 (filmed in 04/10 issue)
      Hughes, Mrs. L.M., heads new Women's Volunteer Redemption Auxiliary, 1933/12/22: 8 (filmed in 12/29 issue)
      income drops 25 percent, 1933/04/28: 1
      Independent AME Church
      Is African Methodism Disintegrating? (editorial), 1933/06/30: 4
      Jackson, Rev. Prince F.
      Jackson, Samuel C., assistant secretary of US Department of Housing and Urban Development, receives citation for outstanding leadership during annual Founders day banquet (photo), 1970/02/20: 1
      Jamison, M. C., elected member of general board (photo), 1960/06/03: 2
      Johnson, Dr. W. Decker, Book Concern manager, accuses bishops of violations, 1949/05/06: 4
      Jones, Bishop Joshua
      Jones, Mrs. M., heads AME Women's Home and Foreign Missionary (photo), 1941/08/01: 1
      Jordan, Rev., advocates formation of Dept. of Religious Education, 1936/04/03: 8 (filmed in 04/10 issue)
      Jordan, Bishop Frederick D.
      King, Bishop Willis J.
      Laymen's Council
        annual convention of the Laymen's organization, Tenth Episcopal district set for Dallas, 1960/07/01: 8
        first annual convention to be held June 1, 2, at Bethel Church, 1951/05/25: 7
      Laymen's Council of the Southwest, Mexico, and Rio Grande Conference
        AME Laymen's work evaluated at meeting here, 1958/02/07: 8 (filmed in 02/14 issue)
        annual meeting
          11th session held in San Antonio, 1961/06/09: 8
          annual district meet held at Butler's Chapel AME Church, 1962/07/27: 4
          St. James AME hosts annual Laymen's meet, 1959/03/27: 4
        annual workshop
          3rd annual workshop planned, 1961/02/17: 2
          held at Bethel AME Church, 1960/03/25: 4, 1960/04/01: 4
          held in New Braunfels, 1961/03/31: 2
        East SA District ministers and laymen meet in Flatonia, 1958/12/19: 4
        executive staff
          holds first meeting of year in San Antonio, 1957/11/01: 8 (filmed in 11/08 issue)
          holds sixth meeting at Bethel AME Church, 1958/03/28: 8 (filmed in 04/04 issue), 1958/04/04: 8 (filmed in 04/11 issue)
          meets in San Antonio, 1958/03/07: 7, 1959/02/27: 8 (filmed in 03/06 issue)
      Martin, Bishop John W., holds five degrees (photo), 1949/08/19: 4
      Methodists hold mass meeting, Jan. 20, at St. Paul ME, 1954/01/15: 4
      Ministerial Institute, 8,000 expected for AME Institute Congress in Waco, 1953/08/21: 1
      Ministers' Wives Alliance
      Morris Brown College
      Moten, Rev. F. F.
        celebrates golden anniversary as distinguished AME minister (photo), 1948/09/10: 8 (filmed in 09/17 issue)
        is candidate for secretary of Missions, 1936/03/27: 8 (filmed in 04/03 issue)
      Nichols, Bishop D. Ward
      Odom, Rev. Edward J., hopes to reclaim 200,000 new members (photo), 1935/09/27: 7
      Parks, Bishop H. Blanton
        Gregg, Bishop John A., succeeds Bishop Parks; lauds FDR [President Roosevelt] policies (photo), 1936/02/28: 1
        has funerals in three cities, 1936/02/21: 8 (filmed in 02/28 issue)
      Philadelphia women chase bishop who transfer their pastor to another church, 1949/06/24: 1
      Pittsburgh's Bethel AME 103 years old, 1953/02/20: 1
      politics run rampant in fight for offices, 1932/04/29: 1
      Pope, Mrs. W. T., Little Rock, Arkansas AME elder's wife drops dead as she defends husband, 1938/06/24: 1
      Primm, Bishop H. Thomas (10th Episcopal District)
      publishing house
        See also Bryant, Ira T.
        AME church gets control of publishing house, 1941/08/08: 1
      Race would be helpless without church states Dr. Isaacs, 1934/04/20: 8 (filmed in 04/27 issue)
      Ransom, Bishop Reverdy C.
      school integration stand reaffirmed at board meeting, 1959/09/11: 6
      Sherman, Bishop O. L.
      shooting, robbing of cleric (Rev. O. Sherman) blamed on church politics, 1938/06/24: 7
      Sims, Bishop David H.
      Smith, Bishop B. Julian, honored with banquet and testimonial in Hot Springs, Arkansas (photo), 1958/03/07: 8 (filmed in 03/14 issue)
      South Africa confiscates AME church property, may ask for protection of US and UN, 1962/02/09: 4
      Southwest Texas Conference
      Stepteau, Rev. C. Harold
      Tenth Episcopal District
        AME Institue and Youth Congress set for Waco, 1958/08/15: 8 (filmed in 08/22 issue)
        AME institute, congress to get under way on Paul Quinn campus, 1949/08/19: 4
        convenes in SA as ME meet ends, 1939/11/03: 1
        holds mid-winter convocation on evangelism in Dallas, 1958/11/07: 8 (filmed in 11/14 issue)
        photos from the conference, 1939/11/03: 8 (filmed in 11/10 issue)
        Revs. Harvey, Taylor, and Valentine returned to churches, 1939/11/10: 1
      Thomas, Rev. W. E., presiding elder of Bay City District AME Church dies (photo), 1953/10/02: 3
      Thompkins, Dr. William J., speaks before Bishops' Council of AME (photo), 1936/02/28: 1
      three leaders presented to Liberian president, 1939/06/30: 8 (filmed in 07/07 issue)
      Tookes, Bishop Henry
        obsequies held in Jacksonville, 1948/06/18: 1
      Vernon, Bishop William T.
      Waco hosts AME Christian Education session, 1958/03/07: 7
      Ward, Rev. A. M., pioneer cleric, passes, 1941/02/21: 8 (filmed in 01/03 issue)
      Ward, Rev. A. Wayman, candidate for bishop (photo), 1956/04/27: 4
      West San Antonio District Conference
        New Braunfels, 1954/05/14: 8 (filmed in 05/21 issue)
        Shiner, 1966/04/29: 6
      white minister wants to preach in AME church, 1955/07/08: 3
      Williams, Bishop Noah W.
      Wright, Bishop R. D., Jr., prelate of Arkansas-Oklahoma district, strikes back, sues accusers for $13,000, 1951/11/09: 1
      Wright, Bishop Richard Robert, Jr.
      Young, Bishop George R.
        honored at banquet, June 11, 1942/06/05: 8 (filmed in 06/12 issue)
        tells AME Semi-Annual Trustees Meeting, "I am an AME Bishop"; no favors given because he's a Texan, 1935/06/07: 1
    African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Ministers Alliance
      meetings in 1958, 1958/02/14: 8 (filmed in 02/21 issue)
    African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Ministers' Wives Alliance
      11th anniversary observed at Bethel AME Church, 1958/05/09: 8 (filmed in 05/16 issue)
      anniversary tea
        planning of, 1951/03/23: 8 (filmed in 03/30 issue)
        third anniversary celebrated with tea, 1950/03/10: 2
      annual musical
        planning of, 1950/08/04: 8 (filmed in 08/11 issue)
        reported successful, 1951/08/03: 8 (filmed in 08/10 issue)
      conducts installation of officers, 1952/02/22: 4
      elects officers, 1959/02/20: 8 (filmed in 02/27 issue)
      entertain Right Rev. Bishop Gomez, 1951/02/23: 4
      entertain with tea, 1950/01/06: 8
      Marshall, Mrs. C. S., is hostess, 1950/02/03: 6
      meetings in 1948, 1948/02/27: 8, 1948/04/30: 8, 1948/06/11: 8, 1948/10/15: 8 (filmed in 10/22 issue)
      meetings in 1949, 1949/06/03: 2, 1949/12/09: 8, 1949/12/16: 5
      meetings in 1950, 1950/01/20: 6, 1950/06/02: 6
      meetings in 1951, 1951/01/26: 8 (filmed in 02/02 issue), 1951/04/06: 8 (filmed in 04/13 issue), 1951/04/13: 8 (filmed in 04/20 issue), 1951/07/06: 8 (filmed in 07/13 issue), 1951/07/20: 8 (filmed in 07/27 issue), 1951/10/26: 8 (filmed in 11/02 issue), 1951/11/09: 8
      meetings in 1952, 1952/07/11: 8 (filmed in 07/18 issue), 1952/10/03: 8 (filmed in 10/10 issue)
      meetings in 1954, 1954/01/08: 8, 1954/04/30: 8 (filmed on 05/07 issue)
      visits Ella Austin Orphanage, 1951/06/22: 6
    African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Zion Church
      5 bishops retired, then two recalled, 1960/05/20: 3
      bishop and college trustees draw fire in revoking contract with Livingstone College professor, Gerard M. Mertens, 1958/04/25: 1
      Eichelberger, Dr. James W., blasts doctors and other "professionals" for inaction in integration crisis, 1957/01/11: 1
      home mission mass meeting held by AME Zion church, 1941/08/01: 8 (filmed in 08/08 issue)
      Laymen's and Ministers' association and Board of Bishops joint meeting in Los Angeles displays Census materials and literature (photo), 1970/03/06: 1
      Matthews, Bishop William Walter, convicted AME Zion bishop is allowed to retire, 1947/01/03: 1
      organization of, 1942/01/23: 8 (filmed in 02/13 issue)
      Sanders, Rev. T. J, organizes church (Alamo City Briefs), 1942/01/09: 7
      Shaw, Julia Baum, deposed treasurer, $9,500 short, seeks suspension of judgment till audit, 1954/08/27: 4
      Taylor, Bishop James Clair, prelate of AME Zion Church dies suddenly, 1954/07/30: 1
      two AME Zion bishops feud in election of Dr. Samuel E. Duncan as Livingstone College prexy, 1958/05/09: 8 (filmed in 05/16 issue)
      Walls, Bishop William J.
        AME Zion body to send Bishop Walls to Norway, 1936/04/03: 8 (filmed in 04/10 issue)
        recalled after being retired, 1960/05/20: 3
        sails for World Council of Churches meeting in India (photo), 1953/01/02: 8 (filmed in 01/09 issue)
    Afro-American Legion, Benjamin Edward Robinson Post, No. 2
      Auxiliary meetings, 1938/07/15: 6, 1939/09/08: 7, 1939/09/22: 6, 1939/09/29: 4
      officers elected, 1938/06/24: 6
    Afro-American Legion, Charles Young Post, No. 1
      Note: reorganized as American Legion, Fred Brock Post, in December, 1945.
      annual memorial service held at New Hope Baptist Church, 1943/05/21: 6
      Armistice Day Committee meets, 1934/10/19: 6
        See also specific legion post
          1st anniversary celebrated, 1938/11/25: 5
          2nd anniversary celebrated with dinner (photo), 1939/11/24: 6
          3rd anniversary celebrated with banquet, 1940/11/29: 6
          4th anniversary celebrated, 1941/12/05: 7
        election of delegates for state convention, 1939/08/18: 6
        formal Christmas party planned, 1944/12/08 Supp: 4
        garden party held for members, 1938/07/01: 6
        joint meeting of posts and Auxiliary held, 1939/09/22: 6
        Legion and Auxiliary to hold annual services Sunday, 1938/05/27: 7
        meetings in 1938, 1938/04/01: 6, 1938/05/27: 6, 1938/10/14: 6, 1938/11/18: 6, 1938/12/30: 6
        meetings in 1939, 1939/01/13: 6, 1939/07/14: 6, 1939/08/18: 6, 1939/09/15: 6
        meetings in 1940, 1940/01/19: 7, 1940/08/16: 7, 1940/09/20: 7
        meetings in 1942, 1942/07/24: 7
        meetings in 1944, 1944/12/08 Supp: 4
        new organization formed, 1934/02/16: 6
          election of officers, 1938/06/17: 7, 1939/06/16: 5
          installation of officers, 1942/07/24: 7
        Travis, Emma Jean, presented with scholarship from the American Legion (Jo's Jottings), 1962/09/28 Supp: 4
      Barrett, Thurman, speaks to colored post, 1932/06/17: 1
      colored post organized this week, 1931/12/25: 1
      Department of Texas American Legion convention in Corpus Christi attended by Post members, 1932/07/22: 8 (filmed in 07/29 issue)
      draft registering services offered, 1940/10/04: 5
      Dulaney, G. I., former Charles Young Post adjutant, convicted of fraud in Tennessee, 1932/09/02: 1
      meetings in 1932, 1932/04/22: 7
      meetings in 1940, 1940/02/02: 7, 1940/05/31: 7
      meetings in 1944, 1944/12/08 Supp: 4
        annual election conducted, 1938/06/10: 7
        election of officers, 1934/07/06: 6, 1935/06/07: 8 (filmed in 07/05 issue), 1939/06/23: 7, 1942/07/24: 7
        Jenkins, C. A., heads post, 1939/06/23: 7
        Lockhart, J. H., elected head, 1936/06/05: 1
      post petitions for constitutional change to prevent exclusion of Negroes from American Legion, 1932/05/27: 8 (filmed in 06/03 issue)
    Afro-American Legion (San Antonio, TX)
      See also American Legion, San Antonio and Texas Groups
      See also specific American Legion post names
      Abraham Lincoln birthday program sponsored, 1940/02/09: 7
      Afro-American Legion Wants to Help [World War veterans and relatives] (editorial), 1939/11/10: 4
      Armistice Day
        Armistice Day marchers will be honored, 1932/12/09: 1
        Legion observes Armistice Day with parade, 1934/11/16: 1
        Merrill, W. B., state commander urges vets to march in Armistice parade, 1939/11/03: 6
        post takes part in Armistice Day Parade, 1935/11/08: 9
      bathing review
        bathing review, hair style parade at Woodlake Country Club, July 12, 1945/07/06: 6
        moving pictures made of models in Legion bathing, hair styling revue, 1945/07/20: 2
      Emancipation Day
        Juneteenth celebration to be held under auspices of Afro-American Legion, 1945/06/08: 7
        Legion in gala celebration at Leon Park June 18-19, 1945/06/15: 7
      joint meeting of posts and Auxiliary held, 1939/09/22: 6
      Legion to have Labor Day fete, 1933/09/01: 1
      McCarthy, E. J., Post No. 1 head urges all vets to march Nov. 11, 1941/11/07: 1
      offers to assist veterans, 1945/09/28: 7
      World War II vets eligible for Afro-American Legion, 1945/09/21: 1
    Agee, Robin Louise
      notice of death, 1967/04/07: 10 (filmed in 04/14 issue)
    Agnew, Spiro T. (Vice President of United States)
      Maryland NAACP denounces choice of Gov. Agnew for vice president, 1968/08/30: 1
      VP's call for ouster of Yale University president is example of "soft" fascism stimulated by Nixon administration, 1970/05/29: 7
    AGO Club
      first celebration held, 1942/12/11: 6
      See also Farm Security Administration (FSA)
      See also Migrant Workers
      See also Resettlement Administration
      4,000 students make good on summer ag jobs; workers praised for aptitude, skill, and accuracy, 1965/09/17: 1
      agricultural posts for experts open in Ghana and Nigeria, 1957/06/21: 1
      alarming condition is seen in North Carolina for tenant farmers, 1934/03/02: 1
      Arnold, Robert V., Region 11 winner of Harvesture Travel Scholarship for outstanding teachers of vocational agriculture (photo), 1966/11/04: 7
      best farmers in 1960 (photo), 1961/02/03: 2
      Braxton, Rudolph V., Kendleton, TX, serves on cotton advisory committee of USDA, 1965/08/20: 3
      canning and gardening instruction is available, 1944/06/23: 5
      clergyman of interracial communal farm in Georgia asks for protection from government, 1957/04/19: 1
      "Coordinated Program" is valuable aid to farm families of Texas, 1938/12/30: 8 (filmed in 1939/01/06 issue)
      Copeland, Robert, Prairie View student, measures crop acres with skill and accuracy (photo), 1965/09/17: 1
      cotton pickers scarce as South begins harvest, 1931/10/16: 1
      counties have few Negro farm owners, 1933/12/29: 5
      county crop show set for Lockhart Saturday, Aug. 15, 1954/08/13: 3
      credit of colored farmers is excellent, 1934/01/19: 1
      crop outlook best in five years says district agent, 1957/03/22: 2
      Dixie farmers hail draft deferment for farm workers, 1942/11/20: 1
      Duncan, Melvin, winner at Seguin Geld Show, 1948/04/09: 2
      extension service
        AAA director lauds agricultural extension agents, 1938/07/22: 2
        Brown, Marshall V.
          heads state extension service, 1959/05/08: 2
          heart attack kills Texas extension service leader, 1964/01/31: 1
        Brown, Mrs. P. R., gets promotion in extension service, 1946/10/04: 5
        Campbell, T. M., field agent, calls for more colored demonstration agents, 1934/06/08: 1
        county agents attend soil fertility meeting, 1959/11/20: 2
        Davis, W. C.
          extension work leader retires, 1959/04/10: 3
          gets state extension leader position, 1946/09/13: 5
          named extension head, 1947/01/24: 1
        extension service is big challenge to JFK desegregation policy, 1961/04/14: 2
        members of extension service attend in-service training conference at Prairie View (photo), 1954/02/19: 4
        Mitchell, John W., promoted to agricultural national extension leader (photo), 1953/09/11: 1
        Negro extension work curbed; Ark. State College head's ill-timed letter complicates matters, 1938/06/24: 2
        Sanders, R. A.
        Seastrunk, D. H., Jasper County agent gets new assignment, 1959/07/24: 2
        specialized services for farmers stressed (photo), 1964/08/14: 5
        Stone, P. H., top FES aide retires after 40 years' work, 1959/07/17: 2
      farm employment for peak season lowest in 30 years, 1953/11/06: 3
      farm workers hard hit by White Citizens Councils, 1957/04/05: 3
      farmers aid conservation program, 1936/09/25: 5
      Farmers Should Be Self-Sufficient (Tid Bits from the Week's News), 1939/03/03: 4
      farmers urged to use land, resources wisely, 1953/01/02: 2
      farming and oil are profitable in East Texas, 1939/01/27: 2
      field agent, T.M. Campbell, calls for more colored demonstration agents, 1934/06/08: 1
      final approval of NYA farm project for fifty boys at PV, 1937/07/09: 2
      first bale of cotton brings Ernest Harris $250, 1946/08/23: 1
      former disadvantaged farmers moving ahead (photo), 1958/11/28: 2
      Fort Bend County shows how to successfully mix oil and agriculture, 1939/01/13: 2
      four jailed trying to organize La. farmers, 1940/08/09: 1
      four thousand attend Tuskegee farmers conference, 1933/12/15: 1
      Georgia Negroes returning to farms, 1948/05/28: 2
      government assistance
        Dixie getting better farm homes through credit from FHA (photo), 1957/04/26: 2
        first farmer to purchase farm with government loan (photo), 1938/07/08: 2
        loans available for farmers not assisted by Resettlement Administration, 1936/05/01: 1
        Race editors attend Washington conference, hear federal officials tell of efforts to aid rural life, 1937/12/10: 5
      grandchildren of Texas slaves get 130-acre farms, 1938/01/07: 1
      Guadalupe County used to launch National Farm Safety Program, 1954/01/15: 2
      guns used to hold Georgia cotton pickers in fields; farmers refuse to let workers leave for better jobs, 1937/09/24: 1
      Harris, Sylvester, calls President Roosevelt for Help with Foreclosure (editorial), 1934/03/09: 4
      Hunt, Henry A., appointed administrator of Farm Credit Administration (photo), 1933/11/24: 1
      Jones, Dolphus, Caldwell, Texas, involves whole family in planning for the farm (photo), 1959/01/02: 2
      leaders, DC officials discuss plans to help Negroes (photo), 1939/10/27: 4
      machine threatens to replace cotton pickers, 1931/12/11: 1
      Marshall AAA meeting attended by 800 farmers; mayor greets group; Dr. M.W. Dogan speaks, 1936/09/25: 1
      meat shows
        food-art show held at Cuero, 1948/03/19: 2
        Seguin Meat Show (Tid Bits from the Week's News), 1939/03/03: 4
        Seguin Meat Show big success, 1934/04/13: 8 (filmed in 04/20 issue)
        Seguin Meat Show to be held, 1934/03/23: 5
        Seguin's annual Meat Show is staged by agent, 1937/03/12: 1
      migrant workers
      Moore, Elmer J., agricultural economist, canvasses farm recreational enterprises for profit levels (photo), 1963/03/22: 1
      nation goes forward with Roosevelt (commentary by Dr. William J. Thompkins), 1937/09/10: 4
      National Recovery Act ills adding to farm problems, 1933/09/22: 5
      New Farmers of America hold national convention in New Jersey (photo), 1939/09/08: 2
      newspaper publishers, editors study farm problem (photo), 1937/12/10: 8 (filmed in 12/17 issue)
      no farming for children during school hours, 1959/04/17: 5
      NRA ills adding to farm problems, 1933/09/22: 5
      number of Dixie colored farmers drops 200,000 since 1954, 1961/10/27: 1
      Prairie View man, I. J. Collier, awarded federal building contract for tenant homes, 1940/10/11: 5
      R.A. Associate announces OK of Texas project, 1936/04/17: 7
      R.A. plan for Texans to give income of $1138, 1936/04/24: 1
      Race editors attend Washington conference, hear federal officials tell of efforts to aid rural life, 1937/12/10: 5
      rumor mongers attempt to trick Texas farmers; unfounded tales of confiscation by government, 1942/12/25: 1
      Rural Neighborhood Progress contest judging gets under way in 8 Texas counties, 1957/04/26: 3
      rural training program, project for development of, ends, 1966/08/12: 1
      Sanders, R. A., agricultural agent of Guadalupe County granted leave to attend summer school (photo), 1948/06/04: 7
        birth control, sterilization, US aid, education, land-owners proposed as remedies for sharecropping evils, 1936/10/02: 8 (filmed in 1937/03/12 issue)
        'cropper's plight leads to White House study, 1965/08/06: 6
        sharecroppers in virtual slavery, labor group told, 1949/03/11: 1
        sharecroppers ruled ineligible for readjustment allowances, 1945/10/05: 1
      small farmer to receive federal assistance soon, 1934/11/02: 1
      Southern Negro farm exodus now under way, 1966/12/16: 1
      Subsistence Homesteads
        An 'Out' for the Negro [offered by homesteads] (editorial), 1934/11/09: 4
        Congress Authorizes $25,000,000 for Subsistence Homesteads (This Is Important), 1933/11/24: 1
        Foreman explains subsistence homesteads, 1934/04/27: 4
        Interior Dept. official surveys Dallas for homestead project, 1934/02/23: 1
        plans for Dallas homestead given go-ahead, 1934/05/18: 1
        subsistence project started in North Carolina, 1934/01/12: 1
        Tuskegee teacher appointed as special assistant, 1934/04/20: 3
      Taylor, Donrel, Cuero youth, is winner at recent fat stock show, 1948/02/20: 2
      Tenant Farmers Union
        claims victories, 1936/07/17: 8 (filmed in 07/24 issue)
        offers plan to end peonage, serfdom, 1936/09/25: 1
        races unite in Arkansas to work harmoniously together as Tenant Farmers' Union seeks betterment, 1936/02/07: 1
      Texas AAA agent in 4-day meet at Jackson, Miss., 1945/04/27: 1
      Texas Farm Workers Association, state NAACP supports farm workers efforts, 1966/09/02: 1
      Texas to get barley profits; beer consumption to boom '35 profits, 1935/05/17: 1
      Texas women successfully direct 4,800-acre tenant farm, 1938/12/30: 2
      Those Who Left the Farm [should return] (editorial), 1934/06/01: 4
      trained farmers lead in earnings, 1933/11/10: 1
      Tugwell, Rexford G., explains plan for solving tenant [farmer] problem, 1935/12/06: 1
      two-day South Texas Negro District Meat Show held at Houston (photo), 1940/04/05: 8 (filmed in 04/19 issue)
      US Army moves in--government helps farm families move out (photo), 1941/08/08: 2
      US Grand Jury indicts Arkansan on slave charge [with farm workers], 1936/10/02: 5
      USDA report gives reasons farmer on short end, 1957/12/27: 1
      vocational agriculture
        See Education, Adult and Vocational, agriculture, vocational
    Aikens, Lewis A.
      promoted to technical sergeant, 1965/06/18: 7
      Wheatley grad gets ATC master instructor rating, 1964/11/13: 7
    Aikens, Salome Leotis
      popular widow plans trip (photo), 1931/08/21: 6
    Air Conditioning Companies
    Air Depot News
    Air Force
    Air Force, Army, Marines, and Navy Wives
      annual bazaar held (Jo's Jottings), 1960/12/02 Supp: 4
      annual tea held (Jo's Jottings), 1960/11/11 Supp: 4, 1961/11/03 Supp: 3
      book review to be held (Jo's Jottings), 1961/06/16 Supp: 4
      coffee held (Jo's Jottings), 1961/03/24 Supp: 3
    Air Raid Warden Classes
      commissions granted, 1942/07/24: 7
      See also Airports
      See also Aviation/Flying
      18 major air lines end ban on Negro pilots, 1956/10/12: 1
      airlines seek Negro pilots, 1966/12/30: 4
      Capital Airlines ordered to hire Negro hostess, 1960/04/22: 2
      Chicago and Southern Airlines sued for $50,000 by Chicago woman, 1947/05/09: 1
      commercial air lines won't hire Negro pilots, 1946/12/06: 2
      Continental Airlines
        accepts first Negro, ex-Air Force pilot Marlon D. Green, for pilot training, 1959/01/23: 1
        Green, Marlon D., pilot who won bias case hired by US Bureau of Reclamation as auxiliary pilot, but he still wants his job with Continental, 1963/05/10: 3
      CORE protests job bias by airlines, 1959/12/11: 2
      first Negro passenger pilot, Perry H. Young, starts to work, 1956/12/21: 1
      Jones, W. L., first Negro air steward (photo), 1946/10/25: 1
      Northeast Airlines hires first Negro pilot, 1968/09/06: 1
      Northwest Airlines
        hires first Negro hostess, but faces bias-hiring charge of another applicant, 1962/03/09: 3
        second Negro stewardess hired, 1962/11/30: 5
        White, Marlene, stewardess who fought for years to get job, began training in 1962, fired, 1963/04/19: 1
      number of Negro pilots estimated, 1968/08/09: 3
      Robinson, Col. John C., opens new world-wide air line in Ethiopia, 1948/02/06: 1
      segregation, racial practices in terminals of 21 Dixie cities revealed, 1959/07/31: 1
      Trans-World Airlines (TWA)
        air stewardess applicants needed now; TWA taking applications from Negroes, 1958/03/21: 1
        Coleman, Tracey, volunteered to stay on hijacked plane on its way to Rome (photo), 1969/11/14: 1
        goodwill flyers hop off; Pan American trip begins amid cheers of hundreds, 1934/11/16: 1
        Harriman, Gov. Averill, New York, hails TWA's hiring of Negro stewardess, 1958/06/06: 2
        names Negro, James O. Plinton, to top executive post, 1957/09/06: 1
        one Negro air hostess quits and one dropped from training, 1958/07/18: 1
        seeks qualified Negroes as flight hostesses, 1957/09/20: 1
        Tiller, Mary Esther, Kansas City, first Negro airline hostess takes first flight (photo), 1959/04/03: 1
        TWA seeks applicants for hostess jobs, 1958/07/25: 1
    Airplane Crashes
      twenty-one hurt as Army C-47 crashes near Kelly Field (photo), 1947/04/11: 1
        Birmingham, Federal judge okays courtroom insult from defense attorneys in suit brought against airport restaurant, 1962/07/27: 1
        Mobile, no incidents as Negroes served at airport restaurant, 1961/05/26: 1
          Just What Enemies of America Want [continued racism as shown in Montgomery with shutdown of airport facilities] (editorial), 1962/01/12: 4
          Justice Department sues to ban J. Crow at 'Bama airport, 1961/08/04: 3
          Montgomery Airport [still considers closing facilities to continue segregation] (editorial), 1962/02/02: 4
        Jim Crow ended at Tallahassee municipal airport, 1961/12/29: 7
        Negroes eat at Tallahassee Municipal Airport, 1961/09/29: 1
        court orders Shreveport airport to end bias, 1962/11/02: 1
        US rejects partial integration of New Orleans airport, 1961/07/07: 1
      Mississippi, Jackson operates integrated city airport cafe, 1962/08/24: 1
      North Carolina, signs remain, but no Jim Crow at Raleigh-Durham airport, 1961/10/20: 1
      Postmaster General to investigate airport discrimination personally, 1933/07/28: 5
      Rowan, Carl T., refused service at Memphis Municipal Airport, ordered to leave, 1962/01/26: 1
      South Carolina
        CORE members inspect "colored" lounge at Greenville airport (photo), 1959/12/04: 1
        Jim Crow airport waiting room at Greenville barred by US Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, 1959/12/04: 11961/01/06: 8
      South tricks government for airport funds while maintaining segregation, 1961/06/23: 1
          airport restaurant again uses Jim Crow, 1955/09/16: 1
          CAA orders probe of Jim Crow at Houston airport involving Indian ambassador, 1955/09/02: 1
          new city airport reports conflict on segregation at, 1951/12/21: 1
        San Antonio to vote on $550,000 airport bond issue, 1941/01/17: 1
    Akins, L. C.
      Akins' death sentence is commuted; commutation is unanimously recommended by State Board of Pardons, 1945/10/05: 1
      "white supremacy" victim, L. C. Akins, scheduled to die Oct. 6, 1945/09/21: 1
    Alabama A&M College (Normal, AL)
      white man integrates Alabama Negro college, 1963/06/21: 1
    Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights
      charter granted new Alabama civil rights body formed after NAACP is banned, 1956/10/26: 1
      Hughes, Robert E., executive director, refuses to bare organization's books, jailed for contempt in libel probe, 1960/09/16: 3
      new civil rights group formed, 1956/06/15: 1
      rights group asks court to halt police intimidation, 1960/09/16: 1
    Alabama State College (Montgomery, AL)
      'Bama governor fires professor, Lawrence D. Reddick, goes after college prexy, Dr. H. Councill Trenholm, 1960/06/24: 1
      expulsions of student demonstrators against segregation ruled unconstitutional, 1961/11/17: 1
      name changed to Alabama State University, 1969/07/25: 9
      A New Low--Even for Alabama [Gov. Patterson's firing of Prof. Reddick and President Trenholm] (editorial), 1960/06/24: 4
    Alamo Association for Student Councils
      Douglass Junior High hosts council, 1960/12/02 Supp: 2
      Phillis Wheatley High School student council attends AASC convention, 1961/12/15: 6
    Alamo Athletic Association
      See also Baseball
      See also Basketball
      See also San Antonio Athletic Association
      Another Step Forward Toward Recreational Facilities (editorial), 1938/04/15: 4
      Boys Club clinic
        AAA to give proceeds of night to Boys Club clinic fund, 1941/08/01: 3
        clinic to be recipient of benefit game, 1941/07/25: 3
      "Chamber of Commerce Night" set for Feb. 26, 1940/02/16: 3
      floodlights for baseball field
      fund raising
        minstrel show is riotous success, 1939/10/20: 7
        minstrel show planned, 1939/09/29: 3
        plans made to pay for last year's flood lights, 1939/07/21: 3
      Miss AAA
        AAA keeps old officers, plans to select 'queen,' 1941/11/07: 7
        basketball season opens Monday; dynamite-laden games, "Miss AAA," bigwigs to draw great crowd, 1940/11/29: 3
        to be named Monday, 1946/03/08: 3
        to be selected March 11, 1946/03/01: 5
        Brooks, Cecilia ("Dinky"), named "Miss AAA" (photo), 1947/01/10: 3
        Bryant, Miss Jimmie, is "Miss AAA" of 1944-1945, 1945/01/05: 3
        contest gets under way this evening, 1940/11/08: 5
        contest will get under way Nov. 24, 1941/11/21: 6
        Fatheree, Miss Imogene, winner, shown with runners up (photo), 1948/01/16: 3
        fifth contestant enters race, 1940/11/22: 6
        four popular young ladies seeking "Miss AAA" crown, 1940/11/15: 6
        game, softball awards, "Miss AAA" crowning, dance, on program, 1941/12/05: 3
        Genevieve C. Summers, Erma J. McCullough, and Lorraine Steen vie for title (photo), 1941/12/05: 6
        Hamilton, Winnie Ruth, and Bernice Miller seek "Miss AAA" title (photos), 1940/11/29: 6
        July, Margaret Maria, St. Peter Claver Academy, seeks AAA crown (photo), 1940/11/15: 6
        Lackland edges Comets, Betty Guilmenot named "Miss AAA" as cage season opens, 1949/01/07: 3
        McCullough, Erma J., is "Miss AAA" for coming year, 1941/12/19: 3
        Miller, Bernice
          fifth contestant, enters race for "Miss AAA" title, 1940/11/22: 6
          and Winnie Ruth Hamilton seek "Miss AAA" title (photos), 1940/11/29: 6
        "Miss AAA" to be picked; awards presented, 1948/01/09: 3
        Miss AAA to be selected as curtain drops on basketball season, 1950/03/03: 3
        opening basketball game held, "Miss AAA" to be crowned, softball awards to be given, 1947/01/03: 3
        White, Jeanette, St. Philip's, to vie for queenship of AAA (photo), 1940/11/15: 6
        Woodmen, Duncan in star basketball tilt--to pick "Miss AAA" from crowd, 1942/12/11: 3
      no paid players in AAA, 1940/11/29: 3
      office opens on East Commerce St., 1938/07/22: 3
        AAA keeps old officers, plans to select 'queen,' 1941/11/07: 7
        annual election held, 1946/12/27: 3
        officers elected, 1939/09/08: 3
        officers installed (Jo's Jottings), 1947/01/24 Supp: 1
        officers installed at annual dinner, 1941/11/14: 6
        retains same officers for another year, 1940/10/04: 5
      public support of
        We Are Ingrates (editorial), 1938/07/29: 4
        Your Support Is Needed (editorial), 1938/07/15: 4
      reorganization under way, 1939/09/08: 3
      San Antonio Awakes (editorial), 1938/06/03: 4
        Feb. 10 to be "Scholarship Night" in AAA, 1947/01/31: 3
        Oliver, James, football standout, gets AAA scholarship, 1948/06/11: 3
        scholarship requirements reviewed, 1948/11/12: 3
        scholarship to be given to most deserving high school athlete, 1946/12/20: 3
        Wheatley-Bombers in 'Scholarship Nite' feature, 1947/02/07: 3
        Williams, Bryant, outstanding PW football player, awarded AAA scholarship, 1947/06/06: 3
      secures more arc lights for Lincoln Park, 1939/04/28: 1
      so the people may know: a statement by the AAA, 1941/01/24: 5
      to stage water carnival on July 4, 1940/06/21: 3
    Alamo Burial Association
      entertains with barbecue, 1938/10/07: 6
      Mason, G. Williams, appointed manager and claims adjuster (photo), 1946/02/08: 8
    Alamo Cancer Aid Society
      donates $1,000 to American Cancer Society (photo), 1953/05/15: 1
      fund drive, 1953-1955
        to begin (Jo's Jottings), 1955/03/25 Supp: 4
        breakfast kicks off cancer drive (Jo's Jottings), 1955/04/01 Supp: 4
        cancer crusade effort raises over $1,000, 1953/05/15: 6
        local cancer fund drive ends today, 1954/04/30: 7
        in planning stages (photo), 1955/03/11 Supp: 4
      fund drive, 1959-1960
        Steering Committee complete plans for April cancer crusade (photo), 1959/04/03: 6
        thanks contributors to April Cancer Crusade, 1960/05/06: 6
      fund drive, 1961
        April fund drive plans set (Jo's Jottings), 1961/02/10 Supp: 1
        benefit coffees
          coffee ideas (Jo's Jottings), 1961/04/28 Supp: 1
          kickoff set (Jo's Jottings), 1961/04/07 Supp: 1
          McCoy, Dr. Ruth Bellinger, guest speaker (photo), 1961/04/21 Supp: 3
          Mrs. Beatrice Williams and Mrs. Leona Hall, cohostesses for coffee (Jo's Jottings), 1961/05/05 Supp: 4
          Zeta Phi Beta amicae sponsor twilight coffee (Jo's Jottings), 1961/05/05 Supp: 2
        Task Force members (photo), 1961/03/17 Supp: 4
      fund drive, 1962
        April fund drive plans set (Jo's Jottings), 1962/03/09 Supp: 1
        benefit coffees
          Jo's Jottings, 1962/03/16 Supp: 4
          last of coffees held (Jo's Jottings), 1962/05/11 Supp: 1
          more cancer fund coffees held (Jo's Jottings), 1962/05/04 Supp: 1
          more than 200 women attend benefit coffees (Jo's Jottings), 1962/04/06 Supp: 4
        Bumbrey, Claud
          asks men to challenge women in giving benefit coffees in the current campaign (Jo's Jottings), 1962/04/06 Supp: 4
          benefit coffee given for men a success (Jo's Jottings), 1962/04/20 Supp: 1
        Cameron, Bella H., hosts coffee-punch benefits to aid cancer fund (Jo's Jottings), 1962/04/20 Supp: 1
        cancer fund drive diminishing; coffees to start April 1, 1962/03/30 Supp: 2
        coffee to be held for volunteers raising funds in current campaign (Jo's Jottings), 1962/04/13 Supp: 4
        drive completed with $1,221.59 donated, with more donations made about June 1 for those late in arriving (Jo's Jottings), 1962/05/18 Supp: 1
        task force workers meet to plan fund drive (photo), 1962/03/23 Supp: 2
      fund drive, 1963
        Alamo Cancer Aid Society says "Thank You" for contributions, 1963/05/17: 6
        benefit coffees
          April 7 is "coffee time" (Jo's Jottings), 1963/04/05 Supp: 4
          Cancer Coffee Kick-Offs start with a bang (Jo's Jottings), 1963/04/12 Supp: 4
          coffees continue to be held at various homes (Jo's Jottings), 1963/04/26 Supp: 4
          fund drive gets under way with coffees (Jo's Jottings), 1963/03/22 Supp: 1
          Government Girls Club host a coffee-tea (Jo's Jottings), 1963/03/29 Supp: 1
          Landry, Mattie, name omitted from list of members (Jo's Jottings), 1963/03/29 Supp: 1
          plans made by members for annual drive with "kick-off coffees" (photo), 1963/03/22 Supp: 2
          supporting coffees continue throughout the month (Jo's Jottings), 1963/04/19 Supp: 1
      fund drive, 1964
        cancer coffee news (Jo's Jottings), 1964/04/24 Supp: 4
        fund drive kicks off April 5 (Jo's Jottings), 1964/04/10 Supp: 4
      fund drive, 1966
        kickoff benefit coffee held by various hostesses (Jo's Jottings), 1966/03/25 Supp: 4
        members and everyone who helped with crusade are thanked, 1966/05/20: 6
      fund drive, 1967
        benefit coffees
          Douglas, Leona, hostess for annual coffee (Jo's Jottings), 1967/04/28: 9
          hostesses report marvelous successes (Jo's Jottings), 1967/04/07: 8
          kick-off coffee set for April 2, 1967/03/24: 8
          members who will hold coffees, 1967/03/24: 8
        churches, organizations, clubs and individuals for financial contributions are thanked, 1967/05/19: 9
        members complete plans for annual drive (photo), 1967/03/24: 9
        reminder to all that the fund drive is coming to a close (Jo's Jottings), 1967/05/12: 8
      fund drive, 1968
        Alamo Cancer Aid Society says "thank you," 1968/05/17: 9
        Bradley, Mrs. Herbert co-hostess with and the E. L. Turbons for successful coffee (Jo's Jottings), 1968/05/24: 8
        hostesses for coffee benefits listed (Jo's Jottings), 1968/04/05: 8
        "musical" tea held, 1968/04/19: 8
        plans finalized for annual drive by members (photo), 1968/03/29: 8
      fund drive, 1969
        Alamo Cancer Aid Society says "thank you," 1969/08/08: 8
        Government Girls Club donates $50 (Jo's Jottings), 1969/05/09: 8
        last meeting of the year held (Jo's Jottings), 1961/06/16 Supp: 4
        members attend annual meeting of Bexar County unit of the American Cancer Society (Jo's Jottings), 1962/05/11 Supp: 1
      movies on cancer available for groups, 1960/04/15: 6
      Planning Committee members (photo), 1969/04/11: 6
      receives certificate of appreciation at award dinner (Jo's Jottings), 1956/06/08: 6
    Alamo CDC Social Club
      meeting of, 1932/06/17: 6
    Alamo City Branch, YMCA
    Alamo City Briefs (column)
    Alamo City Chamber of Commerce
      combines with Hicks Beauty School to blow up bidding on swine sales in SA Stock Show, 1969/02/21: 6
      Community Awards Banquet
        awards presented, officers installed, 1965/06/11: 6
        Wise Men, C of C to hold joint banquet, 1965/05/21: 7
      Cuney P-TA gets contribution (photo), 1964/05/01: 1
      dinner held at Mrs. Garza's Restaurant, 1962/06/29: 6
      formerly named Negro Chamber of Commerce, 1962/04/06: 7
      Giles, Marcellus, Yoakum ag teacher speaker at annual agriculture luncheon, 1967/02/24: 6
      grid greats feted at Chamber banquet, including Warren McVea and Willie Mitchell, both from San Antonio, 1970/02/20: 5
      job placement department now taking applications, 1963/12/06: 6
      Lara, Edison, installed as president (photo), 1962/04/27: 3
      livestock improvement program
        C of C buys gilt to improve the quality of stock exhibited by Negro boys (photo), 1963/07/05: 5
        livestock program developed (photo), 1964/02/14: 3
      luncheon meetings
        first luncheon meeting of 1964 held, 1964/01/17: 6
        luncheon meeting sparks membership drive, 1962/05/18: 7
      meeting is well attended, 1964/10/23: 5
      membership campaign under way, 1965/04/02: 6, 1969/09/26: 9
      Pearl Brewing Co. luncheon honors members of Alamo City Chamber of Commerce and Wise Men's Luncheon Club (photo), 1963/07/26: 6
      Wheatley Distributive Education class feted7, 1967/06/02: 8
      your Chamber of Commerce in action, 1963/06/28: 5
    Alamo City Medical, Dental and Pharmaceutical Society
        annual Christmas party held at DeLuxe Dinette (photo), 1954/01/08 Supp: 2
          correction, 1954/01/15 Supp: 4
        annual dinner held in honor of husbands, with Washington's Birthday theme (Jo's Jottings), 1948/02/27 Supp: 1
        brunch held
          Jo's Jottings, 1955/03/18 Supp: 1
          photo, 1955/03/18 Supp: 2
        essay contest winners awarded (photo), 1946/02/01: 4
        hosts Christmas tree and party for the underprivileged (Jo's Jottings), 1952/01/04: 6
        meetings in 1955, 1955/04/22 Supp: 3, 1955/05/20 Supp: 2
        Most Popular Business Woman Contest
          21 vie for title of "most popular business woman," 1947/10/24: 6
          Auxiliary sponsors contest, 1947/10/10: 6
          contest ends today, 1947/10/31: 6
        record crowd at auxiliary meeting, 1947/10/31: 6
        sponsors benefit show at Cameo Dec. 20, 1952/12/19: 7
        Women's Auxiliary entertains, 1931/12/04: 7
      Hurd, Mr. and Mrs. W. V., entertain association, auxiliary (photo), 1948/02/27 Supp: 3
      local medics bid for fall meeting of district ass'n, 1938/09/30: 1
      meetings in 1937, 1937/12/03: 5
    Alamo City Nurses' Club
      express appreciation for help at convention, 1932/04/29: 7
      meetings in 1945, 1945/06/08: 6
    Alamo City Officials Association
      elects officers, 1951/01/19: 5
      officials organize Aug. 9, 1945/08/17: 3
    Alamo City Teachers Council
      American Education Week observed, 1953/11/06: 6, 1960/11/18: 6, 1961/11/10: 6
        Harrison, Dr. Emma Louise, guest speaker (photo), 1961/11/10 Supp: 4
        with St. Philip's College; Rev. H. Rhett James, guest speaker (photo), 1962/11/09: 6
      Ashby, Dr. Lyle W., executive secretary of National Education Association, addresses executive committee, 1959/09/25: 6
      attends reading conference at TSU, 1960/08/05 Supp: 2
      Batehelder, Richard, president of National Education Association Department of Classroom Teachers, is guest speaker, 1959/12/25: 6
      Blossom, Virgil T., guest speaker, 1960/11/04: 6
      Grant Elementary School faculty hosts regular meeting, 1961/01/27 Supp: 2
      invites public to visit schools on occasion of National Education Week, 1950/11/03: 6
      Jones, Lasca Aycock, president, attends SMU certification conference, 1951/08/03: 6
      McDaniel, Vernon, TSAT executive secretary, address teachers, 1959/09/04: 6, 1959/09/18: 6, 1961/03/17: 6
      Moon, Dr. Roger, speaks on the teachers' role in guidance program, 1961/03/24: 6
      National Teaching Career Month
        2nd annual Teaching Career Month observed with worship service at Mt. Zion First Baptist Church (photo), 1959/05/01: 6
        observance of, 1961/05/05: 6
      news in 1958, 1958/11/21: 6
      officers (photo), 1955/04/22 Supp: 4
      Portwood, Thomas B., superintendent, SA Independent School District, addresses the council (photo), 1958/05/16: 6
      Sowells, Joyce D., president, attends Frontiers of Science Foundation as delegate for TSAT (photo), 1961/01/20 Supp: 3
      Teachers State Association of Texas convention
        council prepares for 72nd convention to be held in San Antonio, 1956/11/02: 6
        representatives attend convention, 1961/10/27 Supp: 4
      worship at St. Paul ME Church, 1961/04/28: 8
        photo, 1961/05/05 Supp: 4
    Alamo Court of Calanthe
    Alamo Dental Association (white)
    Alamo District Teachers Association
      science sectional meeting held, presided over by Mrs. Leona L. Williams (Jo's Jottings), 1969/03/21: 8
    Alamo Federal Credit Union
      Pleasant, Marcellus C., member of board of directors, attends 23rd meeting of Texas Credit Union League (photo), 1957/03/29: 1
    Alamo Florists Association
      florists organize and elect officers, 1952/11/14: 6
    Alamo Funeral Directors Association
      meetings in 1946, 1946/02/08: 8
      officers take baskets of groceries to the Anthony Mabry family, victims of a fire that claimed two children, 1967/12/29: 9
    Alamo Garden Center
      annual flower show held (Jo's Jottings), 1960/11/11 Supp: 1
      fellowship tea held at Alamo City "Y," 1961/12/01 Supp: 2
      meetings in 1960, 1960/09/02 Supp: 3
      meetings in 1962, 1962/02/09: 6, 1962/05/11: 6
      meets with Open Gate Garden Club to complete plans for harvest festival (Jo's Jottings), 1960/11/04 Supp: 4
      report on Seguin salad tea heard, 1962/01/12 Supp: 3
    Alamo Glee Club (Zion Star Baptist Church)
      on 'Glorified Voices' program
        to appear Sunday (photo), 1940/07/26: 8 (filmed in 08/02 issue), 1941/07/18: 8 (filmed in 07/25 issue), 1943/06/18: 8 (filmed in 06/25 issue)
        featured with Clark Smith Choral Society (St. Philip's), 1940/11/15: 8 (filmed in 11/22 issue)
        returns to 'Glorified Voices' Sunday afternoon, 1943/01/08: 8 (filmed in 01/15 issue)
        with Smith Brothers Quartet, 1940/07/26: 8 (filmed in 08/02 issue)
        with Starlight Band, 1941/02/28: 8 (filmed in 03/07 issue)
      guests of Beeville's Bethlehem Baptist Church choirs, 1933/09/29: 6
      presents program at Olive Street CME, 1944/01/21: 8 (filmed in 01/28 issue)
    Alamo Harmonizers
    Alamo Heights High School (San Antonio, TX)
      Fly, Everett, lone Negro at Alamo Heights High wins an American Institute of Architects-Ford Foundation 4-year college scholarship, 1970/05/29: 1
    Alamo Household of Ruth
    Alamo Jewelers
    Alamo Marine Mothers Club
      meetings in 1944, 1944/04/28: 6, 1944/06/30: 4
      meetings in 1945, 1945/03/02: 7, 1945/03/16: 7
      organization of, 1944/03/31: 5
    Alamo Presbyterian Missionary Church
      Gratton, Rev. J. S. C., to visit local church, 1949/10/21: 8
    Alamo Progressive League
      organization of, 1934/06/22: 6
    Alamo Royal Links
      King, Dr. Willis Jefferson, programs featuring president of Samuel Huston College sponsored, 1931/08/21: 5, 1932/08/26: 5
      moonlight treasure hunt, 1932/07/08: 6, 1932/07/22: 7
      news, 1931/08/14: 6, 1931/08/28: 6, 1931/09/18: 8 (filmed in 09/25 issue), 1931/09/25: 6, 1932/06/17: 7, 1932/07/01: 6
      San Antonians reorganize club at Samuel Huston, 1948/11/12: 7
      sponsors appearance of Dr. King Sunday, 1932/08/26: 5
      sponsors program featuring Dr. King of Samuel Huston College, 1931/08/21: 5
    Alamo Social Club
      Alamo and Rose Bud clubs honored, 1934/06/01: 6
      meetings in 1931, 1931/08/07: 6, 1931/08/21: 6, 1931/09/04: 6, 1931/09/18: 7, 1931/10/02: 6, 1931/10/23: 6, 1931/11/06: 6, 1931/11/13: 6, 1931/12/04: 6, 1931/12/11: 7, 1931/12/18: 6
      meetings in 1932, 1932/04/15: 6, 1932/04/22: 7, 1932/05/13: 6, 1932/05/20: 7, 1932/05/27: 7, 1932/06/03: 6, 1932/06/17: 6, 1932/06/24: 5, 1932/07/08: 7, 1932/07/15: 6, 1932/07/22: 6, 1932/08/05: 6, 1932/08/19: 6, 1932/08/26: 7, 1932/09/16: 7, 1932/09/23: 6, 1932/10/07: 7, 1932/10/21: 6, 1932/11/04: 6, 1932/11/18: 7, 1932/11/25: 6, 1932/12/02: 6, 1932/12/09: 6, 1932/12/09: 7, 1932/12/16: 6
      meetings in 1933, 1933/01/20: 6, 1933/01/27: 6, 1933/02/03: 6, 1933/02/10: 6, 1933/03/03: 7, 1933/03/10: 7, 1933/03/17: 7, 1933/03/31: 6, 1933/04/07: 6, 1933/04/14: 6, 1933/04/28: 6, 1933/05/05: 6, 1933/05/12: 6, 1933/05/19: 6, 1933/05/26: 6, 1933/06/09: 7, 1933/06/16: 7, 1933/06/30: 6, 1933/07/07: 6, 1933/07/14: 6, 1933/07/21: 6, 1933/07/28: 6, 1933/08/04: 6, 1933/08/18: 6, 1933/09/01: 6, 1933/09/15: 6, 1933/09/22: 6, 1933/09/29: 6, 1933/10/06: 6, 1933/10/13: 6, 1933/10/27: 7, 1933/11/03: 6, 1933/11/10: 6, 1933/11/17: 6, 1933/12/29: 6
      meetings in 1934, 1934/01/19: 6, 1934/01/26: 7, 1934/03/30: 7, 1934/04/06: 6
    Alamo Stadium
      heated words exchanged at School Dis't board meeting regarding NAACP's stance on segregation of Alamo Stadium and gym, 1950/09/29: 1
      Phillis Wheatley Senior School to help dedicate Alamo Stadium tonight, 1940/09/20: 1
      Smith, James, concession stand thief nabbed for stealing cartons of cigarettes, 1958/12/12: 1
      use of Negro officials asked for high school games; will work in one of three remaining Stadium contests, 1950/10/13: 1
      Wheatley band, pep squad, get Stadium ovation, 1940/09/27: 1
      Wheatley band and pep squad in Alamo Stadium dedication, 1940/09/13: 4
    Alamo Teachers Council
    Alaniz, John
      addresses monthly meeting of Communication Workers of America local on "The Negro and How He Affects Today's Politics," 1963/04/05: 7
      San Antonio member of Texas House of Representatives hires Negro secretary, Zona Gale Perrett, 1963/01/18: 1
    Albany, Battle of
      See Civil Rights (1961-1965), Georgia, "Battle of Albany"
    Alberson, Julius
      becomes regular member of Police Dept. (photo), 1941/04/25: 1
      impressive rites held for slain policeman, 1941/12/12: 1
      jury unable to reach verdict in murder trial of Melchior Quitman, 1942/01/23: 1
      named to police training school, 1941/02/28: 4
      pistol used in slaying found seven years later (photo), 1948/02/13: 1
      rites held for San Antonio officer (photo), 1941/12/12: 4
      SA policeman attacked by soldiers, slain with own gun (photo), 1941/12/05: 1
      soldier, Melchior Quitman, admits slaying officer (photo), 1941/12/12: 1
      widow, child of slain policeman given pensions, 1942/01/02: 1
    Alberson, Julius Dalton
      commissioned as Air Force second lieutenant (photo), 1964/01/17: 1
      enters jet pilot training (photo), 1964/02/07: 7
      youth wins first heat in soap box derby, 1953/07/17: 5
    Alberson, Mrs. Maggie
      funeral services held, 1947/11/07: 8 (filmed in 11/14 issue)
    Albert, Don
      See also Restaurants and Clubs
        Don's Buffet
        Don's Keyhole
        So-Bar Club
      arrested by SA police, Albert ponders charges against them, 1967/11/24: 1
      boxing promotion
        See Boxing, Don Albert promoter
      "Deep are the Roots"
        play a success in Austin (Jo's Jottings), 1949/02/18 Supp: 1
        play has repeat performance in San Antonio (photo), 1949/02/18 Supp: 3
      Dillard Women's Club, New Orleans, invites Albert to perform in jazz program (Jo's Jottings), 1966/10/21: 8
      Don Albert album brings back jazz age memories, 1963/10/04: 3
      Don Albert and his Pals
        dance music challenged by Troy Floyd, 1932/04/01: 8 (filmed in 04/15 issue)
        dance orchestra popularity contest, 1932/12/23: 6, 1933/01/20: 6, 1933/02/17: 6, 1933/03/17: 7, 1933/03/24: 7
        entertains Army patients at Brooke Army Hospital Service Club, 1951/03/30: 7
        gets new contract for Ritz Ballroom, Oklahoma City, 1931/08/14: 3
        greater than ever, says Hall, 1933/03/17: 3
        moves to New Orleans, thanks Don's Keyhole patrons, 1948/04/09: 6
        to play at NAACP Halloween dance, 1939/10/20: 6
        to play for PV Jr.-Sr. Prom, 1933/05/19: 1
      Don Albert's Dixieland Band (Dixieland All Stars)
        Don Albert, Jim Cullum in jazz battle, 1968/09/13: 9
        Don Albert heads Jazz Festival at HemisFair, 1968/09/20: 9
        featured at HemisFair, 1968/07/12: 7
          photo, 1968/07/05: 9
        Don Albert Dominique [birth name] and wife celebrate 16th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1943/09/17: 6
        mother, Mrs. Georgianna Dominique, passes in New Orleans, 1955/03/04: 1
      goes to New Orleans for recording sessions of Dixieland jazz (Jo's Jottings), 1962/08/03 Supp: 4
      "No Way Out" has Mrs. M. D. Hemmings as directress and Don Albert in lead male role (photos), 1951/10/26: 7
      to present Luis Russell, his band, with "Peg Leg" Bates, Piney Brown Turner (photo), 1945/02/23: 6
      radio and television activities
        Albert announces activities, 1955/06/10: 7
        South's first Negro TV producer and director, 1955/07/08: 4
      seeks new entertainers, 1941/07/25: 5
      stage suit valued at $85 stolen from the Keyhole, 1950/12/15: 3
      takes over management of Famous Door, 1941/09/12: 6
      Tease, Robert, and Don Albert, local band leader, pleased with large turnout at "swing on out" at Avalon Grill (photo), 1940/01/12: 7
      in violation of Texas Liquor Control Act, fined $100, 1944/12/22: 1
    Albert, Lynette Dominique
      Delta Sigma Theta's Queen of Hearts
        benefit dinners to be sold for her candidacy, 1970/03/20: 8
        crowned "Queen of Hearts" (photo), 1970/04/24: 9
        Easter tea to benefit contestant, 1970/03/27: 9
    Albert, Mary
      notice of death, 1968/09/27: 10 (filmed in 10/04 issue)
    Albertus, Asa A., Sr.
      notice of death, 1964/11/13: 8 (filmed in 11/20 issue)
      SA man, 68, found dead in apartment, 1964/11/06: 1
    Albertus, Hollam
      fatally shot by wife, Sophie, 1933/04/07: 1
      notice of death, 1933/04/07: 4
    Albritton, David
      Albritton cops hi jump, 1936/05/01: 3
      Albritton enters AAU meet here, 1946/04/12: 3
      may again be an Olympian, 1948/04/02: 3
      ten Race athletes make team; Jesse Owens is three-time winner; Johnson, Albritton smash world mark in high jump, 1936/07/17: 3
    Alcohol and Alcohol Consumption
      See also Alcoholic Intoxication
      See also Brewing Industry
      See also Prohibition
      Albert, Don, in violation of Texas Liquor Control Act, fined $100, 1944/12/22: 1
      Armstrong, Leroy ("Ice Cream"), district judge overrules beer license refusal for operator of the Dream, 1956/06/01: 1
      beer a means to temperance declares savant Dr. William Gerry Morgan, 1936/09/25: 7
      beer flows freely as many places are licensed, 1933/09/22: 3
      bootleg liquor
        Carr, Lester
          bootlegger held for trying to bribe officers, 1961/12/22: 1
          jailed for bootlegging, 1962/09/28: 1
        children sue for $99,701 in "bad whiskey" death, 1952/01/04: 1
        Georgian who mixed bootleg liquor that killed 40, gets life in pen, 1951/12/21: 1
        Pilot, Edward, bootlegger picks wrong pair for customers, selling whiskey to police officers, 1958/09/12: 1
        poison bootleg liquor kills 33 Atlanta drinkers, 1951/10/26: 1
        poisoned whiskey victim's husband sues for $100,000 while 360 pound white Atlanta 'legger indicted for murder, 1951/11/16: 1
        Simms, Charlie, arrested for sale of alcohol without a license as raid points up bootlegging operations in SA, 1958/03/14: 1
        Taylor, David, Ferris Street man held for liquor law violations, 1959/01/09: 1
        Warner, L. B., and August Johnson, accused of bootlegging, 1962/09/14: 1
        Wilson, Walter, Lester Carr, and Walter Brown, chronic bootleggers, nabbed, 1970/06/19: 1
      breweries celebrate repeal as benefits of return of beer are cited, 1939/09/15: 5
      Dilworth, Jack C., operator of 1311 Club, charged with illegal whiskey sale, 1956/09/14: 1
      Drunkenness Declines [after April 7th Beer Day] (editorial), 1933/04/28: 4
      early morn raid on Ranger Street resort nets 35, 1951/12/07: 1
      Eastwood Country Club patrons reported drinking after hours, 1956/10/12: 1
      federal and state laws in conflict
        A Paradox: [beer handlers] Can Eat Cake and Have It Too (editorial), 1933/05/26: 4
        Tid Bits from the Week's News (column), 1933/05/26: 4
      fines and arrests made for after curfew consumption of alcohol at Suburban Club, 1946/06/07: 3
      Greer, Lonnie, night club operator beats OPA in beer price ceiling case, 1945/02/23: 1
      Increased [state] Revenue and Jobs [after repeal] (editorial), 1933/10/06: 4
      Johns, Arthur J., liquor peddler operating with a license, nabbed, 1951/04/20: 1
      Johnson, Robert, and Henry Mitchell, nabbed peddling whiskey from truck without a permit, 1954/07/23: 1
      Love, Mary Ann, shoots up tavern, is first to be arrested under new law prohibiting weapons in places where alcoholic beverages are sold, 1968/08/02: 1
      Mitchell, Henry and Robert Johnson, nabbed peddling whiskey from truck without a permit, 1954/07/23: 1
      Negroes spend $350,000,000 annually on beer and whiskey, 1952/02/22: 3
      nurses told how they can combat alcoholism, 1957/07/26: 3
      playing of juke box in order to buy beer is illegal, 1944/09/01: 1
      A Prom, a Bootlegger, and Seeing [dispensing illicit liquor at local prom] (editorial), 1935/06/07: 4
      record breaking beer sales set in 1962, 1963/09/06: 7
      shotgun blast draws probes by liquor, US agents, 1949/09/09: 1
      Sterling, William H., and Lillian Bennett, charged with operating an open saloon and selling liquor without license or permit, 1956/07/20: 1
      Texans drink million bottles Texas Pride, Pearl beers every nine days, 1936/09/25: 8 (filmed in 10/2 issue)
      Texas to get barley profits; beer consumption to boom '35 profits, 1935/05/17: 1
      32 nabbed, 3 booked in Keyhole club curfew raid, 1947/07/25: 1
      Too Soft Toward Drinking Driver? [in the United States compared with other countries] (editorial), 1962/04/20: 4
      Walker, Harold, large cache of alcohol found; maybe it has same effect as lye, 1948/09/17: 5
    Alcoholic Intoxication
      Aldridge, Neal, cabby is first to undergo new balloon test, 1950/05/19: 1
      arrests for public intoxication (1934), 1934/07/06: 1, 1934/07/13: 5, 1934/07/13: 8 (filmed in 07/20 issue), 1934/07/20: 5
      arrests for public intoxication (1939), 1939/05/12: 5
      Bates, Isaac, arrested for drunkenness, said he wanted to go [to jail], 1965/03/12: 1
      Blain, Texana, jailed for drunken driving, 1942/08/28: 5
      Bland, Howard, arrested for drunkenness and discharging a firearm, 1946/02/15: 1
      Branch, Dewey, and wife, arrested for drunkenness, 1950/06/09: 5
      Broadmax, James, held on bond and booked for drunkenness on complaint of wife, Mattie, 1950/10/06: 6
      Brown, Lemmie, after being arrested for DWI, mauls officer, Edgar Willman, 1958/02/07: 1
      Busby, Bernice, refused to pay $7.50 cab fare, arrested for drunkenness and abusive language, 1950/09/29: 3
      Calloway, Hewitt, charged with drunkenness, 1960/10/28: 1
      Campbell, Mrs. Mary Ratliff, as own attorney, proves gadget goofs, cleared of DWI, 1956/03/09: 1
      church lawn is couch for drunken couple, Amie Gamble and Lula Mae Godlock, 1941/08/15: 1
      Clack, Jeff, Jr., booked for drunkenness and creating disturbance at estranged wife's lodging, 1953/03/13: 3
      Cunningham, Leroy, jailed after fracas at filling station, 1950/11/10: 1
      Davis, Morris, comes home drunk and runs children out of the house, 1956/10/12: 1
      Dixon, Jack S., zigzagging car nets DWI, gun toting charges, 1957/04/26: 1
      drinking drivers in two of three crashes Sunday, 1950/10/27: 1
      Drunkenness Declines [after April 7th Beer Day] (editorial), 1933/04/28: 4
      Edwards, Nervous, Corpus Christi, arrested and jailed for intoxication, 1944:12/08: 1
      Edwards, Robert, charged with drunk driving, speeding, and no license, 1944/12/01: 1
      Evans, Ruby L., 20, drink in tavern and hunting knife in purse send girl to jail, 1958/01/24: 1
      Foster, Pauline, treated for eye injury received in altercation, booked for drunkenness, 1950/10/13: 3
      Franks, McKinley M., fined $100, license is taken in traffic case, 1945/07/27: 1
      Gahwiler, Robert R., man demanding another drink gets fists, jail, 1948/07/16: 1
      Green, Norman, kicks restaurant door, arrested for drunkenness, 1955/02/25: 3
      Green, Thedus, drink, cursing bring SA man two $25 fines, 1949/03/18: 1
      Green, Walter Lee, arrested for DWI on air base, 1955/11/11: 1
      Houston, Philip, drunk throws bottle through cop's windshield, 1946/06/28: 1
      Hubbard, Jimmie, kife and ice pick wielder arrested on drunk charge, 1957/10/18: 1
      Jackson, Hays, falls through window, 1949/07/22: 4
      Jefferson, Rev. L. C., SA preacher jailed for driving while intoxicated, 1954/12/24: 1
      Johnson, Sam, 64-year-old driver arrested on DWI charges, 1955/07/08: 1
      Jones, Willie, bottle-throwing drunk nearly wrecks tavern, 1949/04/01: 5
      Joshua, Allen, booked for drunkenness as machines collide, 1936/10/02: 1
      Land, Dan, profanity on bus lands him in jail, 1950/12/01: 1
      Lynch, Jesse, booked for negligent collision and drunkenness, 1938/04/22: 3
      Mason, Tom, drunk driving charges send two men to jail, 1956/03/30: 1
      McGee, Jeff C., arrested for drunkenness and making threats, 1953/02/20: 1
      Mitchell, Van Ness R., booked for DWI after he hits parked car owned by Edgar Love, 1951/12/07: 1
      Moore, Floyd, bullets, club used to arrest young celebrant, 1946/07/12: 1
      Mulkey, William R. stops car in intersection, fouling traffic flow, and is stabbed in chest, 1950/09/08: 1
      Nolte, Lee, police find drunk man with prohibited hand chain in his pocket, 1959/08/14: 1
      Ogden, John, resents increased fines for drunkenness, 1947/12/05: 5
      Owens, Mrs. Celestino, just drunk, 1950/03/10: 1
      Redden, Rudolph, booked for drunkenness, 1936/01/24: 7
      Sheppard, Mrs. Mary, arrested for drunkenness, 1946/08/23: 5
      Sommers, Rubin Robert, three charges made against him after hitting a parked car, 1950/09/01: 1
      Tealer, Kingston, drunk driving charges send two men to jail, 1956/03/30: 1
      Turner, Ralph, cuss words land inebriated one in hoosegow, 1936/10/02: 1
      Walter, James Lee, charged with driving while intoxicated, crashes into porch of Pearlie Flake, 1950/11/24: 1
      Walters, Moses, lodged in jail after being subdued by his children, 1948/01/02: 5
      Ward, Iris Lee, discourages drunken Willie Jackson in freezing weather with cold water, 1950/12/29: 1
      Webb, Joe D., confused "Sweet Lucy" imbiber confuses cops, 1949/07/15: 1
      White, Mabel, victim of acute alcoholism, 1935/07/05: 1
      Winn, Leon, arrested for drunkenness on complaint of his wife, Ora Winn, 1947/12/26: 4
    Alcoholics Anonymous
      SA Alcoholics Anonymous offers aid to drinkers, 1949/05/20: 4
    Alcorn, Ora Lee
      SA resident of 40 years succumbs (photo), 1955/11/11: 1
    Alcorn State University (Alcorn, MS)
      Alcorn Braves figure to be near the top in SWAC, 1967/09/15: 6
      Bluford, Guion S., son of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bluford, gets master of science degree and faculty appointment to Alcorn A&M (photo), 1937/07/02: 5
      Hopkins, Robert
        named NAIA District 27 Basketball Coach of the Year, 1969/03/14: 6
        named Southwestern Athletic Conference Basketball Coach of the Year, 1969/05/23: 5
      King, Clennon
      Simmons, Dr. Eugene Edward, athletic director killed in crash, 1966/05/06: 1
      Southwestern Conference coaches select all-SWAC football teams, with Alcorn A&M placing 10 members on the team, 1969/12/19: 5
      student protests have approval of NAACP, 1966/04/15: 1
      students strike for "adult treatment and more social freedom," 1964/05/01: 3
      suspensions end Alcorn student uprising, 1936/01/03: 2
      Whitney, Davey, head basketball coach at TSU goes to Alcorn, 1969/09/12: 5
    Aldridge, Dennis
      San Antonian man, Kerrville couple die instantly in head-on crash, 1954/11/19: 1
    Alexander, A. C.
      executive secretary of Eason's Automobile School speaks at Grant School, 1960/11/04: 6
    Alexander, Mrs. A. C.
      San Antonio residents lose relatives in Waco twister disaster, 1953/05/15: 1
      teacher's home is burglarized, 1966/05/13: 1
    Alexander, Ada B.
      final rites held, 1965/02/19: 1
      notice of death, 1965/02/26: 8 (filmed in 03/05 issue)
    Alexander, Andrew
      shot critically by common law wife, Juanita Daniels, after argument of several days' duration, 1953/06/05: 1
    Alexander, Archie A.
      former governor of Virgin Islands and prominent construction engineer and builder succumbs at 69 in Des Moines, Iowa (photo), 1958/01/10: 1
      resigns as Virgin Islands governor (photo), 1955/08/26: 1
    Alexander, Rev. B. Tyree (Greater Corinth Baptist Church)
      15th anniversary observed, with Rev. D. H. Hall delivering the sermon (photo), 1965/11/26: 4
      Bishop College move to Dallas, with Rev. W. Lee LaBeaux, spearheads fund raising effort to assist Bishop College in move (photo), 1960/02/26: 3
      dispute with Greater Corinth Baptist Church
        "called for 99 years," paid letter of support for Rev. Alexander (photo), 1955/08/19: 8
        last chapter not written in Corinth wrangle, 1960/02/19: 1
        Miss Hicks repudiates paid article on minister's 99-year call, pension, 1955/08/26: 4
        new charges hurled; Miss Hicks 'refuses' to be turned out of Corinth without hearing, 1955/09/23: 1
        ouster of Rev. Alexander dismissed by court, 1955/08/12: 1
        witnesses ready to refute church case testimony, 1960/03/04: 1
      Estell, Dr. E. C., speaks for sixth anniversary of pastor, Nov. 18, 1956/11/16: 4
      installed as new pastor (photo), 1951/02/02: 8 (filmed in 02/09 issue)
      pastor, choir, and ushers, worship with Grant Memorial AME Church (photo), 1954/10/08: 8 (filmed in 10/15 issue)
      pastor and wife feted by members in Valentine's eve dinner party, 1954/02/19: 8 (filmed in 02/26 issue)
      preaching/speaking engagements
        AME presiding elder of Dallas, speaks Sunday at Corinth Baptist, 1950/10/20: 8 (filmed in 10/27 issue)
        Bethany Baptist Church, dedication service closing sermon, 1957/06/14: 6
        Easter services (photo), 1954/04/16: 8 (filmed in 04/23 issue)
        Friendship Baptist Church, Choir Day, 1964/07/24: 8 (filmed in 07/31 issue)
        Grant Memorial AME (photo), 1954/04/09: 8 (filmed in 04/16 issue)
        Hicks Beauty School baccalaureate service (photo), 1955/08/12: 6
        Metropolitan Independent Methodist Episcopal Church, installation sermon for Rev. R. E. Elmore (photo), 1958/01/24: 8 (filmed in 01/31 issue)
        Mt. Calvary Baptist Church
          2nd anniversary sermon for Rev. E. E. Gibbs (photo), 1966/06/10: 8 (filmed in 06/17 issue)
          Women's Day, 1968/03/29: 10 (filmed in 04/05 issue)
        Mt. Olive Baptist Church Sunday, 1951/06/01: 8 (filmed in 06/08 issue)
        New Hope Baptist Church, 9th anniversary sermon for Rev. Houston Duncan (photo), 1966/08/19: 4
        New Light Baptist Church, 21st anniversary sermon for Rev. P. S. Wilkinson, 1954/04/02: 8 (filmed in 04/09 issue)
        New Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church
          guest speaker at service in honor of Rev. and Mrs. J. Carlton Allen (photo), 1969/03/21: 9
          homecoming (photo), 1962/11/23: 4
        Palestine Baptist Church
          11th anniversary of Rev. L. A. Crenshaw (photo), 1964/11/20: 8 (filmed in 11/27 issue)
          33rd anniversary sermon for senior choir (photo), 1955/04/29: 4
        Progressive Guadalupe Association, moderator for district meeting (photo), 1958/07/25: 4
        Second Baptist Church, 14th anniversary of Rev. S. H. James, 1958/02/21: 8 (filmed in 02/28 issue)
        Shiloh Baptist Church
          27th anniversary of Rev. S. E. Steward (photo), 1961/04/14: 8
          31st anniversary of the church (photo), 1964/01/24: 8 (filmed in 01/31 issue)
          Youth Day, 5th annual observance (photo), 1962/06/01: 4
        St. James AME Church, Men's Day, 1965/02/19: 7
        St. John Independent Allen Methodist Church, consecration services of Amigos Club (photo), 1955/05/20: 8
        Strangers Temple Baptist Church
          installation sermon for Rev. W. E. Smith (photo), 1958/11/28: 8 (filmed in 12/05 issue)
          sermon for dedicatory services, 1960/07/15: 8
        Union Baptist Church
          1st anniversary sermon for Rev. E. J. Johnson (photo), 1966/04/29: 6
          4th anniversary of Rev. E. J. Johnson, Sr., 1969/04/11: 10 (filmed in 04/18 issue), 1969/04/18: 10 (filmed in 04/25 issue)
          47th anniversary and homecoming (photo), 1963/11/22: 8 (filmed in 11/29 issue)
          entering service for new building (photo), 1959/01/16: 8 (filmed in 01/23 issue)
          homecoming sermon (photo), 1959/12/18: 8 (filmed in 12/25 issue)
          third mortgage burning and dedication service, December 15 (photo), 1957/12/13: 8 (filmed in 12/20 issue)
          Usher Board anniversary (photo), 1954/08/20: 6
        West End Baptist Church, 46th anniversary, 1951/03/09: 8 (filmed in 03/16 issue)
      returns to pulpit from short vacation (photo), 1956/05/11: 8 (filmed in 05/18 issue)
      succeeds late Rev. Dr. J. Henry Hardeman as pastor (photo), 1950/12/01: 8 (filmed in 12/08 issue)
    Alexander, Bonnie B.
      notice of death, 1969/10/17: 10 (filmed in 10/24 issue)
    Alexander, Booker T.
    Alexander, Charles D.
      notice of death, 1959/05/22: 8 (filmed in 05/29 issue)
    Alexander, Clarence
      studying at Prairie View (photo), 1945/09/21: 6
    Alexander, E. D.
      "adopted" orphan boy for Christmas day, 1941/01/10: 8 (filmed in 01/17 issue)
      Sunday heart attack fatal, 1941/10/24: 1
    Alexander, Mrs. E. D., Sr.
      dies suddenly in Omaha, Neb., 1958/06/06: 1
    Alexander, E. T.
      final rites held (photo), 1951/08/10: 8 (filmed in 08/17 issue)
    Alexander, Earl D.
      leaves for civil service job in nation's capital, 1941/07/11: 8 (filmed in 07/18 issue)
      Rev. Earl D. Alexander heads Sam Huston College Ministers' Club, 1946/10/18: 6
    Alexander, Earyen
      notice of death, 1969/09/19: 10 (filmed in 09/26 issue)
    Alexander, Elijah
      battle is on for estate; daughter, Minnie Leonard, wins first tilt as court admits will in her writing, 1940/02/09: 1
      estate goes to daughter, Minnie Alexander Butler Leonard, 1940/11/01: 1
      man's will cuts off girls; estate goes to Paul Montimore (photo), 1939/11/10: 1
      Montimore gets share of estate (photo), 1941/03/21: 1
    Alexander, Florene
      notice of death, 1963/03/15: 4
    Alexander, Forest
      Corpus Christi officer's leg cut in freak mishap, 1944/12/22: 1
      one of SA's two Negro police officers, 1942/05/08: 7
      resigns from Corpus Christi police department (photo), 1945/11/23: 5
    Alexander, George W.
      funeral held (photo), 1964/11/13: 1
      notice of death, 1964/11/20: 8 (filmed in 11/27 issue)
    Alexander, Mrs. Hallie
      cow lot murderer, Henry Jones, given 45 years, 1948/02/20: 1
      Jones, Henry, killing suspect refuses to talk, 1947/10/31: 1
      slain by former roomer with shotgun, 1947/10/24: 1
    Alexander, Jennie
      notice of death, 1962/09/28: 8
    Alexander, Jesse, III
      promoted to Airman First Class on Okinawa, 1967/06/09: 6
    Alexander, Jo Ann
      four junior high students awarded for improvement in summer reading program (photo), 1966/08/05: 1
    Alexander, Rev. John Luther, Jr.
      Fort Worth minister dies in San Antonio after long ill health, 1970/03/13: 1
      notice of death, 1970/03/20: 10
    Alexander, Lawrence
      high school student in SALT production of "The Music Man" (photo), 1965/10/29: 6
    Alexander, Pvt. Lee Roy
      SA Marine graduates from recruit training, 1968/06/14: 6
    Alexander, Nora A.
      notice of death, 1959/04/03: 8 (filmed in 04/10 issue)
    Alexander, Pansy
      killed; driver and second passenger barely escape death, 1931/12/18: 1
      notice of death, 1931/12/18: 8 (filmed in 12/15 issue)
    Alexander, Mrs. Paul H. (Beatrice)
      conducts Denver Heights Little Welfare Mission, 1969/06/06: 10 (filmed in 06/13 issue)
    Alexander, Rev. Paul H.
      Denver Heights Baptist Church
        calls for donations for welfare center (photo), 1964/10/09: 8 (filmed in 10/16 issue), 1965/07/16: 4, 1965/11/05: 8
        installation services, with Rev. E. Carpenter, guest speaker, 1964/10/30: 8 (filmed in 11/06 issue)
        organizes mission clinic for those interested in missionary work (photo), 1964/06/05: 8 (filmed in 06/12 issue)
        revival planned with pastor as revivalist (photo), 1965/08/06: 8 (filmed in 08/13 issue)
        sets up mission station for less fortunate (photo), 1964/09/25: 4
        Thanksgiving dinner served to needy, 1964/11/13: 8 (filmed in 11/20 issue)
      holds evangelistic services each Sunday at Cameo Theater (photo), 1954/05/07: 8 (filmed on 05/14 issue)
      Macedonia Baptist Church, Journdanton
        2nd anniversary observed, with Rev. Fred D. Smith delivering the sermon (photo), 1963/07/12: 4
        accepts call, 1961/07/07: 8
      New Salem Baptist Church, new pastor of (photo), 1958/08/08: 8 (filmed in 08/15 issue)
      receives license for operation of a home for the aged (photo), 1958/12/12: 4
    Alexander, Ralph
      notice of death, 1968/08/23: 10 (filmed in 08/30 issue)
    Alexander, Reginald
      alleged prowler, shot to death by Alfonso Guerrero, 1940/09/13: 1
    Alexander, Rosinda
      Lillian Bellinger Stilwell Company adds two new real estate salesmen, Rosinda Alexander and Gloria Shepard, 1958/10/03: 6
    Alexander, Sadie T. Messell
      Kentucky hotel renigs, so famed Portia won't attend meet, 1946/04/12: 5
      Truman Committee demands race equality (photo), 1946/11/29: 2
      woman lawyer is secretary of National Bar Association, 1944/11/17: 5
    Alexander, Thomas W.
      on duty at Clark AFB, Philippines, 1970/03/27: 6
    Alexander, Warren D.
      awarded stock in Wolff and Marx Dept. stores as Atkinson Investment firm opens, 1956/12/07: 6
      former San Antonio Register carrier named fighter wing adjutant (photo), 1949/04/01: 4
      from military to pulpit; path chosen since his retirement (photo), 1964/11/27: 1
      promoted to rank of captain (photo), 1951/02/09: 1
      San Antonian promoted to first lieutenant (photo), 1944/10/13: 1
      widely known San Antonian appointed director of Colorado Civil Rights Commission (photo), 1966/11/04: 1
    Alexander, Will W.
      spokesman says Southern Methodists and Baptists ignores race problem, 1934/07/13: 1
    Alexander, William
      notice of death, 1961/07/07: 8
      retired after 51 years with Southern Pacific Railroad Company (photo), 1937/09/17: 1
      SA resident for half century, taken by death, 1951/06/01: 1
    Alexandria, Teresa Simone
      notice of death, 1961/03/10: 8
    Alford, [baby girl]
      notice of death, 1964/11/13: 8 (filmed in 11/20 issue)
    Alford, Walter D., Jr.
      finds rare Peter Ykens painting, one of only 11 known, on a trash heap in WWII Germany, 1967/06/09: 1
    Alice Porter Neighborhood Club
      former Loyal Neighborhood club renamed, 1948/04/16 Supp: 3
      meetings in 1948, 1948/05/14: 2
    Alkoran Shrine Temple No. 99
      barbecue picnic set for May 30, 1961/05/12: 6
      fourth annual dance held at Municipal Auditorium, 1950/01/13: 6
    All People's First Spiritualist Church
      Easter activities, 1950/04/07: 2
      news in 1950, 1950/03/10: 8 (filmed in 03/17 issue), 1950/03/24: 4, 1950/04/14: 8 (filmed in 04/21 issue)
    Allen, Albert
      notice of death, 1964/01/10: 8 (filmed in 01/17 issue)
    Allen, Alma
      notice of death, 1968/05/24: 10 (filmed in 05/31 issue)
    Allen, Alonzo
      death sentence is again given to Rufus Gill, Corpus slayer of Alonzo Allen, 1944/12/08: 1
      Rufus Gill, doomed killer of Alonzo Allen, gets new trial, 1944/06/23: 1
    Allen, Anita
      Saturday morning public library story teller, 1964/12/04: 6
    Allen, Annie
      80, succumbs to long illness, 1959/10/09: 1
      notice of death, 1959/10/16: 8 (filmed in 10/23 issue)
    Allen, [baby boy] (son of Katherine Allen)
      boy, born after mother's death, dies next day, 1958/11/14: 1
      final rites held for newborn boy, 1958/11/21: 8 (filmed in 11/28 issue)
    Allen, [baby girl]
      notice of death, 1967/04/28: 9
    Allen, Carrie Justice
      notice of death, 1958/11/14: 8 (filmed in 11/21 issue)
    Allen, Charles D.
      and James Levy, Sr., fishermen drown as boat capsizes in Lake Braunig (photo), 1967/05/26: 1
      notice of death, 1967/06/09: 10
    Allen, Charles Wesley
      notice of death, 1960/02/05: 5
    Allen, Christine
      notice of death, 1932/10/21: 8 (filmed in 10/28 issue)
    Allen, Clarence
      notice of death, 1963/11/22: 8 (filmed in 11/29 issue)
    Allen, Clarence O.
      honorably discharged from Army service (photo), 1970/06/12: 7
      Viet Nam serviceman flown to SA to attend funeral services (photo), 1968/11/22: 6
    Allen, DeWitt
      notice of death, 1961/06/30: 8
    Allen, Dolly
      notice of death, 1933/03/03: 7
    Allen, E. Celeste
      Alsbury, Bill and Celeste Allen indicted by grand jury for operating policy game, 1947/10/03: 1
      booked for negligent collision and other violations, 1946/05/17: 5
      circulation manager and columnist for Register (photo), 1941/05/04 Supp: 4 (Note: May 4 printed in error instead of May 2)
      to do Seguin Register features, 1950/09/22: 6
      four men fined total of $2504.80 in lottery case, 1947/11/28: 1
      male lead in "The Bat" (photo), 1949/10/21: 7
      performs in "The Eternal Magdalene" (photo), 1949/04/29: 6
      performs in "Pick-up Girl" (photo), 1949/03/18: 4
      policy indictment is dismissed on motion by district attorney, 1947/11/21: 1
      rejoins Register staff (photo), 1942/07/31: 7
      Ritz Theatre reopens July 9 under management of Celeste Allen, 1938/07/08: 7
      role in "Little Foxes" (photo), 1946/10/18: 7
      takes over Seguin news gathering for Register, 1951/01/12: 3
      and wife, Mabel Allen, take over Register agency in Seguin, 1956/01/27: 3
    Allen, Edgar
      Fort Sam employee receives cash award for performance, 1958/08/01: 6
    Allen, Eliza
      run down, killed by auto, 1956/02/03: 1
    Allen, Elizabeth
      notice of death, 1968/01/12: 6
    Allen, Emma
      victim of heart disease (photo), 1944/05/05: 1
    Allen, Floyd
      San Antonio Register announces new circulation plan (photo), 1935/07/12: 5
    Allen, Frank Rodgers
      notice of death, 1965/05/21: 8 (filmed in 05/28 issue)
    Allen, Frankie L.
      notice of death, 1968/07/26: 10 (filmed in 08/02 issue)
    Allen, Sgt. Freddy C.
      home again after three years of active duty in National Guard, 1968/05/24: 8
    Allen, George
      dropped from University of Texas after enrollment accepted, 1938/10/28: 1
      funeral services held, 1957/05/24: 8 (filmed in 05/31 issue)
    Allen, A1C Gerald R.
      Corpus Christi airman on duty in Viet Nam, 1968/06/07: 7
    Allen, Gladys
      notice of death, 1967/02/24: 10 (filmed in 03/03 issue)
    Allen, MSgt. Henry J.
      graduates from Air Force dental laboratory course, 1964/06/19: 7
    Allen, Ida B.
      sisters-in-law succumb within 36-hour period, 1956/03/02: 1
    Allen, Irvin
      ex-soldier dies after long illness, 1933/11/10: 8 (filmed in 11/17 issue)
    Allen, Rev. J. Carlton (New Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church)
      and Mrs. Allen, leaders honored by church (photo), 1969/03/21: 9
      preaching/speaking engagements
        Coliseum Park Baptist Church, 1st anniversary of Rev. W. J. Gaskin (photo), 1967/04/21: 10
        Coliseum Park Baptist Church, anniversary of Rev. W. James Gaskin, 1967/04/21: 10
        Mt. Calvary Baptist Church
          1st anniversary of Rev. C. M. Graham (photo), 1968/11/22: 4
          dedication services for remodeled church (photo), 1969/05/16: 7
        New Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Men's Day guest speaker (photo), 1968/09/20: 10 (filmed in 09/27 issue)
        St. John Baptist Church, 12th anniversary sermon for Rev. J. C. Bailey, 1968/05/03: 10 (filmed in 05/10 issue)
    Allen, Jesse
      sudden heart attack claims San Antonio man, 1952/03/07: 7
    Allen, Jewel Mae
      leaves for Tillotson College (photo), 1949/09/16 Supp: 2
    Allen, John, Jr.
      notice of death, 1966/05/06: 8
    Allen, Josie Mae
      notice of death, 1965/11/19: 8
    Allen, Juanita
      Women's Day guest speaker, Sherman Chapel AME Church, 1969/05/02: 10 (filmed in 05/09 issue)
    Allen, Katherine
      dies of heart attack, son born after her death, dies next day, 1958/11/14: 1
      notice of death, 1958/11/21: 8 (filmed in 11/28 issue)
    Allen, Sgt. Lawrence E.
      San Antonio Air Force sarge to get SA duty tour, 1969/11/07: 7
    Allen, Leverta J.
      notice of death, 1970/06/05: 10
    Allen, Lillian
      taken by death due to heart disease, 1952/05/09: 3
    Allen, Lillie
      sisters-in-law succumb within 36-hour period, 1956/03/02: 1
    Allen, Lillie C.
      notice of death, 1969/06/27: 10 (filmed in 07/04 issue)
    Allen, Lottie
      notice of death, 1963/05/31: 8
    Allen, Mary
      notice of death, 1967/03/24: 10 (filmed in 03/31 issue)
    Allen, Melissa Kay
      notice of death, 1969/12/05: 10
    Allen, SSgt. Morris T.
      assigned to Hopedale Air Station, Labrador for air defense command unit duty, 1962/10/19: 7
      selected "outstanding non-commissioned officer" of the month at Hopedale Air Stations, Labrador, 1963/04/19: 7
    Allen, O. W.
      Victoria high school teacher taken by death, 1954/10/22: 1
    Allen, Oliver J. ("Woody"), Jr.
      lounge owner freed in killing of Auvoray Campbell, 1958/12/12: 1
      proprietor of Senate Lounge and son, Oliver J. Allen, III, booked for murder of of Auvoray Campbell, 1958/04/04: 1
    Allen, Oscar
      notice of death, 1968/12/13: 10 (filmed in 12/20 issue)
    Allen, Pauline
      notice of death, 1960/02/05: 5
    Allen, Peter M.
      notice of death, 1969/09/12: 10 (filmed in 09/19 issue)
    Allen, Rev. R. W.
      memorial services to be held one year after death, 1949/04/01: 8
      pastor of Sanford Chapel fatally stricken as he kneels to give communion (photo), 1948/04/02:1948/04/02: 1
    Allen, Rebecca Davis
      notice of death, 1964/11/27: 8 (filmed in 12/04 issue)
    Allen, Richard
      notice of death, 1967/03/03: 10 (filmed in 03/10 issue)
    Allen, Rome
      San Antonian on holiday in Corpus Christi, falls from boat and drowns, 1968/09/06: 1
    Allen, Mrs. Ruth Price
      five of eight SA women arrested in Brooks Field bus altercation are fined, 1944/06/09: 1
    Allen, Ruthie Jane
      notice of death, 1961/02/03: 8
    Allen, T. H.
      funeral services conducted for pioneer Kerrville resident (photo), 1948/11/05: 1
    Allen, Thessolonda
      notice of death, 1965/12/24: 8
    Allen, Vanness Louis
      World War I vet succumbs to short illness, 1951/06/01: 1
    Allen, William
      dies of heart attack, 1934/04/13: 8 (filmed in 04/20 issue)
    Allen, Sgt. William
      Army special order clerk sends himself far, far away to Far East (photo), 1952/12/26: 1
    Allen, William, Jr.
      remains at Lackland AFB for training as an administrative assistant after basic training (photo), 1963/04/19: 7
    Allen, William, Sr.
      San Antonio Army man, in Atomic Support Agency, promoted to sergeant 1st class, 1966/04/15: 1
    Allen, Willie
      ex-San Antonian accidentally killed in Alaska mishap, 1959/10/16: 1
      notice of death, 1937/07/02: 8 (filmed in 07/09 issue)
    Allen, Mr. Willie
      dies, 1934/01/19: 8 (filmed in 01/26 issue)
    Allen, Willie Oren
      graduates from Cuney Elementary School (photo), 1956/06/08: 6
    Allen University (Columbia, SC)
      Allen U. students to sue to enter U. of South Carolina, 1958/01/24: 1
      AME Brotherhood endorses stand of Allen prexy, 1958/02/07: 1
      AME leaders score governor's action at Allen University, 1958/01/17: 3
      disapproving Allen U. is So. Carolina's affair, says Gov. Timmerman to AAUP, 1958/01/10: 1
      gets grant from United States Steel Foundation to purchase books for library, 1958/02/14: 3
      Higgins, Samuel H., elected president, 1939/07/14: 2
      merger with Kittrell College
        AME Church turns down school merger, 1932/12/23: 1
        A Fine Thing Turned Down (editorial), 1932/12/23: 4
      students list requirements for new prexy, 1939/05/19: 2
      Teth, Andre
        Hungarian student refuses to leave Negro college, although advised it would be wise for him to leave, 1957/10/04: 1
        A Hungarian Wants to Go to College (editorial), 1957/10/11: 4
        white student ires South Carolina officials; governor strips school of rating at secret session, 1957/09/27: 1
      Timmerman, Gov. George Bell, Jr., cracks down on Allen, demands dismissal of three professors, 1958/01/03: 1
      Veal, Dr. Frank R.
        ex-Paul Quinn head quits as Allen U. prexy, 1961/06/16: 1
        installed as 15th president of the University (photo), 1957/06/07: 4
        NAACP branch not banned at Allen University, says president, 1957/09/06: 1
        prexy rapped for banning NAACP campus unit, 1957/08/02: 1
    Alley, A1C Dwain Thomas
      Dears, George Earl, wanted for September murder, nabbed in Amarillo, 1959/05/22: 1
      evidence destroyed when property room cleaned; charge dismissed, suspect released, 1960/05/13: 1
      finals rites held, 1958/09/12: 1
      murderer of AF policeman, George Earl Dears, still at large with nation-wide hunt under way (photo), 1958/09/12: 1
    Allison, Andrew J.
      effective work done by Allison (photo), 1931/12/04: 1, 3
      Fisk alumnus visits in city, 1931/11/20: 1, 1931/12/04: 1, 3
      Fisk U. Alumni Secretary and Director of Public Relations, accepts post as Superintendent of Provident Hospital (photo), 1943/06/18: 8 (filmed in 06/25 issue)
    Allred, James Burr V (Texas Governor, 1935-1939)
      Calls Special Session of Legislature to Raise Moneys for Pensions and Retirements and Aids to the Blind (Tid Bits From the Week's News), 1937/07/16: 4
      educational bill not to be considered at Special Session; Governor Allred reiterates interest in bill, but declares state economy most urgent matter, 1937/09/17: 1
        nine state heads fail to answer lynching query; Allred mum; two out of office, another dead; five answer, 1936/02/21: 1
        Senator van Nuys seeks to have US investigate lynch outrages; Texas Governor Allred has no objections, 1936/01/10: 8 (filmed in 01/17 issue)
        Virginia governor's reply to lynch query; Allred one of thirteen state executives to be heard from, 1936/01/24: 1
      record of US Judge nominee relating to Negro, reviewed as time nears for action on appointment, 1939/01/13: 1
      representatives to Expo named by state executives; six state governors respond to Allred's request, 1936/08/14: 8 (filmed in 08/28 issue)
      Vetoes Bill to Turn San Antonio River into Shipping Canal from Gulf (Tid Bits From the Week's News), 1937/07/09: 4
    Allston, Helen
      notice of death, 1931/11/20: 8 (filmed in 11/27 issue)
    Alpha and Omega Co-ed Club
    Alpha Chi Pi Omega Sorority and Fraternity, Gamma Mu Chapter
      See also Alpha Phi Omega Sorority, Gamma Mu Chapter (San Antonio, TX)
      10th annual convention with United Beauty School Owners and Teachers Association
        10th national convention to be held in San Antonio (Jo's Jottings), 1955/04/08 Supp: 1
        convention in San Antonio adjourns (photo), 1955/04/22: 1
        members return from post-convention activities in Mexico City (Jo's Jottings), 1955/05/06 Supp: 4
        thank friends for making convention a success, 1955/05/06: 6
      annual candlelight breakfast hosted (photo), 1960/07/08 Supp: 2
      annual hair fashion extravaganza, dance, set for Oct. 25, 1968/10/18: 6
      beauticians' chapter presents style show at Birdland, 1956/03/09: 2
      Blue and White Tea set, 1959/10/23: 6
      chapter members attend Southwestern Regional meeting in Houston (Jo's Jottings), 1970/04/17: 8
      and City-Wide Beauticians Club hold joint meeting, 1963/05/31 Supp: 2
      dinner sale to be held, 1962/03/09: 6
      Founders Day
        annual tea held
          Jo's Jottings, 1962/10/26 Supp: 4
          photo, 1965/11/12 Supp: 2
        observance, 10 members travel to Austin to attend (Jo's Jottings), 1960/11/04 Supp: 1
      Grice, Maggie, basileus, asks beauticians who wish to attend state conclave in Galveston to contact her, 1960/11/04: 6
      installation of officers held, 1955/06/17 Supp: 3, 1965/07/16: 4
        photo, 1961/08/25 Supp: 3
      meetings in 1955, 1955/05/20 Supp: 3, 1955/07/22 Supp: 2, 1955/07/22 Supp: 3, 1955/09/23: 4, 1955/09/23 Supp: 4, 1955/10/21: 8 (filmed in 10/28 issue)
      meetings in 1956, 1956/10/12: 6
      meetings in 1961, 1961/06/23: 6
      meetings in 1967, 1967/09/29: 7
      meetings in 1970, 1970/06/19: 6
      musical, fashions, and hair style review to be presented, 1954/09/24: 6
      new members pinned (photo), 1961/08/25 Supp: 3
      regional conferences, members return from regional conference in Oklahoma City (Jo's Jottings), 1965/12/03 Supp: 4
      spring musical tea set for March 20, 1955/03/18: 6
    Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
      See also Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Alpha Tau Omega Chapter (San Antonio, TX)
      AKA award winners announced, 1936/06/05: 6
      AKA regional meet adopts investment plan, 1958/04/11: 1
      AKAs may be asked to volunteer for Mississippi school, 1934/01/19: 1
      annual boule
        See also Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, meetings
        AKA has record attendance at 20th annual boule, 1934/07/27: 1
        AKAs to hold nine-day boule in nation's capitol, 1958/05/30: 3
        Alphas invade Hawaiian Islands following summer boule, 1955/08/19: 6
        boule committee prepares for 1940 Kansas City boule (photo), 1940/12/20: 7
        Bryant, June, to represent Fisk at the AKA boule in St. Louis (photo), 1953/12/25 Supp: 4
        largest boule held in Kansas City, 1941/01/10: 1
        Long, Mrs. Eugene B., Tyler, elected national treasurer (Jo's Jottings), 1963/02/22 Supp: 1
        Louisville selected for 1936 Boule, 1936/01/10: 5
        post-boule activities
          HemisFair has Alpha Kappa Alpha Day after annual boule, 1968/08/02: 8, 1968/08/16: 8
          reception, luncheon highlight post-boule activities, 1968/08/23: 9
        SA Alphas send delegation to annual boule (photo), 1940/12/20: 6
        three hundred at AKA annual boule, 1936/01/03: 2
      Austin Chapters
        Austin AKA holds Cotton Ball, 1934/05/18: 7
        Beverly, Kittie, guest speaker for Founder's Day at Samuel Huston College (Jo's Jottings), 1948/02/27 Supp: 4
        graduate chapter of AKA is set up in Austin, 1938/05/13: 4
        Samuel Huston College Ivy Leaf Club of Alpha Mu chapter of AKA gives Christmas program, 1935/12/27: 2
        Tillotson chapter established, 1939/01/20: 2
      Bonnett, Lucille
        ex-San Antonian is national officer of AKA at annual advisory committee meeting (photo), 1954/08/06: 2
        former San Antonian heads Los Angeles AKAs (photo), 1948/01/23 Supp: 1
      Brown, Bettye S., attends Alpha Kappa Regional Congress (photo), 1934/04/06: 1
      Brown, Mrs. Olive Durden, regional director presides at AKA conference (photo), 1948/04/23: 1
      Chisholm, Flora B.
      Columbia Pictures cited by women's group for developing Negro talent, 1966/07/15: 6
      Cullum, Lola Ann, Houston, central regional chairman, holds counsel with local chapter (photo), 1940/04/05: 6
      Delta Rho Chapter
      denounces Kansas City bias during Tri-Convention there, 1951/01/19: 6
      "Education for Citizenship" campaign, 1938/04/22: 2
      Ferebee, Dr. Dorothy Boulding
      Howard University bans Alpha Chapter until 1966 on charges that 10 pledges had been physically abused, 1962/05/25: 1
      Jackson, Ida L.
      Lawson, Belford V., heads alphas (photo), 1946/01/18: 5
      Liberian Chapter
        chapter set up in Liberia, 1958/07/25: 1
        Wallace, Arnetta G., establishes first foreign chapter in Liberia (photo), 1958/08/08: 6
      Lovelace, Laura
        Ohio woman elected new president, 1950/01/06: 1
        one of 3 presiding officers at Kansas City Tri-Convention of Greeks (photo), 1950/12/29: 3
      Lyle, Ethel H., a founder of AKA, passes in Philadelphia, 1950/12/08: 1
        See also Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, annual boule
        AKAs meet in Baltimore, 1934/05/25: 3
        Berry, Edwin C., Chicago Urban League, discusses new directions for college undergraduates (photo), 1960/01/01: 3
        Boyd, Norma E., to speak at public program, 1948/04/16 Supp: 1
        the Greeks hold first post-war conventions, 1946/01/04: 1
        Jim Crow in national defense subject of meeting, 1941/04/04: 7
        mid-west regional meet at Denver, 1936/07/17: 8 (filmed in 07/24 issue)
        Plaut, Richard L., president of National Scholarship Service, speaks at convention (photo), 1960/01/01: 3
        San Antonio
          Alpha Kappa Alphas and Kappas coming to SA for annual confabs, 1948/04/09: 1
          delegates to meeting (photo), 1948/04/30: 1, 1948/04/30 Supp: 3
          fairyland is theme of AKA-Kappa Alpha Psi dance, climaxing convention festivities, 1948/04/30 Supp: 2
          joint program between AKA sorority and Kappa Alpha Psi (photo), 1948/04/30 Supp: 3
          Kappa, AKA confabs open today in SA, 1948/04/23: 1
          sorority, fraternity meets to attract 300 to San Antonio next weekend, 1948/04/16: 1
        University of California campus to be meeting place in August, 1932/06/24: 1
      meetings, South Central Regional Conference
        Alphas and Alpha Phi Alpha meet in joint regional session in Fort Worth (Jo's Jottings), 1963/04/19 Supp: 4
        Baton Rouge, LA, members who attended (Jo's Jottings), 1969/04/11: 8
        Corpus Christi
          AKA regional meet held in Corpus Christi, 1968/04/26: 8
            San Antonians in attendance (photo), 1968/04/26: 8
          Corpus AKAs plan for spring regional meeting, 1956/01/20: 2
        hostesses for South Central Regional Conference (photo), 1948/04/23 Supp: 3
          Houston chapter hostess to AKA regional meeting, 1936/04/10: 1
          Houston meeting closes successfully; Santone sends largest delegation, 1936/04/24: 1
        Little Rock, AR, San Antonio members attend (Jo's Jottings), 1967/03/31: 8
        Marshall AKAs initiate, prepare for regional meet, 1939/04/21: 6
        New Orleans regional meeting preparations, 1935/11/08: 2
        plans for regional meeting at Wiley near completion, 1939/04/21: 2
        regional conference closes, 1948/04/30: 1
        San Antonio
          AKAs close very successful regional meet, with Dr. Dorothy Ferebee, past national head, as principal speaker (photo), 1958/04/11: 1
          hostesses for South Central Regional Conference (photo), 1948/04/23 Supp: 3
          to open Friday afternoon at St. Philip's College, 1958/04/04: 1
          over 130 delegates attend meeting in San Antonio (photo), 1958/04/11: 3
          regional conference to be in SA, 1947/04/25: 2, 1948/04/09: 1
        Shreveport regional meeting represented by local chapter members (Jo's Jottings), 1955/04/15 Supp: 1
          San Antonio members return from 13th annual conference in Tyler (Jo's Jottings), 1962/04/27 Supp: 4
          Tyler to host AKA regional meeting, 1962/04/06: 6
      membership opened to all races and creeds, 1946/08/23: 1
      Mississippi Health Project
        AKA conducting 6th annual health project in Mississippi, 1940/08/02: 4
        AKA opens fifth annual Miss. health clinic, 1939/07/28: 2
        AKAs to conduct annual Miss. health project, 1938/07/29: 2
        concludes clinic in Mississippi; treats some 3,500 in war against small pox and diphtheria, 1936/09/18: 6
        conduct AKA health clinic in Mississippi (photo), 1936/10/02: 2
        Ferebee, Dr. Dorothy, to conduct free clinic for Negroes in Mississippi as activity of AKA (photo), 1936/08/07: 6
        gets report of unbelievable Mississippi sordidness; clinic head tells of ignorance, peonage, 1935/12/06: 1
        immunize scores of tots against diphtheria and smallpox; praised by plantation owners, 1935/07/26: 1
        Mrs. Roosevelt to hear AKA health committee, 1935/12/27: 5
        weird Mississippi superstitions are revealed by AKA, 1935/12/13: 6
      New York City AKA's give party for Etta Moten (photo), 1942/08/28: 7
      news, 1931/11/20: 7
      Nolan, Rosetta, elected midwestern regional director (photo), 1938/01/14: 5
      Parker, Dr. Marjorie H.
        delegates to White House Conference on Children and Youth feted (photo), 1960/04/22: 3
        elected national president at recent 50th anniversary boule (photo), 1958/09/05: 1
        invests in mutual funds to establish $50,000 endowment for sorority's four national projects (photo), 1959/03/27: 1
        supreme basileus (photo), 1961/07/07: 6
      Purnell, Julia B., Southern University faculty member, elected AKA prexy, 1963/01/04: 3
      Quander, Nellie M., death claims founder, first president of AKA, 1961/10/13: 1
      Roosevelt, Eleanor, and Madam Pandit accepted into AKA with honorary memberships, 1950/09/08: 4
        Alpha Tau Omega Chapter presents scholarships to local graduates (photo), 1949/09/09 Supp: 4
        Branch, Bettie Jo (photo), 1948/06/04 Supp: 3
        Daniel, Havel, scholarship sponsored by Alpha Kappas, 1933/10/27: 6
        Johnson, Margaret, receives scholarship; to study in California (photo), 1944/09/15 Supp: 2
        Kappas to award scholarships to high school grads, 1936/03/20: 7
        McCreary, Mary Louise, 1938/05/27: 1
        Smith, Lucinda B., enters St. Philip's College, 1955/09/16 Supp: 3
        St. Louis girl, Betty Lou Watson, wins two scholarships, 1949/07/08: 2
      Schuyler, Phillipa Duke
        capacity crowd expected to hear Philippa Schuyler, 1957/04/05: 6
        here as "child prodigy" 13 years ago, returns April 7, 1957/03/22: 6
      This Is No Time for Soror or Other Squabbles (editorial), 1933/09/08: 4
      Tyler, TX, Gamma Omicron Omega chapter sets up teen-age center (photo), 1953/08/07: 6
      US Christianity one of amazing paradoxes, 1945/11/02: 6
      Vocational Guidance Week
        AKA sets date for Vocational Guidance Week, 1941/04/25: 6
        AKA vocational guidance confab tonight at YWCA, 1938/05/06: 1
        AKAs hold annual vocational conference, 1941/12/05: 6, 1942/12/04: 4
        Appreciation of (editorial), 1933/04/28: 4
        Appreciation of (Tid Bits from the Week's News), 1933/04/28: 4
        Bowen, Marguerite, AKA speaker at Wiley tonight, 1936/04/24: 8 (filmed in 05/01 issue)
        conference will feature AKA's Guidance Week, 1938/04/29: 1
        Gates, Mrs. S. H., heard on radio, 1933/05/05: 1
        Guide Right Week closes Sunday, 1934/04/27: 1
        lectures heard by 860 youths during week, 160 at conference, 1938/05/13: 1
        May chosen for first week of program, 1938/04/22: 7
        observed by Alpha Kappas, 1932/04/22: 7, 1933/04/21: 1, 1934/04/20: 6
        plans underway, 1938/04/15: 6
        Santone AKAs conduct guidance project (photo), 1939/05/12: 6
        Vocational Guidance a Good Thing (editorial), 1934/04/13: 4
        vocational guidance program at St. Philip's Jr. College, 1933/04/28: 3
      Walker, Mary R., directs AKA finances (photo), 1955/03/18: 3
      Wallace, Arnetta G., establishes first foreign chapter in Liberia (photo), 1958/08/08: 6
      white candidates initiated for first time, 1949/12/09: 1
    Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Alpha Tau Omega Chapter (San Antonio, TX)
      See also Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
      3rd annual Charity Ball at Wiley College sponsored, 1936/02/21: 2
      Anderson, Marian, world famous soror honored (photo), 1939/03/31: 7
        10th anniversary celebrated with tea, 1940/11/29: 6
        28th anniversary celebrated (Jo's Jottings), 1936/01/31: 6
        anniversary tea hosted (Jo's Jottings), 1961/01/20 Supp: 4
      annual whist and bridge tourney
        awards 48 prizes at bridge-whist party, 1940/11/08: 6
        to hold annual whist and bridge tourney November 1 (Jo's Jottings), 1940/10/04: 6
      award ceremony sponsored for annual art festival for Girl Scouts of Coliseum Neighborhood, 1970/02/20: 8
      baby contest
        Adams, Janet Yvonne, takes fourth place (photo), 1948/03/26 Supp: 3
        baby show gets under way, 1948/02/13 Supp: 2
        baby show is Sunday at Library Aud., 1948/03/19 Supp: 4
        Brooks, Michael Wells, takes second place (photo), 1948/03/26 Supp: 1
        contest gets under way, 1948/02/20: 6
        contestants (photo), 1948/02/27 Supp: 2, 1948/03/12 Supp: 2, 1948/03/19 Supp: 1, 1948/03/19 Supp: 2
        future beau and belle in AKA baby contest (photo), 1948/03/05 Supp: 4
        Moreau, Flores Jean, is winner (photo), 1948/03/26 Supp: 1, 1948/03/26 Supp: 2
        sponsors have game party, 1948/03/19 Supp: 2
        Vaughn, Luther, takes third place (photo), 1948/03/26 Supp: 3
      back to school party
        "back to school" party held (Jo's Jottings), 1945/09/07 Supp: 1
        lends charm to Back-to-School dance (photo), 1945/09/07 Supp: 2
      Career Guidance Workshop
        set for January 25, 1969/01/17: 6
        successful workshop reported, 1969/01/31: 9
      chapter launches defense program, 1942/01/16: 1
      Cullum, Lola Ann, Houston, central regional chairman, holds counsel with local chapter (photo), 1940/04/05: 6
      delegation sent to annual boule (photo), 1940/12/20: 6
      Dutch treat luncheon, 1941/08/29: 6
      East Side Senior Community Center, efforts underway to establish, 1966/03/25: 1
      entertains, 1931/08/14: 6
      Fashionetta/Miss Fashionetta
        AKA's pleased as punch with affair (Jo's Jottings), 1949/12/16 Supp: 1
        "Baby of the Year" contest is part of AKA program, March 8, 1959/02/13: 6
        to be presented Dec. 8, 1949/11/18: 4
        Gamma Mu chapter representative, 1949/12/23 Supp: 3
        Hille, Bettie Jean, is first "Miss Fashionetta," 1949/12/16 Supp: 2
        interest grows in Fashionetta, 1954/10/08: 6
        "Miss Fashionetta" presented (photo), 1949/12/16 Supp: 3
        perfecting details for "Miss Fashionetta" April 3 presentation, 1959/03/13: 6
        Pitts, LaJo, crowned "Miss Fashionetta '59," 1959/04/10: 6
        Towles, Dorothea
          celebrated model, star of AKA Fashionetta, is Texas girl, 1954/10/15: 6
          Dorothea Towles to model $50,000 wardrobe, 1954/10/01: 6
      Ferebee, Dr. Dorothy Boulding, principal speaker at South Central regional conference of Alpha Kappa Alpha (photo), 1958/03/14: 1
      formal dance held during holidays (photo) (Jo's Jottings), 1946/01/04 Supp: 2û3
      Founders' Day
        59th anniversary celebrated
          AKA chapters in Founders' Day observance, 1967/03/03: 8
          Jo's Jottings, 1967/03/03: 8
          photo, 1967/03/03: 8
        Alpha Kappa Alpha and Delta Rho Chapters celebrate double observance of Negro History Week and Founders Day (Jo's Jottings) (photo), 1970/02/27: 8
        Founders' Day Program, 1933/01/27: 8 (filmed in 02/03 issue), 1948/02/13 Supp: 2
        Grays, Mattelia B., regional director of South Central Region, guest speaker (photo), 1966/01/14 Supp: 4
        members attend banquet (photo), 1955/02/11 Supp: 3
        observance of, 1934/01/26: 5, 1940/02/23: 6, 1950/02/24: 7, 1966/01/14 Supp: 2, 1969/02/07: 8, 1969/02/14: 8
          Jo's Jottings, 1961/01/27 Supp: 1, 1961/02/03 Supp: 1
          photo, 1954/02/19 Supp: 3, 1955/02/11 Supp: 2, 1961/02/10 Supp: 2, 1961/02/10 Supp: 3, 1962/01/19 Supp: 3, 1966/01/21 Supp: 3, 1968/02/23: 8
        Sutton, Percy, speaker, as AKA concludes Founders activities, 1969/02/21: 9
      honors graduates tonight with affair at YWCA, 1938/06/10: 6
      initiation ceremonies at Ella Austin Community Center followed by banquet (Jo's Jottings), 1969/12/19: 8
      "International Taste Treat and Fashion Show"
        400 attend AKA's gala show, 1969/11/07: 8
        interest continues to mount, 1969/10/24: 8
        set for November, 1969/10/17: 9
      Ivy Leaf Pledge Club
        pledge club has busy weekend, 1969/02/14: 8
        to present Fiesta Costume Dance, 1958/04/18: 6
      luncheon honors visiting sorors (photo), 1955/06/24 Supp: 3
      Luter, Grace, is delegate to South Central regional conference (photo), 1955/04/08 Supp: 3
      Mad Hatter's Ball
        bids available for the subscription ball, 1961/12/15: 6
        closes year's activities (Jo's Jottings), 1962/01/12 Supp: 1
        presents unique entertainment and prizes for the "maddest" hats, 1961/12/22: 6
        scheduled for Dec. 30 at Villita Assembly building (Jo's Jottings), 1961/12/08 Supp: 3
      Mardi Gras ball
        to be staged March 4, 1949/02/18: 6
        Mardi Gras reflections (Jo's Jottings), 1949/03/11 Supp: 1
        queen of AKA ball (photo), 1949/03/11 Supp: 3
      McDonald, Odilie, regional director for South Central area, to speak to San Antonio chapter (Jo's Jottings), 1957/03/15: 6
      Means, Mrs. Jimmy, presents talk on Ethiopia (photo), 1969/09/19: 9
        annual musicale set for Feb. 21, 1941/01/24: 6
        Beverly, Katharine, SA poet to be presented in recital (photo), 1946/02/08: 6, 1946/02/15 Supp: 4
        Downs, Marion, presented in recital at Library Auditorium Sunday, Nov. 2, 1952/10/31: 6
        interracial musicale
          AKA presents annual musicale to full house, 1941/02/28: 5
          AKA promises unique program for musicale, 1939/01/27: 6
          to be in five episodes, 1947/10/31: 6
          delights large audience, 1936/03/06: 7
          "International Revue" to carry audience to other lands, 1940/01/26: 6
          interracial musical treat to be given by the AKAs, 1936/02/14: 7
          large crowd witnesses AKA pot pourri, 1940/02/09: 6
          local chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha has rare treat for music lovers at Library Auditorium tonite, 1936/02/28: 6
          many races to participate in musicale, 1939/01/20: 6
          musical potpourri tonight promises to be best yet presented, 1947/11/14: 6
          musical to be presented Nov. 14, 1947/10/24: 6
          musicale tonight at Library Auditorium (Jo's Jottings), 1940/02/02: 6
          noted performers in AKA musical Nov. 14, 1947/11/07: 6
          Pan-American Revue is sixth annual interracial musical, 1941/02/14: 6
          presents interracial musical treat Friday, February 28 at Auditorium, 1936/02/21: 6
          presents musical pot pourri Friday, Feb. 2, 1940/01/12: 6
          rare treat for music lovers at Library Auditorium tonite, 1936/02/28: 6
          set for Feb. 17, 1939/01/13: 6
      Negro History Week
        Alpha Kappa Alpha and Delta Rho Chapters celebrate double observance of Negro History Week and Founders Day (Jo's Jottings) (photo), 1970/02/27: 8
        Greeks in Negro History Week observance (photo), 1969/02/21: 9
        Negro Heritage Committee, AKA, present Negro History program, 1968/02/16: 9
        proclamation designating Negro History Week signed by SA Mayor W. W. McAllister (photo), 1968/02/16: 9
        San Antonio chapters to hold week-long series of programs, 1968/02/09: 4
      new members
        initiation of new members
          combined with establishment of Delta Rho undergraduate chapter (photo), 1961/12/01 Supp: 2
          five initiated at Saturday rites (photo), 1965/12/24 Supp: 3
        Jo's Jottings, 1961/02/03 Supp: 4
        photo, 1948/04/16 Supp: 3
      officer installation held
        Jo's Jottings, 1963/12/13: 6, 1966/01/28 Supp: 1
        photo, 1968/01/19: 8
      Pan-American Review presented, 1941/01/31: 6
      political education program
        launched by AKA, NAACP branch, 1964/03/20: 1
        programs near conclusion, 1964/04/17: 1
        second program set for April 2, 1964/03/27: 1
      scholarships presented to local graduates (photo), 1949/09/09 Supp: 4
      Schuyler, Phillipa Duke
        piano concert here April 27; has played on four continents in past year, 1957/03/15: 6
        presented in piano recital April 7, 1957/03/08: 6
      South Central Regional Conference
        See Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, meetings
      sponsor student at St. Philip's Junior College, 1933/10/27: 6
      style revue to display all fashions, 1949/11/25: 6
      Talley Beatty and Dance Company performance previewed for staging in San Antonio (Jo's Jottings), 1962/03/09 Supp: 4
      Teen Age Canteen unique doll show sponsored, 1949/04/08 Supp: 2
      "This is Your Future" chatauqua presented (Jo's Jottings), 1961/05/12 Supp: 2
      Vocational Guidance Week
        annual chatauqua to be held with theme, "New Horizons for Youth" (Jo's Jottings), 1962/05/11 Supp: 4
        annual program held with theme, "New Horizons for Youth," 1962/05/18: 6
      voter registration, AKA assists League of Women Voters, 1968/02/09: 6, 1968/11/08: 8, 1969/01/24: 8
      Walker, Mrs. Wiley, volunteer on health committee, takes cerebral palsy victim to hospital for weekly treatment (photo), 1954/02/19: 3
      Western Ball held
        Jo's Jottings, 1961/01/06 Supp: 3
        members omitted from photo (Jo's Jottings), 1961/01/13 Supp: 4
        photo, 1961/01/06 Supp: 3
      Williams, Leona, guest of Delta Tau Chapter of University of Missouri, is member of the National Evaluation Committee (Jo's Jottings), 1969/03/07: 8
    Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Delta Rho Chapter (San Antonio, TX)
      See also Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
      "Bachelor of the Year"
        to be crowned at annual dance (Jo's Jottings), 1963/02/01 Supp: 1
        Kirven, Malcom, selected as "Bachelor of the Year" (photo), 1963/02/22 Supp: 3
      "Back to School" dance hosted by rushees, 1965/09/17: 6
      Battle of Flowers Parade
        AKA, St. Philip's College to have floats in Battle of Flowers Parade, 1963/04/26: 1
        first Negro organization invited to participate perfects plans for their Battle of Flowers Parade float (photo), 1963/04/26 Supp: 3
        float, "To a Wild Rose," wins first place in senior organization category (photo), 1963/05/03 Supp: 3
        wins first prize in "senior organization" category, 1963/05/03: 1
      "Fashionetta of Colors" fashion show features selection of Brenda Johnson as Miss Fashionetta (photo), 1967/05/12: 8
      first public health program held with Dr. Ruth Ann Bellinger, guest speaker (Jo's Jottings), 1962/04/20 Supp: 1
      Founders' Day
        59th anniversary celebrated
          AKA chapters in Founders' Day observance, 1967/03/03: 8
          Jo's Jottings, 1967/03/03: 8
          photo, 1967/03/03: 8
        Delta Rho and Alpha Tau Omega Chapters celebrate double observance of Negro History Week and Founders Day (Jo's Jottings) (photo), 1970/02/27: 8
        observance of, 1966/01/14 Supp: 2
          photo, 1962/01/19 Supp: 3, 1966/01/21 Supp: 3, 1968/02/23: 8
      gala rush party held (photo), 1970/02/13: 9
        initiation ceremony held for 7 new chapter probates (Jo's Jottings), 1970/01/09: 9
        initiation of pledges held, 1969/03/14: 8
      Ivy Leaf Pledge Club sets date for Mother-Daughter tea (Jo's Jottings), 1969/11/21: 8
      Negro History Week
        Delta Rho and Alpha Tau Omega Chapters celebrate double observance of Negro History Week and Founders Day (Jo's Jottings) (photo), 1970/02/27: 8
        San Antonio chapters to hold week-long series of programs, 1968/02/09: 4
      pledge ceremony
        held for new prospective members (Jo's Jottings), 1970/04/24: 8
        undergraduate women pledge as members of new chapter (Jo's Jottings), 1962/04/06 Supp: 4
      undergraduate chapter established in San Antonio
        Jo's Jottings, 1961/12/01 Supp: 3
        photo, 1961/12/01 Supp: 1
    Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society
      first national scholarship won by SA girl, Jessica Henderson, 1964/10/02: 1
      Nabrit, Dr. Samuel, addresses 20th annual meeting at Tennessee A&I (photo), 1958/03/14: 3
      Walker, Albertine, of San Antonio, will serve as hostess during meeting to be held at Tuskegee Institute (photo), 1940/11/29: 6
    Alpha Omega Pi Sorority
      interracial sorority observes fifth anniversary, 1953/02/27: 3
    Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity
      See also Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Delta Rho Lambda Chapter (San Antonio, TX)
      Alpha Gardens Apartments, first residential redevelopment project, completed in St. Louis (photo), 1969/06/20: 1
      Andrews, U. J., Register editor, named to frat's national relations group, 1954/02/05: 1
      Armstead, Briton, Jr., initiated (photo), 1948/05/07: 6
        Anderson, Marian
          and Harold Ickes receive Alpha Phi Alpha Awards (photo), 1946/05/31 Supp: 4
          receives Medal of Honor from Alpha Phi Alpha, 1959/01/16: 6
        Berry, Theodore M., director of Office of Economic Opportunity, receives "Award of Honor," 1969/08/15: 6
        Cole, Dr. T. Winston, Peace Corps associate director, receives Alpha Award of Merit (photo), 1963/11/29: 2
        Eleanor Roosevelt, Thurgood Marshall honored with Medallion Award, 1948/05/14: 1
        establishes $25,000 scholarship at Cornell University, 1956/08/24: 3
        fellowship award winners announced, 1935/09/13: 2
        five high school honor graduates awarded scholarships (photo), 1962/08/24: 2
        four fellowships awarded for graduate studies, including Lemon Columbus McMillian, PV, to work toward a Ph.D. (photo), 1953/10/23: 2
        to give $4,050 in educational awards, 1953/03/13: 2
        gives $1,125 for student aid; Leo McGee, Wiley College, recipient of $25.00, 1937/12/24: 7
        Jones, Dr. Clifton R., announces scholarships available for selected high school, college, and post-graduate students (photo), 1962/05/04: 6
        scholarship award winners announced (photo), 1961/09/22: 7
        scholarships awarded to post-graduate/professional students and colleges students (photo), 1962/12/07: 2
        Tubman, V. S., Liberian president, presented with Alpha Award of Honor by Judge Myles A. Paige (photo), 1960/03/25: 3
      California plans many activities for Alpha Week, 1936/08/07: 2
      citation awarded to Coca Cola Co. in recognition of their work to support educational programs (photo), 1969/11/14: 7
      civil rights
        Alphas march in Boston to hear fiery anti-segregation message (photo), 1963/10/11: 2
        Alphas receive additional funds for Alabama Bus Boycott, 1956/05/25: 1
        Delta Rho Lambda chapter, San Antonio, gives $100 to Montogomery, AL bus non-riders, 1956/04/13: 1
        FBI answers Alphas' request for Mississippi civil rights probe, 1956/02/24: 1
        gives $2,500 to NAACP in fight for first-class citizenship, 1956/03/23: 1
        historic southern railroad discrimination case was frat project, 1950/06/23: 5
        joins fight against Mississippi sanctions, 1955/03/18: 4
        offers facts on voting mechanics and issues, 1952/08/29: 3
        SA chapter urging full vote in Demo primary, 1954/07/16: 3
      Cole, Dr. T. Winston
        honored on campus of Wiley College (photo), 1963/03/01: 3
        Peace Corps associate director receives Alpha Award of Merit (photo), 1963/11/29: 2
        president of Wiley College, elected 1963 President of Alpha Phi Alpha (photo), 1962/01/05: 1
        1933, 26th annual meeting held in Chicago, 1933/11/03: 3
        1935, Nashville
          Fisk and Tennessee State coeds will assist with Silver Convention in Nashville (photo), 1935/12/27: 2
          headquarters opened [in Nashville] for silver convention, 1935/11/15: 1
          to meet in Nashville December 28-31 for biennial convention, 1935/08/09: 2
          Nashville convention closes; large sums appropriated for education, relief, uplift, 1936/01/10: 1
          Nashville is ready for A Phi A meeting, 1935/12/27: 5
          coast Alphas prepare for convention (photo), 1936/07/24: 8 (filmed in 07/31 issue)
          first convention held in far West closes, 1936/08/28: 8 (filmed in 09/18 issue)
        1950, plans made for southwestern regional conference of the fraternity in New Orleans (photo), 1950/10/06: 4
        1958, 44th annual convention in Philadelphia, executive committee begins planning for (photo), 1958/12/26: 2
          54th anniversary officials pictured as they complete plans for meeting (photo), 1960/07/22: 2
          Alphas break color bar at DC hotel pool, 1960/09/02: 1
          it happened in 1963 [scenes from annual convention] (photo), 1964/01/03: 7
          Massachusetts governor, Endicott Peabody, addresses Alphas (photo), 1963/10/11: 2
          scenes from 49th annual convention in Boston (photo), 1963/11/08: 2
          59th general convention honors past presidents (photo), 1965/09/10: 2
          Humphrey, Hubert H., Vice President of United States
            addresses Alpha Phi Alpha convention in Chicago, 1965/07/30: 3
        1967, Alphas close 61st annual convention in Los Angeles, 1967/08/18: 1
          Lawson, Belford V., past general president, one of chief speakers (photo), 1969/08/15: 7
          Wright, Dr. Nathan, keynote speaker at 63rd anniversary convention explores 'black power' meaning (photo), 1969/08/15: 1
      Delta Rho Lambda chapter (San Antonio)
      devise plan to finance frat houses, 1952/08/22: 1
      DuBois may be issue at summer conclave, 1934/06/08: 4
      educational programs
        conducts annual educational drive, 1939/05/05: 2
        expands educational program, 1934/05/11: 4
        international crisis requires expanded program, 1941/04/18: 7
        "Knowledge: The Basis of Freedom" is theme of campaign, 1955/04/22: 3
        launches its campaign of education for citizenship, 1940/04/19: 7
        participates in LBJ's national "Back to School" drive, 1965/09/10: 3
      Epsilon Sigma chapter established at St. Mary's University, San Antonio (photo), 1964/03/13: 1
      FEPC laws
        FEPC laws in every state is goal, 1953/02/20: 6
        to work for FEPC laws in every state, 1953/02/20: 6
      Foley, Mrs. Scott D., elected national second vice president of Silhouettes [wives organization] (photo), 1947/08/22: 1
        Callis, Dr. Henry A., founder to be honored at testimonial dinner in Washington, DC (photo), 1961/12/08: 4
        founders honored at Chicago banquet (photo), 1959/11/06: 2
      headquarters building
        Alphas pledge $100 for new $25,000 headquarters (photo), 1953/05/22: 4
        drive launched for funding of national headquarters building, 1953/05/01: 3, 1953/06/12: 3
        national headquarters building hit by fire, 1956/12/21: 1
        new headquarters dedicated, 1955/03/11: 3
      historic southern railroad discrimination case was frat project, 1950/06/23: 5
      Lawson, Belford V., one of 3 presiding officers at Kansas City Tri-Convention of Greeks (photo), 1950/12/29: 3
      Logan, Dr. R. W., heads Alphas, 1941/01/10: 1
      London chapter set up, 1938/09/30: 6
      national office set up in Chicago, 1948/05/21: 7
      new officers elected, 1955/01/07: 1
      Newsom, Dr. Lionel H., Morehouse College professor, in bid for president-elect (photo), 1963/10/18: 2
      offers facts on voting mechanics and issues, 1952/08/29: 3
      Paige, Judge Myles A.
        elected president at national convention, 1957/09/13: 3
        returns from Liberia where he presented Alpha Award of Honor to president V. S. Tubman (photo), 1960/03/25: 3
      ranks first in scholarship at Indiana University, 1951/12/21: 6
      receives citation from National Association of Market Developers for its service to humanity, 1956/09/14: 6
      Smith, A. Maceo (general president)
      South Central Regional Conference has Alpha Kappa Alpha and Alpha Phi Alpha meeting in joint regional session in Fort Worth (Jo's Jottings), 1963/04/19 Supp: 4
      Wallace, Earnest L., Dallas, named new general secretary, 1957/06/14: 1
      Wallace, Henry A., to speak at Alpha Phi Alpha confab, 1947/12/26: 2
      Walton, Lester A., American minister to Liberia, addresses fraternity (photo), 1938/04/01: 2
    Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Delta Rho Lambda Chapter (San Antonio, TX)
      Alphas and Alphas-to-be get together (Jo's Jottings), 1964/01/17 Supp: 3
      Andrews, U. J., delegate for local chapter returns from 55th annual convention (Jo's Jottings), 1962/01/05 Supp: 1
      annual basketball game
        See Basketball, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity
      annual "cash gift" benefit dance and floor show
        again gives money away at Keyhole for annual dance and floor show, 1958/05/16: 6, 1960/10/07: 7, 1965/03/12: 6
        Alphas set for "Cash for Having Fun" affair Saturday, 1958/05/30: 6
        annual "cash gift" dance benefits civil liberties fund (Jo's Jottings), 1960/11/04 Supp: 4
        gala entertainment, fun, and cash at May 31 A Phi A affair, 1958/05/23: 6
        some lucky patron at dance and floor show to receive $100 cash attendance prize, 1957/04/26: 7
        someone has $100, $25, $5 awaiting for having good time at dance, 1957/05/03: 6
      Education for Citizenship Week
        annual week set for Apr. 22-28, 1951/04/20: 3
        broadcast Saturday to close fraternity's Education for Citizenship Week, 1951/04/27: 3
        close of, 1950/05/12: 5, 1952/04/25: 7
        educational campaign to be launched, 1952/04/18: 3
        local observance announced, 1952/04/11: 3
        opens first annual education, citizenship program, 1950/05/05: 4
        presents annual educational program at St. Philip's College with well-known public figures with divergent political views, 1962/05/11: 6
        takes to air to project education, citizenship program, 1950/04/28: 5
      Founders Day celebrated (Jo's Jottings), 1960/12/09 Supp: 4, 1961/12/15 Supp: 1
      Greek get-together for New Year's celebration held at Keyhole (Jo's Jottings), 1951/01/05: 6
      "Holiday on Ivory"
        offers unusual entertainment, aids citizenship, education project, 1955/12/02: 7
        presented at San Pedro Playhouse (photo), 1955/11/18: 6, 1955/12/09: 7, 1955/12/23: 6
        initiation, preceded by "Hell Week," and stag party for new members makes for busy week (Jo's Jottings), 1969/05/23: 8
        second initiation in six weeks held (Jo's Jottings), 1969/07/04: 8
      local A Phi A unit gives $100 to Montgomery, AL bus non-riders, 1956/04/13: 1
      luncheon assemblies, 2nd in series of assemblies held, 1966/05/27: 6
      officers installed for coming year, 1960/01/22: 6
        (Jo's Jottings), 1960/12/16 Supp: 4
      organization of chapter
        formally installed by national vice president, 1949/09/09: 6
        graduate chapter to be installed here Saturday night, 1949/09/02: 6
        members of new graduate chapter (photo), 1949/09/09 Supp: 3
        annual family picnic held at Landa Park in New Braunfels (Jo's Jottings), 1970/06/19: 8
        family picnic held (Jo's Jottings), 1962/05/25 Supp: 1, 1969/07/04: 8
        members and wives assembled at Kelly AFB Officers Club for presentation of trophies won at summer picnic (Jo's Jottings), 1962/11/02 Supp: 4
      pledges initiated (Jo's Jottings), 1961/06/16 Supp: 4
      St. Peter Claver athletes feted by fraternity, 1966/05/27: 5
      subscribes to a life membership in NAACP, 1963/05/10: 1
      Toy Dance
        3rd annual gala toy dance hosted, 1969/12/05: 8
        Jo needs new adjectives to describe Toy Dance (Jo's Jottings), 1967/12/08: 8
        lots of kids will be happier because of (Jo's Jottings), 1967/11/24: 8
        members who hosted dance (photo), 1967/12/08: 4
        party fare (Jo's Jottings), 1968/12/06: 8
        plans being perfected (photo), 1967/10/13: 9
        undergraduate chapter members serve on receiving line (photo), 1967/12/08: 9
        Xmas comes early (Jo's Jottings), 1968/11/29: 8
      traditional New Year's Eve party held (Jo's Jottings), 1966/01/07: 6
      voting campaign
        Alphas ready Go-to-Polls and Vote campaign for the November national election, 1956/10/26: 1
        cautions absentees and voters in new precincts, 1954/08/13: 1
        SA chapter urging full vote in Demo primary, 1954/07/16: 3
        tells voters to go to polls Saturday, 1954/08/27: 1
        urges vote turnout, lists polling places, 1954/07/23: 1
      wives' organization
        Alpha wives hold baby shower for two moms-to-be (photo), 1963/03/22 Supp: 3
        cocktail party celebrating Washington's birthday entertains their husbands (Jo's Jottings), 1963/03/01 Supp: 1
        Foley, Mrs. Scott D., elected national second vice president of Silhouettes [wives organization] (photo), 1947/08/22: 1
        participates in theater party to see "My Fair Lady," 1963/05/17 Supp: 4
        plan activities for 1961 (Jo's Jottings), 1961/01/20 Supp: 3
      yuletide party hosted (Jo's Jottings), 1954/01/08: 6
    Alpha Phi Omega Sorority, Gamma Mu Chapter (San Antonio, TX)
      See also Alpha Chi Pi Omega Sorority and Fraternity, Gamma Mu Chapter
      1st annual fashion tea held at Elks Patio (Jo's Jottings), 1949/05/27 Supp: 4
      annual breakfast held, 1948/07/09: 6
        2nd annual candle lighting breakfast held, 1948/07/09 Supp: 1
      annual convention in Chicago attended by delegates from local chapter (photo), 1948/02/27 Supp: 2
      beauticians' sorority plans breakfast for visitors, 1949/09/30: 4
      benefit tea held April 24, 1949/04/15: 6
      delegates to attend meeting in Chicago (photo), 1948/02/27: 8
      Founder's Day observed, 1949/11/04 Supp: 2
      large crowd sees style show, musical, 1949/02/18 Supp: 1
      meetings in 1951, 1951/08/31: 7
      modeling instruction offered to teen-age classes, 1964/06/26: 6
      participates in city-wide program with Metropolitan Council, 1949/04/29: 6
      silver tea held July 11, 1948/07/02: 6
      style show, turkey dinner at Sunken Garden, 1951/05/25: 6, 1951/06/01: 6
    Alpha Phi Sigma Chapter
    Alpha Pi Zeta chapter
      See Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Alpha Pi Zeta chapter (San Antonio)
    Alpha Tau Chi Fraternity
      Jackson, Perry B., elected president of recently organized professional group (photo), 1960/06/17: 6
    Altrusa Social Club
      25th anniversary celebrated, 1968/05/17: 8
      annual holiday party (photo), 1947/01/10 Supp: 2
      cocktail party given (Jo's Jottings), 1964/04/17 Supp: 4 (filmed in 04/24 issue)
      dinner at Tucker's Drive-In honors Mother of the Year, Lillie Williams (photo), 1959/05/15: 6
      holds first anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1944/11/03 Supp: 1
      meetings in 1944, 1944/11/17 Supp: 3
      meetings in 1946, 1946/11/01 Supp: 2
      meetings in 1947, 1948/01/09: 2
      meetings in 1948, 1948/01/23 Supp: 3
      meetings in 1960, 1960/11/18 Supp: 4, 1960/12/02 Supp: 3
      meetings in 1965, 1965/12/17 Supp: 3
      meetings in 1967, 1967/08/18: 8
      meetings in 1969, 1969/10/31: 8
      meetings in 1970, 1970/02/06: 8
      Mexican dinners sold, 1967/12/01: 9
      "Mother of the Year"
        Brewer, Mrs. C. L., honored as (photo), 1961/05/19 Supp: 1
        Crawford, Mrs. M. A., honored as
          Jo's Jottings, 1969/05/16: 8
          photo, 1969/05/23: 8
        Hilliard, Mrs. Otho, honored as, 1963/05/17 Supp: 2
          photo, 1963/05/17 Supp: 3
        Landry, Mattie Wilson, named Mother of the Year at club's 24th annual coffee (photo), 1967/05/19: 8
        Lewis, Mrs. Frank E.
          honored as (photo), 1970/05/15: 9
          selected at "Mother of the Year" at Altrusa Club's 27th anniversary, 1970/05/15: 8
        Yates, Minnie
          honored at annual Mother's Day breakfast, 1962/05/18 Supp: 1
          selected as (Jo's Jottings), 1962/05/18 Supp: 4
      Mothers' Day
        annual coffee held (photo), 1955/05/13 Supp: 2, 1963/05/17 Supp: 3, 1967/05/19: 9, 1970/05/15: 9
          all previous mothers of the year attend as honored guests (photos), 1968/05/17: 8
          Jo's Jottings, 1967/05/19: 8
        annual Mothers' Day breakfast held
          Jo's Jottings, 1948/05/14 Supp: 1, 1949/05/13 Supp: 1, 1969/05/16: 8
          members assist at breakfast (photo), 1960/05/13: 6
          photo, 1961/05/19 Supp: 3
        Mothers' Day tribute given (Jo's Jottings), 1946/05/17 Supp: 1
        thanks John Griggs and Lifesaver Grill for catering services, 1960/05/13: 6
      preside at gay Christmas affair (photo), 1946/01/04 Supp: 2
      second major social affair held at Don's Keyhole (Jo's Jottings), 1945/01/05 Supp: 3
      "white elephant" sale, auction set for Aug. 7, 1955/07/29: 6
    Alumni Association
    Amalin, Antoine
      notice of death, 1970/05/01: 12
    Amaranth Court No. 7
    Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)
      AAU kowtows to South African Naziism, bans Negroes from tour, 1950/07/07: 3
      arrangements for 60 US athletes to compete in Europe completed, 1957/06/28: 7
        cage champs, led by Negro, defeated only once this season, 1949/04/08: 3
        Chicago tan team wins Midwest AAU title, 1956/03/16: 5
        Thompson, H. B., Fisk University coach, named to National Basketball Committee of AAU, 1962/10/26: 5
      boxing championships
        AAU meet tables Jim Crow complaint against DC branch, 1946/12/13: 3
        DC paper, Washington Post, drops sponsorship of AAU Jim Crow mitt meet, 1946/01/18: 3
        five of eight mitt titles go to Negroes, 1944/04/21: 3
        Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions ceases after 36 years due to AAU's demand for supervisory leadership of amateur sports, 1963/03/08: 5
        Negroes cop six AAU mitt titles, 1949/04/15: 3
      Boys Club Unit No. 3 now a member of AAU, 1950/03/10: 3
      Burke, Dave, unheralded Race jumper, breaks world record to tie champion Johnson at National AAU meet, 1936/02/28: 3
      Camp Lee speedsters cop AAU meet (photo), 1942/10/02: 3
      Cuffey, William H., ex-AAU champ promoted to captain, 1944/09/01: 3
      Davis, Eural
      Dillard, Harrison
        awarded gold medals by mayor of Columbus, Ohio (photo), 1946/07/05: 7
        Dillard, Bolen, Douglas cop AAU indoor crowns, 1949/02/25: 3
      Dixon, Frank
        wins AAU mile title (photo), 1943/03/12: 3
        wins national AAU distance title, 1942/12/04: 3
      Dugger, Eddie, double winner at annual AAU indoor meet, 1944/03/03: 3
      Ewell, Barney, beats Hal Davis in senior AAU "Century," 1941/07/04: 3
      Ferris, Dan, honorary secretary, quick to yap about University of Houston [segregated seating] in contrast to South Africa case, 1961/06/16: 3
      Harris, Archie, and Leo Tarrant are double winners in Central AAU meet, 1941/06/13: 3
      Johnson, Ben, six-second mark for 60 yards rejected by AAU, 1938/12/16: 2
      Johnson, Cornelius
      Men's All American Track and Field Team, six Negroes on team, 1956/02/17: 6
      National Men's Meet (1955)
        Arnold Sowell's performance allows Morgan State College to take mile relay, 1955/03/04: 7
      National Men's Meet in San Antonio (1946)
        Abbott, Cleve, Tuskegee athletic director, visits SA during meet, 1946/06/21: 3
        agitation against SA as AAU site scored, 1946/01/25: 3
        Albritton enters AAU meet here, 1946/04/12: 3
        champs on parade in national AAU meet next week, 1946/06/21: 3
        champs to go abroad, 1946/07/05: 3
        famed athletes arrive for championships (photo), 1946/07/05: 1
        LaBeach, Lloyd, sets new mark for 200-meter race, 1946/07/05: 3
        nation's greatest athletes vie, here, in AAU, 1946/06/28: 1
        Negro stars speed to victory in national meets (photo), 1946/07/05: 2
        Negro thin clads cop two Texas AAU titles, 1946/06/21: 3
        Negroes win 7 senior, 4 junior national AAU titles, 1946/07/05: 3
        New York scribe urges Negro athletes to come to SA for AAU meet, 1946/02/01: 3
        side lights, high lights of national meet, 1946/07/05: 3
        tickets on sale at SA Register for AAU meets, 1946/06/07: 3
      National Women's AAU Meet (1948-1952)
        Tuskegee girls are AAU national track champs 12th time, 1949/08/26: 3
        Tuskegee girls on second in AAU and ace Mary McNabb injured, 1952/07/04: 7
        Tuskegee girls win another national title, 1948/07/16: 3
      National Women's AAU Meet in Freeport, TX (1950)
        Tuskegee girls again win National AAU track title in Freeport, Texas, 1950/09/01: 3
        Tuskegee girls to defend Nat'l track title at Freeport, Texas, 1950/08/25: 3
        Tuskegee women win again in AAU in Freeport, Texas (photo), 1950/09/08: 5
      National Women's AAU Meet in San Antonio (1947)
        AAU senior title goes to 'Skegee for tenth time in eleven years, 1947/07/04: 3
        Alabamans (Tuskegee women's team) doped to retain track title Saturday night (photo), 1947/06/27: 3
        Bradford Elaine, is member of Tuskegee women's team (photo), 1947/06/20: 3
        Coachman, Alice, world record holder to compete next week (photo), 1947/06/20: 3
        famed Tuskegee lassie thin clads set to burn up stadium, 1947/06/20: 3
        Tuskegee girls again run off with AAU meet (photo), 1947/07/04: 3
        Tuskegee lassies do stuff at women's national meet (photo), 1947/07/04: 5
      National Women's AAU meet in San Antonio (1953)
        Chicago Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) give with 'old college try,' 1953/07/31: 5
        "fastest female" to defend 3 titles in national meet, 1953/07/10: 5
        national track meet in SA July 24-25, 1953/07/03: 5
        Olympians coming for AAU meet (photo), 1953/07/17: 5
        Tuskegee women turned back in attempt to regain crown, lost last year, 1953/07/31: 5
        Women's AAU meet gets underway tonight at Alamo Heights Stadium, 1953/07/24: 5
      Negroes dominate national AAU track at University of Nebraska, 1947/07/11: 3
      North Carolina A and T third as Negro colleges vie first time in Carolina AAU, 1955/06/03: 5
      Olympic development plan helps tan athletes, 1958/01/24: 7
      Owens, Jesse
      Pan-American Games, AAU gives girl thinly clads rough deal, 1950/08/11: 3
      race track, field stars named by AAU to compete at Dallas expo, 1937/07/09: 3
      Sheppard, C. B.
      South Texas AAU annual meeting set for San Antonio, 50th anniversary observed, 1960/08/26: 5
      South Texas AAU Meet in San Antonio (1946)
        This Should Be Known [man responsible for bringing AAU meeting to San Antonio, Erich F. Pohl, dies] (editorial), 1965/04/30: 5
      South Texas AAU Meet in San Antonio (1947)
        Davis, Eural
          breaks own broad jump record in Texas AAU meet, 1947/06/13: 3
          PV jump champ heading for AAU championship (photo), 1947/05/16: 3
        top Southwest thin clads in AAU meet, here, Saturday, 1947/06/06: 3
      South Texas AAU Meet in San Antonio (1948)
        Davis, Carter, Anderson set new Texas AAU records, 1948/07/02: 3
        Matthews, Clay, others on South Texas AAU Field and Track Team (photo), 1948/07/02: 3
        Negro track stars in AAU meet in stadium tonight, 1948/06/25: 3
      South Texas AAU meet in San Antonio (1949)
        former Wheatley track aces in meet tonight at stadium, 1949/06/10: 3
        Sheppard, C. B., cracks 800 record in meet, 1949/06/17: 3
      South Texas AAU Meet in San Antonio (1951)
        Negro thinlies crack 2 records in South Texas AAU track meet, 1951/06/15: 5
      South Texas Junior Olympics
        Boys Club Unit No. 3
          Boys Club helps lead SA to South Texas AAU crown, 1960/08/05: 5
          Boys Club to be strong in S. Texas Junior Olympics, 1960/07/29: 5
          club enters 33 in regional Junior Olympics, 1960/07/22: 5
          Hartfield, Nathan, Leroy Smith, shine in state Junior Olympics, 1961/07/28: 5
          Midgets 1st; juniors, seniors 3rd in Junior Olympics, 1959/07/03: 5
          thinlies dominate "Junior Olympics" meet, 1960/06/17: 5
          wins 26 medals, 1962/07/27: 5
        Glosson, Clyde, gets Junior Olympics record, 1963/12/20: 5
        Mile event won by Phillis Wheatley High student, Grant Madison, 1957/05/03: 5
        Sam Houston High School cops first in Junior Olympics, 1966/07/22: 5
      Southern AAU meet in Houston (1954)
        TSU second to Texas U. in meet, 1954/06/04: 5
      Southwestern AAU
        drops color bar, 1936/09/18: 3
        organizes Negro branch, 1941/04/18: 3
      Southwestern AAU Track Meet (Dallas)
        action snaps at first AAU track meet (photo), 1941/06/06: 3
        crack thin clads of southwest vie at AAU meet tomorrow, 1941/05/02: 3, 1941/05/23: 3
        deadline for Southwest AAU entries is May 15, 1941/05/09: 3
        details completed for Southwestern AAU track meet, 1941/05/16: 3
        Nelson, Dick, is star of AAU track meet, 1941/05/31: 3
      Sullivan Award
        AAU names no Negroes -- as usual -- for Sullivan Award, 1953/12/18: 5
        given to man who didn't compete, Korean Maj. Sammy Lee, 1954/01/15: 5
      ten Negro track, field aces selected on AAU squad to compete in Europe, 1938/07/15: 3
      Tennessee State lassies cop AAU indoor track title, 1959/02/06: 7
      Texas AAU Meet
        Mid-Western AA entries star in Texas AAU, 1953/06/12: 6
        in San Antonio (1946)
          Negro thin clads vie in AAU track meet tonight, 1946/06/14: 3
          tickets on sale at SA Register for AAU meets, 1946/06/07: 3
      Williams, Josh, Xavier star wins national AAU all-around championship, 1942/07/24: 3
      women thinlies, Vivian Brown, Willye White, selected for track tour in Europe, 1963/07/26: 5
      Woodruff, Johnny, set new 800-meter mark at National AAU meet--Negroes sweep high jump, cop broad jump, 1937/07/09: 3
    Amazons (girl baseball team)
    Ambers, Lou (boxer)
      Armstrong gets ready for Ambers, 1938/07/22: 3
      Armstrong loses lightweight title on low punching (photo), 1939/08/25: 3
      Armstrong preps for Ambers (photo), 1939/08/04: 3
      Nat Fleischer says Armstrong won--scores Donovan, 1939/09/08: 3
      NY suspends Armstrong's manager, 1939/09/08: 2
    Ambree, Floyd
      obsequies held, 1960/08/26: 1
    Ambree, Ida B. Mitchell
      final rites held, 1961/05/05: 1
      notice of death, 1961/05/12: 8
    AME Church
    AME Zion Church
    Amenia Conference
      The Amenia Conference (editorial), 1933/09/08: 4
      makes public its findings on economic status of Negroes, 1933/09/08: 5
    American Action, Inc.
      Suspicious New National Organization Makes Appearance (editorial), 1946/11/01: 4
    American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
      Lewis, Dr. R. W., Prairie View nutrition and biochemistry professor, elected as Fellow, 1967/08/11: 1
    American Association of University Professors (AAUP)
      Baltimore loses their convention because of bias, 1962/07/06: 2
      disapproving Allen U. is So. Carolina's affair, says Gov. Timmerman to AAUP, 1958/01/10: 1
    American Association of University Women
      DC Jim Crow chapter dies as liberal group recognized, 1949/08/12: 4
      removes color barrier, 1949/07/01: 1
      Washington branch reinstates three Negro women, 1949/09/09: 1
    American Baptist Convention
    American Baptist Convention of Texas
      annual convention
        59th annual session under way, 1941/10/24: 1
        60th annual session in Corpus Christi, 1942/10/23: 1
        63d session held Oct. 23-28, 1945/10/19: 1
        71st session
          gets under way at New Light Tuesday, 1953/10/16: 4
          will adjourn tonight, 1953/10/23: 4
        73rd session opens here, Monday, 1955/10/14: 8 (filmed in 10/21 issue)
        79th session
          pre-convention musical opens annual session, 1961/10/13: 4
          session ends in San Antonio, 1961/10/20: 4
        annual session ends successfully, 1944/10/27: 8
        convenes at New Light Baptist Church, 1945/10/12: 8 (filmed in 10/19 issue), 1958/10/17: 8 (filmed in 10/24 issue)
        meets in Corpus, 1951/10/19: 8 (filmed in 10/26 issue)
        over 500 in attendance at American Bap't meet, 1945/10/26: 1
        state convention opens here, Oct. 21, 1941/10/17: 1
        State Youth Convention addressed by Dr. T. B. Boyd, 1964/07/24: 4
      Eastern District
        annual convention
          76th annual meeting to be held at Greater Mt. Olive Baptist, 1946/07/12: 8 (filmed in 07/19 issue)
          78th annual session in SA July 13-16, 1948/07/09: 8
          over 500 attend week-long convention, 1946/07/19: 1
        James, Rev. Samuel H., Jr., one of three key figures at meeting (photo), 1969/07/11: 4
        Junior Women's Convention musicale
          Coliseum Park Baptist Church, 1958/07/04: 8 (filmed in 07/11 issue)
          Greater Mt. Olive Baptist, 1957/07/05: 8 (filmed in 07/12 issue)
      meets in united effort with General Baptist Convention of Texas in study of religious education, 1953/12/04: 4
      new name of American Baptist Free Mission Association of Texas, 1939/10/27: 1
      state music department presents piano recital at New Light Baptist Church, 1959/09/18: 8 (filmed in 09/25 issue)
      a united Baptist brotherhood for a New Year's gift, 1932/12/02: 1
      Wilkinson, Rev. Dr. P. S., convention again elects SA's Wilkinson, 1953/10/30: 4
      Women's Auxiliary sponsors night of "Sacrosanct Music" featuring Ellis-Dixon Spiritual Group (photo), 1958/10/03: 8 (filmed in 10/10 issue)
    American Baptist Eastern District Ushers Fellowship Union of San Antonio
      annual tea held, 1964/06/12: 8 (filmed in 06/19 issue), 1965/05/14: 6, 1966/05/13: 6
      installation sermon held, with Rev. J. J. Short, guest speaker (photo), 1964/04/24: 4
      organizational meeting held, 1962/03/02: 4
      ushers clinic presented, 1966/12/09: 10 (filmed in 12/16 issue)
        fourth annual clinic, 1967/11/10: 10 (filmed in 11/17 issue)
    American Baptist Free Mission Association of Texas
      See also American Baptist Convention of Texas
      Byrd, Rev. Dr. James Nathaniel (Greater Mt. Olive Baptist Church)
        elected as moderator (photo), 1940/07/26: 8 (filmed in 08/02 issue)
        serves as host (photo), 1938/07/15: 1
      district meet to be held in Santone, 1938/06/17: 1
      Eastern District
        Kemple, Rev. J. A., guest speaker for Mothers Union meeting in San Antonio (photo), 1967/07/07: 8
        meets at Mt. Olive, 1932/07/15: 8 (filmed in 07/22 issue)
        meets in Santone, 1938/07/15: 1
      meeting declared most outstanding in body's history, 1938/07/29: 8 (filmed in 09/23 issue)
      name changed to American Baptist Convention of Texas, 1939/10/27: 1
      session ends in Corpus, 1938/10/28: 7
      Sunday School, BTS Congress to meet here next week, 1939/05/19: 1
      Wilkinson, Rev. Dr. P.S.
        See Wilkinson, Rev. Dr. P. S. (New Light Baptist Church)
    American Baptist Theological Seminary (Nashville, TN)
      student body of seminary (photo), 1955/11/04: 4
    American Beauty Club
      meetings in 1931, 1931/08/07: 6, 1931/08/14: 6, 1931/10/16: 6, 1931/11/20: 7, 1931/12/11: 6
      meetings in 1932, 1932/04/01: 6, 1932/04/29: 7, 1932/05/20: 7, 1932/05/27: 7, 1932/06/17: 6, 1932/07/29: 6, 1932/08/19: 6, 1932/09/30: 6, 1932/11/18: 7, 1932/11/25: 7
      meetings in 1933, 1933/01/13: 6, 1933/01/20: 7, 1933/02/03: 6, 1933/05/05: 6, 1933/07/07: 6, 1933/07/14: 6, 1933/08/04: 6
    American Bible Society
      announces commemoration of third of century of service, 1934/05/04: 4
      invites all faiths to join daily Bible reading from Thanksgiving to Christmas, 1957/11/29: 8 (filmed in 12/08 issue)
    American Board of Psychiatry
      three of only nine certified psychiatrists in VA Hospitals (photo), 1948/12/31: 2
    American Bowling Congress (ABC)
      ABC gets time to mend [Jim Crow] ways, 1950/04/14: 3
      ABC votes to keep Jim Crow, 1949/03/18: 3
      Carow, Father Charles T., kills Negro ban, 1950/06/09: 3
      drive opens to end bias in ABC, 1949/04/01: 3
      Illinois judge fines ABC for barring non-whites, 1950/04/28: 3
      lily-white ABC denied use of Indiana building, 1949/04/29: 3
      may erect own bowling alleys to continue Jim Crow policy, 1950/05/12: 3
      NBA, ABC to discuss integration in bowling, 1950/06/09: 3
      votes out color clause in constitution, 1950/05/19: 3
    American Cancer Society
      See also Alamo Cancer Aid Society
      12th annual seminar features black scientist speakers at meeting in San Antonio, 1970/03/20: 1
      Alamo Cancer Aid Society donates $1,000 to American Cancer Society (photo), 1953/05/15: 1
      Cameo to show "Breast Self-Examination" free of charge, Feb. 26, 1959/02/20: 6
      has free showing of cancer film, "Breast Self-Examination," set for Tuesday, 1958/10/31: 3
      Smith, Dr. Edgar E., and Edwin L. Cooper, PhD, featured speakers on their work to solve cancer riddle at 12th annual writers seminar (photo), 1970/03/27: 1
    American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
      50th anniversary celebration sponsors nation-wide high school "Speak Out," a writing competition on civil liberties, 1970/03/20: 1
      63 Louisiana State professors sign petition criticizing ACLU, 1958/07/18: 3
      compiles report explaining citizen's rights, responsibilities in case of arrest, 1956/12/28: 1
      denies giving money to 'Bama group for racial agitation, 1960/05/13: 2
      eyes new Congress with guarded optimism, 1959/01/09: 1
      protests Jim Crow school at Little Rock Air Force Base, 1958/10/31: 5
      Worthy, William
    American College of Physicians
      Negro admitted, 1950/05/26: 5
      three Negro medicos elected to fellowship, 1954/07/02: 8 (filmed in 07/09 issue)
    American College of Surgeons
      3 Negroes admitted this week; 18 since dropping of race bar, 1948/10/22: 1
      5 Negro surgeons inducted at 44th annual clinical congress, 1958/11/14: 2
      13 Negroes formally inducted, 1948/10/29: 2
      admits first Negro woman, 1959/10/23: 1
      drops 'Crow,' admits 3 Negroes, 1945/12/21: 1
      drops Jim Crow bar, 1945/09/07: 1
      plans to admit all qualified doctors, 1945/06/08: 5
    American Conscience Fund
      organized to aid victims of integration tension, 1957/10/04: 1
    American Contract Bridge Association
      Kansas City league drops race bar, 1964/02/21: 1
      New Mexico Negro, Alvin Arnold, makes history by winning two major championships in American Contract Bridge League tournament, 1964/05/15: 1
      San Antonio to host sectional bridge tourney, 1962/03/02: 7
    American Council on Human Rights
      Henderson, Elmer W., director, on speaking tour to seven cities, 1954/01/29: 3
      scholarship program aids students penalized for peaceful protests, 1960/07/01: 1
      submits 13-point program to assist in school integration, 1954/08/13: 1
    American Council on Youth
      elects Negro, George Lawrence, as vice president, 1948/01/09: 1
    American Culture Club
      hostess to a tea complimenting the Silhouettes of the 29th Kappa Conclave (Jo's Jottings), 1940/01/05: 6
      meetings in 1939, 1939/06/23: 6, 1939/10/27: 6, 1939/11/03: 6
      studies Texas history, 1938/06/17: 4
    American Dental Association
      biased Dixie dental societies face ADA expulsion, 1963/01/04: 7
    American Economic Association
      Harris, Dr. Abram, elected to association, 1959/06/12: 1
    American Federation of Labor (AFL)
      See also AFL-CIO
      See also Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO)
      See also Texas State Federation of Labor
      accepts Missouri-Kansas-Texas Train Porters as unit, 1939/08/04: 1
      AFL, CIO both promise to ensure that Negroes are not discriminated against in national defense employment, 1940/11/01: 4
      AFL director calls Negro an "evil" to labor: Green asked to rebuke regional head who insults committee, 1941/10/24: 1
      AFL organizer calls for unity, honest leaders, 1945/02/02: 1
      Bell, Thomas, ex-Michigan star, breaks union color bar, 1944/01/07: 3
      blamed for blocking Negroes in defense jobs, 1941/09/26: 1
      challenges Crump's ban on Philip Randolph, 1944/02/04: 1
      Chicago plumbers file suit against AFL, 1939/03/31: 5
      CIO, AFL both behind fight for anti-lynch bill, 1938/12/30: 5
      convention continues policy of discrimination, 1944/12/08: 1
      Daily, Pat, AFL representative on assignment in San Antonio (photo), 1946/09/13: 5
      Dining Car Union
      dodges race issue as Randolph blasts prejudice, 1942/10/23: 1
      five Negroes re-elected to AFL Virginia board, 1952/06/06: 2
      government official says AFL is forcing Negroes onto relief rolls, 1939/08/25: 1
      Green, William, of AF of L, told to act, as well as talk against Jim Crow, 1940/09/27: 1
      Hill demands AFL's position on Negroes in trade unions, 1933/10/13: 1
      moves to kick Pullman Porters union out, 1946/10/25: 1
      National Urban League demands AFL showdown, warns rival unions will usurp place of AFL, 1935/07/19: 1
      Negro Labor and the AF of L (editorial), 1934/10/12: 4
      organized by a Jew, named by Negro, 1955/04/01: 3
      promises no bar against Negro labor, 1934/04/13: 5
      Race favors CIO over AFL, Negro Digest discloses, 1945/06/15: 5
      Race tactics wrong on organized labor; members must qualify as persons, not as a race, 1934/11/02: 1
      railroad waiters eye AF of L with misgivings; federation attacked as treacherous, tricky, 1935/09/13: 2
      Rice, C. W., Houston labor leader, at Detroit confab, warns workers to be wary of both the CIO and the AF of L, 1937/07/16: 2
      seeks to oust Dining Car Brotherhood, 1936/08/07: 8 (filmed in 08/14 issue)
      St. Louis union ban on Negroes probed by AFL, 1937/09/17: 7
      to take Pullman Porters' cause to FDR [President Roosevelt], 1934/01/26: 1
      water-front job racket charges go to AFL head, 1953/07/10: 3
      white Alabama steel workers vote to strike in behalf of Race, 1941/04/11: 1
    American Federation of Musicians
      Charles, Robert
      Dedmon, Jimmie, expelled from Local No. 658 American Federation of Musicians, 1950/12/08: 7
      Local No. 658 to meet tonight, 1947/08/22: 7
      local union celebrates first anniversary (photo), 1948/09/10: 7
      meeting called to unionize musicians at Club Avalon, 1947/03/07: 7
      union offers dispensation for new musicians, 1948/03/12: 7
    American Federation of Teachers
      11 teachers sue New Orleans lounges, mayor $1,945,000 for bias during convention, 1969/10/03: 1
      desegregation resolution sets off fireworks at convention, 1954/09/03: 1
      Miami Beach loses AFT convention because of bias, 1962/09/07: 1
      ousts Chattanooga local chapter at annual convention that wants Jim Crow; Dixie locals told they've had time enough to integrate, 1958/09/05: 1
      refuses plea to delay integration, 1957/08/30: 1
      San Antonio chapter
        Letter to the Editor [asking San Antonio teachers to join], 1959/12/04: 4
        Teachers Union Endorsed by San Antonio NAACP (editorial), 1960/01/01: 4
      takes firm stand in integration of schools, 1958/09/05: 1
    American Football Coaches Association
      Jefferson, Harry R. (Big), Hampton coach, named to grid rules committee, 1952/04/18: 7
      Pilot, James (Preacher), Kingsville, named one of 1962 All America favorites, 1962/09/28: 6
      Southwestern Athletic Conference boycotts NCAA, AFCA meets in Dallas, 1950/12/15: 5
    American Friends Service Committee
      tenth annual seminar on international relations held May 3 and 4 at First Unitarian Church, 1957/05/03: 6
      Velten, George, French pastor, to speak here Monday, Feb. 2, 1953/01/30: 4
    American Heart Association
      Weaver, Mrs. William P., chair of "Heart Sunday," for the San Antonio chapter, 1970/01/30: 9
    American Historical Association
      Negroes in Historical Assn. session for first time (photo), 1941/01/17: 6
    American Hospital Association
      American Hospital Ass'n approves PV hospital, 1938/01/31: 2
      Carnegie, Rev. Amos, turned down again with vision of Negro hospitals in all sections of country (photo), 1936/08/28: 5
    American Jewish Congress (AJC)
      aids New York Athletic Club boycott, 1968/02/23: 6
      AJC will not be provoked into quitting civil rights movement, 1967/11/03: 1
      anti-hate plan proposed by AJC to halt bombings and bigotry, 1959/01/09: 1
      asks Attorney General John N. Mitchell to clarify enforced segregation policy, 1970/01/09: 1
      backlash and racism did not materially affect voting in 1966 elections, AJC reports, 1967/04/21: 1
      Baker, Josephine, awarded for brotherhood work, 1960/04/08: 2
      black biggot, John F. Hatchett, opposed for director of New York University's Martin Luther King, Jr. Afro-American Student Center, 1968/08/02: 1
      Jewish bond with moderate Negro faction said needed, 1969/01/31: 7
      Maslow, Will, executive director
        AJC speaks on Negro anti-semitism, 1966/03/25: 7
        quits CORE board because of its tepid response to anti-Semitic hate remark by CORE official, 1966/02/18: 1
      myths of racial mixing (integration) exploded in AJC study, 1960/04/08: 7
      naming of Mississippi Veterans Hospital for racist fought, 1966/06/10: 1
      Negro-Jewish cooperation, report says progress being made in, 1966/11/25: 1
      Negroes' failure to speak out against anti-Semitism scored, 1969/02/07: 1
      New York Mayor Lindsay told to 'end exclusion' of Negroes and Puerto Ricans from commissions, 1969/01/24: 2
      next great need of rights movement cited by AJC, 1966/02/18: 3
      O'Neal, Frederick D., honored for racial integration contributions, 1964/12/18: 3
      protest wins withdrawal of anti-Jewish, anti-Negro rhymes in Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales, 1969/04/18: 1
      scores Nixon on school desegregation, 1970/04/03: 1
      Squadron, Howard M., AJC leader, warns of Nixon 'polarization,' 1969/12/05: 1
    American League of Professional Baseball Clubs
      See also Negro-American League
      Ashford, Emmett L., first Negro umpire hired by big leagues, 1965/09/24: 5
      The Extravagance and Folly of Prejudice [failure to use Negro players as source of weakness] (editorial), 1960/07/22: 4
      tan stars may be the difference in AL race, 1961/04/21: 5
    American Legion
      See also Afro-American Legion, Benjamin Edward Robinson Post, No. 2
      See also Afro-American Legion, Charles Young Post, No. 1
      See also Afro-American Legion (San Antonio, TX)
      See also American Legion, Abraham Lincoln Post
      See also American Legion, Fred Brock Post
      See also American Legion, George Washington Carver Post
      See also American Legion, San Antonio and Texas Groups
      See also American Legion, Voris James Post (Seguin, TX)
      Brown, Robert L., first to get Gold Medal of Merit awarded by American Legion post in Paris, France (photo), 1962/08/03: 1
      Carter, Dr. Sylvester J., Negro elected Commander of all-white Roosevelt, Jr. Post in Brooklyn, New York, 1956/07/13: 7
      conventions and meetings
        Alaska legion meet has one Negro delegate, 1953/07/17: 2
        annual convention
          colored legionnaires join in 15th annual convention in Chicago, 1933/10/06: 1
          hotel bias causes Legion to cancel New Orleans convention, 1963/05/31: 1
          Miami Beach gets Legion convention New Orleans lost, 1963/06/21: 3
          Negroes active in 22nd annual American Legion confab, 1940/10/11: 4
          Race delegates well-received at 16th annual convention in Florida, 1934/11/09: 1
        Louisiana Negroes attend state convention for first time, 1947/08/01: 1
        mass meeting to be held Oct. 12, 1947/10/10: 6
        Tennessee Legion in joint meeting with whites, 1947/08/08: 2
        trustees meeting held, 1963/02/01: 6
      Girls Nation of Auxiliary, Jane Harrison, Ohio, elected vice president (photo), 1969/08/08: 9
      Hudson New York post elects first Negro commander, 1959/06/19: 1
      Keyes, Alan, elected president of 22nd annual Boys Nation (photo), 1967/08/04: 1
      New York Legion post admits ex-WAC, 1947/11/28: 6
      organizational meeting, notice of given to veterans, 1931/12/18: 8 (filmed in 12/25 issue)
      racial discrimination
        Alabama sheriff wants American Legion to sub for KKK, 1938/12/30: 1
        color bar eased in Dixie--SA post is sought, 1945/12/07: 1
        Colored Men Should Be in the Legion (editorial), 1932/05/27: 4
        Dixie states end ban against Negro Legionnaires on June 10, 1946/04/12: 1
        Fort Myers, FL loses Legion convention because of bias, 1956/11/30: 4
        fun making auxiliary, "40 and 8"
          bias issue causes new Legion chief to quit 40 and 8, 1960/11/11: 1
          color bar must be dropped from "40 and 8," 1959/10/16: 1
          continues Negro ban, 1953/09/18: 2
          Legion, Miami Beach, deny Jim Crow 40 and 8 right to parade, 1960/07/29: 1
          may split with Legion over race issue, 1960/10/28: 3
          McKneally, Martin B., new Legion head seeks to end bias in 40 and 8, 1959/09/11: 1
          new Legion head seeks to end bias in 40 and 8, 1959/09/11: 1
          refuses to drop racial bar, 1955/10/21: 1
          showdown said near on 40 and 8 bias policy, 1959/11/06: 1
          solon, NAACP head rap race bias of 40 and 8, 1959/09/11: 1
          Tennesseeans vote against color bar in 40 and 8, 1960/07/22: 1
        Garrett, Sam, California youth is victim of Legion bias, claims lawyer, 1953/07/17: 1
        hate sheets (newspapers) listed by American Legion, 1948/12/10: 1
        Illinois Legion uses Red bugaboo to out Roy B. Tisdell post, 1947/08/22: 1
        Legion ducks action on Dixie Jim Crow until 1946, 1945/11/30: 1
        permanency for WWI vets seen in new move after American Legion indefinitely defers Negro membership, 1932/09/16: 7
        race hate charged by NY Hebrew, Dr. Seymour J. Schoenfeld, 1949/11/18: 1
        Texas, Florida, deny Race vets Legion charters, 1944/09/29: 1
      rummage sale held at retreat, 1969/03/14: 9
      Virginia Legion names 30 Negroes on committee, 1949/02/04: 2
    American Legion, Abraham Lincoln Post
      American Legion posts, auxiliaries, elect officers, 1949/08/26: 6
      annual child welfare program held, 1949/04/29: 6
        St. Joseph AME Church, 1952/05/02: 4
      Auxiliary selects delegates and alternates for 20th District convention in San Antonio (Jo's Jottings), 1965/10/15 Supp: 2
      barbecue dinner benefit held, 1947/08/15: 6, 1947/08/22: 6
      charters bus to attend 8th annual convention of 22nd District in Longview, 1953/07/10: 6
      meetings in 1948, 1948/02/06 Supp: 2
      musical tea to be held April 19 at Boys Club, 1951/04/27: 6
      officers, posts hold joint installation ceremonies, 1963/08/30: 6
      Veterans Children's Club to be organized, 1948/05/14: 6
    American Legion, Fred Brock Post
      18th anniversary celebrated [and history of post reviewed], 1964/08/21: 6
      annual children's welfare program held, 1948/04/16 Supp: 3
      annual poll tax rally conducted (photo), 1951/01/12: 8 (filmed in 01/19 issue)
        annual child welfare program held, 1949/05/13: 4
        Easter Egg hunt for children of veterans held at American Legion Retreat (Jo's Jottings), 1963/04/19 Supp: 4
        entertains hospital patients, 1950/02/17: 2
          Brooke General Hospital, 1950/05/19: 2
        entertains with "Our Buddies" party (Jo's Jottings), 1968/03/22: 8
        gets special award for unit history presentation, 1947/08/29: 4
        gives masquerade, 1949/11/25 Supp: 4
        meetings in 1946, 1946/03/29: 6
        meetings in 1965, 1965/10/15: 6
        meetings in 1968, 1968/01/19: 8
          American Legion posts, auxiliaries, elect officers, 1949/08/26: 6
          installation of officers held, 1956/09/21: 6, 1966/09/16: 7
        poppy sale
          Auxiliary thanks public for a successful Poppy sale, 1951/11/23: 8 (filmed in 11/30 issue)
          plans completed for poppy sale, 1951/11/02: 6
        SA gets first auxiliary unit, 1946/09/13: 1
      Bibles, Jimmie L., Fred Brock Post, elected district commander, 1961/05/05: 7
      Boy Scout troop sponsored, 1956/10/19: 7
      Boys Club Talent Show
        Legion sponsors talent show, 1953/03/13: 7
        plans perfected, 1953/03/20: 5
      Brock, TSgt. Fred ("Chuchy"), Legion post named after (photo), 1946/01/04: 1
      'Buddies' fete wives, guest at gay dinner, 1968/01/12: 8
      charter granted, 1946/02/15: 1
      Christmas activities at Ella Austin Children's Home, 1950/01/06: 6, 1950/12/22: 6
        gives substantial check to Samuel Shaw, manager (photo), 1965/12/31: 1
        hosts holiday party at orphanage, 1951/01/05: 6
        plays Santa to orphans, 1953/01/02: 6
      Comments on Veterans Affairs, by Walter Whitfield, Commander
        See Whitfield, Walter (Commander of American Legion, Fred Brock Post)
      dedication of Department of Texas headquarters in Austin attended by SA Legionnaires, 1953/07/17: 6
      Fitzgerald, O. E.
        See Fitzgerald, O. E., American Legion service
      Galveston beach excursion set for May 8, 1948/04/30: 7
      helps needy families, 1960/01/15: 7
      helps vets with insurance claims, 1949/09/09: 1
      holiday party hosted at orphanage, 1951/01/05: 6
      Hughes, Porter, SAPD officer honored by Legion at 51st birthday of the Legion, 1970/03/20: 8
      "I am an American" program held, 1951/05/18: 7
      initiation of new members
        130 new members initiated, 1948/06/11: 8
        over 400 attend ceremony, 1946/03/08: 7
      Legion urges vets to take advantage of opportunities, 1947/11/07: 7
      Legionnaires travel to Dallas for district meeting, 1950/11/03: 7
      "Magic Musical" to be presented Oct. 26, 1953/10/23: 7
        legislative branch meets, 1960/02/05: 6
        mass meeting to be held Sunday, 1946/02/01: 5
        meetings in 1946, 1946/11/15: 5
        meetings in 1958, 1958/07/18: 6
        meetings in 1963, 1963/01/25: 6, 1963/09/27: 7
        meetings in 1965, 1965/10/15: 7
      membership drives
        benefit breakfast held for the 1966 membership campaign, 1965/10/15: 7
        cabaret dance held, 1947/02/14: 6
        drive continues, 1946/03/29: 7
        drive extended to June 15, 1946/05/17: 7
        drive for members now under way, 1953/10/30: 2
      Memorial Day, post and auxiliary honor war dead at St. Luke Baptist Church, 1950/06/09: 6
      memorial service held for children killed in Birmingham, AL, church bombing, 1963/09/27: 7
      new legion post now being organized; officers elected, 1945/12/21: 1
        Bibles, Jimmie E., elected commander, 1965/06/25: 7
        elections, 1945/12/21: 1, 1948/06/25: 6, 1949/07/01 Supp: 1, 1949/08/26: 6, 1954/06/25: 6, 1956/06/22: 7, 1958/06/20: 7, 1959/06/26: 7, 1961/06/23: 7, 1963/07/26: 6, 1964/06/26: 7, 1965/06/18: 7, 1965/06/25: 7, 1967/07/21: 8, 1968/06/21: 8
          installation planned for newly organized post, 1946/01/11: 5
          posts hold joint installation ceremonies, 1963/08/30: 6
          SA posts and auxiliaries hold joint installation ceremonies, 1949/08/26: 6, 1958/08/22: 6, 1966/09/16: 7
          services held with George Washington Carver post, 1948/08/27: 7
        Smitha, Delma H., elected commander, 1960/06/24: 7
        Taylor, Wilbert H., elected post commander, 1957/06/21: 7
        Walker, W. L., appointed service officer (photo), 1953/06/12: 7
        Whitfield, Walter E.
      oratorical contest held, featuring senior Wheatley students, 1967/12/01: 4
      "Parade for Bonus"
        to be staged Feb. 21, 1948/02/20: 5
        postponed parade reset for Feb. 28, 1948/02/27: 5
      presenting of colors ceremony Sunday, 1947/04/18: 2
      PV dramatists
        presented by Legion in mystery thriller, 1949/02/11: 6, 1949/02/25: 4
        "Till Death Do Us Part" to be presented for Legion's national safety campaign, 1949/01/28: 7
      rifles for use at military funerals received from War Department, 1947/08/01: 6
      safety project completed, 1949/09/02: 1
      San Antonio Black Sox
        Black Sox Fat and Forty Nine play Fred Brock Post, 1969/07/11: 5
        plaque presented to San Antonio Black Sox, for outstanding work on ball field and clean entertainment, 1969/03/21: 5
      style show held June 12 at Woodlake, 1952/06/06: 6
      veterans of World War II and Korean Conflict admonished to take advantage of special services or lose benefits, 1950/09/08: 7
      Week of Prayer begins April 16, 1950/04/14: 4
      Whitfield, Walter E.
      YWCA ceremonies dedicate flag and flagpole donated by Fred Brock Post (photo), 1952/03/28: 1
    American Legion, George Washington Carver Post (Post 800)
      Note: formerly called Afro-American Legion, Charles Young Post, No. 1 before December 1, 1945.
      22nd District conventions
        delegates return from district convention, 1950/07/14: 6
        first state legion convention to be hosted by Carver Post, 1946/06/07: 6
        meetings in 1964, 1964/04/10: 7
      48th annual department convention attended, 1964/07/31: 6
        39th anniversary of post observed March 15 (photo), 1959/03/13: 6
        50th anniversary and "Back to God" program observed, 1969/03/21: 4
        Carver Post celebrates Legion's birthday, 1970/03/06: 8
      annual holiday party held, 1968/01/19: 9
      Armstead, J. E., two day session held for commander of 22nd district, 1951/04/06: 7
      assists flood sufferers, 1946/10/11: 6
        American Legion posts, auxiliaries, elect officers, 1949/08/26: 6
        annual silver tea held, 1965/11/05 Supp: 3
        "Calendar Girls" and their escorts pictured in event sponsored by Victoria Civic Council (photo), 1969/10/17: 8
        convention attendance
          3rd Division convention, Brenham, 1967/06/23: 8
          20th district fall convention, San Antonio, 1966/10/28: 9
        distributes gifts at Brooke General Hospital (photo), 1950/12/29: 6
        inducts 17 at formal initiation, 1948/07/02 Supp: 2
        luncheon honoring outgoing and incoming presidents held at Cap'n Jim's Restaurant, 1968/08/30: 8
        meetings in 1946, 1946/05/10 Supp: 2
        meetings in 1963, 1963/07/19: 6
        meetings in 1967, 1967/03/17: 8
        meetings in 1968, 1968/06/14: 8
        new officers assume duties, 1952/11/07: 6
        represented at 22nd District convention in Port Arthur, 1948/07/09 Supp: 1
        SA posts and auxiliaries hold joint officer installation ceremonies, 1949/08/26: 6
        style show dinner at Sunken Gardens, 1950/10/27: 7, 1950/11/03: 7
        Travis, Emma Jean, presented with scholarship from the American Legion (Jo's Jottings), 1962/09/28 Supp: 4
        wives organize auxiliary, 1946/03/15: 6
        new San Antonio post chartered, 1945/02/02: 1
        SA post is first to get charter in Dixie, 1945/12/14: 1
      chitterling dinner held, 1964/11/27: 7
      Christmas shopping tour given to children of Ella Austin Children's Home (photo), 1964/01/03: 1
      Easter egg hunt held for orphans, 1949/04/22 Supp: 1
      Executive Board
        meeting schedule changed, 1967/11/17: 9
        members listed, 1968/06/07: 8
      game party, social sponsored, 1964/10/09: 6
      Gold Star Mothers sell dinners at Legion retreat, 1961/05/26: 7
      home for Posts No. 800, 828, and 871 to be officially opened, 1959/10/02: 6
      Jackson, John
      Lowery, Sid A., Department Service Officer to address Legionnaires, 1952/02/01: 7
      Malone, McKinley, re-elected Sixth Division Sergeant-at-Arms at convention in Beaumont (photo), 1956/07/27: 7
      Marshall, Gracie, first WAC admitted to membership, 1946/05/10: 6
      McKinley, Malone, re-elected sixth division Sergeant-at-Arms at convention in Beaumont (photo), 1956/07/27: 7
      meetings in 1946, 1946/02/08: 7, 1946/04/12: 2
      meetings in 1947, 1947/01/10: 2
      meetings in 1949, 1949/11/11 Supp: 4
      meetings in 1952, 1952/01/11: 7, 1952/12/12: 6
      meetings in 1957, 1957/12/06: 6
      meetings in 1961, 1961/06/09: 7
      meetings in 1962, 1962/11/30: 7
      meetings in 1963, 1963/03/08: 6
      meetings in 1964, 1964/05/08: 6, 1964/08/07: 6
      meetings in 1969, 1969/01/17: 8, 1969/04/11: 8, 1969/08/08: 8
      meetings in 1970, 1970/01/09: 4, 1970/03/06: 8, 1970/05/08: 6, 1970/06/19: 6
      Memorial Day
        observed with service at Jacob's Chapel, 1957/05/31: 8 (filmed in 06/07 issue)
        war dead honored by post and auxiliary at St. Luke's Baptist Church, 1950/06/09: 6
      new members
        initiation of new members set for Sunday, 1946/01/18: 1, 1949/04/01: 4
        members formally installed (photo), 1946/01/25: 5
        elections, 1949/06/10 Supp: 1, 1952/08/01: 6, 1956/07/13: 7, 1957/07/19: 7, 1958/06/06: 6, 1960/06/10: 6, 1961/06/09: 7, 1962/06/08: 7, 1964/06/12: 6, 1965/06/18: 7, 1966/06/10: 6, 1967/07/07: 6, 1968/06/07: 8, 1969/06/06: 6
          meeting called for election of officers, 1965/06/04: 7
        installation held, 1945/02/02: 1, 1946/01/11: 5, 1949/06/10 Supp: 1, 1949/08/26: 6, 1966/08/12: 6, 1967/09/01: 8, 1968/08/09: 6
          posts hold joint installation ceremonies, 1963/08/30: 6, 1964/09/11: 7
          SA posts and auxiliaries hold joint installation ceremonies, 1949/08/26: 6
          services held with Fred Brock Post, 1948/08/27: 7
      "Out of Space" costume ball hosted, 1966/06/10: 7
      Teen Club to hold record hop, 1970/01/16: 4
    American Legion, John F. Kennedy Post 485
      An Orchid to American Legion Post 485 [for stand against segregated membership] (editorial), 1964/07/31: 4
    American Legion, Post 800
      See American Legion, George Washington Carver Post
    American Legion, Post 818, Beeville, TX
      holds celebration, with visitors from Victoria, Goliad, and San Antonio, 1965/03/05: 2
    American Legion, San Antonio and Texas Groups
      See also specific post names
      20th District, 9th annual spring convention held in Bay City, 1963/05/03: 7
      21st District
        35 Legionnaires to convene for department meeting in Brenham, 1947/07/04: 6
        SA Legionnaires return from Brenham, 1947/07/11: 6
      22nd District
        1st annual convention, San Antonio
          Legion convention to be hosted by George Washington Carver Post, 1946/06/07: 6
          more than 200 attend initial convention, 1946/07/26: 1
        3rd Subdistrict
          convention held in Victoria, 1948/04/09: 2
          Lowery, T. L., heads American Legion subdistrict, 1947/11/21: 1
          meets in Galveston, 1948/05/21: 7
        6th annual convention, El Paso
          Louis A. Carter post is host for 1951 state convention (photo), 1951/04/20: 3
          records fall at Legion meet in El Paso, 1951/07/13: 7
        7th annual convention in Bay City attended by more than 200, 1952/04/04: 6
        8th annual convention, Abraham Lincoln post charters bus to attend convention in Longview, 1953/07/10: 6
        District Area Training Institute held in San Antonio, 1947/02/28: 1
        San Antonio delegates attend district officers conference in Fort Worth, 1949/11/25 Supp: 2
        San Antonio Legionnaires travel to Dallas for district meeting, 1950/11/03: 7
      27th District
        fall convention
          4th annual convention held in Seguin, 1958/09/26: 2
          5th convention attended by San Antonians in Goliad, 1959/11/13: 7, 1959/11/20: 6
          7th annual convention held in Hempstead, 1961/11/10: 6
          8th annual fall meeting held in Cuero, 1962/11/09: 2
          9th annual fall meeting held in Seguin, 1963/11/01: 2
          Merrill, Mrs. Walter B., district president, and Mrs. Martin Fields, vice president, attend convention in Hempstead (Jo's Jottings), 1961/11/03 Supp: 3
          Bibles, Jimmie L., Fred Brock Post, elected district commander; other officers elected, 1961/05/05: 7
          Fields, Martha, elected vice president (Jo's Jottings), 1961/05/12 Supp: 4
        spring convention
          2nd annual convention held in Seguin, 1957/05/03: 2
          3rd annual convention in Anahuac attended by San Antonians, 1958/05/09: 7
          4th annual convention held in Sugarland, 1959/04/17: 7
          10th annual convention held in Brenham, 1964/05/01: 6
      American Legion birthday
        41st birthday celebrated with party for San Antonio posts, 1960/03/25: 6
        42nd birthday
          anniversary program set for March, 1961/03/10: 7
          observed by San Antonio posts, 1961/03/24: 6
        45th anniversary of American Legion observed, 1964/03/27: 6
      annual poppy sale next week, 1950/11/03: 6
        Christmas gifts taken to Brooke Army Hospital for patients to choose for children (photo), 1955/12/30: 7
        McKay, Mrs. J. Edward, national president, meets with local auxiliaries (Jo's Jottings), 1962/03/16 Supp: 4
        rummage sale sponsored, 1969/12/05: 7
      barbecue dinners to be sold, 1960/02/19: 7, 1961/05/26: 7
      "Bathing Follies"
        Bathing Follies set for June 17 at Woodlake (photo), 1947/05/23: 6
        Bess, Miss Bobbie, is final Bathing Follies winner, 1947/07/25: 6
        large audience witnesses fourth "Bathing Follies" at Woodlake Terrace (photo), 1947/06/27: 7
        participants in annual "bathing follies" (photo), 1947/06/27: 6
        legion posts to give disaster benefit cabaret dance, 1947/05/23: 2
        PV dramatists to be presented in benefit show, 1949/01/28: 7
        "western jamboree" benefit show held at downtown auditorium, 1947/06/20: 6, 1947/06/27: 7
      board of directors installed, 1960/09/23: 7, 1960/09/30: 7
      board of trustees
        meetings, 1960/09/02: 6, 1963/02/01: 6
        officers elected, 1965/09/03: 7, 1966/09/16: 7
      building drive
        drive for building fund shows results, 1947/08/22: 4
        Legion drive group not connected with recent Texas City disaster benefit dance, 1947/06/06: 7
        legionnaires meet to plan central home, 1947/02/14: 5
        three legion posts launch $50,000 building drive, 1947/05/02: 1
      Department of Texas conventions and meetings
        38th annual convention, Texas American Legion gives equal vote to Negroes, 1956/08/10: 1
        42nd annual state convention in Dallas, 1960/08/19: 6
        43rd annual state convention in Houston, 1961/08/04: 6
        47th annual state convention, San Antonio represented at meet in El Paso, 1965/07/30: 7
        convention in Corpus Christi attended by Charles Young Afro-American Post members, 1932/07/22: 8 (filmed in 07/29 issue)
        Houston, officers elected; members from Post 800 in attendance, 1968/08/16: 6
        Jackson, John, installed as department vice commander (photo), 1964/07/31: 6
        Jackson, Verdell, invited to be soloist at Department convention in Dallas, 1967/08/04: 8
        midwinter conference in Austin, 1960/01/22: 7
          SA Legionnaires attend, 1959/01/30: 6
      Fitzgerald, O. E.
        See Fitzgerald, O. E., American Legion service
      "Fun Night" set for Feb. 18 at Legion Retreat, 1966/02/11: 7
      "George Washington Breakfast" set, 1961/02/17: 6
      July 4th breakfast to be served, 1961/06/30: 7
      Legion mortgage burning set for Sunday, 1970/03/27: 9
      Legion style and floor show at Keyhole, April 3, 1951/03/23: 6
      Legionnaires get ready for Armistice Day Parade, 1950/10/27: 7
      Luling, Texas, post celebrate 2nd anniversary, 1949/04/15: 7
        all post members to meet October 14, 1962/10/12: 7
        joint meeting to be held for all posts and units, 1965/10/29: 7
        mass meeting to be held Oct. 12, 1947/10/10: 6
        meetings in 1962, 1962/10/12: 7
        notice to veterans of organizational meeting, 1931/12/18: 8 (filmed in 12/25 issue)
        social meeting scheduled for Tuesday, 1948/02/27 Supp: 3
      memorial services held at Friendship Baptist Church, 1955/06/03: 4
      retreat has sausage dinners for holiday weekend, 1965/09/03: 7
      rummage sale held at retreat, 1968/10/04: 9
      San Antonio posts
        home for Posts No. 800, 828, and 871 to be officially opened, 1959/10/02: 6
        honor Korean veterans in week of March 15, 1953/03/13: 1
        meet with Boys Club, Unit No. 3, 1949/11/04: 6
        Post 800
          See American Legion, George Washington Carver Post
        Post 828
          holds joint installation of officers with Post 800, 1964/09/11: 7
          home for Posts No. 800, 828, and 871 to be officially opened, 1959/10/02: 6
          members and Ladies Auxiliary to worship at Second Baptist Church, 1963/11/22: 6
        Post 828 Auxiliary
          meetings in 1966, 1966/03/25 Supp: 3, 1966/10/14: 10 (filmed in 10/21 issue)
          members and Ladies Auxiliary to worship at Second Baptist Church, 1963/11/22: 6
        SA Legionnaires attend training institute conducted by Veterans Affairs Commission, 1948/01/16: 6
        seek betterment of community through civic action, 1953/11/20: 2
        Vigilance Committee approves fund drive, 1947/05/30: 7
      San Marcos Legion Post entertains SA, Luling units, 1950/09/22: 6
      Sixth Division
        2nd annual convention
          anti-Jim Crow action eliminates segregation at Beaumont convention, 1956/07/13: 7
          Malone, McKinley, re-elected Sergeant-at-Arms in Beaumont (photo), 1956/07/27: 7
        3rd annual convention held in Lubbock, with members of George Washington Carver post attending, 1957/07/12: 7
        4th annual convention in Longview, San Antonio well-represented, 1958/07/11: 6
        7th annual convention of Auxiliary attended by San Antonians in Fort Worth, 1962/09/07: 7
        9th annual convention held in Beaumont, 1963/06/21: 6
        11th annual convention, San Antonio well represented, 1965/06/11: 7
        Auxiliary's Girls Blue Bonnet State, race bars come down, 1963/08/16: 6
        post officers
          hold two-day meeting in San Antonio, 1954/11/12: 1, 1954/11/19: 1
          San Antonians attend post officers conference in Fort Worth, 1962/09/07: 7
      Texas Legion upholds Negro's right to play in Littlefield baseball team, 1948/07/02: 3
      turkey dinner set, 1960/09/30: 7
      Tyler, Texas, 'speaker,' H. M. Morgan, not allowed to talk at new Legion installation program; refuses to be an "Uncle Tom" so he doesn't talk (photo), 1943/04/09: 1
    American Legion, Voris James Post (Seguin, TX)
      Seguin post set up Sunday; named in honor of AAF pilot killed one year ago (photo), 1947/12/19: 1
    American Legion Baseball Team
      See Baseball, American Legion (1947-1948)
    American Legion Past Commanders Club
      meetings in 1969, 1969/02/07: 8
    American Library Association
      elects first Negro board member, 1947/09/19: 1
      Jim Crow loses ALA bid for annual library session Miami Beach, 1953/04/03: 6
      "Not Without Laughter" novel by Langston Hughes, picked for 1931 list of forty best American books, 1931/09/04: 3
    American Medical Association (AMA)
      names Negro to policy-making board, 1949/08/19: 6
      National Medical Association head rips apathy of Negro AMA members, 1949/12/30: 1
      opposes candy and soft drinks in school lunchrooms, 1962/07/06: 1
      racial bias
        accused of racial, religious bias in journal ads, 1950/05/26: 5
        AMA gets tough with anti-bias rule, 1968/12/27: 9
        AMA 'not ready,' turns down pro-Negro membership amendment, 1948/07/09: 1
        drive opens to force AMA to accept Negroes, 1947/11/28: 4
        New York Medical Society asks AMA to drop race bars, 1948/05/28: 5
        pledges aid to curb bias in medical profession, 1963/08/23: 3
      seats first Negro on policy-making board, 1950/06/30: 1
    American Missionary Association
      president reports 4-year operation without deficit, 1934/06/08: 7
    American Negro Commemorative Society
      society formed to honor great Negroes, 1968/05/24: 6
    American Negro Emancipation Centennial
      new organization formed in Chicago to plan national observance in 1963 of 100 years of freedom, 1954/07/30: 1
    American Negro Exposition (Chicago)
      Ali, Miriam
        beauty winner 'forced' into "Miss Bronze America" contest (photo), 1940/09/06: 4
        crowned "Miss Bronze America" at Expo (photo), 1940/09/06: 1
      announces list of special days, 1940/07/05: 4
      Cab Calloway, Hi-De-Ho King, at Exposition's opening (photos), 1940/07/12: 7
      Chicago ministers of all faiths plan religious activities for Exposition (photo), 1940/06/21: 8 (filmed in 06/28 issue)
      Ellington, Duke, visits studios as artists prepare Expo material (photo), 1940/06/21: 7
      epochal Negro World's Fair opens in Chicago; history making event is started by President's pushing of button, 1940/07/12: 1
      famed Tanner painting, "The Disciple at the Tomb," shown at Exposition (photo), 1940/07/26: 4
      first arrivals snapped at Negro World's Fair (photos), 1940/07/12: 4
      history of Negro press shown in Expo exhibit (photos), 1940/08/02: 8 (filmed in 08/09 issue)
      International Harvester to award motor truck to nation's leading Negro community as feature of Emancipation Exposition in Chicago, 1940/02/09: 5
      Jones, Robert, to reproduce Lincoln Tomb at Expo (photo), 1940/05/24: 2
      Lens Camera Club of Chicago to hold national camera contest at Chicago Expo, 1940/05/17: 4
      Louis, Marva, admires trophies of hubby's fistic prowess (photo), 1940/08/09: 5
      lynch tragedy in bronze at Expo (photo), 1940/08/09: 1
      McAdoo, Sanford, demonstrates silk screen process at Expo (photo), 1940/08/02: 5
      Murphy, Isaac, four-time Derby winner in Expo diorama (photo), 1940/05/17: 4
      ready for grand opening, July 4, 1940/06/28: 5
      representatives from Chicago expo visit Detroit show (photo), 1940/05/31: 4
      sales expert visits Business League exhibit at Exposition (photo), 1940/09/06: 8 (filmed in 09/13 issue)
      special programs are held in Court of Dioramas (photo), 1940/08/16: 8 (filmed in 08/23 issue)
      vocalists from the YMCA-NYA of Chicago prepare for appearances at Negro Exposition (photo), 1940/05/31: 7
      Wallace, Henry A., Demo vice presidential candidate visits Exposition (photo), 1940/08/02: 1
      white southerner praises birth control exhibit; airs views on Race problem--says solution in absorption, 1940/08/02: 4
      Williams, Lorenzo, "Youngest Band Leader" leads family ork [sic] at Expo (photo), 1940/08/09: 4
      workmen put finishing touches on coliseum as Chi Exposition opens (photos), 1940/07/05: 8 (filmed in 07/12 issue)
    American Newspaper Publishers Association
      awards grants-in-aid to 26 Negro students, 1968/08/16: 3
    American Nurses Association (ANA)
      Faville, Katherine E., presented with Mary Mahoney Award, for opening doors to Negroes, 1966/06/24: 1
      Harris, Ianthe C., named education director, 1964/07/31: 3
      Marr, Grace E., outlines intergroup relations program (photo), 1954/05/21: 6
      nurses tackle race bias at biennial ANA session in Chicago, 1954/05/07: 1
      Oklahoma nurse, Marie Cecilia Mink, honored, 1960/06/10: 8 (filmed in 06/17 issue)
      still hits inequalities for Negro nurses, 1952/07/04: 6
      Vogel, Mildred Ann, Miami, FL, receives ANA's interracial Mary Mahoney Award at annual convention, 1956/08/03: 7
      votes to admit Dixie Negro nurses, 1948/06/11: 1
    American Pharmaceutical Association
      Negro nominated for national office, 1963/07/19: 6
    American Psychological Association
      Florida loses psychologists' meet because of Jim Crow, 1956/10/12: 6
    American Red Cross
      See also American Red Cross Canteen
      See also American Red Cross Corps
      See also Bexar County Red Cross Chapter
      See also USO-Red Cross
      See also YWCA Red Cross
      accused of Jim Crow practices, 1944/02/25: 1
      activities in 1942, 1942/08/28: 6
      American Red Cross group [Bexar County] displays work (photo), 1943/03/19: 6
      Barnett, Claude A., Associated Negro Press director, elected to board of Red Cross, 1952/07/11: 1
      Barsch, Helen R., San Antonio, one of 1965 winners of Estabrook Award, 1965/03/26: 6
      blood donations
      Brooke General Hospital
        hostesses awarded, 1953/03/20: 2
        training class held for volunteers, 1965/08/27: 6
      Bunche, Dr. Ralph Johnson
        re-elected to Board for 3-year term (photo), 1954/07/09: 4
        re-elected to Board of Governors, 1954/04/16: 3
      career positions available at once, 1961/10/13: 1
      courses for expectant parents offered, 1962/10/26: 7
      drops plans to buy Washington, DC property because of racial bias clause, 1957/02/15: 3
      Edwards, Larry, 16, from Houston, wins Certificate of Merit Award for saving white girl, Barbara Ann Scott, 7, 1959/01/30: 1
      first aid courses
        advanced first aid instruction offered, 1962/07/20: 5, 1963/03/08: 5
        courses begin, 1962/02/23: 3, 1962/05/18: 7, 1963/02/08: 7, 1965/10/01: 7
        first aid instructor's courses for care of sick and injured offered, 1962/01/12: 6
        free first aid courses offered, 1957/10/18: 7
      first Negro Red Cross unit arrives in England, 1942/10/02: 6
      fund drive
        committee of Negroes named to campaign in fund drive, 1944/03/03: 1
        Ft. Sam employee, Prince McIntyre, awarded for part in Red Cross campaign, 1948/05/14: 1
        larger donations sought in SA fund drive, 1945/03/09: 1
        Support the Red Cross War Fund (editorial), 1944/03/10: 4
        war fund campaign under way, 1945/03/02: 1
        Washington, Cpl. James C., is Kelly Unit's first Red Cross contributor (photo), 1945/03/09: 1
      Hargrove, Frank J., and Sam Woods, complete advanced Red Cross courses, 1951/11/30: 6
      home nursing classes
        See also Nurses and Nursing
        32 women finish nursing class, 1942/08/28: 8 (filmed in 09/04 issue)
        certificates awarded to eight SA women, 1936/06/12: 1
        closing exercises for home nursing class, 1942/08/21: 6
        Cuney Elementary School class, 1944/02/18: 6
        graduation exercises held for class in Home Hygiene and Care of the Sick, 1935/08/02: 6
        Wheatley Courts class awarded certificates, 1942/12/25: 6
        Wheatley Courts classes held, 1942/10/23: 6
      Johnson, Samantha, and Mrs. O. M. Whittier help raise funds for the Red Cross (photo), 1952/03/21: 1
      Leffall, Maude L., one of 1965 winners of Estabrook Award (photo), 1965/03/26: 6
      Let's Do Our Part! (editorial), 1946/04/05: 4
      local chapter in appeal for assistance for Ethiopia, 1936/01/31: 7
      Miami loses national Red Cross convention because of race issue, 1950/02/10: 1
      Moton, Mrs. Robert R., appointed to Red Cross Council (photo), 1942/09/04: 6
      no Jim Crow at Red Cross service clubs, NAACP told, 1942/09/04: 4
      nutrition classes
        foods, nutrition classes held, 1942/07/31: 6
        open Tuesday at Cuney School, 1942/06/12: 7
      orphanage Red Cross members prepare GI Christmas units (photo), 1946/09/06: 6
      Powell, Mrs. Harryet L., ex-Victoria teacher overseas with RC, 1945/01/19: 1
      Prairie View State College gets chapter (photo), 1946/05/31 Supp: 2
      Race leaders meet with Red Cross officials (photo), 1942/08/14: 6, 1942/08/14: 7
      Race Red Cross unit gets 300 aluminum pieces, 1941/08/01: 1
      Red Cross Gift Bag Project
        Gift Bag Project under way in San Antonio, but volunteers still needed, 1967/08/18: 8
        volunteers needed to make "Ditty Bags" for Viet Nam service men (Jo's Jottings), 1967/08/18: 8
      Richardson, Willie Y., Red Cross worker honored (photo), 1943/07/16: 6
      Roosevelt College (Chicago) bans Red Cross until it ends Race policy, 1946/02/22: 1
      San Antonio Red Cross Unit observes 2nd anniversary, 1944/01/28: 6
      Santone Red Cross in appeal for Ethiopia, 1936/01/31: 7
        See also Swimming, life guards/life saving, Red Cross Lifesaving Exams
        aquatic school set for Athens, TX, 1964/05/22: 6
        courses for adult beginners added to Bexar County summer swim program, 1964/06/12: 6
      teen-agers attend junior convention in Los Angeles (photo), 1954/07/16: 1
      "The Red Cross" [week proclaimed by Mayor and Governor] (editorial), 1934/11/16: 4
      Toliver, Mrs. Jimmye V., awarded pin by SA Red Cross instructor, 1958/11/21: 1
      Tovalou, Princess (nee Roberta Dodd Crawford), Texan, now princess, serves GI's at Paris Red Cross club, 1945/09/07: 1
      Tucker, Mrs. Nora R., named to post in historical section, 1947/07/11: 4
      two Negro doctors, nurse, named to health board, 1945/12/28: 6
      Unit No. 1 entertained, 1931/10/16: 6
      US Navy denies banning Negro blood donors, 1942/01/23: 1
        orientation for RC volunteers set, 1969/10/24: 6
        volunteer hostess group formed to entertain patients in military hospitals, 1951/01/19: 6
        volunteers sought for Grey Ladies, nurses' aides, 1950/10/20: 3
    American Red Cross Canteen
      42 receive certificates at Canteen class ceremonies, 1943/06/25: 6, 1943/07/16: 6
      news in 1943, 1943/07/02: 8 (filmed in 07/09 issue)
      Red Cross Canteen unit to assist Travelers' Aid, 1943/06/25: 1
    American Red Cross Corps
      news in 1943, 1943/03/19: 6, 1943/03/26: 7, 1943/04/23: 6, 1943/06/25: 6
    American Sociological Society
      first Negro president takes office, 1949/01/07: 1
    American Teachers Association
      61st annual convention set for Atlanta, 1964/06/12: 1
    American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T)
      Scruggs, Raymond S., Detroit, promoted to public relations manager of AT&T (photo), 1967/06/02: 1
    American Tennis Association
    American Veterans Committee
      See also United Negro and Allied Veterans of America
      Carter, Robert L., is AVC director of veterans affairs, 1947/09/26: 5
      Evers, Charles, elected to board, 1969/06/27: 1
      universal military training opposed by veteran group, 1948/01/02: 1
    American Wonders
      new club formed, 1933/09/01: 5
    American Woodmen
      Abner, Dr. E.W.D.
        scores big at meeting, 1933/02/03: 1
        will address membership (photo), 1933/01/27: 1
      Advisory Board meetings, 1941/09/26: 6, 1941/10/31: 5
      Allen, R. W., Jr., home office representative and guests honored (photo), 1965/04/16: 7
      anniversary and sermon
        31st anniversary celebration, 1932/04/29: 3
        40th anniversary sermon at Corinth Baptist, 1941/04/25: 7
        44th anniversary celebrated, 1945/04/20: 7
        45th anniversary celebration, Sunday, 1946/04/26: 6
        46th anniversary Sunday, 1947/04/25: 6
        51st anniversary observed at Jacob Chapel, 1952/04/25: 8 (filmed in 05/02 issue)
        57th anniversary observed with Camps No. 5 and 93 and Tent No. 5 at Emmanuel AME Church, 1958/04/18: 6
        58th anniversary observed April 26, 1959/04/24: 8 (filmed in 05/01 issue)
        59th anniversary set, 1960/04/22: 8 (filmed in 04/29 issue)
        64th anniversary celebrated at Friendship Baptist Church of Luling, 1965/04/09: 4
        annual services set for April 26 at Henson Chapel Methodist Church, Gonzales, 1964/04/17: 8 (filmed in 04/24 issue)
        at Bethel AME, 1948/04/23: 8
        services set for May 2, 1943/04/23: 6
        at St. John Baptist Church, 1957/04/26: 6
        at Union Baptist Church, 1949/04/29: 4
        Woodmen to have annual sermon at Lavernia, 1934/06/22: 8 (filmed in 06/29 issue)
      baseball teams
        See American Woodmen Acorns (girls' team)
        See American Woodmen Brown Bombers (girls' team)
      basketball team
        See Basketball, American Woodmen
      bathing beauty contest
        bathing beauty contest winners (photo), 1944/06/23: 7
        bathing follies to be presented June 19 (photo), 1946/05/03: 7
        interest continues to mount in bathing revue, 1946/05/31: 6
        Robinson, Norma, wins follies contest, 1946/07/26: 6
        Sample, Berry Bena, wins bathing beauty contest, 1944/06/09: 7
      Brush Burners of Camp 93 meet, 1932/07/15: 8 (filmed in 07/22 issue)
      burglars enter office, machines stolen, 1963/09/20: 1
      Camp No. 5
        Brown, Sandra Jean, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Horace Brown, Jr., is winner of baby contest (photo), 1953/12/11 Supp: 4
        Camp Nos. 5 and 93 hold annual sermon on Sunday, 1951/04/20: 4
        Christmas tree program held with Harry Burns, Jr., guest speaker (Jo's Jottings), 1949/12/30 Supp: 4
        entertained by Commander A. L. Garner, 1948/08/20: 6
        Fitzgerald, O. E.
        Friday, Dr. C. B., to be rally speaker May 10, 1951/05/04: 6
        to give barbecue May 22, 1948/05/14: 6
        Jackson, Luther L., elected commander (photo), 1946/12/20: 6
        San Antonians attends District Woodmen meeting in Dallas, 1957/07/12: 6
        sponsors bus trip to Dallas June 27 with Camp No. 93, 1951/06/22: 7
        surprise social fetes officials, delegates, 1949/07/22 Supp: 3
        Walking Cane club popularity contest coming to a close, 1952/03/28: 6
      Camp No. 93
        Activity Club
          benefit tea to be held, 1955/10/21: 7
          meetings in 1954, 1954/08/06: 6
          meetings in 1955, 1955/02/11 Supp: 2
        annual "Feast in the Forest" held, 1949/06/17: 6
        annual Valentine dinner held (Jo's Jottings), 1962/02/23 Supp: 4
        Bouldin, Walter, appointed commander of Camp No. 93 to replace Clara Williams (photo), 1952/10/17: 6
        Camp Nos. 5 and 93 hold annual sermon on Sunday, 1951/04/20: 4
        to hold homecoming Oct. 14, 1947/09/26: 6
        meetings in 1963, 1963/03/01: 6
        meets second and fourth Wednesday nights, 1955/08/19: 6
        sponsors bus trip to Dallas June 27 with Camp No. 5, 1951/06/22: 7
        sponsors musical tea, 1947/05/30: 8 (filmed in 06/06 issue)
        Williams, Clara, resigns as commander of Camp No. 93 due to ill health (photo), 1952/10/17: 6
      camps in joint session, program, 1949/03/11: 6
      Chapman (Chatman), W. T.
        leaving for new assignment, honored with testimonial dinner hosted by YMCA's Wisemen's Club and Alamo City Chamber of Commerce (photo), 1963/11/01: 3
        manager of San Antonio branch, guest speaker at regular meeting of San Antonio NAACP, 1963/03/15: 1
      dedicates new home office building in Denver during Supreme Camp Session (photo), 1950/08/18: 7
      delegation returns from Denver session, 1946/08/23: 6
      Drummond, J. F.
        Dixon, J. H., loses suit against J. F. Drummond, supervisor, and fraternal order for alleged damages, 1933/11/24: 1
        Drummonds feted by loyal members, 1932/09/02: 6
        made defendant in court action, 1931/09/18: 1
      Duffy, Bill
        promoted to position of staff manager (photo), 1964/01/17: 6
        staff manager fetes two top agents at luncheon (photo), 1964/06/05: 6
      Duncan, Mrs. Monnie, appointed clerk of Camp No. 93 (photo), 1947/06/27: 6
      entertain with "Around the World" trip, 1948/05/07: 2
      expansion program workshop held (photo), 1964/04/17: 7
      first annual American Woodmen Sunday observed Oct. 20 with parade and church service, 1957/10/18: 7
      Fitzgerald, O. E.
      Gonzales Woodmen observe 52nd anniversary, 1953/04/17: 2, 1953/04/24: 2
      Honeysuckle Social Club
        to give silver tea, 1951/06/15: 6
        meetings in 1950, 1950/04/14: 4
        meetings in 1951, 1951/06/22: 6
        meetings in 1952, 1952/05/09: 6
        meetings in 1953, 1953/08/07 Supp: 4, 1953/09/11 Supp: 3, 1953/10/09 Supp: 3, 1953/11/06: 6, 1953/11/13 Supp: 3, 1953/12/11: 7
        meetings in 1955, 1955/04/15 Supp: 2
      Hoyle, Julia, clerk, fired for wanting equality of treatment (signed statement by Hoyle), 1957/10/18: 6
      installation of officers held, 1949/01/21 Supp: 1
      Juvenile Department
        juveniles asked to meet at "YW" Oct. 4, 1947/10/03: 7
        musical tea to be given Sunday, 1948/05/28: 6
      Life Underwriters Club
        dessert tea to be held (Jo's Jottings), 1962/11/09 Supp: 4
        makes plans to host tea, 1962/10/05 Supp: 1
        meetings in 1962, 1962/11/09 Supp: 4
      Lightner, L. H.
      Lily of the Valley Social Club
        meetings in 1932, 1932/04/15: 5, 1932/04/22: 7, 1932/05/13: 7, 1932/06/24: 7, 1932/07/01: 6
        meetings in 1946, 1946/01/25 Supp: 2, 1946/03/29 Supp: 4
        meetings in 1947, 1947/01/03: 8 (filmed in 01/10 issue), 1947/01/24 Supp: 4
      McNeal, Eugene B., presented with "Agent of the Week" award (photo), 1964/03/27: 6
      meetings and conferences
        Denver has more than 500 for AW convention, 1958/08/08: 8 (filmed in 08/15 issue)
        Lightner, Lawrence H., Denver, and Dr. A. J. Carey, Chicago, play key roles at Supreme Camp session in Denver (photo), 1958/08/08: 6
        local delegates leave for quadrennial meeting in Denver, 1933/08/11: 8 (filmed in 08/18 issue)
        meetings in 1946, 1946/11/01: 6
        members requested to attend mass meeting at First Baptist Church, 1932/11/04: 7
        regional conference in San Antonio
          regional meeting here next week; expect 350 delegates from eight states, 1940/06/07: 1
          San Antonio gets AW convention; Woodmen regional conference including eight states, here June 12,13,14, 1940/02/09: 1
          Woodmen meet over; delegates from eight states hold three-day session in SA, 1940/06/21: 1
        San Antonians attend regional session in Austin, 1955/07/01 Supp: 2
        three regional meetings to be held, 1947/06/06: 6
      membership drives
        fraternal order in membership drive, 1932/09/09: 1
        quadrennial drive to be launched here on April 15th, 1933/04/14: 1
        San Antonio group launch intensive "on to Denver" membership campaign, 1937/03/12: 1
        special dispensation offered for new members in San Antonio, 1940/06/07: 5
        will stage the "Onward March of the American Woodmen," 1934/05/04: 8 (filmed in 05/11 issue)
      Miss American Woodmen
        Jones, Mary Elizabeth, wins "Miss American Woodmen" title (photo), 1938/06/17: 1
        Yoakum's Helen C. Mitchell is Miss "A.W." (photo), 1946/06/14: 4
      National Baptist Convention, USA, may take over Woodmen of Union properties, 1936/01/24: 8 (filmed in 01/31 issue)
      Norman, G. W., supreme banker, passes, buried in Austin, 1938/12/02: 1
      O. J. Carter Nurse Corps
        Baby Contest most enjoyable and interesting, 1935/08/02: 6
        meetings in 1934, 1934/04/13: 8 (filmed in 04/20 issue)
        meetings in 1937, 1937/09/17: 6
      office in new location, 1959/10/30: 6
        barbecue and picnic at San Marcos for July 4th, 1934/06/22: 8 (filmed in 6/29 issue)
        barbecue and picnic open to public on Blanco River, 1934/06/29: 1
        camps hold joint picnic at Seguin, 1949/08/19: 6
        picnic, bathing review, set for June 2, 1944/05/26: 7
        picnic to be held at Leon Park on Labor Day, 1939/08/25: 7
      Quinan, G., District Deputy, here visiting Camps 5 and 93 (Personal Activities), 1935/08/09: 7
      Ransom, John L., selected as Agent of the Week (photo), 1965/12/17: 7
      Robinson, Mrs. Veatter
        deputy, feted by Seguin Camp 119 (photo), 1949/04/01: 6
        of Yoakum Camp No. 82, named to juvenile post, 1947/09/26: 6
      Seguin Camp 119 holds "feast," 1949/05/20: 6
      Thanksgiving Service
        forty-third "Thanksgiving services" to be held April 23, 1944/04/14: 6
        Thanksgiving sermon Sunday at New Light Baptist Church, 1940/04/26: 6
      UR Co. will have Christmas tree for benefit of poor, 1931/12/04: 7
      writes much new business during Depression, 1932/05/20: 5
    American Woodmen Agency Club
      election of officers, 1961/01/06 Supp: 3
    American Youth Congress
      parade, picket, fight, opposition to "Lease-Lend" proposal are part of hectic meet, 1941/02/21: 1
      President Roosevelt's wife washes hands of Youth Congress, 1941/02/14: 1
    Ames, Mrs. Jessie Daniel
      white Texas woman does great work against lynching (photo), 1934/06/29: 1
    Amicae (Friends of Zetas)
      Amicaes of Austin invite San Antonio members for picnic at Kyle Ranch (Jo's Jottings), 1962/08/03 Supp: 1
      Chautauaqua to be held November 18, 1956/10/05: 6, 1956/10/19: 6
      first meeting of year held, officers installed, 1965/10/29 Supp: 1
      meetings in 1952, 1952/04/04: 2
      meetings in 1953, 1953/12/04 Supp: 2
      meetings in 1954, 1954/04/23: 6, 1954/06/04: 4
      meetings in 1961, 1961/06/09 Supp: 3
      meetings in 1962 (Jo's Jottings), 1962/03/09 Supp: 4
    Amires, Alex
      funeral services held Tuesday, 1939/09/01: 1
    Amires, SP4 Clifton, Jr.
      receives Purple Heart for wounds received in Viet Nam (photo), 1969/03/21: 1
    Amires, Dolly
      notice of death, 1959/12/25: 8 (filmed in 01/01 issue)
    Amires, Lucio
      Jesus Garcia slain by Lucio Amires, in argument over quarter, 1941/05/16: 1
      motorist wounded in side as pistol falls, 1947/03/21: 1
      notice of death, 1967/06/23: 10
    Amires, Nettie
      notice of death, 1959/10/30: 8 (filmed in 11/06 issue)
    Amires, Richard, Sr.
      notice of death, 1966/01/14: 8
    Ammons, Eugene "Gene"
      arrested for selling dope, 1962/03/30: 3
      faces life term in dope case, 1962/11/23: 1
      famed musician pleads guilty to dope charge, 1957/01/25: 1
      life term for selling dope reduced to 10-12 years, 1963/07/05: 1
      saxophonist gets life as dope pusher, must serve 20 years at least, 1963/04/12: 1
      sentenced to 2 to 10 years for illegal possession of narcotics, 1962/11/23: 1
      tenor sax great unable to make $15,500 bond in latest dope arrest, 1962/04/20: 1
    Amos, Gladys Louise
      notice of death, 1963/07/26: 2
      shoots self to death, 1963/07/12: 1
    Amos, Lillie B.
      taken by death, 1955/12/09: 4
    Amos, Oscar
      widely known business man, found dead on bathroom floor, 1950/11/24: 1
    Amos, Robert
      retires after 37 years with Pullman Company (photo), 1966/01/28: 3
    Amos, Rosie Bee
      notice of death, 1965/07/16: 8 (filmed in 07/23 issue)
    Amos, Will
      dies in automobile accident on Seguin highway, 1936/06/19: 8
      three killed as autos collide on Seguin highway, 1936/06/19: 1
    Amos 'n' Andy
      Amos 'n' Andy attend Billiken picnic, 1931/08/21: 7
      The Amos 'N' Andy Protest (editorial), 1931/08/14: 4
      British ignore protest, telecast Amos, Andy show, 1954/05/07: 1
      Moore, Harry R. ("Tim")
        comedian Tim Moore will play Kingfish on TV show, 1950/08/04: 7
        show world sees that "Kingfish" is put away in style, 1959/01/02: 1
      Negro televiewers of Amos 'n' Andy don't share NAACP's objections, 1951/08/24: 4
      new stars rise on show as Negro talent hailed for roles in Blatz-sponsored video version (photos), 1951/07/06: 4
      protests cause Milwaukee TV station to cancel Amos 'n' Andy, 1951/08/10: 1
      protests get ban of Amos 'n' Andy show in Kenya, 1963/11/29: 2
      protests of stereotyping mount in fourth week of "Amos and Andy" TV show fight, 1951/08/03: 1
      TV actors not in jeopardy by Amos 'n' Andy protests, 1951/08/31: 2
      Vann will seek official ban, 1931/08/14: 8 (filmed in 08/21 issue)
    Amphion Glee Club
      holds benefit for orphanage, 1932/11/04: 6
    Amy, Pvt. Vegene
      completes Army basic training (photo), 1966/03/18: 7
    Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons
    Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine
      Brown, Louis J., elected grand potentate at El Paso meeting (photo), 1958/12/26: 6
      Rainey, James, entertained by Nobles of Mouse Temple No. 106, AEWON, Mystic Shrine (photo), 1944/09/08: 7
    Anderson, Rev. Leroy
      conducts revival after returning from three years of Army service (photo), 1945/11/30: 8 (filmed in 12/07 issue)
    Anderson, Almeda
      notice of death, 1959/03/06: 8 (filmed in 03/13 issue), 1959/03/13: 8 (filmed in 03/20 issue)
    Anderson, Alva Cornelius
      Army reservist now at Dodd Field in Medical Corps (photo), 1956/06/22: 4
    Anderson, Alvin
      common law wife, Lola Mae Green, cleared in slaying of mate; incident judged self defense, 1962/11/23: 1
      notice of death, 1962/01/05: 8
      slain by common law wife, Lola Mae Green, who plunges knife into his breast, 1961/12/29: 1
    Anderson, Andy
    Anderson, Arthur
      notice of death, 1957/05/17: 8 (filmed in 05/24 issue)
    Anderson, Austin
      can we forget? [Register endorses Austin Anderson for district attorney], 1954/08/27: 1
      final rites held for district attorney, 1955/07/15: 1
    Anderson, Babe
      five-year suspended sentence given to Burt Wilson in old murder case, 1947/03/28: 1
      slain on farm near city by Burt Wilson; tenant told to move, uses shotgun, 1945/09/14: 1
    Anderson, Babe S., III
      wins first in driving safety slogan contest (photo), 1955/06/24: 3
    Anderson, [baby girl]
      notice of death, 1963/08/02: 2
    Anderson, Barclay
      obsequies to be conducted Friday for well-known businessman and owner of Daiquiri Lounge (photo), 1951/02/16: 1
    Anderson, Rev. C. L. (Little Hill Baptist Church, Ottine, TX)
      accepts call to pastorate of Little Hill Baptist Church (photo), 1963/04/05: 4
      installation services held with Rev. J. A. Kemple, guest speaker (photo), 1963/05/24: 4
      preaching/speaking engagements
        Galilee Baptist Church, guest revivalist (photo), 1965/09/17: 8 (filmed in 09/24 issue)
        Grant Memorial AME Sunday School program, 1958/10/03: 8 (filmed in 10/10 issue)
        St. Phillip's Baptist Church, Waelder, anniversary sermon for Rev. Jim Richardson (photo), 1964/05/22: 8 (filmed in 05/29 issue)
        Westridge Baptist Church, 1962/11/09: 4
      revival opens at New Hope Baptist Church in Seguin; the choir and members of Little Hill Baptist Church will attend (photo), 1964/02/28: 8 (filmed in 03/06 issue)
    Anderson, Charles, Sr.
      rites held in Denver for native San Antonian, 1964/08/21: 1
    Anderson, Judge Charles W.
      to address Washington parents' and teachers' forum on juvenile delinquency, 1940/01/12: 7
      addresses Wise Men's Luncheon Club at YMCA (photo), 1953/03/20: 6
      guest speaker at East St. Paul Sunday, 1950/02/24: 7
      Home Screen Guild and Rose Square Garden Club pay tribute to deceased judge, 1964/08/21: 7
      will force issue on where to send Race girls [for incarceration of delinquents], 1940/05/24: 1
    Anderson, Chester
      notice of death, 1961/08/04: 8
    Anderson, Cornelius
      attends Boy Scout Jamboree in California (photo), 1953/07/31: 6
      joins Prudential Insurance's San Antonio District office (photo), 1969/08/08: 9
    Anderson, Sgt. Cornelius E.
      retires after serving 20 years in US Army (photo), 1968/05/17: 7
    Anderson, Debra Lynn
      notice of death, 1960/03/04: 8 (filmed in 03/11 issue)
    Anderson, Donia
      notice of death, 1959/09/18: 8 (filmed in 09/25 issue)onia
    Anderson, Douglass
      Texas Southern student and former resident of Kerrville assists in setting up classrooms in Ghana (photo), 1962/07/13: 2
    Anderson, Earl
      notice of death, 1957/08/02: 8 (filmed in 08/09 issue)
    Anderson, Eddie ("Rochester")
      heads all-star Hollywood revue coming to SA Aug. 24, 1949/08/19: 6
      hired for one show, Rochester now one of top names on air, 1948/12/31: 6
      hundreds attend final rites for 'Rochester's' wife, 1954/08/20: 1
      Jack Benny show characterizations of Feb. 5 protested by NAACP, 1950/02/17: 1
      Rochester may soon have his own radio show, 1950/03/03: 5
      "Rochester" wows 'em in Canada (photo), 1943/03/12: 7
      shadow of bias keeps Eddie "Rochester" Anderson from overseas, 1945/08/10: 1
      short crowd has long wait, but Rochester show pleases San Antonio, 1949/09/02: 5
      starts 17th year with Jack Benny, 1954/09/24: 4
      tiff over musicians' race delays foreign tour, 1945/06/15: 5
    Anderson, Ella
      former SA resident passes in Austin, 1949/07/01: 8
      heart disease said to be cause of death and suspected foul play ruled out, 1951/05/11: 1
    Anderson, Ellen
      notice of death, 1968/05/10: 10 (filmed in 05/17 issue)
    Anderson, Emma
      succumbs to heart ailment, 1959/01/23: 6
    Anderson, Ethel L.
      crowned "Miss Huston-Tillotson College" (photo), 1969/10/24: 8
    Anderson, Mrs. Eugene
      divorcee kills suitor, Floyd Matthews, as he forces his way into her home to beat her, 1955/09/09: 1
    Anderson, Henry, Jr.
      dies after sudden asthma attack, 1958/08/22: 1
      notice of death, 1958/08/29: 8 (filmed in 09/05 issue)
    Anderson, Herman R.
      San Antonio airman on duty at Thailand air field, 1969/09/26: 7
    Anderson, Horace
      completes materiel specialist course, now assigned to Hickman AFB, Hawaii, 1970/02/20: 6
    Anderson, Ida J.
      notice of death, 1963/03/15: 4
    Anderson, Dr. J. W.
      Dallas pays homage to Dr. J. W. Anderson, 1938/07/22: 1
      Texas philanthropist passes (photo), 1947/06/06: 1
      widow, Pearl C. Anderson, donates $200,000 worth of property to Community Chest, 1955/05/27: 3
    Anderson, Joe
      notice of death, 1965/11/26: 8
    Anderson, Mrs. Kermit C.
      former Grace May Duke, Luling, serves as nurses' aid in Italy (photo), 1961/09/29 Supp: 4
    Anderson, Lillue Mae Hays
      notice of death, 1966/01/07: 8
    Anderson, Linda Rochelle
      notice of death, 1960/02/26: 7
    Anderson, Lois Fae
      St. Peter Claver graduate (photo), 1946/06/28 Supp: 3, 1946/06/28 Supp: 4
    Anderson, Louis B.
      rites held for Chicago GOP leader, 1946/06/07: 1
      throws hat in congressional candidacy ring, 1936/01/17: 5
    Anderson, Mack
      notice of death, 1966/06/24: 3
    Anderson, Marian
      See also Marian Anderson Music Club
      awards and honors
        Albert Einstein Commemorative Award in the arts, 1958/06/06: 8 (filmed in 06/13 issue)
        Alpha Phi Alpha Award
          Anderson receives Medal of Honor, 1959/01/16: 6
          given to Marian Anderson (photo), 1946/05/31 Supp: 4
        Anderson is 10th most admired woman in the world, 1961/01/06: 1, 1964/01/10: 5
        Bok Award Received (editorial), 1941/03/28: 4
        Elk's Lovejoy Award given to Marian Anderson (photo), 1955/07/29: 6
        honored at 3rd annual NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner, 1959/12/11: 2
        inaugural guest of President John F. Kennedy, 1961/01/27: 1
        named one of ten outstanding women of 1940 (photo), 1941/01/03: 8 (filmed in 01/10 issue)
        named to college of electors of Hall of Fame for Great Americans, along with Thurgood Marshall, 1959/02/20: 1
        New Jersey radio station WVNJ awards Anderson for civil rights struggle, 1948/12/31: 7
        Spingarn Medal
          FDR's [President Roosevelt] greetings open NAACP meet; closes with first lady's presentation of award to Marian Anderson, 1939/07/07: 1
          'first lady' will present Spingarn Medal to Marian Anderson, 1939/05/05: 1
          receives 1938 Spingarn Medal (photo), 1939/01/27: 1
      barred from Baltimore's Lyric Theatre stage, 1953/10/02: 1
      benefit performances
        and Jackie Robinson, raise $16,000 for rights organizations, 1963/09/27: 1
        sings benefit in Paris for the first World Festival of Negro Arts to be held in Dakar, Senegal, 1965/10/15: 7
      christens liberty ship, Booker T. Washington (photo), 1942/09/25: 1
      Daughters of the American Revolution
        Anderson, DAR, finally agree on concert, 1942/12/18: 1
        Anderson in recital in DAR Hall, 1953/03/13: 4
        Anderson Sings at Lincoln Memorial (Tid Bits from the Week's News), 1939/04/21: 4
        Anderson Sings outdoors (Tid Bits from the Week's News), 1939/04/21: 4
        Anderson sings outdoors in DAR rebuke, 1939/03/03: 1
        Anderson thrills 75,000 in open air concert in capitol, 1939/04/14: 1
        Anderson will accept DAR bid, with conditions, 1942/10/16: 1
        Anderson will sing outside Jim Crow DAR hall, 1939/03/03: 1
        DAR about-faces on old Jim Crow policy; invites Marian Anderson to sing in Constitution Hall, 1942/10/02: 1
        DAR bid accepted by Anderson, 1942/10/09: 8 (filmed in 10/16 issue)
        DAR head to look on while Anderson sings for and meets royalty, 1939/06/02: 2
        demands made by Anderson rejected by DAR, 1942/11/13: 1
        District DAR meet takes dig at Marian Anderson, 1939/03/24: 1
        Eleanor Roosevelt rumored to have quit DAR over Marian Anderson incident, 1939/03/03: 1
      DC art gallery bans painting of Marian Anderson, 1941/02/28: 1
      DC school board rescinds ban on appearance, 1939/03/10: 1
      denies marriage, accepts DAR bid, 1942/10/09: 8 (filmed in 10/16 issue)
      Garner's absence from recital may cost him presidency, 1939/04/28: 1
      government bigwigs attend Marian Anderson mural presentation, 1943/01/15: 4
      heard in recital at Hunter College in New York, 1954/02/05: 6
      honored by European royalty following recent concert in Budapest (photo), 1936/01/03: 5
      Metropolitan Opera House
        gets Easter thrill from Marian Anderson, 1953/04/10: 6
        receives bust of world-famed Marian Anderson, 1964/08/14: 3
      more than 10,000 hear Marian Anderson sing on Capitol steps, 1952/04/25: 1
      personal life
        breaks foot, but keeps radio date, 1952/08/22: 1
        illness forces Anderson to cancel engagements, 1947/10/17: 6
        life story told as she makes debut on TV, 1952/04/04: 6
        mother of, claimed by death, 1964/01/31: 2
        sister of, Aylee Anderson, is first Democratic woman elector, 1948/10/08: 1
        throat operation performed in 1948 revealed, 1949/01/21: 6
      piano tuner sues for dog attack, 1950/05/05: 1
      recital boycotted in Richmond, Va., 1951/02/02: 6
      retirement; Anderson ends spectacular career, 1965/04/30: 3
      returns from triumphs in Europe, 1935/12/27: 7
      San Antonio performances
        "Ambassador of American Democracy" appears in SA concert, Feb. 10 (photo), 1963/02/15: 6
        Anderson feted by Marian Anderson Music Club following performance (photo), 1940/05/17: 6
        Anderson to sing in San Antonio, 1940/04/19: 6, 1942/02/13: 7, 1947/02/14: 6, 1949/03/18: 7
          photo, 1963/01/11: 6
        early reservations urged for local performance, 1939/03/03: 6
        fourth recital here Monday, 1947/02/28: 6
        greeted by nearly 1,000 persons upon arrival at the airport (photo), 1963/02/22: 1
        the incomparable Marian (Jo's Jottings), 1949/03/25 Supp: 1
        makes impromptu appearance at Lackland Air Force Base (photo), 1949/03/25: 1
        over 4,000 acclaim Anderson's SA concert, 1945/03/30: 2, 1947/03/07: 6
        to perform in SA March 25, 1939/03/10: 6
        receives city's greatest ovation as she enthralls over 3,000, 1939/03/31: 6
        recital draws many out-of-town visitors, 1939/03/31: 6
        recital to offer diversified program, 1949/03/04: 6
        San Antonio again enthralled by Marian Anderson, 1949/03/25: 6
        San Antonio gets chance to hear Marian Anderson, 1939/03/24: 6
        Santone AKAs honor world famous soror (photo), 1939/03/31: 7
        school children to get special rate at appearance here, 1949/02/25: 7
        special rate tickets for recital, 1949/03/11: 6
        visits, sings at Lackland AFB, 1949/03/25: 7
        "voice heard only once in hundred years" again enthralls San Antonio, 1940/05/17: 6
      in second NY triumph, 1936/01/31: 7
      sets record for concerts given in a single season with her ninetieth, 1940/05/31: 4
      signs Consumer Pledge for Total Defense, 1941/12/12: 2
      signs contract with Metropolitan Opera, 1954/10/15: 1
      to sing at mural unveiling, Wed. [in Washington, DC], 1943/01/01: 4
      to sing today at [President] Roosevelt shrine, 1946/04/12: 1
      sings for Urban League campaign (photo), 1941/04/04: 5
      stars in May 18 TV spectacular, 1959/04/24: 3
      Telephone Hour (TV) stars Marian Anderson, 1969/01/03: 9
      triumphant in return; New York Times critic extols artistry (photo), 1936/01/10: 6
      United Nations
        makes first appearance as delegate to UN, 1958/10/03: 8 (filmed in 10/10 issue)
        thrilled over nomination by Eisenhower to the United Nations (photo), 1958/08/08: 1
    Anderson, Mary
      death claims Seguin woman, 1954/01/29: 1
    Anderson, Mary Lou
      two-year-old seriously burned as dress flames; mom beats out fire with hands, 1958/10/17: 1
    Anderson, Melvina
      ten years' illness claims pioneer SA resident; decedent last survivor of founders of Second Baptist Church, 1940/02/09: 5
    Anderson, Miles
      cleared by Newspaper Ass'n of pro charges, 1938/11/18: 3
      leads Texas College over Alabama State to win Chocolate Bowl (photo), 1936/01/03: 1
      to play in all-star game, 1941/11/28: 3
      will exhibit talents against Alabama State at Tyler today (photo), 1935/12/27: 2
    Anderson, Nathan
      obsequies held at New Light Baptist, 1950/12/01: 6
    Anderson, Nathaniel
      death of, 1937/12/03: 7, 1937/12/03: 8 (filmed in 12/10 issue)
    Anderson, Ogie Mae
      notice of death, 1968/07/05: 10 (filmed in 07/12 issue)
    Anderson, Othello
      family reunion celebrates his birthday (Jo's Jottings), 1969/08/15: 8
      and wife celebrate 12th wedding anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1946/02/22 Supp: 1
    Anderson, Paul Y.
      journalist kills self in spite of maid's efforts, 1938/12/16: 5
    Anderson, Pearlie Mae
      notice of death, 1968/09/27: 10 (filmed in 10/04 issue)
    Anderson, R. A.
      dies in auto accident, 1933/02/17: 8 (filmed in 03/03 issue)
      victim of auto accident, 1933/02/10: 1
    Anderson, Rev. Reuben
      funeral services held for retired pastor, 106 years old, 1958/02/14: 8 (filmed in 02/21 issue)
      last charter member of Second Baptist Church dies (photo), 1958/02/07: 1
      Second Baptist Church founder honored (photo), 1954/11/26: 4
    Anderson, Richard
      former resident dies suddenly in Los Angeles, 1953/12/18: 1
    Anderson, Robert
      notice of death, 1967/12/22: 10 (filmed in 12/29 issue)
    Anderson, Rosie Lee
      notice of death, 1967/12/15: 10 (filmed in 12/22 issue)
    Anderson, Ruth Mae
      wins dental society essay contest (photo), 1946/02/01: 4
    Anderson, Sercy
      Seguin businessman helps youths (photo), 1941/09/19: 8 (filmed in 09/26 issue)
    Anderson, Trezzvant (Andy)
      department cuts off air mail delivery by airline that discriminated against colored newsman, 1933/10/06: 1
      suit charges fraud in sale of Wilson home to Elks, 1954/12/31: 1
      will be "contact man" for Negro press, 1933/09/08: 1
    Anderson, Vivian Gilpin
      SA woman dies in Germany, 1954/01/15: 1
    Anderson, Rev. W. O. (West End Church of God in Christ)
      accepts call to Morning Star Church of God in Christ, Niagara Falls, NY (photo), 1951/11/09: 8
        to be honored with anniversary observance (photo), 1951/06/08: 8 (filmed in 06/15 issue)
        honored during 8th anniversary, 1946/05/31: 8
      attends national meet in Memphis (photo), 1945/11/30: 8 (filmed in 12/07 issue)
      back on air with church broadcast (photo), 1949/02/04: 8
      Elder and Mrs. Anderson entertained with chicken dinner, 1947/09/12: 2
      honored for 12 years of leadership and service (photo), 1950/05/26: 4
      to host district convocation (photo), 1946/02/15: 4
      invites all to special services Sunday, Sept. 30 (photo), 1951/09/28: 8 (filmed in 10/05 issue)
      named vice president of Ministerial Alliance of Churches of God in Christ (photo), 1949/12/23: 4
      preaching/speaking engagements
        district meeting of Churches of God in Christ (photo), 1950/02/17: 5
        Hicks Beauty School Baccalaureate program sermon for graduation, 1970/02/06: 8
        preaches last sermon before going to Niagara Falls (photo), 1951/12/28: 8 (filmed in 1952/01/04 issue)
      to preside over Evangelist District meeting in Schulenburg (photo), 1950/08/25: 8 (filmed in 09/01 issue)
      returns from convocation, 1946/12/13: 4, 1948/07/16: 8
      returns from state convention (photo), 1946/05/10: 8
        announces soul-saving revival at West End (photo), 1948/01/02: 8
        closes successful revival in Corpus Christi (photo), 1947/03/21: 8 (filmed in 03/28 issue)
        to conduct revival (photo), 1951/07/27: 8 (filmed in 08/03 issue)
        conducts successful revival in Dallas, 1944/08/18: 8 (filmed in 09/01 issue)
        returns from revival in Bryan, Texas (photo), 1946/04/05: 8
        in revival (photo), 1946/08/16: 8 (filmed in 08/23 issue)
    Anderson, Wanda Mae
      Mission City Bank hires Negro secretary, 1966/12/09: 7
    Anderson, Will
      obsequies held, 1957/12/06: 8 (filmed in 12/13 issue)
    Anderson, William Henry
      infant buried in Seguin, 1954/10/22: 2
    Anderson, Willie Mitchell
      missing from Home for the Blind since November 11, found dead, 1957/11/29: 1
    Anderson Street Neighborhood Guild (Club)
      annual dinner held, 1961/03/17: 6
      baby showers held for two mothers, 1960/11/04 Supp: 2
      meetings in 1955, 1955/07/22 Supp: 3, 1955/10/21: 7
      meetings in 1956, 1956/03/09: 6, 1956/08/03: 6, 1956/10/05: 6, 1956/11/09: 6, 1956/12/07: 6
      meetings in 1958, 1958/05/02: 6, 1958/09/12: 6
      meetings in 1960, 1960/06/10: 6, 1960/07/01: 6, 1960/10/07: 6, 1960/12/09 Supp: 2
      meetings in 1961, 1961/01/27 Supp: 3, 1961/05/05 Supp: 3, 1961/06/02: 7, 1961/07/14: 3, 1961/08/04 Supp: 2, 1961/09/15 Supp: 2, 1961/12/15: 7
      meetings in 1962, 1962/01/05 Supp: 3, 1962/02/09 Supp: 2, 1962/02/16: 6, 1962/03/23: 6, 1962/04/13 Supp: 3, 1962/05/04 Supp: 3, 1962/06/08 Supp: 2, 1962/08/17 Supp: 4, 1962/12/07: 6
      meetings in 1963, 1963/03/08 Supp: 3, 1963/04/12: 6, 1963/05/10: 8, 1963/05/31: 3
      meetings in 1964, 1964/02/07: 6, 1964/04/10: 6, 1964/09/11: 6, 1964/12/04: 6
      meetings in 1966, 1966/02/04 Supp: 2
    Andrews, Adolph (Art)
      Corpus Christi, named director of Negro voters' activity for the Republican Party of Texas (photo), 1968/02/09: 1
    Andrews, Charles
      elderly man suddenly stricken, dies on street, 1950/05/26: 1
    Andrews, Charles Clifton, Jr.
      attends Baptist Youth Conference in Toronto (photo), 1958/07/04: 3
      marries Bermuda girl, Thelma Taylor, in Philadelphia rites, 1963/08/30: 6
      son of Dr. and Mrs. Charles Clifton Andrews, living in California, selected for Boys State, 1955/06/17: 1
    Andrews, Dr. Charles Clifton, Sr.
      to attend conference in Minneapolis (photo), 1941/10/10: 7
      attends clinic in Alabama (photo), 1941/04/04: 7
      in auto crash in Oklahoma; escapes serious injury, 1939/10/27: 1
      baby daughter arrives (Jo's Jottings), 1942/11/13: 6
      Fucuals, A. W., man who attacked doctor given fine and 90 days in jail, 1942/01/16: 1
      man who attacked doctor given fine and 90 days in jail, 1942/01/16: 1
      and Mrs. Andrews, return from NMA meeting in New York (photo), 1961/08/25 Supp: 4
      president of Van Courtlandt Social Club
        installed as president (Jo's Jottings), 1969/01/31: 8
        president-elect shown with wife (photo), 1968/12/27: 8
      Race doctors conduct TB clinic at Robert B. Green Hospital, 1941/10/10: 1
      victim of thieves, 1938/07/15: 1
      wife and son escape injury in Mexico railroad wreck, 1944/08/11: 1
      young doctor makes good in West End (photo), 1934/07/13: 1
    Andrews, Dorothy J.
      death claims city teacher, 1966/07/15: 1
      notice of death, 1966/07/29: 8 (filmed in 08/05 issue)
      obsequies held Saturday (photo), 1966/07/22: 1
    Andrews, Mary Lillian
      attends NAACP national convention (Jo's Jottings), 1960/07/08 Supp: 3
      daughter of Mrs. Smithie Sutton Andrews is seminar speaker at Congress of National Federation of Catholic College Students (photo), 1960/09/02 Supp: 1
      engagement announced to Jerry Glenn Anderson, California (photo), 1968/08/09: 8
    Andrews, Smithie Sutton
      accepts teacher position in Oakland, CA (photo), 1960/07/29 Supp: 3
    Andrews, Thomas (Tom) Cleveland
      notice of death, 1965/01/22: 8 (filmed in 01/29 issue)
    Andrews, Sgt. Titus M.
      San Antonian on duty at Bien Hoa Air Base, 1968/04/12: 9
    Andrews, U. J. (Ulysses James, Editor of San Antonio Register)
      Alpha Phi Alpha service
        attends 61st convention in Los Angeles and vacations in Hawaii (Jo's Jottings), 1967/08/25: 8
        delegate for local chapter returns from 55th annual convention (Jo's Jottings), 1962/01/05 Supp: 1
        named to Alpha Phi Alpha's national relations group, 1954/02/05: 1
      awards and honors
        Calvert Distillers Company presents plaque on Credo of the Negro Press, 1965/08/13: 3
          presented by George E. Cox (photo), 1965/08/27: 3
        presented with achievement award at annual Texas Conference of NAACP Branches (photo), 1962/11/16: 1
        Sunshine City Invitational, 440-yard relay named after U. J. Andrews, 1961/04/07: 5
          Jo's Jottings, 1961/04/07 Supp: 1
      Boys Club Unit No. 3 cooking class bakes cake for Register editor (photo), 1948/07/23: 5
      to broadcast weekly sports program on KCOR (photo), 1949/09/16: 7
      East Side Baseball League prexy, U. J. Andrews, resigns, but on urging, reconsiders, 1959/03/27: 5
      editor and managing editor of Register (photo), 1941/05/04 Supp: 1 (Note: May 4 printed in error instead of May 2)
      editor gets anniversary "gift" when Wheatley Lions track team win state title, 1965/05/07: 5
      and Elroy Combs, lead hunt for "good eggs" (photo), 1940/05/31: 1
      joins SA traffic victim's list, 1954/12/17: 1
      marriage to Dorothy Jeanette Harris
        the editor takes a wife (Jo's Jottings), 1942/09/04: 1
        marriage announced (photo), 1942/12/11: 6
        showers given for Dorothy (Jo's Jottings), 1942/12/18: 6
      presented with achievement award at annual Texas Conference of NAACP Branches (photo), 1962/11/16: 1
      president of Alamo Athletic Association to miss title game, 1941/08/01: 3
      rebuttal letter to Bill Bellamy at SA Express and Evening News concerning insulting story about Kuykendall, 1950/11/03: 4
      San Antonians of California
        chair of local committee chosen to select recipient of $150 scholarship, 1957/02/08: 1
        representing club, gives $100 for holiday gifts for Ella Austin Children's Home (photo), 1958/11/28: 1
      Selective Service reclassification of editor involves no politics, 1942/09/04: 1
      speaks at Metropolitan Council, 1949/05/06: 6
      suffers serious injury to eye when struck by softball, 1940/08/16: 1
      Sunshine City Invitational, 440-yard relay named after U. J. Andrews, 1961/04/07: 5
        Jo's Jottings, 1961/04/07 Supp: 1
      Texas mustn't step backwards! [stop proposed law to prevent interracial boxing or wrestling amateur matches in Texas], 1953/02/20: 3
      thieves hit home second time in three months, 1969/11/14: 3
      US Air Force Aerial Firepower Demonstration Gives Assurance Air Force Works Day and Night, by U. J. Andrews, 1956/10/19: 4
    Andrews, Rev. Vonzell
      appointed pastor of Allen's Chapel AME Church, El Campo, announced at institute session, 1966/03/25: 8
    Andy Anderson Agencies
    Anheuser-Busch Companies
    Animal Cruelty
      Green, Tom M., fined $50 for beating horse, 1947/06/27: 1
    Animal Defense League
      prepares winter quarters for stray dogs, cats, 1944/10/20: 6
      vaccinates dogs for dollar, 1959/01/30: 3
    Animals and Animal Bites
      See also specific type of animal
      Adams, Lucille, diamond back rattler blocks woman's path, 1963/09/20: 1
      Anderson, Evelyn, 15, bitten by mouse while in bed, 1958/08/29: 1
      Barnes, Walter Leonard, fighting dogs cause death of boy, 5, 1951/08/24: 1
      Bell, Lester W., 6-year-old watching TV, bitten by dog, 1956/01/13: 1
      Beverly, Mary, badly bitten in savage attack by dog, 1943/02/26: 1
      Bradley, R. C., bitten first by dog, then mistress, Lola Belle Brown, 1967/10/20: 1
      Brown, Marcia Lavelle, 13 months old, with three older brothers, protected from rattlesnake by family dog, Scraps (photo), 1957/01/18: 1
      Collins, Mrs. Rosetta, two women bitten by same dog, 1949/07/22: 1
      Davis, Flores Jean, and Mrs. B. M. Robinson, attacked by dog in brief reign of terror, 1940/11/08: 1
      Dilworth, Mrs. Katie Mae, bitten by dog, 1946/10/11: 5
      dogs are victims of poison, 1969/03/14: 1
      Duncan, Edward, finds diamondback rattler on back porch, 1947/07/04: 1
      Eastern Coral Snake antivenin available in San Antonio, 1968/04/19: 9
      Felix R., death claims San Antonio's 'wonder dog,', 1945/06/29: 1
      Fitzgerald, Hattie, asks $25,000 damages for attack by dog owned by F. D. and Alberta English, 1958/01/24: 1
      Garnette, Sevalla, bitten by dog while protecting child, 1941/05/16: 5
      Grant, Joe, bitten by dog he ran over, 1946/07/19: 5
      Gray, Ronnie, bitten on tongue by pet rat, 1966/11/11: 1
      Greenly, Mrs. Mande, bitten by unfriendly squirrel, 1950/04/14: 5
      Harron, Johnnie, 11, attacked by dog, 1956/12/21: 1
      Henderson, Mrs. Johnnie Mae, two women bitten by same dog, 1949/07/22: 1
      Hill, Andrew, Sr., shoots fox found in back yard (photo), 1960/10/21: 1
      Hines, William Earl, two-year-old bitten by dog, 1949/09/16: 5
      Jackson, Harold, 2-year-old bitten by snake, taken to hospital, 1961/04/21: 1
      James, Jessie, ducks and puppy cause youngster to visit hospital, 1946/08/02: 5
      Johnson, Betty Jo, three-year-old girl bitten on face by dog, 1942/04/24: 1
      Johnson, Mrs. Molly, bitten by dog, 1946/09/06: 3
      Johnson, Zella, elderly woman bitten by dog, 1968/06/07: 1
      Jones, Samuel B., Register employee attacked by dog, 1936/06/05: 1
      Marshall, Jamesetta, bitten by dog, 1941/02/14: 1
      McCarty, Sarah, bitten by spider while carrying clothes from yard to house, 1936/09/18: 1
      Mills, C. C., San Antonio patrolman, attacked by dog, 1935/12/13: 7
      Montimore, Paul, bitten on left leg by dog, 1943/07/30: 5
      Moore, Ruth, bitten by dog, 1945/07/27: 1
      Parker, Mrs. Jessie Lee, reports chickens killed by dogs, 1948/02/27: 5
      Pierce, Mrs. Josephine, bitten by dog, 1946/10/25: 7
      Rise, McRay, bitten by dog, 1946/10/25: 7
      Robinson, Mrs. B. M., and Flores Jean Davis, attacked by dog in brief reign of terror; cop's gun put an end to it, 1940/11/08: 1
      SA Health Dept. warns against rabid cats, dogs, 1939/08/18: 7
      Samuels, William, bitten by dog, 1946/11/15: 1
      Sanders, Clara Mae, bitten by dog, #1944/07/14: 6
      Seguin woman finds diamond-back rattler in closet, 1954/10/08: 1
      Silar, Mrs. M. L., attacked by dog at grocery, 1936/08/14: 1
      Smokey, guide dog for Henry Smith, saves master twice from flames (photo), 1958/05/16: 1
      Sullivan, Robert (Bob) J., recovering from rattlesnake bite, 1940/07/12: 1
      Sutton, Clara, wild brahma steer breaks leg of star cowgirl, 1940/08/30: 1
      teeners nabbed in dognap of dog belonging to Pat Calvo family, 1969/10/31: 1
      Terrell, Mary Jane, 7-year-old bitten twice on hip, 1967/11/03: 1
      Tollett, Donald, goes to aid of injured dog, suffers bite, 1945/08/17: 5
      Waiters, Rufus, bitten by dog, 1942/05/22: 1
      Wallace, E., bitten by dog, 1942/12/25: 1
      Wauls, Frank, bitten by dog, 1946/04/05: 1
      Wrenn, Raymond, 9-year-old bitten by dog, 1946/11/29: 7
    Annie E. Hunt Missionary Society
      meetings in 1953, 1953/12/11: 8
      Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. George
        celebrate 3rd anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1942/12/04: 6
        celebrate 5th anniversary, 1944/12/01 Supp: 1
      Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Ennis, celebrate silver wedding anniversary, 1961/12/08 Supp: 2
      Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood, double wedding anniversary held with Mr. and Mrs. Houston Thomas, 1941/09/05: 6
      Ammons, Mr. and Mrs. Joel, celebrate 16th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1940/10/11: 6
      Amos, Mr. and Mrs. Lofton, Glidden couple to observe silver wedding anniversary, 1949/09/02: 6
      Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. L. J., celebrate 9th anniversary, 1938/06/10: 6
      Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Othello, celebrate 12th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1946/02/22 Supp: 1
      Armstead, Mr. and Mrs. Britton, celebrate silver anniversary with dinner party (Jo's Jottings), 1953/10/23 Supp: 1
      Aycock, Mr. and Mrs. J. O., celebrate 12th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1944/11/03 Supp: 4
      Bacon, Mr. and Mrs. Isaiah
        celebrate 25th wedding anniversary, 1949/01/21: 2
        silver wedding anniversary celebrated (photo), 1949/01/21 Supp: 4
      Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. E. L., Seguin celebrate golden wedding (photo), 1952/03/28: 6
      Bannister, Mr. and Mrs. George
        celebrate 14th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1934/03/02: 6
        celebrate 16 years of wedded bliss (Jo's Jottings), 1936/02/28: 6
      Beal, Mr. and Mrs. Lucius, of Cuero, celebrate golden anniversary (photo), 1967/11/03: 8
      Beasley, Mr. and Mrs. Joe, celebrate silver wedding anniversary, 1952/01/11: 6
      Beasley, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, celebrate 5th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1942/12/18: 6
      Beatty, Mr. and Mrs. , entertained with dinner on anniversary (Alamo City Briefs), 1939/11/10: 7
      Bee, Mr. and Mrs. Walter, Sr., celebrate 31st anniversary, 1941/06/13: 8 (filmed in 06/20 issue)
      Beverly, Mr. and Mrs. Dupree S. (Hallie)
        observe 25th wedding anniversary in Corpus Christi (photo), 1953/11/06 Supp: 4
        observe silver wedding anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1953/10/30 Supp: 1
      Beverly, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel
        golden anniversary celebrated (Jo's Jottings), 1941/07/25: 6
        on their golden wedding day (photo), 1941/07/25: 6
      Black, Mr. and Mrs. A. D.
        celebrate 1st anniversary, 1936/04/24: 7
        celebrate 5th wedding anniversary (Alamo City Briefs), 1940/04/26: 7
      Black, Mr. and Mrs. Edward, celebrate 5th anniversary, 1944/07/14: 6
      Black, Mr. and Mrs. R. M., surprised with birthday and anniversary party, 1936/06/19: 7
      Black, Mr. and Mrs. Richard M.
        celebrate 7th wedding anniversary and their respective birthdays, 1935/06/07: 1
        surprised with birthday and anniversary party, 1936/06/19: 7
      Blackman, Rev. and Mrs. George S., repeat marriage vows as they celebrate 25th anniversary (photo), 1961/07/21 Supp: 1
      Bouldin, Mr. and Mrs. R. J., celebrate 29th anniversary, 1941/02/21: 6
      Boyd, Mr. and Mrs. Robert
        celebrate 6th anniversary, 1942/11/13: 4
        celebrate 10th anniversary, 1946/11/22 Supp: 1
      Boyd, Mr. and Mrs. Webb
        celebrate 6th anniversary (Alamo City Briefs), 1938/09/23: 7
        celebrate 10th anniversary, 1942/09/25: 6
      Bradley, Mr. and Mrs. Charles M., celebrate 4th anniversary and New Year's Eve (Jo's Jottings), 1966/01/07 Supp: 1
      Bradley, Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher, celebrate 32nd anniversary, 1940/11/15: 6
      Bradley, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert
        celebrate 11th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1938/01/28: 6
        celebrate 36th anniversary with open house (Jo's Jottings), 1963/02/01 Supp: 4
        celebrate 40th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1967/01/27: 8
      Bradley, Mr. and Mrs. Moses, observe 14th anniversary, 1946/01/11: 7
      Brady, Mr. and Mrs. Elmo, celebrate 20th anniversary, 1944/08/04: 4
      Braggs, Mr. and Mrs. John H.
        18th anniversary celebrated, 1938/11/04: 6
        25th anniversary celebrated (Jo's Jottings), 1945/11/02 Supp: 1
        42nd anniversary celebrated with games, music and entertainment (Jo's Jottings), 1962/11/09 Supp: 1
        silver anniversary celebrated (photo), 1945/11/02 Supp: 3
      Brewer, Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Lawrence, observe 30th anniversary, 1948/06/11: 8
      Bridges, Rev. and Mrs. Harley B., repeat marriage vows on 25th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1969/07/04: 8
      Briscoe, Mr. and Mrs. William Mitchell
        celebrate 20th anniversary (photo), 1960/10/21 Supp: 1
        celebrate silver anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1965/10/15 Supp: 2
      Broadnax, Mr. and Mrs. James, celebrate silver anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1961/04/21 Supp: 1
      Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. Morris, celebrate 23rd anniversary, 1944/11/24 Supp: 3
      Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Bennie L., celebrate 5th anniversary (Alamo City Briefs), 1936/04/03: 7
      Brown, Mr. and Mrs. George, celebrate 30th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1941/08/01: 6
      Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Lee, celebrate 2nd anniversary, 1945/01/05 Supp: 4
      Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver, celebrate 18th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1949/02/18 Supp: 1
      Buchanan, Mr. and Mrs. D. A., entertained on 36th anniversary, 1946/07/26 Supp: 2
      Burns, Mr. and Mrs. Ed, celebrate 17th anniversary, 1939/03/24: 6
      Burns, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace, of Seguin, celebrate golden wedding anniversary, 1954/12/31: 2
      Burton, Mr. and Mrs. Edward J., honored by daughter on 50th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1955/02/25 Supp: 1
      Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Payton
        celebrate 8th anniversary, 1934/06/29: 6
        celebrate 35th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1961/06/30 Supp: 4
      Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Travis
        celebrate 8th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1946/05/24 Supp: 1
        celebrate 25th anniversary (photo), 1963/05/24 Supp: 3
      Byars, Mr. and Mrs. M. A. entertain at 22nd anniversary, 1940/10/11: 6
      Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. J. G.
        anniversary highlights weekend social calendar (photo), 1946/08/02 Supp: 3
        celebrate 25th anniversary, 1946/08/02: 4
        celebrate silver wedding anniversary (photo), 1946/08/02 Supp: 2
      Capes, Mr. and Mrs. W. J., celebrate 25th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1942/05/22: 6
      Carrington, Mr. and Mrs. Wendell B., celebrate 7th anniversary, 1933/05/12: 3
      Carter, Mr. and Mrs. Hilria, celebrate 50th anniversary with gala reception (photo), 1970/03/06: 8
      Carter, Mr. and Mrs. Jessie, celebrate 38th anniversary (Alamo City Briefs), 1942/06/12: 7
      Carter, Mr. and Mrs. Richard William celebrate 15th anniversary with dinner party and Dukes and Duchesses Social Club as guests (Jo's Jottings), 1962/04/27 Supp: 4
      Carter, Mr. and Mrs. Sterling G., Cuero, honored by children with golden wedding anniversary observance (photo), 1966/10/07: 8
      Chandler, Mr. and Mrs. Alex
        celebrate 1st anniversary (Alamo City Briefs), 1939/11/03: 7
        celebrate 2nd anniversary, 1940/11/08: 6
      Charles, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, celebrate 1st anniversary, 1941/01/31: 6
      Chatman, Mr. and Mrs. Will, celebrate 45th anniversary, 1942/12/11: 6
      Childress, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur, celebrate 9th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1955/07/01 Supp: 2
      Clardy, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar, celebrate 12th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1944/11/03 Supp: 4
      Clayton, Mr. and Mrs. Fred, Jr., honored on anniversary, 1942/10/02: 6
      Coffins, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie, celebrate 6th anniversary, 1942/09/04: 6
      Coleman, Mr. and Mrs. Enoch, celebrate 1st anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1948/01/23 Supp: 1
      Coleman, Mr. and Mrs. Sam, of Seguin, feted on anniversary (Alamo City Briefs), 1938/04/01: 7
      Collins, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin J., celebrate 25th anniversary (photo), 1946/10/11 Supp: 2
      Collins, Mr. and Mrs. C. D. (Noella), celebrate 25th anniversary with dinner party at Earl Abel's (Jo's Jottings), 1963/04/26 Supp: 1
      Collins, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest, celebrate 19th anniversary (photo), 1953/10/23 Supp: 3
      Collins, Mr. and Mrs. I. C.
        30th wedding anniversary
          assistants at reception (photo), 1949/04/29 Supp: 2
          hostesses at reception (photo), 1949/04/29 Supp: 4
          original wedding party (photo), 1949/04/29 Supp: 3
          reception draws more than 800 guests, 1949/04/29 Supp: 3
        daughter, hosts 36th anniversary of her parents (Jo's Jottings), 1955/04/29 Supp: 1
      Copney, Mr. and Mrs. G., celebrate 3rd anniversary, 1939/03/31: 6
      Crawford, Mr. and Mrs. John W.
        10th anniversary celebrated (Jo's Jottings), 1947/01/10 Supp: 1
        13th anniversary celebrated, 1949/08/19 Supp: 3
        silver anniversary celebrated, 1961/10/27 Supp: 3
          photo, 1961/10/27 Supp: 1
      Crisp, Elder and Mrs. D., former San Antonians celebrate 50th anniversary (photo), 1960/09/16 Supp: 1
      Crittendon, Mr. and Mrs. Everett G., celebrate 20th anniversary, 1943/01/08: 6
      Cunningham, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe
        celebrate 15th anniversary, 1961/06/30 Supp: 2
        receiving line at reception (photo), 1961/07/07 Supp: 3
      Daniels, Mr. and Mr. S. B., celebrate 4th anniversary (Alamo City Briefs), 1940/06/21: 7
      Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Lee, celebrate 2nd anniversary, 1940/09/27: 6
      Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene, celebrate 25th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1942/10/16: 6
      Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Fred A., Jr., celebrate 1st anniversary, 1942/09/25: 6
      Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Stonewall J., renew vows on 25th anniversary (photos), 1969/08/01: 8
      Derry, Mr. and Mrs. Grant, Crystal City couple celebrate 50th anniversary, 1970/02/13: 8
      Dilworth, Mr. and Mrs. George, celebrate 4th anniversary, 1934/04/06: 7
      Dixon, Mr. and Mrs. Joe, celebrate 2nd anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1941/07/11: 6
      Dixon, Mr. and Mr. James Henry, celebrate 1st anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1943/07/16: 6
      Dobbins, Rev. and Mrs. T. C.
        celebrate 12th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1941/02/07: 6
        celebrate 17th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1946/02/08 Supp: 1
      Dominique, Mr. and Mr. Don Albert, celebrate 16th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1943/09/17: 6
      Dorn, Mr. and Mrs. Abner, celebrate 1st anniversary, 1940/08/23: 6
      Driver, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence, celebrate 5th anniversary with champagne buffet dinner, 1963/04/19 Supp: 2
      Drummond, Mr. and Mrs. J. F., celebrate 13th anniversary, 1933/01/06: 6
      Duncan, Mr. and Mrs. Horace, celebrate 20th anniversary (photo), 1949/11/11 Supp: 4
      Dunn, Mr. and Mrs. G. W., celebrate 41st anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1961/07/21 Supp: 4
      Duren, Mr. and Mrs. Clemmie, celebrate 1st anniversary (Comings, Goings and Doings), 1948/01/02 Supp: 4
      Earl, Mr. and Mrs. Edmond, celebrated their 7th anniversary, 1940/09/06: 6
      Edmerson, Mr. and Mrs. O. U., silver wedding anniversary
        beauty marks reception, 1949/03/18 Supp: 3
        Jo's Jottings, 1949/03/18 Supp: 1
        photo, 1949/03/18 Supp: 1
      Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan, observe gold wedding anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1960/12/16 Supp: 2
      Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Will, Kinsburg, celebrate Golden wedding anniversary, 1950/12/22: 6
      Ehringhause, Mr. and Mrs. Garland P.
        celebrate 18 years of married life (Jo's Jottings), 1940/09/06: 6
        celebrate 30th wedding anniversary (Comings, Goings and Doings), 1952/08/29: 6
      Embree, Mr. and Mrs. George, celebrate 3rd anniversary, 1938/06/03: 6
      Evans, Mr. and Mrs. John Wesley
        celebrate 22nd anniversary, 1939/08/04: 6
        celebrate 25th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1942/08/07: 6
        honored on 44th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1961/08/04 Supp: 4
      Evans, Rev. and Mrs. Marcus H., celebrate silver anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1960/12/09 Supp: 1
      Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Tony, celebrate 13th anniversary, 1946/12/27 Supp: 4
      Faucetta, Mr. and Mrs. Parenza
        celebrate 9th anniversary, 1949/12/30 Supp: 1
        celebrate 25th wedding anniversary, 1966/01/07: 6
      Fentress, Mr. and Mrs. Raney, celebrate 25th wedding anniversary, 1933/03/03: 6
      Fields, Mr. and Mrs. Jake, celebrate 4th anniversary, 1939/01/13: 7
      Fields, Mr. and Mrs. Milton, celebrate 2nd anniversary, 1942/07/31: 6
      Fields, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace
        19th anniversary celebrated, 1939/10/20: 6
        20th wedding anniversary celebrated, 1940/10/18: 7
        21st anniversary celebrated, 1941/10/24: 6
        40th anniversary celebrated (Jo's Jottings), 1960/10/21 Supp: 4
        42nd anniversary celebrated (Jo's Jottings), 1962/10/19 Supp: 4
      Franklin, Mr. and Mrs. Chester, celebrate 30th anniversary, 1932/07/01: 7
      Franklin, Mr. and Mrs. Coleman, Uvalde, celebrate 50th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1961/08/04 Supp: 4
      Franklin, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Lee, former San Antonians observe 25th anniversary in Los Angeles home (photo), 1962/09/07 Supp: 1, 3
      Franks, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac
        celebrate 51st anniversary (photo), 1939/09/29: 6
        celebrate 54th anniversary, 1942/09/25: 6
      Franks, Mr. and Mrs. Mack, celebrate 3rd anniversary, 1941/12/26: 6
      Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. I. M., celebrate 25th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1938/07/29: 6
      Gant, Mr. and Mrs. Amos
        celebrate 1st anniversary, 1942/10/16: 7
        celebrate 8th anniversary, 1949/10/07 Supp: 2
      Garnett, Mr. and Mrs. Ben L., celebrate 2nd anniversary, 1932/07/08: 8 (filmed in 07/15 issue)
      Glenn, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd, Sr., former San Antonians celebrate silver anniversary in Los Angeles (photo), 1958/12/26: 6
      Gonzales, Mr. and Mrs. J. D., celebrate 25th anniversary (photo), 1961/01/20 Supp: 2
      Gonzales, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe, celebrate 1st anniversary (Alamo City Briefs), 1942/07/17: 7
      Gray, Mr. and Mrs. Robert L., celebrate crystal anniversary, 1931/11/06: 6
      Green, Mr. and Mrs. Elijah, celebrate silver anniversary (photo), 1953/12/04 Supp: 2
      Green, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd, celebrate 5th anniversary (Comings, Goings and Doings), 1946/05/31 Supp: 4
      Green, Mr. and Mrs. Marcus, celebrate 50th anniversary, 1969/01/10: 8
      Green, Sgt. and Mrs. Wilbur E., repeat vows on 25th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1969/08/08: 8
      Grimes, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. celebrate 25th wedding anniversary, 1945/10/05: 6
      Guy, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, celebrate 5th anniversary (Comings, Goings and Doings), 1948/05/21 Supp: 3
      Guy, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lee, celebrate 25th anniversary (photo), 1966/02/18 Supp: 3
      Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Clifton W., celebrate 3rd anniversary, 1947/01/10 Supp: 2
      Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Jean, celebrate 8th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1934/02/16: 6
      Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Sam, celebrate 25th anniversary (Comings, Goings and Doings), 1948/09/03: 2
      Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. T. A., celebrate 1st anniversary, 1933/06/23: 6
      Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Willie James, celebrate 15th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1961/12/01 Supp: 4
      Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. Earl W., celebrate 35th wedding anniversary
        hostesses (photo), 1968/02/09: 8
        photo, 1968/02/09: 8
      Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A., celebrate 31st anniversary, 1944/01/21: 6
      Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. Cephas, celebrate 21st anniversary, 1939/12/29: 6
      Haywood, Dr. and Mrs. Harold E., observe 50th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1969/07/04: 8
      Haywood, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac, feted on sixth anniversary, 1948/03/19 Supp: 1
      Hicks, Mrs. and Mrs. Wesley, observe 41st anniversary with a dinner (Jo's Jottings), 1953/10/16 Supp: 1
      Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew, Sr.
        celebrate 50th anniversary (photo), 1953/10/02 Supp: 2
        renew marital vows at church rites on golden wedding anniversary (photo), 1953/10/02 Supp: 1
      Hillyer, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph, Sr., celebrate 5th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1962/04/13 Supp: 1
      Hodge, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert, celebrate 7th anniversary, 1946/03/08 Supp: 3
      Hodge, Mr. and Mrs. Monroe, observe silver anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1961/02/17 Supp: 1, 1961/02/24 Supp: 1
      Hogue, Mr. and Mrs. Paul, celebrate 1st anniversary, 1943/03/26: 7
      Hogues, Mr. and Mrs. Elijah, celebrate 3rd anniversary (Alamo City Briefs), 1939/04/21: 7
      Holley, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L.
        celebrate 21 years of marital bliss, 1936/08/28: 6
        celebrate silver wedding anniversary (photo) (Jo's Jottings), 1940/08/30: 6
        observe silver wedding anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1940/08/23: 6
      Holt, Mr. and Mrs. Parris, celebrate 4th anniversary (Alamo City Briefs), 1942/01/09: 7
      Hooks, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest, celebrate 56th wedding anniversary, birthday, 1961/10/20 Supp: 3
      Hopkins, Mr. and Mrs. James G., celebrate 25th wedding anniversary (photo), 1962/01/05 Supp: 3
      Houston, Mr. and Mrs. Namon, feted on 5th anniversary (Alamo City Briefs), 1939/10/27: 7
      Hudspeth, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A., Jr., observe 30th wedding anniversary (photo), 1967/07/21: 8
      Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. Harold, celebrate 1st anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1938/07/29: 6
      Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, celebrate 4th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1960/09/02 Supp: 4
      Irvin, Mr. and Mrs. Will, Seguin couple observes 70th anniversary, 1958/11/28: 2
      Isaac, Mr. and Mrs. Felix, celebrate 20th anniversary (photo), 1942/08/28: 6
      Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence, celebrate 25th wedding anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1967/05/19: 8
      Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Elijah, celebrate their 25th anniversary, 1953/10/30 Supp: 2
      Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh, celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary (Alamo City Briefs), 1940/02/23: 7
      Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Mack, celebrate 12th anniversary, 1948/03/12 Supp: 4
      Jefferson, Mr. and Mrs. U. R., celebrate golden wedding anniversary (photo), 1946/12/20 Supp: 3
      Johns, Mr. and Mrs. John
        23 years (Jo's Jottings), 1936/08/07: 6
        28 years (Jo's Jottings), 1941/08/29: 6
      Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Archie, celebrate 20th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1944/07/21: 6
      Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Elijah
        celebrate 33rd anniversary, 1944/12/08 Supp: 4
        observe 55th wedding anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1966/12/09: 8
      Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis, celebrate 25th anniversary with repeating of vows and reception (photo), 1970/01/30: 8
      Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. P. E., Jr.
        celebrate 9th anniversary, 1941/01/31: 6
        celebrate 14th anniversary, 1946/02/01 Supp: 4
      Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Sam
        celebrate 10th anniversary, 1933/01/13: 7
        celebrate 17th anniversary, 1939/01/13: 6, 1940/01/12: 6
      Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester T., celebrate 25th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1966/12/16: 8
      Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester
        celebrate 2nd anniversary, 1941/12/05: 6
      Jordan, Mr. and Mrs. Dooley, celebrated 11th on Christmas Day (Alamo City Briefs), 1940/01/05: 7
      Keith, Mr. and Mrs. Benny, celebrate 8th anniversary, 1946/11/22 Supp: 1
      Kelley, Mr. and Mrs. J. S., celebrate 33 years of marriage, 1943/03/19: 7
      Kendrick, Mr. and Mrs. E. L., Floresville, celebrate 60th anniversary (photos), 1949/09/30 Supp: 2
      Kendrick, Mr. and Mrs. Leverett, celebrate 28th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1962/01/19 Supp: 4
      Kenley, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Henderson
        celebrate 21st anniversary, 1941/10/03: 6
        celebrate 25th wedding anniversary, 1945/09/28: 6
        celebrate silver anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1945/09/21 Supp: 1
        honored on 20th anniversary with surprise party (Jo's Jottings), 1940/10/11: 6
      Keys, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond, Jr., celebrate 1st wedding anniversary (Alamo City Briefs), 1937/07/23: 7
      Kindred, Mr. and Mrs. Alex, given surprise party by Koolelette Club (Jo's Jottings), 1960/10/21 Supp: 4
      King, Mr. and Mrs. G. W., celebrate 25th anniversary, 1949/12/09 Supp: 3
      King, Mr. and Mrs. Louis, celebrate 8th anniversary with Rose Bud Social Club members (Jo's Jottings), 1962/11/16 Supp: 4
      King, Mr. and Mrs. W. E., celebrate 25th wedding anniversary with gift of electric organ (Jo's Jottings), 1949/12/02 Supp: 3
      Knowles, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin T., former San Antonians celebrate silver anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1961/09/29 Supp: 4
      Latimer, MSgt. and Mrs. Paul H., celebrate 15th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1961/03/03 Supp: 4
      Lawson, Rev. and Mrs. J. M., celebrate 5th anniversary, 1942/01/02: 7
      Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Braxton
        celebrate golden wedding anniversary, 1945/01/05 Supp: 1
        celebrate golden wedding anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1945/01/05 Supp: 2
      Leonard, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin K., celebrate 25th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1934/07/27: 6
      Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Albert L.
        celebrate 25th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1946/07/05 Supp: 1
        friends who assisted in 25th anniversary reception (photo), 1946/07/19 Supp: 4
        repeat vows on 25th wedding anniversary (photo), 1946/07/05 Supp: 2
        wedding vows renewed on 25th anniversary (photo), 1946/07/19 Supp: 2
      Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Ed., celebrate 50th anniversary, 1941/02/21: 6
      Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Joe B.
        celebrate 6th anniversary, 1960/07/22 Supp: 3
        celebrate 8th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1962/07/27 Supp: 4
      Lowery, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L., Sr.
        mark 50 years of wedded bliss (Jo's Jottings), 1961/11/10 Supp: 1
        son, T. L. Lowery, Jr., comes from Washington DC to attend 50th anniversary celebration
          Jo's Jottings, 1961/11/17 Supp: 1
          photo, 1961/11/17 Supp: 3
      Mackey, Mr. and Mrs. Ivory L.
        celebrate 5th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1941/02/07: 6
        celebrate 10th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1946/02/08 Supp: 1
      Mackey, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, celebrate 1st anniversary, 1938/07/15: 6
      Madison, Mr. and Mrs. Harold, celebrate 30th anniversary, 1942/08/07: 6
        Jo's Jottings, 1942/08/07: 6
      Madison, Mr. and Mrs. Richard
        celebrate 50th anniversary (photo), 1939/06/16: 1, 6
        celebrate 60th anniversary (photo), 1949/06/17 Supp: 2, 1949/06/17 Supp: 3
      Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. Walter, celebrate 20th anniversary, 1941/05/04 Supp: 2 (Note: May 4 printed in error instead of May 2)
      Mathews, Mr. and Mrs. A., celebrate 57th anniversary (photo), 1932/11/04: 1
      Mathews, Mr. and Mrs. Ed, celebrate 9th anniversary, 1933/02/17: 6
      Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. A. D., celebrate 9th anniversary, 1933/03/24: 6
      Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur, former San Antonians celebrate 17th anniversary in Los Angeles (photo), 1960/11/04 Supp: 3
      Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. Barry W., celebrate 5th anniversary in Japan, where Mr. Matthews is stationed (photo), 1968/03/15: 8
      Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. Ewart, Seguin, celebrate silver wedding anniversary (photo), 1946/02/08: 4, 1946/02/08: 6
      Mayberry, Mr. and Mrs. James, celebrate their silver anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1961/04/28 Supp: 1
      McElvane, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. celebrate 24th anniversary, 1941/03/14: 6
      McKinney, Mr. and Mrs. J. J., celebrate 25th anniversary, 1939/11/03: 6
      McKinney, Mr. and Mrs. Steve, celebrate golden wedding anniversary, 1952/01/11: 6
      Miles, Mr. and Mrs. John, celebrate 2nd anniversary, 1941/12/05: 6
      Miles, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph, celebrate 16th anniversary (Chasing with Chase), 1958/03/14: 7
      Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius, celebrate 20th anniversary, 1940/10/11: 6
      Miller, Mr. and Mrs. John
        celebrate 25th anniversary, 1949/09/09: 4
        in receiving line (photo), 1949/09/09 Supp: 2
      Mills Mr. and Mrs. Percy, celebrate 19th wedding anniversary, 1937/12/03: 7
      Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs. H. W., breakfast entertains couple on 9th anniversary (Comings, Goings and Doings), 1948/09/10: 2
      Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs. W. A., Wilson County couple observes 56th anniversary, 1946/12/06: 6
      Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs. W. H., celebrate 10th anniversary, 1949/08/05 Supp: 2
      Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Henry celebrate 8th anniversary, 1934/04/27: 6
      Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, rewed on 25th anniversary, 1941/07/04: 6
      Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Willie, celebrate 7th anniversary, 1942/01/09: 5
      Moreland, Mr. and Mrs. Merron, celebrate 25th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1962/09/21 Supp: 4
      Morris, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis, celebrate 19th anniversary (Drippings from the Pen), 1939/03/03: 7
      Morrison, Mr. and Mrs. Erris, celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1970/06/19: 8
      Mosby, Mr. and Mrs. J. E.
        celebrate 2nd anniversary, 1939/06/02: 6
        celebrate 3rd anniversary, 1940/06/07: 6
      Moss, Mr. and Mrs. Louis A., celebrate 25th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1934/03/30: 6
      Murray, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
        celebrate 33rd anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1968/01/26: 8
        go to Chicago for 13th wedding anniversary (photo), 1948/01/23 Supp: 2
      Napier, Mr. and Mrs. Herman L., celebrate 2nd anniversary (Alamo City Briefs), 1936/03/27: 7
      Newton, Mr. and Mrs. Homer, given surprise dinner at 1st anniversary (Alamo City Briefs), 1936/10/02: 7
      Nichols, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, celebrate 22nd anniversary, 1939/01/06: 6
      Owens, Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt, 5th wedding anniversary, 1932/12/09: 7
      Pallemon, Mr. and Mrs. celebrate 31st anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1941/03/14: 6
      Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel H., celebrate 4th anniversary, 1931/10/02: 6
      Payton, Mr. and Mrs. Levi
        celebrate 25th anniversary, 1944/08/11: 6
        congratulations on 25th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1944/08/11: 6
      Pettit, Mr. and Mrs. J. B., celebrate 19th anniversary with open house (Jo's Jottings), 1967/01/06: 8
      Pickard, Mr. and Mrs. Reginald T., celebrate 25th wedding anniversary
        Jo's Jottings, 1968/07/12: 8
        photo, 1968/07/12: 8
      Pinchback, Mr. and Mrs. James C., celebrate 15th anniversary (photo), 1961/03/31 Supp: 1
      Pine, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, celebrate 33rd anniversary, 1936/03/06: 6
      Pines, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, entertained on 25th anniversary, 1949/08/05 Supp: 4
      Piper, Mr. and Mrs. Edward, celebrate 1st anniversary, 1942/09/04: 7
      Powell, Mr. and Mrs. James Edward
        celebrate 47th anniversary, 1939/08/18: 7
        celebrate 50th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1942/08/07: 6
        city hall remembers janitor's 50th anniversary (photo), 1942/08/07: 1
      Pratt, Mr. and Mrs. Willie, celebrate 50th wedding anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1969/07/04: 8
      Preacher, Dr. and Mrs. M. L., celebrate 11th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1944/06/16: 6
      Price, Mr. and Mrs. A. B., celebrate 1st anniversary, 1944/01/21: 6
      Prosser, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, hold open house to celebrate 4th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1963/02/01 Supp: 4
      Rainey, Mr. and Mrs. John W., return from silver wedding "honeymoon" in Hawaii (Jo's Jottings), 1966/01/14 Supp: 1
      Ramsey, Mr. and Mrs. Herman, celebrate 13th anniversary, 1933/03/10: 6
      Ramsey, Mr. and Mrs. Pierce, celebrate 10th anniversary, 1932/06/10: 5
      Reed, Rev. and Mrs. entertained with 1st anniversary dinner, 1943/02/26: 4
      Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. P.F., hold informal reception for silver anniversary, 1939/08/18: 6
      Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. J. O., celebrate 42nd anniversary (photo), 1940/01/05: 6
      Rodgers, Mr. and Mrs. Waydon, celebrate 1st anniversary, 1934/04/20: 6
      Ross, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph celebrate 1st anniversary, 1941/06/27: 4
      Ruffin, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, entertained at Jacob Chapel ME Church on 7th anniversary, 1934/02/23: 8 (filmed in 03/02 issue)
      Russell, Mr. and Mrs. Haskell
        celebrate 10th anniversary, 1946/05/31 Supp: 3
        honored with anniversary supper, 1941/06/06: 6
      Sance, Mr. and Mrs. A. L., of Seguin, celebrate silver wedding anniversary, 1945/06/08: 6
      Sanders, Mr. and Mrs. John, celebrate 40th anniversary (photo), 1946/11/22 Supp: 3
      Sanford, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, celebrate silver anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1954/01/29 Supp: 1
      Seigler, Mr. and Mrs. Felix, celebrate 26th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1968/09/20: 8
      Seranton, Mr. and Mrs. James, former San Antonians observe 50th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1961/05/12 Supp: 1
      Shelton, Mr. and Mrs. O. T., celebrated 7th anniversary, 1943/03/12: 6
      Sheppard, Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland, celebrate 3rd anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1941/03/07: 6
      Sheppard, Mr. and Mrs. Henry F., Seguin couple celebrates 25th anniversary, 1958/02/28: 2
      Shields, Mr. and Mrs. Jessie, celebrate 14th anniversary, 1941/05/23: 6
      Shular, Mrs. and Mrs. Elroy, celebrate 4th anniversary, 1958/10/03: 6
      Smith, Mr. and Mrs. A. W., married 25 years (Jo's Jottings, photo), 1948/04/23 Supp: 1
      Smith, Mr. and Mrs. D. M., celebrate 5th wedding anniversary (Alamo City Briefs), 1940/01/26: 7
      Smith, Mr. and Mrs. J. H., celebrate 5th wedding anniversary with lawn party, 1943/07/16: 6
      Smith, MSgt. and Mrs. Richard, celebrate 25th wedding with reception at Fort Sam Houston NCO Club (photo), 1970/06/19: 8
      Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel
        honored on their golden wedding anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1965/10/08 Supp: 4
        honored on their silver wedding anniversary, 1940/10/11: 6
      Smith, Mr. and Mrs. W. M., celebrate 18th anniversary, 1944/08/18: 6
      Smith, Mr. and Mrs. William, celebrate 13th anniversary, 1939/08/18: 6
      Spaights, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander, celebrate 13th anniversary, 1942/12/25: 6
      Speaker, Mr. and Mrs. Garland, celebrate 20th anniversary, 1940/07/26: 6
      Spears, Mr. and Mrs. C. M., celebrate 4th anniversary, 1939/09/29: 6
      Spencer, Mr. and Mrs. Howard, 26th anniversary celebrated (Jo's Jottings), 1964/04/10 Supp: 2
      Spriggs, Mr. and Mrs. M. W., celebrate 5th anniversary, 1946/10/25 Supp: 2
      Spriggs,Mr. and Mrs. Melvin, celebrate 25th wedding anniversary, 1966/11/04: 9
      Stephens, Mr. and Mrs. Verlan, celebrate 1st anniversary (photo), 1945/09/21 Supp: 3
      Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
        50th anniversary celebrated (photo), 1961/06/30 Supp: 1
        grandchildren participate in celebration (Jo's Jottings), 1961/06/30 Supp: 4
      Stiles, Mr. and Mrs. Roger C.
        celebrate 1st anniversary, 1946/11/01: 7
        celebrate 4th anniversary, 1949/11/04: 5
        celebrate 7th anniversary (Comings, Goings and Doings), 1951/11/02: 7
      Stiles, Mr. and Mrs. Roger S., celebrate 5th anniversary, 1942/11/06: 6
      Strait, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel, celebrate 2nd anniversary, 1946/03/08 Supp: 3
      Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs. Willie D., entertained with birthday and anniversary party, 1955/04/15 Supp: 2
      Sumners, Mr. and Mrs. William, honored on 1st anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1934/10/12: 6
      Sutton, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J., honored on golden wedding anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1946/12/27 Supp: 1
      Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, celebrate 18th anniversary, 1939/03/10: 6
      Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Cleo, celebrate 25th wedding anniversary, 1969/11/21: 8
      Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Felix, celebrate their 9th anniversary, 1940/10/04: 7
      Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Fred, entertained by Exclusive Fashionette Social Club on their 5th anniversary, 1940/10/11: 6
      Taylor, Rev. and Mrs. J. L.
        double anniversary: 25th at Union Baptist, 25th wedding anniversary (photo), 1944/05/19: 4
        entertain for 5th anniversary, 1931/12/18: 6
        observe sixteenth anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1935/07/12: 6
      Tealer, Mr. and Mrs. Roy, celebrate 15th wedding anniversary at the Corn Crib, 1963/01/11: 6
      Tennal, Mr. and Mrs. J. W., celebrate 2nd anniversary (Alamo City Briefs), 1944/03/17: 7
      Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Houston, double wedding anniversary held with Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood Allen, 1941/09/05: 6
      Thomas, Rev. and Mrs. J. H.
        celebrate 4th anniversary, 1939/09/08: 6
        surprised on 5th anniversary, 1940/09/06: 6
      Thomas, Mr. and Mr. Ollie, celebrate 25th anniversary (Alamo City Briefs), 1940/11/29: 7
      Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Timothy, celebrate 1st anniversary, 1939/01/13: 6
      Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Isaiah, celebrate 13th anniversary (Alamo City Briefs), 1943/03/26: 7
      Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo, golden anniversary celebrated (photo), 1961/06/23 Supp: 1
      Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Martin, honored on 14th anniversary, 1940/01/12: 6
      Thornton, Mr. and Mrs. B. B., celebrate 19th anniversary, 1941/06/06: 6
      Todd, Mr. and Mrs. Albert
        57th wedding anniversary congratulated by Register, 1931/09/04: 8 (filmed in 09/11 issue)
        couple wed 62 years Wednesday, 1936/06/12: 7
      Townsend, Mr. and Mrs. Tommie L., celebrate 25th wedding anniversary
        with mink for the wife (Jo's Jottings), 1967/04/21: 8
        photo, 1967/04/21: 9
      Tucker, Mr. and Mrs. Barrian, honored at celebration of 1st anniversary, 1940/01/26: 6
      Tucker, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton, observe 25th wedding anniversary, 1965/10/15 Supp: 4
      Tucker, Mr. and Mrs. John A., 16th anniversary, Mrs. Tucker receives new car (Jo's Jottings), 1968/01/26: 8
      Usher, Mr. and Mrs. W. W., celebrate 7th anniversary, 1947/08/22: 6
      Valentine, Mr. and Mrs. Aaron [partly illegible], celebrate crystal wedding anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1949/01/28 Supp: 3
      Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, celebrate 1st anniversary, 1937/12/03: 6
      Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Wiley, combination Golden Wedding anniversary and Mother's Day observance held in Gonzales (Jo's Jottings), 1969/05/16: 8
      Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Wiley L.
        celebrate silver anniversary, 1948/01/09: 2
        celebrate silver anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1948/01/09 Supp: 1
        couple cuts cake (photo), 1948/01/09 Supp: 2
        observe silver wedding anniversary (photo), 1948/01/09 Supp: 2
      Wallace, Mr. and Mrs. Ike, anniversary dinner given by nieces, 1956/03/02: 2
      Ware, Mr. and Mrs. George T., Seguin couple celebrates 50th anniversary, 1956/03/23: 2
      Washington, Mr. and Mrs. R. J., celebrate 25th anniversary, 1947/08/01: 6
        photo, 1947/08/01 Supp: 3
        silver wedding anniversary celebrants, assistants (photo), 1947/08/01 Supp: 4
      Watson, Mr. and Mrs. Willard, celebrate 5th wedding anniversary with shower for newly-weds, Mr. and Mrs. King, 1940/10/11: 6
      White, Mr. and Mrs. Sandy
        celebrate 29th anniversary, 1948/05/21 Supp: 2
        celebrate silver anniversary, 1944/05/05: 6
      White, Mr. and Mrs. Willie
        celebrate 1st anniversary, 1940/06/21: 6
        celebrate 2nd anniversary, 1941/06/20: 6
      Whittier, Dr. and Mrs. C. Austin
        celebrate 22nd anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1942/09/25: 6
        celebrate 25th wedding anniversary (photo), 1945/09/28: 6
        celebrate silver anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1945/09/21 Supp: 1
      Wilcox, Rev. and Mrs. Robert
        celebrate 16th anniversary, 1939/01/06: 6
        celebrate 18th anniversary, 1941/01/10: 7
        celebrate 19th anniversary, 1942/01/09: 6
        celebrate 20th wedding anniversary, 1943/01/08: 6
        celebrate 21st anniversary, 1944/01/07: 6
        celebrate 22nd anniversary, 1945/01/05 Supp: 4
        celebrate 30th wedding anniversary, 1953/01/09: 6
      Williams, Mr. and Mrs. A. C., Houston, celebrate 30th anniversary with dinner party given by her sister (Jo's Jottings), 1962/09/21 Supp: 4
      Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred, 19th anniversary celebrated with Three City Club (Jo's Jottings), 1961/09/01 Supp: 4
      Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Earl, celebrate Silver Anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1969/05/30: 8
      Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Eliza, celebrate 1st anniversary, 1934/01/05: 6
      Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene, celebrate 1st anniversary, 1938/06/24: 6
      Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Garnett, celebrate 1st anniversary, 1948/03/19 Supp: 4
      Williams, Mr. and Mrs. George, celebrate 9th anniversary, 1943/01/08: 6
      Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Major, celebrate 10th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1960/10/07 Supp: 1
      Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Mose
        celebrate 22nd anniversary with La Parejos Club (Jo's Jottings), 1953/11/13 Supp: 4
        celebrate 29th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1960/11/04 Supp: 4
        celebrate 37th anniversary by entertaining members of Three-City Club, 1968/11/08: 8
      Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Allen, celebrate 18th anniversary (Comings, Goings and Doings), 1949/09/30: 4
      Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest, celebrate 8th anniversary, 1938/04/29: 7
      Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. J. C., Jr., celebrate 1st anniversary (Alamo City Briefs), 1943/07/16: 7
      Wilson, Rev. and Mrs. Rufus, celebrate 23rd anniversary, 1941/09/26: 6
      Winner, Mr. and Mrs. Willie W.
        25th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1942/02/13: 6
        27th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1944/02/04: 6, 1944/02/18: 6
        30th anniversary
          guests at 30th anniversary, 1948/02/20 Supp: 2
          Jo's Jottings, 1948/02/13 Supp: 1, 1948/02/20 Supp: 1
          photo, 1948/02/20 Supp: 3
        39th anniversary (Chasing with Chase), 1958/02/21: 7
        45th anniversary (photo), 1963/02/22 Supp: 2
        golden anniversary celebrated (photos), 1968/02/16: 8
      Winston, Mr. and Mrs. Sam, celebrate 4th anniversary, 1942/01/30: 6
      Woodfork, Mr. and Mrs. Peter, renew vows as they celebrate silver anniversary (photo), 1965/11/05 Supp: 1, 2
      Woods, Mr. and Mrs. L. A., celebrate 55th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1968/01/26: 8
      Woolridge, Mr. and Mrs. O. S., celebrate 1st anniversary, 1937/12/31: 7
      Woolridge, Elder and Mrs. Thomas L., former San Antonians celebrate 40th anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1949/05/20 Supp: 1
      Wrenn, Mr. and Mrs. Dudley, celebrate 3rd anniversary, 1933/07/28: 6
      Wyman, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A., Jr., celebrate 2nd anniversary (Jo's Jottings), 1944/06/16: 6
    Annual Ministers' Institute
      See Bishop College (Marshall, TX)
    Anthony, Abraham
      notice of death, 1968/06/28: 10 (filmed in 07/05 issue)
    Anthony, Annie
      notice of death, 1959/11/20: 8 (filmed in 11/27 issue)
    Anthony, Annie Lee
      notice of death, 1970/01/16: 10
    Anthony, Elder B.
      Bluebonnet Church of God in Christ joint baptismal services to feature Elder E. D. Childress and Elder B. Anthony (photo), 1950/08/18: 8 (filmed in 08/25 issue)
    Anthony, Christopher A.
      notice of death, 1962/01/05: 8
    Anthony, Elijah
      notice of death, 1962/03/16: 8
    Anthony, Irene
      retires from Fort Sam Houston, 1963/06/21: 6
    Anthony, Isaac
      to be buried in Seguin, 1964/04/03: 1
      notice of death, 1962/01/26: 8
    Anthony, Isaac Ike
      notice of death, 1964/04/17: 8 (filmed in 04/24 issue)
    Anthony, Laura A.
      notice of death, 1965/10/08: 8
    Anthony, Mary
      notice of death, 1966/08/05: 4
    Anthony, Rachel
      notice of death, 1968/12/27: 10 (filmed in 01/03 issue)
    Anthony, Rosie Lee
      notice of death, 1963/03/01: 8
    Anti-Bias Legislation
      See also Civil Rights (1946-1949), legislation
      See also Civil Rights (1950-1955), legislation
      See also Civil Rights (1956-1960), legislation
      See also Civil Rights (1961-1965), legislation
      See also Civil Rights Act of 1964
        anti-job bias bill okehed by Senate group, 1948/02/13: 1
        arrests seen as aid in fight against job bias, 1964/12/04: 1
        four eastern states prove anti-bias laws get results, 1948/08/20: 1
        government contracts/employees
          500 leaders attend anti-bias conference to mobilize community support for equal job opportunity program (photo), 1958/01/24: 2
          analysis given of president's new anti-bias committee (Committee on Government Employment Policy), 1955/01/28: 1
          Eisenhower, President Dwight David promises revival of anti-bias contract body, 1953/04/10: 1
          Indiana governor signs state's first anti-bias contract prohibiting discrimination by suppliers of services or materials, 1961/12/08: 1
          new anti-bias apprentice rule becomes effective Aug. 16, 1964/08/07: 4
          New York Gov. Lehman signs anti-bias bill for defense jobs, 1941/04/25: 4
          President's Committee on Government Contract Compliance
            issues statement on anti-bias, 1955/02/11: 1
            submits anti-bias report to President Eisenhower (photo), 1956/10/19: 3
          strong anti-job bias order issued by President Eisenhower, 1954/09/10: 1
        National Labor Relations Board rulings protect Negroes from labor union bias, 1965/01/08: 1
        United Automobile Workers sign anti-bias agreement with Urban League, 1957/07/19: 1
      half of all US has enforceable anti-bias laws, 1959/12/04: 1
          California loses US government cash because of repeal, 1964/11/20: 1
          pro-bias vote proves Calif. no promised land, 1964/11/27
          voters repeal no-bias housing act, 1964/11/13: 3
        Canadian city wants national anti-bias housing law, 1960/01/08: 6
        Colorado passes anti-bias housing bill; Jim Crow housing under intense fire in five states, 1959/04/03: 1
        Connecticut and Massachusetts pass anti-bias housing laws, 1959/06/12: 1
        New York, Pelham Hall apartment barring Negroes is guilty of violating anti-bias law, 1957/07/12: 1
        Supreme Court upholds home owner's refusal to sell to Negro, threatens 13 states' anti-bias housing laws, 1962/04/13: 1
        Texas Real Estate Brokers convention blasts opposers of housing act, 1966/06/24: 1
        Washington, DC wins suit testing its Fair Housing Law, 1964/12/11: 3
        anti-bias orders issued by two more governors, 1963/07/05: 1
        Louisville passes anti-bias law, a first for the state, 1963/06/14: 7
      NAACP continues to press drive for anti-bias clauses in legislation, 1955/06/17: 1
      National Bar Association Committee on Human Rights delivers report on anti-bias drive in Western states, 1953/05/29: 1
      National Interfraternity Conference passes anti-bias resolution, 1949/12/09: 5
      North Dakota is 29th state to enact anti-bias law, 1963/04/19: 2
      Ohio, anti-bias orders issued by two more governors, 1963/07/05: 1
      Oklahoma, Tulsa adopts anti-bias 'policy,' but rejects ordinance, 1964/01/17: 1
      Republicans bow to Dixie on CCC (Commodity Credit Corporation) anti-bias clause, 1953/09/11: 1
      some 26,000 US mail trucks to carry anti-bias posters, 1956/12/14: 1
        anti-bias legislation sought for Texas cities by Texas Conference of NAACP Branches, 1963/03/22: 1
        Robstown passes anti-bias law; ordinance bans racial discrimination in public places, 1966/07/01: 1
        San Antonio
          city anti-bias law affecting places of public accommodation asked by local NAACP, 1962/10/26: 1
          City Council refuses to act on anti-bias ordinance at election time, 1963/03/08: 1
          KTSA commended by NAACP San Antonio branch for supporting anti-bias ordinance, 1963/03/22: 1
          McAllister, Mayor W. W., says city will consider anti-bias law with City Council to get proposal for consideration, 1962/11/02: 1
          NAACP again asks city for anti-bias law in places of public accommodation; councilmen will consider measure if "constitutional," 1963/02/22: 1
      US School lunch bill, with anti-bias clause, passes House, 1946/03/01: 1
    Anti-Poverty Programs
      anti-poverty programs to follow letter of civil rights law, 1965/05/14: 1
      anti-poverty war may be increasing poor's frustrations, 1967/09/01: 1
      Center for Community Action Education, Inc., to be headed by James Farmer, national director of CORE, 1966/01/07: 1
      Chicago, anti-poverty programs in Chicago, New York in hot water, 1968/05/03: 1
      Episcopalians give $76,310 for poor programs, 1968/05/24: 9
      five Negroes' farms saved by USDA loans, 1965/02/12: 1
      Food Stamp bill, House passage of bill elates Negro solons, 1964/04/17: 1
      GOP calls Lady Bird's Alabama "estate" a model of deprivation, 1964/05/22: 1
      Head Start Program
        25 Head Start sponsors rejected because of bias, 1966/09/02: 1
          anti-poverty funds withheld from biased 'Bama counties, 1965/10/08: 1
          bias shown in Head Start program, 1965/07/30: 1
          'Sippi Head Start veto overridden, 1966/11/25: 1
          suspending of Mississippi Head Start Program decried, 1966/10/14: 1
        Philadelphia winds up one of the largest Head Start programs (photo), 1965/10/01: 2
        special program for mentally retarded children offered through EODC, 1970/06/19: 6
          program under way at Prairie View A&M College, 1965/07/09: 5
          San Antonio
            begins operations with ribbon-cutting ceremony at Cuney Elementary School, 1970/04/03: 4
            classes get under way, 1968/06/07: 7
            Operation 'Head Start' at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, 1969/05/30: 7
            registration under way for head starters, 1968/05/17: 5
            Turner, Gwendolyn, 12, awarded certificate of appreciation for working as volunteer at Miller Elementary (photo), 1967/08/11: 1
        volunteers needed for summer program for disadvantaged children, 1967/06/23: 6
      Late Start Program proposed for older poor by OEO assistant, 1968/06/21: 6
      LBJ attacks bias, poverty in "union" message, 1964/01/17: 1
      Louisiana, New Orleans, anti-poverty worker fired after protest meeting, 1966/07/29: 2
      Mississipians carry protest to capitol; homeless workers camp-in across from White House, 1966/04/08: 1
      National Teachers Corps accepts San Antonian, Laura N. Johnson, 1966/08/19: 1
      New York
        anti-poverty programs in Chicago, New York in hot water, 1968/05/03: 1
        Powell, Rep. Adam Clayton, Jr., gets his way to increase participation of poor New Yorkers in anti-poverty program, 1965/05/21: 1
      'Operation Breakfast' in Kansas City schools pays off, 1964/05/08: 4
      Small Business Development Center, former San Antonian, Winford Smith, heads project (photo), 1966/08/26: 1
      Virginia, segregationist, rights head lead anti-poverty effort, 1965/05/28: 1
      War on Poverty
        10,000th War on Poverty loan goes to North Carolina laborer (photo), 1965/08/06: 1
        17,000 rural families to have brighter Christmas due to war-on-poverty loans, 1965/12/24: 1
        Carter, Lisle C., Jr., Urban League official named assistant to [Sargent] Shriver in War Against Poverty, 1964/10/30: 3
        clashes loom over US funds in anti-poverty war, 1964/12/11: 1
        NASW (National Association of Social Workers) urges poverty war continue, 1967/01/06: 1
        OEO chief, Robert Perrin, strives to save poverty program from Nixon, 1968/12/27: 6
        San Antonio, TX
          hard hit by anti-poverty legislation, 1966/12/02: 1
          national work training chief sees SA war on poverty concentrated employment program, 1968/05/31: 1
          organizations to cooperate in War on Poverty, 1966/03/18: 5
      Washington, DC
        anti-poverty volunteers in United Planning Organization lauded, 1969/06/06: 9
        King, Rev. Martin Luther, Jr., says 'time to close D.C. down' in order to pressure Congress to pass anti-poverty programs, 1967/11/03: 1
      See also American Jewish Congress (AJC)
      5-year research refutes lurid charges against the Negro on attitudes to anti-Semitism, hatred of whites, resistance to the draft, and support of black nationalist Muslims, 1967/06/02: 1
      American Jewish Congress (AJC) speaks on Negro anti-Semitism, 1966/03/25: 7
      anti-Semitism fostered by church teachings, 1966/05/20: 6
      "Black Hitler" [promotes anti-Semitism] (editorial), 1934/10/19: 4
      black power advocates show signs of anti-semitism, 1968/08/02: 7
      blasted by National Urban League, 1969/02/07: 7
      Lewis, Alfred Baker, top NAACP official blasts anti-Semitism, 1969/02/14: 1
      Negroes' failure to speak out against anti-Semitism scored by AJC, 1969/02/07: 1
      scientific study refutes charges of strong Negro anti-Semitism, 1966/10/14: 1
      Southern Christian Leadership Conference against both black separatism and anti-semitism, 1967/10/20: 1
    Antioch Baptist Church
      2nd annual joint service with Wheatley Heights Baptist Church announced, 1963/12/20: 8 (filmed in 12/27 issue)
      Aid Circle meets, 1942/08/28: 8 (filmed in 09/04 issue)
        16th anniversary celebrated, 1952/03/28: 4
        20th anniversary observed, 1955/11/18: 4
        28th anniversary celebrated with Rev. Dr. P. S. Wilkinson, guest speaker (photo), 1963/06/07: 8
        31st anniversary and Founders Day celebrated, with Rev. Rufus Wilson delivering the message (photo), 1966/06/10: 4
        33rd anniversary observed, with Rev. Rufus Wilson delivering the sermon (photo), 1968/06/07: 10 (filmed in 06/14 issue)
        35th anniversary observed with Rev. C. W. Black, Jr., guest speaker (photo), 1970/06/19: 10
        ends anniversary celebration, 1940/08/09: 8 (filmed in 08/16 issue)
        song service to climax anniversary program at Antioch, 1945/07/20: 8 (filmed in 07/27 issue)
      annual Sunday School and BTU Training Union Day held, with Rev. E. J. Johnson, guest speaker (photo), 1965/11/12: 4
      Antioch Gospel Singers
      Antioch Jubileers
      Antioch Opportunity Center holds elections, 1970/03/06: 8
      baby contest sponsored by Junior Missionary Society, winner announced, 1950/07/21: 8 (filmed in 07/28 issue)
      Bailey, Rev. V. M., guest speaker, 1953/12/04: 8
        photo, 1962/09/07: 8
      Baptist Ministers Union, mass youth rally to be held, Rev. E. V. Hill, speaker (photo), 1960/05/20: 8 (filmed in 05/27 issue)
      Bennett, Rev. E. E., dynamic gospel preacher, San Antonio native, is guest speaker, 1960/09/30: 2
        dedication of new church building set for Sunday, 1957/09/20: 1
        expansion program completion celebrated with special services (photo), 1957/03/22: 4
        New Building Boosters program set for April 29, 1969/04/18: 4
      burglaries, typewriter and camera stolen, 1965/12/10: 1
      Byrd, Rev. J. Nathaniel, speaks at first anniversary of the junior church (photo), 1951/04/20: 8 (filmed in 04/27 issue)
        4th annual choir concert to be held, 1962/11/23: 4
        annual gospel musical to be recorded by Chicago company, 1964/08/14: 4
        Byrd, Rev. Dr. J. N., guest speaker for anniversary celebration of junior and senior choirs (photo), 1956/11/02: 4
        candlelighting march to be staged, 1949/04/15: 2
        choir feted at lawn party, 1941/06/13: 7
        choirs and membership drive motorcade to Waelder, 1957/05/10: 8 (filmed in 05/17 issue)
        on 'Glorified Voices' program
        Kemple, Rev. J. A., speaks at 15th anniversary of choir (photo), 1950/10/06: 8 (filmed in 10/13 issue)
        selling dinners for Thanksgiving, 1953/11/20: 8
        senior choir
          anniversary celebrations
            11th anniversary, 1946/09/20: 8, 1946/09/27: 8, 1946/10/04: 8 (filmed in 10/11 issue)
            13th anniversary, 1948/12/03: 8 (filmed in 12/10 issue), 1948/12/10: 8 (filmed in 12/17 issue)
            14th anniversary, 1949/10/07: 8
            Brooks, Rev. William S., guest speaker for 17th anniversary (photo), 1952/10/24: 8 (filmed in 10/31 issue)
            Byrd, Rev. Dr. J. N., guest speaker for anniversary celebration (photo), 1956/11/02: 4
          fetes pageant director, Mrs. Myrtie Daniels, 1948/02/20: 2
          to honor returnees, 1946/03/08: 8
          hosts gay party, 1940/01/05: 8 (filmed in 01/12 issue)
          presents program tonight, 1947/03/21: 8 (filmed in 03/28 issue)
        Youth Choir presented in recital, 1966/09/23: 12 (filmed in 09/30 issue)
        Christmas sermons series on theme "The Night Before Christmas" given by Rev. Rector, 1955/12/02: 8 (filmed in 12/09 issue)
        "Heaven Bound" pageant to be presented Christmas morning, 1945/12/14: 8 (filmed in 12/21 issue), 1948/12/17: 2, 1948/12/24: 6
        pre-Christmas dinner given on Dec. 16, 1954/12/10: 8 (filmed in 12/17 issue)
        "Twelve Gates to the City" to be presented Christmas morning, 1950/12/08: 8 (filmed in 12/15 issue), 1950/12/22: 8 (filmed in 12/29 issue)
      City-Wide Junior Mission Auxiliary to be hosted, 1952/02/29: 4
      cops visit church in response to disturbing the peace calls; worshipers panic, 1939/07/14: 1
      declares its pulpit is vacant, 1952/08/08: 4
      Easter activities, 1938/04/22: 8 (filmed in 04/29 issue), 1950/04/07: 5, 1953/04/03: 4
      Emancipation Proclamation service
        1st annual, with Rev. C. William Black, Jr., guest speaker (photo), 1964/12/25: 8 (filmed in 01/01 issue)
        2nd annual, with Rev. S. H. James, Jr., guest speaker (photo), 1965/12/31: 8
      Fellowship Organization to appear in singing program, 1953/11/13: 8
      gospel program at Antioch Bap't, Oct. 10, 1945/10/05: 8 (filmed in 10/12 issue)
      Guadalupe Baptist District Association, Unincorporated
        78th annual session to be hosted, 1951/08/03: 8 (filmed in 08/10 issue)
        meeting ends tonight, 1941/04/18: 5
      Homecoming Day observed with Rev. Rufus Wilson, former pastor as speaker (photo), 1956/07/20: 8 (filmed in 07/27 issue)
      Hunter, Rev. Lester
      James. Rev. L. R., guest speaker (photo), 1954/12/10: 8 (filmed in 12/17 issue)
      Jubilee Week held, 1946/06/07: 6
        with Rev. Louis Ray Duncan, famed "boy preacher," now serving in Marine Corps (photo), 1963/12/27: 8 (filmed in 01/03 issue)
      Junior Missionary Society
        breakfast date changed to Sept. 29, 1957/09/20: 8 (filmed in 09/27 issue)
        gives pre-Easter style show April 18, 1957/04/12: 6
        holds chicken dinner Saturday, Oct. 13, 1956/10/12: 4
        "preaching extravaganza" Sunday sponsored by the Junior Mission, 1958/01/17: 8 (filmed in 01/24 issue)
        Rivers, Rev. Tommie I., designated Youth Day speaker (photo), 1956/06/01: 8 (filmed in 06/08 issue)
        sells Gracie's Mexican plates, 1954/02/19: 6
        Valentine tea sponsored, 1960/02/19: 6
      Junior Usher Board
        Bailey, Rev. J. C., guest speaker on fifth annual Usher's Day (photo), 1956/02/24: 8 (filmed in 03/02 issue)
        meetings in 1944, 1944/10/20: 8 (filmed in 10/27 issue), 1944/10/27: 8
        meetings in 1945, 1945/01/19: 7
        to present musical, 1946/06/28: 8
      Kemple, Rev. J. A.
      Lacefield, Rev. Oscar, Palestine, guest speaker for officer installation and deacon ordination (photo), 1962/01/26: 8
      membership census obtained, 1968/03/01: 10 (filmed in 03/08 issue)
      Men's Day
        Davis, Odie E., guest speaker, 1964/06/12: 8 (filmed in 06/19 issue)
        Middleton, J. E., Houston, guest speaker, 1967/11/10: 10 (filmed in 11/17 issue)
        observance of, 1956/09/21: 8 (filmed in 09/28 issue), 1962/05/04: 8, 1970/02/27: 10
      Missionary Society
        celebrates 16th anniversary, 1951/11/16: 8 (filmed in 11/23 issue)
        presents pageant, "The Second Coming of Christ," 1967/01/27: 10 (filmed in 02/03 issue)
        Senior Missionary Society holds tea, 1965/07/23: 4
        Women's Missionary Society No. 2 entertains with Valentine's party (Jo's Jottings), 1967/02/24: 8
      mortgage burning service to be held; Rev. C. W. Black is guest speaker (photo), 1955/04/29: 8
      mortgage note burned, 1944/01/21: 8 (filmed in 01/28 issue)
      Mother's Day
        features display of family generations, 1962/05/11: 8
        Mother's Day services for orphans held, 1946/05/03: 6
        3rd annual gospel musical presented, 1965/08/20: 4
        after service musicale scheduled, 1944/06/30: 5
        Alabama singers to perform Sunday, 1946/11/22: 8
        annual songfest tonight, 1947/08/08: 8 (filmed in 08/15 issue)
        Antioch men to present spring musicale Apr. 8, 1945/03/30 Section 2: 4
        Antioch ushers to present fall musical, 1947/11/21: 8 (filmed in 11/28 issue)
        "Battle of Songs"
          at Antioch, Wed., March 31, 1943/03/26: 8 (filmed in 04/09 issue)
          features Antioch Gospel Singers and Spiritual Singers, 1946/01/25: 8
        Biser, Verna Mae
          and Biser Singers, present big gospel song festival, 1963/04/26: 4
          presented by Ministers and Deacons Wives (photo), 1970/04/17: 6
        Celestial Chorus of the church presents greatest musical talents of city, 1968/03/29: 10 (filmed in 04/05 issue)
        city-wide musicale to be presented, 1944/03/17: 4
        combined choirs of Antioch Baptist and Macedonia Baptist churches to present musical, 1964/05/08: 8
        Daniels, Verna Mae and Lela Mae Sowell to appear in gospel song recital, 1944/12/22: 8
        district musical to be held as beginning of Guadalupe District Ass'n meeting, 1951/08/03: 8 (filmed in 08/10 issue)
        Ellis And Dixon in concert at Antioch, 1946/03/29: 8, 1946/04/05: 8, 1949/04/15: 4
        few tickets left for June 3 recital, 1948/05/28: 8
        Fox, Linda, girl gospel singer to be heard, April 3, 1959/03/27: 8 (filmed in 04/08 issue)
        Gonzales singers in musicale at Antioch Baptist, 1945/06/29: 8 (filmed in 07/06 issue)
        Good Will Singers, Heavenly Echoes, and others to appear for benefit of Usher Board, 1963/05/10: 8
        gospel concert to feature all Antioch choirs, 1963/08/16: 8 (filmed in 08/23 issue)
        Gospel Singers in program, Oct. 14, 1945/10/12: 8 (filmed in 10/19 issue)
        Houston quartet, Greater Zion Junior Quartet, here Sunday, 1946/04/12: 8
        Houston singers, Wandering Travelers, to perform, 1948/04/16: 8, 1949/03/18: 8
        Jackson-directed musicales, 1944/02/25: 6, 1944/09/15: 6, 1945/02/02: 8 (filmed in 02/09 issue), 1946/01/11: 8, 1947/06/06: 7
        May, Brother Joe, to perform, 1964/01/10: 8 (filmed in 01/17 issue)
        Midwest Jubilaires to perform July 27, 1948/07/23: 8
        "musical banquet" sponsored by Willing Workers, 1968/04/26: 10 (filmed in 05/03 issue)
        musical chorale presented, with multiple guest artists, 1963/09/27: 8 (filmed in 10/04 issue)
        musical festival on March 1, 1945/02/23: 8 (filmed in 03/02 issue)
        musical program to feature outstanding talent, 1947/08/22: 5
        musicale at Antioch Baptist Church April 27, 1943/04/23: 5
        New Salem Harmonizers observe 14th anniversary, 1960/04/29: 8 (filmed in 05/06 issue)
        158th Aviation Squadron Singers at Antioch, 1944/08/18: 8 (filmed in 09/01 issue)
        Perryman Quintet, 1961/07/14: 4
        Quartet and Singers Association of San Antonio in program, 1952/07/18: 4
        religious treat at Antioch tonight, 1944/05/05: 8 (filmed in 05/12 issue)
        Roykin, Mattie R., 6-year-old artist in musicale, 1960/04/15: 4
        sensational musical program Friday, Oct. 12, 1956/10/12: 4
        singing contest to be held, 1944/06/02: 8 (filmed in 06/09 issue)
        special program on Feb. 4-6, 1947/01/31: 6
        Spiritual Five Quartet and recording artists of Los Angeles to perform, 1950/08/04: 8 (filmed in 08/11 issue)
        Spiritual Gospel Singers
          give Easter song fest, 1944/04/07: 6
          give musicale, 1945/06/01: 8 (filmed in 06/08 issue), 1946/04/19: 8 (filmed in 04/26 issue)
          hold musical program, 1946/09/27: 8
          and New Light Singers in song service, 1946/05/03: 8
          to present program, 1944/11/03: 8
        spiritual-song program set for Sunday, 1953/08/21: 4
        Usher Board No. 4 presents song concert with Jessy Dixon and the Jessy Dixon Singers, 1967/09/01: 4
        Wilson Sisters' Club will sponsor musical festival, 1944/04/28: 8 (filmed in 05/05 issue)
      new church building opens, 1947/09/26: 8 (filmed in 10/03 issue)
      news in 1935, 1935/10/18: 8 (filmed in 11/08 issue), 1935/11/15: 8 (filmed in 12/06 issue), 1935/12/06: 8 (filmed in 12/13 issue)
      news in 1936, 1936/03/27: 8 (filmed in 04/03 issue), 1936/04/03: 8 (filmed in 04/10 issue)
      news in 1937, 1937/09/17: 8 (filmed in 09/24 issue), 1937/09/24: 8 (filmed in 12/03 issue), 1937/12/03: 8 (filmed in 12/10 issue), 1937/12/10: 8 (filmed in 12/17 issue), 1937/12/17: 8 (filmed in 12/24 issue), 1937/12/24: 8 (filmed in 12/31 issue)
      news in 1938, 1938/01/07: 8 (filmed in 01/14 issue), 1938/01/14: 8 (filmed in 01/21 issue), 1938/01/28: 8 (filmed in 04/01 issue), 1938/04/15: 8 (filmed in 04/22 issue), 1938/05/06: 8 (filmed in 05/13 issue), 1938/05/13: 8 (filmed in 05/20 issue), 1938/05/20: 8 (filmed in 05/27 issue), 1938/06/10: 8 (filmed in 06/17 issue), 1938/06/17: 8 (filmed in 06/24 issue), 1938/06/24: 8 (filmed in 07/01 issue), 1938/07/08: 8 (filmed in 07/15 issue), 1938/07/15: 5, 1938/07/22: 8 (filmed in 07/29 issue), 1938/07/29: 8 (filmed in 09/23 issue), 1938/09/23: 8 (filmed in 09/30 issue), 1938/09/30: 8 (filmed in 10/07 issue), 1938/10/07: 8 (filmed in 10/14 issue), 1938/10/14: 8 (filmed in 10/28 issue), 1938/11/04: 8 (filmed in 11/11 issue), 1938/11/11: 8 (filmed in 11/18 issue), 1938/11/18: 8 (filmed in 11/25 issue), 1938/11/25: 8 (filmed in 12/02 issue), 1938/12/09: 8 (filmed in 12/16 issue), 1938/12/16: 8 (filmed in 12/30 issue)
      news in 1939, 1939/01/06: 8 (filmed in 01/13 issue), 1939/01/13: 8 (filmed in 01/20 issue), 1939/01/20: 8 (filmed in 01/27 issue), 1939/03/10: 8 (filmed in 03/24 issue), 1939/03/24: 8 (filmed in 03/31 issue), 1939/04/07: 8 (filmed in 04/14 issue), 1939/04/14: 8 (filmed in 04/21 issue), 1939/04/21: 8 (filmed in 04/28 issue), 1939/04/28: 8 (filmed in 05/05 issue), 1939/05/05: 8 (filmed in 05/12 issue), 1939/05/12: 8 (filmed in 05/19 issue), 1939/05/19: 8 (filmed in 06/02 issue), 1939/06/02: 8 (filmed in 06/16 issue), 1939/06/30: 8 (filmed in 07/07 issue), 1939/07/07: 8 (filmed in 07/14 issue), 1939/07/14: 8 (filmed in 07/21 issue), 1939/07/21: 8 (filmed in 07/28 issue), 1939/07/28: 8 (filmed in 08/04 issue), 1939/08/04: 8 (filmed in 08/18 issue), 1939/08/18: 8 (filmed in 08/25 issue), 1939/09/01: 8 (filmed in 09/08 issue), 1939/09/08: 8 (filmed in 09/15 issue), 1939/09/15: 8 (filmed in 09/22 issue), 1939/09/22: 8 (filmed in 09/29 issue), 1939/09/29: 8 (filmed in 10/20 issue), 1939/10/20: 8 (filmed in 10/27 issue), 1939/11/03: 8 (filmed in 11/10 issue), 1939/11/10: 8 (filmed in 11/17 issue), 1939/11/17: 8 (filmed in 11/24 issue), 1939/11/24: 8 (filmed in 12/08 issue), 1939/12/08: 8 (filmed in 12/15 issue), 1939/12/15: 8 (filmed in 12/29 issue)
      news in 1940, 1940/01/05: 8 (filmed in 01/12 issue), 1940/01/12: 8 (filmed in 01/19 issue), 1940/01/19: 8 (filmed in 01/26 issue), 1940/01/26: 8 (filmed in 02/02 issue), 1940/02/02: 8 (filmed in 02/09 issue), 1940/02/09: 8 (filmed in 02/16 issue), 1940/02/16: 8 (filmed in 02/23 issue), 1940/02/23: 8 (filmed in 04/05 issue), 1940/04/05: 8 (filmed in 04/19 issue), 1940/04/19: 8 (filmed in 04/26 issue), 1940/04/26: 8 (filmed in 05/17 issue), 1940/05/17: 8 (filmed in 05/24 issue), 1940/05/24: 8 (filmed in 05/31 issue), 1940/05/31: 8 (filmed in 06/07 issue), 1940/06/14: 8 (filmed in 06/21 issue), 1940/06/21: 8 (filmed in 06/28 issue), 1940/06/28: 8 (filmed in 07/05 issue), 1940/07/12: 8 (filmed in 07/26 issue), 1940/07/26: 8 (filmed in 08/02 issue), 1940/08/02: 8 (filmed in 08/09 issue), 1940/08/09: 8 (filmed in 08/16 issue), 1940/08/16: 8 (filmed in 08/23 issue), 1940/08/23: 8 (filmed in 08/30 issue), 1940/08/30: 8 (filmed in 09/06 issue), 1940/09/06: 8 (filmed in 09/13 issue), 1940/09/13: 8 (filmed in 09/20 issue), 1940/09/20: 8 (filmed in 09/27 issue), 1940/09/27: 8 (filmed in 10/04 issue), 1940/10/04: 8 (filmed in 10/11 issue), 1940/10/11: 8 (filmed in 10/18 issue), 1940/10/18: 8 (filmed in 11/01 issue), 1940/11/01: 8 (filmed in 11/08 issue), 1940/11/08: 8 (filmed in 11/15 issue), 1940/11/15: 8 (filmed in 11/22 issue), 1940/11/22: 8 (filmed in 11/29 issue), 1940/12/13: 8 (filmed in 12/20 issue), 1940/12/20: 8 (filmed in 12/27 issue)
      news in 1941, 1941/01/03: 8 (filmed in 01/10 issue), 1941/01/10: 8 (filmed in 01/17 issue), 1941/01/17: 8 (filmed in 01/31 issue), 1941/01/24: 8 (filmed in 02/21 issue), 1941/01/31: 8 (filmed in 02/07 issue), 1941/02/07: 8 (filmed in 02/14 issue), 1941/02/14: 8 (filmed in 02/28 issue), 1941/02/21: 8 (filmed in 01/03 issue), 1941/02/28: 8 (filmed in 03/07 issue), 1941/03/07: 8 (filmed in 03/14 issue), 1941/03/14: 8 (filmed in 03/21 issue), 1941/03/21: 8 (filmed in 03/28 issue), 1941/03/28: 8 (filmed in 04/04 issue), 1941/04/04: 8 (filmed in 04/11 issue), 1941/04/11: 8 (filmed in 04/18 issue), 1941/04/18: 8 (filmed in 04/25 issue), 1941/04/25: 8 (filmed in 05/02 issue), 1941/05/09: 8 (filmed in 05/16 issue), 1941/05/16: 8 (filmed in 05/23 issue), 1941/05/23: 8 (filmed in 05/30 issue), 1941/05/30: 8 (filmed in 06/06 issue), 1941/06/06: 8 (filmed in 06/13 issue), 1941/06/13: 8 (filmed in 06/20 issue), 1941/06/20: 8 (filmed in 06/27 issue), 1941/06/27: 8 (filmed in 07/04 issue), 1941/07/11: 8 (filmed in 07/18 issue), 1941/07/18: 8 (filmed in 07/25 issue), 1941/08/01: 8 (filmed in 08/08 issue), 1941/08/08: 8 (filmed in 08/15 issue), 1941/08/15: 8 (filmed in 08/29 issue), 1941/08/29: 8 (filmed in 09/05 issue), 1941/09/05: 8 (filmed in 09/12 issue), 1941/09/19: 8 (filmed in 09/26 issue), 1941/09/26: 8 (filmed in 10/03 issue), 1941/10/10: 8 (filmed in 10/17 issue), 1941/10/17: 8 (filmed in 11/07 issue), 1941/10/24: 8 (filmed in 10/31 issue), 1941/10/31: 8 (filmed in 11/07 issue), 1941/11/07: 8 (filmed in 11/14 issue), 1941/11/14: 8 (filmed in 11/21 issue), 1941/12/05: 8 (filmed in 12/12 issue), 1941/12/12: 8 (filmed in 12/19 issue), 1941/12/19: 8 (filmed in 12/26 issue)
      news in 1942, 1942/01/09: 8 (filmed in 05/08 issue), 1942/01/16: 8 (filmed in 01/30 issue), 1942/01/23: 8 (filmed in 02/13 issue), 1942/01/30: 8 (filmed in 01/23 issue), 1942/02/13: 8 (filmed in 04/10 issue), 1942/04/10: 8 (filmed in 04/17 issue), 1942/05/01: 8 (filmed in 01/09 issue), 1942/05/08: 8 (filmed in 05/22 issue), 1942/06/05: 8 (filmed in 06/12 issue), 1942/06/12: 8 (filmed in 06/19 issue), 1942/06/19: 8 (filmed in 06/26 issue), 1942/07/17: 8 (filmed in 07/24 issue), 1942/07/24: 8 (filmed in 07/31 issue), 1942/07/31: 8 (filmed in 08/07 issue), 1942/08/07: 8 (filmed in 08/14 issue), 1942/08/14: 8 (filmed in 08/21 issue), 1942/08/21: 8 (filmed in 08/28 issue), 1942/08/28: 8 (filmed in 09/04 issue), 1942/09/11: 8 (filmed in 12/18 issue, 1942/10/02: 8 (filmed in 10/09 issue), 1942/10/09: 8 (filmed in 10/16 issue), 1942/10/16: 8 (filmed in 10/23 issue), 1942/10/23: 8 (filmed in 11/06 issue), 1942/11/06: 8 (filmed in 11/13 issue), 1942/11/13: 8 (filmed in 11/13 issue), 1942/11/20: 8 (filmed in 12/04 issue), 1942/12/04: 8 (filmed in 12/11 issue), 1942/12/18: 8 (filmed in 12/25 issue), out of order)
      news in 1943, 1943/01/08: 8 (filmed in 01/15 issue), 1943/01/15: 8 (filmed in 02/05 issue), 1943/02/05: 8 (filmed in 02/26 issue), 1943/02/26: 8 (filmed in 03/12 issue), 1943/03/12: 8 (filmed in 03/19 issue), 1943/03/19: 8 (filmed in 03/26 issue), 1943/03/26: 8 (filmed in 04/09 issue), 1943/04/09: 8 (filmed in 04/23 issue), 1943/04/23: 8 (filmed in 06/18 issue), 1943/05/21: 8 (filmed in 06/18 issue), 1943/06/18: 8 (filmed in 06/25 issue), 1943/06/25: 8 (filmed in 07/02 issue), 1943/07/02: 8 (filmed in 07/09 issue), 1943/07/09: 8 (filmed in 07/16 issue), 1943/07/16: 4, 1943/07/23: 8 (filmed in 07/30 issue), 1943/07/30: 8 (filmed in 08/13 issue), 1943/08/13: 8 (filmed in 09/17 issue), 1943/09/17: 8 (filmed in 1944/01/07 issue)
      news in 1944, 1944/01/07: 8 (filmed in 01/14 issue), 1944/01/14: 8 (filmed in 01/21 issue), 1944/01/21: 8 (filmed in 01/28 issue), 1944/01/28: 7, 1944/02/11: 8 (filmed in 02/18 issue), 1944/02/18: 8 (filmed in 02/25 issue), 1944/02/25: 8 (filmed in 03/03 issue), 1944/03/03: 8 (filmed in 03/10 issue), 1944/03/10: 8 (filmed in 03/17 issue), 1944/03/17: 8 (filmed in 03/24 issue), 1944/03/24: 8 (filmed in 03/31 issue), 1944/04/07: 8 (filmed in 04/14 issue), 1944/04/14: 8 (filmed in 04/21 issue), 1944/04/21: 8 (filmed in 04/28 issue), 1944/04/28: 8 (filmed in 05/05 issue), 1944/05/05: 8 (filmed in 05/12 issue), 1944/05/12: 8 (filmed in 05/19 issue), 1944/05/19: 8 (filmed in 05/26 issue), 1944/05/26: 8 (filmed in 06/02 issue), 1944/06/02: 8 (filmed in 06/09 issue), 1944/06/09: 8 (filmed in 06/16 issue), 1944/06/16: 8 (filmed in 06/23 issue), 1944/06/23: 8 (filmed in 06/30 issue), 1944/06/30: 8 (filmed in 07/07 issue), 1944/07/28: 8 (filmed in 08/04 issue), 1944/08/04: 8 (filmed in 08/11 issue), 1944/08/11: 8 (filmed in 08/18 issue), 1944/08/18: 8 (filmed in 09/01 issue), 1944/09/01: 8 (filmed in 09/08 issue), 1944/09/15: 8, 1944/10/06: 8 (filmed in 10/13 issue), 1944/10/13: 8 (filmed in 10/20 issue), 1944/10/20: 8 (filmed in 10/27 issue), 1944/10/27: 8, 1944/11/03: 8, 1944/11/10: 8, 1944/11/17: 8, 1944/12/01: 8, 1944/12/08: 8, 1944/12/15: 8, 1944/12/22: 8, 1945/09/14: 8 (filmed in 09/21 issue)
      news in 1945, 1945/01/12: 7, 1945/01/19: 4, 1945/01/26: 8, 1945/02/02: 4, 1945/02/09: 8 (filmed in 02/16 issue), 1945/02/16: 8 (filmed in 02/23 issue), 1945/02/23: 8 (filmed in 03/02 issue), 1945/03/02: 8 (filmed in 03/09 issue), 1945/03/16: 8 (filmed in 03/23 issue), 1945/03/23: 8 (filmed in 03/30 issue), 1945/03/30: 4, 1945/04/06: 8 (filmed in 04/13 issue), 1945/04/13: 8, 1945/04/20: 8, 1945/05/04: 8 (filmed in 05/11 issue), 1945/05/11: 8 (filmed in 05/18 issue), 1945/05/18: 8 (filmed in 05/25 issue), 1945/05/25: 8 (filmed in 06/01 issue), 1945/06/01: 8 (filmed in 06/08 issue), 1945/06/08: 8 (filmed in 06/15 issue), 1945/06/15: 8 (filmed in 06/22 issue), 1945/06/22: 8 (filmed in 06/29 issue), 1945/06/29: 8 (filmed in 07/06 issue), 1945/07/13: 8 (filmed in 07/20 issue), 1945/07/20: 8 (filmed in 07/27 issue), 1945/07/27: 8 (filmed in 08/03 issue), 1945/08/10: 8 (filmed in 08/17 issue), 1945/08/17: 8 (filmed in 08/24 issue), 1945/08/24: 8 (filmed in 08/31 issue), 1945/08/31: 8 (filmed in 09/07 issue), 1945/09/07: 8, 1945/09/21: 8, 1945/09/28: 8 (filmed in 10/05 issue), 1945/10/05: 8 (filmed in 10/12 issue), 1945/10/12: 8 (filmed in 10/19 issue), 1945/10/19: 8 (filmed in 10/26 issue), 1945/10/26: 8 (filmed in 11/02 issue), 1945/11/02: 8, 1945/11/09: 8 (filmed in 11/16 issue), 1945/11/30: 8 (filmed in 12/07 issue), 1945/12/14: 8 (filmed in 12/21 issue), 1945/12/21: 8 (filmed in 12/28 issue)
      news in 1946, 1946/01/11: 8, 1946/01/18: 8, 1946/01/25: 8, 1946/02/01: 8, 1946/02/08: 8, 1946/02/15: 8, 1946/02/22: 8, 1946/03/01: 8, 1946/03/08: 8, 1946/03/15: 8 (filmed in 03/22 issue), 1946/03/22: 8 (filmed in 03/29 issue), 1946/03/29: 8, 1946/04/05: 8, 1946/04/12: 8, 1946/05/03: 8, 1946/05/10: 8, 1946/05/17: 8, 1946/05/24: 8, 1946/05/31: 8, 1946/06/14: 8, 1946/06/21: 8, 1946/07/05: 8, 1946/07/12: 8 (filmed in 07/19 issue), 1946/07/19: 8, 1946/07/26: 5, 1946/08/09: 8, 1946/08/16: 8 (filmed in 08/23 issue), 1946/08/23: 8 (filmed in 08/30 issue), 1946/08/30: 6, 1946/09/06: 8 (filmed in 09/13 issue), 1946/09/20: 8, 1946/09/27: 4, 1946/10/04: 8 (filmed in 10/11 issue), 1946/10/11: 8, 1946/10/25: 8, 1946/12/06: 8 (filmed in 12/13 issue), 1946/12/13: 8 (filmed in 12/20 issue), 1946/12/20: 8
      news in 1947, 1947/01/10: 8, 1947/01/17: 8 (filmed in 01/24 issue), 1947/01/24: 8, 1947/01/31: 8 (filmed in 02/07 issue), 1947/02/07: 8 (filmed in 02/14 issue), 1947/02/14: 8 (filmed in 02/21 issue), 1947/02/28: 8 (filmed in 03/07 issue), 1947/03/07: 8, 1947/03/21: 8 (filmed in 03/28 issue), 1947/03/28: 8 (filmed in 04/04 issue), 1947/04/04: 6, 1947/04/11: 8, 1947/04/18: 2, 1947/05/16: 8 (filmed in 05/23 issue), 1947/05/23: 2, 1947/06/06: 8 (filmed in 06/13 issue), 1947/06/13: 8 (filmed in 06/20 issue), 1947/06/20: 8 (filmed in 06/27 issue), 1947/06/27: 8 (filmed in 07/04 issue), 1947/07/04: 8 (filmed in 07/11 issue), 1947/07/11: 8 (filmed in 07/18 issue), 1947/07/18: 8 (filmed in 07/25 issue), 1947/08/01: 8, 1947/08/08: 8 (filmed in 08/15 issue), 1947/08/22: 8 (filmed in 08/29 issue), 1947/08/29: 8 (filmed in 09/05 issue), 1947/09/05: 8 (filmed in 09/12 issue), 1947/09/12: 8 (filmed in 09/19 issue), 1947/09/19: 8 (filmed in 09/26 issue), 1947/09/26: 8 (filmed in 10/03 issue), 1947/10/10: 8 (filmed in 10/17 issue), 1947/10/17: 8 (filmed in 10/24 issue), 1947/10/24: 8 (filmed in 10/31 issue), 1947/10/31: 8 (filmed in 11/07 issue), 1947/11/07: 8 (filmed in 11/14 issue), 1947/11/14: 8, 1947/11/21: 8 (filmed in 11/28 issue), 1947/12/05: 8 (filmed in 12/12 issue), 1947/12/19: 8 (filmed in 12/26 issue), 1947/12/26: 8 (filmed in 1948/01/02 issue)
      news in 1948, 1948/01/09: 8, 1948/01/16: 8 (filmed in 01/23 issue), 1948/01/23: 8, 1948/02/06: 8, 1948/02/13: 8, 1948/02/20: 8, 1948/02/27: 8, 1948/03/05: 8, 1948/03/12: 8, 1948/03/19: 8, 1948/03/26: 8, 1948/04/02: 8, 1948/04/09: 8, 1948/04/16: 8, 1948/04/23: 8, 1948/04/30: 8, 1948/05/07: 8, 1948/05/21: 8, 1948/05/28: 8, 1948/06/04: 8, 1948/07/02: 8, 1948/07/09: 8, 1948/07/16: 8, 1948/07/23: 8, 1948/08/06: 8 (filmed in 08/13 issue), 1948/09/17: 8 (filmed in 09/24 issue), 1948/10/01: 8 (filmed in 10/08 issue), 1948/10/15: 8 (filmed in 10/22 issue), 1948/11/12: 8 (filmed in 11/19 issue)
      news in 1949, 1949/07/22: 8, 1949/07/29: 8, 1949/08/05: 8, 1949/08/19: 8, 1949/08/26: 8, 1949/09/02: 8, 1949/09/09: 8, 1949/09/16: 8, 1949/09/30: 8, 1949/10/07: 8, 1949/10/14: 8, 1949/10/21: 8, 1949/11/11 Supp: 1, 1949/11/18: 8, 1949/12/02: 8
      news in 1950, 1950/01/06: 8, 1950/01/13: 8 (filmed in 01/20 issue), 1950/01/20: 8 (filmed in 01/27 issue), 1950/01/27: 8 (filmed in 02/03 issue), 1950/02/03: 8 (filmed in 02/10 issue), 1950/02/10: 8 (filmed in 02/17 issue), 1950/02/17: 8 (filmed in 02/24 issue), 1950/02/24: 8 (filmed in 03/03 issue), 1950/03/03: 8 (filmed in 03/10 issue), 1950/03/10: 8 (filmed in 03/17 issue), 1950/03/17: 8 (filmed in 03/24 issue), 1950/03/24: 8 (filmed in 03/31 issue), 1950/03/31: 8 (filmed in 04/07 issue), 1950/04/07: 8 (filmed in 04/14 issue), 1950/04/14: 8 (filmed in 04/21 issue), 1950/04/28: 8 (filmed in 05/05 issue), 1950/05/12: 8 (filmed in 05/19 issue), 1950/05/26: 8 (filmed in 06/02 issue), 1950/06/02: 8 (filmed in 06/09 issue), 1950/06/09: 8 (filmed in 06/16 issue), 1950/07/07: 8 (filmed in 07/14 issue), 1950/07/14: 8 (filmed in 07/21 issue), 1950/07/21: 8 (filmed in 07/28 issue), 1950/07/28: 8 (filmed in 08/04 issue), 1950/08/04: 8 (filmed in 08/11 issue), 1950/08/11: 8 (filmed in 08/18 issue), 1950/08/18: 8 (filmed in 08/25 issue), 1950/09/01: 8 (filmed in 09/08 issue), 1950/09/22: 8 (filmed in 09/29), 1950/09/29: 8 (filmed in 10/06 issue), 1950/10/06: 8 (filmed in 10/13 issue), 1950/10/13: 8 (filmed in 10/20 issue), 1950/10/27: 8 (filmed in 11/03 issue), 1950/11/03: 8 (filmed in 11/10 issue), 1950/11/17: 8 (filmed in 11/24 issue), 1950/12/01: 8 (filmed in 12/08 issue), 1950/12/08: 8 (filmed in 12/15 issue), 1950/12/22: 8 (filmed in 12/29 issue)
      news in 1951, 1951/02/23: 8 (filmed in 03/02 issue), 1951/03/09: 8 (filmed in 03/16 issue), 1951/03/16: 8 (filmed in 03/23 issue)
      news in 1952, 1952/08/29: 8 (filmed in 09/05 issue), 1952/09/12: 8 (filmed in 09/19 issue), 1952/09/19: 8 (filmed in 09/26 issue), 1952/09/26: 8 (filmed in 10/03 issue), 1952/10/10: 8 (filmed in 10/17 issue)
      officer installation held Sunday, 1969/01/17: 4
      old fashioned buffet supper held today, 1954/07/30: 8 (filmed in 08/06 issue)
      opening services held, 1946/06/07: 8 (filmed in 06/14 issue)
      Pastor's Aid meets, 1942/08/21: 8 (filmed in 08/28 issue), 1942/09/11: 8 (filmed in 12/18 issue, 1942/10/16: 6, out of order)
      prayer bands
        East End Prayer Band No. 1 meets, 1947/09/26: 1
        Prayer Band No. 2 meets, 1947/09/19: 8 (filmed in 09/26 issue), 1947/10/31: 8 (filmed in 11/07 issue)
      Rector, Rev. John J.
      religious plays, pageants, and movies
        Crawford, Mrs. M. A., directs musical drama, "The Church Fell Among Thieves," 1963/03/22: 4
        "Heaven Bound"
          to be presented Christmas morning, 1945/12/14: 8 (filmed in 12/21 issue), 1948/12/17: 2, 1948/12/24: 6
          public invited to see religious treat, 1947/12/12: 8 (filmed in 12/19 issue)
        movie of Holy Land visit by the Jernagain party shown by the BTU, 1958/12/12: 4
        movies of Baptist World Alliance to be shown Jan. 16, 1948/01/09: 8, 1948/01/16: 8 (filmed in 01/23 issue)
        "The Challenge of the Cross" presented by Usher Board No. 1, 1964/03/20: 8 (filmed in 03/27 issue), 1964/03/27: 7
        "The Second Coming of Christ" presented by Missionary Society, 1967/01/27: 10 (filmed in 02/03 issue)
        "The Spiritual Road to Heaven" to be presented by Usher Board No. 2, 1952/05/09: 8 (filmed in 05/16 issue)
        "The Twelve Gates to The City" pageant presented March 10, 11, 1949/03/04: 8
        "Twelve Gates to the City" to be presented Christmas morning, 1950/12/08: 8 (filmed in 12/15 issue), 1950/12/22: 8 (filmed in 12/29 issue)
      revivals, 1945/03/16: 8 (filmed in 03/23 issue), 1946/10/11: 8, 1949/09/09: 8
        20 day revival, with four evangelists (photo), 1960/02/26: 6
        closes week of revival with Rev. Dr. D. Manning Jackson serving as revivalist, 1957/05/24: 8 (filmed in 05/31 issue)
        Gibbs, Rev. E. G., is featured evangelist (photo), 1950/02/17: 8 (filmed in 02/24 issue), 1950/02/24: 8 (filmed in 03/03 issue)
        old time revival under way (photo), 1955/01/28: 8
        revival to be held Oct. 24-Nov. 2, 1950/10/27: 8 (filmed in 11/03 issue)
        union revival will be held, Rev. D. Manning Jackson, evangelist (photo), 1960/05/13: 8 (filmed in 05/20 issue)
        youth revival held, 1948/05/21: 8
      "Roundup" program Sunday, Dec. 17, 1950/12/15: 8 (filmed in 12/22 issue)
      Senior Missionary Society holds tea, 1965/07/23: 4
      Sewing Circle sponsors flower revue, 1945/06/01: 8 (filmed in 06/08 issue)
      Shepherd, Mrs. Mary, to deliver sermon Sunday, 1949/09/23: 4
      soft drink machine looted, 1959/10/23: 1
      special program presented, 1949/01/28: 4
      Starlight Band meets, 1941/06/06: 8 (filmed in 06/13 issue)
      state SS, BYPU Congress hosted, 1958/08/15: 8 (filmed in 08/22 issue)
      Steen, Rev. Freddie L., at Antioch tonight, 1951/07/06: 8 (filmed in 07/13 issue)
      Stewart, Rev. J. T., Corpus Christi pastor, speaks at Antioch tonight, 1951/12/21: 6
      style show, crowning of 'Miss Antioch' set for Sunday, 1968/10/04: 4
      summer schedule announced by Rev. Rector (photo), 1959/06/12: 8 (filmed in 06/19 issue)
      talent tea presented, 1961/06/30: 4
      three-feature attraction set for Feb. 15, 1957/02/08: 4
      Union Fellowship banquet set for Dec. 3, 1969/11/28: 10
      Usher Board No. 1 , 1943/03/19: 8 (filmed in 03/26 issue)
      Usher Board No. 2
        Byrd, Rev. I. L., delivers annual anniversary sermon (photo), 1959/10/23: 8 (filmed in 10/30 issue)
        celebrates All Ushers Day with Rev. Louis Ray Duncan as guest speaker (photo), 1959/04/03: 4
        to present pageant "The Spiritual Road to Heaven," 1952/05/09: 8 (filmed in 05/16 issue)
        to present spring songfest, 1946/04/12: 8
        sponsors program, "The 48 States," Tuesday, December 2, 1958/11/28: 8 (filmed in 12/05 issue)
      Usher Board No. 4
        dinner-fashion show
          dinner-fashion showing held, 1966/09/02: 6
          fashion show, dinner presented, 1966/08/26: 4
          style show dinner tickets go on sale, 1966/08/05: 4
          thanks L'Allegro Modello Club members who served as models, 1966/09/02: 8 (filmed in 09/09 issue)
        installation and organization services held, with Rev. O. C. Johnson, Houston, guest speaker, 1965/03/19: 8 (filmed in 03/26 issue)
          musical presented to climax annual baby contest, 1965/09/17: 8 (filmed in 09/24 issue)
          song concert presented, with Jessy Dixon and the Jessy Dixon Singers, 1967/09/01: 4
        queen contest ends, 1969/10/17: 10 (filmed in 10/24 issue)
        services end Sunday, 1965/03/26: 4
        sponsors musical, 1970/06/12: 4
      Usher Boards
        Bailey, Rev. V. M., to speak (photo), 1955/10/21: 8 (filmed in 10/28 issue)
        celebrate 10th anniversary with guest speaker, Rev. T. B. Reeves, Thrall (photo), 1958/12/05: 8 (filmed in 12/12 issue)
        picnic, final plans made, 1968/05/10: 7
        to present fall musical, 1947/11/21: 8 (filmed in 11/28 issue)
        to present Hillery T. Hardeman, Fort Worth singer, 1951/09/07: 8 (filmed in 09/14 issue)
      Ushers Day observance, 1949/08/12: 8
        Gillespie, Rev. W. G., guest speaker (photo), 1962/10/26: 8
        Griffins, Rev. L., guest speaker, 1968/10/25: 4
      "Watch Meeting" held New Year's Eve, 1956/12/28: 8 (filmed in 1957/01/04 issue)
      Wilson, Rev. Rufus
      Women's Day
        Black, Mrs. Claude William, Jr., guest speaker with Jessie Mae Hicks (photo), 1956/09/14: 4
        brunch held, 1969/04/25: 10 (filmed in 05/02 issue)
        Craft, Alma D., and Rev. J. J. Rector, pastor, guest speakers (photo), 1967/04/28: 4
        Fuller, Dr. M. A. B., Austin, and Mrs. W. I. Rector, guest speakers (photo), 1959/05/22: 8 (filmed in 05/29 issue)
        Henry, Mrs. O. W., and Ruth Butler, guest speakers, 1962/03/30: 8
        Pickett, Mrs. Fred B., and Mrs. J. Guy Sowells, guest speakers (photo), 1963/04/26: 4
        Rector, Rev. J. J.
          Dorothy Griffin, and Olga Sample, guest speakers, 1965/04/09: 4
          and Mrs. L. R. James of Bay City, guest speakers, 1969/05/02: 10 (filmed in 05/09 issue)
          and Myrtle Owens, guest speakers, 1966/05/13: 8 (filmed in 05/20 issue)
      Woods, Rev. Prenza L. S., to speak tonight at Antioch, 1951/06/15: 8 (filmed in 06/22 issue)
      Youth Day, Rivers, Rev. Tommie I., guest speaker (photo), 1956/06/01: 8 (filmed in 06/08 issue)
      Youth to sponsor Monday concert, 1968/05/31: 4
      Youth Ushers crown king and queen, 1966/03/25 Supp: 3
    Antioch Gospel Singers
      12th anniversary celebrated, 1947/11/07: 8 (filmed in 11/14 issue)
      and Austin singers, in program, 1949/03/25: 8
      Ellison, L. E., leaves group, joins Antioch Gospel Singers (photo), 1947/04/25: 8 (filmed in 05/02 issue)
      on 'Glorified Voices" program, 1942/07/31: 8 (filmed in 08/07 issue), 1942/09/11: 8 (filmed in 12/18 issue, 1943/03/12: 8 (filmed in 03/19 issue), 1943/05/21: 8 (filmed in 06/18 issue), out of order)
        airs on KCOR, 1947/09/19: 8 (filmed in 09/26 issue)
        Antioch Baptist Church, 1947/07/25: 8 (filmed in 08/01 issue)
        Corinth Baptist Church, 1947/08/22: 4
        Greater Mt. Olive Baptist Church, 1951/06/01: 8 (filmed in 06/08 issue)
        Jacob Chapel ME Church, 1947/03/14: 8 (filmed in 03/21 issue)
        King Solomon Baptist Church, 1945/08/10: 8 (filmed in 08/17 issue)
        New Light Baptist Church, 1944/02/11: 8 (filmed in 02/18 issue)
        Progressive Baptist Church, 1947/08/22: 6, 1951/09/21: 8 (filmed in 09/28 issue)
        in recital May 18, 1947/05/16: 8 (filmed in 05/23 issue)
        Robstown, 1944/02/18: 8 (filmed in 02/25 issue)
        Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, 1946/07/05: 8, 1946/07/12: 8 (filmed in 07/19 issue)
        singing groups in series of joint programs, 1946/01/18: 8
        St. Philip's Baptist Church, 1947/05/09: 8 (filmed in 05/16 issue)
        Union Baptist Church, 1947/12/05: 8 (filmed in 12/12 issue)
        at various churches Sunday, 1947/10/10: 8 (filmed in 10/17 issue)
      and Spiritual Gospel Singers, in song battle, 1946/02/08: 8
      thanks Mrs. Emma Thomas for fund raising, 1947/07/25: 6
    Antioch Jubileers
      See also New Light Harmonizers
      change their name to New Light Harmonizers (photo), 1952/05/23: 4
        Antioch Baptist Church (photo), 1952/02/08: 8 (filmed in 02/15 issue)
        Bethel AME Church (photo), 1951/09/14: 8 (filmed in 09/21 issue)
        with Gospel Harmonizers
          in pre-Easter and Easter appearances, 1951/03/09: 8 (filmed in 03/16 issue)
          in Seguin program, tonight and Easter program here, 1951/03/23: 8 (filmed in 03/30 issue)
        Hardeman Gym, 1951/07/20: 8 (filmed in 07/27 issue)
        with Jacob Chapel Spiritual Singers
          Antioch Baptist Church, 1951/04/06: 8 (filmed in 04/13 issue)
          New Light Baptist Church, 1952/04/18: 8 (filmed in 04/25 issue)
        Jones Chapel Methodist Church, 1951/04/27: 8 (filmed in 05/04 issue)
        Lockhart, 1951/05/11: 8 (filmed in 05/18 issue)
        Mt. Rose Baptist Church, 1950/12/15: 8 (filmed in 12/22 issue), 1951/07/27: 8 (filmed in 08/03 issue)
        New Light Baptist Church, 1951/02/09: 8 (filmed in 02/16 issue)
          photo, 1951/12/21: 8 (filmed in 12/28 issue)
        Progressive Baptist Church, 1951/02/23: 4, 1951/03/02: 8 (filmed in 03/09 issue), 1951/06/22: 8 (filmed in 06/29 issue)
        with Quartet Association
          Antioch Baptist, 1951/08/31: 8 (filmed in 09/07 issue)
          for special program, 1950/11/24: 8 (filmed in 12/01 issue)
        series of gospel programs set by Jubileers, 1951/02/09: 8 (filmed in 02/16 issue)
        St. James Baptist Church, 1950/12/29: 2
        Trinity Baptist Church, 1951/07/06: 8 (filmed in 07/13 issue)
      presentation of singing groups
        famous Blue Jay Singers of Chicago (photo), 1951/11/09: 8
        LA Singers, Blind Boys, Aug. 3, 1951/06/15: 8 (filmed in 06/22 issue), 1951/06/29: 8 (filmed in 07/06 issue)
        religious singers in Library Aud program, March 13, 1952/02/15: 8 (filmed in 02/22 issue), 1952/02/29: 8 (filmed in 02/29 issue), 1952/03/07: 8 (filmed in 03/14 issue)
        songsters at Hardeman Gym, 1951/08/10: 8 (filmed in 08/17 issue), 1951/08/17: 8 (filmed in 08/24 issue)
    Antioch Spiritual Five
      with New Light Harmonizers
        at Hardeman Gym, 1954/05/21: 8
        in two programs, 1955/05/27: 8
      New Salem Baptist Church, with several groups, 1959/12/18: 8 (filmed in 12/25 issue)
      with New Salem Harmonizers
        New Salem Baptist, Grandview Baptist and Ellison-Eads Methodist churches, 1956/10/12: 4
        New Salem Baptist Church and Israelite Baptist Church, 1958/12/26: 8 (filmed in 1959/01/02 issue)
    Apache Welfare and Civic Club
      meetings in 1969, 1969/05/02: 8
      thanks to members of other clubs who attended the get acquainted party, 1969/05/09: 9
      See also South Africa
      NAACP reaffirms rejections of any American-type apartheid, 1968/07/05: 1
    Apollo 11 Moon Shot
      billions for moon shot, thousands starve, says Roy Wilkins, NAACP, 1969/07/25: 1
      evidence amounts of key work of Negro scientists in moon shot, 1969/08/08: 1
      Young, Whitney M., Jr., National Urban League, scores moon shot; says moon landing "demonstrates wrong national priorities," 1969/08/08: 1
    Apostolic Baptized Church of Jesus Christ
      Davis, Bishop D., Jr., San Antonio, and Bishop M. H. Bonds, Corpus Christi, attend newly established board of directors meeting, 1962/03/16: 8
      Women's Council meeting set for Cuero, 1962/04/06: 8
    Applewhite, Birdie
      notice of death, 1969/11/14: 10 (filmed in 11/21 issue)
    Applewhite, Charles
      notice of death, 1965/10/01: 8
    Applewhite, Corine
      notice of death, 1958/09/26: 8 (filmed in 10/03 issue)
    Applewhite, Dorothy
      notice of death, 1958/05/30: 8 (filmed in 06/06 issue)
    Applewhite, Easter
      notice of death, 1936/02/28: 7
    Applewhite, Ezekiel
      notice of death, 1968/05/03: 10 (filmed in 05/10 issue)
    Applewhite, Harrison
      notice of death, 1933/09/29: 8 (filmed in 10/06 issue)
    Applewhite, Harry
      notice of death, 1960/01/29: 8 (filmed in 02/05 issue)
    Applewhite, John
      notice of death, 1970/05/22: 10
    Applewhite, Katheryn
      notice of death, 1965/01/01: 8 (filmed in 01/08 issue)
    Applewhite, Odessa Leslie
      notice of death, 1959/01/02: 8 (filmed in 01/09 issue)
    Applewhite, Sgt. Richard J.
      Texas airman assigned to unit in Massachusetts, 1969/02/14: 6
    Applewhite, Roy
      notice of death, 1969/06/06: 10 (filmed in 06/13 issue)
    Applewhite, Vinie
      notice of death, 1937/07/09: 8 (filmed in 07/16 issue)
    Applewhite, Zeliar
      killed in auto/truck collision, 1939/08/18: 1
    Applin, Miss Mary
      aged woman fatally injured by bus, 1948/06/11: 1
    Appling, Ed
      three Negro San Antonio city employees retire; Gus Price, Minerva Bates, and Ed Appling, 1958/08/01: 6
    Appling, Oscar M.
      seriously ill 3 days, succumbs, 1950/07/28: 1
    Appling, Pinkie
      notice of death, 1969/10/24: 10 (filmed in 10/31 issue)
    Aprilites Social Club
      celebrate 3rd anniversary at Life Saver Lounge (Jo's Jottings), 1963/05/10 Supp: 1
    Arch, Dorothy B.
      notice of death, 1969/04/11: 10 (filmed in 04/18 issue)
    Arch, Nathaniel
      notice of death, 1969/02/28: 10 (filmed in 03/07 issue)
    Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Men, San Antonio
      1,000 men expected for convention, 1961/02/03: 4
      convention planners (photo), 1961/02/03: 6
      stand-in demonstration of Majestic Theatre approved by council, 1961/02/24: 1
    Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Nurses
      9th annual convention to be held at Incarnate Word College (Jo's Jottings), 1962/11/09 Supp: 4
      12th annual convention set for Eagle Pass, 1965/11/05: 6
      district meeting
        held March 21, 1966/03/11: 6
        set for May 17, 1965/05/14: 3, 1966/05/13: 6
    Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women, San Antonio
      15th annual convention held, 1961/04/21: 8
      19th annual convention held, 1965/03/26: 4
      20th annual convention held, 1966/03/18: 4
      22nd annual convention held in Victoria, 1968/03/22: 8
      23rd annual convention held at Gunter Hotel (Jo's Jottings), 1969/03/21: 8
      tea held, 1949/02/18 Supp: 4
    Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Youth
      Evans, Frank, San Antonio, first Negro elected district president, 1956/10/05: 1
      Youth Convention set for Sunday at Incarnate Word College, 1958/09/26: 8 (filmed in 10/03 issue)
    Archdiocesan Sodality Federation
      workshop conducted at St. Mary's University, 1966/10/28: 10 (filmed in 11/04 issue)
    Archdiocesan Union of Holy Name Societies
      Rhodes, Hugo A., San Antonio Negro heads Union of Archdiocese Church Societies, 1964/01/24: 1
    Archer, Elsie
      former San Antonian and fashion stylist for McCall's Pattern Company, lectures clothing class of St. Philip's College, 1962/05/11 Supp: 2
    Archie, Clarence
      dies in blazing room, 1950/11/17: 1
    Archield, Paul Joseph
      Alamo City Y boys win in grid program, 1964/10/23: 5
    Archield, Rev. Ruben L. (Friendship Baptist Church)
      appreciation service held, with several churches participating, 1965/02/05: 8 (filmed in 02/12 issue)
      formerly of Houston, accepts call to Friendship Baptist (photo), 1963/11/22: 4
      installation services held, with Rev. W. H. Banks delivering the sermon (photo), 1964/01/24: 4
      named to San Antonio Urban Renewal Agency, 1966/08/26: 1
      preaching/speaking engagements
        Friendship Baptist Church, Luling, Women's Day, 1969/06/20: 4
        Mt. Gilead Baptist Church, 3rd anniversary of Rev. W. G. Gillespie, 1965/05/07: 8 (filmed in 05/14 issue)
        Mt. Moriah Baptist Church
          8th anniversary sermon for Rev. L. C. Gaskin (photo), 1967/02/24: 4
          10th anniversary and entrance service (photo), 1968/11/08: 4
          revival (photo), 1969/03/28: 4
        Mt. Olive Baptist Church Kerrville, Women's Day (photo), 1970/04/03: 4
        New Hope Baptist Church
          7th anniversary, 1965/03/12: 4
          Usher Board No. 1, annual sermon (photo), 1966/09/16: 7
        Palestine Baptist Church, cornerstone laying service (photo), 1964/06/05: 8 (filmed in 06/12 issue)
        Rose of Sharon Baptist Church, 10th anniversary sermon of Rev. Belvin Ben Stewart (photo), 1965/08/20: 8 (filmed in 08/27 issue)
        Shiloh Baptist Church
          32nd anniversary sermon for Rev. S. E. Steward (photo), 1965/04/02: 4
          34th anniversary sermon for Rev. S. E. Steward (photo), 1967/04/14: 10 (filmed in 04/21 issue)
        St. John Baptist Church, Women's Day (photo), 1966/10/21: 10 (filmed in 10/28 issue)
        True Vine Baptist Church, revival (photo), 1964/09/11: 8 (filmed in 09/18 issue)
        Union Baptist Church, 5th anniversary of Rev. Dr. E. J. Johnson (photo), 1970/04/24: 12
        Wheatley Heights Baptist Church, anniversary sermon for Rev. Eddie H. Cunningham (photo), 1964/07/17: 8 (filmed in 07/24 issue)
        Willow Park Christian Church, installation service for Rev. O. Newton (photo), 1967/09/01: 4
      Brewer, Herbert L.
      Harris-Brown, Mrs. Louise, second licensed architect (photo), 1949/12/09 Supp: 4
      Tandy, Vertner W., first registered Negro architect in New York dies; Tandy also founder of first Negro college frat, 1949/11/18: 1
    Ards, MSgt. Cleon
      honored as Soldier of the Month (photo), 1953/05/15: 6
    Aretta's Beauty Salon
    Arfrey, Allen William
      notice of death, 1959/09/18: 8 (filmed in 09/25 issue)onia
    Arhart, R. W.
      injured in auto-bus crash, 1945/01/26: 1
    Arizmendez, Daniel B.
      Merriweather, Walter W., truck hits car driven by Rev. D. Manning Jackson, kills Seguin resident, Daniel B. Arizmendez, 1955/06/10: 1
    Arkadie, Caroline
      aged Cuero citizen passes, 1933/01/13: 8 (filmed in 01/20 issue)
    Arkadie, Darnlee
      killed by hit-and-run driver; other motorists pursue, corner "killer car" in dead end street, 1941/09/26: 1
      traffic mishaps scourge city during week, 1941/09/26: 1
    Arkadie, Nora
      notice of death, 1969/05/30: 8 (filmed in 06/06 issue)
    Arkadie, Robert J.
      enters in X-ray technicians course at Brooke Army Medical Center, 1948/03/05: 5
      graduates from X-ray technician course, 1948/04/30: 2
    Arkansas State AM and N College (Pine Bluff, AR)
      Davis, Lawrence A.
      fast rising college serving Negro students makes progress (photos), 1952/07/25: 3
      gets new library, two dormitories, 1938/07/01: 2
      observes 80th Founder's Day (photo), 1953/05/08: 2
      Watson, Dr. John B., says youth need open mind, 1939/05/05: 6
    Arlington State College (Arlington, TX)
      Dallas NAACP cracks race bar at Arlington State, 1962/07/20: 1
    Armenteros, Manuel
      Armenteros, Galvan fight for feather title Tuesday (photo), 1955/04/08: 5
      Baker-Armenteros bouts
        Armenteros, Baker win first SA mixed bouts before 2,400, 1955/03/11: 5
        Baker, Armenteros cop unanimous decisions, 1955/04/01: 5
        Baker, Armenteros in Monday bouts (photo), 1955/03/25: 5
      San Antonio to see first mixed boxing bouts Tuesday (photo), 1955/03/04: 5
      wins Texas featherweight boxing title, 1955/04/15: 3
    Armes, Bessie Hamilton
      Grand Matron of Order of Eastern Star is interred, 1936/03/13: 6
    Armistice Day
      Legion Post head urges all vets to March Nov. 11, 1941/11/07: 1
      nine race units to march in SA Armistice parade, 1941/11/07: 1
    Armstead, Britton, Jr.
      awarded direct Army commission with rank of 2d Lieutenant in the Chemical Corps, 1952/02/15: 1
      initiated in Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity (photo), 1948/05/07: 6
      recently promoted from 2nd to 1st Lt. (photo), 1953/09/11: 6
    Armstead, Ernest William
      buried at San Marcos, 1964/08/28: 6
      notice of death, 1964/08/28: 8 (filmed in 09/04 issue)
    Armstead, Ira
      notice of death, 1966/03/04: 8 (filmed in 03/11 issue)
    Armstead, Olivia
    Armstead, Priscilla
      appointed chair of Instructional Services committee of Alamo District 29, TSTA, 1970/01/30: 9
    Armstrong, Alex Andrew
      funeral services held (photo), 1968/11/15: 10 (filmed in 11/22 issue)
      notice of death, 1968/11/15: 10 (filmed in 11/22 issue)
    Armstrong, Caleb
      missing for seventeen years, sought by sister, Mrs. Cora Green, 1935/11/15: 1
    Armstrong, SP4 Carlese
      receives Air Medal for Heroism in Viet Nam; also holds Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and other medals (photo), 1969/09/05: 1
    Armstrong, Cheryl Lynn
      notice of death, 1959/11/27: 8 (filmed in 12/04 issue)
    Armstrong, Cornelius, Jr. ("Little Ice Cream")
      appendicitis is fatal to man on operating table, 1944/07/28: 1
    Armstrong, Cornelius, Sr. ("Ice Cream")
      Cornelius ("Ice Cream") Armstrong and Willie Lee Williams do battle, 1942/07/24: 5
      final rites held for widely-known San Antonian, 1944/12/15: 1
      passes after lingering illness, 1944/12/08: 1
    Armstrong, Cornelius ("Little Ice Cream")
      appendicitis is fatal to man on operating table, 1944/07/28: 1
    Armstrong, Edward Lee
      notice of death, 1969/01/17: 10 (filmed in 01/24 issue)
    Armstrong, Ellen
      notice of death, 1937/03/12: 8 (filmed in 07/02 issue)
    Armstrong, Goldie
      Wheatley student chosen "Miss 4902nd," of Kelly AFB at beauty contest (photo), 1948/07/09 Supp: 4
    Armstrong, Henry
      Ambers-Armstrong bout
        Armstrong gets ready for Ambers, 1938/07/22: 3
        Armstrong loses lightweight title on low punching (photo), 1939/08/25: 3
        Armstrong preps for Ambers (photo), 1939/08/04: 3
        Nat Fleischer says Armstrong won--scores Donovan, 1939/09/08: 3
        NY suspends Armstrong's manager, 1939/09/08: 2
      boycott of Armstrong planned if he fights in Hollywood Jim Crow Arena, 1939/11/10: 3
      Coast fans hope that Armstrong will retire, fear his well-being, 1939/06/23: 2
        Armstrong to try comeback, 1941/08/15: 3
        comeback set for October 6, 1941/09/26: 2
        Hank says his comeback due to need of cash, 1943/04/23: 3
      father, Henry Jackson, in hospital with stroke, 1942/07/17: 3
      Garcia-Armstrong bout
        Armstrong, Garcia throw KO words at each other, 1938/10/28: 5
        experts hint Armstrong being "sold down the river" in fight with Garcia, 1938/11/11: 3
        Homicide Hank seeks new worlds to conquer after annihilating Garcia, 1938/12/02: 3
      hail the double champ--Homicide Hank! (photo), 1938/12/09: 3
      hand injury puts Hank out of action till fall, 1944/07/28: 3
      Hank gets unanimous nod over Angott--cut mouth causes layoff, 1943/06/18: 3
      has new role as author of "Gloves, Glory and God" (photo), 1956/11/30: 7
      honor guest at benefit charity, 1939/01/06: 3
      Jack-Armstrong bout, Uncle Sam and Uncle Mike Jacobs real winners of Armstrong-Jack fight, 1943/04/09: 3
      Jenkins-Armstrong bout, Henry-Lew in non-title fight July 17, 1940/05/24: 3
      Joyce, Willie, wins close decision over Armstrong in fierce 10-round fight, 1944/06/09: 3
      life story to be filmed, with Sammy Davis, Jr., in lead, 1959/02/20: 3
      loses $360 in rent to fake collector, 1950/06/23: 4
      in new battle to set up business and wins, 1941/04/11: 2
      new invention to aid Armstrong in title quest, 1941/08/29: 3
      now one of three world's featherweight 'champions,' 1936/08/14: 3
      to resume fight-a-month policy, 1938/11/04: 7
      to retire from ring this fall, 1940/08/02: 5
      Ring magazine names Armstrong as the best fighter of 1937, 1937/12/31: 3
      Robinson-Armstrong bout, ten organizations to get percentage of gate, 1943/06/25: 3
      Roderick-Armstrong bout
        Armstrong brings title, $46,000 back to the US after defeating Ernie Roderick (photo), 1939/06/02: 3
        Armstrong to get British trophy, 1939/06/30: 3
      Ross-Armstrong bout
        Armstrong butchers Barney Ross; Homicide Henry cops last eight rounds with brutal attack, 1938/06/03: 3
        Armstrong gets $27,203 for slaughtering Ross, 1938/06/10: 3
        Armstrong preps for Ross, 1938/05/13: 3
        Armstrong thinks Ross easier mark than Ambers, 1938/04/15: 3
        Armstrong through as a lightweight, 1939/09/01: 2
      says he wins in defeat, 1941/02/28: 8 (filmed in 03/07 issue)
      Sport Sketches by Clint C. Wilson, 1940/02/16: 5, 1940/08/09: 3
      St. Louis goes wild as double-champ Armstrong "comes home" (photo), 1938/06/24: 2
      sued for divorce, 1949/09/16: 3
      through as a lightweight, 1939/09/01: 2
      Venturi gets 120-day suspension for Armstrong fight, 1938/01/28: 8 (filmed in 04/01 issue)
      WOV Broadcasting bans Armstrong wine program, 1941/06/06: 3
      Zanelli beaten by Armstrong, 1940/05/31: 3
      Zivic-Armstrong bout
        Armstrong loses fight, but gains everlasting glory, 1941/01/24
        Armstrong takes 4 rounds to put away Eddie Zivic, 1938/04/01: 3
        scribe says Armstrong went out like true champion (by Al Moses), 1940/10/11: 3
      Zurita-Armstrong bout
        Armstrong kayoes Mexican Juan Zurita in fourth, 1936/08/28: 3
        Hank to fight Mexican champion, 1942/10/09: 3
    Armstrong, Ira
      public school instructor dies suddenly of heart disease (photo), 1950/12/15: 1
    Armstrong, Julie
      notice of death, 1960/04/29: 8 (filmed in 05/06 issue)
    Armstrong, Katie Mae
      notice of death, 1970/05/15: 10
    Armstrong, Louis
      awards and honors
        Grammy awarded to Satchmo for "Hello Dolly," 1965/04/23: 6
        Satchmo in Down Beat Hall of Fame, 1952/12/26: 7
        World Fair visitors in Brussels vote Satchmo tops, 1958/05/02: 7
      caught in middle of US-British music hassle, 1965/05/28: 7
      concert nets $14,000 for Hungary, 1957/01/18: 3
      dance band leaves for Austin, 1933/03/17: 3
        Satchmo asks for divorce, 1942/07/31: 4
        Satchmo wins divorce, 1942/10/09: 6
        wife sues Satchmo for divorce, 1942/02/13: 4
      Dixie boycott of Satchmo and other artists reported, 1957/10/18: 2
      gets $10,000 European offer, 1945/09/07: 4
      Ghanians like 'Ol Satch, 1960/10/21: 4
        Armstrong makes it after hospitalization for pneumonia (photo), 1959/07/03: 1
        hospitalized for undetermined causes, 1968/10/18: 2
        released from hospital after treatment for vein inflammation, 1964/03/27: 1
        London gives Satchmo greatest ovation of career, 1956/12/28: 7
        Satchmo invited to play with London Symphony Orchestra, 1956/08/31: 1
      Louisiana deputies seize Armstrong's golden trumpet, 1946/03/22: 4
      makes surprise appearance Lewisohn Stadium's Fourth Annual Jazz Jamboree, 1959/07/31: 7
      Nigerians don't understand Ol' Satchmo's music, 1960/11/11: 7
      nixes New Orleans because of hate laws, 1958/10/17: 1
      passes 50th year in show business, 1963/08/30: 7
      San Antonio performances, 1931/09/25: 6, 1933/03/10: 1, 1941/08/29: 5, 1942/11/20: 6, 1942/12/04: 6, 1944/10/13: 6, 1944/10/20: 6, 1945/07/13: 6, 1945/07/27: 6, 1952/05/02: 7
      Satchmo and Hamp thrill millions on TV's Timex All-Star Jazz Show, 1958/05/16: 7
      Satchmo short on protocol, but long on jive in concert for Princess Margaret, 1956/05/18: 7
      Satchmo's blast at President starts chain reaction [regarding handling of Little Rock integration], 1957/09/27: 1
      secured by promoters (photo), 1931/08/28: 7
      sends Ike [President Eisenhower] wire of congratulations on decision to use troops in Little Rock, 1957/10/04: 3
      spy charge laughed off by Satchmo, 1959/12/04: 2
      Tallulah Bankhead calls "Satchmo" a genius, 1950/11/17: 2
      US government run by southerners, Satchmo tells Argentines, 1957/11/08: 1
      Velma Middleton to be heard with Louis Armstrong ork in dance here (photo), 1945/07/20: 6
      visits Duncan Field soldiers (photo), 1942/12/18: 1
    Armstrong, Louise
      notice of death, 1969/09/26: 10 (filmed in 10/03 issue)
    Armstrong, Maggie
      notice of death, 1965/02/05: 8 (filmed in 02/12 issue)
    Armstrong, Marcellus (M. C.)
      notice of death, 1966/04/15: 8 (filmed in 04/29 issue)
    Armstrong, Massalina Rosetta
      funeral services held (photo), 1964/10/02: 1
      notice of death, 1964/10/09: 8 (filmed in 10/16 issue)
    Armstrong, Michael D.
      SA airman completes basic training, 1969/10/31: 7
    Armstrong, Oscar
      notice of death, 1963/09/06: 8 (filmed in 09/13 issue)
    Armstrong, Rev. Robert (Providence Baptist Church, Gonzales, TX)
      "Gonzales Day" speaker, New Hope Baptist Church (photo), 1965/06/11: 8 (filmed in 06/18 issue)
      ordained as minister in the Baptist church in services in Seguin (photo), 1952/07/04: 2
      preaching/speaking engagements, New Hope Baptist Church, 55th anniversary sermon, 1967/03/17: 9
      revivalist, Prospect Baptist Church, Karnes City (photo), 1963/09/13: 8 (filmed in 09/20 issue), 1964/10/23: 8 (filmed in 10/30 issue)
    Armstrong, Thelma Delores
      St. Peter Claver Academy queen, honored at annual Junior-Senior Prom held at Shadowland, 1951/05/18: 6
    Armstrong, Willie
      notice of death, 1968/11/15: 10 (filmed in 11/22 issue)
    Army-Air Force Wives Club
      celebrate first anniversary, 1953/09/04 Supp: 4 (filmed in 09/11 supplement)
      meetings in 1952, 1952/10/10: 6, 1952/11/07: 6
      meetings in 1953, 1953/08/14 Supp: 3, 1953/09/11: 6
    Army Circle Club
      meetings in 1940, 1940/12/13: 6
      meetings in 1941, 1941/01/17: 7, 1941/01/31: 6, 1941/02/14: 6, 1941/02/28: 6, 1941/03/28: 6, 1941/04/11: 6, 1941/06/13: 4, 1941/07/11: 6, 1941/07/25: 5, 1941/09/26: 6, 1941/10/10: 6, 1941/10/24: 6, 1941/11/21: 6
      meetings in 1942, 1942/01/09: 5
    Army-Civilian Club
      meetings, 1931/12/18: 6, 1932/04/01: 7, 1932/04/22: 6, 1932/05/20: 6, 1932/05/27: 7, 1932/06/03: 6, 1932/06/10: 7, 1932/06/17: 7, 1932/07/22: 7, 1932/08/05: 6, 1932/09/02: 7
    Army Commendation Medal
    Army Day Parade
      About the Army Day Parade (editorial), 1942/04/17: 4
    Army National Guard
      Allen, Sgt. Freddy C., home again after three years of active duty in National Guard, 1968/05/24: 8
      bias causes two National Guard units to quit meeting held in New Orleans, 1964/05/08: 4
      Bryant, Col. Cunningham C., appointed adjutant general of the DC National Guard (photo), 1968/07/26: 1
      Connecticut bans Jim Crow in its National Guard, 1949/03/25: 1
        Illinois ends discrimination in National Guard, 1949/08/12: 8
        Jones, Col. Richard L., retires as a general ending 36-year military career, 1953/11/13: 1
        national guard, militia get "no bias" order, 1949/12/09: 1
      Kansas governor approves state Race guard unit, 1936/04/03: 3
      Maryland National Guard integration "taken in stride," 1955/12/02: 1
      merger of Army reserve units with National Guard 'harmful' to Negro Dixie ROTC graduates, 1965/01/15: 1
      mixed National Guard will be retained by Army, 1951/02/02: 3
      Moran, PFC Kermit M., Fort Sam Houston, sends protest letter to Chief Carlisle P. Runge deploring the Guard's racial discrimination, 1961/12/15: 1
      Negroes and the National Guard, by Joseph L. Turner
        Part I, 1968/02/16: 6
        Part II, 1968/02/23: 7
        Part III, 1968/03/01: 6
        Part IV, 1968/03/08: 7
      Powell, Rev. Adam Clayton, Jr., loses battle to end J. Crow in National Guard, 1955/07/15: 1
      We Have a Few Problems Too [recent National Guard Conference in San Antonio] (editorial), 1959/10/16: 4
    Army Post Club
      news in 1936, 1936/08/14: 6
      news in 1940, 1940/08/02: 7
    Arnold, Rev. M. C. (Mt. Ararat Baptist Church)
      Baptist clergymen have good eyes (for bagging bucks) (photo), 1946/01/04: 3
      evangelist for revival at Rose of Sharon Baptist Church, 1970/04/10: 10
      Mt. Ararat membership thanks all for first anniversary observance, 1947/12/19: 8 (filmed in 12/26 issue)
    Arnold, Cora Bell
      notice of death, 1963/08/09: 8 (filmed in 08/16 issue)
      obituary notice by Carter-Taylor Mortuary, 1963/08/02: 2
    Arnold, Robert V.
      vocational agriculture teacher at Sweet Home High, to be speaker at Missouri NFA, 1952/04/18: 7
    Arnold, Ruth L.
      notice of death, 1958/03/28: 8 (filmed in 04/04 issue)
      San Antonio churchwoman found dead by her employer of 26 years, 1958/03/21: 1
    Arnold, Thornton
      rites held in Austin, 1954/11/26: 6
    Art and Artists
      Alford, Walter D., Jr. finds rare Peter Ykens painting, one of only 11 known, on a trash heap in WWII Germany, 1967/06/09: 1
      American Negro Exposition
        famed Tanner painting, "The Disciple at the Tomb," shown at Exposition (photo), 1940/07/26: 4
        Jones, Robert, to reproduce Lincoln Tomb at Expo (photo), 1940/05/24: 2
        lynch tragedy in bronze at Expo (photo), 1940/08/09: 1
      art auction to benefit United Negro College Fund (Jo's Jottings), 1966/02/18 Supp: 4
      Artis, William E., Chadron, NB, State Teachers College, elected life fellow in International Institute of Arts and Letters, 1960/07/08: 4
      Atlanta University exhibits variety of works by Negro artists, 1934/03/16: 5
      Barthe, Richmond, statue receives coveted Audobon Society gold medal, 1945/11/23: 5
      Campbell, Simms, winner of $1000 Hearst Art Prize, 1936/01/31: 1
      Clack, George, Seguin student wins $500 art scholarship, 1957/11/01: 2
      Collins, Tyrone, Prairie View, receives special citation for art work at International Exhibition of Children's Art Work, Tokyo, Japan, 1967/08/18: 1
      Dallas Art Museum displays Negro art exhibit, 1939/05/12: 4
      DC art gallery bans painting of Marian Anderson, 1941/02/28: 1
      Emerson, Willie Ray, Jr.
        local young artist has art showing at Galerias Almazin in La Villita and is selected by The Links as finalist for "Discoveries 70" (Jo's Jottings), 1970/06/12: 9
        opens one-man show of recent paintings at La Galeria (Jo's Jottings), 1970/06/19: 8
      Harrell, Cornelius, opens studio for exhibits and art classes, 1959/03/13: 6
      Hathaway, Isaah, noted American sculptor, selected as member of Bishop College summer school faculty (photo), 1935/05/17: 2
      Hunt, Richard, nationally known sculptor presents one-man show, 1960/01/15: 6
      Jackson, Katherine
        local artist, and Katharine Beverly, local poet, honored during Negro History Week observance, 1940/02/23: 4
        pencil drawings win honorable mention (photo), 1939/12/15: 1
      Johnson, Oliver, talented artist, honored by Edisonian Weekly, official publication of Edison Brothers Stores (Personal Activities), 1935/09/27: 7
      Killebrew, Raphael, artist has show scheduled for his paintings at La Villita (Jo's Jottings), 1963/04/19 Supp: 4
      Kolawole, Lawrence Compton, and Bill Hutson, included in display of art work at University of Texas museum (Jo's Jottings), 1970/04/10: 8
      Landry, Melvin and Kelvin, twins, get VIP treatment on DC trip for their mural to a "Tom Sawyer Fence" at Kennedy Center, 1970/05/22: 1
      Logan, Chester, one-man exhibit of his work on view at St. Mary's University Center (photo), 1969/12/05: 9
      McCall, Theadius
        grand opening of 21-year-old artists gallery (photo), 1967/03/17: 9
        San Antonio artist's works being exhibited at downtown stores, 1964/04/10: 3
      McLemore, Thomasina Talley
        art and music instructor at St. Philip's Junior College has three pieces exhibited at Witte Museum, 1937/12/10: 1, 1937/12/24: 1
      McLin, Nathaniel, advocate of fine arts named 'Outstanding Community Leader,' 1967/12/08: 1
      Negro artists display work in mural painting exhibition in Atlanta, 1934/07/13: 1
      Perkins, Marion, famed Chicago sculptor dies, 1961/12/29: 6
      Rees, Charles Bert, San Antonian's water color entry wins Witte prize, 1959/03/13: 3
      River Art Show
        Douglass Junior School display takes first in River Art Show, 1956/04/27: 1
        Richardson, Mrs. Willie Young, artist's work exhibited at river art promenade (photo), 1947/11/14: 2
        six Negro artists have exhibits, 1948/04/30: 6
      Smith, Hughie Lee, art student wins scholarship (photo), 1934/05/11: 5
      Tanner's "Flight Into Egypt" awes Tuskegee students, 1934/01/12: 1
      Tayes, Ulysses Grant, student returns to Lincoln Univ. after 30 years to cop art prize, 1936/01/31: 7
      ten Negro artists exhibit work at Atlanta Library, 1934/02/16: 1
      Texas Centennial Exposition
        Alamo Replica to Be Erected at Texas Centennial Exposition (Tid Bits From the Week's News), 1936/02/21: 4
        De Young, Harry Anthony, puts famed 'forbidden' title fight on canvas (photo), 1939/06/30: 8 (filmed in 07/07 issue)
        Douglass, Aaron, mural at Texas Expo, 1936/06/19: 1
        Johnson, Sargent, his sculpture, "Head of a Boy," on display at Hall of Negro Life and Culture (photo), 1936/08/28: 2
      Thrash, Dox, develops fine print reproduction technique, 1940/12/27: 8 (filmed in 1941/01/24 issue)
      Wells, Solomon
      World Festival of Negro Arts, works of 16 US artists selected, 1966/03/04: 1
    Art Clubs
    Art Guild
    Arthur, George
      executive secretary of Chicago YMCA and nationally prominent leader dies (photo), 1941/06/06: 4
    Arthur, Richard
      S. H. Kress Company awards employee for 25 years of service, 1955/05/20: 1
    Arthur, Ruth Leon
      notice of death, 1965/10/22: 8 (filmed in 10/29 issue)
    Arts and Crafts
      See also Twilight Art and Crafts Guild
      Jones, Mrs. H. P., instructs art and needle craft class, 1948/06/18: 2
      Latimer, Mrs. P. H., conducts art, needlework class, 1954/11/05: 6
    Asberry, Mack
    Asbury, Dr. Howard D.
      conducts service at Sanford Chapel in pastor's absence, 1951/03/09: 2
      Samuel Huston professor of religion to speak at Sanford Chapel (photo), 1949/06/10: 8
    Ashby, Anna L.
      notice of death, 1968/05/10: 10 (filmed in 05/17 issue)
    Ashe, Arthur
      accepts UCLA scholarship, 1961/11/03: 5
      Ashe's Achievements (Spotlight on Sports, column, by Charles J. Livingston), 1968/09/06: 6
      "Black Journal" television program on KLRN features panel discussion with Jackie Robinson, Bill Russell, and Arthur Ashe, 1969/12/26: 5
      business experience
        goes into insurance business, 1969/07/04: 5
        stays with soft drink firm, Coca-Cola as special consultant, 1970/03/20: 6
        visits Miller Brewing Company facilities in Milwaukee during executive training for Philip Morris, Inc. (photo), 1970/05/29: 5
      and Charles Pasarell, engage in tennis exhibition match in the Bronx (photo), 1967/06/30: 5
      first Negro on Davis Cup team, 1963/08/09: 5, 1964/08/28: 5
      Living with Sports (column, by Charles J. Livingston), 1963/08/16: 5
      named to US Challenge Cup foursome, 1964/09/25: 5
      nearly boycotted 1968 Davis Cup play in protest against South Africa, 1969/07/25: 5
        Ashe beats national champ--wins SW Pacific meet, 1963/10/04: 4
        captures National Clay Courts title, 1967/08/04: 5
        cops two more net titles, 1961/07/14: 5
        Detroit invitational tennis tourney, 1962/07/27: 3
        Eastern Grass Courts net crown, 1964/08/07: 5
        leads US to Davis Cup victory over Mexico, 1965/08/06: 5
        outlasts Tom Okker to win US Open Tennis Championship (photo), 1968/09/13: 5
        routs Roy Emerson for South Australian title, 1965/12/17: 5
        Southern California net title, 1963/04/12: 5
        sweeps Colonial National Invitational, 1965/09/24: 5
        upsets third ranked Ham Richardson in second day of play of Thunderbird Tennis Tournament, 1963/02/08: 5
        US Lawn Tennis Association Junior Indoor net title, 1962/07/27: 3
        West of England Singles Title, 1968/06/21: 5
        wins Southern California intercollegiate singles, 1964/03/27: 5
    Ashley, Clarence
      notice of death, 1958/03/28: 8 (filmed in 04/04 issue)
    Ashley, Elnora
      notice of death, 1966/01/14: 8
    Ashley, John
      funeral services held for well-known businessman (photo), 1961/04/14: 3
      notice of death, 1961/04/21: 8
    Ashley, Laura K.
      notice of death, 1967/05/26: 10
    Askew, James Edward
      notice of death, 1958/09/26: 8 (filmed in 10/03 issue)
    Askey, Dennis
      Gonzales man named aide to Edward R. Murrow, 1963/10/18: 1
    Askey, Frances Emma
      notice of death, 1968/09/27: 10 (filmed in 10/04 issue)
    Askey, Freddie Lorane
      funeral services held for former San Antonian who lived in Los Angeles, 1965/04/09: 4
    Askey, L. E.
      pair wounded when robber hijacks car, 1934/06/29: 1
      retiring president honored with party (photo), 1966/02/04: 6
      returns from Phi Beta Sigma conclave in Louisville, 1956/01/06: 6
    Askey, Marjorie M.
      notice of death, 1963/07/26: 2
    Askey, Mrs. Mollie
      succumbs to heart attack, 1947/10/24: 1
    Askey, Otis
      notice of death, 1968/12/13: 10 (filmed in 12/20 issue)
    Asmenia Pantofles Social Club
      meetings in 1950, 1950/05/05: 6
      See also Crime and Criminals
      See also Discharge of Firearms
      See also Disturbing the Peace
      See also Sexual Offenses
      Aaron, Milton, slashed in row with Mary S. Smith, 1959/12/18: 1
      Abram, Amos Lee
        knifed by Alvin Wade, 1957/03/29: 3
        knifed by Elfanso C. Clayton, 1958/08/01: 3
        seriously slashed about the abdomen in altercation, 1962/05/18: 3
      Abram, James, stabbed in neck by unnamed woman, 1955/08/05: 5
      Abram, Mrs. Johnnie Mae, legless woman beaten, 1950/05/12: 1
      Abrams, Alma, and William Burleson cut by Lillian Burleson in early morning knifing, 1951/11/02: 1
      Abrams, Michael, seeks phone after flat tire, walks into argument between a couple, gets shot in the ear, 1962/03/16: 1
      Adams, Pfc., slashed by Emma Lee Wolford, 1946/05/24: 5
      Adams, Andrew, stabbed by David Clay, 1948/12/24: 6
      Adams, Clifford, cut by unknown assailant, 1938/05/27: 1
      Adams, Ella, woman with heart condition in fight with man, 1969/10/24: 3
      Adams, George
        "fair fist" fighter knifed in back by Lester Gaddison, 1963/08/02: 1
        slashed by nephew, Lester Gaddison, over $2 debt, 1956/02/10: 1
        slashes sister, Delma Barefield, after she uses butcher knife on him, 1959/08/14: 1
      Adams, Harlan, slugged and robbed of $50, 1943/02/05: 1
      Adams, Harry, with another's girl friend, stabbed, 1965/06/11: 1
      Adams, Herbert Lee, shot by Robert Harper in love triangle, 1961/04/21: 1
      Adams, James D., severely knifed in Friday night altercation, 1961/12/22: 1
      Adams, Leroy, fate of soldier chased by two men not known, 1958/06/27: 1
      Adams, Leslie
        and Juanita O'Conner, treated for caustic hurled at them in tavern, 1955/08/05: 7
        man who threatened him with shotgun disappears, 1955/06/03: 1
        stabbed in chest following tavern argument, 1958/01/24: 3
      Adams, Sarah Lee, hit with ax handle after man attempts to run her down with car, 1968/01/19: 1
      Adams, Tommy, stabbed with homemade dirk by Alfonso Clayton, 1952/12/05: 1
      Albertins, H. C., stabbed man missing, 1942/01/30: 4
      Albertius, Vivian, beaten by husband, 1955/05/27: 3
      Albertus, A. C., "other man" in love triangle, shot by Wriley Williams, 1957/08/02: 1
      Alexander, Andrew, shot critically by common law wife, Juanita Daniels, after argument of several days' duration, 1953/06/05: 1
      Alexander, Carolyn, telephone call to father while being held at gunpoint by husband, Chris Melvin Alexander, brings arrest of gun wielder, 1966/10/14: 1
      Alexander, George, slugged with pistol by Tom Baker, 1942/10/16: 5
      Alexander, Georgia, beaten in altercation with George "Trulove" Gilmore, 1952/01/18: 1
      Alexander, James, Corpus Christi, tries to break into sweetheart's house, 1944/08/18: 1
      Alexander, Johnny, pistol whipped with gun discharging by Bennie Murray, owner of Bennie's Place, 1954/04/30: 1
      Alexander, Margaret
        knocked down in fight with Moses Jones, whom she stabbed, 1964/05/15: 1
        suffers head injuries in altercation with Maynard Alexander, 1965/09/17: 1
      Alexander, Rose Lee, former boy friend tears off dress, 1950/10/13: 3
      Alexander, Ruby, Corpus woman peacemaker has to use blade, 1942/05/29: 1
      Alexander, Samuel ("Chuffie"), Austin businessman shot by dentist, Dr. V.T. Hammond, 1939/08/04: 1
      Alexander, Willie, woman dragged to rear of beauty shop and badly beaten, 1954/06/18: 1
      "all in fun" says rampaging "ex" who causes woman to leap from second story window, 1941/09/26: 1
      Allen, Betty, says two other women assaulted her, 1966/05/06: 1
      Allen, C. C., slugged and robbed by two men, 1952/09/26: 1
      Allen, Catherine, pregnant woman struck by stepfather, 1950/12/22: 6
      Allen, Crockett, cut by Ethel Jewel Fostus, 1949/06/24: 1
      Allen, Mrs. Doris, attacked by estranged husband, Hines Allen, 1950/03/03: 5
      Allen, Eddie, knifed, then hit with pipe two days later by Albert Provens, 1953/11/20: 1
      Allen, Edward, 16, slashed by Jasper L. Tucker, when he runs wild, 1962/04/06: 1
      Allen, F. T., suffers laceration in family row with Vernon Fields, 1949/12/23: 5
      Allen, Floyd E., cut by assailant while closing Gigolo drive-in, 1933/05/05: 1
      Allen, Gladys, beaten by husband, Charles Allen, 1959/08/28: 3
      Allen, Henry, slashed on the face by Levi Stevens, 1940/12/13: 1
      Allen, Jerry, attacked and knifed in tavern row by woman, 1958/09/26: 1
      Allen, Joe
        shot at by man, knifed by woman, 1953/08/21: 1
        sitting in car, shot by an ired husband, Charles Sylvester Wilson; difficulties between men said of long standing, 1957/06/28: 1
      Allen, Johnny
        arrested for drunkenness, disturbing the peace, and assault on a peace officer, 1957/04/12: 1
        shot by woman as he forces way into house, 1956/01/13: 1
      Allen, Leroy, chased, knifed in Earl St. row, 1955/01/21: 1
      Allen, Lula Mae, cut by man who enters bedroom, 1954/12/31: 1
      Allen, Melvin (Lee)
        conked with glass when he declines to buy drink for Tillman Jones, 1949/09/16: 1
        stabbed six times in East Commerce affray, 1951/02/23: 1
      Allen, Ruby, seriously cut by Janie Hardaway in Hiway 90 tavern brawl, 1954/07/16: 1
      Allen, Ruth, struck with board by common-law husband, Jeffries Parker, 1952/04/18: 1
      Allen, Sam ("Johnny"), Jr., serious knifed in early morning fracas, 1959/11/06: 1
      Allen, Sidney, held after identification as assailant, 1953/04/03: 3
      Allen Margaret, fisted when she quits beau, Nathaniel Johnson, 1950/10/13: 3
      ambulances, cops kept busy during weekend, 1949/10/14: 1
      Amos, Lucille, cursed and hit with rock by Clarence Little, 1951/10/12: 1
      Amos, Oscar W.
        attacked by bottle barrage, 1950/10/06: 4
        threatened with knife by Joe Williams, 1944/05/26: 1
      Amos, Rosie Lee, knifed in fight with another woman, 1951/02/23: 1
      Anderson, Albert, and James Johnson, two drinking companions work each other over, 1955/02/04: 1
      Anderson, Alfred, 16, shot in lower left leg at a party, 1967/06/16: 5
      Anderson, Bertha, wounded by 'phantom gunman' while at Brock's Place patio, 1966/07/08: 1
      Anderson, Betty, and Robert Knox, teens wounded by shotgun blast from Blemon Bateman and James Edwards, Seguin, 1958/07/11: 1
      Anderson, Mrs. Corine, pulled from car and knocked down by husband, 1949/09/30: 1
      Anderson, Elma, beaten and threatened by "her friend," 1954/08/13: 3
      Anderson, Gladys, struck by fist of Brady B. Jackson, 1946/07/26: 1
      Anderson, Gussie, assaulted by three women, 1938/09/23: 6
      Anderson, J. C., abdomen ripped open by woman friend, 1955/09/16: 1
      Anderson, James E.
        hit with hammer by Frank Williams, 1956/04/20: 6
        stabbed and hospitalized GI doesn't know "what happened," 1956/11/30: 1
      Anderson, Jeanne, and Earl Moody mauled in an altercation with Floyd Matthews, 1953/11/13: 1
      Andrews, Dr. Charles Clifton, man who attacked doctor, A. W. Fucuals, given fine and 90 days in jail, 1942/01/16: 1
      Andrews, Drew; wife, Sarah Andrews, tries to "rub out" Corpus man, 1946/02/15: 1
      Andrews, Mary, five-month old son suffers fractured skull by older brother while mother hung out clothes, 1968/05/03: 1
      angry man tries to run over sweetie with car, 1947/01/10: 1
      Anthony, Betty, skull fractured by daughter-in-law, Estella Anthony, 1946/02/15: 1
      Anthony, Charles
        stabs Ernest Matts, 1939/04/07: 5
        wounds Ernest Matts with his own gun after wine sipping bout, 1941/02/07: 1
      Anthony, Claudine, refuses advances, hit by man, 1949/12/02: 1
      Anthony, Cosmo, cut in fight, 1948/10/15: 1
      Anthony, James, knifed in tavern scrape, 1949/09/02: 6
      Anthony, Lena, beaten by Isaac Anthony, 1940/01/19: 5
      Anthony, Marvin, 11, beaten and robbed by boy, 13, 1962/11/16: 1
      Anthony, Mary, beaten, kicked woman's arm may be broken, 1959/11/06: 1
      Anthony, Moscoe (Masco)
        mistakes noise for firecracker, finds he's shot, 1948/12/31: 1
        shooting at tavern leaves man wounded, 1955/09/16: 1
      Anthony, Ollie, Willie Anthony, and Mary Phillips damage gasoline pump in rock throwing fracas, 1957/06/28: 1
      Anthony, Ruby Fay, slashed on face, 1966/01/14: 1
      Anthony, Willie
        cut on neck in fight, 1953/07/31: 1
        intestines severed when knifed by cousin, Mosco Anthony, 1949/11/11: 1
        Ollie Anthony, and Mary Phillips damage gasoline pump in rock throwing fracas, 1957/06/28: 1
        slashed in the chest by another man, 1952/01/18: 1
      Anthony, Willie Odell, hit in head with brick by Calvin Francis and his sister, Margaret, 1947/08/01: 1
      Applewhite, Clara, beaten by husband, William, 1943/05/21: 5
      Arch, Martha Lou
        slashed with broken bottle by Jessie Morris, 1951/08/24: 3
        struck by husband, Carl Lee Mitchell, because she didn't bring home enough money from work, 1958/10/17: 1
      Archer, Clark, peacemaker in family argument lands in hospital, 1949/05/27: 1
      Archie, Clarence, beaten into unconsciousness with iron pipe, 1949/07/29: 1
      Archie, Elizabeth, suffers flesh wound after being shot by another woman over her boy friend, 1969/12/12: 1
      Arkadie, Mrs. Lawrence, stabbed with butcher knife by husband, 1936/08/14: 1
      armed man spreads terror in Denver Heights, 1945/01/26: 1
      Armfield, Eleanor, hit with bottle by husband, Milton, 1951/02/02: 4
      Armstead, Ira, skull fractured with golf club by roomer who wanted to use his shoes, 1964/06/05: 1
      Armstrong, Charley, knifed by Miss Mollie Jane O'Quinn, 1946/10/25: 11
      Armstrong, Charlie, knifed in fight with Asa C. Albertus, 1950/10/27: 1
      Armstrong, Cornelius ("Ice Cream") and Willie Lee Williams do battle, 1942/07/24: 5
      Armstrong, Elige, jumped by six or seven youths, 1958/09/19: 3
      Armstrong, Leroy, suffers cuts from knife wielded by Audrey Armstrong, 1940/09/20: 1
      Armstrong, Norma, women slash each other in blade duel, 1953/02/27: 1
      Armstrong, Ruth, nose broken with bottle wielded by husband Leroy ("Ice Cream") Armstrong, 1951/04/06: 6
      Armstrong, Will, assaulted by Elizabeth Holmes, 1932/04/22: 1
      Armstrong, Miss/Mrs. Willie
        hit in mouth by Sam McCall, 1949/08/12: 1
        hit with 2x4 by Florida Johnson in middle-age love tangle, 1951/11/16: 1
      Armstrong, Willie, hit over head by Lydia Wyatt, 1939/03/31: 1
      Arnold, Frankie, bullet target of ex-man friend, 1964/10/02: 1
      Arnold, Helen M., suffers cuts when hit by bottle by F. M. Cummings, 1956/03/16: 1
      Arnold, June, house rocked by 15-year-old girl, who stabs her in chest, 1961/05/12: 1
      Arredondo, Martin
        hit with stool in altercation with James Turner, 1954/08/13: 3
        shot in hand while interceding in tavern fight, 1953/09/18: 1
      Arrington, Willie James, outfights brothers, then knifed by their stepdad, 1959/04/10: 1
      Ashley, Elnora and Robert
        Elnora Ashley, beaten by mate, Sgt. Roger Ashley, has concussion, 1955/06/03: 1
        Roger Ashley stabbed; his wife, Elnora, found beaten in home, 1965/03/26: 1
      Ashley, Johnny May, knocked down by former husband, 1955/11/25: 6
      Ashley, Virginia, woman with gun chases drunk, Lorenzo Preston; both arrested, 1960/10/21: 1
      Ashmore, Deloris, says another woman shoots at her from an automobile, 1962/10/26: 1
      Askey, Genevieve, has 12 stitches in her face, the result of a family fight with her husband, Luther R. Askey, 1951/07/20: 1
      Atchison, Sgt. Hubert, is pistol target of Sgt. Frank Ross, 1949/03/25: 1
      Austin, John
        conked by Jacob Smith, 1950/07/21: 1
        slashed in dice game fight, 1951/02/23: 1
      Austin, Margaret
        SA woman sends .44 slug into boy friend's body, 1942/06/05: 1
        shot at due to mistaken identity, 1941/12/12: 1
        woman gets ten days for shooting boy friend, Thomas Law, 1942/07/31: 4
      Avlin, Sebastian, shot by Pauline Lowe, common-law wife, in fuss over woman, 1943/07/23: 1
      Axcel, Leo, slashed with broken bottle by Eunice Johnson, 1964/03/06: 1
      Babino, Lawrence, critically cut and stabbed in chest and throat in altercation with Maynard Galloway, 1963/01/18: 1
      Bacon, Alice, beaten with stick by Joe S. Ware, 1938/06/17: 1
      Bacon, James M., Jr., cut on arm by his wife, 1958/07/04: 1
      Bacon, Lowell, shot by off-duty officer, Joe Williams, in Sunday night bus row, 1944/07/21: 1
      Baeza, Amelia, dragged from house by husband, Ben Baeza, 1950/09/08: 3
      Bagley, Clarence, gang style shooting gets man, 1969/10/31: 1
      Bagwell, Eldridge D., 15 stitches needed to fight wounds inflicted by Fred Washington, 1953/04/24: 1
      Bailey, Bishop, in hospital from knife cut, 1933/04/14: 3
      Bailey, Brutus, Ft. Sam soldier reportedly beaten by civilians, 1963/10/25: 3
      Bailey, Earnest, knifed in altercation, 1956/03/09: 3
      Bailey, Helen, assaulted by Robert Jackson, 1938/07/22: 1
      Bailey, J. D., fists wife and takes baby from her, 1951/03/23: 3
      Bailey, Mrs. Lonza Mae, says she's target of brother-in-law's rifle, 1949/09/16: 1
      Bailey, McHarvey, stabbed with ice pick by sister, Wilma Leona, 1939/01/06: 1
      Bailey, Thomas J.
        conked with pool ball by Thomas Allen, 1953/07/10: 1
        desire to have drinking mates (from among musicians' union), leads to injuries, 1956/05/25: 1
      Baine, George, shot four times in Commerce St. fight with Ernest Brown, 1951/08/03: 1
      Baity, Henry, argument with unidentified soldiers over driving ends in cutting affray, 1947/11/21: 1
      Baker, Mrs. Dorothy, cut by Mrs. Alma Phillips, 1946/10/25: 2
      Baker, Lemon, lip cut by unknown assailants, 1933/04/07: 1
      Baker, Leonard
        knifed by Philip Hardaway, 1948/09/24: 5
        stabbed eight or nine times in a fight, 1951/11/23: 1
      Baker, Mrs. Margie, threatened and slapped by man, 1948/06/04: 5
      Baker, Sam
        ear shot from head in fight with another man, 1947/04/18: 1
        two year term given to Dillard Fowler for shooting off man's ear, 1948/01/16: 1
      Baldwin, Dorothy, suffers facial and back injuries when beaten by a man, 1965/07/23: 5
      Baldwin, Effie Lee, beaten in auto by common-law husband, Ronnie White, 1951/05/18: 3
      Baldwin, J. C.
        rider hit once as volley fired from another car when it is about to pass another, 1952/09/19: 1
        stabbed in chest by Clifton Shelton in row outside tavern, 1958/10/31: 1
      Baldwin, James, shot by wife, Charlesetta, who was tired of beatings, 1969/08/15: 1
      Ballard, Earline and husband James, family fracas leads to hospital, 1955/02/11: 1
      Banks, Annibell, stabbed by woman who was her brother's "girlfriend," 1951/09/07: 3
      Banks, Mildred
        beaten with coat hanger by Percy Stevens, 1941/07/18: 5
        fisted by Percy Stevens, 1941/09/19: 1
      Barefield, Delma
        one of three women beaten in weekend violence, 1960/04/22: 1
        slashed after using butcher knife on brother, George Adams, 1959/08/14: 1
      Barefield, Sophie, and P. T. Raymond knifed by woman known only as "Betty" in West Side tavern brawl, 1953/10/09: 1
      Barker, Dorothy, bruised during argument with man over money, 1961/06/30: 1
      Barks, Mrs. Lessie, struck by husband, Thomas, 1950/07/21: 5
      Barksdale, Mrs. Mattie, knifed by Nathaniel Franklin, as she steps between poker disputants, 1947/09/05: 1
      Barnes, Alice, has head gashed with milk bottle by stepfather, Walter Bessard, 1952/10/10: 1
      Barnes, Arizona, Lackland soldier, riding in auto, is bullet victim, 1949/06/10: 1
      Barnes, Georgia Lee, and father Lush Barnes, shot by her sweetheart, 1938/10/14: 1
      Barnes, Henry, attacked, badly beaten by band of five, 1963/08/23: 1
      Barnes, Mary Jane, one of three women beaten in weekend violence, 1960/04/22: 1
      Barnes, Wodie Lee, woman downed when she objects to flowers being pulled, 1965/06/18: 3
      Barrett, Walter and Lessie Burks, both shot with same bullet in hotel room, 1955/10/28: 1
      Barrias, Mrs. Andrews, struck during altercation by Arthur Winn, 1945/12/21: 1
      Barton, Willie Mae
        in fight with Marie Thomas, suffers cuts in plunge through tavern window, 1947/04/04: 5, 1947/04/11: 5
        jumps cop at police headquarters, 1945/12/21: 1
        knifes, bites Thelma Watson, 1949/04/22: 1
        women tavern fighters bring woe to officers, 1953/04/24: 1
      Bates, Adolph, slashed across groin and hip, 1951/05/18: 5
      Bates, Alvin, shot by taxi driver, C.B. Goode, after brandishing knife, 1936/05/22: 1
      Bates, Miss Blannie, slashed by Squire Bates, 1946/02/08: 1
      Bates, C.B., shot by taxi driver, C.B. Goode, after brandishing knife, 1936/05/22: 1
      Bates, Isaac, cut as another wave of violence sweeps San Antonio, 1942/05/08: 1
      Bates, Ophelia
        not a dull moment: robbed and struck in face in same week, 1942/07/17: 6
        Ophelia Bates and Ollie Levison arrested for fighting, 1939/08/18: 5
      Battle, Essie, beaten and stomped by William Sheppard, common-law husband, 1959/04/17: 1
      'battle of sexes' rages during weekend, 1948/07/30: 1
      Battles, Bruce, Cuero boy critically stabbed by 15-year-old cousin, 1950/07/14: 1
      Batts, Mrs. Eugene, reports her husband, James Davis Batts, waving shotgun, chases all from house, 1952/01/18: 1
      Batts, Mrs. Tommie Lee
        beaten by husband, Leroy Batts, 1952/04/11: 3
        expecting 7th child, beaten by husband, Leroy Batts, 1952/05/16: 3
      Baugh, Charles, threated by Z. L. Lambert, waiting "to get" him, 1955/01/07: 1
      Bayes, Laura Jean, Children's Bureau worker, beaten by Edna Mae Hutchinson over child custody decision, 1951/08/17: 1
      Beal, Richard, near death following attack by Willie Adwell Safford and Allen Mack, 1942/09/04: 1
      Beard, Janice R., and Reuben Harris, Jr., battling man and woman arrested for affray, 1966/04/08: 1
      Beasley, Bertha, shot by husband, Bob Beasley, when found on couch with another man, 1964/05/01: 1
      Beasley, Dorothy, knifed by ex-boyfriend, Frank Brown, 1954/05/28: 1
      Beasley, Mary, slashed in argument over trash burning by Victoria Mackey, 1946/05/31: 1
      Beck, Alma May, her sight endangered by lye thrower Luetta Winn, 1958/05/30: 1
      Beck, Mary, stabbed by Hazel Marie Mozell, estranged wife of her escort, Garland Mozelle, 1958/09/05: 1
      Becker, Alfred, stabbed by unknown assailant, 1938/10/14: 1
      Beckwith, Henry
        complains that taxi driver hurls rocks after fare dispute, 1948/01/23: 5
        slashed by estranged wife, Roberta Beckwith, 1956/01/13: 1
      Bedford, J. R., service station operator, threatened by two young men, 1951/05/04: 4
      Bedford, Sherman, vowing to take care of Edward N. Smith following a disagreement, shot in the leg by Smith, 1963/03/08: 1
      Bee, Booker T., injured by bottle hurled from passing car, 1964/04/03: 1
      Beeman, Robert
        cops' arrival prevents third slug from being fired by wife, Pauline, 1953/05/15: 1
        shot by mate, Pauline Lowe Beeman, as he attempts to pull down TV antenna, 1955/09/09: 1
      Bell, Andrew, slashed in row reported to be over girl, 1954/06/18: 1
      Bell, Mrs. Beulah, beaten by husband, Clyde Bell, 1950/05/05: 1
      Bell, Davis, knifed by Lee Roberts, 1944/04/14: 1
      Bell, Erva, fisted by Johnny Carter, 1948/10/08: 5
      Bell, Mrs. Eva, and son, struck by husband, T. J. Bell, 1950/08/11: 1
      Bell, Frank, Jr., five men jump and cut him, 1954/06/11: 1
      Bell, George Theodore, Jr., berserk son shot by father in wild melee; wounded man has been patient at State Hospital, 1965/10/01: 1
      Bell, Mrs. I., loses much blood in altercation with a man, 1952/01/25: 1
      Bell, Laura
        it seems that Laura doesn't like cops, 1946/07/19: 1
        20-year-old woman, who cop thought was mob, is arrested, 1946/03/08: 1
        two-timing girl slashed with razor by Charles Thomas, 1949/12/23: 1
      Bell, Leona
        kicked, painfully injured, by boy friend, Cleo Stovall, 1947/07/04: 1
        struck with milk bottle by Ethel Brown, 1944/06/23: 1
      Bell, Leslie, struck on head with axe by unknown poker player, 1947/07/25: 1
      Bellinger, Eddie, knifed in quarrel over seating in tavern, 1953/11/13: 1
      Bellinger, Lucille, beaten by boyfriend, Dilbert Everhart, 1952/08/29: 1
      Bellinger, Theodore, stabbed by wife, Lucille Bellinger, 1942/08/14: 6
      Benford, Albert, fuss over tip ends in youth getting slashed by Marcus Adams, 1940/07/05: 1
      Benford, Roosevelt, shots fired from autos hit two, 1969/08/15: 1
      Bennett, Arthur, 30 stitches needed to sew up his knife wounds from unidentified man, 1951/11/16: 3
      Bennett, Doris, beaten with jack handle by husband, Herbert Bennett, 1967/11/10: 1
      Bennett, Frankie, calls police twice as husband, Leonard Bennett, strikes her and breaks furniture, 1952/04/18: 1
      Bennett, Leonard, hit with blunt instrument, 1952/09/19: 1
      Bennett, Philip, Jr., survives knife attack, roommate is slain in Mexico City robbery, 1963/03/08: 1
      Bennett, Willie Mae, accused of 'going with' mate of another, knifed, 1950/02/24: 1
      Benning, William, knifed by man he bumps into, 1960/03/11: 3
      Benson, Clara, says she's pulled from car, beaten by group, 1961/06/09: 1
      Benson, Edker, hurt in fight with stepson, Bobby Joe Phillips, 17, 1956/05/11: 1
      Benson, Ernest, Boerne bullet victim's condition still critical, 1956/12/07: 1
      Benson, Leroy, 17-year-old stabbed, 1969/03/07: 1
      Benton, Albert, can't get car keys, shoots up house, 1948/02/27: 1
      Benton, Joyce, alleges man beat her, 1957/04/05: 1
      Berley, Floyd, Bernice Berley, and Charles E. Bradshaw injured in fight between Bradshaw and wife, Henrietta Bradshaw, 1956/08/03: 1
      Berry, Catherine, kicked and beaten with stick by husband, Raymond Berry, who was bitten on the thumb, 1958/07/25: 1
      Berry, Mrs. Lula Mae, hit with bottle, 1942/01/23: 5
      Berry, Willie, cut critically in wild fracas involving three men named Willie, 1953/03/27: 1
      Bert, Mrs. Leslie, knifed by husband, Joe Bert, 1949/05/27: 5
      Berton, Jettie, pistol target of man, 1954/12/31: 1
      Bess, Gladys, hit and cut with bottle by common-law husband, 1951/05/04: 4
      Bess, Ruth, shot through hand when gun falls, 1955/05/13: 1
      Bethany, Bill (Billy)
        suffers eye injury and possible fractured skull in altercation, 1963/01/04: 1
        two wounded in fracas--wild shot hits passerby, 1961/11/10: 1
      Bethany, James, his brother Leroy Bethany, and Charles Ross, three men knifed in New Braunfels Ave. battle, 1966/04/15: 1
      Betterson, Juanita, jabbed with screw driver, 1950/09/29: 3
      Betts, Leroy, knifed in attack by four servicemen, 1963/04/26: 1
      Betts, Ruby Mae
        hit with bottle in row with boyfriend [title incorrectly states "man shot in row with girlfriend"], 1969/02/21: 1
        ribs may be fractured due to beating, 1969/03/07: 3
      Beverly, Henry B., 17-year-old youth seriously knifed in fight over girl, 1965/07/09: 1
      Beverly, Joyce B., stepdaughter's jaw, neck, injured by step-father, Beverly Johnson, in family fracas, 1964/06/12: 1
      Beverly, Louis
        Lessie Beverly shoots mate second time in less than 3 years, this time seriously, 1962/02/23: 1
        shot by wife, Lessie Beverly, in argument over a car (photo), 1959/05/08: 1
      Beverly, Mary, woman struck, sergeant, Robert Ballard, knifed in altercation, 1966/04/15: 1
      Beverly, Mary Agnes, surprised with another man, is slashed by husband, Alonzo Beverly, 1952/03/07: 1
      Bibbs, James, acting as peacemaker, severely slashed in tavern argument, 1969/11/28: 1
      Bigelow, James C., knifed by Sam Ellis Dotson and three other persons during an altercation, 1957/05/31: 3
      Bigsby, G. B., struck over head with hammer by Joe Clark, 1948/06/04: 1
      Billups, Leslie, dice player slashed, 1953/02/13: 1
      Birch, Amos, shot and seriously wounded by common-law wife, Claudia Mae Williams, 1956/03/23: 1
      Biscoe, Mr. Beverly
        mate, Lucinda, accused of threatening Bisco with pistol, 1955/09/23: 1
        shot by wife, Selena, 1949/06/03: 1
      Biscoe, Mrs. Selena
        chased out of house by husband, 1948/10/29: 5
        house in shambles in attack by husband, Beverly, 1950/01/06: 4
        shoots husband, Beverly Biscoe, 1949/06/03: 1
      Bishop, Don, seriously knifed in eye in street fight, 1948/08/20: 1
      Bissett, Jimmy Ray, argument over trousers leads to shooting; Jesse M. Butler booked for assault to murder and possession of marijuana, 1966/07/15: 1
      Bizor, Joe, automobile horn honker gets knife in groin, 1960/06/03: 1
      Black, Barbara Nell, beaten with BB gun, can, and cosmetics jar by Fort Sam Houston serviceman, 1963/05/10: 1
      Black, E. W., head cut with bottle wielded by Perry Davis, 1952/08/15: 1
      Blackburn, James
        back ripped with razor blad by wife, 1954/09/24: 3
        slashed at work place by wife, Laura, when he fails to come home, 1955/04/01: 1
      Blackburn, Loraine, on crutches with broken leg from previous fight, beaten by husband, James M. Blackburn, 1952/08/08: 1
      Blackson, Belle
        knifed, Annie Scott slugged in Olmos fight, 1943/05/21: 4
        throws Lysol into face of George Blackson, 1939/06/02: 1
        wounds Maggie Lee James, bystander while shooting husband, George Blackson, 1943/08/13: 1
      Blackson, George
        hit five times by three bullets shot by wife, Belle Blackson, 1943/08/13: 1
        lysol thrown into face by wife, Belle Blackson, 1939/06/02: 1
      blade wielders, rock hurler, splatter blood, 1938/05/06: 1
      blade wielders run wild, free-for-all fights at dance, resort, make for riotous weekend, 1942/04/24: 1
      blade wielders run wild in weekend; woman slashes ex-mate and beautician found in auto together, 1940/09/20: 1
      Blanchard, Mrs. Ellen, beaten by husband, who brings home another woman, 1950/07/07: 1
      Bland, Alvin and Lillian, argue and draw guns on each other, kin intervene, 1951/05/18: 3
      Blanton, Ernest, files no charges against shooter, Frank Salas, 1968/03/15: 1
      Bledsoe, Mrs. Moselle, shot in side by husband Ivan, 1945/11/16: 1
      Blessing, L. H., two seriously cut when man, woman slapped for no reason, 1953/05/08: 1
      Blevin, Andrew, slashed on forearm by brother, Paul, 1961/05/19: 3
      Blevins, [unknown], causes hurt to three Santonians in jealous flare-up, 1937/09/10: 1
      Blevins, Evelyn
        beaten by Edward Reese while Donnell McDonald stands guard with a gun, 1951/05/04: 1
        beats Erma Jean McBride with a rock, 1947/09/05: 1
        four women fight, with Evelyn Blevins being slashed, 1950/09/01: 7
        knifes Edward Reese, 1952/03/14: 3
        slashed on lip and tongue by Catherine Nunn, 1952/03/14: 3
        woman refuses to make up, badly beaten by Edward Reese, 1955/07/01: 1
      Blevins, Phillip
      Blevins, Roscoe, attacked from behind, badly knifed by Preston Jones, 1966/11/11: 1
      Blocker, Robert
        slashed in affray by 'very close friend,' Seth Hudspeth, 1964/07/31: 1
        and wife Thelma, charged after battle in auto, 1953/11/06: 1
      Blocker, Weyman (Weymon)
        lodges complaint against father-in-law, John C. Cotton, 1947/07/25: 5
        slashed with broken bottle by Arlene Knowles, 1966/07/15: 1
      blood flows freely during weekend fights, 1951/03/02: 1
      bloodletting continues as battle scene shifts from West Side to East Commerce St., 1938/07/15: 1
      Blunt, Floyd, cut on shoulder, 1963/07/05: 3
      Blyth, Richard, blind man fisted after he wards off dog, 1956/02/17: 1
      Boatright, Kenneth W., 7-year-old pricked with knife in holdup for dime, 1964/08/21: 1
      Boest, Leslie, stabbed by his wife, 1939/03/31: 1
      Boggs, Ernest, knifed man doesn't know where it happened, who did it, 1955/11/25: 1
      Bolton, Arthur A., soldier, stabbed in shoulder by Joe Andy Woods, 1952/10/31: 1
      Bond, Corlis B., knife victim says two men attacked him, 1951/10/19: 2
      Bonds, H. H., slashed by Lola Mae Carter, 1945/03/09: 1
      Booker, Christina
        assaulted by 68-year-old man, Robert Smith, 1939/04/28: 6
        knifed by Earnest Neal, 1938/06/17: 1
      Booker, Corinne, uses shot gun in defense against intruder, Booker T. Kelley, 1932/12/02: 1
      Booker, Elvina, slashed by husband, Robert Lee Booker, 1952/02/08: 3
      Booker, Jerry M., knifed in altercation, 1969/11/07: 1
      Booker, John, Seguin tavern owner, won't sell beer to youth, Rodolfo Salazar who returns to pour bullets into tavern, wounding Booker, 1957/01/18: 1
      Booker, Matt, turns tables on two Mexican attackers, 1933/02/10: 1
      Booth, W. B., household terrified by liquor-maddened man, Johnnie Jackson, 1936/03/27: 1
      Bosier, Malachi
        argument over food with Robert Laird leads to gun play, 1947/07/04: 1
        knifed by James ("Pete") Anderson, 1950/03/17: 2
      Bosier, Rosa, beaten by Oscar Jones, 1944/01/14: 1
      Boston, Miss Bam, beaten, kicked by boyfriend, 1955/08/26: 3
      Boston, Isaac, shot by Patricia Ann Rucker; deputy sheriff, Willie Thompson, shot in arm, 1966/05/06: 1
      Boston, J. B., stabbed with an ice pick by Lula Mae Harris, 1950/10/13: 3
      Boulden, Joe, shot by Mable Wiggins, 1967/08/25: 1
      Boulder, Wilbur, one other, injured in bottle barrage, 1949/07/01: 1
      Bouldin, Anna Marie, Kenwood waitress shot in throat, temple, now off critical list, 1966/06/24: 1
      Bowen, Beatrice, hit with chair in tavern altercation, 1965/12/31: 3
      Bowen Bus Company driver attacks clergyman employee; has head bashed with brick; Negro employees resign, 1944/03/03: 1
      Bowman, Beatrice, allegedly attacked by Cpl. Edward Davis in rest room, cuts his throat, 1952/02/08: 1
      Boyd, Henry
        seriously wounded in tavern shooting by unknown gun wielder, 1963/12/20: 1
        shot in left thigh by Clifton Dobbins in argument over payment for a cold beverage, 1957/10/11: 1
      Boyd, Mrs. R. D., door battered by former husband, Henry Rhodes, 1949/03/25: 1
      Boykins, Wilbert Earl, 16-year-old shot, Edward McKenzie jailed for assault to murder, 1966/07/29: 1
      Bozier, Roscoe, arrested in cafe shooting affray involving Thomas W. Johnson, 1948/06/18: 1
      Bradford, Bill, clubbed in altercation, 1943/01/08: 1
      Bradford, Mrs. Josephine, good Samaritan stabbed twice, 1947/06/06: 1
      Bradley, Miss B., assaulted by Wardwell Sanders, 1937/09/17: 1
      Bradley, Matthew, alleged clothes snatcher, has butcher knife and switch blade used on him by Leslie Lee, 1951/03/30: 1
      Bradley, Zula, slashed on hand [article titled "Knives Flash in SA Weekend Altercations"], 1963/11/22: 1
      Bradshaw, Mattie Marie, struck by her husband, Milton Bradshaw, 1954/05/28: 1
      Bradshaw, Paul, seriously slashed with razor by wife, Lula Bradshaw, 1946/09/13: 1
      Bradshaw, Red, and Alamo Edwards, hurl chairs in wild Sunday night brawl, 1952/01/04: 1
      Brady, Maude, slashed with knife by C. C. Foster, 1936/08/07: 1
      Brady, T. C.
        beaten with bottle, 1943/03/12: 5
        cut by Joe C. King in altercation, 1945/06/22: 1
        stabbed with ice pick, 1938/05/20: 1
      Braggs, Clemmie, strikes wife in mouth with gun, later found with throat cut, 1965/01/22: 1
      Branch, Dewey, severely beaten in altercation, 1945/01/05: 1
      Branch, Lewis, slashed by wife, Dorothy Branch in an altercation, 1951/06/01: 3
      Branch, Lucius M., reported he was attacked by youth pack, 1965/10/15: 1
      Branch, Pvt. Arthur S., knife blade broken off in head, 1944/02/18: 1
      Branch, William B., cut on top of head by wife, Hattie Mae, 1960/11/25: 1
      Brandon, James, wounded man takes pistol from assailant, 1964/08/07: 1
      Brandt, Gail, man barricades himself in house after mate, Doris Satterwhite Brandt, flees, 1953/07/31: 1
      Brantley, James and wife Wilma, struck by Lonnie Phillips, 1950/10/06: 1
      brawl of Sunday night revelers sends four to hospital, 1933/12/08: 1
      brawling soldiers cause Xmas eve lid on East Commerce St., 1943/01/01: 1
      Braziel, Earline
      Braziel, Jacob, specialty deputy, wounded in weekend mishaps with firearms, 1949/02/25: 1
      Brazier, Mrs. Lily Mae
        injured as she leaps from car to escape Robbie Harvey as he fondles her, 1953/01/16: 1
        severely knifed by Ambrose Brazier, 1949/03/25: 1
      Brazil, Mrs. Eloise, knifed by husband, 1948/12/03: 1
      Brenton, Lucille, fisted, kicked, loses tooth at hands of Lonnie Phillips, 1951/08/24: 1
      Bresh, Louis B., beaten by man only known as "Sugar Foot," 1954/01/22: 1
      Brewer, James
        slashed by wife during fight, 1948/09/24: 1
        and wife, fire gun in altercation which Ruthie Gardner attempts to stop, 1954/02/19: 1
      Briggs, Joseph, wounded in chest and shoulder in struggle with Ruth Mae Kelley, 1962/08/10: 1
      Bright, Elizabeth E, struck on head with bottle, 1955/05/20: 3
      Bright, Herman
      Briscoe, Estella
        beaten by boyfriend, 1954/06/11: 1
        tied up, made to stand in corner by ex-boyfriend, 1954/07/30: 1
      Britton, Eliza, 81, fired at with 12-gauge shotgun and chased by son, Alfred Britton, 67, 1951/10/12: 1
      Broadnax, Clifton, Shertz man clubbed, 1942/04/10: 5
      Broadnax, Nettie, has her house bombarded with rocks by ex-husband, James B. Broadnax, 1951/10/05: 1
      Broadneck, Van, stabbed in arm with butcher knife, 1954/12/31: 5
      Broadwaters, Donnell, 19-year-old youth says "friend" cut him, 1964/06/05: 1
      Broady, Ernest, knifed in Joy Street fracas with Lee Knox, 1957/05/10: 1
      Brock, Robert, assaulted by S. L. Herndon, a bus driver for the City Transit Company, 1943/03/19: 1
      Brody, Beldon, cut by woman assailant, 1938/07/08: 1
      Brogdon, Mrs. Elnora, altercation ends fun; hit with bottle by husband, Albert, 1949/09/02: 1
      Brooks, Alice, beaten with bed slat, 1955/03/04: 1
      Brooks, Ariel W., knocked down and kicked by unnamed assailant, 1950/09/29: 1
      Brooks, Austin J., and brother, David L. Brooks, of Pearsall, "jumped" by SA gang members, 1964/02/14: 3
      Brooks, Bernice, bricks thrown at her in a bar argument, 1954/04/02: 1
      Brooks, Mrs. D. B., estranged husband turns on gas jets, 1950/03/31: 2
      Brooks, David, 18-year-old stabbed in back and abdomen, 1969/06/13: 1
      Brooks, J. P., neck gashed in bar fracas, 1959/12/25: 1
      Brooks, Jeff, shot by Mamie Lee Mitchell as he attempts forced entrance, 1946/10/11: 1
      Brooks, John, knifed in fight with Moses Westman, 1948/05/14: 5
      Brooks, Louis, conked husband wants cop to locate wife, 1949/03/25: 5
      Brooks, Louise, smashed in face with bottle by Genella Johnson, 1940/07/05: 1
      Brooks, N. D., saved from death due pistol misfire, 1942/11/20: 1
      Brooks, Mrs. Roberta, butchered by husband, Isaiah Brooks, who then kills himself, 1941/11/21: 5
      Brooks, Samuel, shot, then followed by John Henry Neal, and shot again, 1958/03/14: 1
      Brooks, Theophus, Corpus sailor, slashed in neck by Mrs. Helen Dilworth, 1944/03/03: 1
      Brooks, Vaddie, assaulted by Thomas Brooks, 1938/07/22: 5
      Brooks, Viola, hit with bottle by Elizabeth Davis, 1936/07/10: 1
      Brothers, Anna, still loves boyfriend who hits her, 1949/07/29: 6
      Brothers, Mrs. Eddie, beaten by husband, Allen, with flashlight, rifle, 1959/08/21: 1
      Brothers, George L., knifed by David Kelly, 1946/07/19: 2
      Brothers, Hazel Mae, hit with bottle by a girl friend, 1952/10/31: 3
      Brothers, Lillian, shoots half-brother, C. K., Pink, after being choked and raped, 1946/11/01: 1
      Brown, Alice, fisted by Wheeler Johnson, 1939/06/23: 1
      Brown, Mrs. Ardelia, struck with pan by Jerdin Roberts, Jr., 1949/03/11: 5
      Brown, Arla, and Joe Harris booked as both injured in fight, 1965/08/27: 1
      Brown, Bernice, conked with shoe by common-law husband, 1959/06/12: 3
      Brown, Bessie, and Mabel Newman, arrested for fighting, 1944/07/21: 1
      Brown, Betty Jean, knifed, Leona Murphy terrified, in wild incident, 1963/09/27: 1
      Brown, Mrs. C. B., stabbed by ex-common-law husband, 1959/10/02: 3
      Brown, Charles, is scalded with lye water by sweetie, Ida B. Moore, 1946/01/11: 1
      Brown, Clarence L., peacemaker slashed by one of belligerents, 1960/07/29: 1
      Brown, Cleo, suffers head injuries in attack by Jesse Ford, 1952/12/19: 1
      Brown, Corrine, 'other woman' slashed by Zonie Norris, wife of Hursie Norris, 1944/10/20: 1
      Brown, Dolores, knifed by ex-GI husband, Horace G. Brown, who then commits suicide, 1956/05/25: 1
      Brown, Dorothy, severely beaten with gas hose by husband, Floyd Brown, 1954/03/26: 1
      Brown, Ed
        SA man's skull thought fractured due to kick to head by Elmo M. Grady of Corpus Christi, 1953/08/14: 1
        suffers abrasions on head, 1948/05/28: 5
      Brown, Eddie, stabbed thru shoulder with Bowie knife by Von Roy Harris, 1954/04/16: 1
      Brown, Elliot T., hits unnamed woman on head with metal chair; booked for aggravated assault and drunkeness, 1970/04/17: 1
      Brown, Eluster
        says he intended to kill Nora Parrish, then self, 1941/06/27: 1
        shooting pistol brings $100 fine, court costs, 1956/04/06: 1
        three charges face SA man in melee with cop, 1942/08/28: 1
      Brown, Eugene, gets worst of alleged attack on family, 1963/10/11: 1
      Brown, Mrs. Florence, in knife fight with Mrs. Elnora Eckford, 1946/05/31: 5
      Brown, Frederick, and Jesse Sheppard, slashed in Saturday blade battle, 1962/01/12: 1
      Brown, George
        severely injured by rock hurled by son, Sherry Brown, 1948/08/06: 1
        struck on head and threatened with "blowing his brains out," 1957/09/13: 1
      Brown, Glen, 20, "escorted" from cafe, seriously knifed by four teenagers, 1958/08/22: 1
      Brown, Hal, argument with Ben Johnson ends in knifing, 1948/11/05: 1
      Brown, Sgt. Harry, military policeman roughed in Sunday melee, 1944/02/25: 1
      Brown, Helen, assaulted by Tony James, 1932/05/06: 1
      Brown, Henrietta, expectant mother slapped, 1949/08/19: 5
      Brown, Henry, shot down as he walks toward car, by Myrtle Ross, 1963/11/15: 1
      Brown, Henry Taylor, severely knifed as he lies on bed by wife, Gussie Lee Brown, 1952/03/28: 1
      Brown, Hubert, stabbed in fuss over a dollar by wife, Merlene Brown, 1965/10/15: 1
      Brown, Ida Marie, dress torn off during beating by man, 1960/07/15: 1
      Brown, Imogene, shot 3 times by husband, Vincent Brown during a "scuffle," 1970/02/13: 1
      Brown, Rev. Ireland, clergyman shot by wife who followed him in auto, 1968/02/16: 1
      Brown, Isaac, barbecue stand operator, nicked by knife hurled by peeved patron, 1949/12/09: 1
      Brown, J. P.
        and Charles Williams, in Virginia Blvd. row with threats leads to both being arrested, 1952/02/15: 1
        gets 35 stitches in fight; also booked for discharging firearm, 1939/04/14: 1
      Brown, J. S., chased into own home after his Good Samaritan efforts by Ed Richardson, 1936/02/21: 1
      Brown, James
        and Arthur Ray Williams, accidentally shot as Chester Bell brawls with another man, 1957/08/30: 1
        critically wounded in knife battle with Eugene Williams, 1960/07/08: 1
        slugged from behind, 1962/04/20: 3
        wife arrested for taking shot at hubby, 1942/06/26: 1
      Brown, Jesse, shot through right shoulder as he rushes to aid tavern owner, H. B. Williams, 1949/11/25: 1
      Brown, John
        hit with bottle by Louis Crawford, 1949/11/11: 5
        slashed on right ear during altercation, 1954/03/26: 3
      Brown, John Louis, wounded in Sunday morning bedroom shooting by Odell Bean, 1964/06/05: 1
      Brown, Juanita, shoots through door at Charles E. Nichols, and officer Jack E. Weaver, who accompanied him, 1967/03/31: 1
      Brown, Laurine Clark, charges her spiritualist mate, Joe Brown, beats, threats, 1940/07/05: 1
      Brown, Letha, stabbed 16 time with screw driver by Buster Burleson, an ex-suitor, 1950/08/25: 1
      Brown, Lloyd, Jr., knifed in free-for-all tavern brawl, 1951/02/23: 4
      Brown, Lloyd R., hit with bottle, 1968/08/02: 9
      Brown, Lola Bell
        beaten by husband, Clyde, 1946/11/29: 5
        beaten with bat by husband, Clyde, 1951/11/30: 1
        finger broken in row with husband, Clyde, 1949/08/26: 5
        suffers severe chest injuries and broken arm in fight with husband, Clyde, 1950/09/01: 1
      Brown, Lula Mae, "other woman" requires stitches and clips when cut by wife, Minnie Lee Smith, 1948/09/17: 1
      Brown, Marie, beaten with belt by boy friend, Woodrow Wilson, but all forgiven, 1947/07/04: 6
      Brown, Michael, dice player knifed for calling another cheater, 1966/05/13: 1
      Brown, Monroe, stuck with ice pick, 1945/02/09: 5
      Brown, Mozelle, loses tooth when struck by a man she named, 1953/11/20: 1
      Brown, Raymond, wounded when shot at four times, 1967/10/27: 1
      Brown, Rose, shot by unknown assailant, 1933/08/18: 1
      Brown, Rosie, choked when she attempts to stop prowler after he burglarizes her home, 1953/01/02: 1
      Brown, Roy, stabbed by L. C. Bruton, ex-hubby of Lois Bruton, does battle using car, fists and knife, 1959/04/03: 1
      Brown, Ruby, head gashed with board by Rudolph Hardaway, 1963/09/27: 1
      Brown, Ruth, struck on head with bottle by Pauline Foster, 1945/09/07: 1
      Brown, Sarah, pulled from telephone, hurled to ground by Cline Mayberry, 1964/05/15: 1
      Brown, Sarah A., beaten by husband Barney B. Brown, 1950/09/15: 3
      Brown, Sergeant, aged man's ear cut in two in knifing affray with Osborne Grice, 1952/01/18: 1
      Brown, Mrs. Stanley, hit with wine bottle by husband, 1941/10/31: 4
      Brown, William, wounded by Martha Roberson in tavern shooting, 1961/10/27: 1
      Brown, William K., assaulted by Nordic who asks officer to procure whiskey and girls for him, 1943/07/09: 1
      Brown, Willie, traffic mishap leads to slashing, 1964/07/24: 1
      Brownlee, Leola, slashed and stabbed by Lida Mae Gaines in tavern brawl, 1956/08/17: 1
      Bryant, Barbara, beaten by sister's boy friend during an argument, 1969/12/05: 1
      Bryant, Benjamin, stabbed in chest by a woman, 1951/08/24: 7
      Bryant, Edward
        half-dollar row ends in two being wounded by man recently shot three times, 1945/04/27: 1
        shot in juke box row, 1945/04/06: 1
      Bryant, Maurice, youth hit in mystery shooting, 1968/11/01: 1
      Bryant, Mrs. Pauline, husband cuts up clothes, threatens her, 1950/01/06: 1
      Bryant, Wade, shoots ex-suitor of wife, Charlie Hodges, who slashes Dorothy Bryant with knife, 1945/03/30: 1
      Buffin, Gus
        stabbed in back and neck, 1955/09/16: 3
        stabbed in back by common-law wife, Lula Mae Woods Buffin, 1961/02/10: 1
      Buffin, Henry, 96, shot three weeks ago, but not reported, 1951/03/02: 1
      bullets, bottles, rocks figure in weekend rows, 1950/03/17: 1
      Bullock, Joe ("Brother"), carved with butcher knife by Lonnell Flake, 1947/09/12: 1
      Bumbrey, E. E., officer is struck in tussle with Leonard Wash, 1946/03/22: 1
      Burke, Mrs. Bessie, beaten by husband, Joe Burke, 1949/01/28: 5
      Burks, Mrs. Leslie
        Barrett, Walter and Lessie Burks, both shot with same bullet in hotel room, 1955/10/28: 1
        beaten by husband, Joe Burke, 1949/01/28: 5
        beaten by husband, Thomas Joe Burks, 1948/02/27: 5
        slashed, knocked down, kicked by mate, 1949/09/16: 1
      Burleson, Lillian
        has former husband, William Burleson, arrested for disturbing the peace, 1952/10/03: 1
        William Burleson and Alma Abrams cut by Lillian Burleson in early morning knifing, 1951/11/02: 1
      Burleson, Wiley
        burned by lye water hurled on him, 1962/08/17: 3
        shot by wife, Mary Ann, who feared a beating, 1963/07/19: 1
      Burnett, Eva Mae, beaten by ex-boyfriend, Herschel Reed, who also pushes new beau from car, 1958/03/07: 1
      Burns, Andrew J., knifed in affray, 1959/12/25: 3
      Burns, Marcel, and Jimmy Sadberry, knifed by J. T. Lemon, 1965/02/12: 1
      Burns, Willie Mae, has six stitches in head when hit with bottle by Elrina Marie Booker, 1952/10/17: 3
      Burrell, Ruby, shot in arm by ex-husband, 1961/07/14: 1
      Burris, S. J., struck on head, 1955/08/05: 1
      Burton, Henry
        officers nab him shooting at his brother, William Burton, 1954/07/09: 3
        stabbed in hip in West Side fight with Whimpy Ray, 1963/01/18: 1
      Burton, Mercy, fires at brother-in-law, Johnny Walker, for forcing way into her house, 1962/05/18: 1
      Burton, Webb and Ed Appling, men stage bloody battle in city hall lobby, 1946/03/01: 5
      Burwell, Sarah
        kicked by R. L. Johnson, 1956/07/13: 3
        slashed on head by Mrs. LaNell Powell, 1954/10/08: 3
      Busby, Melvin, GI stabbed as wife is overlooked on "last fling" before overseas duty, 1952/06/27: 1
      Bush, Earl, stabbed by Mrs. Erma Lee Byrd, 1945/04/13: 5
      Bush, Geraldine, and Lula Mae White stab each other, 1951/11/23: 1
      Bush, Johnny, knocking on door, hit with brick, 1960/07/08: 1
      Bussey, N., bystander, shot in half-dollar row by Edward Bryant, 1945/04/27: 1
      Butler, Argelia, and Talman Tanner, accept ride, then fight off attacker, 1964/10/30: 1
      Butler, Arline, beaten by husband, Rev. O. K. Butler, 1947/02/14: 1
      Butler, Arthur, Frost Brothers employee knifed by fellow worker, Melvin Davis, 1953/12/18: 1
      Butler, D. W., stabbed by unidentified assailant, 1951/07/06: 3
      Butler, Darnell, shot in altercation with Jung Back Woon, over meal payment, 1952/02/01: 1
      Butler, Darrell, stabbed by Billie Joe Duncan, 1951/10/26: 3
      Butler, Elma, beaten by husband Spencer, 1951/05/25: 1
      Butler, Emma Jean, slashed by Allen Craig, who goes wild when she is found with another, 1956/07/13: 1
      Butler, Faye, files two cases against mate, Elroy Butler, 1953/08/14: 1
      Butler, Hazel Mae
        beaten by husband, Willie, 1953/09/25: 1
        hammer-wielding landlady just wanted renter to move out, 1960/07/29: 1
      Butler, James, injured in pool room fracas, 1969/08/29: 1
      Butler, Jewel
        beaten and eye blackened by a "friend of husband," 1951/07/27: 3
        conked by husband while talking on telephone, 1953/04/10: 3
        hit on head by husband, 1949/11/04: 5
      Butler, Louise, skull fractured with rock by George McGowan; woman, 20, suffers brain injury as well as crushed skull, 1945/09/07: 1
      Butler, Mary, beaten severely by an assailant, 1951/11/30: 7
      Butler, Mary Jane
        and Andrew Smith, use hatchet, ice pick in brawl, 1949/10/14: 1
        hurt when bottle thrown by Thomas Jordan, shatters over her head, 1950/10/20: 3
        witness for state in trial of Emma Oliver, is jailed for stabbing Thomas Jordan, 1950/11/17: 1
      Butler, Merle, stuck with rifle by husband, Willie Butler, 1965/03/05: 1
      Butler, Mrs. Tommy Louise, ex-SA woman critically knifed in Corpus Christi, 1946/08/09: 1
      Butler, Willie
        has blade broken in collar bone by Beulah Mae Duncan, 1951/12/21: 1
        passing autoists take knifed man to hospital, 1962/07/06: 3
        skull cracked in jail fight over dominoes, 1945/09/21: 1
        slashed, and wife, Hazel Butler, hit in fracas with men, 1957/01/11: 1
      Button, A. B., cut in arm when knife "slips," 1948/07/02: 2
      Byars, Stanley, alleges being struck with bottle, bitten in early morn affray, 1937/09/17: 5
      Byas, Tonie Marie, beaten by husband, Alvin Ray Byas, slashes cop who comes to her aid, 1969/11/21: 1
      Byrd, Audrey, pregnant woman fisted by youth, 1964/07/17: 1
      Byrd, Ethel, fisted by man invited into her apartment, 1957/02/01: 1
      Byrd, General
        and brother-in-law, Roger Lee, cut each other in argument over inheritance of house, 1960/10/07: 1
        gets bullet said intended for another fired by Norris L. Ewings, 1958/02/21: 1
      Byrd, Hermit, target of fusillade shot by Frank Scruggs, takes refuge in house, 1948/12/31: 1
      Byrd, Irma Lee, cut with knife by Arthur Watley, 1943/09/17: 1
      Byrd, Orin, wounded in wild shooting melee outside Lyons Street tavern, 1955/10/21: 1
      Byrd, Theodore, shot in arm by niece, Addie Lee Madison [gun toters shoot two in four hour period], 1964/08/07: 1
      Byrd, Viola, cut in fight with Peschal Haywood, 1931/09/25: 1
      Caballero, Lidio, City Transit driver, slashed and hit with rock by Cornelius Joseph Jones, 1951/08/03: 1
      Cabness, Miss Maurice E., fisted, kicked by Elroy Johnson, who was arrested, 1960/03/18: 3
      Cade, Beulah, hit in mouth by Clarence Christopher, 1939/03/10: 1
      Cade, Leonard
      Cade, Mildred, severely beaten by brother, George A. Cade, 1958/04/04: 3
      Cage, Ada, beaten by man who resented her aloofness, 1966/01/28: 1
      Cain, Johnny, slashed in tavern fight by George Fisher, 1965/07/23: 1
      Caldwell, Edna Lee
        beaten by husband, John Caldwell, who was jailed, 1959/10/30: 1
        suffers knife and glass cuts in family altercation with husband, John Caldwell, 1957/10/04: 1
      Calhoun, Cecil
        slashed in altercation, 1965/03/19: 1
        and wife, Carolyn Calhoun, arrested in wild fracas, 1960/11/18: 1
      Callaghan, Percy, Corpus Christi, barricades self; police use tear gas to drive him out, 1944/05/12: 1
      Callaway, George, attacked by teenagers behind his home, 1969/01/10: 1
      Callis, Mrs. Lola
        hit on head with can by husband, 1948/09/10: 1
        threatened with revolver in argument over rent, 1948/10/15: 5
      Calvin, James, involved in street row with "friend" lands in jail, 1957/01/18: 3
      Cameron, Booker T. C., Riley teacher attacked by student, 1968/12/27: 1
      Campbell, Bernard, shot at by Thomas Alley in a 20 cent fuss, 1970/06/19: 1
      Campbell, Earl
        conked and stabbed with ice pick during an altercation, 1951/01/19: 3
        pulled from his auto, attacked by Billy Jo Courson, while stopped in traffic, 1959/12/04: 1
      Campbell, Eddie, booked for aggravated assault with a knife, on complaint of his stepdaughter, 1969/09/12: 1
      Campbell, Eli, conked with lead pipe wielded by youth he named, 1970/05/08: 3
      Campbell, Everett, stabbed while attempting to stop fight, 1939/07/07: 1
      Campbell, Geneva, and R. L. Campbell deny shooting affray, 1955/08/19: 1
      Campbell, Geraldine, clothes ripped, house wrecked by husband, Charlie Campbell, 1952/04/04: 1
      Campbell, Hugh Lee (Hughley)
        arrested and booked for assault on Patty J. Arnold, 1960/09/23: 1
        suffers head injuries in street fracas with his wife and another woman, 1959/05/22: 3
      Campbell, Iris, slashed by Ernest Mallett, 1946/01/18: 1
      Campbell, James
        attacked, robbed while waiting for bus, 1959/07/24: 1
        beaten with rubber hose by Live Oak Street woman, 1957/08/16: 1
      Campbell, Lee R., stabbed by angry man who claimed he was shortchanged, 1965/03/26: 1
      Campbell, Mamie, fisted and kicked by boyfriend's brother, 1959/02/13: 1
      Campbell, Oscar
        bashed with hammer in row at night resort, 1940/09/06: 1
        severely cut in fight over insult to wife, 1950/03/10: 1
      Campbell, William C., knocked down, kicked, 1950/06/16: 5
      Cantu, Alice, scalded as husband, I. G. Cantu, douses her with water, 1954/03/05: 1
      Cantu, Carl, slashed on face, 1953/02/27: 3
      Cantu, Eddie Jean, accuses her mate, Matthew Cantu, of biting her, 1953/10/16: 3
      Cantu, Matt, shot in stomach by Melvin Williams, 1961/07/14: 1
      Cara, Frank, and Mae Johnson injured when man hits them with rock, 1955/05/13: 1
      Caraway, Fannie Mae, belated report tells of beating by man, 1966/08/19: 1
      Cardenas, Joe, fired from job by William Ussery, Jr., knifed in abdomen after starting fracas, 1958/07/04: 3
      Carpenter, Agnes, cut on finger by Willie Lee Williams, 1942/06/05: 5
      Carpenter, Alice, suffers knife wounds during a row with Major Carpenter, 1944/10/27: 1
      Carpenter, Coy, slashed by Mrs. Nicola Holman, 1950/07/21: 4
      Carpenter, Dolores, stabbed in left shoulder by another woman, 1965/07/23: 1
      Carpenter, Dorothy, hand cut by thrown bottle, 1964/06/12: 1
      Carr, Annie Lois, beaten, home wrecked by persistent suitor, 1950/02/03: 1
      Carr, Bernard Lee, picks up Augusta Hayes, husband Ocie Lee Hayes, strikes Carr's auto and threatens him with death, 1958/04/04: 1
      Carr, Josephine, hit with iron skillet in family row by Roy Walter Bell, 1963/08/09: 1
      Carson, Leonard, knifed in Rainbow Tavern battle with Lonnie Williams, 1958/05/23: 1
      Carter, Adolph, bitten in fight with two brothers, Tommy and R.D. Hastings, 1945/08/03: 5
      Carter, Alameda, has stones and curses thrown at her by son, Roosevelt Carter, 1951/10/26: 3
      Carter, Athelena
        beaten by husband, Thelton, when she finds him with another woman, 1951/12/14: 1
        palm slashed in argument with another woman, 1951/09/21: 1
      Carter, Charles, knifed by drinking companion during argument, 1957/07/26: 1
      Carter, Dophey, pushed off porch by son-in-law, Norris Ray, 1956/12/28: 1
      Carter, Dorothy Mae, alleges assault with smoothing iron by Ernest Sheffield, 1937/09/17: 8 (filmed in 09/24 issue)
      Carter, Edgar, cut when he refuses to loan money to couple, 1951/11/09: 3
      Carter, Ernest, critically slashed by woman with broken bottle, motive is not ascertainable, 1956/10/05: 1
      Carter, H. R., auto runs over man or man runs over auto, 1936/06/19: 1
      Carter, Irene
        charges Tom Simmons with assault, 1934/07/13: 5
        struck with bottle by Cass Holmes, 1948/05/07: 5
      Carter, J. J., hit on head with rock by Pinkie Steen, 1942/10/02: 1
      Carter, James, and David Taylor, booked on firearms counts; involved in altercation, 1952/04/18: 1
      Carter, James L., Seattle man's fastest blade not fast enough in SA, 1959/11/06: 1
      Carter, Jessie Mae
        head conked by Donnell Kinnison, 1948/10/01: 1
        shot in the hip by Mance Smith, claims it was accidental, 1945/10/05: 5
      Carter, Johanna, shots fired from autos hit two, 1969/08/15: 1
      Carter, Mrs. Linda, cut with knife for no reason, 1948/08/20: 1
      Carter, Lizzie Mae, hit on head with book by Leonard Anderson, 1943/07/30: 5
      Carter, Louis Charles, 18, youth interfering with officer is subdued and jailed, 1958/11/14: 1
      Carter, Roosevelt
        blade wielder shot by Clyde Gray, barbecue place owner, 1953/05/01: 1
        and Crosby Newton, in Commerce St. knife duel, 1952/05/16: 1
        and Leola Brownlee, battered and slashed in drunken fight, 1955/11/11: 1
      Carter, Sammie, slashed by Sammie Jackson, 1945/03/23: 1
      Casey, Mrs. P. L., alleged to have run down John Bak and George Bailey, 1937/12/10: 5
      Cash, Pvt. Lee A., severely beaten in city jail fight with Spencer Butler, 1943/04/09: 5
      Cates, B. G., and John Robbins, two policemen hurt in Saturday morning row with ten brawlers, 1961/12/08: 1
      Cathey, Anna Laura, punched at street corner by husband Robert C. Cathey, draws a crowd, 1952/02/08: 3
      Cathey, Robert C.
        slashed by wife, Anna Laura Cathey, in an altercation, 1952/04/11: 7
        slashed on face by woman, 1953/06/26: 3
      Cavanaugh, Elsie, hit with beer bottle by Eugene Samples, 1936/01/24: 7
      Caviness, John L., octagenarian attacked, robbed by gang, 1963/03/29: 1
      Cervantes, Patrolman Robert A., mauled by Louis W. Johnson at $10,000 west side fire when Cervantes ordered Johnson from the scene, 1962/01/12: 1
      Chalmers, Lottie, "family fuss" sends her to hospital, husband, Paul H. Chalmers, arrested, and baby kept by friend, 1957/09/27: 7
      Champion, Mabel, assaulted by John Champion with water glass, 1935/08/09: 2
      Chandler, Rose Mary, shot by Willie Battle, en route to hospital for treatment is in auto collision, 1951/04/27: 1
      Chandler, Vivian, beaten, dragged by hair, 1955/04/08: 1
      Chapel, Leon, hit with pipe and knifed by Beatrice Kelly and Henry Connor, 1959/12/11: 1
      Chapman, Mrs.Florence, Corpus Christi, slugged over head with a hammer by a burglar, 1944/10/13: 1
      Chapman, Virginia, struck with flatiron by Albert Walker, 1938/01/28: 1
      Charles, D. C., and Odessa Ezebb, slashed and stabbed by Allen Fifer, 1940/11/08: 1
      Charles, Marie, alleges a man slapped her and stuck a knife in her hand, 1952/03/28: 1
      Chase, Allie Mae, clothing stolen, 1942/01/30: 4
      Chase, Elsi, beaten over head with hammer by Mary Louise Herring, 1932/10/14: 1
      Chase, Freeman Lee, knifed for not pushing auto, 1967/12/01: 1
      Chase, Laurence, and wife Mary, treated for knife wounds resulting from altercation, 1959/10/30: 1
      Chase, Mamie, struck by husband, Will H. Chase, 1946/05/03: 4
      Chase, Mary, hit with bottle by husband, Lawrence Chase, 1954/07/09: 1
      Chatman, John Claude ("Big John"), hit three times in Sunday shooting by Willie Ray Proutt, 1959/09/18: 1
      Chatman, Melvin, knife blade left in head in wild row, 1949/09/02: 1
      Chatman, Mildred
        beaten and kicked by Eddie Eads, 1954/07/16: 3
        struck in mouth with shoe by Benny Walker, 1962/03/09: 1
      Chatman, Riley, attacked by two men who beat him with tire tool, 1964/08/14: 1
      Chatman, Sandra, shot in neck; husband, Willie, booked; fuss over turkey precedes Thanksgiving night shooting, 1963/12/06: 1
      Childs, David, chain swinging and belligerent, knifed in tavern brawl, 1954/05/14: 1
      Childs, James A., said shot as he walks down street, 1968/12/20: 1
      Childs, Shirley, shot at during argument with husband, Edward, 1969/08/15: 1
      Childs, Stanley M., battles police officers during fight with another man, 1969/11/28: 1
      Chinn, Henry W., suffers bullet wound in brawl with Riley B. Kyle, 1946/05/03: 1
      Chinn, James, Corpus Christi man's finger chopped off with hoe, by Robert Knox, 1942/07/17: 1
      Christian, Monie Lee, cut when he intervenes in husband-wife altercation, 1956/01/27: 1
      Christmas, Arthur L., jailed for punching woman with his fists, 1936/04/24: 1
      Christmas, LeRoy, arrested for aggravated assault, 1931/10/02: 1
      Christmas, Marie, beaten with golf club by husband, Leroy Christmas, 1963/04/26: 3
      Christmas or no Christmas, blades are ready with assaults, 1953/01/02: 1
      Christopher, Clarence
        shot when wife, Bennie, catches him with other woman, 1950/12/15: 1
        slashed in card game, 1944/10/27: 1
      Christopher, Mrs. Nellie Mae, involved in altercation with Joe Leonard Stevenson and Mrs. Delores Stevenson, 1948/05/28: 1
      Churchill, SP4 Robert B., BAMC, seriously knifed, but details are lacking, 1962/08/24: 1
      Cifax, Robert, conked in row at local service station, 1955/04/01: 1
      Cioben, Celestine, jaw broken by fist of Peter Ware, 1947/10/31: 1
      Clack, Charles, shot in dispute with former landlord, Travis Taylor, 1954/07/09: 1
      Clack, Mrs. Genevieve
        badly beaten by husband, John C. Clack, accused of non-support, 1954/06/18: 3
        beaten by husband, John Clack, 1950/03/24: 1
      Clack, Jeff, stabbed by stepfather, J. D. Johnson, in family row, 1951/02/16: 1
      Clack, Melvin, and Jack Dilworth, put in clink, 1955/05/06: 1
      Clack, Tommy L., beaten and clothes ripped by a knife by 3 men, 1969/12/19: 1
      Claridge, Rupert R., truck driver suffers fractured jaw by tavern operator, George L. Stansbury, 1954/03/12: 1
      Clark, Baby Rae, and husband, Luther, injured in family fight, 1965/02/19: 1
      Clark, Booker, money-snatching domino loser cut with bottle by Booker Bee, 1956/04/27: 1
      Clark, Brenda, WAC struck on the head with bottle by another WAC, 1970/06/05: 3
      Clark, Dale, West Side youth shot in dispute, 1969/02/14: 1
      Clark, Elizabeth, beaten and kicked by Jesse Louis, 1951/08/31: 1
      Clark, Gertrude, burned by hot water during tiff with mate, Melvin Clark, 1955/04/29: 1
      Clark, Inez, treated for lacerations inflicted by Lee Christian, 1955/09/30: 3
      Clark, J. H., injured in juke box row, 1945/04/06: 1
      Clark, James, California man slashed, police seek clues, 1969/08/08: 1
      Clark, Joyce Ann, 20, critically knifed by jealous made, Verdis Clark, 1959/04/17: 1
      Clark, Luther, second visit by police nets SA wife beater, 1961/04/21: 1
      Clark, Manuel, Jr., gun discharged, he's conked by common-law wife, Martha Whitehead, as couple battles, 1953/02/06: 1
      Clark, Marie L., shot in night club by Mattie Pruitt, 1961/10/27: 1
      Clark, Milton, has 43 stitches in head, 1940/01/12: 1
      Clark, Nettie, assaulted by Remus Noble, 1934/07/20: 5
      Clark, Mrs. Obie, struck with coffee table by locked-out mate, 1949/04/29: 1
      Clark, Robert, shotgunned in affray with James Pitts, 1969/04/18: 1
      Clark, Verdis, shot in the leg by Mary Childs, whom he said he didn't know, 1967/10/06: 1
      Clark, Wallace, promising to beat man, shot by Arthur Polk, 1948/11/26: 1
      Clark-Moreland feud flares anew in Luling, 1953/06/26: 1
      Clarke, Abe, Lubbock man shot in knife-gun duel with Tom Clines, 1968/06/07: 1
      Clarkson, Leroy, newcomer to city knifed in Zarzamora Street altercation with several men, 1958/02/07: 3
      Clay, Alfred, arm ripped in tavern brawl with Oscar Jones, 1954/11/05: 1
      Clay, Clayton, ganged man's teeth knocked out, leg broken, 1950/03/17: 1
      Clay, David
        slashed and stabbed by woman as he lay on ground, 1957/10/04: 1
        stabbed in chest by a woman, 1958/08/22: 1
        suffers shotgun blast by Sgt. Norris Wilson after smashing window in outbreak caused by love triangle, 1951/11/23: 1
      Clay, Esther, beaten by husband, Alfred Clay, 1952/10/03: 1
      Clay, Jesse, shot, one man killed in west side shooting, 1967/10/20: 1
      Clay, Lucille, brother Johnny George, jailed in early morning knifing of sister, 1952/03/28: 1
      Clay, Walter
        attacked with knife by Rosa Lee Coleman, who returns later using shotgun, 1956/12/28: 1
        suffers severe knife wound while talking to two men, "didn't know how it happened," 1959/02/20: 1
      Clay, Mrs. Willie Mae, hit with shoe she tried to use on mate, Norman Robinson, 1957/02/15: 1
      Clayborn, Leon, effort to collect debt from Calvin Williams ends in shooting, 1955/01/28: 1
      Clayton, Al, slashed by brother-in-law, Clarence Ellis, 1948/08/13: 1
      Clayton, Bessie Lee, hit with rock by estranged mate, Alfonso Clayton, 1957/10/11: 1
      Clemens, Jesse, and Leslie Duncan in row over drink land in jail; Rosie Coleman arrested for interfering with an officer, 1958/05/02: 1
      Cleveland, Henry, slashed by girlfriend, Emma King, 1952/07/18: 1
      Cleveland, Odell, shot by wife, Ophelia Cleveland, when he calls her names, 1960/11/11: 1
      Clewis, Lena Mae, disarms husband, O. V. Clewis, then stabs him with own knife, 1965/08/27: 1
      Cliff, Shirley, seriously beaten by taxicab drivers, 1933/09/08: 5
      Clifford, Charles S., peacemaker knifed by unidentified man, 1946/08/16: 4
      Clinton, Luther, struck with bottle in tavern, 1954/01/01: 1
      Cochran, Fred, and Donald Eugene Gordon, fight as a result of near collision, 1959/01/30: 1
      Cochran, Lois, has telephone wire cut probably by former boyfriend, 1957/09/20: 3
      Cockayne, R. P., white, stabbed above heart, wife slashed on arm and face by George Wilson, 1951/02/16: 1
      Coffee, Arlene, beaten by husband, Jesse Coffee, 1945/08/24: 8 (filmed in 08/31 issue)
      Coffee, Effie, fisted by husband, Gilbert Coffee, 1952/05/23: 1
      Coffey, Ginger, woman knifed in dispute over child, 1968/08/23: 1
      Cole, Arthur, conked with trash can, knifed in fight, 1961/04/07: 1
      Cole, Arthur, slashed as argument draws in third person, 1964/04/17: 1
      Cole, Arthur Lee, claims he's slashed for not having cigarette, 1963/07/05: 3
      Cole, Idella, stabbed with ice pick by Hazel Jackson, 1932/07/08: 1
      Cole, J., accuses George Coleman and Willie Smith of assault and drunkenness, 1940/02/02: 1
      Cole, John, and Florence Collins shoot each other in Chestnut Street affray, 1944/02/11: 1
      Cole, Lee Bessie, branded with hot electric iron by husband, Elroy Cole, 1950/10/20: 1
      Cole, Luther, takes wife to work, returns home to assault young married woman, 1942/11/13: 1
      Coleman, Allen
        shoots at Wilbert Hillard, who hit him with steel rod, 1952/05/02: 1
        treated for knife wound, 1949/12/02: 1
      Coleman, Charles, cut, and shot five times by his wife, Dolores Coleman, 1962/04/20: 1
      Coleman, Charlie, shot at Austin-Wheatley game, 1959/11/13: 1
      Coleman, Dan Donald, stabbed and beaten by man in Christmas attack, 1962/12/28: 1
      Coleman, George, slashed by wife, 1955/04/29: 3
      Coleman, Harvey, clubbed by special officer, John L. Mott, 1952/09/19: 1
      Coleman, Hattie, Corpus Christi, shoots at mate in row on train, 1945/07/27: 1
      Coleman, L. C., peacemaker's arm injured when man swings jack at him, 1959/07/31: 1
      Coleman, Lorain, tooth broken as mate, Donald Coleman, knocks her down, 1959/11/06: 1
      Coleman, Otilia, wounded by Grant T. Dorn, plunges knife through his leg, 1952/02/22: 1
      Coleman, Richard C., 84, beaten with wrench, has broken leg from assault with John Henry Washington, 1958/11/28: 1
      Coleman, Rosie, arrested for interfering with an officer while Leslie Duncan and Jesse Clemens, in row over drink, land in jail;, 1958/05/02: 1
      Coley, Dean, in near collision with Walter Harris (white), which leads to a fight and bullets, 1951/11/09: 1
      Coley, Mabel, beaten with hammer by George T. Sykes, 1953/09/04: 1
      Collier, Alton, drowns after being forced to jump from ferry; ex-Luling widow sues for $100,000 in mate's death, 1947/08/29: 1
      Collier, J. W.
        knife victim refuses to name blade wielder, 1947/09/19: 1
        slashed in fight with Lonnie Williams, 1950/02/17: 1
        suffers lacerated chest during attack, 1948/09/10: 1
      Collier, Jessie Mae, severely beaten by J. C. Dilworth, 1952/03/21: 5
      Collier, Leroy, 15, slashed in fight with another youth, 1965/02/19: 1
      Collier, V. W., hospitalized after two sisters "work him over," 1949/07/22: 1
      Collins, Edward, stabbed by his son, 15, who was defending his mother, 1962/10/12: 1
      Collins, Florence and John Cole shoot each other in Chestnut Street affray, 1944/02/11: 1
      Collins, Henrietta, wounded with pistol shot by Jesse Collins, 1956/10/05: 1
      Collins, Howard, slashed multiple times by wife, Maudie May Collins, 1964/07/24: 1
      Collins, Jessie James, slugged over head and robbed, 1945/01/26: 1
      Collins, Katy Lee, stabbed in back allegedly by estranged mate, Robert Earl Collins, 1954/05/21: 1
      Collins, L. C.
        special officer beaten by Army quartermaster John Parker, 1941/08/01: 6
        special officer held in shooting of SA man, 1950/02/17: 1
      Collins, Lee F., car bumping leads to knife play, 1966/11/18: 1
      Collins, Lucille
        beaten by husband, Archie Collins, 1952/04/25: 3
        struck by husband on forearm with chair, 1948/05/28: 1
      Collins, Odis, and Arthur L. Bradley, critically wounded in burst of gunfire, 1969/09/19: 1
      Collins, Robert Earl
      Collins, Rosemarie, beaten in argument with husband, John, 1950/10/20: 3
      Collins, Willie
        beaten by woman who is helped by a man passing by, 1955/10/28: 1
        and Richard Wilson in fuss over dime, 1939/03/10: 1
      Colman, Bobbie, injured in attack by youths, 1967/12/08: 3
      Colman, Mary Lee, slapped, dared to fight with Emma Bell Wells, 1951/02/02: 4
      Commex, Joseph, knifed twice in Saturday affray, 1964/10/16: 1
      Conaway, Jeff, shoeshine boy lashed by patron, 1951/02/16: 1
      Coner, Augusta, threatened with shotgun, and Grace Leonard struck with chair by John Leonard, 1954/08/13: 1
      Connor, Henry, and Beatrice Kelly
        beat Willie Galloway in altercation for "no apparent reason," 1962/12/07: 1
        Connor beats Beatrice Kelly with tire tool, 1961/02/24: 3
        hits Leon Chappel with pipe while Beatrice Kelly knifes him, 1959/10/16: 1
        quit personal battle to unite against policeman, John A. Menchaca, 1962/01/12: 1
        too long in returning home with beer, attacked by mate, Beatrice Kelly, 1960/09/16: 1
        trail of blood leads officer to victim of bottle attack by Beatrice Kelly, 1959/10/16: 1
      Conway, Algie, stabbed by Negro man who accused him of being a "smart aleck," 1956/09/07: 1
      Conway, Sidney, says he's shot as he looks at motor of auto, 1953/10/02: 1
      Conway, Sgt. Smith, Jr., arrested for tavern shooting, 1950/02/03: 1
      Cooner, Tom, knifed by Ella Grady, 1932/10/14: 1
      Cooper, Henry Ford, Jr., beaten by three youths, 1968/09/20: 1
      Cooper, Louie B., shot twice by Ollie Mae Norman as he forces entry to her home, 1959/07/24: 1
      Copney, Clarence F., and Walter Meadow, two belligerents in rocks versus blade altercation, 1951/07/13: 1
      Copney, Leroy, accused of beating his wife, 1941/04/18: 5
      cops, hospitals busy during rowdy weekend, 1950/01/13: 1
      cops get family woes to solve for citizens, too, 1955/03/04: 1
      cops have a few weirdies along with routine calls, 1961/05/05: 1
      Cordell, Houston, slashed in free-for-all, 1950/07/21: 1
      Corley, Gloria, high school girl beaten by ex-boyfriend, 1961/02/24: 3
      Cormann, Sam, smashed in head and face with bottle by Isabel Todd, 1959/06/26: 1
      Cornelius, Ben, stabbed with ice pick and Willie Anthony conked on head as result of dice argument, 1951/09/21: 1
      Corney, Bobby L, conked with water-filled bottle, 1950/06/16: 1
      Corpus officers nab whites after six-block chase [molesting and insulting colored women], 1943/07/02: 1
      Corruthers, Mrs. Alvin, shot by cop while beating his wife, Alonza Mae Corruthers, 1950/07/28: 1
      Coruthers, Nathaniel, gunshot victim refuses to reveal assailant's name, 1949/02/11: 1
      Cotton, Clyde, held after identification as assailant, 1953/04/03: 3
      Cotton, Spencer, slashed over kidney, 1939/01/06: 1
      County, Cpl. Ernest, loses eye, shot in arm and face by Melvin Grant, 1945/10/12: 1
      County, Leo, and John Lewis Franklin, shot by brother and cousin, Charles County, 1969/03/21: 1
      Courtney, James, knifer "didn't say a mumbling word," 1949/08/26: 1
      Cox, Mrs. Armenter, beaten by husband for refusing to dance [three injured in SA fights this week], 1960/10/28: 1
      Cox, Charlie, banged on head with board, and knifed, 1969/08/22: 1
      Cox, Gregory, 17 years old, arrested for aggravated assault on a child and a police officer, using abusive language, and rocking a police car and apartment, 1970/03/20: 1
      Cox, J. B. hit in head with bottle by Texana Lane, 1943/03/26: 5
      Cox, James, averts shooting by knocking gun from man's hand, 1950/03/31: 1
      Cox, Johnnie, stabbed by Richard Richardson, 1944/10/13: 1
      Cox, Lillie Mae, accidentally shot through hand, 1954/09/17: 1
      Cox, Thomas, teen-ager badly cut in fight over 14-year-old girl, 1949/05/13: 1
      Cox, Willie, SA man, found knifed in street, ordered to be held, 1956/03/02: 1
      Craft, Kenneth Earl, shot in pool game argument by Irie L. Jones, 1969/04/25: 1
      Craig, Anita R., 9, attacked by Latin-American, Nick Esquivel, 1943/07/02: 1
      Craig, Edward H., reported attacked by 'unknown persons,' 1965/02/12: 1
      Craig, Henry, Jr., stabbed in chest in row with woman, 1966/06/24: 1
      Craig, Jessie Mae, badly hurt when hit with pitcher of water by Albert Reed, 1955/07/22: 1
      Craig, Robert C., knifed in shoulder with kitchen knife during argument, removes knife himself, 1970/03/06: 1
      Craig, William R., shotgun target of Murray Roberts, 1953/04/03: 4
      Crane, Miss Lonnie, desire for sandwich results in girl's being knocked down, 1953/08/21: 1
      Crane, R. D., policeman, has eye badly cut as Mack Bailey, a prisoner, smashes glasses, 1952/06/06: 1
      Crane, Tonnie May and Robert Crane, cut each other in tavern fight, 1953/04/03: 1
      crashing teen dance leads to fracas and jail for youths, who were barred from Central Playground, 1958/02/07: 1
      Cravey, Elizabeth W., beaten by 17-year-old Terrance H. Sheppard, after auto collision, 1964/11/13: 1
      Crawford, Anna, survives shots fired by woman, 1932/07/08: 1
      Crawford, Dora Dee
        cut by James Turner in marathon knife wielding fracas, 1951/06/22: 1
        and James Turner use same knife on each other, 1951/10/05: 1, 1951/11/16: 3
      Crawford, Evon, 17, accuses stepfather, Joseph Priestly, of striking her, 1959/03/20: 1
      Crawford, H. S., slashed with butcher knife by Emory McDaniel, 1952/06/27: 1
      Crawford, John, barbecue place owner put in hospital when alleged burglar, John Dawson, returns to beat West Side man, 1966/08/12: 1
      Crawford, Julia
        slashed by "boy friend" in altercation on bus, 1948/07/16: 1
        stabbed in the back by Vernice Harper, 1940/09/20: 1
      Crawford, Margaret, conked on head with bottle, 1956/04/06: 3
      Crawford, Vivian, knocked down and beaten by hubby, Fred Crawford, 1953/10/09: 1
      Crayton, Charlene, threatened with knife by common-law husband, Robert Crayton, 1958/01/03: 3
      Crayton, Robert, shot in chest, critically wounded by landlord, Willie Anthony; victim's wife also clubbed in affray, 1961/09/08: 1
      Creath, Violar, struck by husband, Rev. Joseph Creath, 1948/04/30: 1
      Crecy, Elmo, Horace Crecy and Joseph Rieras shoot it out in Corpus Christi; postman passing by also wounded, 1944/05/12: 1
      Crecy, Mrs. Sydney, knifed by another woman, 1959/02/20: 3
      Cresswell, Percy, badly hurt as waitress smashes bottle on Will Pettus, 1942/12/04: 1
      Criss, Mrs. Addie, struck with rock because she breaks wine bottle, 1949/09/30: 1
      Crockett, Allen, stranger to city stabbed at unknown address, 1949/09/30: 5
      Crockett, Doris, fires three times at mate, Fred Crockett, who crashed in front door, 1957/05/03: 1
      Crockett, Rudolph, stabbed with scissors in family argument, 1949/11/18: 1
      Crockett, Mrs. Temmie, screams scare away man who grabs her, 1952/05/23: 1
      Crump, Minnie, assaulted by Connie Green, 1931/09/25: 1
      Crunk, Robert, and son, seriously burned by lye hurled by ired wife, Ella Louise, 1948/08/27: 1
      Cruse, Geraldine, struck in face for no reason, 1948/08/20: 1
      Cruse, Nehemiah, thumb cut as wife, Ruth Cruse, swings lantern at him, 1955/07/15: 1
      Cummings, Ruby M., and Walter B. Cummings, have wild street fracas that leads to arrests; calls pour into police as pair stages walking battle, 1959/01/30: 1
      Cunningham, Bertha
        beaten and bitten by common-law husband, Otis Green, 1952/02/29: 3
        struck on head, 1951/01/05: 4
        uses knife on man, Otis Green, who blacks her eye, 1948/09/24: 1
      Cunningham, Beulah
        beaten and slashed in fight with Thomas Rosemond, 1965/10/22: 3
        knifed in family altercation, 1966/02/04: 1
      Cunningham, Clifton, complains of numerous gun threats, 1955/07/01: 1
      Cunningham, Dorothea, beaten and slashed by husband, Louis Cunningham, 1953/11/27: 1
      Cunningham, E. J., slugged in front yard drinking bout, 1947/06/06: 1
      Cunningham, Mrs. Earnestine, mauled by mate, 1950/02/17: 1
      Cunningham, Elnora, tried to act as peacemaker for arguing couple, got slashed with knife, 1954/01/22: 1
      Cunningham, Erma, beaten by husband, Clifton, when she tries to prevent him from taking children, 1955/04/22: 1
      Cunningham, Esther, woman slashed by man she says took $20 from purse, 1956/03/09: 3
      Cunningham, Esther Lee
        beaten by Robert Ketchum, 1950/01/27: 1
        slapping of girl by Robert Ketchum continues in police car, 1949/01/28: 1
      Cunningham, Jesse, 82-year-old man's jaw broken by one of two brothers, 1965/01/15: 1
      Cunningham, Leola, dragged in street by husband, Sam Cunningham, and pokes special officer, 1954/05/14: 1
      Cunningham, Louise, two wives given beatings at same address on Sunday, 1948/06/18: 1
      Cunningham, Lucille
        with friends like these, who can be enemies: woman found covered with blood from stab wounds, 1966/10/28: 1
        only casualty as peacemaker at tavern fight between two women, 1954/08/27: 1
      Cunningham, Melvin, and George Roberson, shooting wounds two men; Sam Dotson arrested (Note: Roberson was spelled Robinson in the article), 1969/05/23: 1
      Cunningham, O. J., cut with knife, was 'just playing,' 1943/01/08: 1
      Cunningham, Ruth, injured in row with neighbors, 1958/08/01: 1
      Cunningham, Samuel, 17, shot multiple times by unknown assailant, 1970/01/16: 1
      Cunningham, Verneal, going to church gets her 22 stitches in head with lamp wielded by husband, Jerry Cunningham, 1957/08/30: 1
      Curtis, Archie, seriously knifed in fight with Charlie "Chicken" Woods over 25 cents, 1952/08/01: 1
      Curtis, Franklin Tom, shot in foot by 17-year-old drinking companion, Cardell Franklin Burton, 1961/05/12: 1
      Curtis, Mrs. Gladys, cop's blackjack stops Sam Curtis from slashing her, 1948/07/09: 1
      Curtis, Harriet, hurt as others hurl bottle in tavern, 1958/09/05: 1
      Curtis, Henry, stabbed as 'old friends' battle, 1953/07/24: 1
      Curtis, Mrs. Mildred, lodges complaint against Willie Mae Burton who uses broken bottle as weapon, 1946/08/30: 5
      Curtis, Ollie and A.Y. Pruitt jailed as one takes potshots at other, 1936/07/10: 1
      Curtis, Sam, seriously knifed after minor auto accident by Aaron Valentine, 1953/08/07: 1
      Curtiss, Charles Etta, changes mind about buying auto in partnership; stabbed by other woman, 1956/03/16: 1
      Curtiss, James, critically knifed in brawl with John Henry Brookins, 1952/01/25: 1
      Cyphas, Leola, beaten by Everett Jackson, 1957/07/12: 3
      Cyphers, Leola
      Dabney, Walter, seriously wounded; girlfriend, Clara Bell Walker, slashed on hand when attacked by gang, 1964/09/18: 1
      Dancy, Len, fingers slashed in altercation, 1966/03/25: 1
      Dandridge, Charlie, two wounded in fracas--wild shot hits passerby, 1961/11/10: 1
      Daniel, Esther
        kicked in the face and menanced with knife by Walter Daniel, 1957/06/21: 1
        severely beaten and struck on head by husband, Walter Daniel, 1957/12/13: 1
        shot at by husband, Walter Daniels, during row, 1956/01/06: 1
      Daniel, Ruby, stabbed and slashed by husband, Samuel Daniel, won't jail mate so he can care for six children, 1957/12/13: 1
      Daniels, [unknown], gun-waving man known only as Daniels, terrorizes tavern patrons, 1959/01/30: 1
      Daniels, Alfred, alleged threat from Charles Paul Conaway leads to blast from shotgun, 1959/01/02: 1
      Daniels, Clarence, rock-hurling patron shot by tavern proprietor, Ike Sanford, 1954/12/17: 1
      Daniels, Dell and Augustus Ferrell end up in hospital after fracas, 1932/09/23: 1
      Daniels, Doris, allegedly knifed by husband, 1965/12/03: 1
      Daniels, Eugene, and Jim Wallace, argument over loud radio ends in pistol play, 1948/08/27: 1
      Daniels, Fannie, slashed on neck with a knife by husband, Morris Daniels, 1963/06/14: 3
      Daniels, Jodie, shot in domino game; while driving to hospital, hits auto, passerby, and crashes into building; Frank Thompson booked for assault to murder, 1956/09/07: 1
      Daniels, Sgt. Leroy and Ester Striklen, common-law mates, injured in bloody battle, 1951/01/12: 1
      Daniels, Lorene, stabbed by husband, David Daniels, 1951/01/12: 1
      Daniels, Lyce, woman shot in collarbone; details lacking in shooting, 1969/10/31: 1
      Daniels, Mrs. W. B. (Willie Bell)
        fisted by husband, James Jr., 1950/02/17: 5
        stabbed by husband, James H. Daniels; gets police escort to hospital after car chased for speeding, 1954/04/30: 1
      Daniels, Walter, knifed in tavern incident, 1961/11/10: 1
      Daniels, Willie, shot in row at lounge, 1968/12/06: 1
      Darnell, Charles, slashed by sister, Ruth Duhart, as she attempts to stab husband, 1953/03/27: 1
      Darnell, Mrs. Dimple, shots are fired through window at SA woman, 1945/12/28: 1
      Davey, Leon, slashed in tavern altercation, 1958/07/18: 1
      Davidson, Hubert, police say common-law wife, Dovie Green Davidson, admits knifing mate, 1966/07/01: 1
      Davis, Alphonso
        beaten by two youths, 1944/09/29: 5
        wooden splinter from chair removed from head, 1955/02/04: 1
      Davis, Andrew, and Garland Wright slash each other in fight, meet again in hospital, 1956/07/13: 1
      Davis, Anne Mae, in hospital after Saturday beating, 1957/02/22: 1
      Davis, Arthur J., escorting sister home, stabbed by Hays Wilson, her common-law husband, 1950/12/15: 1
      Davis, Mrs. Barney, hit with cold cream jar by husband, 1938/04/01: 1
      Davis, Bernice, stripped of clothes, beat with mop handle by common-law husband, Sgt. Thomas J. Fields, 1951/08/17: 1
      Davis, Betty, struck in mouth by man, 1969/05/16: 1
      Davis, Betty R., hit with bottle by common-law husband, 1970/02/13: 1
      Davis, Charles, stabbed in back, 1955/02/11: 1
      Davis, Charles W., booked for shooting at William Lewis in Saturday row, 1955/12/23: 1
      Davis, Mrs. Collie, beaten by husband, Lindsey Davis, 1950/07/28: 1
      Davis, Cynthia, beaten by Roy Applewhite, 1946/04/26: 4
      Davis, Ehlridge, 18, wounded in Sunday shooting, 1962/12/07: 1
      Davis, Elbert L., knifed in throat by unidentified woman, 1956/05/25: 1
      Davis, Mrs. Elizabeth, accuses son, Jeffery Davis, of burning her arm, 1947/07/04: 1
      Davis, Ella
        file complaint of aggravated assault against husband Barney Davis, 1936/02/14: 7
        has husband arrested for threatening son with razor, 1938/07/29: 1
      Davis, Esters Nathaniel, critically injured with butcher knife by wife, Ora Lee Davis, 1952/07/04: 1
      Davis, Esther, slashed by sweetheart, Henry Williams, 1932/05/20: 1
      Davis, Ethel, stabbed during Xmas festivities, 1938/12/30: 5
      Davis, Eurel, shot and critically wounded by his wife, Dorothy Davis, 1967/06/30: 1
      Davis, Evelyn, ripped with razor by man she asks to have a drink, 1963/05/10: 1
      Davis, Flores Jean, and Mrs. B. M. Robinson, attacked by dog in brief reign of terror, 1940/11/08: 1
      Davis, Mrs. Gertie, stabbed by Sam Davis; fears husband waits to harm her again, 1948/05/07: 5
      Davis, Gregory, shot by Jerry ("Black Ace") Thomas, who said Davis had stabbed him three months before, 1969/04/04: 1
      Davis, J. B., Corpus, arrested for beating wife and threatening a sailor, 1944/07/07: 1
      Davis, John, ribs hit with pipe by 16-year-old player, 1965/03/26: 5
      Davis, Johnny, stabbed in side, 1939/03/31: 1
      Davis, Katherine, shot in leg by Woodie Frost, 1944/02/04: 3
      Davis, Kinsel, alleged shot at by Johnnie Ware in West Side altercation, 1956/09/07: 1
      Davis, Larry, and Michael Reed, wounded in week's gunplay, 1966/01/21: 1
      Davis, Larry Wayne, shot by brother, Gregory, in dispute over dollar, 1968/05/31: 1
      Davis, Lyman, SA athlete knifed by one of gang, 1968/08/23: 1
      Davis, Macey Jean, shot in leg by Emmett Barry; bullet was intended for her boyfriend, 1963/07/26: 1
      Davis, Margaret, riles ex-boyfriend, William Harrison, when she asks him to leave, 1954/09/24: 1
      Davis, Mary, beaten by Arthur Rebector, 1947/10/03: 1
      Davis, Minnie, shoots at husband, Orange Davis, who conks her, twists arm, 1951/08/10: 1
      Davis, Oscar, knifed by Elijah Jackson during a disagreement, 1957/10/04: 3
      Davis, Paul, youth says he's beaten, slashed by gang, 1960/04/29: 1
      Davis, Robelia, shot in abdomen by Willie Winn; husband, L. J. Davis, blackjacked over head by Audrey Winn, 1966/02/04: 1
      Davis, Robert, cut with broken bottle in slight misunderstanding, 1952/02/08: 3
      Davis, Roosevelt, in wild fracas with Joe Perkins and Paul Massey, 1936/07/17: 1
      Davis, Rosalie (Rosie)
        hit with bucket by Perry Davis, Jr., 1952/11/07: 3
        hit with chair by husband, Perry Davis, Jr., 1946/05/17: 1
      Davis, Roy Lee, shot by unnamed auto driver, 1968/06/07: 1
      Davis, Mrs. T. J., struck with rock in wild affray, 1939/03/03: 1
      Davis, Wheeler
      Davis, Wheeler, wounded in gun battle in tavern, 1959/10/23: 1
      Davis, Will, stabbed in right side, 1938/07/08: 1
      Davis, Willie O., cut by flying bottle, 1950/09/01: 7
      Davison, Perle, reported urge to buy suitcase by Johnny Johnson leads to battle, 1957/12/06: 1
      Dawson, Annie Bell, and Sgt. Eddie Freeman, in hospital after "lovers' dispute," 1950/03/17: 1
      Dawson, Chester, injured in Seguin by thrown bottle, 1958/03/14: 1
      Dawson, Howard
        and James McCray, attacked by gangs in unrelated incidents on successive nights, 1962/10/26: 1
        struck from behind by Charlie Rhodes, 1948/01/02: 5
      Dawson, Howard Herman, and Andrew Thomas, injured in riotous Sutton Homes affray, 1965/11/19: 1
      Dawson, Humphrey, slashed by sister-in-law, Lola Dawson, 1946/06/28: 1
      Dawson, Irene, in poor condition after being gunned down and critically wounded by estranged husband, Inester Dawson, 1967/07/14: 1
      Dawson, L. C.
        cut in Commerce Street fracas by two men, Lucine Williams and Eddie Jones, 1959/04/24: 1
        unrelated man shot by Arline Thompson, after his wife puts him out, 1966/03/04: 1
      Dawson, Lola
        beaten about face and head by Moses Jones, 1951/01/26: 5
        beaten by Rephus Jones, and car of her escort, Ray King, battered, 1958/09/05: 1
        conked with bottle of "hot sauce" by another woman, 1950/10/20: 3
        drops 2-month-old baby as she is fisted by man, 1953/02/27: 1
        and little boy, beaten by husband, 1950/09/22: 1
      Dawson, Robert, seriously wounded, reported in poor condition, 1967/03/17: 1
      Dawson, Robert Fred,16, reported slashed and chased with rifle by father, Samuel Benning, 1958/12/12: 1
      Day, Ula D., slashed with razor, 1944/03/10: 1
      Dean, George, and Louise Aldridge, "family" fight lands couple in hospital, jail, 1947/04/18: 1
      Dears, Charles, three men cut in Sunday rows, 1953/03/06: 1
      Dears, Janet, clubs husband, Charles Dears, who stabs and slashes her, 1965/05/14: 1
      Dears, Johnny, hit with bottle in an altercation, 1954/05/21: 3
      Dears, Minard, cut on arm by George Torres, 1948/06/18: 1
      Dears, Muffery, knifed in row with Clyde Houston, 1949/08/05: 7
      Dears, Murphy
        conked man will handle things in his own way, 1954/09/24: 3
        man and woman are slashed in bloody battle, 1950/05/19: 1
      Dears, Otis, stabbed by father, Charles Dears, for beating his sister, 1953/08/28: 1
      Dears, Tenolia, charged in stabbing of Raymond Stringfellow, 1946/05/31: 4
      Dears, Van
        slashed, Clarence McHenry and Roy McHenry shot in West Laurel Heights bar melee, 1953/12/25: 1
        slashed by nephew who used profanity with mother, 1949/08/26: 1
      Deary, Robert L., hit on head with hatchet and stabbed, 1965/07/30: 1
      Deckard, Ora Lee, snatched from automobile and Harold Watkins knifed by driver of other car, 1953/01/02: 1
      Decker, Dorothy, stabbed in shoulder by Mary Chase, 1959/06/19: 1
      Dees, Willie
        beaten with piece of iron by Johnnie Hatchett, 1957/08/16: 6
        stabbed by woman whom he struck in eye, 1949/08/19: 1
      Delevalle, Cecil files complaint on Molly Ewings, 1936/05/08: 1
      Delgado, Emilia, accuses Willie Towleson of assault and theft, 1938/11/18: 5
      Demon, Geraldine, stomped in altercation with Mack H. Bailey, whom she knifed, 1959/09/11: 1
      Demus, Mrs. Mary, hit with lamp by husband, 1944/08/11: 1
      Dennis, Ervin, stabbed by Henry Sheppard, 1946/11/29: 4
      Derry, Charles, California parolee, tries to kill mother, Juanita Moody, and set house on fire, 1950/09/01: 1
      Derry, Mrs. Sarah, stuck and threatened by Grant Derry, 1946/09/27: 1
      Desmukes, Ethel, enters charges of aggravated assault by General Desmukes, 1936/09/25: 1
      DeWebb, Joe, threatened with axe in hands of his son, 1932/05/13: 1
      DeWitt, Elmo, critically wounded by Patricia Morris in West Side shooting, 1954/09/03: 1
      Dibble, Ed, critically knifed over cup of coffee by Sonny Gonzales, 1957/07/19: 1
      Dibbles, Hubert, knifed by Willie Taylor in brawl over a woman, 1957/11/01: 1
      Dibrell, Dorothy, leaps from automobile to escape lover, who said he was going to kill her and himself, 1966/07/22: 1
      Dibrell, Frederick, Lackland Field, shot as wife fires when he crashes door, 1948/11/19: 1
      Dickens, Sgt. James, shot at by William M. Newman, saved by cigarette lighter that deflected slug, 1951/11/23: 1
      Dickey, Fred, attacks fellow prisoner, Willie Green, 1941/07/04: 1
      Dickinson, Homer, stabbed by wife, Corinne Dickinson, 1941/09/05: 6
      Dickson, Arthur B., 19, shot by Clarence Henry ("Pete") Jones, for fuss two weeks earlier, 1962/07/27: 1
      Dickson, Henry, musician knifed as he tries to be peacemaker, 1966/04/15: 1
      Dickson, William, and Barbara Gilmore, injured in "family" row, 1956/10/05: 1
      Diggs, Ima Jean, stabbed with ice pick by man who followed her, 1952/05/30: 1
      Diggs, Samuel C., airman comes out of patrol wagon battling, 1952/10/10: 1
      Dillard, Collie Mae, slashed by Hallie Mae Alvertis, 1938/10/28: 1
      Dillard, Joseph, child injured in family row, 1945/01/26: 1
      Dillon, Ora Lee, conked, stabbed in fight with two others, 1950/03/03: 1
      Dilworth, Cecil, struck in face and chased by man, 1944/08/04: 5
      Dilworth, Christine, fights with Miss Dobbins, 1938/07/08: 1
      Dilworth, Mrs. Nora Usher, shot in leg by husband, Forrest Dilworth, 1949/12/02: 1
      Dilworth, Rudolph, stabbed by unknown person, 1938/07/15: 1
      Dilworth, Mrs. Winnie H., hit by husband, Zedic Dilworth, 1945/12/14: 1
      Dixon, Clarissa, knocked down in a fight, 1954/11/19: 3
      Dixon, Hemp, cut on arm in altercation with Acey Eckert, 1933/03/24: 1
      Dixon, Jewel, fisted by man who said she was laughing at him, 1965/02/12: 1
      Dixon, John H., found in street with skull fractured in robbery-by-assault case, 1965/06/18: 1
      Dixon, Richard D., 16-year-old's skull fractured by gang of young hoods, 1965/02/26: 1
      Dixon, Walter, struck over head with iron bar, 1938/07/15: 1
      Doberson, J. D., seriously knifed in fight with 'old buddy,' 1956/03/09: 1
      Dodd, A. C.
        on ride with soldiers, shot in leg, foot, 1949/05/20: 1
        and wife, Lonza Mae, struck by pellets from shotgun, 1950/09/22: 1
      Dons, Hal E., stabbed in altercation, 1955/08/12: 1
      Doren, Mrs. Alice, struck with rock by Lee Doren, 1948/07/23: 3
      Dorfman, Edward I., clerk at Palm Hotel, cut by Robert Douglas, 1947/12/26: 5
      Doriet, Henry, stabbed on arm in fracas with Mary Doriet, 1959/11/13: 1
      Doris, Eugene Solomon, refusing to buy a man a drink, almost costs him his nose, 1954/06/11: 1
      Dorn, Mrs. Beatrice, struck with shoe, 1950/06/09: 7
      Dorn, Betty Carole, 16, beaten by youth who accuses her of lying about him, 1965/10/15: 1
      Dorn, Clarence
        found with knife in back, refuses to talk, 1946/09/06: 1
        man knifed by Jesse Hill in fight over woman, 1948/12/24: 1
        seriously stabbed with ice pick by Everett Johnson, 1959/06/05: 1
      Dorn, Grant T., cabbie accused of using gun to collect 50 cents, 1948/03/26: 1
      Dorn, Leroy, attacked with bottle, 1950/06/16: 6
      Dorris, Fannie Mae, slashed by Barbara Jean Dickson, 1956/04/27: 3
      Dorris, Soloman E., seriously knifed by Nadine Miller after he chases her, 1950/11/03: 1
      Dorset, Irene, woman beaten in bed, 1955/04/22: 7
      Dorset, Johnnie, stabbed by Elsie McKay in answer to his query, 1947/06/20: 1
      Dorsey, Floyd, shotgun sends splinters, pellets into man's face, 1948/09/03: 1
      Dorsey, Lloyd, stabbed in left arm by George McCary, 1945/07/27: 5
      Dossie, John H.
        shirt he was carrying on arm riddled by bullets by two men, 1963/05/10: 1
        shot by Ruth May Rice, who was advised to shoot him if he caused her more trouble, 1960/06/17: 1
      Dotray, Tommie Lee, shot twice by rejected suitor, Charles Ellison, when he sees couple kiss, 1963/07/12: 1
      Dotray, Tommy Lee, stabbed in chest, and former wife, Maddie Phelps, beaten in affray, 1960/01/08: 1
      Dotson, Ella, may lose one eye as result of terrific blow from husband, Hezikiah Dotson, 1952/06/20: 1
      Dotson, Gilbert, seriously knifed by youth, 17, in fight over a $10 garage bill, 1959/05/29: 1
      Dotson, Hezekiah
        knifed by "Hawk" Hastings when he refuses to drive him home, 1949/03/25: 1
        suffers head injuries in family row after he assaults wife Ella Dotson and son Sam Dotson, 1956/08/03: 1
      Doughty, Eula Mae, greeted man, who returned her greeting with a bullet, 1963/09/06: 1
      Douglas, Mike, knifed in fight with Clarence Williams, 1963/08/09: 1
      Douglass, Mattie, slashed with a knife, 1944/02/04: 1
      Dowe, Thomas Kelly, policeman attacked by wine drinking youths, 1966/10/14: 1
      Downs, Denver, Jr., hit with bottle, 1948/05/21: 1
      Downs, Willie Mae, painfully injured when Ezra and Emma Bouldin fight, 1954/07/02: 1
      Doxie, Ruben, knifed in fight in Vargas Street bar, 1954/03/26: 1
      Doyal, Officer Odis Walter, slashed by knife-wielding woman, Lois Graves, 1966/06/17: 1
      Draper, Stephen, 14-year-old boy beaten by gang demanding cash, 1969/05/23: 1
      Drew, Henry
        claims he was shot-at, sent to jail for splitting lip of Mildred Stokes, 1961/01/13: 1
        claims wife knifes him as he sleeps, 1959/12/25: 1
      Drew, Willie, knifed for not having cigarettes, 1966/02/04: 1
      Drummer, Willie, one thing leads to another (jail), after he threatens wife, Hattie Lee, 1959/06/19: 1
      Duden, Elmo, injured by stepson, Joe Calvin Ray, in tiff over pals, drinks, 1955/04/15: 1
      Dudley, Kenneth, struck with brick during an altercation, 1957/09/20: 1
      Dudley, Vernon
        cut on face, 1955/05/20: 3
        forced way into house of Willie Fisher who struck him with cue, 1954/07/02: 1
      Duffey, Larry, slashed with broken bottle wielded by a woman, 1970/05/29: 3
      Duhart, George, watchman exchanges shots with four men in car, 1966/09/02: 1
      Duhart, Robert, shotgun target of sister-in-law, Lucille S. Bryant, 1954/06/11: 1
      Duhart, Rosie, hit with chair while trying to stop quarrel, 1955/05/20: 1
      Duhart, Ruth
        slashed on palm with razor by ex-common-law husband, 1959/04/24: 1
        Woodrich, J. C., and sister-in-law, Ruth Duhart, shoot each other with same pistol, 1965/11/12: 1
      Duhart, Sidney, motorist knifed after giving lift to men, 1953/07/17: 1
      Dukes, Velma, shot in shoulder during struggle, 1969/06/06: 1
      Duncan, Beatrice, said no longer wanted, was beaten and ousted by A. B. Samuels, 1953/01/30: 1
      Duncan, Billy Joe, and Richard Mayes, charged in sniper shootings, 1964/08/14: 1
      Duncan, Jasper T., ex-editor of SA Register, stabbed by Memphis drunk, 1936/05/15: 1
      Duncan, Joshua, peacemaker stabbed, 1964/01/24: 5
      Duncan, Kathryn
        knocked down by Ollie Anthony when she refuses to get in car, 1959/12/11: 1
        phone wires cut, clubbed by man with shot gun, 1960/10/14: 1
      Duncan, Leslie, and Jesse Clemens, in row over drink land in jail; Rosie Coleman arrested for interfering with an officer, 1958/05/02: 1
      Duncan, Mary, clues to identity of would-be assailant are few, 1956/03/30: 1
      Duncan, Melrose, stabbed in altercation with another woman who threatens to get and use gun, 1952/07/18: 1
      Duncan, Nathaniel, debt to Booker T. Grant leads to knifing, clubbings, 1969/04/25: 1
      Duncan, Neal, stabbed in chest and left arm, 1950/08/18: 5
      Duncan, Raymond, 'kicked down,' cut in argument, 1964/02/07: 1
      Duncan, Raymond ("Pigtails")
        knifed in row, 1957/07/26: 3
        shot by special officer, Leander Shannon, when Duncan is said to have threatened him with hand in shirt, 1957/03/15: 1
      Duncan, Robert, shot by his estranged wife as he lies in bed, 1967/05/05: 1
      Dunn, Clinton
        and James Walker, arrested for involvement in a fight at Senate Lounge, 1958/12/12: 3
        slashed with a knife by unknown woman, 1954/06/11: 1
      Dunn, George W., car forced off road; and he is beaten by men in another car, 1952/10/03: 1
      Dupars, Coleman, and Pearl Cummings in fracas with George Roberson, 1954/09/03: 1
      Dupree, Ed, cut on thigh during attempt to eject drunk, 1941/03/14: 1
      Dupree, Thomas, stabbed in resort brawl, 1939/07/07: 1
      Durham, James, asks for cigarette, gets beating; moral? don't ask for a cigarette, 1966/11/04: 1
      Durham, James Douglas, gun in hand, shot as he advances on cop, 1969/10/31: 1
      Durham, James Hall
        seriously stabbed after argument with occupants of car that bumped into his, 1964/08/14: 1
        suffers multiple lacerations and a broken wrist by assailant with broken bottle, 1967/05/05: 1
      Durst, Lillian, 23 stitches required to close woman's wounds, 1963/12/27: 1
      Dykes, James, knifed in affray outside bar, 1966/05/20: 1
      Eads, Minnie, assaulted by Stanley Daniels, 1932/04/15: 1
      Eanes, Sam, knifed in fight, 1951/11/16: 3
      Earl, Aaron, razor slash by Rose McEwen severs muscle in his arm, 1964/07/03: 1
      Eason, Mary, brutally beaten by Charlie Colton, 1957/06/07: 1
      Ector, Marvin R., stabbed by Tommie Holmes, 1942/12/25: 1
      Edmerson, Mrs. Willie, hit with brick by Richard Truett, 1942/10/02: 5
      Edwards, A., Tom Holmes, and W. Einry engage in fight, 1934/07/13: 5
      Edwards, Calvin, hit between eyes with blunt instrument and robbed, 1936/01/03: 7
      Edwards, Dora, dragged from home by prowler, 1951/02/02: 1
      Edwards, Dudley, face doused by lye solution by wife, Violet Edwards, 1965/04/30: 1
      Edwards, Effie Mae, knifed by husband, 1951/11/02: 1
      Edwards, Elizabeth, knifed by Peschal Haywood, 1938/04/01: 4
      Edwards, Emmett
        claims he was shot at, gets his gun and fires, arrested for unlawfully discharging firearms, 1962/06/01: 1
        knifed man changes mind, won't be treated, 1959/12/25: 1
        stopping to aid motorist, stabbed and bitten by companions of driver "in distress," 1952/05/16: 1
      Edwards, Mrs. Ida Mae, shot by husband, Otis Etheral Edwards, who kills self, 1948/04/30: 1
      Edwards, Mrs. Lou Virginia, accuses husband, Robert Edwards, of cutting, trying to shoot her, 1949/10/21: 1
      Edwards, Marlin, has 20 stitches taken in head when hit with ball bat by Willie Mills, 1954/04/16: 1
      Edwards, Robert
        shot in half-dollar row by Edward Bryant, 1945/04/27: 1
        trespasser shot after he fires at Tuttle Ranch caretaker, 1949/05/20: 1
      Edwards, Sylvester P.
        boy, 15, who 'stools' on window smashers, knifed, 1959/12/11: 1
        conked with pool cue by Byrd Frederick after arguing about a boxing match, 1963/03/22: 1
        knifed boy must have 16 pints of blood, 1960/01/01: 1
      Edwards, Vera, beaten by husband, John, 1954/09/24: 3
      Edwards, Mrs. Virginia, shot at by husband, Robert, 1950/07/21: 1
      Edwards, Willie Earl, 19-year-old claims he was attacked by six persons, 1965/01/22: 1
      Eikner, Roy
        arrested on complaint of slashing mate, Geneva Eikner, 1955/08/05: 3
        in "discussion" with Rice (Maggie) Lee, ripped on arm with boning knife, 1956/10/26: 1
      Eldridge, A1C Spencer, cut on face with razor in altercation, 1969/07/25: 1
      Eldrige, Mose, beaten by grocer, Frank Lavistidi, after stone bruises daughter's leg, 1949/08/12: 1
      Elgin, James E., sleeping man drenched with hot water by wife, 1946/07/05: 1
      Ellen, Wiltz, man knifed when he investigates row in front of house, 1963/12/27: 1
      Elliot, Mary Adele, complains that Dr. M.L. Preacher attempted to make advances; falls through glass door injuring forearm, 1935/04/05: 1
      Elliott, Rufus
        grand jury indicts woman who shot mate, 1942/02/13: 1
        shot by wife, Elizabeth Elliott, after argument, 1942/01/30: 1
      Ellis, J. D., 15-year-old boy slashed by Percy Bennett, 1944/07/07: 1
      Ellis, Johnny, shot by Florence Moody in bar fracas, 1959/12/25: 1
      Ellis, Mike, killed; second officer, Bruce Weatherly, shot, after Mack Belton Newton shoots Mrs. Sedalia Smith, then kills himself, 1941/12/05: 1
      Ellis, Reginald, shot in card game, 1944/10/27: 1
      Ellis, Roberta
        attacked by Sammie Waddles with pop bottle, 1933/01/13: 8 (filmed in 01/20 issue)
        stabbed with ice pick by Mrs. Julia Jefferson, 1941/09/05: 1
      Ellis, Rudolph, shot by cop in fuss over fare, 1946/07/12: 1
      Ellison, Charles, gunman arrested for threatening to kill woman in congregation of Shiloh Baptist Church, 1969/08/08: 1
      Ellison, Hastings ("Doc"), stabbed in neck, 1953/08/07: 1
      Ellison, Helen, fisted and burned by Airman Alfred Leonard, whom she knifed, 1962/01/19: 1
      Ellison, Ida Mae, hit in face by Otis Wiggins, 1945/08/03: 5
      Ellison, John Terrell, says two men attacked him, 1969/01/10: 1
      Ellison, Marjorie, hit on head by husband, Cecil, 1955/01/07: 3
      Ellison, Michael, 14-year-old stabbed in fight in school hall, 1965/05/07: 1
      Ellison, Sam Lee, stabbed while walking home, 1950/01/27: 1
      Ellison, Samuel, blazes away as antagonists close in, 1939/03/10: 1
      Embry, Sgt. George C., GI stabbed above heart with ice pick, 1946/12/06: 1
      English, Mrs. Charlie Mae, fisted by husband, Roy English, 1956/11/23: 1
      English, Willie Lee, Fort Sam Houston soldier, accused of attacking girl, 1940/12/13: 1
      Enoch, Georgia, beaten and hit with a brick by Willie L. Cross; she is booked for disturbing the peace and he for aggravated assault, 1958/01/03: 1
      Epps, Myrtle, Corpus, misses death by inch, 1945/08/03: 1
      Epps, Von, has forearm slashed by a woman, 1956/11/09: 5
      Ern, Lillian B., hit with chair, knifed by enraged boy friend, Tommy Hastings, 1948/01/16: 1
      Erskine, Merline, daughter of Mrs. Bertha Simpson, struck by Clarence Simpson during fight, 1948/01/09: 1
      Ervin, Ervinia, knifed by Marilee Dabney, while sitting in car with Clyde Dabney, 1953/05/01: 1
      Ervin, Samuel, shot by wife, Katherine, in early morning family argument, 1970/05/15: 1
      Ervin, Samuel B., says he's slashed by unknown person when he stops auto, 1953/10/16: 1
      Essachrey, Evelyn, badly beaten by Louis Moore, 1943/03/12: 6
      Estrada, Estella Mae, slashed during an altercation, 1951/03/09: 1
      Estrada, Jimmy, cut from ear to mouth by W. Ross i, 1937/07/09: 1
      Ethridge, Ike, ripped with bottle by Ruby Gray, because he wouldn't pay debt, 1956/12/14: 1
      Eustace, Cary Lott, slashed by husband, Eural Eustace, he says he knows nothing, 1958/04/25: 1
      Eustace, Eural and Johnnie Street, injure each other in altercation, 1962/12/21: 1
      Evans, A. J., service station attendant shot by fired worker, John Wilborn, 1958/11/14: 1
      Evans, Audrey, eight months pregnant, beaten by husband, Henry Evans, 1951/10/19: 1
      Evans, Charles
        Kelly soldier shot in love triangle struggle by Ray Miller, 1950/04/21: 1
        and Kenslo Davis, booked for fight, knifing at Library Aud., 1954/11/12: 1
      Evans, Eugene, slashed in fight, 1955/07/29: 3
      Evans, James
        knifed in abdomen in altercation, 1960/04/15: 3
        stabbed with scissors by Billy Ann Green, 1959/03/06: 3
      Evans, Lewis W., shot by driver of automobile who stopped and shot him, 1969/04/18: 1
      Evans, Ruby J., arm slashed in altercation with Percy McKinney, 1962/03/16: 1
      Evans, Tony, and Mary Harris, stab each other in bloody duel, 1944/04/21: 1
      Evans, Wilma, slashed during altercation, 1950/04/07: 3
      Everage, C. V., Jr.
        shelled with bottles in battle with Essie McVea, who was stabbed, 1963/04/05: 1
        stabbed 3 times in altercation, 1964/07/10: 3
      Evers, Max, sent to hospital by bullets fired by A.C. Sanford, 1934/04/13: 1
      everything used in altercations during weekend, 1948/08/27: 5
      Ewing, Joe, beaten in fight, 1959/12/25: 3
      Ewing, Pearl, attacked by unknown assailants, 1933/01/27: 1
      Ezebb, Odessa, and D.C. Charles, slashed and stabbed by Allen Fifer, 1940/11/08: 1
      family, neighbor rows top weekend altercations, 1948/07/02: 1
      family fights head list of numerous minor disturbances over weekend, 1949/10/07: 1
      family row baffles cops, 1932/07/22: 1
      family rows head violence during weekend, 1950/09/15: 1
      family uproars take Monday's police spotlight, 1955/01/28: 1
      Fanner, Paul, youth injured by 15-year-old knife thrower, 1968/01/19: 1
      Fannin, Cornelius, gets bloody head and fractured ribs in fight with another man, 1952/03/28: 1
      Farris, Pedro A., knocked down, injured by Clifford Childs in horn-blowing incident, 1953/10/30: 1
      Farrow, James, cabby stabbed by dispatcher, A. J. Thomas, 1954/04/02: 1
      Fatheree, Carlton, hit on head and face with a rock by Frank Miller, 1945/09/07: 7
      Faulder, Catherine, beaten by ex-beau, George E. Bankhead, who crashes in door, 1954/12/24: 1
      Feagin, Pvt. Willie, stabbed by Pvt. George T. Etheridge, 1945/05/18: 1
      Fedberry, Myrtle, beaten near home, 1959/06/19: 3
      Fennell, Amiel F.
        shot fired from car hits youth, 1969/05/09: 1
        shot in the leg by man in passing car, refuses to name assailant, 1970/06/05: 1
      Fennell, Sarah, attacked with butcher knife by son, 1932/11/11: 1
      Fenner, Laura, beaten by ex-beau, Wright C. Hodge, 1949/02/04: 1
      Ferguson, Clyde, knifed by woman, 1960/06/24: 3
      Ferguson, Mrs. Dianna, beaten by husband, Richard S., 1950/07/21: 1
      Ferguson, Esther Lee
        is actual target of shooting; inaccurate police report lists wrong names, 1945/06/22: 1
        Norman, Carrie, killed by blow of fist from Carlton Canada; Esther Lee Ferguson also knocked down in attack, 1945/03/02: 1
      Ferner, Mrs. Vivian, boy friend breaks into home, 1950/03/24: 1
      Ferrell, Georgia, assaulted with beer bottle by Maggie Haywood, 1936/04/24: 1
      Ferrell, Leroy, hit on head with hammer by wife, Rosie Ferrell, 1956/05/25: 7
      Ferrell, Richard, knifed by wife, Billie Ferrell, 1949/07/22: 7
      Field, James, suffers lacerations of head and face by William Lee Miller, 1963/03/01: 3
      Fields, Ann, cut by half-brother, Freddy Wells, when he misses foe, 1955/07/22: 1
      Fields, Bertha, arm badly slashed after man is evicted from home, 1957/09/20: 3
      Fields, Clifford, subdued after chasing mate, Lucy Mae Smith, with butcher knife, 1955/03/25: 3
      Fields, Clifton, hand slashed in struggle with knifer, 1963/03/15: 1
      Fields, Fannie Mae, struck and kicked by Willie Wilritch, 1954/05/21: 3
      Fields, George, beaten with shoe by Norma Fields, 1952/08/01: 3
      Fields, George M., conked on head by rock, 1948/08/13: 5
      Fields, Henry
        refusing to buy wine, attacked by trio, 1949/09/30: 1
        shot in abdomen by woman companion, refuses medical treatment, 1945/05/11: 1
      Fields, Mrs. Johnnie Mae, beaten by husband, Vernon Fields, 1942/08/28: 5
      Fields, Joseph, shot in chest, not seriously wounded, 1964/11/27: 1
      Fields, R., slashed by "Good Daddy," 1952/11/21: 1
      Fields, Rebecca, hit with bottle by husband, Dewey D. Fields, 1958/01/31: 1
      Fields, Rose, slashed on leg, struck in mouth by estranged husband, 1965/01/15: 3
      Fields, Sophia (Sheppey)
        knocked down and kicked in head by James Wesley, 1963/05/24: 11963/05/24: 1
        shoots as her cousin, Raymond T. Sheppard, fires at another man, 1951/04/27: 1
      Fields, Vernon
        hit with chair in domino game argument, 1948/11/12: 1
        slashed by Ernest Randle, 1944/05/19: 1
        stabbed in shoulder by wife, Louise Fields, 1950/10/06: 4
      Fields, Wade, slashed in abdomen, robbed, 1968/02/16: 1
      Fields, William, cops' arrival prevents killing by knifer, Leonard E. Carson, 1953/05/15: 1
      Fields, Mrs. Wyna, beaten; John Fields arrested, 1953/07/31: 3
      Fifer, Allen, Kerrville man reported attacked by two young men in SA bar, 1964/12/25: 1
      Figgs, Elizabeth, knifed in wild affray with Marie Williams, 1964/12/11: 1
      Figures, A2C Tommy Lee, knife victim who was expected to die, now "walking around" after doctors stitch heart, 1963/06/28: 1
      Findley, Larry, attacked cop shoots youth, Winston Coleman, 1967/12/15: 1
      Fischer, Eddie, stabbed in mouth, 1955/04/22: 6
      Fisher, Albertine, assaulted by Lott brothers, 1936/06/05: 1
      Fisher, Katy, shooting of SA woman is said to be accident, 1944/01/07: 1
      Fisher, Melvin J., knifed in robbery at a laundromat, 1967/08/18: 1
      Fitzgerald, Latham, cut in altercation with Andrew Wafford, 1934/07/06: 1
      Fitzgerald, Mildred, suffers hand injury when boy friend pushed her from car, 1950/12/22: 1
      Fitzgerald, O. E., president of local NAACP, in fight over ticket with John Griggs, 1939/11/03: 1
      five-year-old girl attacked by boy, 13 behind a store, 1953/11/27: 1
      Flagg, Joseph, stick-wielding deaf mute shot by woman he threatened, James Etta Lindsay, 1959/06/05: 1
      Flake, Catherine, fired upon five times by Ed Reese, 1945/05/25: 1
      Fletcher, John, severely cut in finger-pointing fracas with Otho McClain, 1955/03/11: 1
      Flint, Hodie, stabbed in back while walking, 1949/05/13: 1
      Flint, Hoover, bullets directed at him hit parked car instead, 1964/09/25: 1
      Florence, Magnolia, struck on face by husband, Leandres, 1960/02/12: 1
      Flowers, Blanche, severely beaten by son, 1933/03/10: 1
      Flowers, Clinton
        conked with rock, 1950/01/27: 1
        three men slashed, stabbed in knife battle, 1953/07/31: 1
      Flowers, Rosalee, beaten by John McGarrity, 1951/08/03: 3
      Floyd, Francis, says that "several" men attacked him, 1970/05/08: 3
      Foley, Archie T., slashed by stepfather, Lucious Jackson, 1950/08/11: 1
      Foley, Bertha Lee, uses ice pick when common-law mate, Charlie Webster, won't go home, 1957/05/17: 1
      Foley, Mabel G., choked, menaced with knife by Charlie Sykes, 1953/10/02: 1
      Foley, Thelma, beaten by husband Alex Foley, 1952/07/11: 4
      Folmar, Lillie Bell
        abused by James W. Folmar, 1949/08/05: 4
        hit with bottle by Edward Richardson, 1957/04/26: 1
      Fontelroy (Fontleroy), Charleynn (Charlene)
        bodily thrown out of the house by husband, ex-football player, Billy Fontelroy, 1964/06/12: 1
        fisted by husband, Billy Fontleroy, 1960/06/24: 3
      Fontelroy (Fountelroy), William, sleeping man beaten with bat by stepson, Eddie Eads, 1965/06/11: 1
      Fontleroy, Claretha, fisted by husband, Walter, during a family argument, 1956/11/09: 1
      Fontleroy, William, pistol-whipped in early morning row, 1958/08/22: 1
      Ford, Andy, wounded in affray with Annie Copley, 1934/07/13: 5
      Ford, Annie Mae
        cousin of Emma "Straight Eight" Oliver, still in murder house, knifes foe, 1954/12/03: 1
        knifed on forehead, 1949/07/08: 7
        lye hurled in face by Carrie Brown Miller, 1951/10/12: 3
        slashed in altercation with woman, 1955/03/25: 3
        struck in mouth, 1949/05/13: 1
        woman knifed last month, again target of slasher, Elsie Leonard, 1955/04/29: 1
      Ford, Arthur, cut over eye, 1954/11/19: 2
      Ford, Beatrice
        beaned by Cassio Williams, 1944/03/03: 7
        struck on head with bottle by C. S. Williams, 1944/11/17: 1
      Ford, Eugene, slashed in fight, 1955/06/17: 3
      Ford, Hattie, hit with pick handle by husband, Oscar, 1950/12/15: 1
      Ford, Henry, fussing with wife, has leg broken by son, 1940/06/21: 1
      Ford, Johnny B., attacked in home by three Walker brothers, 1947/06/06: 1
      Ford, Lila, treated for knife wounds from Oma Kyle, 1932/07/22: 1
      Ford, Mrs. Maceola and estranged husband, Riley, slash each other, 1950/05/19: 5
      Ford, Rosie, beaten by husband, Henry Ford, 1942/12/18: 4
      Fordison, Ethel, cut by common law husband, John Henry Williams, 1944/04/21: 5
      Forte, Roger, files no charges against woman who shot him, 1969/08/29: 1
      Fortson, Herman L., slashed on face by Seburn Miller, 1951/12/21: 3
      Foster, Adolph, savage beating may leave man blind in battle with George Dears, 19, 1954/08/06: 1
      Foster, Clara, slashed by Thelma Morris in row over boy friend, 1955/04/29: 1
      Foster, Daisy E., her children, sitting in car, showered with glass caused by bullet, 1969/08/29: 1
      Foster, Shelly, stabbed, and William King, shot in New Year's battle with each other, 1959/01/09: 1
      four persons slashed in fights Saturday, Sunday, 1953/02/13: 1
      four sent to hospital in series of rows, Sunday, 1950/12/22: 1
      four women fight, with Evelyn Blevins being slashed, 1950/09/01: 7
      Fowler, Dillard, dancer shoots man, accidentally wounds woman, 1947/06/20: 1
      Fowler, Gladys, hit with iron by common-law husband, 1951/05/25: 3
      Fox, Charley, slapped and stabbed by Martha Scruggs, who was fisted by Fox, 1963/02/15: 1
      Frances, James Lee, knifed after asking woman to dance, 1959/10/09: 1
      Francis, Calvin
        Francis, and others, fined $112 each for Ezell St. free-for-all fight, 1947/05/02: 1
        slashed in Ezell St. free-for-all, 1947/04/25: 5
      Francis, Easter M., 18, said beaten by two other girl teens, 1958/06/20: 1
      Francis, Edward, and others, fined $112 each for Ezell St. free-for-all fight, 1947/05/02: 1
      Francis, Eugene, 17-year-old cut in altercation at grid game, 1959/09/18: 1
      Francis, Grace Phillip, knifed in affray by Sam Allen, 1965/01/15: 3
      Francis, Israel, "worked over," robbed of more than $200, 1961/10/27: 1
      Francis, Louis, said to have knifed self in cafe fight with Claude M. Sims, 1948/09/17: 1
      Francis, Robert, SA musician, seriously knifed by Harold Stanberry in fight in car, 1952/11/21: 1
      Francis, Robert L., Jr. 10, reported slashed by dad, Robert L. Francis, Sr., 1954/07/16: 1
      Francis, Sterling, hit with ax in fight, suffers punctured lung, 1952/01/25: 1
      Francisco, Alice in fight with H. T. Brown, both get hospital care, 1964/03/06: 1
      Frank, Alia Mae, hit by man who forces way into her apartment, 1956/03/30: 3
      Franklin, Buster, ex-husband of Mattie Gonzales, shot at by roomer, Solomon Johnson, 1953/06/12: 1
      Franklin, John, stabbed while working on car (article title: maybe he should have accepted their assistance), 1964/03/06: 1
      Franklin, John Lewis, and Leo County, shot by cousin and brother, Charles County, 1969/03/21: 1
      Franklin, Mildred, beaten with table and knife handle by husband, Herbert Franklin, 1956/07/27: 1
      Franklin, Nadlene, files charges against George Neal, 1959/12/11: 3
      Franklin, Nathaniel
        even if he won, he lost; hit in face with bottle, 20 stitches required to close laceration, 1969/02/14: 1
        shot and seriously hurt in lounge row by Jim Phillips, 1965/09/24: 1
      Franklin, Raymond, cut with bottle in fight with Glenn Isaacs, who also battled police, 1963/05/24: 1
      Franklin, Vivian, beaten by her husband, 1956/09/28: 3
      Franks, Albert
        cop suspended, charged, in cold blooded shooting, 1941/06/20: 4
        hotel employee ordered outside and shot, 1941/06/20: 4
      Franks, Clarence
      Franks, J. D., injured in fight with brother-in-law, 1950/01/27: 1
      Franks, Mabel, beaten by husband, Owen Franks; she shoots him, he takes off as cops arrive, 1950/09/08: 1
      Franks, Mary, stabbed with butcher knife by 13-year-old girl, who claimed she was being choked, 1966/08/19: 1
      Frazier, Carl, hit with steel knuckles by Frank Walker, 1939/05/05: 1
      Frazier, John W.
        soldier wounded in hand in Friday shooting, 1966/03/18: 1
        woman slashes soldier with broken bottle; severely injured GI schedule to leave soon for Viet Nam, 1966/05/06: 1
      Fredrick, Geneva, beaten by husband, Martin Fredrick, Jr., 1956/05/18: 3
      Free, Annie Dee, slashed by Leslie Smith in battle in car driven by George Hardaway, 1953/11/27: 1
      Freeman, Allie B., stabbed multiple times by husband Pvt. Eddie Freeman, 1951/12/14: 1
      Freeman, Beverly Ann, says mate, Thomas Freeman, hit her with gun, fists, 1966/11/04: 1
      Freeman, Mrs. C., struck by husband, 1950/05/19: 5
      Freeman, Airman Eddie, Jr., seriously wounded with fish knife by Velesta Winters, 1952/10/03: 1
      Freeman, Ethel, has husband, Robert, arrested for cutting her, 1955/01/21: 3
      Freeman, Eugene, badly knifed in fight over quarter, 1949/04/29: 1
      Freeman, Fern, conked with hammer and has dog set upon her by common-law husband, Cleophus Frazier, 1951/04/20: 1
      Freeman, Helen, and Barbara Watson, cuffed by a man in phone booth incident, 1967/05/19: 1
      Freeman, Marcus, suffers deep stab wound at unknown address by unknown men, 1951/10/05: 3
      Freeman, Mrs. Ora, stopped at door of church, stabbed by husband, Ernest Freeman, 1946/04/12: 1
      Freeman, Velesta, and Eddie Freeman, batter each other in battle over meal, 1954/05/07: 1
      Freeman, Willie, cut while fighting Jacob Sadberry, and two other men, 1945/06/22: 1
      French, Dianna A., 17-year-old woman beaten by man, 1970/06/05: 2
      French, L. F.
        says he was struck, stabbed for not having cigarette, 1963/10/11: 1
        tries to collect 17 nickels owed by a marble table; proprietor, Mrs. Dilworth, scalds him with hot coffee, 1952/08/22: 1
      Fry, Bessie Mae, stabbed in chest by common-law husband, 1956/03/09: 3
      Fryer, Foadie, says woman stabs him above heart, 1938/07/01: 1
      Fryer, Marie, battles with brother, Ollie Floyd; her baby is injured, 1965/06/18: 1
      Fucuals, Ted, Corpus, loses eye as men slash each other with broken bottles, 1944/06/30: 1
      Fuery, Charles, suffers head injuries after being struck by a blunt instrument, 1950/10/06: 4
      Fulce, Elmo, hit with bottle by woman in tavern, 1964/08/07: 1
      Fuller, Eddie, peacemaker stabbed as two elderly card players fuss, 1959/06/12: 1
      Fuller, Lewis D., learns what "was going on" outside when he was shot by unknown assailant, 1970/01/09: 3
      Fuller, Mrs. Virginia, beaten by husband, Eddie Fuller, 1950/07/28: 1
      Furgason, Henry Lee, West Side man shot as he leaves automobile, 1969/10/17: 1
      Gable, Dorothy, injured in melee on Transit bus by Minnie Luckey, 1953/02/06: 1
      Gable, Louise Sexie, seriously knifed in family fracas by husband George Gable, 1959/03/27: 1
      Gabriel, Inez, beaten by Carlos B. Jackson, 1938/11/11: 6
      Gaddison, Jones Lee, slashed by William A. Nance, 1950/04/21: 1
      Gaddison, Lester, struck with hatchet reportedly by Leonard Walsh, 1958/07/25: 1
      Gaddison, Lester, wounded in Agnes Street shooting, 1964/04/24: 1
      Gaines, Fannie, cut by Joe Lawson, 1938/10/14: 1
      Gaines, T., slashed by Gussie Hill, 1944/02/04: 3
      Gaitan, Joe, shot in tavern brawl, 1969/11/14: 1
      Galan, Bert, hit with bottle in altercation at Gene's Place, 1943/02/26: 4
      Gale, Albert, shoulder sliced with hatchet by wife, 1948/07/16: 1
      Gales, Dorothy, beaten and held prisoner by ex-husband, Leonard Pines, 1946/01/11: 1
      Gallerson, Mary Lee, pulled from car, dragged, slapped, and kicked by estranged husband, Leroy Gallerson, 1958/09/26: 1
      Gallo, Clara, and Jack H. Norville, mall guards, knifed by shoplifter, 1968/10/11: 1
      Galloway, Bamma, Seguin man beaten, wallet taken, 1956/01/13: 1
      Galloway, Marvin, riddled with five shots in fracas early Monday morning, 1953/03/20: 1
      Galloway, Myrtle, slashed on the lip, 1950/09/08: 1
      Galloway, Ollie, shot by Mitchell "Montecarlo" Smith, 1940/05/24: 1
      Galloway, Thomas W., man accidentally shot, another knifed in altercation, 1966/02/25: 1
      Galloway, Willie
        beaten in an altercation for "no apparent reason" by Beatrice Kelly and Henry Connors, 1962/12/07: 1
        critically beaten by four Anglos who were drinking wine with him, 1961/01/27: 5
      Galloway, Willie L.
        grabs and chokes 15-year-old boy who shot at him, 1950/12/22: 1
        knifed in abdomen [three injured in SA fights this week], 1960/10/28: 1
      Gammage, Curtis, saved from bullet in face after three shots fired, 1942/11/06: 1
      Gandy, Mrs. Eda, hit, threatened by William S. Gandy, 1944/06/30: 1
      Gandy, Juanita, stabbed in back by T.J. Jackson, 1939/04/14: 1
      gang robs lad, forces him into unnatural act, 1946/11/29: 1
      Gant, James, slashed, Laura Jones fisted as five battle, 1954/11/26: 1
      Gant, Plato, struck on head, 1946/09/20: 5
      Garcia, Carlos, former San Antonio resident ripped in Corpus Christi, 1942/06/26: 1
      Garcia, Gregorio, beaten and robbed by GIs who were nabbed by police, 1947/01/31: 1
      Garden, Frank, knifed by Gladys Curtiss, 1950/06/30: 1
      Gardener, Ruby Lee, head gashed in affray with husband, James, 1952/04/25: 1
      Gardley, Bridgett, 8 months old, hit by rock thrown through window by juveniles, 1967/07/21: 3
      Gardner, Beverly Ann, shot in hip in what started out as a brawl, 1970/06/05: 1
      Gardner, Charles, suffers deep gash in lounge affray, 1969/09/19: 1
      Garner, Mrs. Etta Mae, hit with pitcher by husband, 1948/05/14: 5
      Garnett, Gladys, and Jimmy Hodges, hurt in wild affray with Callie Mae Shields, 1952/09/05: 1
      Garrett, Callie Mae
        beaten for remarks about two sisters' parents, 1958/07/04: 1
        wants to go home, stabbed by escort, 1962/02/02: 1
      Garrett, Frank
      Garrett, Lee, lye water hurled in face by Elnora Simms Smith, 1949/01/21: 1
      Garrett, W. M., and Leroy Prince, cut by Garfield Williams, 1933/05/05: 1
      Garrett, Wallace, slashed by baby sitter, Paul Smith, when he calls child "dirty name," 1955/05/13: 1
      Garrison, Toliver, stabbed in shoulder, 1953/07/17: 1
      Gary, Horace Joe, soldier wages furious battle with policeman, John L. Cootey, 1966/07/15: 1
      Gary, Joe, 18-year-old stabbed in chest when men battle outside tavern after dancing incident, 1959/11/27: 1
      Garza, Mrs. Edison, slapped by Mrs. Leona Pass in bus incident, 1944/06/30: 1
      Garza, Edward, 70-year-old landlord beaten, kicked, by tenant, 1969/11/21: 3
      Garza, Ishmael, cut by "friend," 1950/03/17: 1
      Gaskin, Betty, struck in eye resisting advances of man, 1959/01/23: 3
      Gaskin, Lois, attacked with razor blade as she sleeps by husband, Pvt. Amos Gaskins, 1955/06/03: 1
      Gates, Clarence, tries to force way into residence of Dorothy Harris, 1966/07/29: 1
      Gates, Frank, slashed by wife, Minnie L. Gates, required 90 stitches to close his wounds, 1964/06/19: 1
      Gay, Agnes, hit with table, suffers fractured arm, 1953/10/02: 1
      Gay, Eula Mae, scalp grazed by bullet fired by Jesse Collins, 1964/05/22: 1
      Gee, Rev. Edward W., scalded, stabbed while sleeping by his wife, 1968/11/08: 1
      George, Dorothy Marie, shot in row with husband, Raymond Alexander George, 1962/09/07: 1
      George, Irene, has shots fired into her house by Orange James, 1950/09/22: 3
      George, Johnny L., severely slashed by Jerry Barber, 1956/06/01: 1
      George, Wilma Jewel, accused brother, Horace James George, of beating her, 1952/06/06: 1
      Gibbons, Elijah, hit in face with wine bottle, 1966/07/22: 1
      Gibbons, Joe, stabbed in family altercation, 1965/06/11: 1
      Gibbs, Erline, beaten by man who broke down front door, 1964/06/05: 1
      Gibbs, Ethel M., shot by Lucille Spencer, 1969/10/24: 1
      Gibbs, John Charles, stabbed in stomach, doesn't know who did it, 1963/08/23: 1
      Gibson, Edward Paul, and Henry Lee Leonard, stabbed in knife fight, 1968/01/05: 1
      Gibson, Iris N., stabbed with scissors by another woman, 1966/01/14: 5
      Gibson, Margie, hit with bottle in street fight over man, 1963/10/18: 1
      Gibson, Pfc. Spencer, conked when trying to drag woman from cafe, 1949/03/25: 1
      Gilcrease, Mattie, cut in gang fight, 1933/01/27: 1
      Gildon, Millie, cut with broken bottle by Ruth Hobbs, 1950/06/16: 1
      Gill, Robert L., Jr., knifed when he won't tell his name, 1969/02/07: 1
      Gilliam, Richard, stabbed in left thigh, 1964/06/05: 3
      Gilmore, Barbara, and William Dickson, injured in "family" row, 1956/10/05: 1
      Gilmore, Barbara Jean, bloodied about face by common-law husband, Herbert Shelton, 1959/02/27: 5
      Gilmore, Mack, remarks lead to his being stuck with scissors by Gussie Hill, 1951/09/14: 3
      Gilpin, Norris, assaulted by Sgt. L. B. McQueen, while "talking" to Mrs. Gilpin, 1947/10/24: 1
      Gipson, Evelyn, beaten by husband, Spencer Gipson, 1952/05/23: 1
      Gipson, Margaret
        Corpus Christi waitress beaten by white man in Negro-owned place for whites, 1945/01/12: 1
        Corpus white man, who assaulted waitress, is fined, 1945/01/19: 1
      Girdy, Alfred L., shot down by wife, Willie Jean Girdy, 1964/08/21: 1
      Girdy, Louella, slashed in altercation with unknown person, 1956/11/02: 3
      girl, aged 10, complains of being rudely accosted by Clarence Mumphrey, 1944/03/24: 1
      girls say men they repulse try to run over them, 1958/08/01: 1
      Glass, Andy
        and J. C. Lighter slashed when Lela B. Adams catches common-law husband, Lighter, with another woman, 1953/11/13: 1
        shatters shotgun over head of another man, 1961/07/21: 1
      Glass, Robert P., shot in chest by Robert Lee Redmon, 1955/07/22: 1
      Gleinser, Patrolman Richard, attacked by Ethel Johnson while making an investigation of a disturbance, 1969/11/28: 1
      Glenn, Clemons, refuses to talk about slashed palm, 1955/08/26: 3
      Glenn, Frank, hurt in resort melee, 1950/03/24: 5
      Glenn, John, stabbed in left shoulder by Mildren Glenn, 1943/03/12: 1
      Glenn, Lucille, stabbed by Lucy Flowers in juke box tiff, 1954/08/06: 1
      Glenn, Sgt. Sim, beaned by rocks aimed by spouse of Mrs. Fannie Ross, 1949/05/20: 5
      Glosson, George, cut by wife, Marie Glosson, 1938/11/04: 1
      Glosson, Titus, slashed with broken bottle, 1964/11/27: 1
      Glosson, V., attacked by star athlete with head injury, 1939/03/24: 1
      Godley, Ella, assaulted by ex-lover, Charles Swain, 1932/09/30: 1
      Godley, Lena Marie
        slashed on hand in scuffle with Clydell Houston, 1949/02/18: 5
        slashes tendon when she kicks out automobile window, 1950/04/21: 1
      Godley, Sara Lee, and Joseph Thibodeaux, Jr., severely slashed and five are jailed in wild melee, 1952/05/09: 1
      Gold, Gary D., smart aleck teen driver pays for his 'fun,' 1957/04/05: 1
      Goldston, Mattie, cut by unknown assailant, 1938/05/27: 1
      Gomez, Tony, slashed by Mary Thompson, 1951/11/30: 1
      Gonzales, Catherine, assaulted by Willie McCall, 1932/12/30: 1
      Gonzales, Celester, argument with Jesse Morris ends in stabbing, 1947/05/23: 5
      Gonzales, Edward and Robert Rogers, knifed at Rock 'n Roll dance at Municipal Auditorium, with crowd under control until midnight, 1956/08/17: 1
      Gonzales, Horace, stabbed in neck and chin by Everette Johnson, 1959/01/23: 1
      Gonzales, James, and Ernest Williams, bruised in fuss about used tire, 1954/06/11: 1
      Gonzales, P. J., police officer severely bitten by drunk woman, 1967/02/10: 3
      Gonzales, Stephen, hit by stray bullet while sleeping, 1933/10/13: 1
      Good, Alma, shot by alleged boyfriend, Henry Payne, 1970/01/02: 1
      Goode, C.B.
        date of taxi cab driver's trial must be reset, 1936/10/02: 1
        trial of cabby who shot fare, Alvin Bates, set for Tuesday; argument over twenty cent charge led to near-fatal fracas, 1936/09/25: 1
      Goode, Gloria, slashed by white molester, Daniel Buckner, after annoying tot, 3, 1956/08/10: 1
      Goode, James K., airman mugged and robbed by three men, 1968/03/15: 1
      Goodley, Lee, in altercation with friend, 1956/03/30: 1
      Goodley, Sarah Lee, pushed down stairs by Lucille Jackson, 1957/05/24: 1
      Goodlow, Bernice, objecting to store account for other woman, fisted by husband, C. Goodlow, 1950/09/15: 1
      Goodlow, Issie Lee, beaten by sisters, Helen and Emma Gene Bouldin, 1942/08/28: 5
      Goodson, Clara Mae, slashed with butcher knife by sister-in-law Francis Goodson, 1951/03/30: 1
      Goodson, Ward
        and Horace Hill, wounded in 'old West shoot-out,' 1967/01/27: 1
        wounded in neck by Porter Robinson in Sunday shooting, 1956/10/26: 1
      Gordon, Beatrice, slashed by Sewilla Houston, 1951/03/09: 1
      Gordon, Dolly, beaten by James W. McClure, who was arrested, 1961/11/03: 3
      Gordon, Leatha, critically slashed with butcher knife by husband, Solomon Gordon, 1956/06/08: 1
      Grace, Alonzo L., motorist cut by glass as he was fired upon by unknown assailant, 1970/01/02: 3
      Grady, Able, knifed in right arm, 1966/03/11: 1
      Grady, Annie May, has finger slashed in quarrel with boy friend, 1957/04/19: 5
      Grady, Helen, angry wife takes shot at hubby, but aim is poor, 1947/05/23: 1
      Grady, Laverne Vernon, man who shoots at 8-year-old girl, Rene Morris, booked for assault to murder, 1966/07/29: 1
      Graham, Willie, Fort Sam soldier pistol-whipped, dragged to street, 1965/06/18: 3
      Grange, Lane, shot by Hilda Mae Collins in argument over 'another woman,' 1967/01/13: 1
      Grant, A. L., man's life saved as gun hit with cane; aged man spoils aim of his son-in-law, George King, as latter fires at roomer, 1952/06/27: 1
      Grant, Abe, 73, brutally beaten and robbed of $1,000, 1962/09/28: 1
      Grant, Alton, two men wounded in West Side shooting, 1966/02/25: 1
      Grant, Annette
        hot grease hurled in her face by another woman, 1953/02/20: 1
        under treatment after woman hurls plate of hot grease in face, 1953/02/20: 1
      Grant, Charles, shot in hand by Edward C. Martin, 1941/11/07: 1
      Grant, Elvin, stabbed by wife, Maurry Grant, during an altercation, 1957/10/18: 1
      Grant, Gladys, struck by husband with rock, 1939/09/29: 6
      Grant, Helen, slugged with a shotgun by a 40-year- old man, 1970/02/13: 1
      Grant, Johnny Mack
        stabbed in back with ice pick, 1957/09/06: 3
        stabbed in chest by William M. Scott, whom he hit in head with bottle, 1960/06/10: 1
      Grant, Lucille, stabbed with scissors by another woman, 1953/05/15: 1
      Grant, Melvin
        soldier loses eye, SA woman shot, man knifed, all by Melvin Grant, 1945/10/12: 1
        suffers serious knife wound by unknown assailant after a car crash, 1945/10/12: 1
      Grant, Robert L., shot as he walks down street, 1969/03/07: 1
      Grant, Robert Lee, 2-year-old hit on head with hatchet by 5-year-old, 1950/04/14: 1
      Grant, Ruby, struck in head by husband, Oscar Grant, 1958/03/07: 1
      Grant, Samuel D., severely knifed in dice game battle, 1955/09/23: 1
      Grant, Vaughan, blade victim's wounds require 505 stitches, 1953/04/03: 1
      Grant, Mrs. Vera, recent mother knocked out by her brother, Milton Neighbor, 1948/08/27: 1
      Graves, Ben, may lose eye sight in tavern knifing, 1948/12/03: 1
      Gray, Annie Mae, in fight with Solomon Parks, who slashes guest trying to stop fight, 1956/02/03: 1
      Gray, Lillie B.
        loses tooth when struck with knucks by husband, Vizell Gray, 1954/07/30: 1
        struck in face by husband, Vizell Gray, 1955/05/20: 3
      Gray, V. K., wages 3-hour rough, tumble battle with cops, 1946/07/05: 1
      Gray, Virginia, waitress beaten by patrons who said her service was not fast enough, 1965/07/23: 1
      Gray, Willie, all three bullets miss as man shoots at Beatrice Kelly, 1966/04/15: 1
      Green, Alvarado, beaten with the fists of Perry Lindsay, 1940/07/26: 5
      Green, Benjamin, stabbed in arm by Johnny Doyle, said to be in serious condition, 1954/01/29: 1
      Green, Betty Jo
        dancing girl finds "warm something" is her blood, after being stabbed in abdomen, 1953/01/09: 1
        hurls bottle barrage and smashes windows after being knifed by Ella Mae Kent, 1951/08/31: 1
        suffers head injuries with milk bottle thrown by James Brown, 1952/06/06: 6
      Green, Carl, badly knifed by woman, 1968/05/17: 3
      Green, Carl William, shot by Floyd Combs in argument over gambling, 1964/07/24: 1
      Green, Clarence, conked by Jimmie Sue in cafe dispute over broken dishes, 1949/05/06: 7
      Green, Coleman, slashed on arm by Charley King as dispute flares, 1946/05/17: 1
      Green, Mr. and Mrs. Dovie, lip almost severed, 1949/06/10: 5
      Green, Ernestine, struck about head and face by prowler, 1954/10/08: 1
      Green, Felton, found on sidewalk with throat cut, 1938/11/11: 1
      Green, Gladys
        stabbed several times because she wouldn't go home with boyfriend, 1950/09/15: 1
      Green, Horace
        stabbed by wife, Faye Green, who resumes her comic book reading, 1948/09/10: 1
        wife uses knife on husband while being beaten, 1949/07/08: 1
      Green, J., slashed by Eugene Demus, 1944/05/19: 4
      Green, Jack, and Frank Freen, cut by Booker T. Clark in Library Auditorium brawl, 1942/07/31: 5
      Green, Janice, shot at in brawl with bar owner, leaves coat at scene, 1951/04/06: 1
      Green, Jarvis, seriously cut in free-for-all, 1955/02/11: 1
      Green, Joe, stabbed to death by Viola Barnes in minor dispute, 1938/04/01: 1
      Green, Johnny, in-law who intercedes in fuss ripped with bottle, 1960/07/08: 1
      Green, Leonard
        stabbed and slashed by youth, John Campbell, 1952/06/06: 1
        stabbed in left shoulder, 1951/10/26: 3
      Green, Leroy, head lacerated in fight with wife, 1948/11/19: 1
      Green, Mabel, her absence leads to beating by husband, 1953/11/06: 1
      Green, Mary, punched in mouth, has lips split by husband, Ben Green, 1958/11/28: 1
      Green, Morgan Ellis, his auto riddled by shotgun and he is shot by man he named, 1970/02/13: 1
      Green, Mrs. Gladys
        beaten twice by Mose Woodson, 1945/06/22: 1
      Green, Odis, 19-year-old shot in leg by sister, 1969/02/21: 1
      Green, Oscar, fists Hattie Mae O'Neil, gets double knifing, 1955/01/07: 1
      Green, Otis, knifed by Mrs. Bertha Cunningham after he blacks her eye, 1948/09/24: 1
      Green, Percy
        knifed allegedly by his wife, 1956/08/17: 7
        and Leonard Porter, in bloody hammer-knife bout, 1953/07/31: 1
      Green, Ralph, slashed in bed by wife, Ernestine, 1954/09/03: 3
      Green, Thomas, 14-year-old may lose sight from punch in eye, 1963/11/15: 1
      Greene, Willie and Fannie, deaf and dumb couple attacked and robbed by trio, 1958/02/28: 1
      Greenwood, Eddie R., assaulted by two men after refusing to buy wine, 1970/03/06: 6
      Greenwood, Henry, beaten on head with shotgun by an attacker, 1967/05/05: 1
      Greenwood, John, slashed on arm by nephew, Willie Charles Merriweather, 1954/04/16: 3
      Greenwood, Leonard, slashed by Bennie Jones, 1937/07/16: 1
      Greenwood, Roger, cut in free-for-all fight, 1945/11/30: 1
      Greer, Lonnie
        arrested in bloody fight with Lawrence B. Taylor, 1951/11/09: 5
        wild affray ends in five charges against SA man, 1944/11/24: 1
      Grey, Lillian, charges she was attacked by fellow taxi passenger, A. D. Austin, 1951/12/14: 1
      Grey, Lindsay, slashed with razor in fight with Walter Henry, 1957/07/05: 3
      Grice, O. D.
        badly beaten, stomped in Sunday brawl, 1961/01/13: 1
        very seriously knifed in bar battle with Robert Anderson, 1953/10/16: 1
      Grice, Tommy, shot in Iowa Street pistol battle, 1945/08/10: 1
      Grier, Charley and Mrs. Gertrude Perry, fight together at Kelly Field, 1945/12/14: 1
      Griffin, Carl, grazed by bullet fired from passing car, 1964/09/25: 1
      Griffin, Dorothy, hit on head with bottle; Richard Wilson arrested, 1967/03/24: 1
      Griffin, Earl, ripped with razor blade by Mabel Washington, 1937/12/10: 5
      Griffin, J. D. (Skippy)
        of Cuero, shot protecting wife when accosted by three white men, 1951/10/05: 1
        white man, Johnny H. Foster, jailed in shooting of Griffin, 1951/10/12: 1
      Griffin, James, 18, Camp Gary, cut by street walker when he rejects her solicitation, 1967/07/14: 1
      Griffin, James L., youth slashed in attack by trio, two identified as Miller brothers, 1957/08/09: 1
      Griffin, Melvin, knifed by woman, 1964/10/30: 1
      Griffin, Richard, jugular vein nicked when SA man quits mate, 1953/05/08: 1
      Griffith, Mrs. Annie, fisted by mate, Earl W. Gyse, 1949/10/14: 1
      Griggs, Carrie, beaten when husband, Sgt. John P. Griggs, surprises her in another man's car, 1954/04/23: 1
      Griggs, Evelyn, has eye blacked by store owner, S.H. Hall, 1932/08/12: 1
      Griggs, John
        in fight over tickets with O. E. Fitzgerald, president of local NAACP, 1939/11/03: 1
        shot in marital tangle by Fred Sheppard, 1946/01/04: 1
      Griggs, William B., stabbed 6 times in altercation, 1950/06/09: 5
      Grimes, Alberta, says parolee stabbed her when they argued, 1965/08/27: 1
      Grimes, Louis and Tip Woods, detective stops fist fight between, 1931/11/20: 1
      Grimes, Russell
        critically shot by neighbor, James B. Smith, for cursing, 1961/04/14: 1
        fleeing San Antonio man stabbed by wife, Alberta Grimes, 1959/04/24: 1
      Grinade, Wilson, cut by Walter Mims, 1938/07/08: 1
      Grudley, Peggy, 15, Johnny King, 18, and Algaree Lenzy, 15, knifed during teenage party, 1958/08/22: 1
      Gunn, Leroy
        Gunn and police officer wrest gun from Ola Mae Hockley, who threatened to kill him, 1966/04/01: 1
        seriously knifed in family dispute, 1966/02/11: 1
      Guss, Glenda, one of three knifed as they act as peacemakers, 1964/01/03: 1
      Habbitt, Hardy W., shot in back as he walks down street, hit by bullet intended for automobile, 1965/01/01: 1
      Hackett, Abbott, hit with cue ball by younger man, 1954/05/14: 1
      Haines, Walter, stabbed by Mary Dickson as free-for-all brawls usher in first of month, 1947/09/05: 1
      Hairston, Julius, and Ida Mae Koontz, slashed by his wife, Corine Hairston, 1953/06/26: 3
      Hairston, Willis, slashed by common-law wife, Ethel Payne, 1955/10/07: 3
      Hall, Bertha, husband's efforts to reconcile results in compound fracture of her ankle, 1944/06/16: 1
      Hall, Rev. Douglas H., wounded in weekend mishaps with firearms, 1949/02/25: 1
      Hall, Garfield, stabbed while trying to stop knifing of Homer Rogers, 1968/12/06: 1
      Hall, George
        hit in head with pop bottle, 1941/06/06: 1
        smashed with bottle on head by Corpus woman, Mercy J. Matthews, 1944/03/24: 1
      Hall, George D., Jr., slashed by knifer as he rides past on motor scooter, 1964/09/04: 1
      Hall, Guy, wife hits him on head with piece of wood, 1945/02/09: 5
      Hall, Henry, slashed on back and thigh in fight, 1952/03/07: 3
      Hall, John, and Isaac Jones, two men wounded in wild SA shoot-out, 1966/09/02: 1
      Hall, Lawrence, slashed by Edward Clay in pool hall row, 1950/08/04: 1
      Hall, Margie (Marjorie)
        battered about face and head with rock by Tom Culberson, 1951/10/12: 1
        beaten severely by Tom Culberson, 1951/04/27: 5
      Hall, Ollie Bell, slashed in wild affray, 1939/09/29: 1
      Hall, Robert E., hit with jack by Leroy Johnson, 1963/10/11: 3
      Hall, Mrs. Sophie, accuses husband, Albert Hall, of hitting her in face, 1944/03/03: 1
      Hall, Vernon, shot in leg in argument with James Louis, 1960/03/04: 1
      Hall, W. A., knifed by Mrs. Viola Watson, 1949/08/19: 1
      Hall, Will, brandishes blade, but girl friend, Ruby Lee King, uses hers, 1951/10/26: 1
      Hamilton, Burt, severely knifed by two men, 1955/02/04: 1
      Hamilton, Joseph, stabbed by woman recently out of pen for murder, 1948/10/01: 1
      Hamilton, Mary, assaulted by Samuel Smith, 1932/05/06: 1
      Hamilton, Oscar, shot in arm; Thelma Haywood beaten about head by William Leath following inquiry about clothes, 1963/08/09: 1
      Hamilton, Robert L., Gabriel Street resident Walter Johnson, shoots "walking man," 1952/04/18: 1
      Hammon, Henry, knifed by Burton Webb, 1946/04/12: 4
      Hammond, Eddie, threatened by 16-year-old youth, 1939/09/01: 1
      Hammond, Jasper, stabbed in neck by wife, Addie, 1953/03/20: 3
      Hammond, Moses
        injured in fight, 1954/11/12: 1
        man who finds stranger in car, slashed, 1956/02/03: 1
      Hammonds, Courtney, stabbing victim with internal bleeding, declines to name assailant, 1952/08/29: 1
      Hammonds, David Lee, and Elbert Booze, fight at Life Saver Grill, 1946/11/01: 1
      Hammonds, Denvil, motive unknown for knifing by unknown woman, 1950/02/10: 1
      Hancock, George, figure in bizarre mystery killing, is attack victim; principal in Johnnie Mae Myles' slaying cut about face, head by Louise Jones, 1940/08/02: 1
      Hancock, Johnnie Mae, head bashed with hammer in brawl, 1938/04/01: 1
      Hancock, Mattie, cops seek man who beats girl friend, vanishes, 1942/06/19: 1
      Hancock, Robert Lee, stepson conked with hammer in family row with Clamp Gardner; Dorothy Gardner booked for disturbing the peace and foul language, 1957/05/31: 1
      Handons, John "Cold Blood," hammered over $5 transaction, 1955/08/05: 1
      Handy, Charley (Charlie)
        hurls stove at Alma Gines, stabbed with awl, 1955/06/24: 1
        stuck with ice pick by Alma Handy, 1952/08/15: 3
      Hansford, Doris (Dora)
        beaten with hammer in fight with Luther Lee, 1956/11/30: 1
        stabbed in arm in incident with a man, 1963/04/12: 3
      Harbert, Leandro ("Tobe"), shot in night club brawl, 1938/05/20: 1
      Hard, Monroe, walking down street, knifed by youths, 1965/07/30: 1
      Hardaway, George, shot by Walter Hassell, in critical condition, 1957/08/09: 1
      Hardaway, James, 16, has teeth knocked out and mother, Doris King, cursed by Billy E. Johnson, 17, 1956/08/17: 1
      Hardaway, Turner, stabbed in abdomen by unknown man, 1970/02/06: 1
      Hardeman, Bernice, beaten by husband, James Hardeman, 1954/08/20: 1
      Hardeman, John, San Antonio father, Herbert Wilson, shoots, seriously wounds man who beats daughter, Doris Wilson, 1954/07/30: 1
      Hardeman, Pearl, assaulted by Barney B. Brown in beauty shop, 1951/11/16: 1
      Hardeman, Persia
      Hardeway, Herbert, shot in back of head while in auto by Ruben Davila, pedestrian, 1951/02/16: 1
      Hardin, Jarvis, arrested in connection with knifing of Dave Richie, 1954/07/09: 3
      Harding, Mable, struck by Nelson C. Deary, 1946/05/24: 1
      Hardy, Frederick E., stabbed by woman, 1944/03/10: 1
      Hardy, Oscar
        assaulted by unknown assailant, 1939/06/02: 1
        Marie Stephen accuses Oscar Hardy of assault, 1938/11/25: 1
      Hardy, R. H., assaulted by Alex Myers with a prohibited weapon, 1935/09/27: 1
      Harge, Geneva, shoots man, Lewis Crawford, who forces way into house, 1953/08/14: 1
      Hargrove, Franks, allegedly stabbed by Isaac Simpson, 1951/01/26: 3
      Hargrove, Joe Willie, stabbed while he and wife "just playing," 1950/06/09: 6
      Harkins, Sgt. Charles, airman seriously knifed in club affray, 1955/01/28: 1
      Harper, Alma, and Ruby White injured in fight, 1947/10/10: 1
      Harper, Arthur, hit in head by Nelson Harper, 1939/12/29: 5
      Harper, Ben, killed by Nat Bratcher in argument over motor trip, 1932/05/13: 1
      Harper, Bernice Adams, cut on left side of face by Christine White, 1940/08/23: 1
      Harper, Fonzo, shot by Mrs. Effie Todd, who claims he kept her overnight against her will, 1950/02/03: 1
      Harper, Mrs. Mildred, accidentally shot by husband, 1949/12/02: 1
      Harper, R. A. (Bud)
        knifed in fight at Club Ebony, 1957/07/19: 7
        shot in abdomen in melee, 1960/09/02: 1
        stabbed in chest by a woman who had assaulted him on previous occasions, 1963/06/21: 3
      Harper, Vernon, slashed in country club brawl, 1941/04/18: 1
      Harrell, Cornelius, suffers knife wounds in incident, 1951/09/21: 3
      Harrell, Pearl, beaten, then scalded in railway steam vat, 1954/09/03: 1
      Harrield, Ennie and Lillie, seeking divorce, in courthouse brawl, 1959/09/18: 1
      Harris, Augusta Lee, beaten and hit with a rock by common-law husband, 1953/11/20: 1
      Harris, Catherine Porter, pistol-whipped, shot at by parolee, J. B. Ketchum, 1949/08/12: 1
      Harris, Daniel, beaten by two other Kelly Field men, as free-for-all brawls usher in first of month, 1947/09/05: 1
      Harris, Edward, serviceman, slashed in taven brawl, 1956/07/06: 3
      Harris, Ernest, has eyes shot out by Cecil Hatchett, 1943/03/12: 1
      Harris, Evelyn
        beaten with a chair by daughter, Gertie Harris, 1950/11/03: 1
        head injury inflicted by husband, 1939/11/10: 1
      Harris, Frances, severely beaten by husband, Sgt. Willie Harris, 1952/05/09: 3
      Harris, Geraldine, hit with chair by husband, Johnny, in family disturbance, 1959/09/18: 1
      Harris, I. J., slashed by wife, Artie Mae Harris, 1954/07/09: 6
      Harris, Irene, slashed by former lover, Lester Conner, who then kills himself, 1946/05/24: 1
      Harris, James, airman beaten, shot in gallery melee with tavern owner, D. C. Black, and wife, Bessie Black, 1952/10/03: 1
      Harris, Jimmie, critically knifed by Sammy D. Scallion, in fight outside tavern, 1958/01/17: 1
      Harris, Jimmy, knifed by wife, Thelma Mack Harris, may be crippled, 1947/12/05: 1
      Harris, John, and Billy Russell, persistent battlers jailed, 1959/01/02: 1
      Harris, Mrs. Johnnie B., conked with bottle by Edith Tucker, 1949/04/01: 1
      Harris, Mrs. Johnny, window smashed with sword and her auto blocked by ex-husband, Tom Harris, 1957/02/08: 1
      Harris, Mrs. Juanita, beaten by husband, Alfred Harris, 1950/07/28: 1
      Harris, June, knocks out windows of husband's car when she finds him in house of another woman, 1960/11/11: 1
      Harris, Katie Mae, attacked by person with knife, with no provocation, 1952/01/25: 1
      Harris, Larcell J., arrested in tavern brawl, bites officer K. E. Thuleen, 1961/05/12: 1
      Harris, Louise, assaulted by husband, 1938/07/22: 5
      Harris, Lula Mae, stabbed by common-law husband, Earnest Spencer, 1951/11/02: 7
      Harris, Maggie
        slashed on hip by James R. Carter, 1946/11/15: 1
        stabbed and beaten by Beatrice Ramsey and Margaret Austin, 1944/06/16: 1
      Harris, R. L., lip bitten off by a "friend," 1952/02/22: 1
      Harris, Sam, ribs fractured in savage attack by Willie Anthony, 1949/07/01: 1
      Harris, Theresa, teen-age girl, dropped after being picked up by youth, suffers head injury, 1966/04/01: 3
      Harris, Viola, stabbed in bar by ex-man friend, Bobbie Collins, 1955/04/15: 1
      Harris, William, stabbed by wife, Katie Mae Harris, after he conks her with frying pan, 1952/06/06: 1
      Harris, Willie, stabbed by man who accosted him in a tavern, 1952/04/04: 3
      Harris, Willie B., hit in head by estranged wife, Mary Harris, 1944/03/10: 1
      Harrison, Barbara Jean, face and back slashed by unnamed man, 1964/04/24: 1
      Harrison, Erma Lee, pistol whipped by Lord Robinson, 1942/05/01: 5
      Harrison, Ernest
        bullet goes through sleeve of jacket, in dispute involving his sister, 1960/12/09: 1
        injured in "discussion" about woman with two men, 1959/11/27: 1
        youth beaten about head with bottle, 1958/04/18: 1
      Harrison, Ernest, 8-year-old found severely knifed by unknown man, 1959/04/03: 1
      Harrison, Lorraine, hospitalized from severe beating from husband, Jap Harrison, 1952/11/28: 1
      Harrison, Samuel, slashed by Roswell Dixon, 1942/10/09: 6
      Hartfield, Anna Mae
        accuses husband Sam Hartfield of hitting her with his fists, 1951/07/13: 1
        suffers knife wounds to arm, 1948/09/10: 1
      Hartfield, Dolly, hurt in Sunday row with husband, James, 1961/03/17: 1
      Hartfield, Edward, 19, shot by special officer, Nathaniel "Bubba" Newton, in street row, 1963/05/17: 1
      Hartfield, Ernestine, beaten by husband, Larry Hartfield, when he finds her in another's arms, 1958/09/12: 1
      Hartfield, Gladys, Texanna Haywood, and Helen McCall hurt as Clarence Dilworth bombards them with rocks, 1937/12/03: 1
      Hartfield, Joe, slashed by Ella Washington with blade, 1943/01/08: 1
      Hartfield, Larry, wounded in possible mistake shooting, 1966/04/08: 1
      Hartfield, Lesby, autoist beaten, cut for honking at pedestrian, 1950/01/13: 1
      Hartfield, Naomi, pays $15 fine for striking public school teacher, Radie Jo Gist, 1960/09/30: 1
      Hartfield, Shirley, fisted by husband, Victor, in presence of officers, 1968/05/24: 6
      Hartmann, Marshall, stabbed in chest, 1950/04/14: 5
      Hartwell, Jackie, says he stops to push stalled car, gets knifed, 1958/03/07: 1
      Hartwell, Joe, shot in Nebraska Street fracas, 1956/10/19: 1
      Harvey, Claude, skull fractured in sudden attack by ax-man, "Red" Campbell, 1946/12/06: 1
      Harvey, Joseph, hit with bottle during argument with another man, 1959/04/24: 3
      Harvey, June, threatens family with pistol, is stabbed by his step-daughter, Ida Lee Claver, 1962/06/08: 1
      Harvey, Leonard, slashed on forearm in altercation in his residence, 1968/07/26: 1
      Harvey, Leonard, stabbed by wife, Johnny Mae Harvey, 1948/11/19: 5
      Harvey, Perlin, says Kenneth Mayo threatens to kill her, 1949/01/21: 7
      Harvey, Rosemary
        beaten, clothes slashed by Earl Trigg, common-law husband, 1955/06/17: 3
        hit and kicked by husband, Joe W. Harvey, 1951/02/02: 4
      Harvey, Viola
        ex-mate, Joe Harvey, breaks in, throws out and beats her boyfriend, then attempts rape, 1957/05/24: 1
        rapped with knife handle by husband, Joe, 1954/10/22: 1
      Hassel, Walter, and Emma Martin, beaten and cut, by elderly man, 1952/01/18: 1
      Hastings, Alberta
        stabbed in back of neck with scissors, 1953/04/10: 1
        three slashed in arguments about their children, 1951/05/18: 1
      Hastings, Houston, husband stabbed by wife's molester, 1953/03/20: 1
      Hastings, Joe, "patient" forces ambulance driver to stop vehicle, draws knife on driver, 1952/06/13: 1
      Hastings, Zelman
        slashed on jaw, 1940/11/22: 1
        takes half-pint drink, gets knifed in back by Seburn Miller, Jr., 1952/04/18: 1
      Hatchett, Carl, ice pick left chest of youth who follows Virtis Williams, 1952/10/24: 1
      Hatchett, Cecil, stabbed in West Side Inn battle, 1938/04/01: 1
      Hawkins, Albert J., prisoner severely bitten by Roosevelt Davis in affray in SA City Jail, 1953/01/16: 1
      Hawkins, Leo, accidentally shot with bullet intended for Grace Ellison, 1951/09/07: 1
      Hawkins, Ollie Mae, stabbed as she intervenes in children's fight, 1963/10/11: 1
      Hawkins, Mrs. William, hit, shot by Nella Williams, when she refuses to go home, 1949/07/22: 1
      Hawkins, Zelma, says ex-boy friend shoots at her three times--with blanks, 1965/12/17: 1
      Hayes, Alfred, wounded by Martha Roberson in tavern shooting, 1961/10/27: 1
      Hayes, Bernard, shot by youth in Sunday brawl, 1939/03/10: 1
      Hayes, Bernice, hit on head with chair by Claude M. Sims, 1944/06/30: 1
      Haynes, Jimmy, hand cut, by wife, Alberta, 1954/11/12: 1
      Haynes, Less, pistol-whipped and shot by Tommie Lee Dotray during argument at Dotray's bar, 1970/01/02: 1
      Haynes, Ruby Lee, gets hot lead for refusing nickels, 1948/01/16: 4
      Haynes, Walter, suffers cut in in-law fracas with Johnny Cunningham, 1941/09/26: 5
      Hays, Catherine, slashed by Robert W. Holdman, 1943/02/26: 4
      Hays, Hilbert, injured in street affray, 1966/12/16: 1
      Hays, John P., trail of blood leads to knifed man, 1960/10/14: 1
      Hays, Minnie, slashed after Grant Dorn follows her "all night," 1951/09/14: 1
      Hays, Pearl, mauled by boyfriend, 1951/01/26: 3
      Hays Street woman says she invites one in-law to do battle, not four, 1950/12/22: 1
      Haywood, Benjamin, "severely" knifed man later does blade work himself, 1956/02/10: 1
      Haywood, Charles, shot by Oren Byrd, who was arrested, 1961/01/27: 3
      Haywood, Miss Charles Etta, waitress falls, breaks knee cap in altercation with Francis Catley, 1951/10/05: 1
      Haywood, Charles Isaac, slashed by his wife's woman visitor, 1966/10/28: 1
      Haywood, Frances, and Doris Morris, sisters batter each other with telephone, 1962/03/02: 1
      Haywood, Hazel, bitten on lip by another girl, 1947/12/05: 4
      Haywood, Isaac C.
        knifed by Fred Hill over non-payment of money owed Hill, 1970/03/13: 1
        shot during argument with J. B. Sattiewhite, 1969/12/12: 1
      Haywood, Maggie
        Ferrell, Georgia, assaulted with beer bottle by Maggie Haywood, 1936/04/24: 1
        Mabrey, Izola, struck over head with beer bottle by Maggie Haywood, 1936/05/22: 1
      Haywood, Norcell D., seriously wounded in New Year's knifing; wife's car damaged by fire four days later, 1965/01/08: 1
      Haywood, Richard, shot for argument brother had months ago; assailant [unknown] decides to "kill all of the damned Haywoods," 1937/07/23: 1
      Haywood, Texanna, Helen McCall, and Gladys Hartfield hurt as Clarence Dilworth bombards them with rocks, 1937/12/03: 1
      Haywood, Thelma, beaten about head; Oscar Hamilton shot in arm by William Leath following inquiry about clothes, 1963/08/09: 1
      Hazel, Buster, throat cut when he talks to another's girl, 1948/09/10: 2
      Hazel, Julia, slashed by Elnora Williams, 1950/07/21: 1
      Hazel, Willie, struck on head with war bomb by Julia Jones, near death, 1949/05/13: 1
      Hazlett, Mrs. A., stabbed in arm, 1950/12/22: 2
      head crackings mark first few days of the year, 1948/01/09: 1
      Heard, Dolores, stabbed in chest by boyfriend, 1950/10/27: 1
      Heights, Elizabeth Ann, 15, dragged and beaten by father, Willie V. Heights, 1962/09/28: 1
      Heiser, Roy, two seriously cut when man, woman slapped for no reason, 1953/05/08: 1
      Hemmings, George, stabbed by Richard Wash, 1932/11/11: 1
      Hemphill, Eugene, throat ripped with razor by common-law mate, Jackie Lee Lyles, 1948/06/25: 1
      Hemphill, Harry S., hospitalized after attack by 4-5 men, 1968/08/23: 3
      Hemphill, Jerry, cut with steel by Mrs. Beatrice Wilkinson, 1948/08/27: 1
      Henderson, Alonzo, suffers severed artery when cut by Robert Kinner, 1957/04/26: 1
      Henderson, Bertha, and Gloria Irving, cut by man who thinks money stolen, 1955/04/29: 3
      Henderson, Curtis, and 16-year-old youth stab each other in bar fight, 1966/07/22: 1
      Henderson, Curtis, shot three times by sister (Mamie Williams) of woman he was dragging to car (Alberta Holloway), 1968/08/16: 1
      Henderson, Curtis Lee, shot in abdomen by Estella Barefield, 1963/08/02: 1
      Henderson, Gladys, severely slashed by husband, Tommy D. Henderson, vanishes from hospital, 1956/12/07: 1
      Henderson, Gussie, and Helen Jackson battle in recently robbed Burleson Liquor Store, 1957/02/15: 1
      Henderson, Herman, said knifed by ex-common-law wife, 1966/10/28: 1
      Henderson, Joe, stabbed by Mace Smith Jr., 1932/11/11: 1
      Henderson, Leslie, slashed as SA has wild weekend, 1953/02/20: 1
      Henderson, Mildred, nose thought to be broken in argument, 1960/06/03: 3
      Henderson, Odessa, San Antonio maid slashed after John B. Henderson forces entrance, 1954/02/05: 3
      Henderson, R. L., stabbed by woman after dance, 1933/02/03: 1
      Henderson, Reuben, long-time Kelly worker found with throat cut, 1955/03/11: 1
      Henderson, Rosie Lee, beaten by James Lee Henderson, 1946/09/27: 1
      Henderson, Rufus, fisted; son, Maurice Henderson, knifed as pair battle, 1963/02/22: 1
      Henderson, Sidney, throat cut in fight in St. Anthony Hotel kitchen by Pete V. Gaytan, 1952/04/18: 1
      Hendricks, Benjamin, slashed by James Miller in disagreement over water hydrant use, 1963/07/19: 1
      Henry, Doris, beaten by common-law husband, George Cade, 1955/09/23: 3
      Henry, James
        involved in altercation with three women, suffers lacerations, 1951/05/11: 1
        knife wielding lover is conked with tire iron, 1949/04/15: 1
      Henry, John, seriously burned by lye-throwing mate, Geneva Henry, 1952/06/06: 1
      Henry, Lewis, shot in arm by Rosa Lee Henry who accused him of "other woman," 1950/12/22: 1
      Henry, Lucille
        beaten by husband, Lewis Henry, 1952/08/29: 3
        beaten unconscious by angry husband, Lewis Henry, 1952/08/08: 1
      Henry, Mable, beaten by T. S. Smith and wife, 1951/04/13: 1
      Henry, William, one-legged war veteran, suffers severe cuts on the head, while Tony Vasquez loses ear, 1940/08/02: 1
      Herbert, R. B., slashed in altercation with a woman, 1956/10/19: 1
      Hernandez, Manuel, one shot, two cut, six jailed as groups battle, 1947/01/31: 1
      Hernandez, Santiago, one shot, two cut, six jailed as groups battle, 1947/01/31: 1
      Heron, Paris, Jr., beaten, robbed in early morning attack, 1950/05/19: 1
      Herral, Lydia, slashes at SA officer stopping fight between her and man identified as "Fats," 1954/02/19: 1
      Herring, Mary Louise
        beats Elsi Chase over head with hammer, 1932/10/14: 1
        stabbed by Odell Campbell, 1932/12/09: 1
      Herrings, Lydia, badly beaten by unknown man, 1938/10/07: 1
      Herron, Alfred, jailed for striking wife, Florence Herron, 1959/05/29: 3
      Herron, Geneva, "playfully" pushed through plate glass window by "boy friend," 1949/05/06: 5
      Herron, John, and wife Maxine, wounded in bar shooting, 1967/05/12: 1
      Herron, John F., shot by Isabel Mathews, 1969/01/24: 1
      Herron, Julia
        accuses ex-mate, William Herron, of trying to steal baby and threatening to kill her, 1956/06/22: 1
        beaten by William Herron, as cop investigates disturbance, 1954/12/24: 1
      Herron, Lydia Mae, injured and Norman D. Simmonds officer painfully kicked in melee with Albert Reed and Allan Coleman, 1952/10/31: 1
      Herron, Margie, suffers head injuries in fracas with roommate, Marie Williams, 1951/08/03: 1
      Herron, Robert, severely knifed following tavern fuss, 1964/09/04: 1
      Herron, Roosevelt, knifed as he tries to stop two battling sons, 1951/10/19: 4
      Herron, William, battler's head cut with bottle, 1955/05/13: 1
      Hester, Dewey, has wrist slashed in affray with stepson, Moses Wessmon, 1952/07/11: 1
      Heyward, Benny, requests ride, gets shotgun blast from Jack Whitley, 1955/08/19: 1
      Hicks, James, stabbed by soldier, 1949/09/02: 1
      Hicks, Lonnie, stabbed with ice pick by Walter Todd, 1954/04/16: 1
      Hicks, McKinley, of Corpus Christi, and Willie B. Woods cut each other in altercation, 1944/03/31: 1
      Hicks, Theora, and Gus Hill, hurt in battle with each other, 1963/02/15: 1
      Hight, Gussie
        Mrs. Hight and husband, J. C. Hight, hurl rocks, bullets at each other, 1944/03/03: 1
        shoots twice at Charles L. Ladson who strikes her, 1945/10/19: 1
      Hightower, Dorothea Blevins, seriously knifed in fight with another woman in packed tavern, 1952/12/19: 1
      Hights, Mrs. Charles Etta, ripped as mate hurls bottle at her, 1954/08/13: 5
      Hill, Annie Lou
        shot by husband, Louis Howard Hill, who admits ambushing divorcee after week's questioning, 1952/04/04: 1
        shot in head as she stands at door with fiance by ex-husband, Louis Howard Hill, 1952/03/28: 1
      Hill, Augustine, slapped and choked by husband, Richard Hill, 1956/08/10: 1
      Hill, C. B., and Spencer ("Fritz") Butler, two land in jail after Sunday shooting affray, 1948/10/01: 1
      Hill, Charles, soldier, seriously knifed, refuses to name attacker, 1949/03/04: 1
      Hill, Diane, accused Eugene Sample of striking her and knocking earring off, 1951/02/16: 1
      Hill, Dorothy, kicked by Oscar B. Patterson, 1945/08/17: 1
      Hill, Dorothy Mae, beaten when she resents advances from Edward Robinson, 1948/11/12: 1
      Hill, Edgar, youth, fined $110 for playground fight with cop, 1945/09/14: 1
      Hill, Fay, hit with bottle by mother, Catherine Helpin, when she won't go home, 1951/01/19: 3
      Hill, Fred, cut, stoned and treated for head injuries in an altercation, 1954/07/16: 1
      Hill, Gus, and Theora Hicks, hurt in battle with each other, 1963/02/15: 1
      Hill, Gussie, seriously cut with broken bottle in altercation, 1952/12/19: 1
      Hill, Horace
        26-year-old man sprayed with slugs by Hazel Moszee, 1965/12/10: 1
        and Ward Goodson, wounded in 'old West shoot-out,' 1967/01/27: 1
      Hill, James, shot by wife, Frances Hill; condition is serious, 1946/11/22: 1
      Hill, Mrs. Janie, beaten by husband with stick, 1948/01/30: 5
      Hillard, Wilbert
        hits Allen Coleman with steel rod, who fires a gun at Hillard at Bellinger Taxi, 1952/05/02: 1
        stabbed three times in tavern fight, 1953/09/04: 1
      Hilliard, Freddie
        and Albert Province, cut and stab each other in a knife fight, 1967/07/21: 1
        shotgun wielder wounded in Friday night duel with Booker T. Kindred, manager of The Lark lounge, 1962/12/07: 1
      Hills, Charles, bartender, fired upon with shotgun by Howard Phillips, 1948/04/16: 1
      Hines, Beatrice
        stabbed by another woman, 1942/06/26: 1
        stuck with ice pick by Clara Davis, 1944/03/03: 1
      Hines, Eleanor, intruder beats woman, 1968/10/04: 1
      Hines, Essie Mae, stabbed by James C. Curtis, spurned lover, 1949/03/04: 1
      Hobbs, Mrs. Fay, beaten by husband, Willie, 1950/04/28: 5
      Hobbs, Ruth
        cut as she walks between men fighting, 1957/09/27: 1
        hit with rock, 1948/07/09: 1
        slashed with razor in affray with Mrs. Katie Lee Williams Kirven, 1948/03/26: 1
        stabbed by another woman in row in auto, 1955/12/09: 1
        struck in face by Louis Francis, 1953/09/11: 1
      Hodge, Herbert, Jr., receives brain concussion when knocked down and head hits curb, 1952/09/26: 1
      Hodge, Cpl. Holman, severely burned by lye water thrown by Irene Young, 1945/08/10: 1
      Hodge, James, pulled from auto, beaten by gang, 1968/08/02: 1
      Hodge, Mrs. Thelma Lee, beaten by mate, 1949/02/18: 5
      Hodge, Tommy, cut on chin in fight, 1968/09/06: 1
      Hodges, Earl, slashed in altercation termed "no fight" with four men, Leroy Cunningham, Edward Nance, Sam Mack, and George Wright, 1954/03/05: 1
      Hodges, Ethel, slashed on arm and head by Jewel White, 1940/11/22: 1
      Hodges, Irene, slashed by A. B. Sutton, 1944/09/08: 1
      Hodges, Isaac, and Lucille Keys, wife and son threatened by George Keys, 1952/04/11: 1
      Hodges, Jimmy, and Gladys Garnett hurt in wild affray with Callie Mae Shields, 1952/09/05: 3
      Hodges, Joe W., his shotgun causes three white men to change mind about assault, 1957/09/27: 1
      Hodges, Terrance, slashed by "good friend" R. T. Harris, goes to hospital, 1965/05/28: 1
      Hoff, Benjamin, shot by woman during argument, 1970/03/06: 1
      Hogan, Lara L., 16, armed with hoe and knife, is slashed with razor by Anna Mae Ferguson, 1951/03/23: 1
      holiday weekend not too violent in San Antonio, 1950/09/08: 1
      Holland, John, and Helen McBride are cut by Azelle Garcia, 1940/05/24: 5
      Holland, Juanita (Wanneta)
        attacked by badge-wearing pistol packer, 1955/05/27: 1
        beaten by husband, Henry Holland, who was jailed when police called a second time, 1952/03/21: 1
      Holleman, Laura, tavern worker beaten, slashed by 34-year-old man, 1964/10/09: 1
      Holley, George
        charged with aggravated assault, 1931/09/11: 1
        and Ray McKay near death in fight over 30 cents, 1943/06/25: 1
      Hollie, Raymond E., Dallas high school grid coach, shot through chest by Patterson Sykes, Bishop College instructor, 1952/09/26: 1
      Hollis, Howard, Fort Sam Houston janitor charged with slashing fellow janitor, Lovie Linzia, 1961/09/01: 1
      Hollomon, Billie T., woman shoots at another woman, and special deputy, 1969/09/12: 1
      Holloway, Anna Mae, stabbed by husband, Curtis, as couple argues about divorce, 1953/07/10: 1
      Holloway, Dycie, yanked from parked auto, fisted, 1960/07/08: 1
      Holloway, Pvt. H., stabbed in back, 1944/01/21: 6
      Holloway, Locele, 15-year-old boy shot in foot by man, 1969/02/28: 1
      Holman, Melvin, accidentally shot by youth while fishing, 1944/05/26: 5
      Holmes, Cass, wounded by shotgun blast in Saturday quarrel over 55-cent wager with C. C. Coleman, 1943/07/23: 1
      Holmes, Henry
        in rock vs. knife brawl with Archie Walton, 1933/10/20: 1
        stabbed as he tries to stop women's fight, 1938/06/03: 1
      Holmes, Louise, cuts Ferrera Stewart with razor after he beats her with shoe, 1953/03/27: 1
      Holmes, Rosa (Rosie)
        assaulted by Thelma Coleman, 1932/11/18: 1
        cut with bottle by Essie Chase, 1932/06/24: 1
      Holmes, Willie Mae, hit with boot by Arthur Harper, 1959/12/11: 1
      Holt, Baby Mae, hit with bottle by husband, Lawrence Holt, 1953/01/30: 1
      Holt, Gladys, may have fractured ribs from kicks in altercation with husband, Parrish, 1960/01/08: 1
      Holt, Pfc. Roosevelt, stabbed by Charles F. Hill, 1947/02/21: 1
      Holt, William, sent to hospital with bottle blow, 1933/07/21: 1
      Holt, William H., stabbed when inquiring about wife's assailant, 1939/01/27: 1
      Holt, Willie, stabbed by Mrs. Ollie Johnson with ice pick, after he hits her with billiard cue, 1951/05/11: 1
      Holye, Lois T., shot in leg during tiff with husband over another woman, 1951/03/30: 1
      Hood, Alice, painfully beaten and slashed in gory affray with John T. Johnson, 1952/04/25: 1
      Hood, Doris Marie, seriously wounded, shot in jaw Dec. 7, remains in intensive care; husband, Walter Hood, Jr., booked, 1966/12/16: 1
      Hood, Mattie, thrown from truck, after her purse, $17 taken, 1953/07/03: 1
      Hopkins, Albert, face slashed, 1951/08/03: 1
      Hopkins, Albert J., said hit and threatened by gun wielder, Albert James Carter, 1962/06/08: 1
      Hopkins, Freddie, arrested for smashing window of Marian Simmons when she refused to admit him, 1963/11/08: 1
      Hopkins, Murlie, Sr.
        Hopkins, A. J., and father, Murlie Hopkins, battle with ice pick, scissors, 1960/11/04: 1
        Murlie Hopkins, Jr., stabbed with ice pick by father, Murlie Hopkins, Sr., 1954/07/09: 1
      Hopson, James, claims son-in-law, Sherman Bedford, fired a blank at him during a family disturbance, 1963/03/01: 1
      Horace, Tony, knifed in fight with Booker T. Bee, 1958/12/12: 1
      Hornsby, Roberta, struck by James A. Mayes, Jr., 1944/01/21: 1
      Hosey, Stayton ("Son"), shot four times by Tommie T. Adams in drinking bout fuss, 1942/11/06: 1
      hospitals kept busy by weekend battlers, 1948/05/28: 1
      House, Bobby J., severely beaten by boy friend, Jim Cox, 1950/07/28: 1
      House, Oliver
        16, stabbed in abdomen by another 16-year-old youth, 1957/05/31: 3
        and wife, Annabelle, both hurt in altercation, 1964/12/18: 1
      Houston, Annie, leg slashed in altercation with man, 1960/12/23: 3
      Houston, Deputy Bassin, shot at by Airman Ralph J. Chambliss, after being ejected from Woodlake County Club for giving whiskey to juveniles, 1957/08/23: 1
      Houston, Clarence, severely slashed by Gussie Hill, 1944/12/15: 2
      Houston, Edward, knifed by stepfather, Millard Taylor, a one-armed man, 1962/01/05: 1
      Houston, Harry, cut by Carlton Canada, 1933/02/17: 1
      Houston, Josephine, and Lessie Lee Washington, Corpus Christi, use cue stick on each other in fight, 1944/12/15: 1
      Houston, Mrs. Sarah, suffers slashed left hand, 1948/06/04: 5
      Houston, Veora, "picked up, thrown down," and beaten by a man, 1957/06/21: 1
      Houston, Wilson
        knifed by Rollins and Claude Chatman, brothers-in-law, in wild melee, 1940/04/05: 1
        says he's attacked by three men, 1958/12/12: 3
      Howard, Betty Joyce, injured in fall from car during argument with Cornelius Williams, 1954/07/09: 1
      Howard, Dewey, shot during dice game by Sterling Houston, 1936/02/07: 1
      Howard, Herman, service station manager beaten by former employee, R. J. Raglin, 1959/09/11: 1
      Howard, Oliver
        Hayes Wilson shot in hip during Xmas Eve altercation with Oliver Howard, 1938/12/30: 1
        Marie Wallace beaten by Oliver Howard, 1938/04/29: 6
      Howard, Penette, she was shot anyway; little else known, 1969/07/04: 1
      Howard, Roy, knifed in Sunday fight, 1965/10/08: 3
      Howard, Sammie L., won't tell who knifer was, 1950/04/28: 5
      Hubbard, Ernest, complained that Raymer Johnson was making threats to kill him, 1952/01/04: 1
      Hubbard, Rose Marie, struck with rock by ex-boyfriend, 1956/11/02: 3
      Hubert, Bessie, pregnant woman reported being choked by loan firm collector, 1962/11/23: 1
      Hubert, Ernest, knifed in tavern altercation by Willie Howard, 1955/12/16: 1
      Hubert, Mrs. Incentray, nearly unclothed in row with husband, Lucious Hubert, 1959/11/06: 1
      Huble, Allen, sent to hospital with knife wound, 1933/08/25: 1
      Hudson, Naomi
        fisted and threatened by Lemmie Brown, 1958/11/21: 1
        stabbed in back, 1955/12/09: 1
      Hudspeth, Catherine, seriously cut with knife by husband, Seth Hudspeth, 1951/10/19: 1
      Hudspeth, Charles A., Jr., picketing Handy Andy Store, threatened with gun by man identified as Keene, 1960/09/16: 1
      Hudspeth, Darlene
        slashed during fight between a man and his wife, 1954/04/23: 3
        struck by Mims L. Hudspeth, 1949/11/11: 5
      Hudspeth, Inez, severely beaten by man who pronounced he hated her, 1953/11/27: 1
      Hudspeth, Mamie, struck by Billy J. Duncan, 1946/04/12: 4
      Hudspeth, Robert, conked with stone by Charles Johnson, said to be in serious condition, 1952/07/18: 1
      Hudspeth, Roy
        arrested for fisting woman, 1939/07/07: 4
        tavern employee, shot in back; slug also grazes throat of George Pollard, 1957/08/30: 1
      Hudspeth, Seth
        gun play nets charges, 1969/08/15: 1
        shot, one man killed in west side shooting, 1967/10/20: 1
      Huff, Jerry, Corpus Christian target of bullet fired by Bernice Hasting, 1946/02/22: 1
      Huff, Leonard, stabbed by wife, 1942/06/26: 1
      Huff, Starnes W., Jr., peacemaker only one hurt in row, 1949/10/07: 1
      Huff, Mrs. Zula, severely beaten with shoe by ex-husband, Raymond Huff, 1950/08/04: 5
      Hughes, Mary L., 4-year-old girl brutally beaten by C. J. Roberts, 1955/08/19: 1
      Hughes, Porter, officer attacked by "downed" man, Domingo Reyna, 1970/01/16: 1
      Hughes, Winston, struck on head by youth with bottle, 1959/12/25: 1
      Hunt, Elsmith
        and Dorothy Ann Simons, knifed in Sunday fracas, 1962/05/11: 1
        gun goes off as bottle wielder pistol-whipped by Jimmy R. Jackson, 1952/01/04: 1
      Hunter, James, mystery shrouds knifing of 25-year-old man, 1969/08/15: 1
      Hunter, James Travis, shot by woman who accused him of "messing around," 1969/02/07: 1
      Hunter, Mrs. Leola, beaten by Floyd Hunter, 1944/10/06: 4
      Huntsberry, Ophelia
        beaten to ground by former husband, Morris Huntsberry, 1951/04/13: 1
        husband Morris Huntsberry found guilty of assault and fined $75 and court costs, 1951/11/09: 1
      Hurd, Tommie, 21, shot by John Lindsay, 17, surrenders on minister's advice, 1962/10/26: 1
      Hurvey, William, Jr., minor traffic mishap leads to shooting by Mack DeShea, 1966/05/20: 1
      Hutchins, Lono G., and Harmon Adams, bullets climax row as to whom is "better man," 1948/07/23: 1
      Hutchinson, Edna, and Sarah Morris, injured by Jesse Morris, 1954/05/07: 1
      Hyatt, Betty, beaten by husband Airman Herbert J. Hyatt, 1958/01/24: 1
      Hysaw, Dorothy Mae, stabbed with ice pick over garbage argument, 1950/04/07: 1
      Hysaw, Ellis, Jr., knifed on nose and neck for refusal to play the juke box, 1970/03/20: 1
      Hysaw, Geraldine, complains of beating, knifing, at hands of mate, 1963/09/06: 4
      Hysaw, Sidney
        shot by M. T. North, who gave himself up a week later, 1969/10/24: 1
        slashed on arm by wife, 1949/04/15: 5
      Idar, Joe, shot as Melvin Price defends men who stone his house, 1946/11/01: 1
      Ingram, Errol L., airman kidnapped, beaten, robbed of money and auto, 1965/09/10: 1
      Ingram, Mack ("rape by look" trial)
      Inkton, Arthur J.
        knife just misses spine in tavern affray with O. T. Whitley, 1951/08/03: 1
        slashed by Norris Gilpin, 1951/02/02: 1
      Inman, Ernest, ex-convict arrested in beating of girl friend, Mary Smith, 1960/08/26: 1
      Inman, Helen, victim of aggravated assault at hands of husband, John Inman, 1957/08/02: 1
      Inman, J. C., shot in leg by Blue Bonnet St. resident, 1933/04/28: 1
      Irvin, Eleanor, shoes cut up; Millard Evans threatns to cut throat, 1956/02/17: 3
      Irvin, Hulon, beats wife (Doris Irvin), boyfriend of sister-in-law (Sam Woodley), 1956/04/06: 1
      Irvin, Sammie B., attacked from behind with table leg, 1951/04/20: 1
      Irvin, Samuel, cut by wife, Essie Mae Irvin, in a family row, 1956/06/29: 3
      Irving, Florence, crippled, attacked by Lee O. Peak, who was knifed by Charles E. Inman coming to Irving's aid, 1950/11/17: 1
      Irving, Geneva, expectant mother knifed in fight, 1955/06/03: 1
      Irving, Luther G., Fort Sam serviceman said shot by woman, 1966/04/08: 1
      Isom, Johnny, airman injured, auto damaged by bricks and rocks being thrown, 1965/09/10: 1
      It Is Time To Crack Down! [on assaults and murders] (editorial), 1945/09/28: 4
      Jacks, Miss O. L., has knife wounds in the back from man she refused to name, 1952/01/04: 3
      Jackson, A. stabbed in chest when girl friend surprises him with another girl, 1944/03/31: 1
      Jackson, Albert, 80-year old man knifed in tavern fight over woman, 1965/11/05: 1
      Jackson, Alice, hit with bottle by husband, 1939/03/31: 8 (filmed in 04/07 issue)
      Jackson, Alonia, and J. B. Wallace cut in affray, 1944/06/09: 1
      Jackson, Alvin, 81-year-old man slashed on arm as he dances with sister, 1960/03/25: 3
      Jackson, Amos
        bullet victim files damage suit for $10,000, 1955/06/03: 1
        shot by bill collector, Love Givens, for partial payment of debt, 1954/12/10: 1
      Jackson, Andrew, bottle tug-of-war sends SA man to hospital, 1948/03/26: 1
      Jackson, Anna Luis, knifed by husband Herman Eugene Jackson in family squabble, 1970/06/12: 1
      Jackson, Annabelle, beaten by 42-year-old man, 1951/11/23: 1
      Jackson, Audrey, stabbed in chest by wife, Essie May Jackson, over argument about potato chips, 1953/02/06: 3
      Jackson, Azalia, found on lawn, shot, 1969/09/26: 1
      Jackson, Bernice, cut in fight over "boy friend," 1949/07/01: 5
      Jackson, Mrs. Bettie Jean, knocked down, kicked, by mate, 1949/06/24: 1
      Jackson, Boston, Friday the 13th unlucky for two San Antonians, 1947/06/20: 1
      Jackson, Boza, attacked with bottle while sitting in car, 1942/10/09: 5
      Jackson, Carl, and his brother, Adolfo, reportedly 'jumped' by pair, 1969/09/26: 1
      Jackson, Catherine, threatened with razor by J. D. Jackson, 1949/02/18: 1
      Jackson, Clarence
      Jackson, Cleo, injured in altercation when Joe Cunningham insists that Jackson's date dance with him, 1967/10/13: 1
      Jackson, David, pistol-wielder knifed by Charles Crawford when he fires and misses, 1949/02/04: 1
      Jackson, Dorothy
        blouse torn off in altercation with boyfriend and two women, 1958/10/24: 3
        punched in eye when she rejects man's advances, 1966/05/13: 3
      Jackson, Dycie, assaulted by husband, Royal Jackson, as he tries to kill wife, self; sinks ice pick in chest, 1940/10/11: 1
      Jackson, Early, caught with "the other woman," knifed by Mary Williams, 1947/04/04: 1
      Jackson, Edward
        doused with lye by woman who lived with him; may lose sight in one eye, 1962/12/14: 1
        jailed for assault in riotous Saturday ruckus with Cleo Wally, 1950/08/18: 1
      Jackson, Ella Mae, struck with pistol and fists by Wright C. Hodges, 1958/07/04: 3
      Jackson, Elnora, says two men attempted to assault her, 1950/09/01: 1
      Jackson, Ernest
        knifed by "other man" escorting wife, 1959/04/10: 1
        slashed by Clarissa Dickson, 1953/07/31: 3
      Jackson, Eugene, wounded in foot by Seth Hudspeth in West Side shooting meant for another person, 1965/07/23: 1
      Jackson, Eula
        in battle with two other women, Ira Keiser and Aleen Collins, 1942/09/11: 1
        hit with can by husband, 1942/07/17: 8 (filmed in 07/24 issue)
      Jackson, Fannie Mae, "stomped" by husband, Theodore Jackson, 1951/02/02: 1
      Jackson, Geneva, slashed in back with butcher knife, then mauled by Frank Procter, 1954/01/08: 3
      Jackson, Mrs. Georgia Mae, struck with bottle by Milton Jackson, 1949/08/12: 5
      Jackson, Gladys, beaten by unknown man, 1949/01/07: 5
      Jackson, Hase
        has ice pick plunged entirely through his hand by Dorothy Gales, 1951/11/16: 3
        struck with rock by George McGown, 1944/11/17: 1
      Jackson, Herbert, stabbed by wife, Marjorie Jean Jackson, 1942/11/06: 4
      Jackson, Ida Mae, discovers it's not mate in bed with her, 1959/07/17: 1
      Jackson, Ivy, cut separating battling man and wife, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Merriweather, 1959/01/09: 1
      Jackson, J. B., shoulder cut with grass cutter swung by "friend," 1949/04/29: 1
      Jackson, J. J., preacher stabbed, three arrested, 1931/08/07: 1
      Jackson, Mrs. Jean, hit on head by Hays Jackson, 1948/04/30: 5
      Jackson, Jimmie R., stabbed in left shoulder, 1943/02/05: 4
      Jackson, Joe Louis, seriously knifed by Jerry Allen, in row over 50 cents, 1961/02/24: 1
      Jackson, John W., slashed when girl friend "plays" with knife, 1950/06/09: 5
      Jackson, Johnny, suffers cut over eye, 1954/11/05: 1
      Jackson, Karker Lee, attacked from behind by curser, 1948/06/04: 1
      Jackson, Laura B. stabbed in tavern brawl, critically injured, 1953/05/29: 1
      Jackson, Leathia, beaten by husband, Hubert L. Jackson, 1957/11/15: 1
      Jackson, Lela Mae, cut on thumb by a man friend, 1958/10/03: 3
      Jackson, Lelia, beaten by estranged mate, Rayfield Jackson, 1954/05/14: 3
      Jackson, Leon
        loses arm when shot by gambler, Sammie Bolden; Jesse E. Warren also wounded, 1947/08/15: 1
        Warren, Jesse E., man in gun duel acquitted--alleged jury Jim Crow sifted, 1947/11/28: 1
      Jackson, Leonard
        21-year-old shot in chest by Mrs. Sirleath Miller, 1964/09/25: 1
        beaten by cousin and her boyfriend, 1959/06/19: 3
      Jackson, Leroy, slashed by Erline Lighted (knives, fists send 3 to hospital), 1953/06/05: 1
      Jackson, Lillie (Lila) Mae
        beaten and cut by Clarence Jackson, 1941/07/11: 1
        and Robert Johnson, couple in row jailed to prevent more trouble, 1955/06/24: 1
        shot by Alonzo Giles, 1932/10/28: 8 (filmed in 11/04 issue)
      Jackson, Lonnie C., ripped about face and neck with razor by unknown man who fled the scene, 1959/04/03: 1
      Jackson, Lucille, beaten by common-law husband, Milton Jackson, 1956/11/09: 5
      Jackson, Lucius, slashed, and Mable Jackson hit with brick by husband Ernest Jackson during argument, 1957/08/23: 1
      Jackson, M., hit in head with bottle, 1946/11/15: 5
      Jackson, Mable
        hit with brick and Lucius Jackson, slashed by her husband Ernest Jackson during argument, 1957/08/23: 1
        hit with wash pan by husband, Henry, 1950/06/30: 1
      Jackson, Mack, bullet-proof head saves Jackson from wife, 1932/06/10: 1
      Jackson, Maggie, cop's arrival saves her from beating by Richard Watts; Watts' wife, Anna Mae booked for drunkenness, 1957/03/22: 1
      Jackson, Martin, dangerously wounded as wife, Annie Laura Jackson, plunges file in his back; struck from behind in surprise attack on street, 1937/07/02: 1
      Jackson, Mary
        cut on both wrists when she is hurled through tavern door by Edward Williams, 1962/06/08: 1
        ear nearly severed in fracas with unidentified woman, 1963/10/04: 1
        gets into wrong auto, is slashed by unidentified woman, 1958/10/10: 1
        shot in neck in fight over pistol, 1968/12/06: 1
      Jackson, Mary Helen, beaten in argument over automobile care, 1949/04/01: 5
      Jackson, Mazie, accuses Reverend James St. Ann of choking her, 1945/10/26: 5
      Jackson, Melva, has head cut by hammer blow from husband, Adolph Jackson, 1953/10/16: 1
      Jackson, Melvin, suffers possible broken cheek while trying to stop fight, 1955/10/28: 7
      Jackson, Mollie Hester, fisted and hit with chair by Otis Dears, 1956/12/21: 3
      Jackson, Odessa, injured in drive-in altercation, 1964/01/24: 5
      Jackson, Ola C., beaten, by Roosevelt Kyle, 1952/05/30: 1
      Jackson, Percy
        asks officer to "stand by" while he removes clothes from apartment, 1964/02/28: 1
        attacked while asleep by Melvin Allen, 1948/06/18: 5
      Jackson, Ray, walking away from row, shot in back, 1969/09/26: 1
      Jackson, Rayfield, blade victim undergoes heart surgery, 1960/12/02: 1
      Jackson, Robert, knifed by Wheeler Williams, and arrested for drunkenness, 1952/08/29: 7
      Jackson, Rose, fisted by Harold Stevens, 1939/08/04: 1
      Jackson, Rosie and E. C., bite each other in lips, 1947/12/12: 5
      Jackson, Sophronia, chased from house by pistol waving husband, Alex Jackson, 1954/08/06: 1
      Jackson, Terry
        beaten with a hammer by Steve Jackson, who was beaten with stones in turn by Terry Jackson, 1953/12/11: 1
        cut by "brass knuckles," 1950/06/09: 5
      Jackson, Theoria
        hit with bat by her common law husband, Willie Hazel, 1940/09/13: 5
        struck with broom stick by husband Elmo Segers, 1950/05/12: 7
      Jackson, Tommie, slashed in Wednesday morning fracas with two men, 1957/08/09: 3
      Jackson, Mrs. Willie
        beaten by husband, 1949/01/07: 5
        complains that son, Clarence D. Jackson, 37, beats her with shoe and threatens her life when she won't give money, 1958/07/18: 1
        hit with bottle by son, Clarence Jackson, 1956/04/20: 7
      Jackson, Willie, shot in tiff over music playing on juke box, 1969/04/04: 1
      Jackson, Mrs. Willie E. (Mulkey)
        fisted by Jesse E. Warren, 1956/08/24: 1
        hit with bottle by a man she named, 1959/01/16: 4
        scalp lacerated by husband, Percy Jackson, 1954/04/02: 1
        stabbed with scissors in fights with mate, Percy Jackson, 1952/09/12: 1
        struck with rock by husband, Percy Jackson, 1954/01/29: 1
      Jamerson, Eloise, under doctor's care after attempted assault, 1951/02/02: 1
      Jamerson, Ira, special officer, cut by Wardle Williams, 1950/07/28: 1
      James, Dave, reported stabbed twice by Frank Williams while he protected his mom, 1959/04/10: 1
      James, Ed, severely beaten with piece of plank, 1933/05/12: 1
      James, Ella Mae, slashed by husband, Roscoe James, 1956/08/10: 6
      James, Jesse
      James, Maggie Lee, bystander wounded by Belle Blackson, 1943/08/13: 1
      James, Marvin, stabbed in back by unidentified man, 1951/01/19: 6
      James, Orange, shot, gun-whipped by brother-in-law, Frank Williams, 1955/02/25: 1
      James, Owen, dozen stitches taken for arm gash, 1949/07/08: 5
      James, R. D., knifed in altercation with two other men, 1965/07/02: 1
      James, Roscoe D.
        shot by Simpson Wilson in argument over eating, 1950/06/09: 1
        waylaid, stabbed with ice pick by unknown woman, 1953/03/27: 1
      James, Ruth
        cut by her brother, Tony James, 1938/07/15: 1
        in knifing fight with Clarence Dorn, 1948/01/09: 1
      James, Mrs. Susie, woman slashed in peacemaker role, 1947/11/28: 1
      James, Mrs. Theresa, beaten as she fights off attacker, 1948/12/03: 1
      James, Waldress A., police officer, attacked by prisoner, Frank Belmares, 1951/10/19: 1
      James, Willie, badly cut after spending money from "weed" sale, 1941/06/20: 1
      Jamison, Gloria, knocked down after man takes pistol from her, 1965/06/18: 1
      Jarmon, Irene, stabbed by Seth Hudspeth in altercation, 1960/12/16: 1
      Jarmon, J. V., struck in head with stone by Frank Neal, 1954/07/23: 7
      Jarmon, Lawrence, youth attacked with knife, 1948/07/09: 5
      Jarmon, Lillie
        has husband, Lloyd Jarmon, jailed after her 2nd complaint, 1950/09/22: 3
        husband, Lloyd Jarmon, booked for aggravated assault upon his wife, 1950/08/18: 5
      Jarmon, Mrs. Lucille, refuses to press charges against husband for cutting her hand, 1947/12/26: 4
      Jarmon, Sam, slashed on shoulder, 1966/03/25: 1
      Javior, Theodore, knifed in St. Hedwig resort by Cecil Mitchell, 1943/02/26: 1
      Jefferson, Alice, struck in face with bottle by unknown man, 1953/10/16: 1
      Jefferson, Jesse, former circus employee attacked by Pulliam Jeffrey, 1938/04/15: 1
      Jefferson, Mrs. Johnnie, beaten by Raymond A. George and Joe Calvin Ray when she catches them in burglary, 1958/08/15: 3
      Jefferson, Roberta
        beaten by husband, Henry Jefferson, 1953/08/07: 3
        beaten by Willie Galloway who accused her of talking about his wife, 1955/12/02: 1
      Jefferson, Willie, arrested after second beating of wife, Lillian, 1955/07/01: 1
      Jells, Mrs. Ursley, slashed by husband, James Jells, 1945/05/18: 7
      Jenkins, Calvin, slashed on arm by mother, 1966/07/29: 3
      Jenkins, Ethele Mae, slashed with own knife by a man she named, 1954/02/19: 1
      Jenkins, James, bopped with bottle at house party, 1959/02/20: 1
      Jenkins, Julia, says Jesse Lee, threatened her life with a large knife, 1959/05/15: 1
      Jenkins, Minnie, attacked by Jack Green, routed and jailed, 1958/07/11: 1
      Jerrely, Lee, shot in error by Robert Taylor; assault to murder charges filed, 1963/08/30: 1
      Jiggetts, Mrs. Mattie, beaten by Wilbur L. Jiggetts, 1950/01/20: 5
      Jimenez, Diego, injured when run over by bicyclist, James Dickerson, 1938/05/13: 1
      Johns, Arthur James, shot by wife, Annie Lee Scott Johns, who killed former husband in 1952, 1955/04/22: 1
      Johns, Jack, conked with bottle by wife, 1947/05/16: 1
      Johns, Jennie, hit in head with hammer by Irene Freeman, 1938/09/30: 1
      Johnson, A. J., two shots fired into his house, 1950/03/03: 1
      Johnson, Adelaid, mother-in-law struck by airman, Sgt. L. Yates, 1953/05/08: 1
      Johnson, Adolph, struck man said to be threatened with death by brother, Jack D. Johnson, 1954/10/15: 1
      Johnson, Albert
        finds mate in bed with another man, gets knifed, 1951/04/13: 1
        stabbed, slashed, by Jewel Swain, 1953/08/07: 3
      Johnson, Alex, beaten by son-in-law, 1938/07/08: 1
      Johnson, Alex, La Vernia, his truck said fired on by men in passing vehicle, 1963/01/04: 1
      Johnson, Allen, struck with "unknown object" by "unknown person," 1952/09/26: 1
      Johnson, Andrew
        slashed in altercation, 1961/10/13: 3
        suffers multiple slashes and stab wounds in an incident, 1962/04/13: 3
      Johnson, Angelina, beaten by husband, Wade Johnson, 1958/05/23: 3
      Johnson, Archie Lee
      Johnson, Arthur, found stabbed in right shoulder, 1957/09/13: 1
      Johnson, Beach, airman held after he attacked his wife and Elijah Dukes, who tried to intercede, 1963/04/05: 1
      Johnson, Berta, shot by Jim Gay when they got into an argument at tavern, 1958/12/19: 1
      Johnson, Billey E., stabbed by Charles Grubbs [article titled "Knives Flash in SA Weekend Altercations"], 1963/11/22: 1
      Johnson, Bruce, arm ripped as he tries to stop fight, 1954/09/24: 1
      Johnson, Catherine, hit with shoe by husband, Curtis Johnson, in argument about their children, 1958/10/17: 1
      Johnson, Charles
        conks Robert Hudspeth with stone; said to be in serious condition, 1952/07/18: 1
        hit in chest with shotgun blast by Robert Lee Rhodes in bar shooting, 1961/06/16: 1
        stabbed in chest, 1946/11/08: 1
      Johnson, Cpl. Charles, stabbed in the back, and Gladine Woodard has an eye laceration in tavern brawl, 1952/02/29: 1
      Johnson, Charles Etta, beaten by Harold F. Francis, 1950/04/21: 1
      Johnson, Clifford, 67-year-old beaten by winos, 1966/11/25: 3
      Johnson, Clifton, stabbed in back by Winston Ward, 1946/01/18: 1
      Johnson, Cora, SA man tries to run over and shoot her, firing six times, 1962/04/27: 1
      Johnson, Daisy Mae, hurt trying to stop fight at drive-in, 1963/12/06: 3
      Johnson, Delores, stabbed with fork by Lillian Mosely, 1945/09/28: 1
      Johnson, Dewey
        conked by girlfriend, 1960/07/01: 1
        operator of Royal Buffet, seriously knifed by woman, 1958/09/05: 1
      Johnson, Dora, fuss over liquor ends in shooting by Henry Vance Taylor, 1948/10/08: 1
      Johnson, Edward, stabbed by wife, Nancy Johnson, 1946/10/18: 4
      Johnson, Elizabeth
        accuses 14-year old boy of molesting and fighting her, 1938/12/09: 1
        shattered bottle cuts her in fight with husband, Wheeler Johnson, 1951/07/13: 1
      Johnson, Elmore, head injured with ax in property line row with Memphis Teamer, 1948/10/08: 1
      Johnson, Emma Louise, stabbed by Mrs. Velesta Winters, 1948/01/16: 5
      Johnson, Erin
        knifed by Jack Pollard, 1939/03/31: 1
        one of three wounded in unrelated shootings, 1953/03/27: 1
      Johnson, Ernest
        arm gashed, 1955/09/30: 1
        suffers broken jaw in beating, 1944/08/11: 5
      Johnson, Eugene
        artery severed and four stab wounds inflicted by Frank Sullivan, 1945/09/28: 1
        condition of man, hit on head by wife, Theorie Johnson, is poor; diabetic man lies unconscious for hours, 1966/11/11: 1
        slashed on left arm by Oscar Weston, 1944/06/30: 1
        stabbed; wife, Ruth Johnson, struck on head by wino, 1958/01/17: 1
      Johnson, Eunice, assaulted with fists by Johnny Houston, 1936/01/24: 7
      Johnson, Evelyn, slashed on right arm and back by Frank Ussery, 1943/08/13: 1
      Johnson, Everest, same bullet hits two men; Willie "Red" Winner is shooter, 1949/11/04: 1
      Johnson, Everette "Mexican Red," man with sledge hammer shot in thighs by Willie "Red" Winner, liquor store owner, 1966/04/01: 1
      Johnson, Flora
        assaulted by Sterling Wilburn, 1932/12/02: 1
        cut in back, 1939/04/28: 1
      Johnson, Florida
        hit on head with wrapped rock, 1933/05/19: 1
        knifed by husband, Gerald (Roundhouse) Johnson, 1951/02/16: 3
      Johnson, Gertrude, beaten and bruised by Charlie Hill, 1956/11/16: 1
      Johnson, Hattie Mae, half of ear bitten by former girlfriend of visiting boyfriend, 1960/11/25: 1
      Johnson, Henry, knifed over dollar, 1964/12/11: 1
      Johnson, Herman
        Lewis acquitted of assault charge, 1933/06/09: 1
        shot by L. Lewis at work, 1931/10/02: 1
        watches wife in love tryst; attacks wife, 1931/09/25: 1
      Johnson, Homer, is badly cut by Charley Fuery, after cursing aged man, 1945/05/18: 1
      Johnson, Mrs. Ida, knee fractured as husband, B. E. Johnson, shoves her from auto, 1948/07/23: 1
      Johnson, Imogene, has back slashed by estranged husband, Harold Johnson, 1959/05/15: 1
      Johnson, Irene
        beaten with chair by Luther Clayton, 1951/08/17: 1
        injured by common-law husband, Early Moore, house wrecked as couple fights, 1953/01/16: 1
        left ear almost severed by blow, 1953/07/24: 1
        loses much blood from knife wound by a man friend with butcher knife, 1952/09/19: 1
      Johnson, Jack, stabbed with meat fork in altercation with his wife, 1952/10/31: 1
      Johnson, James
        and Albert Anderson, two drinking companions work each other over, 1955/02/04: 1
        police officer attacked with knife by Sandy Mills; officer assisted by Austin man, Willie Spears, 1968/11/01: 1
      Johnson, James A., slashed in tavern brawl, 1953/09/25: 3
      Johnson, Janie, shot in tussle with mate, Norl Johnson, 1945/09/28: 1
      Johnson, Mrs. Jimmie Lee, beaten by ex-mate, 1955/06/24: 1
      Johnson, Joanna, seriously knifed by Baby Rae Clark, 1959/03/13: 1
      Johnson, Joe, 28-year-old shot in head, 1968/10/18: 1
      Johnson, John, stabbed with ice pick by girlfriend, 1952/03/21: 1
      Johnson, Johnnie Lee, love "triangle" leads to ice pick stabbing, 1962/08/31: 1
      Johnson, Johnny
        gashed above eye when struck with full bottle, 1965/11/05: 1
        slashed by "picked-on" man, John D. Brown, who cuts bully down to size, 1956/06/29: 1
      Johnson, Kay, Jr., treated for stab wound infliced during argument with a woman, 1958/10/10: 3
      Johnson, L. L., hit with hammer by wife, Gloria Johnson, 1944/08/18: 5
      Johnson, Leonard, beaten by trio of men attempting to steal auto, 1954/11/05: 1
      Johnson, Leroy, critically cut in Sunday tavern fight, 1948/04/09: 5
      Johnson, Lillian, and Henrietta Johnson, sisters, jailed for protection from neighbors; violence feared when neighbors' children endangered by missiles from sisters' altercations, 1957/06/28: 1
      Johnson, Lily, slashed at Ruben's Place, 1955/12/02: 1
      Johnson, Lobelia, knifed in altercation in tavern, 1952/05/16: 3
      Johnson, Louise
        accuses Eddie Harris of striking her foot with glass, 1938/09/23: 1
        wife and sister slashed by husband, Lonnie Johnson, 1947/02/07: 1
      Johnson, Lula Mae
        battered by Willie Randall, 1942/01/23: 1
        beaten, kicked by man, 1969/10/24: 1
        charged with assault of Annie Mae Strait, 1945/05/18: 1
      Johnson, Lydia
        in knife duel with husband, Bruce Johnson, 1946/10/04: 1
        slashed with butcher knife by Napoleon Nation, 1954/08/06: 1
      Johnson, Mack M., cut with razor, 1955/10/07: 1
      Johnson, Marvel, two Commerce St. affrays send two men to hospital, 1950/06/30: 1
      Johnson, Marzell, stabbed by wife when he asks where she's been, 1963/12/13: 1
      Johnson, Matthew
        jury recommends year in pen for man who shot love rival, 1950/03/31: 1
        shot by Satiation Lewis in love triangle, 1950/02/24: 1
      Johnson, Moselle, knifed near heart by Leroy Sorrell, given 50-50 chance to live, 1957/05/31: 1
      Johnson, Mozell, in bed, brutally beaten by drunken mate, Robert Johnson, 1940/07/05: 1
      Johnson, Nehemiah, banged on head with metal chair, 1966/11/11: 1
      Johnson, Mrs. Oatie Lee, beaten by 'boy friend,' James L. Collins; her sister raped, 1946/08/30: 1
      Johnson, Ollie
        beaten by man in tavern row, 1948/04/23: 1
        stabbed with ice pick during an argument, 1951/01/19: 3
      Johnson, R. L., slashed man wakes up with no appendix, 1941/10/31: 1
      Johnson, Mrs. R. L., woman stops bullet intended for another, 1953/04/17: 1
      Johnson, Raymond, blade victim misses death by few inches, 1953/01/16: 1
      Johnson, Ream Lue, cut in free-for-all fight, 1945/11/30: 1
      Johnson, Reuben, and Johnny Vann fight during domino game, 1948/09/24: 5
      Johnson, Robert, cut on head, 1955/07/15: 3
      Johnson, Robert C., shot in arm at a tavern, 1965/08/27: 1
      Johnson, Robert James, stabbed by estranged wife, Henrietta, as he climbs through window, 1961/11/10: 1
      Johnson, Rocs, impatient driver pushes auto driven by Lewis Williams, who stabs him, 1952/03/28: 1
      Johnson, Ronnie, knifed by woman in tavern altercation, 1966/03/11: 1
      Johnson, Rosetta, struck on head with rolling pin in row with Pearline Sampson and Elly Mae Franks, 1964/10/23: 1
      Johnson, Ruby Jean, hit with bottle by lover, Sgt. Harry Matthew's, 1948/12/10: 1
      Johnson, Runnel, artery ripped with razor blade by Marie Crawford, 1952/06/27: 1
      Johnson, Salmon, shot three times in E. Commerce St. row over $10, 1953/04/10: 1
      Johnson, Sarah, hit with bowl by Harold Land, 1943/01/01: 5
      Johnson, Stephen John, homeless teenager stabbed in abdmen, 1955/03/11: 1
      Johnson, Thomas, slashed on arm in altercation, 1947/05/16: 1
      Johnson, Thomas W., ex-war vet seriously wounded, details of story vary, 1947/01/03: 1
      Johnson, Thomas William, said pushed into train, seriously injured, 1954/03/26: 1
      Johnson, Rev. Ulysses S., Corpus Christi, who "didn't jump when spoken to," attacked by bus driver, 1944/03/03: 1
      Johnson, Veda, "boy friend" Do Allison booked for malicious mischief, 1951/06/22: 1
      Johnson, Veddie Mae, one of three women beaten in weekend violence, 1960/04/22: 1
      Johnson, Virginia, stabbed by Cleo Brown, 1950/04/07: 3
      Johnson, Weld, says woman slashes him, 1953/07/03: 1
      Johnson, Wheeler, GI shot seriously by former wife, Elizabeth Poindexter, in child wrangle, 1953/10/02: 1
      Johnson, William, and Robert Woods, shotgun fired from auto wounds two, 1969/02/14: 1
      Johnson, Willie
        cut as he argues merits of gaming skill with another man, 1950/10/06: 3
        slashed on face by Joyce Rile, who was allegedly struck with stick, 1951/12/07: 5
      Johnstone, Billy, knifed in fight, 1963/08/02: 1
      Joiner, Ida Mae
        hit in head with iron by husband, Erice Joiner, 1954/07/23: 6
        knocked down and kicked by husband, Erice Joiner, 1954/02/19: 1
      Joiner, Leslie, Jr., booked for beating wife Brenda and son, 1970/05/15: 1
      Jolly, Katherine
        house shot at after man attempts to set it on fire, 1950/05/19: 1
        refusing to make up, conked with bottle, 1949/02/11: 1
      Jones, [first name illegible], chased, shot at for no reason, 1969/05/16: 1
      Jones, Adolph
        lacerated with a bottle by Ida Mae Ellison, 1956/10/05: 1
        stabbed with ice pick by Ida Elision, 1953/03/27: 1
      Jones, Andrew, booked for beating wife, 1939/06/23: 1
      Jones, Arthur, and wife Vera, family fight leads to gun-carrying charge against man, 1955/10/14: 1
      Jones, Audrey, severely beaten, arm twisted by Carlos B. Bonds, 1949/12/09: 1
      Jones, B. J., shot in shoulder by passing car, 1963/05/03: 1
      Jones, Bennie, unwelcome guest, shot by George White, 1936/03/06: 1
      Jones, Bessie Mae
        stabbed, knocked down, robbed of cash, 1950/03/17: 1
        stabbed by Eugene Adams, 1945/10/26: 1
      Jones, Betty R., says she's fisted, knocked down, stomped by ex-common-law husband, 1965/01/29: 1
      Jones, Bettye Clarissa, slashed in bus fuss by Wanda Price, 1942/11/20: 1
      Jones, Birdie, hit on head with rock by Richard Lewis, 1945/04/13: 5
      Jones, Brenda, 17-year-old woman slashed on fingers by "unknown female," 1969/02/07: 3
      Jones, Cecil, Jones' Radio and Television Shop, shot at by disgruntled customer, 1969/01/17: 1
      Jones, Charles, wounded by Joe Bell as cabbies battle over debt, 1947/02/14: 1
      Jones, Charley, Jr., stabbed with ice pick at birthday party by his wife, Sirleatha Jones, 1948/03/12: 1
      Jones, Claiborn, 18, critically knifed after 'bumping' incident; teenager attacked by four with clubs, knives, and belt, 1957/10/25: 1
      Jones, Clarence H., slashes two men, shot in back, 1968/09/13: 1
      Jones, Clarence R., knifed by women during argument at a tavern, 1970/03/13: 1
      Jones, Claud, knifed at Murray's Cafe, 1949/12/23: 5
      Jones, Cornelius
        slashed and hit by Emanuel "Fruit Cake" Clark, 1951/03/09: 4
        slashed by wife, Mrs. Anne Mae Jones, 1941/10/24: 1
      Jones, Della
        punched in face and back nicked by hatchet by man who forced her auto off the road, 1954/02/12: 1
        shot 17 times by Melvin Grant, 1945/10/12: 1
      Jones, Don
        manager slashed by patron-to-be because it's closing time, 1953/12/04: 1
        pistol-whipped when he objects to his wife being hugged, 1965/01/01: 1
      Jones, Donel, injured in affray at party, 1963/10/18: 3
      Jones, Donnel, charged in beating of woman, Jean Tyler, 1966/08/19: 1
      Jones, Edward M., slashed by Lola Mae Jones, 1941/03/28: 1
      Jones, Ella, and husband Clem, fight, push a cop, and make Blue Flame Inn a shambles, 1950/09/29: 1
      Jones, Fletcher, veteran in fight with wife and cop faces 2 charges, 1954/06/25: 1
      Jones, Frances Mosel, beaten, kicked, and shot at by unidentified man, 1962/02/02: 1
      Jones, Frank ("Bulldog"), badly cut in dispute over choice of wine by Zino ("Poor Boy") Green, 1961/03/17: 1
      Jones, Gertrude, stabs common-law husband, Charlie Hill, after he tries to beat her, 1957/09/13: 1
      Jones, Harvey, suffers head lacerations when struck with a stick of wood by his wife, 1940/11/01: 4
      Jones, Hattie Mae
        in knife battle with Joe Williams, 1943/08/13: 1, 1946/06/21: 5
        threatened by Joe Williams with a pistol, 1951/10/05: 1
      Jones, Helen, suffers head injuries from a smoking stand wielded by husband, Trenon Jones, 1951/12/21: 1
      Jones, Hodges, nose slashed by woman friend, 1964/07/31: 1
      Jones, Hodgie, hit on head for asking woman about missing money, 1964/09/11: 1
      Jones, Hollis, threatened with knife by Charles Hill, 1948/06/04: 1
      Jones, Horace, knifed after being accused of 'playing around' with wife of Joe Escobedo, 1963/04/26: 1
      Jones, Hugh, stabbed by wife, Cordelia Jones, 1951/03/02: 7
      Jones, Iola B., one of three victims of violence in short period of time, 1964/09/11: 1
      Jones, Mrs. Ira Bell, dancing lady victim of whodunit knifing, 1949/10/14: 1
      Jones, James
        assault to murder charges ex-wife, Shirley Ann Jones, in stabbing, 1953/03/13: 1
        assaulted by Thomas Fountain, 1932/05/06: 1
      Jones, Jarmon, hit with jug by John Sheppard, 1946/08/09: 5
      Jones, Jesse, in altercation over a pool game is knifed, 1952/07/25: 1
      Jones, Jo Elia, punched on nose, 1955/10/21: 1
      Jones, Mrs. John Eva, fires at man standing at bedroom window, Alton E. Davis, 1947/08/22: 1
      Jones, Johnny, cut by knife of unknown party, 1932/07/08: 1
      Jones, Julia
      Jones, Laura, and husband Larry (L. C.) cut each other over $2 spent for wine, 1959/06/26: 1
      Jones, Laura (Mrs. James L.), stabbed in hand by estranged husband, 1954/09/17: 3
      Jones, Laura (Mrs. Newton E.) , beaten by husband, 1949/06/03: 4
      Jones, Leola, gunplay by woman climaxes fighting of several days, 1966/06/10: 1
      Jones, Leonard, says he's dragged from car, beaten by group, 1956/03/30: 1
      Jones, Leslie, SA hotel clerk, shot three times by Johnny Mack Grant in an outgrowth of old feud, 1954/03/19: 1
      Jones, Lewis R., attacked by two brothers, 1950/01/20: 5
      Jones, Lillian, sleeping woman beaten by intruder, 1955/05/13: 1
      Jones, Lizzie, and Caesar Campbell, slashed with knife by unknown persons, 1937/12/24: 1
      Jones, Lola B.
        punched and kitchen wrecked by husband, Moses Jones, 1952/02/08: 1
        stabbed by husband, 1962/07/27: 3
      Jones, Lorene, waitress severely slashed by irate patron, James Miller, Jr., 1960/06/03: 1
      Jones, Mrs. Louis, shotgun blasts stops ired knife wielder, M. Deares, 1950/01/06: 1
      Jones, Louise, escapes death when shot at by two women, 1939/08/04: 1
      Jones, Lucille, man and woman are slashed in bloody battle, 1950/05/19: 1
      Jones, Mrs. Margie, expectant mother struck with bat in fight with Alice Rowletta and Josephine Dibrell, 1947/01/24: 1
      Jones, Marjorie, shot by former sweetheart, Charlie Coulter, 1931/09/18: 1
      Jones, Mary, shot three times by Joyce Marie Holt, when the two women battle, 1966/09/30: 1
      Jones, Mrs. Massaline, beaten by husband, 1949/09/30: 5
      Jones, Maude
        Arthur James ("Poker") Inkton sentenced for hitting wife wearing glasses, 1953/11/13: 1
        hit while wearing glasses, may lose sight, 1953/07/10: 1
      Jones, Mrs. Maxine, husband, Tilman Jones, accused of beating, slashing her throat, 1950/06/23: 1
      Jones, Moses
        beaten with bottle by Tillman Jones, 1949/11/11: 5
        stabbed by Margaret Alexander after he knocked her down during fight, 1964/05/15: 1
      Jones, Myrtle C., shot in heel for going into cafe, 1963/09/06: 1
      Jones, Napoleon, scalp lacerated and chased, asks to go to hospital, ends in jail, 1956/09/07: 3
      Jones, Natalia, ripped with a dirk by another woman, 1963/03/29: 1
      Jones, Odell, and Hattie Williams, threatened by razor-wielding step-father, Joe Williams, 1952/04/18: 1
      Jones, Ola B., 'other woman' shot during struggle in car by Mrs. Willie Ann Lee, 1945/01/05: 1
      Jones, Ollie
        Robinson, Naomi, beaten by Ollie Jones, 1941/01/31: 1
        slashed as he intervenes in fight, 1934/03/23: 1
      Jones, Mrs. Pauline, hit with flatiron, 1941/08/29: 1
      Jones, Rebecca, rescued from attackers by people from lounge, 1966/02/11: 1
      Jones, Rephus, suffers skull fracture when hit by unknown assailant, while
        sitting on porch, 1960/07/15: 1
      Jones, Ritye, beaten and kicked by husband, Arnold M. Jones, 1958/07/04: 3
      Jones, Robert Charles, suffered multiple stab wounds, remains critical, 1970/05/29: 1
      Jones, Roger, says he was thrown from auto, 1956/09/21: 1
      Jones, Rufus, 84-year-old man knifed by 38-year-old common-law wife, Lola Mae Dawson, 1963/09/27: 1
      Jones, Ruth, beaten by Fred Sykes, 1957/08/09: 3
      Jones, Ruth Betty, struck on head by husband, Joe F. Jones, 1959/03/27: 1
      Jones, Salome, fires at estranged husband tearing at window screen, 1963/04/26: 1
      Jones, Sam, fights with wife, Della Jones, 1948/12/03: 5
      Jones, Mrs. Susie E., slashed by ex-husband, Preston Jones, 1949/07/08: 1
      Jones, Theodore, and Fred Morrow, wild shooting spree leaves two wounded, 1966/10/07: 1
      Jones, Tilmon (Tilman)
      Jones, Tommie, cut in fight with in-laws, 1949/02/25: 1
      Jones, Vera Lee, draws knife on husband packing to leave, shot and seriously wounded by husband, Arthur Jones, 1956/11/23: 1
      Jones, Vernon, eye shot out; wife, Elsie Jones, critically injured in love triangle; shooter, Nettie McCurley also injured, 1960/06/10: 1
      Jones, Vivian, Annette Rice, and Alice Norwood, cut in battle with knives, 1955/05/27: 1
      Jones, Walter, shot in shoulder in tavern brawl, 1957/07/05: 1
      Jones, William
        in argument with wife, slashed on left cheek, 1965/01/15: 3
        critically knifed by "wife" who was not a woman, but a female impersonator, Charles Walton, 1965/08/27: 1
        throat cut in row with unnamed woman, 1964/05/15: 1
      Jones, Willie, stabbed in head with ice pick by wife, Mary Lou Jones, 1941/07/25: 4
      Jordan, Fred, loses part of finger in shooting, 1941/02/14: 1
      Jordan, Ida Mae, beaten by husband, tells police she's going to kill him, 1958/09/05: 1
      Jordan, Mrs. Mattie, takes pot shots at mate, Thomas, with woman in auto, 1950/05/26: 1
      Jordan, Thomas and Bradley Tode, draw guns, but no shots fired, 1955/09/09: 1
      Joshua, Bertha, wounded in gun battle in tavern, 1959/10/23: 1
      July ushered in by outbreak of family rows, 1955/07/08: 1
      June ushered in with accidents, blood-letting, 1951/06/08: 1
      Junious, Deloris, fisted and slashed by William Henry King, an airman, 1959/05/08: 1
      Justice, Ora F., beaten by boy friend, 1950/02/10: 5
      Justice--and Justice [comment on Jesse Hollins' conviction and Mississippi torture case] (editorial), 1936/02/21: 4
      Kaiser, Mrs. Hermine, bloody woman says husband hit her with brick, 1949/08/12: 5
      Kallam, Robert, cut severely by unknown assailant, 1933/05/19: 1
      Kaufman, Charlie, hit on head with rock by Leroy Thomas, 1948/06/25: 1
      Kelley, Bertha, 17-year-old slashed on back in altercation, 1960/06/10: 3
      Kelley, Corsey, wounded in E. Commerce St. shooting, 1966/05/06: 1
      Kelley, David, beaten, personal items stolen in unexplained incident, 1950/08/04: 5
      Kelley, I. H. Jr., charged with pistol assault, 1932/09/23: 1
      Kelley, Willie
        cut during fracas, will not talk, 1970/05/29: 1
        stabbed after Saturday night diversion, 1933/04/28: 1
      Kelly, Anthony, 15, hijacked by 4 teenaged youths, 1965/08/13: 1
      Kelly, Ardis, stabbed by Ernest Roberts, 1944/03/31: 1
      Kelly, Beatrice
      Kelly, Jimmy, suffers knife wounds inflicted by Leon Shannon, 1944/11/17: 1
      Kelly Field soldier, questioned about 14-year-old girl in car, attacks cops, 1948/11/12: 1
      Kemp, Gladys, cut about head by husband [three injured in SA fights this week], 1960/10/28: 1
      Kemp, Vera, shot by former husband when she refuses to get into automobile, 1959/09/18: 1
      Kemper, Albert, stabbed while interceding in argument, 1944/06/16: 1
      Kemper, Jessie Mae
        beaten by husband, Joe Kemper, 1948/08/13: 5
        knifes fiance, Johnny Bill Mitchell, as day of wedding nears, 1949/10/14: 1
      Kemper, Joe, and Elbert Nixon, just "want to forget the whole thing," 1949/03/25: 1
      Kemper, Leonard, back ripped with razor by unknown woman, 1954/07/02: 1
      Kemper, Naomi, "smoothed" with iron by George Ellis, 1936/08/14: 1
      Kendrick, George, hit with board, slashed and relieved of cash by Percy Green, 1950/10/27: 1
      Kendrick, Hazel, beaten by Stanley Wilson, 1946/03/22: 1
      Kendrick, Leslie, run down in attack by James Scallion, 1954/11/19: 1
      Kennedy, Dorothy Mae, girdle stops blade thrusts aimed at woman by husband, John M. Kennedy, 1953/05/22: 1
      Kennedy, Gene, beaten by hitchhikers after his car has a flat tire, 1968/10/18: 1
      Kennedy, John, stopped by cops as he chases intruder with gun, 1947/10/03: 1
      Kennison, Don, shot; wife Beatrice Kennison and Det. Dave Alsbury injured in fight at Uncle Henry's Barbecue; Alsbury shoots Kennison to stop attack, 1956/07/20: 1
      Kennon, Thomas, and wife, struck with rocks by father-in-law, Thomas Kennon, 1949/08/05: 1
      Kenny, Jean, knifed by Doris Thompson, 1947/09/12: 5
      Keno, Robert, stabbed, but says he's mistaken for somebody else, 1950/09/29: 3
      Ketchum, Brady, and Mable Smith, both abusive and profane, both arrested when cops take "all the abuse they can stand," 1952/12/19: 1
      Ketchum, Mrs. Daisy, assaulted by Jeff Ketchum, 1949/01/14: 5
      Ketchum, J. B., ice pick plunged into his back by brother, Robert Ketchum, 1958/03/28: 1
      Ketchum, Robert, stabbed as boys gang him in park fracas, 1940/06/28: 1
      Ketter, Dorothy, knifed by Martha Lou Arch in an argument that began Thanksgiving Day and finished in Tuesday affray, 1953/12/11: 1
      Keyes, Mrs. Bertha, expectant mother beaten by husband, Raymond Keyes, 1949/04/08: 1
      Keys, Helen L., other woman pistol whipped by wife, Georgia L. McFee, 1959/10/16: 1
      Keys, Lucille, and son, Isaac Hodges, threatened by George Keys, 1952/04/11: 1
      Killough, Ernestine, fisted by husband, William Killough, as cops watch, 1957/02/01: 1
      Kimball, Vivian, dragged from car, beaten by boy friend, 1955/07/22: 1
      Kimble, George
        assaulted by ex-convict, Harry Davis, 1932/07/15: 1
        receives serious knife wounds, 1932/07/01: 1
      Kimble, George Campbell, 87-year-old man hospitalized for stab wounds, inflicted by Julia Jones, 1963/09/06: 1
      Kimble, Maxine, wounded in argument over "driveway rights" with Cathy B. Sprual, 1970/05/01: 1
      Kinard, Barbara, says ex-boyfriend hit her in face, 1969/10/10: 1
      Kincheon, Lemie, beaten by husband, Wilber Kincheon, who was arrested, 1960/10/14: 3
      Kinchion, Walter, threatened with gun by man who was slashed with a knife by Kinchion, 1952/07/11: 1
      Kindle, Louis James, shot while beating estranged wife, by Willie L. Wilkers, 1959/10/09: 1
      Kindred, Lee, Jr., shot in side while allegedly advancing on estranged wife, Willie Alma Kindred, 1959/01/16: 1
      King, Mrs. A., shot accidentally by husband, 1942/12/25: 1
      King, Addie Lee, beaten by boy friend, 1960/04/15: 3
      King, Andrew
        24, and three youths, all 15, hit in gangland type shooting, 1969/05/23: 1
        youth shot in argument over theft by Crosby Brown, 1966/11/18: 1
      King, Annie Mae (Strait)
        beaten, kicked by common-law mate, Richard Coleman, 1947/11/14: 7
        Johnson, Lula Mae charged with assault of, 1945/05/18: 1
        knifed in tavern fight by Brown McCoy, 1953/12/25: 1
        stabbed in side while interceding in fight, 1953/09/11: 1
      King, Mrs. B. M., charges husband, Joe, with cutting her, 1948/02/20: 5
      King, Baby Mae, hit by flying bottle in fight between two other women, 1947/12/12: 5
      King, Carlton, arm slashed by woman when he reaches into auto, 1963/05/10: 3
      King, Clarence, booked after attack on wife, Maggie Green, 1967/01/13: 1
      King, Dossie Lee, and her 14-year-old son, Kenneth Jean Flint, shot by Norman Satterwhite, 1969/03/14: 1
      King, Easter, and Maxine Ellison, arrested in tavern fight, 1961/03/31: 1
      King, Emma
        beaten wife locks out, fires at mate, Aaron King, thru door, window, 1948/05/14: 1
        struck with water glass, 1955/11/04: 3
      King, Ernestine, stabbed in chest with ice pick as she battles with Leona Locking, 1952/08/15: 1
      King, Eugene, 16, shot between the eyes by Clarence Williams, said to be an accident by witnesses, but charged by police as assault-to-murder, 1970/04/03: 1
      King, George, badly slashed during razor attack with Willie Wright, 1951/05/04: 1
      King, George Ellis, doused with lye water in family row, 1941/07/11: 1
      King, Harvey, two wounded in fracas--wild shot hits passerby, 1961/11/10: 1
      King, Irene, beaten by Henry Ford, Jr., 1949/05/13: 1
      King, Joe C., stabbed over heart, 1946/11/15: 5
      King, Johnnie (Johnny)
        domino game fight sends two players to hospital, jail, 1953/08/07: 1
        knifed by Dallas man who bragged about it, 1955/12/09: 1
      King, Johnny, 18, Peggy Grudley, 15, and Algaree Lenzy, 15, knifed during teenage party, 1958/08/22: 1
      King, Joyce, 14, and Joe L. Austin, 16, hospitalized in teenage fracas with Fred Campbell, 17, 1957/03/29: 1
      King, Julia, hit with brass knuckles, 1948/01/02: 1
      King, Lillie Mae, reports being cut by Eula Mae Harvey, 1932/07/08: 1
      King, Lorraine
        accuses Clifton Steen of striking her in face, 1948/02/06: 1
        stabbed in chest and neck in altercation, 1953/05/08: 1
      King, Mrs. Margie, stabbed in thigh by husband, Phinis King, 1947/10/17: 1
      King, Ora, assaulted by Jno. Richman, 1932/05/20: 1
      King, Oscar B., cut on left arm, 1942/12/04: 1
      King, Robert, elderly man's jaw fractured by holdup man, 1949/06/10: 1
      King, Robin, knifed by Otis Taylor, 1949/02/04: 5
      King, Ruby Lee, shot in hip by Julius C. Williams, 1954/09/10: 1
      King, S. P., watchman slugged by Vernon Willie Taylor, 1945/02/02: 1
      King, William, shot and Shelly Foster stabbed in New Year's battle with each other, 1959/01/09: 1
      Kinion, Dorothy Mae, bound, gagged, while home ransacked, 1948/08/27: 1
      Kinney, Alvin, shot by Frank Lee over girl problem, 1933/05/26: 1
      Kinney, John F., attacked by unknown assailant, 1948/09/10: 1
      Kirby, Eddie, loses cash, hat in brass-knuckles attack by Leroy Johnson, 1947/12/19: 1
      Kitchum, Bray, stabbed by a woman in an altercation, 1956/11/02: 1
      Kline, Tom, attacked from behind and slashed with a knife by a man, 1959/01/30: 1
      Knabb, Maryland, "other woman," has blade broken off in her back by ired wife, Evelyn Whitely, 1951/07/20: 1
      Knapp, Mrs. Myrtle, stabbed by husband, Riley Knapp, 1949/08/26: 5
      Knapp, Riley, slashed by girlfriend Ermalee Jackson, 1951/09/07: 3
      Knight, [first name omitted], man says four youths attack, knife him, 1968/11/22: 1
      Knipp, Riley L., struck on head by rock, 1948/01/09: 1
      knives, fists and feet used in weekend altercations, 1951/08/31: 1
      Knotts, Benjamin, trio of soldiers attack passerby--one is slashed, 1947/03/14: 1
      Knowles, Arlene C.
        22-year-old shot in burglary attempt; assault to murder charges filed against Daisy Butler, 1963/08/23: 1
        stabbed by Lombrano St. man, 1965/10/29: 3
        woman says ex-boy friend knifed her, 1963/11/01: 1
      Knowles, Leon, Fort Sam Houston soldier shot in head by woman motel clerk, who said it was accidental, 1964/12/25: 1
      Knox, Doris, pistol-whipped man wounded as gun discharges, 1948/09/03: 1
      Knox, James
        seriously wounded in Saturday shooting, 1964/01/24: 1
        shot in the chest and hand by teen, 16, after an argument, 1967/06/02: 1
      Knox, Robert
        19-year-old hits cop and flees, but is nabbed by another, 1957/10/25: 1
        and Betty Anderson, teens wounded by shotgun blast from Blemon Bateman and James Edwards, Seguin, 1958/07/11: 1
      Koontz, Ida Mae, and Julius Hairston, slashed by wife, Corine Hairston, 1953/06/26: 3
      Koontz, S. K., wounded, in argument that kills Percy Smith, 1944/10/06: 1
      Krakow, I., fisted by Wendell Perryman, 1946/09/20: 2
      Krayston, Fay Marie, attacked by male visitor, who threw her in bathtub and turned on hot water, 1960/08/19: 1
      Kreel, J. J., service station operator, beaten with gun in argument over gasoline with Manuel Norris, 1940/06/28: 1
      Kretzschmar, C., San Antonio deputy with violent temper, wife in affrays, 1959/06/26: 1
      Kuykendall, Abraham (Jack), hit on jaw in fight, 1933/03/17: 1
      Kuykendall, James, shot twice by brother, Vernon, in argument over clothes, 1945/08/24: 1
      Kuykendall, Mabel
        beaten by husband, Robert, 1949/08/05: 4
        no complaint to police on first beating, but second fractures her arm and a complaint against husband, Robert, 1950/11/24: 1
        struck with bottle, 1950/01/27: 1
      Kuykendall, Robert
        shot in argument over cigarette machine, 1962/08/10: 1
        stabbed with butcher knife by common-law mate, Vera Mae Johnson, 1961/11/10: 1
      Kyle, Melvin, wounded by Mrs. Ella Thomas, 1946/07/05: 1
      Kyle, Roosevelt, shot three times by cops; conflicting accounts given, 1945/08/24: 1
      Kyles, Tena, assaulted by May Bell Cheatham, 1938/07/22: 1
      Lacey, L. B., slashed by Albert Thomas, 1942/05/29: 5
      Lackley, George W., slapped by Winston Bouldin, 1950/05/19: 1
      Laird, Robert, thumbnail bitten off in fight with brother-in-law, Wilford G. Barber, 1954/09/03: 1
      Laird, Robert, Jr., pistol shooter blasted with shotgun by Michael Brown, 1968/10/25: 1
      Lambert, Z. L., shot in argument over $2.00 debt by Oncee Mills, 1955/01/14: 1
      Lampkin, Mrs. Erma, beaten by Sam Lampkin, 1945/01/12: 1
      Lampkins, Benny, slashed by Luciano Villar, 1932/12/02: 2
      Landry, Joe, shot by romance-seeking Latin American, 1961/02/24: 1
      Landry, Mattie, kicked by Pearl Thompson, in ongoing feud, 1939/06/23: 1
      Lane, Nellie Rae, finds self on floor with eye cut and back injured, 1958/10/17: 1
      Lane, Quentin R., and Leonard Cade, bottle tipping ends in fight, 1944/12/08: 1
      Lane, William E., stabbed in the back by another man, 1952/08/15: 1
      Lane, Mrs. Zula, shot by roomer, Lee Wilson Harrison, in fuss over rent, 1946/11/01: 1
      Langham, Tommy, fight leads to missing 5-year-old girl, abducted by Jeremiah Wallace, 1965/03/26: 1
      Langrum, Dillard, stabbed by wife, 1946/09/20: 5
      Lara, Frank M., soldier's arm broken by strong-armed woman, 1948/01/16: 1
      Larkin, Stanley, slashed on throat by John Carwell, 1960/01/22: 3
      Larrymore, Henry, slashed by Hubert Hill, 1944/09/15: 5
      Latchie, Anna Louise, slashed by Florence Currie, under influence of marijuana, 1945/03/09: 1
      Latson, Louis, suffers gashed hand when hit with bottle thrown by wife, Virginia Latson, 1958/06/06: 1
      Lavistida, Frank, shot by fired delivery boy, Fred Lewis, 1940/11/22: 1
      Lawson, V. J., assaulted by Stanford Brooks, 1942/07/24: 5
      Leath, William, Santone youth, is nearly run down, shot by motorist, 1940/09/06: 1
      LeDux, Ramona, slashed by Robert Brown, who then kills self; family conference on marriage question ends in tragedy, 1943/06/25: 1
      Lee, Alma, Sadie Lee Webber, and Johnny Webber, knifed in wild melee in Duncan's Place tavern, 1953/01/23: 1
      Lee, Almere St. Clair, battered, husband, Wilber Lee, badly knifed as couple fights, 1951/12/21: 1
      Lee, Anna, cut by husband, James Lee, 1941/07/04: 1
      Lee, Arthur Rice and Gilbert Peoples arrested for fighting, 1945/04/13: 5
      Lee, B., same bullet hits two men; Willie "Red" Winner is shooter, 1949/11/04: 1
      Lee, Charles, hand broken in bar brawl, 1955/06/17: 3
      Lee, Charles A., Odell Lee, and Sterling Norwood all knifed in Sunday morning free-for-all fight, 1951/07/06: 3
      Lee, Clarence
        asleep, hit in mouth with table leg by Everett Johnson, 1965/10/15: 1
        confesses to shooting Joe Smith; Smith says it was another man, 1947/11/07: 1
        shot by his wife, Evelyn Lee, for 'bothering her,' 1962/01/05: 1
      Lee, Mrs. Cloadine, punched, knocked down by stepson, Eugene Lee, 1959/11/20: 1
      Lee, Eddie, knocked down, kicked by two men in tavern, 1967/02/24: 7
      Lee, Edward, fired on following quarrel with girl friend; uncle of woman involved in fuss accused of trigger pulling, 1940/06/28: 1
      Lee, Elroy, attacked, robbed by hoodlum pack, 1954/11/05: 1
      Lee, Eugene, gunned by Andrew G. Stevens, returns, blasts place with shotgun, fires into residence, 1959/05/08: 1
      Lee, Evelyn
        chair broken on her head by common-law husband Clarence Lee, 1956/07/13: 1
        loses tooth in wild melee with mate, Clarence Lee, 1952/12/05: 1
      Lee, George W., Lackland AFB, slashed after Mattie Brown invites him to have drink, 1952/12/19: 3
      Lee, Horace, stabbed in fight, 1963/09/06: 1
      Lee, James Otis, shot, seriously wounded by Delvage McIntyre, in love triangle, 1965/01/22: 1
      Lee, Leslie, required stitches when Maxine Hart hit the man with bottle, 1951/11/23: 1
      Lee, Louis Thomas, shotgun blast by Barney Davis greets him when he kicks down door; had promised Davis a "good old whipping," 1957/06/28: 1
      Lee, Luther, hits prowler by shotgun blast, but he escapes, 1957/06/28: 1
      Lee, Mollie, beaten senseless after boyfriend, Richard Evans, departs, 1951/11/30: 1
      Lee, Nellie Mae, beaten by common-law husband, O. B. Clewis, 1957/05/10: 1
      Lee, Nellie R., struck by spurned admirer, 1964/08/28: 1
      Lee, Odell, Charles A. Lee, and Sterling Norwood all knifed in Sunday morning free-for-all fight, 1951/07/06: 3
      Lee, Rayford, fatally wounded in gun battle with police; patrolmen Jack Weaver and Charles Jakeman wounded, 1967/08/25: 1
      Lee, Rice A.
        knifed in a fight, 1962/12/21: 1
        one of three wounded in unrelated shootings, 1953/03/27: 1
      Lee, Richard, hit in leg by shot fired from Cozy Corner Tavern by Edward Thompson, who pours bullets through window of resort, 1958/08/08: 1
      Lee, Robert B., knifed when a friend and another person were involved in an altercation, 1953/11/06: 3
      Lee, Roger, has head injury when hit with bottle by "drunk customer," 1952/08/29: 3
      Lee, Ruby
        beaten by John Whitman, 1939/06/02: 1
        escapes man attempting attack, 1956/06/01: 1
      Lee, Rufus
        ripped with razor by common-law wife, Barbara Jean Walker, 1954/09/10: 1
        suffers cut artery in drive-in melee with Leon Thomas, 1952/02/08: 1
      Lee, Wilbert
        cut in fight, raises row at hospital, 1949/07/22: 1
        knifed in brawl, 1953/08/14: 3
      Lee, Willie E., and others, fined $112 each for Ezell St. free-for-all fight, 1947/05/02: 1
      Lee, Willie Mae, beaten by boy friend, Douglas Grady, who comes through window, 1953/07/17: 1
      Leek, Robbie, reports being pulled from car, bruised by husband, Thomas Leek, 1952/04/11: 1
      Lemon, Percy, Gary Job corpsman shot in leg, 1969/01/31: 1
      Lemons, James, 14, shot by Calvin Perryman, 17, as he plays Russian roulette, 1957/08/23: 1
      Lemons, James Etta, in one of two shootings in SA Saturday, 1968/09/13: 1
      Lemons, Vera Mae, 16, slashed, and Marjie Tones, 36, hurt as old feud explodes, 1957/05/24: 1
      Lemons, Willie Lee, patron who insists on after-hours drinking shot by Betty Morris, 1961/03/17: 1
      Lenzy, Algaree, 15, Peggy Grudley, 15, and Johnny King, 18, knifed during teenage party, 1958/08/22: 1
      Leonard, Mrs. A. K., struck by Clifford Moransee, 1941/03/14: 1
      Leonard, Grace, struck with chair; Augusta Coner threatened with shotgun by John Leonard, 1954/08/13: 1
      Leonard, John T., arrested as fire follows family battle, 1950/09/22: 1
      Leonard, Johnny, grounded after blocking a police car on an emergency run, 1954/02/26: 1
      Leonard, Monte, cut by James Stewart, as another wave of violence sweeps San Antonio, 1942/05/08: 1
      Lepree, Henry, peacemaker slashed in altercation, 1959/10/23: 7
      Lester, Manuel, knifed, by woman, chased, slashed again, 1952/02/22: 1
      Lewis, [unknown], carved in fight with William Grady, 1949/04/15: 3
      Lewis, Mrs. A. B., housewife floored by man forcing way into home, 1950/03/31: 1
      Lewis, Beatrice, Corpus Christi, critically slashed by lover, Louis Gonzales, 1943/07/30: 1
      Lewis, Charles, slashed by Leona Shelton, 1944/10/06: 1
      Lewis, Charles (23 years old), booked for drunkenness, disturbing the peace, abusive language, and aggravated assault of Betty Holiday, 1967/09/22: 1
      Lewis, Charles L., shot in arm while riding in auto, 1968/12/20: 1
      Lewis, Chester, door knob shot off as he attempts to visit his children at home of estranged wife, 1963/10/04: 1
      Lewis, Christine, struck by former boyfriend with "bag full of money," 1951/01/05: 1
      Lewis, Mrs. Clara, shot by husband, Charles Lewis, 1949/05/27: 5
      Lewis, Dorothy, shot at by Sgt. Smith Conway, Jr., 1950/02/03: 1
      Lewis, Elmer, shot stops knife wielder fleeing from free-for-all, 1950/07/21: 1
      Lewis, Mrs. Ethel, estranged husband, Henry Clay Lewis, slashes man sharing room with mate, 1946/09/13: 1
      Lewis, George, knifed by Mobile Mackey, 1938/11/04: 1
      Lewis, Gladys
        hit with bottle by husband, Raymond Lewis, 1955/09/16: 1
        injured with bottle hurled by husband, Raymond, 1955/08/26: 1
      Lewis, Helen, cut in fight, 1939/03/31: 1
      Lewis, Pvt. Jake, knifed by Tommie Louise Butler, 1945/08/03: 2
      Lewis, Johnnie Mae, slapped by B. L. Jackson, 1945/10/19: 5
      Lewis, Juanita
        45-year-old divorcee stabbed repeatedly by Elijah Dukes, 1966/05/27: 1
        one of three victims of violence in short period of time, 1964/09/11: 1
      Lewis, L. J. ("Red"), nose bitten, knifed, 1942/01/30: 4
      Lewis, Lafayette
        acquitted of assault charge of attempt on life of Herman Johnson, 1933/06/09: 1
        Johnson, Herman, shot by L. Lewis at work, 1931/10/02: 1
      Lewis, Mattie T., teacher awakes as burglar chokes her, 1967/12/01: 1
      Lewis, Milton, slash in affray with woman from Seguin, 1953/12/04: 1
      Lewis, Monroe
        arrested in pistol whipping of Lackland airman, James McMillan, 1956/05/11: 1
        cut, gunned in tavern fracas with Eddie "California" Bowen, 1955/09/23: 3
      Lewis, Morris L., persistent man, demanding dance, critically stabbed, 1953/06/12: 1
      Lewis, Oble, special officer shot 5 times, in serious condition, 1949/10/28: 1
      Lewis, Richard, Jr., shot at by Clarice Abram, for "bothering her," 1964/11/06: 1
      Lewis, Mrs. Robbie, beaten and has dress cut by husband, Ernest Lewis, 1950/10/13: 6
      Lewis, Mrs. S., slashed in affray with another woman, 1954/02/19: 1
      Lewis, Mrs. W., 74, cursed and abused by son, William Lewis, 1950/09/15: 1
      Lewis, William, shot at by Charles W. Davis, and booked for assault, 1955/12/23: 1
      Lewis, Willie, wounded in tavern shooting, 1961/01/06: 1
      Ligans, Mattie B., uses scissors on mate in Sunday row, 1938/01/21: 1
      Liggett, Leon
        knifed by love rival he once beat up, 1962/10/05: 1
        motorist forced to side of street, beaten and slugged by three young men, 1954/06/11: 1
      Lighter, J. C. and Andy Glass slashed when Lela B. Adams catches common-law husband with another, 1953/11/13: 1
      Ligon, Clifton, slashed by woman, 1955/04/15: 1
      Ligon, Georgie, woman dragged from auto, beaten, 1968/11/01: 1
      Lindsay, Janice, stabbed in argument, 1969/10/24: 1
      Lindsay, Robert, stabbed in the back by an unknown person, 1963/02/15: 1
      Lindsay, Rosie Mae
        beaten by Sylvester Rogers, 1955/06/03: 3
        with Myrtle Sedberry and Pete Raymond, knifed in West Side drinking bout row, 1958/08/15: 1
        sticks common-law husband, Henry Barton, with screw driver after being manhandled, 1958/12/05: 1
      Lindsey, Perry, shot in hand by Corrine Hicks, 1944/01/21: 1
      Lindsey, Sammie Davis, stabbed by wife, Rosalie Lindsey; case dropped as he won't prosecute, 1962/12/07: 1
      Lindsey, Samuel D., slashed in altercation, 1969/05/09: 1
      Linton, Anna Mae, hit on head by unknown assailant, 1936/07/31: 7
      Liston, Pearline, slugged with pipe in altercation, 1968/11/01: 1
      Littlefield, Daisy, in altercation with Helen McCall, 1937/09/17: 8 (filmed in 09/24 issue)
      Littlefield, Katherine, beaten by Dink Littlefield, 1938/10/28: 1
      Littlejohn, Alice, files assault charge on Robert Littlejohn, 1951/12/07: 1
      Littlejohn, John, doused with hot water by wife, Bernice, in family row, 1965/03/05: 1
      Liverman, SeamanJunius, knifed by A. T. Friday, Corpus Christi, 1944/12/08: 1
      Living, Clentha, conked by woman, 1955/07/22: 3
      Locke, Benjamin Franklin, says he was stabbed for not shooting dice, 1958/10/24: 1
      Lockett, Ambrosia, cut on shoulder by wife, Geraldine Lockett, 1960/09/16: 3
      Logan, David, gunned man declines to tell about it, 1968/07/12: 1
      Logan, Mary, assaulted during a robbery attempt by William J. Turner, 17 years old, 1969/12/19: 1
      Lomas, Clifford, punched and car window smashed by two men over a push when Lomas gave them $.50 and they wanted a dollar, 1965/10/08: 1
      Long, Joseph, knifed; assailant also attempts to burn house down, 1951/10/19: 2
      Lonney, Launice, slashed about shoulders and chest by Jewel Johnson over a boy, 1943/03/12: 1
      Looney, Annie Mae, aids beaten cop (photo), 1955/08/26: 1
      Lopez, Henry, special officer, struck on the head by Charles Davis at Woodlake County Club, 1956/06/22: 1
      Lopez, Jack
        charged with robbery and assault, 1931/10/02: 1
        fights with James Cookey, 1931/08/14: 1
      Lott, Mrs. E. A., files complaint against Johnny Mayfield, 1949/09/23: 1
      Lott, Eliana, expectant mother hit by husband, Leo Lott, 1952/07/04: 3
      Lott, Myrtle, taken into country, fisted, pistol-whipped, 1959/10/30: 1
      Loud, Frank, refuses to name woman who stabbed him, 1949/08/26: 5
      Loud, Mrs. L., slashes attacking mate, David Loud, with razor blade, 1950/12/01: 1
      Love, Mrs. Anna Mae, complaining about stepped-on tootsie leads to fight, knifing, 1949/11/04: 1
      Love, Johnny M., struck with rock by unknown assailant, 1948/10/08: 5
      Love, Robert Lewis, slashed in fight over telephone use, 1953/05/08: 6
      Love, William E., knifed in fight, 1948/11/19: 5
      Loving, Robert, bumping leads to teener's being shot, 1968/11/15: 1
      Lovings, Bernice, beaten with chair by husband, 1961/11/03: 1
      Lovings, Isaiah, refuses to take traffic violation ticket from officer, gets into scuffle, arrested for assault, 1970/03/06: 1
      Lowe, Ella Louise, stabbed and beaten by Marie Marshall, 1938/04/15: 1
      Lowe, Pauline, common-law wife, shoots Sebastian Avlin in fuss over woman, 1943/07/23: 1
      Luckey, Ardell William, critically stabbed by stepson, William Washington; former GI "has trouble" with his mother; knifes step-father, 1958/02/28: 1
      Luckey, Jesse
        man wounded in Saturday shooting, 1968/05/17: 3
        teener cut by another, who avenges lil' brother, 1964/03/20: 3
      Luckey, Otis
        bottle-throwing patron shot and slightly wounded by tavern owner, Johnny Westman, 1964/01/03: 1
        gashed by bottle on chest by Fenell Woolridge, 1948/08/20: 1
        shot twice in abdomen by Andrew Patterson in argument over a dice game, 1963/04/05: 1
      Luckie, Jesse, battered in Saturday battle with 'several' men, 1955/12/02: 1
      Lucky, Rosa (Rose, Rosie) Lee
        attacked with knife, 1944/03/31: 5
        hit with bottle by Julia King, 1941/12/19: 1
        suffers knife wound in an altercation with another woman, 1950/11/24: 1
      Luster, Russell, knifed by mate, Birdie Mae Luster, 1953/08/14: 3
      Lyles, Jackie Lee
        hit with chair and bottle by W. Riley, 1962/09/28: 1
        joined by husband in fight with Mrs. Ola Mae Williams, 1945/06/22: 1
        knife blade left in arm by woman battler, 1952/08/01: 1
        leg knifed by Eugene Hemphill, 1949/02/04: 5
        rocked in fight, may have fractured shoulder, 1953/01/16: 1
      Lyons, Allan, severely knifed in shoulder by Maggie Word, 1958/11/14: 3
      Lyons, Jackie Lee, struck on head with club by Roger Lee, 1965/03/12: 3
      Mabrey, Izola, struck over head with beer bottle by Maggie Haywood, 1936/05/22: 1
      Mabry, Will, given the gate by girl friend when he objects to tough rabbit, 1948/03/19: 1
      Mack, Clara, stabbed in arm with screwdriver by Coleta Cole, 1952/03/21: 1
      Mack, Mrs. Emma Lee, hit with bottle by jealous wife, 1948/10/01: 1
      Mack, Fayerene, 19-year old woman shot in argument over "other woman," 1966/03/25: 1
      Mack, Louise, may lose eye sight after being struck while wearing glasses by boyfriend, Andrew Wolford, 1956/10/26: 1
      Mack, Robert, stabbed by Robert Madder, 1941/12/05: 1
      Mack, Sam M., stabbed and Mander Tiller beaten in drinking bout, 1951/07/06: 1
      Mack, Willie, cut, struck by James Whipple, 1943/06/18: 1
      Mackey, Margaret
        "beaten to the punch" is stabbed in chest by unidentified man, 1953/11/13: 1
        one of three knifed as they act as peacemakers, 1964/01/03: 1
        slashed by Robert Lee Johnson, 1953/05/01: 1
      Mackey, Otis, stabbed in chest by Rose Mary Scott, 1951/12/14: 1
      Mackey, Victoria, one of three knifed as they act as peacemakers, 1964/01/03: 1
      Maddocks, Joyce, misses husband, splashes caustic into face of son, 1956/05/11: 1
      Maddox, Ethel
        critically knifed by Grace Harris in fight over married man; nearly 1000 stitches taken, 1953/10/23: 1
        struck in head by husband, 1938/07/22: 5
      Maddox, Robert, knifed by drunken man, 1946/11/01: 1
      Madison, Charles, hurt in resort melee, 1950/03/24: 5
      Madison, Pauline
        stabbed three times in the back by Mae McCarthy, 1943/08/13: 1
        struck over left eye by George White, 1944/06/02: 1
      Magby, Bobby E., his parked car bumped by car with three women; one woman fires pistol, 1969/03/21: 1
      Mahalia, John, shot by Bernard Terrell, after reprimand for drinking liquor in cafe, 1943/08/13: 1
      Major, Wesley, late hours lead to knifing by wife, Natalie, 1955/03/04: 1
      Malloy, Ernest, and Ellis Rogers, Jr., butcher each other in knife duel, 1952/05/02: 1
      Malone, Ben, new boyfriend shot by "ex," John Whitman, in restroom of movie house, 1942/01/09: 1
      Malone, Pvt. Columbus, shot by Joe Williams in bus altercation, 1945/06/08: 1
      Malone, Grover C., bitten in fight with Ben Young, 1943/04/09: 5
      Malone, Kinsey, in bad state after being cut, 1933/08/11: 1
      Malone, McKinley, bystander, stabbed by Essie Lee Chase in resort brawl, 1937/03/12: 1
      Manghum, Irene, claimed knife wound was an accident in scuffle with Melvin Miller, 1951/04/20: 1
      Manuel, Luther, Lackland soldier knifed in dispute with Ethel Mae Matthews, 1949/02/04: 5
      Marin, Lawrence, wounded by volley fired into coffee shop by Willace Riley, 1962/11/30: 1
      Markham, Benny, 14-year-old boy shot by 17-year-old youth, 1969/04/18: 1
      Markman, Louis, shot in leg, 1933/04/21: 3
      Marsello, Frank, and Robin Pettengill, held up and shot by Camp Gary Job Corpsmen, who were charged with assault to murder, 1965/07/23: 1
      Marshall, Marie
        Lowe, Ella Louise, stabbed and beaten by Marie Marshall, 1938/04/15: 1
        Warren, Amanda, assaulted with iron pipe by Marie Marshall, 1932/12/30: 3
      Marshall, Nellie Lee
        conked with bottle, 1948/10/29: 5
        knifed by another woman, 1949/01/28: 1
        knifed by Charles A. Moore, 1951/11/30: 7
      Marshall, Upsden, interferes with prisoners, swings at cop, gets blackjacked, 1954/12/24: 1
      Martel, Lucy, eight stitches needed as woman answers knock at door, 1953/05/08: 1
      Martin, Bernice, and Sara Sayon, critically cut by Charles J. Means in bar knifing, 1952/09/05: 1
      Martin, Charles H., threatened by man with gun, flees as officer's shots fail to stop him, 1950/10/13: 1
      Martin, Ed, shot when mate, Esther Lee Martin, finds love letter in pocket, 1947/08/22: 1
      Martin, Eddie, knifed by Rose Jean Taylor, 1950/11/03: 6
      Martin, Elden C., routed with club by mother-in-law, Mrs. Elvira Ratcliff, 1948/05/28: 1
      Martin, Emma
        conked with can of coal oil by man friend, 1953/01/09: 3
        and Walter Hassel, beaten and cut, by elderly man, 1952/01/18: 1
      Martin, Eretta, hit with metal trash can, 1969/07/11: 1
      Martin, Esther Lee
        beaten by Eddie Martin, 1944/06/16: 1
        and Edward Martin, both charged with assault on each other, 1945/08/17: 1
      Martin, Ida, reports attack by man in soldier's uniform, 1950/08/18: 1
      Martin, Lessie, stabbed by Corrine Stell, 1939/07/07: 1
      Martin, Lynda Gail, beaten and shot at by husband, Charles Allen Martin; 5 people who interfered with Martin's arrest, are charged, 1970/06/19: 1
      Martin, Ora Lee, banged over head with chair by husband, John W., 1954/09/24: 3
      Martin, Mrs. Ruthie, beaten by husband, Rufus Martin, 1948/12/17: 1
      Martin, Vernon, stabbed by wife, Cora Mae Martin, remains on critical list, 1959/02/06: 1
      Martin, W. J., stabbed by two youths whom he did not know, 1965/10/29: 3
      Martin, Wilbur, claims he's attacked, knifed by teen gang, 1961/02/03: 3
      Mason, Elizabeth, beaten by Everett Brown, 1938/05/20: 5
      Mason, Joseph, peacemaker cut by razor as women battle, 1959/07/10: 1
      Mason, Nora, stabbed by booze-befuddled husband, 1936/06/05: 1
      Mason, Robert L., SA man attacked; auto battered by youths, 1956/02/10: 1
      Mason, Roland, jailed by cops weary of calls from wife, Mrs. Bernice Mason, 1950/08/04: 1
      Mason, Simon Peter, hit with blunt instrument in a fight, 1952/09/26: 1
      Massey, C. A., shot at in a tavern by Regina Massey, 1952/11/07: 1
      Masters, Angie, struck in face with shoe and pushed from auto by man giving her a life, 1957/04/12: 1
      Masterson, Ronald, stuck with ice pick in borrowed pencil fuss, 1954/08/27: 1
      Mathew, Sidney, beaten by brothers who take deputy's badge and gun, 1949/08/26: 1
      Mathis, Harvey, shot three times in fracas at Laura's Cafe with Jesse L. Jackson, owner, 1957/08/02: 1
      Mathis, Joe, bullet hits youth, 18, 1968/10/04: 1
      Matthews, David, shot, seriously injured by son-in-law, Isaac Powell, 1952/08/15: 1
      Matthews, Eddie, hit with bottle by Cecil Hatchett, 1942/09/25: 4
      Matthews, Edwin H., airman badly wounded in mystery shooting; gun wielder said to have been a woman, 1964/02/28: 1
      Matthews, Floyd, stabbed by 8-year-old female cousin who was barred from card game, 1960/01/15: 1
      Matthews, Joe, involved in dice game, shot in the chest by Booker T. Bee, 1964/12/04: 1
      Matthews, John, struck with pick handle by Eugene Mozee, 1944/11/03: 4
      Matthews, Julius, peacemaker cut by kin in Floresville row, 1955/07/22: 1
      Matthews, Mrs. Martha Ray, accosted by John Bolding, white, 1950/03/24: 1
      Matthews, Robert, two fist airman in tavern affray, 1955/01/21: 3
      Matts, Earnest
        stabbed by Charles Anthony, 1939/04/07: 5
        wounded with own gun by Charles Anthony, after wine sipping bout, 1941/02/07: 1
      May, Mrs. Charlie, beaten wife says there was no "other man," 1959/09/18: 1
      Mayberry, Charles, claims shot fired at him as he left his home, 1968/05/03: 1
      Mayberry, PvtClaud, stabbed several time by his wife, Marcelle Mayberry, 1943/08/13: 1
      Mayberry, Frank, shot in left thigh, won't name his assailant, 1968/10/25: 1
      Mayberry, Harvey Louis, seriously wounded in shooting; teener was witness in slaying involving his brother, 1969/05/30: 1
      Mayberry, Marcella (Marcelle)
        beaten and shot by lover, Irvin Phelps, 1946/01/18: 1
        pistol-whipped by woman she slashes, 1949/08/19: 1
        stabs her husband, Pvt. Claud Mayberry, several time, 1943/08/13: 1
      Mayberry, Willie F., knifed in fight, 1946/11/08: 1 (Section 2)
      Maye, Barbara G., stabbed by Irene Jarmon, 1954/09/03: 1
      Mays, Ella, estranged from husband Fred B. Mays, he seeks return of rings with shotgun, 1951/05/18: 1
      Mays, Fred B., seriously knifed by ex-mental patient during attempt to return him to a mental hospital, 1967/06/23: 1
      McAfee, Mason, knifed in back by ex-girlfriend, 1949/09/30: 1
      McAllister, Grace, 19-year-old pregnant woman beaten, 1968/08/02: 1
      McAllister, Robert C., stabbed in arm with screw driver, 1966/03/04: 3
      McArthur, Mrs. Willie Mae, slashed by husband, Ruben McArthur, who battles officers, 1948/04/30: 1
      McBride, Erma Jean, beaten with rock by Evelyn Blevins, 1947/09/05: 1
      McBride, Helen, and John Holland, cut by Azelle Garcia, 1940/05/24: 5
      McCall, Bernice, burned by lye hurled at another woman, 1964/10/23: 1
      McCall, Helen, Texanna Haywood, and Gladys Hartfield hurt as Clarence Dilworth bombards them with rocks, 1937/12/03: 1
      McCall, William, 15-year-old lad thinks fast to escape bullets, 1947/08/01: 1
      McCallister, Robert C., shot Xmas morning by another man during an argument, 1970/01/02: 1
      McCampbell, Birdie Mae, knifed in back, 1956/04/13: 3
      McCants, Mrs. Amanda, struck by soldier, 1950/03/03: 1
      McCarther, Joshua, non-smoker's arm slashed by 'cig' moocher, 1967/02/03: 1
      McClain, A. B., in hospital from knife-play, 1936/07/03: 1
      McClain, Fred
        has two versions as to how he lost teeth and suffered a gash over one eye, 1956/10/05: 1
        reportedly stabbed by blind woman, 1953/08/14: 1
      McClain, Mrs. Gertrude, seriously wounded by shot; husband held, 1947/01/17: 1
      McClain, Ruth, stabbed by Hazel Johnson, 1940/11/22: 1
      McCoy, Sam, shot by Roy Goggin, over ten-cent piece, 1932/11/04: 1
      McCracken, James, shot by girl friend, whom he had allegedly beaten, 1963/07/19: 1
      McCray, Connie, beaten by mate, James, 1954/09/24: 3
      McCray, James, and Howard Dawson, attacked by gangs in unrelated incidents on successive nights, 1962/10/26: 1
      McDaniel, Alfonso, stabbed when he tries to break up altercation, 1962/12/21: 1
      McDaniel, Curtis, none talks as man wounded in shooting; Jesse Effron Warren arrested, 1965/02/12: 1
      McDaniel, Emery, cut by Ruth Price, 1938/12/16: 1
      McDaniel, Glaston, shot with shotgun by wife, Anna Belle, 1960/01/22: 1
      McDaniel, Michael, Gary Job Corps enrollee, shot in gangland style, 1969/02/28: 1
      McDaniels, Ida Mae
        choked and struck by husband, Louis McDaniels, 1954/04/16: 1
        knifed by her husband, Louis McDaniel, 1951/08/10: 5
        stalked and cut by husband, Louis D. McDaniel, 1950/12/15: 3
        struck by husband, Lewis, 1947/10/17: 1
      McDaniels, Louis, conked on head by wife, 1947/11/28: 2
      McDavid, Ernest
        gunned on street, 1969/05/23: 1
        shot by dog owner, who objected to having rocks thrown at his dog, 1969/09/26: 1
      McDeanes, Arthur, misses death by inches in assault by James Silas, 1936/04/24: 1
      McDonald, Ezell, slashed in fight with Robert L. Thomas, 1952/03/07: 1
      McDow, Lawrence, husband severely cut by wife Lillie, in altercation over 'other woman,' 1955/11/04: 1
      McElroy, David, shot 3 times at a recreation center, 1970/04/17: 1
      McElroy, Iola, beaten by husband, William S. McElroy, 1953/06/26: 1
      McElroy, Mrs. Iverrzelle, shot at, forced to pen 'divorce' note by husband, Leander McElroy, 1949/11/11: 1
      McElroy, Johnny, stabbed with ice pick by his wife, Irene McElroy, 1943/07/30: 1
      McElroy, Mrs. Pauline, beaten by Samuel Lee McElroy, 1948/05/14: 5
      McFarland, Benny Lee, sprayed with shotgun pellets in gas station row with James Foster, attendant; charges dropped in fracas first called attempted holdup, 1958/08/29: 1
      McGarity, Clem, threatened by brother, Joe, 1954/12/31: 3
      McGee, James
        Morris, Hazel, assaulted by James McGee, 1936/07/10: 1
        shot at by assailant, 1933/04/07: 1
      McGee, Jeff
        cut as he tries to separate two women battlers, Marrie Haywood and Katherine Hill, 1951/05/25: 1
        "other man" shot by ex-husband of Elizabeth WIlliams, Clarence L. Williams, 1958/10/17: 1
      McGehew, Theodore, hit with bottle during riotous week, 1942/05/22: 1
      McGhee, Jefferson, sleeping man hit on head with bottle, 1948/12/10: 1
      McGowan, C. R.
        slugged by youth, Grant Dorn, whom he barred from school social, 1947/04/18: 1
        youth in sneak slugging of PW teacher is fined, 1947/04/25: 1
      McGowan, Ed., ex-detective sent to hospital, 1931/11/20: 1
      McGowan, Roscoe, man stabbed by Oliver Hurd in drinking bout, 1948/06/18: 1
      McGrew, Arizona, stabbed by Mary Lou McGrew, 1963/01/25: 3
      McGuire, Airman Bradford L., receives multiple lacerations in street fracas in which tear gas is used, 1952/11/07: 1
      McHenry, Alberta, only one hit in SA shoot-out as two pistols and shotgun blaze in wild Saturday outburst, 1967/05/12: 1
      McHenry, Clarence
        and Roy McHenry shot, Van Dears, slashed, in West Laurel Heights bar melee, 1953/12/25: 1
        shot twice by one of three Latin-American brothers in tavern brawl, 1959/02/20: 1
        stabbed with dirk by Wilson Hardaway, 1953/04/24: 1
      McHenry, Elvin, knifed by sister-in-law, Leiva Hill, and also beat McHenry's daughter, Patricia C. Tucker, 1957/11/22: 1
      McHenry, Roy, seriously wounded in Blue Front Baseball Park shooting by Haywood McClure, ball park operator, 1962/05/04: 1
      McIntyre, Albert, badly knifed, won't file charges, 1957/06/21: 1
      McIntyre, Delvage, slashed in lower abdomen by "some woman," 1958/09/26: 3
      McIntyre, Lula, beaten and kicked, and brother, Elijah Anthony, shot at by Clinton Flowers, while a crowd threatened him, 1957/09/13: 1
      McIntyre, Sadie B., knifed seriously in back by Walter Todd, 1953/10/16: 1
      McIntyre, William, Seguin GI, heart action restored after being stabbed in heart, 1946/05/03: 1
      McKaine (McKean), Otis
        ice pick used on man in street attack, 1969/06/20: 1
        slashed on head, neck, 1969/02/21: 3
      McKay, Ray, and George Holley near death in fight over 30 cents, 1943/06/25: 1
      McKean, Mrs. Verna Mae, says Johnnie L. Holleman beats her as she sleeps, 1947/09/26: 1
      McKenzie, Freddy, employee of Whopper Burger Drive-In, has malt thrown in his face by angry patron, 1959/02/13: 1
      McKenzie, J. D., reportedly shot in chest by wife, Fanny McKenzie, 1964/03/20: 1
      McKenzie, John, threatend with gun by Nathanial Coruthers, 1945/03/23: 1
      McKenzie, Katie Mae, pistol whipped by Ezell McDonald, 1952/12/26: 1
      McKenzie, Texana, 18, sitting in car with man, stabbed by woman, 1962/06/29: 1
      McKenzie, Virgil, and Russell Stafford, attacked by mental patient Olea Polk in downtown hotel, 1954/01/01: 1
      McKinney, C., stabbed by three youths, 1944/09/15: 1
      McKinney, Ruby and sister, Joyce Kuykendall, beaten by Lawyer McKinney, 1953/07/24: 1
      McKinnon, Jackson, hubby shot as he reaches into car for "other man," Ambrose Richardson, 1947/12/12: 1
      McKinnon, Kellough, attacked by three women, knifed, 1960/04/01: 3
      McKinzie, Karie Mae, shot by white truck driver, Bruce S. Ward, when he found $65 missing, 1951/11/02: 1
      McKnight, Albert, hit in head with rock, 1938/05/06: 1
      McKnight, Andrew
        and Edward Rice wound each other shooting it out and wound two others, Orange Wyatt and Willie Wyatt, who attempt to break up fight, 1954/01/08: 1
        shot in hand for refusing to make loan, 1946/11/08: 1
      McKnight, Harvey, drug store delivery boy waylaid, beaten, robbed by teens, 1964/12/04: 1
      McKnight, J. C., stabbed in back by wife, Jacqueline McKnight, 1959/11/06: 3
      McKnight, Katie, shot at by Marie ("Baby Sister"), 1951/08/31: 1
      McKnight, Louis
        clubbed with pistol in affray with mate, Willie Mae McKnight, 1948/03/26: 1
        seriously cut by Clara Applewhite, 1953/05/08: 1
      McKnight, Rafael, accused Louis A. Wyatt of hitting him with a pool ball, 1940/08/23: 4
      McKnight, William, stabbed by Maggie Marida, 1942/08/14: 6
      McLinn, Sadie
        beaten in taxi by man friend, Hannibal Crawford, 1954/01/22: 1
        head lacerated in altercation, 1958/08/29: 1
      McMarion, Seymour, stabbed in jaw in Corpus resort brawl by Murray Henderson, 1943/07/02: 1
      McMillan, Leroy, stabbed by Mattie Poe Garrison in pub, 1969/01/17: 1
      McMorris, L. C., slashed over right eye attempting to stop a fight, 1962/06/01: 3
      McMullen, Julie, struck on head by man for whom she wouldn't buy a drink, 1960/08/26: 1
      McNeal, Dorothy, 11, cut by flying glass when SA Transit Bus was rocked, 1970/02/27: 1
      McNeal, Ethel Mae, beaten and held prisoner two days and nights in garage by man she had lived with, 1952/01/11: 1
      McNeal, Willie, lye poured on by Katherine Gonzales, 1942/06/19: 1
      McNeil, Ethyl, beaten with a rock by an assailant, 1950/10/27: 1
      McNeil, M.C., knifed by Lloyd Moody, 1941/01/10: 4
      McPherson, Annie Mae, struck by white man, George Bailey, in bus incident, 1944/07/07: 1
      McVea, Anthony, shot at five times, 1969/09/19: 1
      McVea, Doris, 13-years-old, stoned by boys and suffers fracture of the skull, 1950/10/06: 1
      McVea, Roscoe, slashed man tells cops he's knifed resisting holdup, 1947/01/31: 1
      McVea, Tommy, three men cut in Sunday rows, 1953/03/06: 1
      McVey, Essie, fisted by husband, Miles, 1954/12/17: 1
      McVey, Robert, alleged theft of sardines leads to violence, 1968/11/08: 1
      McWilliams, Howard, slashed in arm and shoulder by Gwendolyn Ward after he beat her, 1962/06/29: 1
      Meadow, Walter, and Clarence F. Copney, two belligerents in rocks versus blade altercation, 1951/07/13: 1
      Meaks, Louis M., blood transfusion given airman cut with bottle, 1956/01/27: 1
      Means, Clifford, skull fractured by shotgun beating, 1967/09/22: 1
      Meekins, William, struck wife with fist, 1945/10/05: 1
      Melanson, Clyde, pulled from car, beaten, kicked, but saved from slashing, 1955/02/11: 1
      Melton, La Sandra, girl who refuses "ride" is struck by automobile, 1966/07/22: 1
      Menchaca, John A., jumped by Henry Connor and Beatrice Kelly who quit personal battle to unite against policeman, 1962/01/12: 1
      Menton, Melvin, wounded in Christmas Eve shootout in which he killed Sam A. Williams, 1969/01/03: 1
      Mentor, Harry, soldier gets flesh wound in early morning shooting by Peter Wilson, 1958/01/10: 1
      Merritt, Ruth, brandishes knife, while husband, Louis Merritt, hits her with a bottle, 1958/06/20: 1
      Merriweather, Addison, 14, brutally beaten by giant Corpus life guard; doesn't think lad moves fast enough--mayor promises justice, 1940/07/26: 1
      Merriweather, Carlos, condition of man slashed in fight reported grave, 1945/11/30: 1
      Merriweather, Izean, beaten by husband, Eugene, 1938/12/02: 1
      Merron, Mrs. Artie, "going out with family" causes row with husband, 1949/07/29: 1
      Merton, Olivia
        mauled by one-armed vet, Millard Taylor, in Saturday fracas, 1951/06/01: 3
        shot in face on July 4 ranch party by Tommy Anderson, 1946/07/12: 1
      Mesley, Mrs. L., beaten by Leonard Mesley with stick, 1949/08/26: 5
      Meyers, Pauline, hit with hot iron by Rufus Kilgore, 1938/10/07: 1
      Mickens, Henry, slugged with hammer by Freeman Ellison, 1940/07/26: 1
      Mickey, Raymond, stabbed by Robert J. Jones, when Mickey misses with blast intended for ex-wife and her fiance, 1951/08/31: 1
      Mickey, Steve, slashed on wrists when Charles Steward uses knife to protect wife and aunt from abuse, 1950/08/25: 1
      Middleton, Calvin, man shot file times by two gunman who walked into eating place, 1968/10/25: 1
      Middleton, Charles L.
        cafe operator shot after he ejects patrons, 1968/12/06: 1
        owner of Blue Room Cafe, fires gun to stop chair throwing brawl between Chester Jackson and Ira Aldridge, 1962/04/06: 1
      Middleton, Rashon, making date on telephone leads to his arrest, 1947/10/10: 1
      Miles, Bernice, bitten on lip by husband, John, 1954/11/12: 1
      Miles, Mrs. Dorothy, says husband struck her and baby, 1949/07/15: 4
      Miles, Janet, shoots at Reed Lelinus, because he was too old for her sister, 1967/04/07: 1
      Miles, Lorenzo, shot in juke box row, 1945/04/06: 1
      Miller, Betty, slashed with broken bottle by sister Edwina Blevins, 1954/05/21: 1
      Miller, Carrie Lee, hurls gun at Lydia Larue, who chases her with hammer, 1955/04/29: 3
      Miller, Mrs. Carrie Lee White, in fracas with husband's other wife, Lillie Myers Hopson, 1960/02/19: 1
      Miller, Celia, in argument with son, Leroy Christmas, who cut her wrist, 1951/02/16: 3
      Miller, Charles, stabbed in chest during an altercation, 1950/12/22: 3
      Miller, Charles Louis, stabbed and slashed by 285 pound man identified as Jean Jones, 1962/05/25: 1
      Miller, Clarence, Seguin high student out of danger after knifing by John Oliver Collins following recent football game, 1956/11/02: 1
      Miller, Clifton, hit in head with bottle by Sylons Adams, 1944/11/03: 5
      Miller, Doris Jean, 14-year-old fisted by Walter Fuller, 1959/10/30: 1
      Miller, Elmer Lee, youth, entering bar, knifed in leg, 1954/10/15: 3
      Miller, Elroy and "other woman," slashed by Mrs. Elizabeth Miller, 1950/07/28: 1
      Miller(Mills), Miss Elvin
        hospitalized for chin lacerations, 1949/09/30: 5
        struck, threatened, 1955/03/04: 1
      Miller, Freddie L., stabbed in back in argument, 1963/07/05: 3
      Miller, Harry D., Jr., arrested when housewife complained she was struck, and roughed by TV company agent, 1952/11/21: 1
      Miller, Pvt.James F., slugged over head by Robert McNeal, during a bus altercation, 1944/09/08: 1
      Miller, Jesse
        and Edward Sommers in pistol-shotgun duel in city streets; police officer fires at both men to halt shooting, 1958/06/06: 1
        flees home as brother-in-law, John W. Summers, fires six times, 1948/01/16: 1
      Miller, Johnny, arrested for assault to murder Winslow Swinney, 1932/09/30: 1
      Miller, Julia Mae, hit with bottle by mate, Thomas Miller, 1959/07/03: 1
      Miller, Mrs. Maurice, stabbed in groin by Clara Applewhite, who was stabbed in left hip, 1952/10/17: 3
      Miller, Nadine, forced into car and manhandled by Robert Carter, 1956/08/24: 1
      Miller, Orlene, struck on head with unknown object by J. ("Model Seven") Gerald, 1956/10/05: 3
      Miller, Plazella, slashed by Jewel White, 1942/12/18: 4
      Miller, Ray, claims bar operator, Bill Lee Francis, pistol whipped him, 1962/01/19: 1
      Miller, Ruth, knifed by boyfriend, Elroy Butler, 1943/01/08: 1
      Miller, Sirleatha, given beating by San Antonio man, 1965/10/08: 1
      Miller, William, slashed during argument, 1967/07/21: 3
      Milligan, James, slashed by Lloyd McHenry in melee over SA girl, 16 with knives, stones, shotgun used as man tries to take girl, 1954/07/02: 1
      Mills, Birdie Lee, cut, stabbed by estranged mate, Clyde Mills, 1943/02/26: 1
      Mills, C. C., San Antonio patrolman, attacked by dog, 1935/12/13: 7
      Mills, Clifton, head gashed when he serves citation to John and Sadie McIntyre, 1950/06/16: 1
      Mills, Mrs. Donie B., former SA woman badly beaten by husband in Corpus Christi, 1944/11/03: 5
      Mills, Flato, battered with butt of rifle in altercation, 1960/11/18: 1
      Mills, George, smashed in face with bottle by Ed Montgomery, 1959/12/11: 1
      Mills, Kermit, fired at, missed three times, then pistol-whipped by Jack Ford, 1950/10/20: 3
      Mills, Rosetta, spilled beverage leads to knifing, 1954/12/31: 1
      Mills, Ruth
        complains "Sonny" Campbell threatened with knife, 1958/08/22: 3
        hit with pipe, 1953/03/20: 5
      Mims, Geneva, shot in hand by John Palmer in quarrel over other man, 1957/08/23: 1
      Mims, Walter, shot in another dice game altercation, 1945/07/20: 1
      Minor, Bernard, 21, critically stabbed in Poplar Street affray with Clarence Edward Spriggs, 1959/03/06: 1
      Minor, Claudius
        deputy sheriff, son of Rev. C. M. Minor, shot three times by wife, Lena Louise Minor (photo), 1967/01/06: 1
        wife, Lena Louise Minor, wounded by slug from husband's service revolver, 1968/02/09: 1
      Minor, Patsy, accuses mate of pushing her from auto, 1955/04/08: 1
      Minter, Mrs. Dorothy, kicked by husband, Theodore, 1950/05/12: 1
      Miranda, Concepcion, woman cuts, fists man, gives police officers bad time, 1955/04/08: 1
      Mireles, Jesus, shot by James M. Johnson, after he runs into Johnson's car, then fists him, 1963/07/26: 1
      Mitchell, Ada Mae
        grabs razor with hand to protect throat from slashing by estranged husband, 1950/07/28: 1
        knifed by estranged mate, Sam Mitchell, 1949/06/24: 5
      Mitchell, Billy, draws knife on cafe operator, Joe Penn, jailed, 1954/09/17: 1
      Mitchell, Bryant C.
        slashed by Katy Rowe, waitress at Brock's Place, 1952/07/18: 1
        stabbed in the back by Louis T. Johnson who accused Mitchell of cursing him, 1954/02/12: 1
      Mitchell, Clevon, attacks officer James Robinson, who defended himself with blackjack, 1967/03/24: 1
      Mitchell, Doris Ann, wounded in shooting by Benjamin Knotts; both claim it was an accident, 1962/06/29: 1
      Mitchell, Essie Mae, says she would shoot police or husband if they try to enter, 1955/05/06: 3
      Mitchell, Evelyn Pearl, conked with bottle by George Mitchell, 1949/06/03: 1
      Mitchell, James, cracked over head with baseball bat by Mrs. Leola Franks, 1948/01/30: 1
      Mitchell, Jesse, conked with bottle, and girlfriend, Bessie Mae Jones, knifed by unknown persons, 1950/12/01: 1
      Mitchell, Lloyd, 12, has knife pushed into his chest, just missing heart, by youth, 16, 1958/02/07: 1
      Mitchell, Mamie (Lee)
        beaten and bitten by Willie Byrd, 1946/08/23: 5
        beaten and kicked by Pete Smith, 1942/07/31: 5
      Mitchell, Mamie H., stabbed with ice pick during struggle with mate, 1960/08/26: 1
      Mitchell, Neal, Jr., cop protects hubby, Robert Grant, from wife, but nobody protects cop, 1966/04/01: 1
      Mitchell, Mrs. Nomis, target of husband's pot shots, 1941/08/08: 1
      Mitchell, Oscar, fires through countertop to defend against Tom Tollerson, 1949/11/25: 1
      Mitchell, Oscar G., hit by rock hurled by youth, 1968/10/25: 1
      Mitchell, Oscar J., wounded in Blue Front Baseball Park shooting by Haywood McClure, ball park operator, 1962/05/04: 1
      Mitchell, R. C., shot by Owen Frank as tavern fracas continues outside, 1958/10/17: 1
      Mitchell, Reginald
        beats wife, Essie Mae, threatens family, 1960/04/01: 1
        wounded in back with shotgun pellets [gun toters shoot two in four hour period], 1964/08/07: 1
      Mitchell, Ruth, knifed by Leina McQueen, 1951/09/14: 3
      Mitchell, Thomas, shot at by gunman in passing car, who misses but hits another car, 1954/04/23: 1
      Mitchell, Victoria, struck by estranged mate, Arnold Mitchell, 1966/03/04: 1
      Modine, Clorise, seriously cut man says he doesn't know how he was knifed, 1959/06/19: 1
      Modkins, Robert, "beaten to draw," stabbed in dollar dice game, 1964/06/05: 1
      Molett, Cleo, claims four men jumped and stabbed him, 1951/07/13: 1
      Molett, Clifford, slashed in fight, 1961/06/09: 3
      Monaco, Joe, is victim of hatchet attack by former fighter pilot, Samuel Matthews, Jr. (photo), 1947/01/24: 1
      Moncrief, Lonnie
        seriously stabbed by wife, 1950/07/21: 8 (filmed in 07/28 issue)
        struck in face with hatchet by Louis Harris, 1960/04/22: 1
      Monroe, William, SA man wounded in early morning shooting, 1949/06/03: 1
      Montgomery, H. W., is rifle target while sitting in car, 1948/03/26: 3
      Montgomery, Loretta, 9, hit by a rock thrown by 13-year-old boy, 1967/07/07: 1
      Montgomery, Robert, accidentally shot, 1949/05/13: 1
      Moody, Bea, knifed by Walter Tatum when she doesn't invite him to supper, 1960/08/19: 1
      Moody, Mrs. Bessie Mae, threatened by Bernard Hays for allegedly kicking his dog, 1950/04/07: 1
      Moody, Earl, and Jeanne Anderson mauled in an altercation with Floyd Matthews, 1953/11/13: 1
      Moody, Lloyd H.
        and Roland Yell, arrested for fighting, 1944/10/27: 1
        slashed in throat in altercation with Odis Tealer, 1944/11/03: 4
      Mooney, George, peacemaker stabbed, 1968/05/03: 1
      Mooney, Harry and Alfred, in Easter scrap with family of Nick Pais, 1932/04/01: 1
      Moore, Adella, acused of infidelity by Osborne Grice, who knifed her, 1954/01/22: 1
      Moore, Alberta, after being cut on head, also falls from police car, 1942/08/28: 1
      Moore, Artie Jean, slashed by husband, Ad Austin, 1959/03/06: 1
      Moore, Beatrice, suffers face injuries in tavern row, 1955/05/06: 1
      Moore, Charlie
        arrested in shooting and gunplay, 1967/08/04: 1
        details lacking in shooting of West Side man, 1966/03/18: 1
      Moore, Charline, beaten by soldier with chair, 1948/09/17: 1
      Moore, Dovie, dragged by Clifford Kemper in cave man tactic to regain love, 1951/03/09: 1
      Moore, Ed, arrested for assault of officer, 1959/07/31: 3
      Moore, Edward, seriously hurt when shot by Willie G. Bean, 1955/08/05: 1
      Moore, Elijah, beaten by unnamed attacker, 1949/06/24: 5
      Moore, Etta, beaten by husband, Benny, 1963/09/20: 3
      Moore, Floyd F., knifed while attempting to intercede in tavern melee, 1953/08/07: 1
      Moore, Fred Lee
        man stabbed with ice pick laughs it off, 1955/10/07: 1
        ripped with razor because he refuses to buy wine for stranger, 1955/05/06: 1
        slashed when he refuses another drink of wine to unidentified man, 1959/02/13: 1
      Moore, Genilla, face slashed with razor by jealous ex-mate, 1959/02/06: 1
      Moore, George, shot in arm by Harvey Nichols, 1934/02/09: 1
      Moore, Inez, filed complaint of beating by Hosia McIntyre, 1935/10/18: 1
      Moore, Irene
        complains to police that her husband, Earl Moore, on a rampage, 1952/02/15: 6
        hit with bottle by husband, Earl Moore, 1952/07/04: 1
      Moore, James M., and Mattie Sheppard both slashed with same knife, 1939/08/04: 1
      Moore, Johnny, reported attacked by 'unknown persons,' 1965/02/12: 1
      Moore, Mrs. Julia, beaten, money taken by son, Walter Moore, 1950/05/12: 1
      Moore, Laurice Braithwaite, thrashed by husband, R. C. Moore, in front of Dakota Street hospital, 1959/07/24: 1
      Moore, Lennie M., nothing wrong except with inquirer [about woman's distress], 1948/07/09: 1
      Moore, Leslie, 15-year-old youth slashed, 1967/11/17: 1
      Moore, Louis
        hurt in altercation with man he knew as "Paul," 1951/05/11: 1
        SA man, 35, jailed for knifing landlord, Daniel Mackey, 75, 1955/07/01: 1
      Moore, Madalene, slapped by Dudley Wren, 1945/08/03: 2
      Moore, Mary, assaulted by husband, Clarence, with fists and a bed slat, 1950/11/10: 3
      Moore, Nelson, threatened with knife by Clyde Hernandes while arresting drunk, 1946/04/26: 1
      Moore, Paul Henry, stabbed by Eric A. Reed, 1946/08/23: 1
      Moore, Mrs. Roxine, beaten by husband, Alvin Moore, 1949/11/04: 1
      Moore, Sue, slashed by husband, Paul Henry Moore, 1951/09/14: 1
      Moore, Mrs. Terry, husband strikes her, then cuts up her clothes, 1947/08/15: 6
      Moore, Walter
        69, severely beaten by Samuel S. Green over drink of wine, 1963/07/12: 1
        knifed on wrist in affray, 1952/05/09: 1
      Moore, Will, seriously knifed by Jesse Morris in fight over woman, 1950/02/17: 1
      Morales, Joe, 22 cents worth of gas leads to gunplay, jail, 1965/05/14: 1
      More Shooting (editorial), 1934/02/09: 4
      Moreman, Lillie Bell, slapped by boyfriend, 1954/11/26: 1
      Morgan, Annie M., beaten with milk bottle by husband, Sam Morgan, 1953/12/04: 1
      Morgan, Dorothy Lee, beaten and kicked by Rufus Taylor, 1956/11/02: 1
      Morgan, Henry, parks his auto on lawn of Robert McIntyre, which leads to pistol shot, 1952/04/04: 1
      Morgan, Julia, tavern pushing incident leads to knife play with Frieda Nevels, 1954/07/09: 4
      Morgan, Mary Lou, threatened with pistol by former friend, Eddie Rainey, 1949/01/21: 4
      Morgan, Vernon, hit with bottle as SA has wild weekend, 1953/02/20: 1
      Morinda, Phillip, wounded as aftermath of dice game fuss, 1946/06/14: 1
      Morris, Curtis
      Morris, DeWitt, beaten with homemade pistol, bottle, 1959/10/30: 1
      Morris, Donald W., cut by former girl friend, threatened with pistol, 1964/03/06: 1
      Morris, Doris and Frances Haywood, sisters batter each other with telephone, 1962/03/02: 1
      Morris, Emma Dell, slashed about head and neck by former husband, Joseph Morris, 1962/06/29: 1
      Morris, Evelyn, stoned while sitting in tavern, 1954/07/09: 4
      Morris, Hazel, assaulted by James McGee, 1936/07/10: 1
      Morris, Jewel Fay, files charges of manhandling against Willie Ray Scallion, 1959/01/23: 3
      Morris, Joe, stabbed in early morning incident, 1960/12/16: 3
      Morris, London,77, shot and struck on forehead with hammer by Gus Taylor, 72, in argument over sale of chickens, 1952/07/11: 1
      Morris, Mrs. M., beaten by boyfriend, 1952/01/04: 3
      Morris, Nathaniel, bartender slugged by patron, 1941/03/21: 1
      Morris, Patricia, pregnant, beaten by husband, 1950/10/20: 1
      Morris, Sarah, and Edna Hutchinson injured by Jesse Morris, 1954/05/07: 1
      Morrison, L. D., alleged "other man" target of pistol fusillade by Jesse James, 1950/07/07: 1
      Morrison, Vernon and Jesse
        brothers shot in early morning altercation, 1949/06/03: 1
        gunman, Eugene Shelton, found guilty in shooting of two brothers, 1950/01/20: 1
      Morrison, Wesley, 3 shots fired at him by "friend," 1952/03/07: 1
      Morrow, Fred and Theodore Jones, wild shooting spree leaves two wounded, 1966/10/07: 1
      Moses, Mrs. Mattie
        early morning fight with husband, Oscar, results in cutting, 1949/06/24: 1
        follows husband to 'other woman's' window; shot twice, 1947/07/11: 1
        slashed at pool by Mrs. Fanny Napier, 1948/07/09: 5
      Mosley, Georgia, apartment ransacked following fight with boyfriend, 1963/05/17: 1
      Mosley, Robert, 18, badly slashed with bottle by 17-year-old youth, 1967/05/05: 1
      Mosley, Theresa, 17-year-old girl wounded by mystery bullet, 1969/06/27: 1
      Mosley, Willie Ray, suffers gash over left eye when woman hurls bottle at him, 1960/03/25: 7
      Moss, Hollie, shot through neck in struggle with wife, 1961/04/14: 1
      Moss, Mary Nell, stabbed in fight with estranged mate, Ernest Moss, 1948/02/20: 4
      Mossman, Howard, his slashing leads to citizen-cop dispute when G. J. Sutton informs Mossman of citizen's rights, 1954/06/18: 1
      Moszee, Garland E., bearing rifle, looking for man to kill, jailed, 1951/04/27: 1
      mother-daughter drinking bout ends in head cracking, 1948/01/16: 1
      Moulett, Clifford, after slapping several persons, he was beaten about the head with a pipe by Robert Mitchell, 1967/08/04: 1
      Mulkey, Mrs. Willie
        See Assaults, Jackson, Mrs. Willie E. (Mulkey)
      Murphy, Carl, stabbed by "unknown," 1955/07/01: 3
      Murphy, Eloise, pregnant woman battered, kicked by unnamed man, 1951/10/05: 3
      Murphy, Frank
        did a lot of battling; police called for five disturbance occasions, 1957/12/20: 1
        wounded by Will Jones, uses rock on shooter's head when his own gun misfires, 1952/02/15: 1
      Murphy, Lee and Ethel, use rocks and bullets in family melee, 1945/04/13: 1
      Murphy, Airman Leroy, shot twice as he threatens cop, W. A. James, 1952/11/07: 1
      Murphy, Mary, beaten by husband, 1938/07/08: 1
      Murphy, Melvin, stab wound "didn't hurt then," 1949/08/26: 5
      Murphy, Paul, met by fusillade of bullets when he runs into back yard after beating his wife, 1965/08/06: 1
      Murphy, Robert, ice picked in altercation, 1964/01/17: 1
      Murray, Albert, insists on drink, gets broken nose, 1939/11/03: 1
      Murray, Alfred, slashed by woman, 1939/04/14: 6
      Murray, George, cut by Mrs. Annie Andrews when he asks for fish, 1949/01/14: 5
      Murray John, shot with pistol by Elder Dunman, Jr.; women's quarrel in Kenwood resort leads to shooting of man, 1937/03/12: 1
      Muse, Anne Bell, shot five times by Lee T. Muse, who then turns gun on himself at Kelly AFB; victims are out of danger, 1956/08/17: 1
      Muse, Louise
        hit with cue by her husband, 1959/11/20: 1
        stabbed by her husband, from whom she is separated, 1961/01/13: 1
      Myers, Charles Lee, shot in leg by officer Tom Barnes in street melee with trio, 1959/05/22: 1
      Myers, Jack, operator of New York Steak House, suffers knife wounds from an employee's husband, John Wesley Jackson, 1951/10/05: 1
      Myers, Lilly, beaten, auto stolen, 1953/06/26: 1
      Myers, Lorenzo, shot in thigh by Willie L. Bryant, 1946/01/11: 1
      Myers, Myrtle, beaten with pistol by Thomas Barrett, 1946/02/15: 1
      Nance, Felton
      Nance, Tom, seriously stabbed in mystery knifing, 1960/06/03: 1
      Nannie, Booker T., slashed in free-for-all, 1950/07/21: 1
      Napier, Fannie
        cut by fist of William Watts, 1946/11/08: 1 (Section 2)
        hit on arm when she tries to collect debt, 1958/06/13: 1
        smashed with bottle by another woman known only as Mable, 1957/04/05: 1
      Napier, Robert Lewis, slashed in pool hall row, 1950/08/04: 1
      Napier, Mrs. Vernon, struck with bottle by unknown thrower, 1949/03/11: 5
      Napler, Sgt. William, hit with bottle by Mrs. Rosie Lee Winn, 1945/06/08: 1
      Napoleon, Isaac, shoots youth advancing on him with open knife, 1947/01/03: 1
      Napoleon, Mellissa (Malisa, Melthsa)
        and Mae Cunningham, slash each other in fight, 1962/05/25: 1
        stabbed by a man's wife while dancing with him, 1958/08/22: 3
        stabbed in altercation, 1961/12/22: 1
      Napper, Joyce Ann, knifed in altercation, 1964/08/28: 1
      Napper, Ophelia, and mother, Ola Mae Norman attacked with hammer by sister and daughter, Josephine Garey, 1959/02/06: 1
      Napper, Robbie Louis, seriously knifed by common-law wife, Lillie Mae Williams, in tavern fight at the Cozy Inn, 1958/11/14: 1
      Nash, Herbert L., 18-year-old youth runs amuck, takes officer's gun, 1969/11/21: 1
      Nathan, Elizabeth beaten by husband with fists, 1944/03/31: 1
      Nation, Jeannette, seriously knifed by her common-law husband, Charles Dears, for "messing around," 1963/03/22: 1
      Navarro, Ralph, beaten with rocks by Mrs. Jane Sarah Navarro, 1948/12/10: 1
      Navarro (Williams), John, shot by father-in-law, Walter Shanks, 1932/06/17: 1
      Neal, Christina, baby sitter, 63, shot gun target of SA father, John Tyree Leonard, 1952/09/05: 1
      Neal, Delphine, suffered lacerations and bruises from a "slap" by Rudolph Watson, 1940/09/27: 1
      Neal, John Wesley, 17, beaten by Lincolnshire youth, didn't fight back, fearing return to Gatesville, 1962/04/06: 1
      Neal, Katherine, beaten and kicked by Raymond Berry, 1952/06/27: 3
      Neal, LeRoy, slashed on arm by soldier in an argument, 1950/12/22: 3
      Neal, Lula Pearl, tavern employee injured in altercation, 1965/10/29: 1
      Neal, Margie, expectant mother beaten by husband, Booker Neal, 1953/09/25: 1
      nearly dozen hospitalized in weekend rows, 1951/11/09: 1
      Neece, Aaron, shot by Dillard Fowler, trigger-happy gunman, 1947/06/20: 1
      Neely, Katherine Edith, allegedly attacked by Wheeler R. Johnson, booked for making threats in an altercation, 1952/09/26: 1
      Neighbors, Mrs. M. L., assaulted by ex-husband, Milton Neighbors, 1950/04/14: 5
      Neil, Gladys, beaten stomped by mate, John Henry Neil, in Monday row, 1950/10/13: 1
      Neil, Mabel, cut by Lula Mae Showers, 1944/02/25: 1
      Nelson, A. L., beaten in a row over change for a bill with Kenslo Davis, tavern operator, files charges, 1959/01/23: 1
      Nelson, E. H., in altercation with Alton Parker, 1939/05/12: 5
      Nelson, Evelyn, conks Andrew Alexander, a roomer, for threatening her with a butcher knife, 1950/08/18: 1
      Nelson, Geraldine, beaten by husband, Eugene H. Nelson, 1960/06/17: 1
      Nelson, Ruth, slashed in wild affray, 1939/09/29: 1
      Nelson, Ruth Lee, beaten by husband, Troy Lee Nelson, 1949/06/24: 5
      Neulle, Ernest, struck with bottle during riotous week, 1942/05/22: 1
      Nevels, Freda, "corpse" arrested in "murder" in ruckus with Ike Sanford, 1955/09/02: 1
      never a dull weekend for SA Police Department, 1950/04/07: 1
      Nevles, Gus, attempts to slash ex-mate, Edna Mae Nevles, with broken bottle, 1950/05/26: 1
      New, Albert, 16-year-old youth, who wanted to fight, seriously stabbed, 1969/09/05: 1
      New, Louise, fisted by husband, 1954/11/05: 4
      Newell, Ann, slashed by Sarah Houston, 1950/07/28: 1
      Newell, John, seriously knifed by Ann Newell, 1949/01/21: 1
      Newell, Johnny, thugs hold wife as mate is beaten, slashed, robbed, 1948/08/13: 1
      Newman, Bertha, charged aggravated assault against Coleman Dart, 1945/08/03: 2
      News, Henry, and Josephine, wounded in bed in mistake shooting, 1962/07/13: 1
      Newsom, Pfc. Charles, arrested for snatching girl from boyfriend's arms, 1949/11/11: 1
      Newson, Rosie, fisted by Curley Daniels, 1952/06/06: 1
      Newton, Bubber, daughter fired at, dad exchanges shots with gunman, 1966/08/12: 6
      Newton, Crosby, his automobile bumped by another ends in slashing, missile throwing, 1952/12/26: 1
      Newton, Homer
        shot by Howard Carpenter in aftermath of card game, 1948/05/14: 1
        stabbed by Tom Grice, 1942/06/12: 1
      Niblett, Stella M., shot by estranged mate, Homer T. Niblett, 1960/06/24: 1
      Nichols, Diane
        brutally beaten by husband, Truman Nichols, with wire coat hangers, 1968/06/28: 1
        man wanted in wife-beating surrenders, 1968/07/12: 1
      Nichols, Gertrude
        hand slashed in cutting spree with another woman, 1952/01/04: 3
        woman hit with chair in fight with Lucille Barber, 1956/03/09: 1
      Nichols(Nicholas), Verse
        shot through foot with .44 slug, with Roosevelt Kyle arrested as shooter, 1957/10/25: 1
        slashed by mate, Gertrude Nichols after he hit her with fist, 1947/08/15: 1
      Nichols, Y., struck on the street, 1952/12/05: 1
      Nious, Alonzo
        arrested for attempted attack on 15-year-old niece, 1944/09/15: 1
        hit with brick to stop belligerent affray with Ernest Moszee, 1952/03/28: 1
      Nious, Marvin, slashed with knife by Blannie Bates, 1953/11/27: 3
      Nious, Sterling, beaten by irate man for act attacker's son committed, 1952/02/08: 1
      Nious, Willie, stabbed by Josephine Nious, who was booked, 1968/08/02: 1
      Nious, Willie F., stabbed in back by wife, Isabel Nious, 1952/02/01: 1
      Nixon, Ernest, conked by unknown person, 1953/03/27: 3
      Nixon, Miss Eura Mae, refuses to file charges against Alvin Burr, 1948/01/23: 7
      Noble, William H., riddled man refuses to prosecute 'wife,' Ruby Chandler, 1967/01/27: 1
      Noel, James, hit with bottle, 1948/08/20: 1
      Nolan, James, truck headlight shattered, hand hit with wrench by occupants of another truck, 1953/07/17: 1
      Nolan, Tom, house on Wyoming St. fired on by ex-con, 1947/05/02: 1
      Norman, Clif, curious about disturbance, cut by Velma Wallace, 1960/09/09: 1
      Norman, Luther, service station operator lured to rear and slugged, 1962/11/16: 1
      Norris, Bennie G., stabbed in triangle fuss, 1969/02/14: 1
      Norris, Chester (A.)
        cop sees ired Paschel Haywood manhandle Norris for non-payment of transportation, 1958/06/27: 1
        frying chicken, filled apartments with smoke causing neighbor to knife him, 1952/02/01: 3
      Norris, Odell, beaten by four men he gives a lift, 1962/11/30: 1
      North, Damon
        knife plunged under heart, left for dead, 1954/10/01: 1
        slashed by a woman, 1951/10/05: 3
      Norwood, Annie, attacked by ex-sweetie, Sidney Price, 1931/11/20: 1
      Norwood, Edna, charged with cutting Sidney Price, 1931/09/25: 1
      Norwood, Lloyd, battles with Vernon Wilson, as one finds way to bath blocked, 1952/11/28: 1
      Norwood, Sterling, Odell Lee, and Charles A. Lee all knifed in Sunday morning free-for-all fight, 1951/07/06: 3
      not everybody had the spirit of Christmas, 1949/12/30: 1
      nothing serious, but police have busy weekend, 1949/02/25: 1
      nothing serious, but weekend is not bloodless, 1949/09/23: 1
      Nuless, Vivian, women slash each other in blade duel, 1953/02/27: 1
      Nune, Joe, stabbed with broken bottle in a fight at the Sutton Homes Project, 1965/10/08: 1
      Nunn, Catherine
        chased by husband with pistol--cap pistol, 1948/02/13: 5
        critically knifes Eva Reese for "running around" with her husband, 1955/10/21: 1
        knifes Charlie Sims, 1955/01/28: 1
        police, on second call, nab Sylvester Nunn, threatening wife, 1959/07/31: 1
        severely beaten and cut by estranged mate, Sylvester Nunn, 1952/06/27: 1
      Nunn, Emma, teeth knocked out, eyes blackened by estranged husband, George Nunn, 1964/01/31: 1
      Nunn, Joe T., youth, attacked by four, has teeth loosened, 1961/04/07: 1
      Nunn, Sylvester, 'other man' in triangle shot by husband, Sanford Brooks, 1946/03/01: 1
      Obrey, James, slashed in altercation by Emma Mae Turner, 1956/06/29: 1
      O'Brien, George P., stabbed in shoulder, 1939/03/31: 1
      O'Connor, Edward, Kingsville visitor slashed by one of four holdup men, 1946/05/03: 1
      O'Connor(O'Conner), Juanita
        hit with bat by former boy friend, 1955/02/25: 3
        and Leslie Adams, treated for caustic hurled at them in tavern, 1955/08/05: 7
      O'Connor, Miller, slashed with razor in bar row, 1947/06/06: 1
      Odem, Sterling B., slashed by Gussie Mae Keith, who chased off other woman, 1959/09/25: 1
      Odom, Alice, reported she was cursed and knocked down by youths, 1963/05/24: 1
      Odom, Mack, garageman, wounded with shotgun by unsatisfied customer, Chauncey B. Lee, 1951/11/16: 1
      Odom, Steve, cut behind left ear in altercation, 1944/07/14: 4
      O'Hara, Jack, head gashed by brother for 'some undisclosed reason,' 1969/12/19: 1
      Oliver, Alfred, fatally shot by Ollie Galloway as climax of old grievance, 1933/10/20: 1
      Oliver, Bud, victim of cutting scrape, 1933/06/09: 1
      Oliver, Emma "Straight Eight"
      Oliver, Emmett, stabbed at carnival, 1948/04/23: 1
      Oliver, John, knifed in fight with wife, Rosa Lee Oliver, 1950/09/29: 3
      one cut critically in wild fracas involving three men named Willie, 1953/03/27: 1
      one to hospital, one to jail in relief station altercation, 1934/04/13: 1
      O'Neal, Ossie, says she's beaten; Luther Scott says it's only argument, 1947/08/15: 1
      O'Neil, Mrs. Mildred, complains that man struck her son, Clay, 1950/06/23: 6
      Only, Merline, stabbed in 'revenge' knifing, 1961/11/03: 3
      Organ, Mrs. Ernestyne, knife victim finds her debtor not fooling about using blade, 1944/12/01: 1
      Osborn, Mary Ann
        inaccurate polic report lists wrong names in shooting, 1945/06/22: 1
        is pistol target after being struck with bottle by M. L. ("Doc") Halvin, 1945/06/15: 1
      Oubre, Elizabeth Ann, woman shoots at man said forcing way into residence, 1956/03/30: 3
      Ourris, Willie, knifed in fight, 1950/01/20: 1
      Outlaw, Calvin, soldier shot by wife, Nadelene Outlaw, 1967/07/14: 1
      Owens, Bernice
        shooting of mother climaxes three nights' fighting with common-law husband, Cleveland Walker, 1954/09/17: 1
        slapped and robbed by estranged husband, John, 1949/10/07: 1
      Owens, James, 17, pool room employee, shot in back by possibly "Rocky" Barrera, 1957/07/05: 1
      Owens, John Ellis, stabbed by Fridge Molitt, 1939/05/12: 5
      Owens, Magdeline, blasted in face with shotgun by her common-law husband, Joe L. Sapp, 1961/12/01: 1
      Owens, Willie Ed, fires volley at brother-in-law, Vizell Gray, in street affray, 1954/10/29: 1
      Palmer, Willie Mae
        accuses George Hubert Spalding of striking her with fist, 1960/07/22: 3
        and Elizabeth, sisters, allege youths beat them, 1957/10/25: 1
      Pamelle, Charlie, stabbed by wife, 1947/10/17: 1
      Parker, Alton, booked for altercation with E.H. Nelson, 1939/05/12: 5
      Parker, Johnny, seriously slashed in left side by Chester Tiggs, 1944/07/21: 1
      Parker, PFC Steven A., one of two GIs shot in night spot row over girl by Arthur Harry (Bunny) Eckert, 1963/07/12: 1
      Parker, Tom, clubbed by 300 pounder, 1931/09/18: 1
      Parker, Verna Dean, cut with broken glass by John Neal, 1952/07/04: 3
      Parks, Anna Mae, says husband, Solomon Parks, beats and kicks her, 1956/11/02: 1
      Parks, C. S., hit on head with bottle, 1945/05/25: 5
      Parks, Ollie, 17-year-old girl sinks teeth into officer's arm (Willie Allen), 1966/07/29: 1
      Parrish, Nora, intended target of Eluster Brown, 1941/06/27: 1
      Passmore, Algie, has lye solution hurled into his face by his wife, Florence Passmore, 1953/12/25: 1
      Patterson, Andrew N., shot by unknown person, 1965/12/31: 1
      Patterson, Minnie Lee, teeth kicked out by Vernon Taylor, as SA has wild weekend, 1953/02/20: 1
      Patterson, O., stabbed in back by unidentified person, 1944/03/10: 5
      Patterson, Olivia, beaten by Eugene Turbin, 1941/01/10: 4
      Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. Verda Mae, knifed by Minnie Kay Gildson, 1949/11/04: 5
      Patton, Goldie Mae, has arm broken by husband, Leonard Patton, 1951/08/03: 3
      Patton, Jess, hit over head with bottle by Persia Hardeman, 1947/06/13: 6
      Patton, Jess Carl, injured by R. P. Herbert, during altercation when less noise requested, 1957/11/22: 1
      Patton, L. B., Fort Sam soldier cut in struggle with woman, 1965/02/19: 1
      Patton, Persia, struck by Pete Cotton when he breaks into home, 1955/02/18: 3
      Payne, Eddie, beaten into unconsciousness by 3 hoodlums who loot his home, 1961/08/18: 1
      Payne, Ethel Juanita, cut when struck with bottle in altercation with husband, Willie Hairston, 1957/02/08: 1
      Payne, Lillie, struck by Ira Lee Hodges, 1945/01/12: 5
      Payne, Lonnie, struck on head while walking, 1964/10/23: 1
      Payne, Lou Ida, looking (by daughter) causes battle in which teeth do more damage than bullets, 1955/11/18: 1
      Payton, Sophia, choked and threatened with knife by J. B. Ketchum, 1959/02/13: 1
      Payton, Veronica, St. Philip's College; three girls on their way to dormitory accosted by youths, 1965/11/19: 1
      Pearce, Lillian, suffers severe knife wounds at hands of Ernest Minor, 1936/02/14: 7
      Pearl, Youla
        knifed by brother-in-law, 1953/05/15: 1
        stabbed with ice pick by his brother-in-law, 1951/04/06: 1
      Pearson, Emelie, slashed by Thelma Ferguson, 1938/10/14: 1
      Pelcher, Ora Lee, stabbed with scissors by Vienna Brown, in "triangle" affray, 1951/04/13: 1
      Pena, Rufus, hit in head with rock by Volley Hamilton, 1938/11/04: 1
      Pendergraph, Katie Lee, threatened with knife by S. Hemphill, 1950/01/27: 1
      Peoples, Frances, says she was chased, stabbed, 1968/09/27: 1
      Percy, Stevens, and Carlos Davis arrested for fighting, 1946/01/25: 1
      Perkins, Alma, threatened with being killed by husband, Louis Perkins, if she won't quit her job, 1957/10/11: 3
      Perkins, Rev. Andrew, shot by unidentified man, 1968/05/03: 1
      Perkins, C. J., stabbed with ice pick by Floyd Marshall, 1948/06/25: 1
      Perkins, Lily, shot and wounded by Pauline Lowe, 1942/10/09: 1
      Perkins, Louis, denied entrance to girlfriend's house, fires gun, 1946/10/04: 1
      Perkins, Mary, struck in face with chain by Robert Bennett, 1965/03/05: 1
      Perkins, Oliver
        knifed by Mrs. Frances Perkins, who was arrested, 1966/08/12: 1
        knifed man says he'll square things, 1955/11/18: 1
        slashed in automobile caper by Bernice Watson, 1958/01/03: 3
      Perry, Beulah Mae, mate, Willie Lee Perry, comes through window, threatens to kill wife, 1955/04/22: 1
      Perry, Chestine, lashed by father, Willie Perry, with electric cord, 1956/03/16: 3
      Perry, Gertrude and Charley Grier fight together at Kelly Field, 1945/12/14: 1
      Perry, James, stabbed by unknown woman, 1935/12/27: 8 (filmed in 1936/01/03 issue)
      Perry, John, Jr., five-dollar debt blamed in knifing, 1969/11/14: 1
      Perry, Lucy Mae, accuses George Kendrick of beating her with fists, 1942/06/12: 3
      Perryman, Calvin, gun duel with Jackie Lee Russell leaves Russell in critical condition; Perryman released following treatment, 1967/08/11: 1
      Perryman, Lee Roy, gets into argument, hit with chair, 1955/11/18: 8 (filmed in 11/25 issue)
      Perryman, Leroy, EODC Director, attacked by Concentrated Employments Program (CEP) trainee, Joseph L. James, who later fire-bombs the building and shoots a taxi driver, Ralph Holguin, 1970/02/13: 1
      Perryman, Ruby, slashed with butcher knife in melee with husband, Leroy, 1953/07/17: 1
      Perryman, Sadalia, thrown out of auto by husband who was with another woman, 1950/09/22: 1
      Perryman, Willie, jugular vein slit in fight with Charles Madison, 1955/12/02: 1
      Pertreate, Mrs. Ollie, stabbed by Charles Pertreate after being placed under peace bond, 1947/07/11: 1
      Peteet, Celestine, kicked out of bed by husband, George, 1953/06/12: 3
      Peterson, Elmo, nearly killed when wife stabs his throat, 1939/11/24: 1
      Peterson, S. P., assaulted with car, by Noland Zumalt, 1936/04/17: 6
      Petitt, Mrs. Irene, home broken into by divorced husband, Winner Petitt, 1945/06/22: 1
      Pettus, Thelma, beaten and cut, while husband, Milton Pettus, was slashed during family argument, 1959/02/20: 1
      Pettus, William, shot in dice game fuss over dollar by Harold T. Rhodes, 1955/05/20: 1
      Phillips, Blanche, arrested for soliciting; involved in the altercation with several others, 1952/04/18: 1
      Phillips, Charles, robbed, assaulted by hoodlum who leaps from police car and escapes, 1968/08/09: 1
      Phillips, Eugene, bullets end fuss over wife's borrowing of money, 1947/01/17: 1
      Phillips, Fred
        struck on forehead in altercation, 1969/10/10: 1
        suffers head wounds in tavern affray, 1966/07/29: 1
      Phillips, James, wounded trying to defend his mother from assault by 21 year-old-man, 1970/04/17: 1
      Phillips, Jessie Lee, on complaint, has Alberta Thomas arrested for assault, 1937/09/24: 5
      Phillips, Joe
        airman, beating wife Mary Phillips, knifed by brother-in-law, Willie Anthony, 1952/07/04: 1
        struck with ice pick by brother-in-law, 1949/10/07: 1
      Phillips, Lawson, beaten, kicked by Joe Williams in ice house altercation, 1954/11/12: 1
      Phillips, Mary
        beaten, 1952/11/28: 4
        conked on the head with a rock by boyfriend, Clinton Usher, 1958/01/17: 1
        lip lacerated when struck by man outside bar, 1955/10/28: 1
        with Ollie Anthony and Willie Anthony, damages gasoline pump in rock throwing fracas, 1957/06/28: 1
        struck by W. H. Crayton (knives, fists send 3 to hospital), 1953/06/05: 1
      Phillips, Robbie Mae, slashed and Eugene Lee, conked in row, 1954/04/30: 1
      Pickens, Larry
        fusillade from car wounds 14-year-old boy, 1968/08/09: 1
        youth, 16, called to car, shot in left leg, 1969/09/26: 1
      Pierce, John, hoe, butcher knife, and razor send man to hospital, 1931/08/21: 1
      Pierce, Orelia, and roommate, Geneva Frederick, beaten and slashed by L. V. Lee, who was then stabbed by 3rd roomer, Ethel Reese, 1962/10/19: 1
      Pierson, Bernice
        beaten by J. C. Powell; airmen help officer Jesus Pelayo in fight with prisoner, 1955/04/22: 1
        struck by man at Acme bar, who then pulls knife, 1959/08/28: 3
      Pierson, Charles, stabbed in abdomen [article titled "Knives Flash in SA Weekend Altercations"], 1963/11/22: 1
      Pierson, Sidney, loses eye in shotgun fracas, 1933/05/26: 1
      Pilcher, Ora Lee
        and Beulah Bell, battle with knives, bottle, in tavern brawl, 1955/08/19: 1
        slashed in fight with another woman, 1964/07/24: 1
      pistol discharged during an altercation involving a woman and her common law husband, 1950/10/06: 1
      Pitts, Ada, two wives given beatings at same address on Sunday, 1948/06/18: 1
      Pitts, Elizabeth, beaten, kicked about face by mate, Isaac Pitts, 1960/05/20: 3
      Pitts, Grant, assaulted by Cleo Grice and Tommy Grice, using walking cane, pool ball, 1940/07/26: 1
      Pitts, James, and Millard Taylor, both hurt by same ricocheting bullet, 1962/07/20: 1
      Pleasant, Charles, asks for supper; but by wife, 1949/10/14: 5
      Pleasant, Ednah, complains that Nezzie Bradley threatens of bodily injury, 1944/08/04: 1
      Plummer, Archie, ripped with razor by friend of beaten battler, 1938/04/22: 1
      Poindexter, Elizabeth, and her common-law husband, Billy Walker, brutally handled by San Antonio Police during a Sunday row, eyewitnessed by Joseph V. Luter, 1963/05/17: 1
      police accuse taverns of not reporting fights, 1948/01/30: 5
      police get wide variety of calls during weekend, 1955/03/11: 1
      Polk, Arthur, stabbed with ice pick by Archie Clark, 1948/09/17: 1
      Polk, Ernest, sleeping man is doused with lye by mate, Katie Mae Polk, 1946/02/15: 1
      Polk, Lucille, arrested for shooting pistol at Katherine Birdo, 1944/11/17: 5
      Pollard, Edwin, knifed during argument with friend, 1948/06/25: 4
      Pollard, George
        three men cut in Sunday rows, 1953/03/06: 1
        throat grazed by slug after tavern employee, Roy Hudspeth, is shot in back, 1957/08/30: 1
      Pool, Vera, hit with crutch by mate, Allen Pool, 1960/06/17: 3
      Porter, Mrs. Alice Mae, stabbed by Lewis Thomas for seeing her own husband, 1946/08/30: 1
      Porter, Charles, such friends he could do without [he was assaulted and robbed by two "friends"], 1966/06/24: 1
      Porter, Charles L., 82 stitches required for man who tries wrong door, 1946/03/22: 1
      Porter, Earley, shot four times in tavern by unidentified man, 1968/03/15: 1
      Porter, Howard C., stabbed in neck, chest by wife, Elizabeth Porter, 1953/08/28: 1
      Porter, Leonard, tries to be peacemaker in fight, gets slashed, 1951/03/30: 1
      Potey, James, three men slashed, stabbed in knife battle, 1953/07/31: 1
      Powell, James, drinking partner slugs man with bottle, 1966/05/06: 1
      Powell, Jessie, knifed during altercation with boyfriend, 1956/12/14: 1
      Powell, Larue, peacemaker shot by sister of man in fight, 1964/11/06: 1
      Powell, Walter, stabbed in back, 1936/03/20: 1
      Preacher, Mrs. Annie Bell, shot at by husband, Andrew C., 1949/07/15: 1
      Pressly, Eda M., and Mabel Ray Williams, rip each other in knife battle, 1952/02/22: 1
      Preston, Gladys, stabbed in hand with finger nail file by Flossie Greenwood, 1953/02/27: 3
      Preston, John C., shot by fiancee, Cleo Nelson, 1969/11/14: 1
      pretty 17-year-old SA girl brutally beaten, assaulted, 1945/12/28: 1
      Price, A. B., slashed by man, refuses to name knifer, 1958/12/19: 3
      Price, Bernice, treated for injuries after being pushed from a car by boy friend, 1950/11/10: 4
      Price, James
        battler critically knifed by William Bratton in bloody tavern fight, 1952/07/11: 1
        seriously stabbed in fight with Thomas Kitchen, 1950/08/04: 1
      Price, James (16-year-old youth)
        grocer clears mystery shooting of youth, 1960/10/14: 1
        shot in back as he walks on street, 1960/10/07: 1
      Price, Joe, debt collector hurt, 1964/05/01: 1
      Price, Johnny, socked over the eye by his wife, 1945/09/07: 7
      Price, Johnny M., argument over domino "cut" ends in knifing by Roy Hudspeth, 1949/02/11: 1
      Price, Lillian, Houston woman shot, critically wounded by common-law husband, Lynell Lockett, 1959/06/26: 1
      Price, Rosa, cursed and chased from her home with a knife by son, Robert Lee Gibson, 1951/07/27: 3
      Price, Ruth
      Price, Virgil, beaten with ceramic lamp by Geraldine Goban, 1959/07/31: 1
      Priebe, William L., rear-ends car driven by Vernon Wilder, leading to Priebe's knife wounds, bruises and lacerations by Wilder, 1957/03/29: 1
      Priestley, Ben, blasted with shotgun as climax to fuss, 1947/02/21: 1
      Priestley, Boston, stabbed in chest by wife, Willie, 1955/05/20: 1
      Priestley, Mrs. Gladys, knocked down by husband, Leon, 1950/05/19: 1
      Priestley, Herman
        and J. R. Thompson, in fight due to faulty plumbing, 1946/01/11: 1
        reported beaten and robbed by gang, 1959/05/29: 1
        struck in mouth by Jaunita Rodriguez, 1954/11/05: 1
      Priestley, Isaac, struck by angry youth when he refuses to serve drink, 1955/03/25: 1
      Priestley, Leon, would-be peacemaker is stabbed in neck during fight at tavern, 1958/10/31: 1
      Prince, Aaron, "tears up" place in fight with Ernest Spencer and Willie Williams, 1942/07/24: 5
      Prince, Addie Mae and Virginia, badly slashed when man attacks suddenly, 1936/03/27: 1
      Prince, Dorothy, slashed in altercation, 1942/12/04: 1
      Prince, Mrs. Geneva, beaten by boy friend, 1950/06/23: 5
      Prince, Lee, knifed by irate husband, Charles H. Scott, for occupying cabin with his wife, 1950/08/11: 1
      Prince, Leroy and W.M. Garrett cut by Garfield Williams, 1933/05/05: 1
      Prince, Louise, knifed while trying to get brawling woman, Willie Belle, out of tavern, 1953/05/22: 1
      Prince, Mary Nell, protected from attacker, Eugene Williams, by policeman, 1949/04/01: 4
      Prince, Moses, slashed by sister-in-law, Joyce Williams, 1969/04/18: 1
      Pringle, Mrs. Corn Lee, said to be caught with "other" man, slashed by husband, Samuel Pringle, 1960/06/17: 1
      Probers, Albert S., stabbed by Joe Louis Jackson, as three men engage in street brawl, 1958/09/26: 1
      Profit, Mamie Lee, struck by Charles Thomas, 1949/11/18: 5
      Provens, Albert, domino game fight sends two players to hospital, jail, 1953/08/07: 1
      Province, Albert, and Freddie Hilliard, cut and stab each other in a knife fight, 1967/07/21: 1
      Pruitt, Mattie
        arrested for shooting Marie L. Clark in night club, 1961/10/27: 1
        fisted by husband, Everett Pruitt, 1955/09/30: 3
      Pullam (Pulliam), Robert
        owner of Sun Spot Inn, fires into air as Arthur Tyler pulled a knife on him, 1951/06/29: 3
        proprietor of New Braunfels St. tavern , shoots and wounds three, 1956/05/25: 1
      Pullem, Mrs. Lena Mae, beaten by Clarence Simpson, who breaks into house, 1949/12/23: 1
      Pulley, Mrs. Ceola, says she's fisted by ex-mate, Clyde Pulley, 1969/09/12: 1
      Pulliam, Annie, beaten and daughter chased by husband Robert Pulliam, 1951/07/27: 1
      Pullins, Sadie, beaten when she rejects advances from Jesse Broadnax, 1949/06/24: 5
      Pullum, Lena Mae, knocked down by Clarence Simpson, 1949/06/24: 1
      Puryear, E. C., beaten and stomped by two men, 1957/10/11: 1
      Quintanillam Mrs. Frank, arm lacerated by bottle wielded by Wilber Lee, 1956/03/16: 1
      Rabb, Mrs. Mrs. Mabie, takes pot shots at husband sitting on porch, 1940/11/01: 1
      Ragland, Robert, stabbed by wife, Virgie Ragland, 1955/08/05: 1
      Rainey, Perry, cut in affray with Rosie Holmes, 1933/03/10: 1
      Ramirez, Amelia, has Dan Reed arrested for making threats, 1964/05/15: 1
      Ramsey, Alma, hurt in Sunday row with husband, 1961/03/17: 1
      Ramsey, Alma Mae, cut in altercation with husband, Gary Ramsey, 1957/09/06: 4
      Ramsey, Doris, struck in eye by husband, 1949/10/14: 5
      Ramsey, Ellen Lee, assaulted by Elmer Stewart, 1932/05/06: 1
      Ramsey, Ethel M., stabbed by husband who thought she hexed him, 1945/04/27: 1
      Ramsey, Garrett (Garry) Lee
        stabbed with ice pick by wife, Anna Lee Ramsey, 1953/11/27: 3
        wounded, in serious condition, shot by uncle, Bernard Carr during an altercation, 1961/12/29: 1
      Ramsey, Irma, stabbed in chest by James Cobette, 1943/04/23: 7
      Ramsey, Lorenzo, stabbed by another Kelly Field soldier, Pierce Allen, 1943/07/02: 1
      Ramsey, Margaret Lillian, shot in leg, hand, and neck by estranged mate, Gary Lee Ramsey, 1966/12/23: 1
      Ramsey, Mary Katherine, ear lacerated when hit with board, 1956/04/20: 1
      Ramsey, Turner, prosecuted for chasing woman with pistol in hand, 1931/09/18: 1
      Randall, Clifton, and Eliot Woods knifed by youths attempting to crash a party, 1970/06/12: 1
      Randall, Ras, invalid hit with rock, 1948/11/19: 1
      Randall, Reglin, hit with shotgun by husband, Clifton Randall, Jr., 1959/04/17: 3
      Randell, Cleo, stabbed for having man arrested for stealing three weeks ago, 1958/08/15: 1
      Randle, Hamilton, severely cut in fracas, 1955/08/19: 1
      Randle, James LeRoy, slashed and stabbed in an altercation, 1962/06/01: 3
      Randolph, Pfc. Luther, Randolph AFB, shot by SA Special Officer Wiley Johnson, following intervention in family battle in street, 1951/07/13: 1
      Rankin, Clyde
        hand cut in struggle with wife, 1949/03/25: 1
        slashed on top of head by Jack Spriggs, 1953/09/11: 1
      Rape, Thomas, robbed and assaulted by ex-con, Buck Vivian Simpson, 1942/10/23: 1
      Rasher, Mrs. Ola, stabbed by woman who breaks into her room, Charlie C. Penson, 1946/11/08: 1
      Rasson, Bessie, knified by Esther Davis, 1944/03/17: 4
      Ratcliff, Ralph, seriously cut in fight with Wesley Center, 1941/06/20: 1
      Ray, Alberta, struck with rock and slashed by Esther Lee Martin, 1943/08/13: 1
      Ray, Allen, cut by thrown bottle, 1950/07/28: 5
      Ray, Blanche, has face slashed with butcher knife by Eugene Brown, 1954/08/13: 1
      Ray, Fred Douglas, Jr., slashed in wild affray, 1939/03/03: 1
      Ray, Joe, 16-year-old hit with bottle, 1953/09/04: 1
      Ray, Melvin, hit with bottle, 1941/10/31: 1
      Ray, Oscar, stabbed in head by Vanness Sadberry, 1940/11/29: 5
      Ray, Pearl
        beaten by nephews, Charlie Coleman and J. C. Coleman, 1952/08/15: 3
        knifed at tavern table with another man by husband, Melvin Ray, 1954/08/13: 1
        seriously wounded, husband Melvin Ray grazed by a bullet, and Janice Ray shot in thigh during family row with Fred Webb, nephew of Melvin Ray, 1967/09/29: 1
      Ray, Sarlene, shot at twice by estranged mate, Neal Ray, 1960/07/22: 1
      Ray, Willie (Melvin)
        grazed by a bullet, wife Pearl Ray seriously wounded, grazed by a bullet, and Janice Ray shot in thigh during family row with Fred Webb, his nephew, 1967/09/29: 1
        stabbed with ice pick by wife, Pearl Ray, 1951/06/29: 1
        suffers knife wound in altercation, 1950/09/22: 6
      Ray, Wimpie, stabbed about the face and neck in a free-for-all at a domino game, 1963/03/01: 1
      Raymond, Pete (Pete T., P. T.)
        with Myrtle Sedberry and Rosie Mae Lindsay, knifed in West Side drinking bout row, 1958/08/15: 1
        and Sophie Barefield, knifed by woman known only as "Betty" in West Side tavern brawl, 1953/10/09: 1
        stabbed by Myrtle Sedberry in wild West Side tavern melee, 1957/06/28: 1
      Rayons, Clara, slashed in fight with her uncle, Jim Risher, 1956/06/29: 1
      records indicate no letup in SA law violations, 1949/10/21: 1
      Rector, Lenora, Corpus, beaten with board by Collie Bell, 1944/09/01: 1
      Redd, Mrs. Mattie, slugged, robbed, 1946/05/17: 1
      Redd, Robert, 6, receives mystery whipping, 1951/01/26: 3
      Reden, George, stabbed in chest during altercation, 1964/01/24: 5
      Reden, George H., peacemaker in argument, sent to hospital with head injuries, 1959/04/17: 1
      Reed, A. T., sitting in car, reported conked by someone, 1954/04/30: 1
      Reed, Albert "Sugar Foot," and Marjorie Thompson, rip each other with same knife, 1955/10/14: 1
      Reed, Carvin O., 19-year-old man shot in back by former father-in-law, Clifton Amires, 1968/05/24: 1
      Reed, Daisy, fisted by husband, George Reed, 1948/11/05: 1
      Reed, Dan, wounded by Cpl. James Jackson in street shooting affray, 1948/03/19: 1
      Reed, Eulra, hit over head with flower pot by estranged husband, Walter Reed, 1945/08/24: 1
      Reed, Gladys, slashed by Jim C. Rischer, 1952/05/02: 3
      Reed, Levi
        cut on lip in altercation with wife, 1950/08/04: 7
        seriously knifed in fight with Burrell W. Gardner, said to be over a woman, 1952/10/03: 1
      Reed, Lula Mae, mauled during an altercation with her husband, Levi Reed, 1950/09/22: 3
      Reed, Monroe, shot by unknown assailant, 1933/06/23: 1
      Reed, Mrs. Navajo, severely beaten in furious struggle in alley, 1954/07/30: 1
      Reed, Ralph, shotgun blast by Joe Allen Street breaks his leg over debt of $5, 1951/04/20: 1
      Reed, Tommie, wounded in argument over missing billfold, 1952/05/09: 1
      Reese, Edward
        cut over heart, abdomen, in fight with Julius Marksdale, 1931/11/27: 1
        knifed by Evelyn Blevins, 1955/11/11: 1
        shot at by common-law wife, Elizabeth Spencer, 1961/09/22: 1
        stabbed in back by soldier, 1946/12/20: 5
      Reese, Ethel, shot twice by rejected suitor, Charles Ellison, when he sees couple kiss, 1963/07/12: 1
      Reese, Eva
        critically knifed by Catherine Nunn for "running around" with her husband, Sylvester Nunn, 1955/10/21: 1
        struck by husband, Edward Reese, 1946/08/16: 1
      Reese, Henry, wounded in shotgun blast by Wesley Jackson, 1945/11/16: 1
      Reese, Joel Ellsworth, the only thing we are sure of is the man was shot, 1963/08/30: 1
      Reese, Margie
        beaten one week by husband, Leroy Reese; he throws out furniture the next week, 1957/03/22: 1
        slashed in struggle for knife with estranged husband, Maurice Reese, 1957/07/12: 3
      Reid, Bannessa, 3, repeatedly stabbed by boy, 13; he carries little girl under house, stabs her again and again, 1959/03/20: 1
      Remo, Joe, hit with bottle, 1963/11/08: 3
      Remone, Kelley, reported dragged from car, stabbed in head by Bernice Williams, 1954/07/02: 1
      Renfro, Lorraine, choked by divorced husband, J. M. Blackburn, 1949/09/02: 1
      Renfro, Ruby Mae, other woman shot at by Marjorie Tealer; bystander shot in affray, 1953/07/17: 1
      Revado, Anna and Joe, throw pot, pot roast in family battle, 1955/09/16: 1
      Reyes, Eugene, 14, slashed in groin by another 14-year-old, 1951/09/21: 3
      Rhodes, Robert, slashed by three boys, 1947/05/30: 5
      Rice, Edward, and Andrew McKnight wound each other shooting it out and wound two others, Orange Wyatt and Willie Wyatt, who attempt to break up fight, 1954/01/08: 1
      Rice, John Lee, knifed in altercation with a woman he named, 1954/01/22: 2
      Rice, L. E., injured in fight with son, Robert E. Rice, 1956/05/25: 1
      Rice, Ruth
        says she was beaten with a rubber hose by husband, DePriest Rice, 1953/11/06: 1
        tells of threats by Lombrano Street youth, who has also beaten her, 1958/05/23: 3
      Richards, Frank
        protects daughter with fist; fined $5.00, 1931/11/27: 1
        stabbed in abdomen by Wezelle Wallace, 1939/12/29: 5
      Richardson, Clara, slashed by Mary Smith, 1956/10/05: 1
      Richardson, Airman Earl, beaten with knucks, 1956/03/30: 1
      Richardson, Manuel, knifed by stepfather, Isaac Craft, over newspaper argument, 1951/07/20: 3
      Richardson, Mary
        beaten by Willie Richardson as cop approaches, 1948/05/21: 1
        Robert B. Green nurse's aide brutally beaten by Willie ("Little Red") Williams, 1959/10/30: 1
      Richardson, Otis and Otto Bates, trivial argument sends two to hospital, 1931/10/23: 1
      Richardson, Richard
        cut about the shoulder in an argument with another man, 1963/04/26: 3
        shot by son-in-law, J. C. Thomas in Xmas shooting, 1954/01/01: 1
      Richardson, Cpl. S. W., conked by L. J. Harris in tavern argument over change on bar, 1954/01/15: 1
      Richburg, Irma, beaten and kicked when she came home late, 1962/09/14: 1
      Richie, MSgt. Preston Elijah, former SA Red War prisoner cut in tavern, 1955/09/30: 1
      Ricks, Nathaniel, injured in tavern affray, 1949/08/05: 4
      Ricks, Robert, found shot in street, 1969/06/13: 1
      ride-a-block, stop, fight-awhile battle ended by woman with tire iron, 1948/07/09: 1
      Riggins, Lawrence Lee, knifed by Mattie Lee Easley, before he completes swing with bottle, 1961/10/06: 1
      Rigsby, Peyton, complains of shooting affray, 1949/05/27: 5
      Riley, Ben, slashed in cutting scrape, 1959/09/25: 1
      Riley, Dorothy, planning divorce, beaten and pistol-whipped by husband, Earl Lincoln Riley, 1957/10/11: 1
      Riley, P. M., highjacked by two men, beaten and robbed, 1943/02/26: 1
      Riley, Mrs. Susana, conked with stick when she calls husband "liar," 1949/05/13: 1
      Rio, Daniel, stabbed four times by another man, 1959/01/23: 3
      Risher, Dave, knifed while admonishing two creating a disturbance, 1954/06/18: 1
      Risher, Gladys, fisted by husband, Jim Risher, 1955/12/23: 7
      Risher, Jim, guitarist badly wounded in be-bop argument with Billie Joe Duncan, 1950/05/12: 1
      Roach, K., cut while asleep; tavern is bloody shambles, 1949/11/11: 1
      Robbins, George, ripped by brother-in-law in altercation, 1954/07/30: 1
      Robbins, John, and B. G. Cates, two policemen hurt in Saturday morning row with ten brawlers, 1961/12/08: 1
      Roberson, Douglas, seriously knifed in tavern row, 1950/03/24: 1
      Roberson, Emze, hit on head, 1956/01/13: 3
      Roberson, Martha, wounds three in tavern shooting, 1961/10/27: 1
      Roberson, Timothy, shot in the shoulder by wife Mary Roberson as he drives away after an altercation, 1962/06/29: 1
      Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. C. W., attacked by Dan Reed for refusing to pay for grass cutting owed by another, 1951/05/25: 3
      Roberts, Ernest, stabbed in leg during altercation, 1948/05/07: 1
      Roberts, George, ripped with razor by woman, 1960/07/22: 1
      Roberts, Mrs. Leatrice, beaten by husband, Leon, 1949/06/03: 1
      Roberts, Leon, burst of gunfire hits youth, 16, punctures tire, 1966/06/03: 1
      Roberts, Mildred E.
        Grand Jury no bills Lonnie Bell in assault of Mildred E. Roberts, 1941/09/19: 1
        Lonnie Bell is jailed for alleged assault of Mildred E. Roberts, 1941/09/12: 1
      Robertson, Clarence, knifed by wife, listed in "fair" condition, 1956/10/12: 1
      Robertson, Douglas, West Sider critically knifed in street affray with Levernon ("Sonny Boy") Grady, 1957/07/12: 1
      Robertson, Kelly, cut by woman; reason for knifing not ascertained, 1966/08/05: 1
      Robertson, Kenneth, knifed in fight by Louise Moss, 1955/08/05: 3
      Robinson, Alvin, slugged with gun, 1941/06/20: 5
      Robinson, Anne Louise, shot in bed as she slept by husband, Stacy E. Robinson, 1964/02/14: 1
      Robinson, Arthur
        ear nearly bitten off, and sister, Mertline Robinson, clubbed with rifle by two men he named, 1956/07/13: 1
        face cut severely in fracas, 1960/11/25: 1
        seriously hurt in Sunday tavern shooting by Millard Evans at Brewer's Place, 1956/07/20: 1
      Robinson, Mrs. B. M., and Flores Jean Davis, attacked by dog in brief reign of terror; cop's gun put an end to it, 1940/11/08: 1
      Robinson, Bobbie, struck over eye in altercation, 1952/06/27: 3
      Robinson, Clara, cut in shoulder by Minnie Barnes, 1959/07/03: 1
      Robinson, Clarence, knifed in early Sunday morning altercation with blade-wielding woman, 1952/06/20: 3
      Robinson, Doris D., screams coming from automobile lead to arrest of Frank Robinson for aggravated assault, 1958/09/12: 1
      Robinson, Earl, shot while walking down a street by Lawrence Mack Sampleton, 1958/09/19: 1
      Robinson, Ella Marie, punched by husband, Charles Robinson, and stomps her wrist watch, 1956/09/28: 1
      Robinson, Enza, and son, John L. Robinson, in West Side melee, with another son, Douglas Robinson being slashed and Officer Horace Neaves being kicked, 1957/01/11: 1
      Robinson, Ernest, airman beaten with brick, 1956/01/27: 3
      Robinson, Ernestine L.
        beaten by husband, Edward Lee Robinson, 1953/06/12: 1
        stabbed on top of head with scissors by Edward Lee Robinson, 1953/08/14: 1
      Robinson, Evelyn, struck by spurned admirer, 1964/08/28: 1
      Robinson, Geraldine and Lillie Mae Ransom, one slashed as 17-year-old girls battle, 1959/08/07: 1
      Robinson, Grady Lee, struck on head with hatchet by James Lane, 1964/09/11: 1
      Robinson, Homer, jury fails to find guilt for assault of six-year-old girl, 1931/10/16: 1
      Robinson, James, injured by "friends," 1949/12/30: 1
      Robinson, Joe, and Harrison Brooks stage riotous bloody battle in a nothing-barred Sunday fracas, 1954/02/12: 1
      Robinson, Joe Nathan, wounded in Saturday night shooting, 1964/10/09: 1
      Robinson, John Wesley, annoys woman, is shot by Sebastian Arila; not expected to live, 1945/08/31: 1
      Robinson, Mrs. Johnnie (Mae)
        beaten by husband, Joe N. Robinson, 1949/03/04: 6
        falls from moving car in fight with mate, 1949/11/18: 1
      Robinson, Kelly, knifed by Bernice Abram, 1959/09/11: 1
      Robinson, Kenneth L., creating a row, arrested on second call, 1950/10/13: 1
      Robinson, Liza, suffers knife wounds, 1943/03/26: 5
      Robinson, Lonnie, face slashed in fight, 1960/06/17: 1
      Robinson, Mrs. M. E., struck with Army cot and pistol snapped in face by ex-husband, Leroy Applewhite, 1952/07/04: 1
      Robinson, Mathew, stabbed by man who accused him of taking $25, 1963/04/26: 1
      Robinson, Naomi, beaten by Ollie Jones, 1941/01/31: 1
      Robinson, Ruth, beaten about face and slashed on throat by husband, Kenneth Lee Robinson, 1958/03/07: 1
      Robinson, Samuel, Budweiser salesman and unknown gunman in shootout, 1969/10/03: 1
      Robinson, Walter, beaten by four men who object to his taking his wife home, 1948/10/29: 1
      Robinson, Yvette, 5 years old, beaten with stick by Frances Rosemond, 19, 1970/04/03: 1
      Rodgers, Clem, knifed last Sunday by Willie Bennett, 1932/06/03: 1
      Rodgers, Enna, beaten and child, 2, struck, by husband Louis L. Rodgers, 1951/12/07: 1
      Rodgers, Pearl, stabbed in back with ice pick in altercation with several women, 1954/04/30: 1
      Rodgers, Sylvester, fight over girl with Melvin Mack leaves him in critical condition, 1954/10/22: 1
      Rodriguez, Ernest, stabbed, axed by Will Campbell, 1931/10/30: 1
      Rodriguez, Janie
        and brother Ernest, battle with board and butcher knife, 1954/07/30: 1
        critically wounded by Millard O'Connor in tavern knifing, 1965/03/26: 1
      Rogers, Aaron, stabbed in shoulder while passing by fighting girls, 1939/07/28: 1
      Rogers, Ellis, Jr., and Ernest Malloy butcher each other in knife duel, 1952/05/02: 1
      Rogers, Janie, bashed with ash tray by boyfriend, Richard Sheppard, 1951/09/21: 1
      Rogers, Jessie, knifed in early morning fracas with Clarence Wells, 1951/10/19: 2
      Rogers, Mary, shot five times by another girl, 1933/07/28: 3
      Rogers, Melvin, three shot, one slashed in wild tavern brawl, 1961/02/17: 1
      Rogers, Melvin Lee, seriously wounded by Gilbert ("Rabbit") Voss at a tavern after Voss kills Frank Wilson at another tavern, 1962/12/28: 1
      Rogers, R. C., stabbed in arm by estranged wife, Addie Lee Rogers, 1966/02/04: 1
      Rogers, Ray, in free-for-all tries Patrolman D. R. Flores, too, 1957/01/18: 3
      Rogers, Robert
        and Edward Gonzales, knifed at Rock 'n Roll dance at Municipal Auditorium, 1956/08/17: 1
        three shot, one slashed in wild tavern brawl, 1961/02/17: 1
      Rogers, Sylvester, seriously wounded in West Side bar brawl, 1966/09/02: 1
      Rogers, Virgie, struck several times in presence of police officer by husband, Ray Edward Rogers, 1958/02/14: 3
      Roland, Levi, slashed by Mary Alice Brown who caught him with "other" woman, 1951/04/20: 1
      Romero, Joe, hit on head with glass by Hardy Butler, 1939/06/30: 6
      Roosevelt, Garrett
        stabbed in chest in argument; shot man, Erwin Whipple, remains in critical condition, 1968/03/22: 1
        stabbed soldier dies, two men charged with murder, 1968/03/29: 1
      Roper, James O., knife blade broken off in his neck, 1953/08/28: 1
      Roper, Oscar
        knifed in back by Earl Dodson, 1959/06/26: 3
        smashed over head with bottle by girlfriend, Genella Reed, 1951/09/07: 3
      Rose, Billy Jean, beaten by David Clay, 1958/04/25: 1
      Rose, Charles, tavern proprietor, knifed as he separates battling couple, 1950/09/01: 1
      Rose, Marjorie, has mate, Lee R. Rose, arrested for striking her, 1957/01/25: 3
      Rose, W. M., blackjacked by three GIs in robbery attempt, 1946/08/16: 1
      Rosemond, Willie Mae, struck second time by man when he returns, 1964/08/28: 1
      Ross, Anthony, gives woman ride, is knifed, 1969/08/08: 1
      Ross, Clara, gets serious beating by husband, Andrew Ross, in row in car, 1958/05/23: 3
      Ross, Clarence, shot three times by Samuel ("Bubba D") Nichols who didn't say a word, 1967/04/21: 1
      Ross, Myrtle, wife claims she's shot by mate's girl friend, 1966/04/29: 1
      Ross, Mrs. Myrtle, cheek cut by bottle wielded by husband, Clarence, 1949/12/23: 5
      Ross, William, seriously wounded by knife, 1933/04/07: 1
      Routt, Mable Louise, assaulted by husband, William Eugene Routt, who was booked for aggravated assault, 1964/07/03: 3
      Routt, Viola, hit with bottle, 1955/03/04: 3
      Rowans, Clara May, 18-year-old girl seriously hurt by shotgun blast, 1956/02/10: 1
      Rowe, Eula
        beaten by husband, 1939/04/07: 5
        struck with own pistol by Ed Cloud, 1954/09/10: 1
      Royster, David
        shot at by prowler crawling toward daughter, 1945/07/27: 1
        suffers fractured cheek bone and Bernard McKnight stabbed twice during altercation with each other, 1951/02/23: 1
      Royster, George
        hit four times in gun battle in tavern, 1959/10/23: 1
        and Lois Royster, wounded by gunman in cafe shooting affray, 1948/05/14: 1
      Royster, Mrs. Luvinia, slashed by Mrs. Lois Mae Clack, 1946/09/06: 4
      Royster, Raymond, innocent bystander shot by Raymond Duncan, 1948/02/27: 1
      Rucker, Ben, seriously knifed in row with wife over dinner, 1959/10/23: 1
      Rucker, Floyd A., shop foreman's arm broken by worker with a hoe handle, 1965/10/22: 1
      Ruckett, Lois, hit by husband, Henry Ruckett, with gun, 1942/10/23: 4
      Ruffin, Ethel, pregnant, beaten with fists by husband, Lim Willie Ruffin, 1952/05/30: 3
      Ruggs, Michael, youth possible victim of SA strike feud, 1969/07/18: 1
      Russ, Coleman, injured when attacked by gang, 1954/07/09: 3
      Russaw, Georgia, stabbed by John Jackson, who then has affray with policeman at hospital, 1953/12/11: 1
      Russaw, Mary, beaten about head by husband, Milton Russaw, 1958/03/07: 1
      Russaw, Milton C., GI husband has dagger plunged into his chest by wife, Georgeanna Russaw, 1953/01/02: 1
      Russell, Gladys
        threatened by B. J. Thomas, 1951/07/06: 3
        victim of Joseph Thomas' blade in Saturday affray, 1936/10/02: 1
      Russell, Jackie Lee, gun duel with Calvin Perryman leaves Russell in critical condition; Perryman released following treatment, 1967/08/11: 1
      Russell, Roy
        severely knifed by woman, 1968/12/20: 1
        slashed by woman booked as "drunk," 1956/09/14: 3
        woman uses steak knife on him, claiming that he cursed her and "almost" struck her, 1967/10/06: 1
      Rutland, Robert, stabbed by husband of woman he tried to help walk, 1967/12/08: 3
      Ryan, Perry Lee, beaen with whiskey bottle by Pvt. Joseph Brooks, 1944/09/08: 5
      SA law officers have another hectic weekend, 1950/05/26: 1
      SA women use blades on men in Saturday rows, 1954/04/09: 1
      SA women use bottles, knives in week's affrays, 1940/11/22: 1
      Sadberry, Alma, nose bloodied by Oscar Jefferson, 1948/10/01: 1
      Sadberry, Jimmy, and Marcel Burns, knifed by J. T. Lemon, 1965/02/12: 1
      Sadberry, Vanese and Allene, jailed as rocks, bullets fill air, 1939/09/22: 1
      Salid, Arhmand, slashed in "suicide attempt," but accompanied by woman to hospital, 1956/06/29: 1
      Sallie, Earl, skull creased by Homer Johnson in row at night club, 1945/12/28: 1
      Sample, Marie, talking to ex-mate, cut by "arch rival" Katie Mae McKenzie, 1951/06/01: 1
      Samples, Eugene, stabbed in back by Elsie Cavanaugh, 1936/01/24: 7
      Samples, Pearline, beaten, dragged, thrown down stairs by estranged husband, 1965/05/28: 1
      Sams, Andrew, Jr., who 'doesn't want woman anymore,' shot by Ruby Lewis, 1949/11/25: 1
      Sams, Calvin, and Fender ("Big Boy") Yell, wounded in shoot-out, 1969/09/19: 1
      Sams, Miss Willie Mae, bullets fired by Col. Ellis Parker, nick skull, 1942/02/13: 1
      Samuels, Keller, youth slashes his face with broken bottle, 1956/11/23: 1
      Samuels, Willie
        burned by lye thrown by his wife, Bessie Samuels, 1944/02/25: 1
        has acid hurled into face and eyes, sight endangered, 1940/12/13: 1
      San Antonio (1938-1949)
        free-for-all brawls usher in first of month, 1947/09/05: 1
        nature and San Antonians stormy during weekend, 1942/09/04: 5
        no major crime, but weekend not too quiet, 1949/09/09: 1
        no weapons, holds barred in weekend altercations, 1949/08/19: 1
        peace, like the sunshine, deserts San Antonio, 1948/02/06: 1
        San Antonians think war is on again as slugs rip through door, 1945/09/07: 1
        San Antonio has one of its most hectic periods, 1943/08/13: 1
        San Antonio Headed for a Record It Doesn't Want (editorial), 1938/07/08: 4
        weather bad, so were tempers during weekend, 1948/01/23: 1
        women are week's blade-wavers, 1938/07/22: 1
      San Antonio (1950-1959)
        families unhappy during weekend, 1955/04/08: 1
        in-law tiff, gun-toting reported in weekend, 1955/03/18: 1
        long, tumultuous bloody weekend in SA; chairs, hammers, pistols, knives used in series of disturbances, 1950/08/25: 1
        wives and husbands have their troubles, as police are beset by series of family disturbances, 1959/02/27: 1
      San Antonio (1960-1964)
        1 punched for honking, one punched over girl in unrelated incidents, 1963/04/05: 1
        3 wounded in two weekend shootings, 1963/06/07: 1
        affrays, petty thievery during weekend, 1961/10/20: 1
        family rows, thievery again in spotlight, 1961/01/20: 1
        family rows are numerous during weekend, 1964/09/18: 1
        hot water used as defensive weapon during weekend, 1963/09/13: 1
        one punched for honking, one punched over girl in unrelated incidents, 1963/04/05: 1
        San Antonio has violent, bloody weekend, 1963/05/31: 1
        stealing, head knocking in SA during weekend, 1960/04/29: 1
        Sunday for SA brawls, Thursday for stealing, 1961/05/26: 1
        undergoes wild weekend; temper tantrums, beatings, near killing, thievery during period, 1960/05/06: 1
        weekend affrays result in injuries, 1964/09/25: 1
      San Antonio (1965-1967)
        2 wounded in SA weekend gunplay, 1965/09/24: 1
        3 men are bullet victims during weekend; one shooting said accident, triggermen in two cases unseen, 1965/09/10: 1
        apparently not everyone liked their singing, 1967/11/17: 1
        baseball bat used during week's affrays, 1966/05/27: 1
        blades flash in week-end altercations, 1967/03/10: 1
        crime toll high as month opens, 1966/12/09: 1
        Fiesta time doesn't lessen family rows, 1965/04/30: 1
        gunplay, fistings, knifings occur during week, 1965/07/16: 1
        hot weather, short tempers continue in SA, 1965/08/13: 1
        SA assault victims won't give details, 1967/07/28: 1
        SA women give men rough time, 1967/06/02: 3
        San Antonio has violent, bloody week, including one incident has a groom knocking out bride's teeth, 1967/06/09: 1
        women take beating during past week, 1967/04/14: 1
        women wield sharp blades during rows, 1967/07/07: 1
      San Antonio (1968)
        broken bottles, guns used in SA violence, 1968/12/13: 1
        city has another week of bloodletting, 1968/06/14: 1
        knives flash during bloody week, 1968/06/07: 3
        man waits on front steps to beat woman, 1968/07/12: 1
        not too much spirit of Christmas, 1968/12/27: 1
        San Antonio has usual knife and gun play, 1968/06/21: 1
      San Antonio (1969)
        guns blaze during weekend, 1969/01/24: 1
        tempers run short in SA, 1969/06/06: 1
        two hospitalized in unrelated acts of violence, 1969/08/08: 1
        two shot, one beaten in Tuesday violence, 1969/07/04: 1
      Sanchez, Carlos, wounded in unexplained shooting Tuesday; arrested for assault was Neil Ellis, 1950/11/03: 1
      Sanchez, Elizando Enrique, finance man punched trying to repossess auto, 1962/11/02: 1
      Sanders, Arthur, severely beaten man, 61, claims he's also robbed by Albert Provins, 1953/07/31: 1
      Sanders, Charles, threatened with knife by Thomas J. Bailey, 1944/05/19: 1
      Sanders, Charles F., street shoving leads to slap, then knife play, 1955/09/16: 1
      Sanders, Elsie, slashed in altercation, 1954/12/10: 3
      Sanders, Gertrude, beaten by Melvin Clark, goes to jail, 1951/04/20: 1
      Sanders, Johnny F., police officer said attacked by Laura Johnson in courthouse, 1969/03/07: 1
      Sanders, Roy, bystander slashed at resort fight, 1948/10/29: 4
      Sanders, William declines to name knife wielder, 1941/09/19: 1
      Sandford, Lydia, mystery surrounds right leg shooting, 1933/05/12: 3
      Sanford, Alonzo, slashed by Ella May Jones, 1938/11/04: 1
      Sanford, Bessie, hit in face with bottle by 16-year-old girl, 1967/04/07: 1
      Sans, Lela, mother-in-law shot by Arline Thompson, after his wife puts him out, 1966/03/04: 1
      Satterwhite, Grace Mae, stabbed in the back, 1943/04/23: 1
      Satterwhite, Lera, slashed with razor by a man in fuss over a food purchase, 1962/11/09: 1
      Satterwhite, Mary, hit on head with chair by Tommy Satterwhite, 1950/09/29: 4
      Satterwhite, Norman
        knifed by domino opponent, 1966/12/09: 1
        no-billed in shooting of attacker, Melvin S. Williams, 1960/08/05: 1
      Satterwhite, Phillip, beaten...and then the lights went out, 1948/11/26: 5
      Sattiewhite, Bobbie, 17, slashed with can opener by another girl, 1965/08/20: 1
      Sauders, Charles, two men knifed, 1948/07/09: 1
      Saunders, Arthur, jailed for cave-man tactics on mate, 1936/03/13: 1
      Saunders, Mrs. Geneva, hit on head with frying pan by husband, Clarence, 1949/06/24: 1
      Saunders, Lonnie, has window shattered at his business, 1951/01/05: 4
      Saunders, Olin, knifed on neck, 1954/12/10: 3
      Sayon, Sara, and Bernice Martin, critically cut by Charles J. Means in bar knifing, 1952/09/05: 1
      Scallion, James
        declines to name knife wielder, 1941/09/19: 1
        head injured in fight, 1938/04/22: 1
        uses auto as weapon; runs down Leslie Kendrick, 1954/11/19: 1
      Schlerry, Myrtle, conked, stabbed by man, 1955/06/17: 3
      Schumaker, Officer Charles, assaulted by Alfreda Wilson and daughter after questioning about shop lifting, 1970/04/03: 10
      Sciopio, Sam, youth is shot in abdomen in poolroom fight, 1948/02/27: 1
      Scott, Alma, struck on head with chair by husband, Charles H. Scott, 1957/07/12: 3
      Scott, Ann, beaten by Latin American assailant, 1942/10/23: 1
      Scott, Annie Lee
      Scott, Charles Henry, seriously knifed in fight with wife Mattie Mae Scott, who is beaten about face and body, 1951/02/09: 1
      Scott, Chester M., and T. R. Tomas, give different stories about early morning shooting, 1949/07/29: 1
      Scott, Clarence M., LaGrange man hit by bullet intended for another, by Eddie T. Hoyle, 1947/10/24: 1
      Scott, Eloise, beaten on head by Ruby Sapp, 1940/11/22: 1
      Scott, Esther, spurned lover, Ralph Silas, stamps out CC woman's eye, 1946/03/29: 1
      Scott, Ethel B., complained that Sarah Lake, neighbor fired rifle at her home, 1960/02/05: 1
      Scott, Fred, stabbed eight times in back by unnamed woman, 1951/09/07: 1
      Scott, H., cut by wife while "playing with knife," 1949/03/04: 1
      Scott, Itilla, knifed in fight with Maxine Dickson, 1949/04/08: 1
      Scott, Jim, knifed by his wife, Odessa Scott, when he allegedly hit her, 1951/10/05: 3
      Scott, Sgt. John R., seriously knifed in attack by three men, 1947/12/19: 1
      Scott, Johnnie Mae, badly cut when bottle smashed in face by husband, 1952/09/05: 1
      Scott, Leola (Leona)
        beaten with a stick by Callis Mayweather, 1945/08/24: 1
        carved with knife by Elma Lee Harrison, 1936/02/07: 7
        slashed by Lula Mae Showers, 1938/07/22: 1
      Scott, Mrs. Lillian, dragged by George Dewey Butler, both jailed, 1949/06/10: 1
      Scott, Luther
        burned with lye hurled by Ruby White, 1949/06/17: 1
        jailed after he invites cops to 'kick door in,' 1950/01/27: 1
        shoots men in juke box row, 1945/04/06: 1
      Scott, Mable, beaten by Joe Butler, 1948/06/18: 2
      Scott, Mary, complainant in tiff at funeral; Ann Williams arrested and fined $20.75, 1937/12/24: 1
      Scott, Mattie Bell, has butcher knife plunged into shoulder by husband, Charles H. Scott, 1952/11/14: 1
      Scott, Rose Mary, run down by man who tries to get her into his car, 1951/10/05: 1
      Scott, William, knifed in row over a woman, 1965/09/10: 1
      Scott, William M., hit on head with bottle, stabs Johnny Mack Grant in chest, 1960/06/10: 1
      Scruggs, Sophie, wounded as she grabs for shotgun in argument with son-in-law, Sam Eanes, 1961/12/08: 1
      Scruggs, Wilbur, won't reveal identity of man who slashed his neck, 1950/11/10: 3
      Scull, Leroy, severely slashed man loses much blood, 1953/07/10: 1
      Seals, Rebecca, kicked and hammered by William Hardeman, 1935/09/27: 1
      Seanues, Mrs. Ola, shot in argument with Bill Risher, 1944/08/11: 1
      Sedberry, Myrtle, Rosie Mae Lindsay, and Pete Raymond, knifed in West Side drinking bout row, 1958/08/15: 1
      Segura, Louis Ricondo, badly knifed in fight outside tavern by James Douglas Knox, 1965/05/28: 1
      Selliston, Pfc. Jarrell M. knifed on hand by Isabelle Bailey, 1950/12/22: 1
      Serrell, Sylvester, victim of knife attack by Mattie Mae Jones, 1940/09/20: 1
      several were not so very thankful for arrests and jail time, 1950/12/01: 1
      Severe, Florence, apartment blasted by gunfire; no one injured, 1967/12/29: 3
      Sewall, Pauline, chased by boyfriend, William Mallory, who throws objects at her, 1951/09/28: 1
      Sewell, Charles, leg shattered by slug fired by cousin, Owen James, 1947/11/07: 1
      Shandy, Tolly, shot by husband of ex-wife, Willie Beasley, 1932/12/16: 1
      Shanks, Walter
        Navarro (Williams), John, shot by father-in-law, Walter Shanks, 1932/06/17: 1
        shot by unknown white man, 1933/07/28: 5
      Shannon, Evelyn, 15-year-old slashed in fight with another lass, 18, 1966/05/20: 1
      Shannon, Janice, hurled to ground and beaten by man, 1952/06/27: 3
      Shannon, Joe, stabbed with ice pick by Joseph H. Bell, 1947/09/12: 1
      Shannon, Mrs. Luvenia, slashed woman "walked into knife" says husband, Vernon, 1949/07/22: 1
      Shannon, Mervin, slashed in Friday night fight with a Clarence Street man, 1958/12/05: 1
      Shannon, Richard, suffers knife wounds at hands of in-law, Sgt. Lonnie Hysaw, 1943/07/09: 1
      Shannon, Vernon
        man found shot in bed following fight with wife, 1953/05/08: 1
        shot in bed after fight, dies of heart ailment, 1953/05/15: 1
      Shaw, Dorothy
        punctured in chest with ice pick by Katy Mae McKenzie, 1954/02/19: 1
        slashed byGeorge Royster, 1956/01/13: 4
      Shaw, Dorothy Cooper, knocked down and shot twice by Francine Jones, 1952/10/17: 1
      Shears, Callie May, conked with bottle by husband, Earnest Shears, caught straying, 1952/09/19: 1
      Sheffield, Mrs. Gussie, knocked down, children threatened by husband, Felix, 1950/05/19: 1
      Sheffield, Lloyd, slashed by Aweika Antivine, 1947/01/03: 1
      Sheffield, Marie
        clothing torn in scuffle with ex-boyfriend, Louis Cochran, 1958/05/16: 1
        two San Antonio women injured in altercations, 1963/08/09: 1
      Sheffield, Mitchell, bullet hole thru his hat fired by unidentified man, 1952/01/11: 3
      Sheffield, Odell
        knifed by common-law wife, Fairy L. Patterson, 1956/05/11: 3
        stabbed when he opened his door, 1970/05/15: 1
      Sheffield, Verdell, knifed by 12 year old boy, 1951/01/19: 3
      Shelby, Bessie May, struck by lodger, Douglass Winters, 1955/10/07: 3
      Shelby, Frances, beaten with board by man, 1966/06/10: 1
      Shelby, James E., man who doesn't make loan is shot by Fernando Fernandez, 1968/08/02: 1
      Shelton, Ernest W., shot in church by old girl friend, 1968/12/13: 1
      Shelton, Eugene, motorist shot by driver who sideswiped him, 1960/01/01: 1
      Shelton, George
        knifed in affray with Wesley Morrison, 1952/04/25: 1
        stabbed in left shoulder in a fight, 1952/09/19: 1
      Shelton, Leroy, carved by father-in-law, Flint Wells, when he struck his wife, Ethel Mae Shelton, 1953/02/06: 1
      Shelton, Mrs. Lucille, assaulted by sister's 'boy friend,' James L. Collins, 1946/08/30: 1
      Shepard, Harold, arms around another woman, knifed by wife, Marie Shepard, 1949/12/09: 1
      Shepard, Venell, suffers head injuries when husband, Samuel Shepard hit her with a rock, 1952/05/23: 1
      Shepherd, Mrs. Ruby, carrying water, stoned by two teen-agers, 1948/01/09: 1
      Shepherd, Willie, suffers scalp wounds from hatchet wielded by Jewel White, 1942/02/13: 1
      Sheppard, Charles Allen, feuding man slashed with roofing knife, 1965/03/26: 1
      Sheppard, Edna, forced into car by man who takes her to country and beats her, 1957/08/02: 1
      Sheppard, Henry, wife, Earlene Sheppard, pours three bullets into husband; man says he'll get even if "Lord lets him live," 1957/11/08: 1
      Sheppard, Henry P., Corpus Christian knifed in fracas with three men, 1955/09/09: 1
      Sheppard, Jesse, and Frederick Brown slashed in Saturday blade battle, 1962/01/12: 1
      Sheppard, Mrs. Letha Joe, saved from hatchet attack by mother-in-law, 1949/07/29: 1
      Sheppard, Louise
        beaten, found unconscious in pool of blood; common-law husband Gussie Hill admits hitting her with board, 1951/03/23: 1
        hit with bottle by common-law husband, Gus Hill, 1958/08/08: 3
      Sheppard, Mattie
        James M. Moore and Mattie Sheppard both slashed with same knife, 1939/08/04: 1
        stabbed in quarrel with sister, 1934/07/13: 5
      Sheppard, Melvin, stabbed by unknown assailant, 1947/05/09: 1
      Sheppard, Norma, critically hurt in tavern fight over man with Bobbie Payne; one hit with bottle and knifed, another cut as women battle, 1959/02/13: 1
      Sheppard, Raleigh, pistol-whipped by Earnest Hogan, 1948/06/04: 5
      Sheppard, Roosevelt, stabbed by woman, 1949/08/05: 1
      Sheppard, Rosie, stabbed with butcher knife by husband, Eugene Sheppard, Jr., 1970/04/10: 1
      Sheppard, Samuel, booked for theft from Miss Kennell Williams, 1950/05/12: 5
      Sheppard, William, trying to stop wife and another woman from fighting, cut by another man, Lloyd Sanders, 1959/03/27: 1
      Sheppard, Willie, accuses James Wren of threatening him with pistol, 1938/05/20: 1
      Sherman, Leonard, shot in back by youths who grab purse, 1969/10/31: 1
      Sherman, Travis, SA patrolman, injured in struggle with Sammy "Big Cooler" Scallion, 1962/08/10: 1
      Sherrer, Mildred, beaten by brother, George Cade, 1959/12/18: 3
      Shields, Alex, knifed in fight, 1948/08/27: 7
      Shields, John, hit with rock by John L. Cox, 1944/05/26: 5
      Shields, Perry, 16, teen hoodlums follow and fire upon his auto, 1965/10/15: 1
      Shills, Mrs. Carolyn, beaten by husband, Ernest, 1948/08/06: 5
      Shirley, Edward Leo and Ida Mae Perry Reid both wounded, but only one shot was heard, 1963/11/15: 1
      Showers, Lula Mae
        accuses Daniel Foster of theft, 1938/05/13: 1
        Neil, Mabel, cut by Lula Mae Showers, 1944/02/25: 1
        slashes Leola Scott, 1938/07/22: 1
        threatened with knife by Emmaline Penson, 1938/07/22: 1
      Sievier, Florence, slashed on leg by L. V. Brown, who was arrested, 1961/05/19: 3
      Silar, Mrs. M. L., attacked by dog at grocery, 1936/08/14: 1
      Simmonds, Norman D., officer painfully kicked and Lydia Mae Herron injured in melee with Albert Reed and Allan Coleman, 1952/10/31: 1
      Simmons, Agnes, beaten by husband, Isaac Simmons, 1948/04/16: 4
      Simmons, Annabel, bruised in altercation with husband, Louis Simmons, 1954/07/16: 3
      Simmons, Carrie, cut by Myrtle Taylor, 1941/04/25: 5
      Simmons, Ella, has wife-beater husband, L.F. Simmons jailed, 1936/07/31: 7
      Simmons, Lee, stabbed by Barron Tucker, 1945/04/20: 5
      Simmons, Leo, knifed by "Smut" Richardson as another wave of violence sweeps San Antonio, 1942/05/08: 1
      Simmons, M. D., special officer slashed with razor when he refuses loan to John E. Houston, 1947/06/27: 1
      Simmons, Mose, stabbed by Louis Crawford, 1947/05/09: 1
      Simmons, Na...line [illegible], ice house employee beaten by hoodlums, 1965/12/03: 1
      Simms, Vernon, stabbed in shoulder by wife, Lucy Bell Simms, 1952/02/29: 3
      Simon, Abraham B., Navy, may be blinded, as men slash each other with broken bottles, 1944/06/30: 1
      Simons, Dorothy Ann, and Elsmith Hunt, knifed in Sunday fracas, 1962/05/11: 1
      Simpson, Mrs. Bertha, beaten by husband; daughter, Merline Erskine, struck during fight, 1948/01/09: 1
      Sims, Charlie (Charles)
        knifed by Catherine Nunn, 1955/01/28: 1
        loaded dice charge brings vicious beating of veteran, 1953/05/01: 1
        saved from death by knife wielded by Katie Mae McKenzie, 1951/06/29: 1
        stabbed with ice pick, 1953/08/07: 3
      Sims, Claude
        conked when he refuses to buy drink, 1949/07/29: 1
        held after slashing East Commerce tailor, Mickey Duran, 1950/06/16: 1
      Sims, Dorothy, slashed on the face with a razor blade by Corrine Hicks, 1940/09/20: 1
      Sims, James D., stabbed in what he called "horseplay" with another man, 1962/10/05: 3
      Singletary, Max
        knifed in family disturbance, 1949/05/27: 1
        target of bullet fired by Ruben T. Sullivan, 1949/07/08: 1
      Singletary, Thomas, slashed severely by a man at estranged wife's apartment, 1970/01/23: 1
      Singleton, Johnny, 70-year-old man shot in love row, 1968/07/12: 1
      Singleton, Samuel, lye thrown into face of card player, 1964/03/20: 1
      Singleton, Virgie Mae, dragged from bed and beaten by husband, Merritt L. Singleton, 1954/04/02: 1
      six jailed in wild melee Christmas Eve, 1959/01/02: 1
      Skanes, Gertrude, complains daughter bruised by Edward Johnson, instructor at St. Peter Claver Academy, 1959/04/03: 1
      Slack, Lola, slashed on throat with broken bottle by Betty Clark, 1963/03/29: 1
      Slaughter, Fleming, shot with slug partially paralyzing him in battle with special officer, Lawrence J. Tippen, 1957/04/05: 1
      Slaughter, Glen, 15, slashed with razor by another youth, 1970/03/06: 3
      Slay, Katherine, tiff disrupts friendship of long standing with Mary Furks, 1956/01/20: 1
      Sledge, Don, seriously slashed by Robert Dukes, 1959/10/30: 1
      Sledge, Mrs. Dorothy, whipped by husband, Joe Sledge, 1949/07/15: 5
      Sledge, Grace, husband, Lonnie Sledge, jailed after series of disturbances and altercations, 1958/02/14: 1
      Sledge, Joe R., slashed in car by woman, 1965/01/01: 1
      Sledge, Roy L., filed on for assault on woman, Birdie Scott, 1966/07/08: 1
      Slocum, Preston, Jr., police officer bitten in melee with prisoner, Elijah Tyler, 1955/02/25: 1
      Sminick, Winzer, knifed in back of neck, 1950/08/18: 5
      Smith, Adaline, and Howard Bland batter each other in brawl, 1938/10/07: 1
      Smith, Mrs. Aileen, struck on hand with stick by Mance Smith, 1949/08/05: 4
      Smith, Albert, says he's stabbed by Richard Stevenson while walking down street, 1947/10/03: 1
      Smith, Alberta, hit on head by son, Charles Don L. Smith, hospitalized, 1957/09/27: 1
      Smith, Alfred, auto bumping leads to his being cut and shot by two men, one cuts him and another shoots him, 1958/08/22: 1
      Smith, Mrs. Anna Mae, cut on fingers of left hand, 1945/06/08: 5
      Smith, Mrs. Annie, hit with bottle by husband, Horace T. Smith, 1946/12/20: 4
      Smith, Anthony Eugene, slashed on thigh, 1969/02/14: 1
      Smith, Sgt. Asie, details confused in shooting of serviceman, 1966/02/18: 1
      Smith, Mrs. B. M., battered with board by John C. Dorsey, 1951/03/30: 1
      Smith, Bob, slashed on leg with broken bottle by wife, Gennetter Smith, 1958/12/05: 1
      Smith, C., thrown from car during weekend rows, 1950/04/21: 1
      Smith, Camelia
        husband, under peace bond, comes to her house, threatens her, 1951/03/23: 3
        punched, jaw broken by husband, Carl H. Smith, Jr., 1951/02/02: 1
      Smith, Charles, shot by Potomac St. resident, 1933/08/11: 1
      Smith, Charlotte, mother, Mrs. Edith Williams, hits daughter with scissors, slicing off tip of nose, 1949/10/21: 1
      Smith, Clarence, slashed by an unknown soldier, 1944/07/07: 1
      Smith, Clifton
      Smith, Curtis, wounded by Corwin Jones, after he cuts screen, sticks head in window, 1960/12/09: 1
      Smith, Della, choked by unknown man, 1945/08/03: 2
      Smith, Donald, winner of earlier fight conked on head in sneak attack, 1960/09/23: 1
      Smith, Dorothy, beaten in the middle of night by husband, Floyd Smith, 1951/08/10: 1
      Smith, Dorriane, head gashed with iron pipe by husband, Carl H. Smith, 1951/12/21: 1
      Smith, Dovie Mae, conked with bottle, hit with chair, 1956/03/30: 1
      Smith, Earl, stabbed above heart by Willie Lee Sims, 1939/12/29: 5
      Smith, Edna, beaten by husband, George Smith, 1953/09/25: 1
      Smith, Ernest, youth is shot by robbers when he has no money, 1960/12/02: 1
      Smith, Estrella, struck by Jessie J. Collins, 1948/01/09: 1
      Smith, Eugene R., of Utopia, found lying across railroad tracks, 1951/07/20: 1
      Smith, Farrington, stabbed in disagreement over "who's buying," 1954/09/17: 1
      Smith, Felton, attacked with ice pick by Luis Smith, 1942/05/01: 6
      Smith, Frank
        16-year-old hit by shot from auto, 1969/08/08: 1
        stabbed with ice pick, 1957/04/05: 1
      Smith, Frank M.
        poked by Rufus Ward in dispute over taxi fare, 1947/02/14: 1
        taxi driver who "stands up" girl friend is shot by Betty Brown, 1944/03/24: 1
      Smith, Fred, attacked by group at East Commerce St., 1959/08/21: 3
      Smith, George Allen, shot by father, Joske Smith, following family fight, 1954/07/30: 1
      Smith, George Wesley, shot in thigh by Hollis Collins, 1964/03/20: 1
      Smith, Georgia Mae, severely battered by boy friend, 1955/08/12: 1
      Smith, Geraldine and husband T. G. Smith: a book-end for a book-end, 1942/06/05: 7
      Smith, Gus, and William Curtis in knife fight, 1939/03/24: 5
      Smith, Henry, blind man hit with chair by father-in-law, James Jackson, 1953/07/10: 1
      Smith, J. D., said to be prowling in yard, shot twice by Edward Oehler, 1948/10/15: 1
      Smith, James, shot at from car, 1969/05/02: 1
      Smith, Jeannette, stabbed in abdomen by husband, Robert Smith, 1960/09/23: 1
      Smith, Joe, slashed by wife, Lillie Mae, 1939/06/23: 5
      Smith, Karen, shot as man says he fired into darkness; Roger V. Jackson booked for assault to murder, 1966/11/11: 1
      Smith, Kent, cut in chest, 1933/06/16: 3
      Smith, Leona, shot through both thighs, 1939/12/29: 1
      Smith, Leroy, Fort Sam GI stabbed three time in the back, 1961/12/15: 1
      Smith, Logie, 14, struck with unknown object by sister, Betty Mae Taylor, 1954/06/11: 1
      Smith, Lonnie
        attacked man found in auto, 1955/03/25: 1
        says "one or two" men beat him, 1958/06/27: 3
      Smith, Lucille, beaned with rock by Robert Wilbern, 1947/05/09: 1
      Smith, Lucy Mae
        cursed, slapped by husband, George, 1950/02/17: 5
        fisted by Clifton Fields, 1952/11/14: 1
      Smith, Mable, and Brady Ketchum, both abusive and profane, both arrested when cops take "all the abuse they can stand," 1952/12/19: 1
      Smith, Mance
        fuss concerning phone use leads to head whipping, 1947/01/17: 1
        hits Aileen Smith with stick, 1949/08/05: 4
        smashed in face with bottle by Mrs. Hattie Parker, 1943/08/13: 1
        stabbed with dirk by Harvey Lee Thompson, 1944/02/18: 1
        Steen, Miss Willie, hit on head by Mance "June" Smith, 1948/02/06: 1
      Smith, Marshall, slashed by his brother, Louis Smith, 1961/12/29: 1
      Smith, Mary (Mrs. Charles), accuses husband of fisting, 1954/10/22: 1
      Smith, Mary (Mrs. Clifton)
      Smith, Mary Louise, stabbed with ice pick, 1938/04/29: 1
      Smith, Mattie
        mother's head cut, son, Jesse Bowens, wrist broken in row with each other, 1957/07/19: 1
        slashed by Mary Lee Smith, 1945/10/12: 1
      Smith, Maxine, dragged by legs by Johnny Bush, 1949/04/29: 1
      Smith, Mentha, somehow she was shot in the arm, 1966/08/05: 1
      Smith, Milton
        shot as he sits in automobile, 1959/09/11: 1
        shot in dice game argument by Carl Snow, Jr., 1945/06/22: 1
      Smith, Mrs. Odel, roughed up by husband, Earl Smith, 1949/11/11: 1
      Smith, Percy, seriously knifed by wife, Clarissa Smith in family fight, 1956/07/13: 1
      Smith, Pereline, hit on head by husband, Clifton Smith, 1958/10/10: 3
      Smith, Perry, in auto hugging another woman, shot at by wife, Ludie Mae Smith, 1952/01/11: 1
      Smith, R. J., slugged, robbed while entering apartment, 1960/11/04: 1
      Smith, Richard M., lye hurled in face in family row; may lose sight of one eye, 1965/11/26: 1
      Smith, Robert, Lackland airman shot by peacemaker, Willie H. Coleman, 1955/07/08: 1
      Smith, Robert ("Big"), barber cut with his razor by wife, Theresa Smith, 1941/11/21: 1
      Smith, Robert O., 18, suffers knife wounds of shoulder and arm by Alex C. Toval, 1970/01/23: 1
      Smith, Roberta
        beaten by common-law husband, William Curtis, 1957/05/17: 1
        card player, hit with bottle, has head injuries, 1965/03/12: 3
      Smith, Roosevelt, breaks up fight, ends up getting slashed, 1967/05/12: 1
      Smith, Roosevelt Jerome
        seriously knifed in Sunday street battle with William H. Evans, Jr., 1958/04/25: 1
        shot in tavern row by barmaid, Laura Ann Preston, 1959/01/09: 1
      Smith, Shirley, slapped in mouth by Wayman Jackson, who was arrested, 1961/06/23: 3
      Smith, Sunley, walking down street, shot, 1955/11/11: 1
      Smith, Thomas R.
        shot after bottle hurled; James Stephens arrested, 1969/06/27: 1
        succumbed one day later, 1969/06/27: 1
      Smith, Valerie, chased by knife-waving boyfriend, George Roberson, 1948/06/04: 1
      Smith, Willie
        fired on by angered subordinate, John Whitman, 1939/08/18: 1
        irked at being ejected from inn, wounds three: E. D. Hooks, Mrs. T. M. Palmer, and T. Williams, 1945/09/14: 1
        stabbed by Jimmie Jones, 1942/09/25: 3
        struck by L. B. Warner, 1944/07/07: 1
      Smith, Willie Mae (Mrs. Earl)
        mistaken for prowler, shot by husband, 1948/05/07: 1
        punched in left eye by Bradley Todd, while she scratches his arm, 1957/05/24: 3
      Smith, Willie Mae (Mrs. Leon)
        beaten by husband, 1946/08/16: 1
        slapped by husband, 1946/07/26: 5
      Smith, Winfred, struck with pliers by Jesse Juvenia, 1931/10/02: 1
      Smith, Wynetta, beaten by husband, Leroy Smith, 1953/04/10: 3
      Smith (Clark), Mrs. Sedalia, one policeman killed, second shot, after Mack Belton Newton shoots Mrs. Sedalia Smith, then kills himself, 1941/12/05: 1
      Sneed, Ethel, cut by unknown assailant, 1934/06/29: 1
      Sneed, Lena Mae, stabs James Curtis when he pushes her from porch, 1957/05/17: 1
      Sneed, Ruby, beaten by Roosevelt Young, 1939/12/29: 5
      Sneed, Thomas, slashed by man named Joe, 1949/04/15: 3
      Snell, Collis, youth shot by gunman in passing car, 1970/06/19: 1
      Softely, George, in fight with wife, Ruby Softely, 1944/05/05: 1
      Softly, Ella Mae, beaten, and her blind uncle, Bob McDonald, knifed by husband, George Softly, 1952/05/16: 1
      soldier who pushes SA Negro, Robert McNeal, who uses prohibited weapon and gets 60 days, 1944/09/08: 1
      Sommers, Edward, and Jesse Miller, in pistol-shotgun duel in city streets; police officer fires at both men to halt shooting, 1958/06/06: 1
      Sommers, Robert Larry, 13-year-old boy knifed by 16-year-old youth, 1964/02/07: 1
      Sorrell, Leroy, cut on hand in fight, 1964/10/30: 1
      Spears, Ed ("Bum"), blind former pugilist, slugged by deputy, 1938/12/09: 1
      Spence, Elnora, slashed on leg by Toliver Garrison, 1952/06/13: 3
      Spencer, Birdie, files aggravated assault charges against Emmett Edwards, 1944/07/21: 5
      Spencer, Elizabeth, suffers head injuries in altercation with Ezell McDonald, 1960/01/08: 1
      Spencer, Ernest
        conked with bottle, 1949/03/04: 5
        hit with lead pipe in fight over woman, 1964/06/05: 1
        knifed by woman killer, Emma Oliver, 1948/11/19: 1
        rock-wielder, uses gunman's mother as shield while James Pitts shoots at him, 1949/01/07: 1
        stabbed with ice pick by Clarence Dorn, 1948/04/02: 2
      Spotwood, James, Job Corps member attacked by group of youths, 1970/06/05: 2
      Spriggs, Carmen, assailant, Ernest Bailey, is fined for beating woman, 1948/02/13: 1
      Spriggs, Hortense, shot at 3 times by husband, Melvin W. Spriggs, who was arrested, 1961/11/03: 1
      Spriggs, Jack, arrested on complaint of mother, Annie Smith, for threatening family, 1954/12/17: 1
      Spriggs, Julia, stabbed by woman, 1954/12/10: 3
      Spriggs, Maude
        husband, Irving Spriggs, sentenced to three years in shooting of his pregnant wife, 1951/06/29: 1
        pregnant woman and George Casey, hit by shotgun blasts fired by her husband, Irving Spriggs, 1950/11/24: 1
      Springs, Lonnie, slashed in tavern fracas goes for shotgun, 1956/08/17: 1
      Stallion, Joe, brick fells hatchet wielder, 1966/12/16: 1
      Stansberry, Charles
        skull fractured with hammer by Eugene Jones, 1945/04/06: 1
        slashed in fight with Floyd Brown, 1951/08/17: 1
      Stansbury, Charles R., threatened with gun, 1950/04/21: 5
      Stansbury, George L., stabbed in left shoulder, 1951/12/07: 1
      Staples, Cpl. James
        corporal given 30 years in attack case, 1948/04/02: 1
        held for attempted attacks on two women, 1948/03/12: 5
      Staples, Katherine, beaten with brass knuckles, 1955/03/18: 1
      Stark, Willie Mae, threatened with knife by Wesley Jackson, 1957/06/14: 1
      Steele, Mrs. Dorothy, arrested for slashing husband, 1946/04/19: 1
      Steemer, Ellus, miscounts bullet in gun shot by wife, Dora Richie, sixth bullet grazes head, 1963/10/04: 1
      Steemer, Marguerite, taken from her escort and beaten by a man, 1956/07/27: 1
      Steen, Ann, forced into car, robbed, and then thrown out, 1952/02/01: 1
      Steen, Anna Sneed, in critical condition after being stabbed in the chest by Wiley Steen, 1954/02/19: 1
      Steen, Clifton, jammed pistol saves him from angry wife, Alice Steen, 1951/08/24: 1
      Steen, Ella
        conked and cut in afternoon, shot in evening in attack by common-law husband, John E. Sanders, 1958/12/12: 1
        jaw broken with shotgun by husband, Clifton Steen, as she misses with rifle, 1951/11/16: 1
      Steen, Mrs. Elsie, teams up with father to rout gun-toting husband, 1947/12/05: 1
      Steen, Ervin, shot in mouth while climbing over bar to attack bar tender, by owner, Edward J. Rice, 1947/08/01: 1
      Steen, Gladys, received cuts on left arm and shoulder from knife wielded by Audrey Armstrong, 1940/09/20: 1
      Steen, Isaline, fired at through door by common-law husband in hotel room with another woman, 1950/12/15: 1
      Steen, Joe, knifed in tavern brawl, 1957/08/30: 5
      Steen, Levester, autoist, who refuses to give ride, slugged, 1968/12/20: 1
      Steen, Linda
        gets second beating from Wiley Steen for calling police, 1959/07/31: 1
        stabbed as women exchange "choice words," 1964/10/02: 1
      Steen, Linda K., knifed after argument by Othelo Dixon, 1966/06/17: 1
      Steen, Wiley
        Anna Sneed Steen in critical condition after being stabbed in the chest by Wiley Steen, 1954/02/19: 1
        breaks leg following Lois Bennett in hotel leap; marriage refusal leads to fisting, two-story jumps, 1950/09/01: 1
      Steen, William, clubbed with shotgun by father-in-law, Albert Anderson, 1969/07/25: 1
      Steen, Miss Willie, hit on head by Mance "June" Smith, 1948/02/06: 1
      Stephen, Marie, accuses Oscar Hardy of assault, 1938/11/25: 1
      Stephens, Carl, accuses Charley Smith of using blade, 1936/01/31: 7
      Stephens, Dorothy A., slashed during an altercation, 1962/01/26: 3
      Stephens, Mrs. Irene, cut on left hand, 1945/04/13: 5
      Stephens, Mildred
        slashed by Percy Stephens, 1945/05/04: 1
        thrashed by Percy Stephens, 1945/08/24: 1
      Stephens, Virginia, angry spurned suitor shoots woman in arm, 1966/09/16: 1
      Sterling, Mrs. Mamie, bystander hit by hurled object, 1950/05/12: 1
      Stevens, Ben, shot in row over food delivery by Grady Lee Robinson, owner of Unique Cafe, 1962/10/19: 1
      Stevens, Bruce Allen, 4-year-old's liver ruptured after being beaten and kicked by man-friend of caretaker, 1963/09/13: 1
      Stevens, Celestine, and Nita Mae Johnson wield ice picks, 1933/05/26: 7
      Stevens, D. C., slashed by Ivory Mitchell, daughter Mrs. Florence Mitchell, who was hit with bottle, 1945/06/22: 1
      Stevens, Harold
      Stevens, Jesse, stabbed with butcher knife after long argument with wife, Daruth Stevens, 1953/02/06: 1
      Stevens, Johnny, shoots wife, May Stevens, three times, and himself twice, 1954/01/15: 1
      Stevens, Loleda, struck by husband with flashlight, 1955/07/08: 1
      Stevens, Percy
        bopped with pool cue, 1942/07/24: 6
        critically injured with ax blows to the head by brother-in-law, Willie Haynes, 1956/06/15: 1
      Stevens, Wilbur, knocked out, 1955/05/27: 3
      Stevens, Wilburn, slashed by woman with broken bottles, 1966/04/15: 1
      Stevenson, Elizabeth, cut by Leonard Stevenson, 1941/05/09: 4
      Stevenson, Lula, knocked off porch by husband, Fred Stevenson, 1952/11/14: 1
      Stevenson, Mildred, stabbed by another woman at a bar, 1969/12/26: 1
      Stevenson, Richard, booked in affray with wife, Vivian, 1960/03/04: 1
      Stevenson, Wilber, skull fractured in attack by youth, 1966/08/12: 13
      Stevson, Mrs. Louise, police officers, hospital staff worked over by SA woman, 1949/12/09: 1
      Steward, SSgt. Clifford, shot by girl friend, Mary Louise Stevenson, in early morning row, 1948/07/09: 1
      Steward, Lorenzo (Lorenza)
        knifed by wife, Dora, 1949/07/01: 1
        shot at by wife after he beats her with fists, chain, 1949/09/30: 1
        stabbed in right chest and forehead, 1951/01/12: 7
      Steward, Morris Preston, wounded man fails to make it to hospital; hails policeman for assistance, 1963/10/04: 1
      Stewart, Arleen (Erline)
        cut out mate's eye (Robert Stewart) with broken bottle, 1955/02/25: 1
        woman who recently blinded mate with broken bottle is nabbed chasing another man with bottle, 1955/06/03: 1
      Stewart, Eva Mae, struck in mouth by Theodore R. Williams, 1953/04/03: 1
      Stewart, Ferrera, cut with razor by Louise Holmes, whom he beat with shoe, 1953/03/27: 1
      Stewart, Fred, slashed, allegedly by Alfred Anderson, 1949/12/09: 5
      Stewart, Jack, Victoria man shot twice by love rival, Willie Dean, 1940/10/04: 1
      Stewart, James, stabbed by Isaac Thomas, 1936/05/22: 7
      Stewart, Lillian, conked with bottle by her dancing partner's resentful wife, 1951/08/03: 1
      Stewart, Robert, eye cut out with broken bottle by wife, Erline Stewart, 1955/02/25: 1
      Stiles, Lola Bell, nose broken by husband, 1942/06/26: 1
      Stillworth, Constance, beaten previously by husband, John T. Stillworth, who looks for her again with a gun, 1950/10/06: 3
      Stokes, Joe Ricks, and William Washington, in-laws, wounded in battle of knives and fork, 1962/10/05: 1
      Stokes, Mildred
        one of three victims of violence in short period of time, 1964/09/11: 1
        struck with bottle by woman, 1966/05/20: 3
      Stone, Claud, being ahead in dice game wrong time to want coffee, 1948/03/05: 1
      Stop This Crime Business! (editorial), 1932/05/20: 4
      Storey, Vickey Mae, hit on head, stabbed by girl she jostles, Agnes Carpenter, 1948/01/16: 1
      Strauters, Tommie, stabbed in altercation, 1950/04/14: 5
      Street, Ivory, cut on neck in altercation at a tavern, 1952/10/17: 1
      Street, Jim, cut by former "sweetie," 1931/09/18: 1
      Street, Johnnie, and Eural Eustace injure each other in altercation, 1962/12/21: 1
      Street, Will, ripped by wife, Irma Lee Street, 1946/06/07: 1
      Stroud, Georgia Mae, says ex-boyfriend threatened her life, 1958/01/03: 3
      Stryk, Chris, hungry man gets knife blade, but no supper from Ruby Lee Polk, 1949/11/18: 1
      Stubblefield, Ida Fay, struck, cut in altercation with man, 1964/12/04: 5
      Sullivan, Ernest, slashed, declines to file charges, 1949/09/30: 5
      Sullivan, Jennie, manhandled by ex-husband, William Henry Sullivan, 1962/02/16: 1
      Sumell, Robert, slashed during argument with Leroy Serell, 1958/05/09: 1
      Summers, Patricia, slashed on arm, 1954/07/09: 4
      Sunday family rows see four women injured, 1952/03/07: 1
      Sutton, Eugene William, innocent bystander shot by Raymond Duncan, 1948/02/27: 1
      Sutton, Irene, gets knife in struggle, uses it on husband, A. B. Sutton, 1952/04/25: 1
      Sutton, Mable, and Charles Thomas, cut by wife Clara Thomas, for "messing around," 1965/09/24: 1
      Swain, Charles
        assaults ex-lover, Ella Godley, 1932/09/30: 1
        drunk, runs wild, chases wife, runs down and battles cop, 1936/07/24: 1
        recovers from being shot, 1933/08/04: 1
      Swayze, Austin F., and Frank Ussery booked for melee, 1941/01/31: 1
      Swinney, Winslow
        Miller, Johnny, arrested for assault to murder Winslow Swinney, 1932/09/30: 1
        "put to sleep" by Otto Johnson's brass knuckles, 1932/09/09: 1
      Sykes, Fred, stabbed with ice pick by Oscar Jones, 1959/06/26: 1
      Tabor, John
        cut by man with whom he was gambling, 1952/01/25: 1
        and Tommie Railey, in New Year shooting, 1949/01/07: 1
      Tabors, Mary, fisted by husband, Enoch Tabors, 1950/10/13: 1
      Tanner, Frank, lender gets crack on jaw when he asks for change, 1952/09/26: 1
      Tanner, Jesse D., struck in face by Felton Nance, age 17, 1961/06/09: 1
      Tasby, Sgt. James W., Fort Hood, gets creased skull, nicked ear by Biddie Williams; cops get four shooting irons, 1952/06/06: 1
      Tatum, Hubert, claims he is knifed while asleep and his wallet is missing, 1957/08/23: 1
      Taylor, Annie Mae
        shoots, critically wounds Robert Earl Collins at Christmas, 1963/12/27: 1
        shot by Robert Earl Collins, who won't talk about shooting, 1963/08/16: 1
      Taylor, August, shot, two cut, six jailed as groups battle, 1947/01/31: 1
      Taylor, Ben, stabbed in chest by wife, Rachel, 1933/03/10: 1
      Taylor, Carl, man says youthful trio attacks him, 1966/04/15: 1
      Taylor, Clifford, shot in scuffle with wife, Patricia, for pistol, 1963/12/06: 1
      Taylor, David, and James Carter, booked on firearms counts; involved in altercation with others, 1952/04/18: 1
      Taylor, Edmere, stabbed by unknown woman, 1950/10/20: 1
      Taylor, Edward
        slashed by an unnamed woman, 1950/09/01: 5
        stabbed by mate, Salomia Taylor, in dispute over "other woman," 1948/10/22: 1
      Taylor, Elmo, Milam St. Tavern owner shot by Louis J. Beverly, 1949/12/02: 1
      Taylor, Esther, cut by mistake as others brawl, 1954/07/30: 1
      Taylor, Etheline
        slugged with ash tray by Lee Robinson, as free-for-all brawls usher in first of month, 1947/09/05: 1
        struck in face by Keller Chase, 1950/11/10: 1
      Taylor, Faye, cut behind ear by husband, Freddie, 1953/09/11: 1
      Taylor, Irma J., has eyes blackened by "boy friend," 1957/05/03: 3
      Taylor, Isaac, Jr., attacked by 4 men because he was "bothering his baby" who is 23 years old, 1967/09/29: 1
      Taylor, Isaac, says he's knocked down and cut with knife by three men, 1959/03/13: 1
      Taylor, Jack, shot in legs by rival suitor, 1939/01/06: 1
      Taylor, Jean, beaten and thrown out of window by husband, William Taylor, 1953/10/23: 1
      Taylor, Johnnie, cut while playing with friend, Benny Murray, 1950/01/13: 1
      Taylor, Kenneth, stabbed by woman who jumps into his car, 1968/11/01: 1
      Taylor, Lester A., stabbed by boy hoodlum, 1967/06/30: 1
      Taylor, Mamie, shot in back with her own gun by man, 1969/11/21: 1
      Taylor, Marcelle, slashed by Joseph F. Tate, 1949/12/16: 5
      Taylor, Marie, manhandled at Rainbo Cafe, where she's employed, 1958/08/15: 1
      Taylor, Minnie Lee
        conked with bottle by a man she was drinking with, 1956/08/17: 1
        hurt in fuss with Fred Mays over car belonging to neither disputant, 1956/07/13: 3
      Taylor, Neal, hospitalized when friend crowns him with rocks, 1949/05/20: 7
      Taylor, Neil and James H. Lee, soldiers, slash each other in fight over girl, 1943/01/15: 1
      Taylor, Peter, shot through leg, doesn't know he's wounded until friend tells him, 1957/03/22: 1
      Taylor, Rachel
        Ben Taylor stabbed in chest by wife, Rachel, 1933/03/10: 1
        stabbed in shoulder by mate, 1938/11/25: 1
      Taylor, Robert
        man armed with shotgun is knifed by Doris Goffre, 1953/08/28: 1
        soldier stabbed, 1949/03/11: 5
      Taylor, Ruby Lee, shot in love nest by husband, Charles Taylor, 1957/07/19: 1
      Taylor, Mrs. Salome (Salomia)
        estranged husband slashes dresses, 1949/07/22: 5
        "poison" case is in good condition, 1948/09/10: 1
      Taylor, Stella
        beaten, bitten by Otis L. Williams, 1950/03/03: 5
        beaten by "mad" husband, Odis Williams, 1951/08/17: 1
        hit in mouth in argument with a man, 1952/07/25: 1
      Taylor, Stella Mae, beaten by husband Millard Taylor and fined five dollars, 1940/08/02: 4
      Taylor, Susie, beaten by Ruby Summers, 1942/08/28: 1
      Taylor, Thomas R., stabbed by mother of boy she thinks is fighting with son, 1969/01/17: 1
      Taylor, Vance (M.)
        chin injured, 1950/06/02: 5
        stabbed by wife, Ruth Taylor, thought to have piece of ice pick in his head, 1950/10/13: 1
        and wife, Ruth arrested after battle in auto in which he was slashed, 1951/07/06: 1
      Taylor, William L., gashed by Joshua Williams, 1947/09/26: 1
      Taylor, Willie
        seriously knifed in Clarke Avenue fracas, 1959/12/11: 1
        shot by father-in-law, 1954/09/03: 1
      Teague, W. T., bus driver, threatened by four teens in fracas over bus fare, all four nabbed, 1956/10/12: 1
      Teal Mary, beaten and kicked by a man, 1965/09/24: 1
      Tealer, Essie, choked, cursed, threatened with killing, by husband Roy E. Tealer, gets rifle, has it taken by police, 1957/11/29: 1
      Tealer, Lawrence, knifed by mate, Vanie Tealer, accused of "running around," 1957/06/07: 1
      Tealer, Marjorie
        bystander shot as infuriated wife shoots at other woman, Ruby Mae Renfro, 1953/07/17: 1
        suffers slash across cheek by another woman, 1947/10/10: 1
      Tealer, Otis, arrested for beating wife with shoe, 1949/08/19: 1
      Tealer, Roy, teener shot five times by youth, 17, 1969/07/11: 1
      teeth kicked out as SA has wild weekend with woman kicked in mouth and man stabbed ten times, 1953/02/20: 1
      Terrell, Bernard, shoots at John Mahalia after he threw bottles at him, 1943/08/13: 1
      Terrell, Mattie Mae, whipped by husband, 1950/08/18: 1
      Terrell, Rachel, visiting neighbor's house, dut in fight with another visitor, Clementine McLaurin, 1957/08/09: 1
      Terrell, Robert, badly cut by Herman Grace, 1943/08/13: 1
      Terry, Alma, stabbed by husband, Sammy Terry, to "keep her away," 1957/01/18: 3
      Terry, Isaac, slashed on back, abdomen in Sunday affray, 1937/09/17: 5
      Terry, Sam A., has knife stuck in his chest by wife, Alma Terry, 1951/11/02: 1
      Thibodeaux, George, severely beaten, robbed, 1933/03/10: 1
      Thibodeaux, Joseph, Jr., and Sara Lee Godley, severely slashed and five are jailed in wild melee, 1952/05/09: 1
      Thigpen, Mable, attacked and choked by Vernon Thistle, 1933/08/25: 1
      Thomas, Albert, stabbed in the back by wife, Lillie Mae Thomas, 1952/05/02: 1
      Thomas, Mrs. Aldonia, beaten by ex-husband, Cline Thomas, 1949/07/15: 1
      Thomas, Alma, slugged in head by another woman, 1939/04/07: 1
      Thomas, Andrew
        attacked by gang, head gashed, 1965/06/18: 3
        and Howard Herman Dawson, injured in riotous Sutton Homes affray, 1965/11/19: 1
        slashes brother, Boston Thomas, in fight, 1950/11/03: 1
      Thomas, Mrs. Artella, and Mrs. Virgie Goldey slash each other in Juneteenth violence, 1945/06/22: 1
      Thomas, Arthur, shot by stand owner, stops three more slugs, 1942/04/10: 1
      Thomas, Betty, beaten about head, face by man, 1967/03/24: 4
      Thomas, Boston J.
        in altercation with Marjorie Thomas, is stabbed, barely missing his heart, 1954/01/15: 1
        and brother, Andrew James, fight over who is to pay for mom's medicine, 1955/06/10: 1
      Thomas, Caleb, badly cut by unnamed assailant, 1941/07/04: 5
      Thomas, Mrs. Callie, knifed, knocked down in sneak attack by unknown assailant, 1947/11/14: 1
      Thomas, Calvin Yarborough, assaulted by 3 men, all booked for assault, 1970/05/08: 3
      Thomas, Carol, waiting in front of a lounge, slugged by man, 1969/09/05: 1
      Thomas, Caroline, beaten with bottle after her car was chased and curbed, 1965/07/23: 1
      Thomas, Charles
        and Mable Sutton, cut by wife Clara Thomas, for "messing around," 1965/09/24: 1
        seriously knifed by angry husband, 1959/06/19: 1
        shot by tavern proprietor, Haywood McClure, when he objects to paying for cup, 1968/11/15: 1
      Thomas, Cline, held after Dallas man blackjacked, 1950/07/21: 1
      Thomas, Dan, inebriated and creating a row, conked by Tillman Jones, owner of Tillie's Barbeque, 1951/06/01: 3
      Thomas, Don, in love triangle, shot at by husband, Adolphus Jackson, 1954/09/24: 1
      Thomas, Dora, fisted by husband, Henry E. Thomas, 1952/08/22: 1
      Thomas, Earline, beaten by Leroy Jackson, slashes him in return, 1952/03/14: 1
      Thomas, Elnora, "cursing out" leads to her being knifed by Eileen Brent, 1959/09/25: 1
      Thomas, Elsie, beaten by man when she refuses to talk, 1967/01/20: 1
      Thomas, Emma, follows husband, Joseph, to jail in row with landlord, G. L. White and wife, 1950/10/06: 1
      Thomas, Ernest, two men knifed, 1948/07/09: 1
      Thomas, Eugene
        accidentally shot, another knifed in altercation, 1966/02/25: 1
        lacerated by meat hook when 50-cent loan not paid to Limon Williams, 1960/08/05: 1
      Thomas, Frank, chasing woman with knife, arrested, 1956/04/13: 1
      Thomas, Mrs. Grover, hit with rock hurled by husband, 1951/03/09: 3
      Thomas, Hazel
        bitten on check in a brawl with three other women, 1951/11/23: 3
        woman hit with bottle may have serious eye injury, 1956/04/13: 1
      Thomas, Henrietta, fussing causes stabbing by husband, 1948/11/26: 1
      Thomas, Idela, choked by husband, John Thomas, 1944/04/14: 1
      Thomas, J. C., arrested for threatening wife, policeman, 1955/07/08: 1
      Thomas, Jerry ("Black Ace")
        12-year-old slashed by drunken youths, 16, 1960/03/25: 1
        21-year-old man knifed, shot at, 1969/01/17: 1
        shoots Gregory Davis, whom he says knifed him three months before, 1969/04/04: 1
      Thomas, A2C Leamon, slashed in left shoulder by AMN Leonard Adams, 1957/05/24: 3
      Thomas, Leo
        severely slashed by woman after argument, 1964/02/14: 1
        shot in both legs and hip after drinking all-night with friend, 1969/10/31: 1
      Thomas, Leroy, blind man beaten and robbed by four drinking mates, 1954/07/23: 1
      Thomas, Lillian J., stabbed by mate Nathaniel J. Thomas, who accused her of unfaithfulness and squandering money sent to her, 1945/03/16: 1
      Thomas, Lloyd
        and Minnie Lee Taylor, slashed by "friend," Taylor Reed, 1965/02/12: 1
        slashed in altercation with "friend," 1953/10/23: 1
      Thomas, Margaret, applying for job when Harman Sullivan attempts to assault her, 1952/04/18: 1
      Thomas, Marie, in fight with Willie Mae Barton, suffers cuts in plunge through tavern window, 1947/04/04: 5, 1947/04/11: 5
      Thomas, Melvin, peacemaker cut while separating fighters, 1942/08/07: 5
      Thomas, Oscar, bystander hit between eyes as bottle hurled, 1964/07/17: 1
      Thomas, Otis, police officer, assaulted by Jesse Morrison, 1942/09/25: 4
      Thomas, Paul, 17, attacked by three men, 1952/07/04: 1
      Thomas, Paul ("Sambo"), tavern manager seriously cut by patron he bars, 1950/06/09: 1
      Thomas, Mrs. Ray, and twin daughters, beaten by husband, 1964/12/25: 1
      Thomas, Robert
        hit twice by same bullet in wild struggle with Frank Rodriguez, owner of Brown Skin Grill, 1952/05/09: 1
        prisoner booked for disturbing peace, reported in melee with officers at jail, 1956/12/21: 1
        target of bullet fired by Arthur Williams, 1948/06/04: 1
      Thomas, Sammy Davis, Jr., charged in attach on Highlands High School vice principal and secretary, 1967/11/24: 1
      Thomas, Sandra, and Jean Whitmore, battered by Milton Thomas in family disturbance, 1970/06/12: 1
      Thomas, Timothy, smashed with bottle of wine he filched from Fred D. Mooney, 1948/08/06: 1
      Thomas, Victoria, beaten by Sam Calvin, 1958/06/20: 1
      Thomas, William (Willie)
        booked for aggravated assault of wife, Rosie Thomas, 1960/01/29: 1
        stabbed by wife, Rosie Thomas in family fracas, 1960/07/01: 1
      Thomas (Thompson), Doris
        Kenny, Jean, knifed by Doris Thompson, 1947/09/12: 5
        knife wielding woman is target of bottle barrage, 1959/12/04: 1
        knifed by Irene Stevens, 1947/05/30: 1
        slashed by Ethel Scott; soldiers object to arrest by cop (photo), 1946/09/20: 1
        Wilder, Virgil, loses eye when doused with lye by Doris Thomas, also known as Doris Thompson, 1963/07/19: 1
      Thomason, Mrs. Doris, arm broken by husband, Clifton Thomason, 1946/05/03: 1
      Thompson, Mrs. Addie Bell, beaten by Horace Thompson, 1949/11/11: 5
      Thompson, Albert, Fort Sam soldier critically shot in neck by wife, Robbie Mae, 1965/06/11: 1
      Thompson, Alfred M., 8 years old, beaten and slashed trying to defend his mother from an assailant, 1970/02/06: 1
      Thompson, Alvin, condition of attacked man is poor, 1969/06/13: 1
      Thompson, Arline, man shoots mother-in-law and man after his wife puts him out, 1966/03/04: 1
      Thompson, Clarence S., arrested in altercation with police after entering a residence illegally, 1970/06/19: 1
      Thompson, Doris
        See Assaults, Thomas (Thompson), Doris
      Thompson, Dorothy, pregnant, stomped by husband, Pfc. William Thompson, 1950/12/29: 3
      Thompson, Edna, suffers stab wounds in fight with Pvt. Alvis O. Adair, 1943/01/15: 5
      Thompson, Edward
        cut by two unknown men, 1939/03/10: 1
        shotgunned while sitting in car, by Charles Moore (photo), 1965/12/03: 1
        struck with hammer by Howard C. Porter, 1962/07/06: 3
      Thompson, Ernest, Jr., wounded twice in the arm during a shoot-out with another man, 1967/09/29: 1
      Thompson, Ernest, ripped with bottle as drinking companions fight, 1951/01/12: 1
      Thompson, Ernest Lee, beaten, leg broken, revolver taken in tavern fracas, 1968/03/29: 1
      Thompson, Hannah, shot by Doris Jean Beam in fuss about borrowed pans, 1965/06/04: 1
      Thompson, Herbert, shot in parking lot mishap fuss, 1966/05/13: 1
      Thompson, Houston, attacked by Oscar Haywood with whiskey bottle, 1936/03/27: 1
      Thompson, Jack, one of three wounded in unrelated shootings, 1953/03/27: 1
      Thompson, James O., knifed on shoulders by Emma King, 1958/08/01: 1
      Thompson, Miss Josephine, struck by Willie Taylor, 1946/09/06: 4
      Thompson, Mrs. L., slapped by husband, S. B. Thompson, 1948/01/09: 1
      Thompson, Lee Iva, and man who tries to help her, knifed by Walter Shaw, 1942/06/26: 1
      Thompson, Leona, struck in head by blunt instrument, 1931/09/25: 1
      Thompson, Levi, estranged from wife, Louise, booked on assault charge, 1963/08/23: 1
      Thompson, Lillie, hit with bottle by O. T. McDavis, 1944/03/03: 5
      Thompson, Lorene, hit with bottle, woman hurls lye in mate's face (Max Thompson), 1945/06/15: 1
      Thompson, Louis, shot in abdomen by wife, Mary Louise Thompson in an extended series of family rows, 1958/08/08: 1
      Thompson, Manuel, wounded in East Commerce Street gun fight with Jesse Ford, 1951/02/02: 1
      Thompson, Margie, arrested before it was known she stabbed Eugene Williams, 1956/03/16: 1
      Thompson, Marjorie, and Albert "Sugar Foot" Reed, rip each other with same knife, 1955/10/14: 1
      Thompson, Miss Otis (Lee)
        beaten, kicked, and stabbed by boyfriend, Pete R. Villareal, 1952/10/17: 1
        knocked out in altercation, 1948/04/23: 1
        slashed in Saturday row, 1953/06/12: 1
        stabbed in affray, 1953/03/13: 3
      Thompson, R. L., attacked by teeners, 1966/11/18: 9
      Thompson, Randolph, seriously cut in East Commerce Street fight with Robert "Cowboy" Daniels, 1952/10/03: 1
      Thompson, Robert, knifed by Beatrice Kelly, 1954/10/15: 1
      Thompson, Rudolph, conked, robbed by drinking companion, 1950/01/06: 4
      Thompson, Sadie, shot by husband, William, who mistakes her for prowler, 1950/01/13: 1
      Thompson, Sue, and Almond Watson, shot by same gunman two blocks apart, 1968/03/15: 1
      Thompson, Tommy Lee, youthful player struck with paddle by man whom he named, 1966/08/05: 1
      Thompson, Vera, beaten by unidentified man, 1964/09/25: 3
      Thompson, Will, in one of two shootings in San Antonio Saturday, 1968/09/13: 1
      Thompson, Willie, Special Officer, knifed in back in free-for-all street brawl, 1962/10/12: 1
      Thompson, Willie L., complained that cabby with one arm shot at him, 1952/01/25: 1
      Thornton, Mildred, threatened with knife by Byron Thornton, 1957/06/14: 3
      threatening GI mob dispersed, 1946/09/20: 1
      three hurt, one shot in two rows at tavern, 1952/06/27: 1
      three SA women of same address treated for cuts, 1954/11/05: 1
      three women beaten in rows with husbands, 1952/06/13: 1
      Timmons, Loretta, filed charges of aggravated assault against her husband, Jimmie Timmons, 1945/09/14: 1
      Timms, Levy, slashed by Sylvin Sadberry, recovering with 100 stitches in throat, 1948/05/21: 1
      Titus, Al G., shotgun wielder is shot three times in family row by father-in-law, Willie Chance, 1957/06/07: 1
      Todd, Alvoid, attacked by two men after getting off a bus, 1967/07/21: 1
      Todd, Bobby, cut in affray with three men, 1962/12/14: 1
      Todd, Mrs. Dennis Mae, severely beaten by husband, Central Todd, Jr, because she wants to visit her mother, 1958/05/09: 1
      Todd, Isabel (Isabelle)
        head cut with candlestick by man she lives with, 1962/03/30: 3
        stabbed in love triangle fracas by Myrtle Sedberry, 1963/08/30: 1
      Todd, John Odell, loses glasses during a fight, 1950/08/25: 1
      Todd, Leslie, charged with unlawfully carrying a pistol and aggravated assault against Edward Francis, 1945/09/21: 1
      Todd, Oscar, complains of beating with metal knuckles, 1936/04/03: 1
      Todd, Pearlie L., slashed in altercation with man, 1964/09/04: 1
      Todd, Raymond, reportedly stabbed by wife, 1970/06/05: 3
      Toles, Eddie, beaten with pistol by Marvin Galloway, 1944/11/10: 1
      Tollerson, Emma, assaulted by husband Willie Tollerson, 1936/07/17: 1
      Tollerson, Mrs. Esther, knifed by Mrs. Bessie Royston, 1944/07/14: 5
      Tollerson, Mary Lee, and Dorothy Lee Martin held after one hurls glass at another, 1949/02/25: 5
      Tollerson, Tom
        brothers Tom and Willie maul each other in drunken brawl, 1948/07/02: 1
        cut on finger while trying to stop fight, 1954/10/01: 1
        in hospital from knife-play, 1936/07/03: 1
        seriously slashed with butcher knife wielded by Sam Rice, 1952/08/29: 1
        two Commerce St. affrays send two men to hospital, 1950/06/30: 1
      Tollerson, Willie
        brothers Tom and Willie maul each other in drunken brawl, 1948/07/02: 1
        shot by James Jerry McKinney, in drunken altercation, 1947/05/16: 1
      Tollette, Margaret, skull creased with bullet fired by Memphis Teamer because she wouldn't go to the rodeo, 1951/08/31: 1
      Tolliver, Clemon, unintentionally stabbed in fight between Edgar and Ella Mae Tolliver, 1952/03/21: 1
      Tolliver, Janice, punched in mouth over their baby lying on a bed by husband J. D. Tolliver, 1951/02/09: 1
      Tones, Marjie, 36, hurt and Vera Mae Lemons, 16, slashed, as old feud explodes, 1957/05/24: 1
      Toney, George, knifed by William Allen when he stops car for red light; Mrs. Gladys Allen was riding with him, 1961/01/27: 1
      Toney, Marilyn, choked and slapped by ex-husband, George Toney, 1958/10/17: 1
      Toney, Pvt. Unzie L., beaten with club by George Kendrick, 1944/09/08: 1
      Tony, Chester Ray, woman suspect named in knifing of man, 1966/11/04: 1
      Tordley, Lena M., slashed with razor, 1948/09/10: 1
      Torrence, Mary Ann, in battle with sisters Rosie Lee Phillips and Clara Lewis, 1944/03/17: 1
      Toudouza, Fred, cop shot with fellow officer's gun in cafe affray by Benny Franklin Sheffield, 1941/08/29: 1
      Townsend, Leonard, shot 3 times, 1968/06/14: 1
      Townsend, Stanely W., slashed in argument over bus seat, 1942/12/18: 1
      Trail, Joe, slashed by wife, who "hates to do it," 1946/11/08: 1
      Travis, Elbert L., former mail clerk given 90 days for assault of mail superintendent, 1956/01/20: 1
      Traywick, Charlie, in serious condition from knife attack by Sam Winston, 1933/03/24: 1
      Treig, Owen, found in bed with gun after making threats to kill, 1950/03/10: 1
      Trevino, Alfonso, assaulted by attorney Oliver W. Johnson, 1933/10/27: 1
      Trevino, Elisa, three shot, one slashed in wild tavern brawl, 1961/02/17: 1
      Trigg, Rosemary, shot through wrist by Montay J. Johnson, reported as accident, but now thought to be intentional, 1961/07/14: 1
      Truesdale, Genevieve, beaten in office by brother-in-law, 1951/07/20: 1
      Tucker, John, hit without provocation, 1953/03/27: 1
      Tucker, Vera Lee (Birdie), 22, knifed in fracas with youthful group, 1958/08/01: 1
      Turbin, Floyd, Corpus Christi, shot three times by Lonnie King, ex-mate of Mattye King who received superficial head wound, 1957/08/02: 1
      Turbin, Julia, critically wounded in stabbing by husband, Claude Turbin, who later surrendered, 1960/12/23: 1
      Turner, Cecilia, assaulted by Leslie Hazel, 1932/12/16: 1
      Turner, Dora, beaten by husband, James Turner, 1952/07/04: 3
      Turner, Dora B., refuses to serve couple, is slashed by them, 1951/05/18: 3
      Turner, Emma Mae, loses bra, purse, and $150 in wild street brawl, 1957/11/29: 1
      Tusie, Mrs. Cora Mae, knifed by estranged husband, 1949/08/05: 4
      two hurt, cop attacked, three jailed in melee, 1958/09/26: 1
      two persons need repairs in family squabbles Friday, 1950/03/10: 1
      Tyler, Mrs. Dora Lee, beaten for asking mate, William H. Tyler, about missing child, 1949/09/02: 1
      Tyler, Grace, seriously knifed by spouse, Bill Tyler, 1945/09/28: 1
      Tyler, Maxine, slashed by husband Bill Tyler after she cuts him with bottle, 1951/09/14: 3
      Tyrone, Gregory Bernard, seven months, stabbed in head with ice pick by mother, Hattie Tyrone, 1957/12/27: 1
      Tyrone, Sylvester, stomped by Clarence Lee in Saturday fracas, 1951/05/25: 1
      Umblace, Freddie, slashed by man he refuses to name, 1959/03/20: 3
      Upson, Miss Johnnie M., complains of assault by boyfriend, changes her mind and is jailed, 1962/08/17: 1
      Upson, Viola, beaten woman has broken leg, 1954/09/24: 1
      Urchell, Frank, severely slashed in knife fight, 1948/08/06: 5
      Ussery, Frank
        stabbed by landlord, Dan Reed, 1948/10/29: 5
        stabbed over chair by Mrs. Wezella Wallace, 1950/09/15: 3
      Ussery, Johnnie Mae, and Emma Oliver in duel of blades, 1944/10/06: 1
      Ussery, William, attacked by two brothers, 1963/07/05: 1
      Van Allen, Elizabeth, walking through cemetery, is the victim of attack, 1952/03/07: 1
      Vance, Harvey, Lackland AFB, knifed by shady lady, 1956/08/03: 1
      Varker, Dorothy Lee, beaten about head and face by A. W. Hill, 1958/05/02: 1
      Vasquez, Tony, loses an ear, while William Henry suffers severe cuts on the head, 1940/08/02: 1
      Vaughn, Connie, soldier beaten by girl friend, Janice Shannon, and her mother, 1969/01/17: 1
      Venable, Rosie Lee, in hospital after blow from rock, 1933/06/16: 1
      Vesser, Leona, assaulted; Ed Thompson charged, 1931/10/23: 1
      Waddles, Samuel, and wife, Chattie Mae Waddles are cut in family battle, 1945/04/27: 1
      Waddles, Miss Shaddell Mary, hit with brick by Percy Jackson, 1947/09/26: 2
      Wade, Alvin
        butcher-knifed by mother-in-law, Ella Franklin, 1952/06/27: 1
        knifed in affray with Napoleon Nation, 1963/10/25: 3
      Wade, Ernestine (Earnestine)
        cut on leg by drinking companion, 1959/01/23: 1
        stabbed in neck in affray, 1964/07/03: 3
      Wade, Robbie, badly beaten by male friend, 1959/08/07: 3
      Wagner, Mrs. Lucille
        forgives husband for hitting her in head with pitcher, 1947/12/05: 5
        pistol whipped by John J. Wagner, 1946/12/06: 1
      Waiters, Clarence, struck on head by Sedwick "Honey Boy" Horton, 1950/03/24: 1
      Waiters, Ella B., counters ex-mate's attack (Moses Waiters) with water jug, 1955/04/01: 1
      Waiters, Rufus, punched and shot at by Joseph Jefferson, 1952/04/25: 1
      Waiters, Thelma, kneeling in prayer in church, is hammered about her head by husband Moses Waiters, 1951/05/25: 1
      Waldridge, Mrs. Rosie Lee, knifed by husband, 1948/10/01: 1
      Walker, Adam, playing with friend "suddenly" finds self shot, 1953/10/30: 1
      Walker, Allen (Sandy)
        half of ear bitten off in fight, 1954/09/03: 11954/09/03: 1
        knifed by Margaret Horton, who wanted to go to Seguin, 1949/05/27: 2
        throat cut from 'ear to ear,' 1953/10/02: 1
      Walker, Ann, beaten after she's chased into her mom's house by man, 1963/05/03: 1
      Walker, Barbara Jean, twin rips common-law hubby, Rufus Lee, with razor, 1954/09/10: 1
      Walker, Burgess, shot in face in wild row in tavern, 1953/06/05: 1
      Walker, Dan "Catfish," arrested on threat charges, 1933/01/13: 1
      Walker, Demeris, knifed by another woman in fuss over children, 1962/07/06: 1
      Walker, Demoris, struck by Harold Walker, 1939/06/02: 1
      Walker, Edward, hit with bottle, 1963/10/18: 3
      Walker, Eura Mae, threatened by Otis Whitley, 1940/08/23: 4
      Walker, Mrs. J., beaten by husband, Allen Walker, 1949/03/18: 1
      Walker, Jafus, reportedly knifed by woman as he sits in automobile, 1960/08/05: 1
      Walker, James, and Clinton Dunn arrested for involvement in a fight at Senate Lounge, 1958/12/12: 3
      Walker, James, shot by Ed Johnson in disagreement, 1935/05/17: 2
      Walker, James T., lodges complaint against Veotas Stubbs for chasing him with butcher knife, 1948/07/23: 5
      Walker, Jerry M., clubbed with pistol by special officer, 1948/08/13: 1
      Walker, Jesse (T.)
        assaulted at tavern, 1948/01/30: 5
        struck by bottle wielded by Luis Farris, 1946/03/29: 1
      Walker, Laura Mae, slashed in bed by husband, Billie B. Walker, 1951/03/23: 1
      Walker, Lillian
        knife pulled on her by common-law husband, who says "I will never return," 1957/09/20: 1
        skull creased as she's pistol whipped by Chester Amos, 1951/02/16: 3
      Walker, Lilly, fisted by husband, Willie, 1954/09/17: 3
      Walker, Lindsey
        pool player stabbed in back in altercation, 1952/05/09: 3
        slashed across abdomen, 1966/04/01: 3
      Walker, Mack, critically wounded in shooting by Will H. Jones, 1959/12/11: 1
      Walker, Pearly Mae, beaten by son, Richard Lee Walker, who is arrested, 1956/05/18: 1
      Walker, R., stabbed by E. H. Clark, 1944/10/06: 4
      Walker, Sheffield
        slashed by his wife, 1938/07/15: 1
        slashed by woman, 1939/04/21: 5
      Walker, Virgil W., principal of Riley Elementary-Junior School, accused of striking student, Vickie Caggan, 14, who then tore off his shirt, kicked and scratched him and screamed obscenities, 1963/01/25: 1
      Wallace, Clarence, knifed by Robert L. Beasley, faints while driving to hospital; runs into pole, 1947/11/14: 1
      Wallace, Clarence E.
        beaten, stomped by wife, Vernia Mae Wallace, 1969/02/14: 1
        shot as he flees thugs, 1969/01/03: 1
      Wallace, Elbert, cut in altercation with Joe Beasley, 1946/12/06: 1
      Wallace, J. B., and Alonia Jackson, cut in affray, 1944/06/09: 1
      Wallace, Joe C., has arms slashed by Pete Boston, 1953/10/09: 1
      Wallace, Marie, beaten by Oliver Howard, 1938/04/29: 6
      Wallace, Mezella, cut by unknown assailant, 1931/09/25: 1
      Walls, Lillian, beaten by Clarence Daniels, who was arrested, 1955/08/26: 3
      Walls, Vernon, allegedly slashed during battle in car with Rovella Hubbard, 1951/04/06: 4
      Wally, Cleo, booked for drunkenness and Edward Jackson jailed for assault in riotous Saturday ruckus, 1950/08/18: 1
      Walter, Frank, in poor condition after stabbing by Alton E. Wade, who can't remember stabbing him, 1962/06/08: 1
      Walters, Dillard, slashed with razor, 1938/05/06: 5
      Walters, Ed, cut with bottle, 1942/09/25: 5
      Walters, Ella, kicked in head by Andy Ford, over $5 loan, 1956/04/06: 1
      Walters, Moses, knifed by Ella B. Brown in divorce fuss, 1955/08/26: 3
      Walton, Mrs. A. F., head injured by husband, 1950/06/16: 1
      Walton, Alfreda
        beaten by husband for tardiness, 1945/07/27: 1
        hit in mouth by husband, Archie, 1949/11/25: 5
        slashed on arm by husband, Archie Walton, 1952/05/16: 1
      Walton, Archie
        charged with knife attack on wife, 1932/11/18: 8 (filmed in 11/25 issue)
        Holmes, Henry, in rock vs. knife brawl with Archie Walton, 1933/10/20: 1
      Walton, Miss Bobbie L., man (James Wheeler) is charged after beating, kicking woman, 1947/08/15: 1
      Walton, Charles, woman who isn't (prefers to be known as Mary Ann Jones), battles police officers, 1966/01/07: 1
      Walton, Earl, cut, robbed by three men, 1942/10/09: 6
      Walton, Ed, and Pvt. H. A. Battin in bloody duel over dice game; man in critical condition, 1943/06/18: 1
      Walton, Dr. J. T., shot at three times by Ida Jackson, 1939/11/10: 1
      Walton, Lonnie, Top Chop't Steak House employee, targeted by pistol wielder, 1967/07/21: 1
      Walton, Robert Lee, man who robs sleeping soldier severely knifed, 1946/08/16: 1
      Walton, Rosemary, lye hurler beaten by victim, Eugene McMillan, 1968/09/13: 1
      Walton, Mrs. Voncille, and son Weldon, attacked by Lawyer Walton with automobile crank, 1946/05/10: 1
      Walton, Wilma (Wilmer)
        beaten by husband, Lonnie William Walton, 1952/08/15: 3
        husband booked for aggravated assault, 1949/12/16: 5
      Walzem, Louis F., boss attacked by fired service station employee, 1961/12/08: 1
      Ward, Barbara, knifed in altercation with husband, Bobby Ward, 1957/10/11: 1
      Ward, Charles, Jr., shot by James M. Bacon, when he argues with estranged wife, 1961/08/18: 1
      Ward, Doris, accidentally stabbed while trying to stop fight, 1965/11/05: 1
      Ward, Geneva S., threatened by former mate, Frank Buffin, who cuts escort, 1950/03/17: 1
      Ward, Goldie, wounded by Martha Roberson in tavern shooting, 1961/10/27: 1
      Ward, Iris Lee, stabbed in left side by another woman, 1957/07/26: 3
      Ward, Jim, severely knifed, tells cop stabbing is none of his business, 1957/06/28: 3
      Ward, Jim E., "pushed" by Sam Mitchell, has gash on head, 1949/10/14: 1
      Ward, La Monica, threatened by W. O. Harris, 1934/06/01: 1
      Ware, Homer, struck from behind, seriously knifed, 1965/06/25: 1
      Ware, Joe S.
        Bacon, Alice, beaten with stick by Joe S. Ware, 1938/06/17: 1
        cleared of assault charges, 1938/06/24: 1
      Ware, Marie, slashed, struck with rock by Vernon Willis Taylor, 1953/07/31: 1
      Ware, Pete, Gunter Hotel waiter, stabbed by hotel cook, Telesforo Tamez, 1962/01/19: 1
      Ware, Willie Mae, mother-in-law guns for youth, Charles Williams, 1969/05/16: 1
      Warner, Bernice, injured, James C. Warner jailed in altercation, 1967/11/03: 1
      Warner, Douglas, conked by brother of fisted wife, Wenora Warner, 1953/07/31: 1
      Warner, George
        cut in fight with Zeke Mitchell, 1941/07/18: 5
        slashed on cheek by accuser, 1948/01/02: 1
      Warner, L. B.
        cut on hand while warding off attack by Willie Williams, 1942/10/23: 5
        pool hall owner shot, point-blank, by Roscoe Todd, a man he aids, 1959/05/29: 1
      Warren, Amanda, assaulted with iron pipe by Marie Marshall, 1932/12/30: 3
      Warren, Bertie Lee, assaulted by Mance "June" Smith, 1948/08/27: 1
      Warren, Cleo, hurt in altercation with her husband, Herbert Warren, 1964/05/29: 1
      Warren, George
        conked with bottle by Bertha Cunningham, 1950/10/06: 1
        stabbed in tavern altercation, 1953/03/20: 1
        west side man stabbed in back, 1949/08/12: 1
      Warren, Herbert, knifed by would-be car thieves, 1963/01/25: 1
      Warren, James
        attacked by four men, is in serious condition, 1946/10/04: 1
        woman's escort seriously stabbed by her ex-beau, George Bain, Jr., 1948/09/24: 1
      Warren, Jesse, man threatened with shotgun won't prosecute, 1956/02/17: 1
      Warren, Jesse E.
        Jackson, Leon, loses arm when shot by gambler, Sammie Bolden; Jesse E. Warren also wounded, 1947/08/15: 1
        man in gun duel acquitted--alleged jury Jim Crow sifted, 1947/11/28: 1
      Warren, Jordin, slashed by unidentified person, 1954/08/13: 4
      Warren, Lawrence W., elderly man beaten, kicked, and slashed by Charles Sanders, 1958/08/22: 1
      Warren, S. F., tavern fight costs man sight of right eye, 1949/11/11: 1
      Warren, William, greets a group of men, which leads to a beating, 1940/11/08: 1
      Warren, Willie, slashed in affray with Lonnie Moore, 1955/12/16: 1
      Warrior, Ethel May, beaten by common-law husband, 1956/02/17: 3
      Wash, Mrs. Bell, stone thrown misses her, hits sister, Mrs. Nora Johnson, 1949/11/11: 5
      Wash, Leonard, convinced by ax that he was not welcome guest at Cornie Tucker's home, 1947/01/17: 1
      Wash, Orange, slashed on arm by Thomas Jordan in tavern argument and chase, 1953/10/16: 1
      Wash, Richard
        grazed by bullet fired to stop battle, 1947/09/12: 1
        stabbed by Shelby Reed, 1935/08/02: 2
      Wash, Mrs. W. L., knifed in fight with husband, Orange Wash, 1954/04/30: 1
      Washingon, Mrs. L., beaten when she refuses to be common-law wife, 1952/08/29: 1
      Washington, Alonzia, cut when she declines to make trip, 1955/09/02: 3
      Washington, Bobbie, conked, slashed by Etta Mae Presly, 1949/07/22: 1
      Washington, Booker T., hit by shotgun pellets in travern brawl with Hayward McClure, 1955/05/06: 1
      Washington, Edward Earl, severely wounded by shotgun blast from auto; Elisha Green arrested, 1964/07/10: 1
      Washington, George Henry, shot by bandit at Hancock Service Station, 1967/10/20: 1
      Washington, Hattie, struck on nose by common-law husband, Governor Thomas, 1956/04/27: 3
      Washington, James, youth severely slashed in knife-ice pick fight, 1948/12/17: 1
      Washington, Leona, knocked down by another woman, 1950/02/24: 4
      Washington, Lessie Lee, and Josephine Houston, Corpus Christi, use cue stick on each other in fight, 1944/12/15: 1
      Washington, Mrs. Louise, slapped around by Clarence Johnson, 1950/05/12: 6
      Washington, Marilyn, beaten by husband, Robert Washington, 1951/07/20: 1
      Washington, Naomi, threatened with shotgun during fierce argument with William Gregory, 1951/03/30: 1
      Washington, Nona, seriously slashed in Sunday affray, 1941/06/27: 1
      Washington, Pearl
        conked by roomer, Mary Helen Jackson, 1948/11/26: 1
        estranged wife seriously knifed by GI husband, Arthur Washington, 1959/07/17: 1
      Washington, Ray, 70-year-old man conked with bottle, 1950/06/02: 1
      Washington, Royal, kept awake by two men who didn't want him to sleep, 1969/11/07: 1
      Washington, William
        and Joe Ricks Stokes, in-laws, wounded in battle of knives and fork, 1962/10/05: 1
        two men wounded in West Side shooting, 1966/02/25: 1
      Watkins, Charles D., GI wounded in mystery shooting, 1968/01/05: 1
      Watkins, Harold
        knifed, Ora Lee Deckard snatched from automobile by driver of other car, 1953/01/02: 1
        knifed by Charles Hodge in altercation, 1954/02/26: 1
      Watkins, James, 13, ripped with knife by ired girl, also 13, 1961/04/21: 1
      Watkins, Mary, complained that Leroy Christman severely beat her, 1945/07/13: 1
      Watkins, Mrs. Pinkie, intervenes in family row, gets broken arm, 1949/07/15: 5
      Watkins, Zelmar, slashed by Grace Harris, after he tried to hit her with a bottle, 1957/09/27: 1
      Watson, Almond, and Sue Thompson, shot by same gunman two blocks apart, 1968/03/15: 1
      Watson, Almond E.
        critically wounded in bar shooting by Robert Saunders, 1962/01/12: 1
        struck with bottle by girlfriend, 1963/10/25: 3
      Watson, Barbara, and Helen Freeman, cuffed by a man in phone booth incident, 1967/05/19: 1
      Watson, Clarence, knifed by Sidney Noble, who also stabbed his wife, Dorothy, and policeman, Roy Ryan, 1950/10/06: 1
      Watson, E. L., head injured in altercation with Manuel Thompson, 1942/02/13: 4
      Watson, Eleanor Addison, San Antonio woman returns to Corpus, is badly cut by husband, 1942/12/11: 1
      Watson, Ella, hit with bottle by husband, 1944/02/04: 5
      Watson, Estar, duelist, whose gun fails to fire, shot in chest by Pink Cunningham, 1948/07/16: 1
      Watson, J. C., Jr., 21-year-old man shot in Zarazmora St. gunplay, 1968/10/11: 1
      Watson, J. E., cut with razor by wife, Viola, 1946/03/22: 3
      Watson, James, victim of alleged gun play seeks police protection, 1950/03/31: 1
      Watson, Robert Montgomery, goes berserk, attacks sister, Luline Washington, and Officer H. Haverlok, 1962/09/14: 1
      Watson, Rudolph, struck with bottle by two men who asked for a drink, 1950/12/29: 1
      Watson, Thelma, knifed, bitten by Willie Mae Barton, 1949/04/22: 1
      Watts, James A.
        cop nabs man vowing to kill hunted couple, Mrs. D. Wilson and I. McDonald, 1955/04/01: 1
        cops get gunman before he finds may who knocked out his front teeth, 1956/03/16: 1
      Watts, Ruby L., forces way into house, is clubbed by Willie Mae Wyse; male companion of Watts, Horace Brooks, fires at her with rifle, 1956/11/23: 1
      Watts, Cpl. William, cut by wife, Ruby Watts, 1945/06/22: 1
      Wauls, Malvester, wounded in gun battle with officer, John C. Blanton, 1961/12/15: 1
      Weatherly, Bruce, shot, after Mack Belton Newton shoots Mrs. Sedalia Smith, then kills himself, 1941/12/05: 1
      Weathers, Annie Mae, attempting to stop argument, hit on the head with a bottle, 1961/12/08: 1
      Webb, Fred Douglass
        critically wounded in gun battle with Willie Roy Thompson and 15-year-old boy, 1964/07/10: 1
        stabbed with butcher knife by woman, 1964/05/08: 1
        and William Webb, brother shoots brother in West Side tavern row, 1964/04/17: 1
      Webb, H. K., stabbed, beaten by Isaac Anthony in drinking bout, 1945/12/28: 1
      Webb, Lawrence, shot man's condition critical, 1969/02/28: 1
      Webb, Minnie, pistol whipped by Effie Todd, 1944/01/21: 1
      Webb, Oscar C., stabbed with ice pick by mate's uncle, 1946/06/28: 1
      Webb, Mrs. Ruth, brutally attacked by 44-year-old man, 1941/07/18: 1
      Webber, Johnny, Sadie Lee Webber, and Alma Lee knifed in wild melee in Duncan's Place tavern, 1953/01/23: 1
      Webber, Lillian and William: sheriffs tell battling couple enough is enough, 1942/06/05: 1
      Webber, Sadie Lee, Johnny Webber, and Alma Lee knifed in wild melee in Duncan's Place tavern, 1953/01/23: 1
      Webber, Willie, says he's shooting at dogs, not at wife, Lilly Mae, 1960/01/15: 1
      Webster, Aaron, threatened by Frank Sullivan, 1939/03/10: 1
      Webster, Charles, multiple razor blade slashes inflicted by common-law wife, Bertha Lee Foley, because he didn't come home the night before, 1957/10/18: 1
      weekend is not too quiet for SA policemen, 1950/07/14: 1
      Welch, Corrine, alleged beating by Joe McElroy, 1940/04/26: 5
      Welch, Irene, fleeing, has arm fractured by man friend, Nathan Johnson, 1952/11/21: 1
      Welch, Melvin, slashed in Avalon Grill tiff, 1936/06/19: 1
      Wells, Barbara E., expectant mother beaten by husband, Robert E., 1949/08/12: 1
      Wells, Clarence, struck above eye with rock, 1941/06/20: 5
      Wells, Fred, accused of squealing, beaten by another man, 1954/10/29: 1
      Wells, Freddie, slashed in abdomen in tavern dispute, 1960/03/25: 1
      Wells, Mrs. Gaffi, arm slashed by husband, 1939/12/29: 5
      Wells, Mamie
        ex-husband, Rugent Wells fine, put under peace bond in attack case, 1951/10/12: 1
        and mother, attacked by ex-husband, Rugent Wells, who gets worst of it, 1951/09/28: 1
        threatened by knife-wielding husband, Rugent Wells, 1947/10/03: 1
      Wells, Robert, knifed while attempting to intercede in tavern melee, 1953/08/07: 1
      Wesserman, Moses, prankster with cap pistol shot by scared man, Frank Wauls, 1952/11/07: 1
      West, Cpl. Andrew, door crashing GI, with shotgun, is nabbed under bed, 1947/12/12: 1
      West, Jewel, stabbed in back by estranged husband, 1940/02/09: 4
      Westman, Ginny, fisted in automobile by male friend, 1958/06/20: 1
      Westman, Moses, seriously knifed in Sunday morning fracas with two men, DeWitt Morris and Robert Barrow, 1959/01/16: 1
      Weston, Hortense, choked by Billy Carlyle who gives cops a hard time, 1967/06/23: 1
      Wheeler, Pvt. County, shot in Commerce St. row, 1945/05/25: 1
      Wheeler, James, slashed in fight in moving auto, 1946/07/19: 1
      Wheeler, Ruby, fisted by husband, Tony Wheeler, 1959/10/16: 3
      Whipple, Ervin
        dismissed from hospital; stabbed soldier dies, 1968/03/29: 1
        shot man remains in critical condition; stabbed soldier, Garrett Roosevelt, in fair condition, 1968/03/22: 1
      Whipple, Mrs. Willie, calls police when husband James became abusive and threatening; he goes to jail, 1951/07/06: 1
      White, Cecil, 23-year-old shot in head by Ernest Miles, but not seriously wounded, 1964/07/24: 1
      White, Earsley, cut by another woman, 1939/04/07: 1
      White, Ezekiel E., Jr., dragged from his automobile, beaten and robbed by several men, 1963/02/01: 1
      White, Fred, arrested Saturday on complaint of 14-year-old boy, is bullet target on Sunday not related to Saturday, 1953/02/20: 1
      White, George, bar operator, shot as the New Year comes in; stove pipe saves life (photo), 1940/01/05: 1
      White, Jewel
        beaten by Willie Winn, 1938/11/04: 1
        Ethel Hodges slashed by Jewel White, 1940/11/22: 1
      White, Mrs. Joe, shots heard, suffers head wounds, 1966/08/12: 1
      White, Johnny James, pops pistol as gun is used as club in fight, 1946/09/13: 1
      White, Lorine, scaled in row over cash for baby's milk by sister, Mary Stone, 1951/06/29: 1
      White, Lucas, cut in free-for-all fight, 1945/11/30: 1
      White, Lucius, seriously knifed by Albert Moore in domino game fracas at Nestle Inn, 1958/03/07: 1
      White, Lula Mae
        auto sprayed with shotgun pellets during attack by spurned boyfriend, Melvin Williams, 1964/08/14: 1
        beaten by Richard Johnson, who also threatens officer, 1952/06/20: 1
        broken car glass cuts arm to bone when man holds her arm through window and foot slips off brakes, 1966/07/01: 1
        and Geraldine Bush, stab each other, 1951/11/23: 1
        handcuffing for court appearance justified, "common procedure" in felony cases says George W. Bichsel, (Chief, San Antonio Police Department), 1956/07/06: 1
      White, Mandy Jean, 14-year-old expectant mom, beaten by mate, Olen G. White, 1953/01/16: 1
      White, Milly Ann, knifed by sister, 1949/10/28: 1
      White, Norris, injured in fight with Elwood Murphy, 1949/11/25: 1
      White, R. A.
        knifed by Latin-American youth, 1949/06/24: 5
        knifed in fight over $1.50, 1949/04/08: 1
      White, Reola, card game fuss leads to knifing of woman player, 1955/04/08: 1
      White, Rose and Robert James end up in hospital after fight, 1942/09/11: 1
      White, Ruby
        beaten with stick by ex-husband, Leonard Porter, who also takes $50, 1951/09/21: 3
        booked for disturbing peace, Leonard Porter, Jr., booked for assault on her, 1954/08/13: 1
        clubbed in altercation by Reed Albert, 1955/05/20: 3
      White, Samuel, in brawl with four men, receives injured leg, 1956/09/21: 1
      White, Thomas, says he's ripped with knife for no reason, 1960/09/30: 3
      White, Ward, knifed as he quarrels with woman on Transit bus, 1951/12/14: 1
      White, Willie
        knifed by unknown assailant, 1950/12/22: 3
        stabbed in lung by wife, 1954/12/17: 7
      white man beaten by church leader, 1931/11/27: 1
        correction, 1931/12/04: 7
      Whitley, Leslie, Jr.
        screwdriver imbedded in back by 10-year-old boy with whom he fought earlier, 1961/08/11: 1
        shot in chest, near the heart, in tavern, 1969/02/07: 1
      Whitley, Mrs. Mose, riding with mate in car, receives beating from him, 1952/01/25: 1
      Whitley, Otis, slashed by Grace Dukes in business tiff, 1955/03/04: 1
      Whitley, William Ben
        knifed by wife, Evelyn B. Whitley, in 'other woman' fuss, 1949/05/13: 1
        slashed by wife, 1949/01/21: 5
      Whitman, Estella, beaten by John Whitman, 1941/05/23: 1
      Whitman, Stella, wounded with blade when Lee Price's wife, Irene Price, catches her with husband, 1943/01/01: 5
      Whitmore, Jean, and Sandra Thomas, battered by Milton Thomas in family disturbance, 1970/06/12: 1
      Wiggins, Mrs. Hattie, hit with chair by husband, Otis Wiggins, 1947/09/26: 1
      Wilborn, Lloyd, youth uses fist, girl (Mildred Drummond), wields shoe at dance, 1965/12/24: 1
      Wilbur, Robert, three men cut in Sunday rows, 1953/03/06: 1
      Wilburn, Robert
        choked, has door kicked and nude girlfriend "stolen," 1951/02/09: 1
        cut when he tries to stop a fight, 1951/03/02: 1
      Wilcox, Bernice, bullets wound police department parkette, 1969/02/14: 1
      Wilcox, T. L.
        critically injured in park melee, 1939/09/01: 1
        youth smashed with bat lives, but loses eye, 1939/09/08: 1
      Wilder, Virgil, loses eye when doused with lye by Doris Thomas, also known as Doris Thompson, 1963/07/19: 1
      Wilkerson, Beatrice struck in the face by Ervin Wilkerson during an argument, 1956/09/14: 3
      Wilkerson, Walter, cut by friends, 1955/07/22: 3
      Wilkins, Jimmy, attacked by white man on public service bus, 1941/03/14: 1
      Wilkinson, Hazel, beaten by husband, in state of shock, 1968/11/01: 1
      Wilkinson, Mrs. P. S., Jr., man escapes after accosting minister's wife as she leaves store, 1952/04/04: 1
      Williams, Alberta, hit on head with nail-studded board allegedly by Charles R. Stansbury, 1965/10/08: 1
      Williams, Alfred, seriously stabbed in knife fight with Ernest Carter, 1960/08/26: 1
      Williams, SSgt. Alfred, cut in butcher knife duel with wife, Enarteen Williams, 1951/03/23: 1
      Williams, Alma
        beaten by husband, R. A. Williams, 1952/10/17: 3
        hit by ex-boy friend, suffers head laceration, 1964/02/14: 1
        and son, Leslie Turner, attacked by husband, I. Ray Williams, 1955/07/15: 1
      Williams, Alonzo, hit with bottle by wife, during riotous week, 1942/05/22: 1
      Williams, PFC Alonzo, one of two GIs shot in night spot row over girl by Arthur Harry (Bunny) Eckert, 1963/07/12: 1
      Williams, Andrew J., slashing rewards airman after pushing man's auto, 1957/07/12: 1
      Williams, Angelina, struck with rock by husband, Eugene, 1942/09/11: 3
      Williams, Ann, guilty of simple assault at funeral service, 1937/12/17: 1
      Williams, Annie E., has knife blade broken in neck by Luke Darden; undergoes four-hour surgery, 1957/08/09: 1
      Williams, Mrs. Annie Louise, beaten by husband, Thomas D. Williams, 1950/02/03: 5
      Williams, Anthony, booked for aggravated assault of Bessie Mae Friar and Mary Agnes Friar, 1955/12/23: 1
      Williams, Archie, two men jailed in beating of policeman, 1961/02/10: 1
      Williams, Armour, slashed in back by Katherine Birdow, 1946/09/20: 1
      Williams, Arnold, 17-year-old youth struck in face by hurled knife, 1965/03/26: 3
      Williams, Arthur
        and Bessie Mae Williams, cut in attempt to intercede, 1932/08/26: 8 (filmed in 09/02 issue)
        shot in dice game argument by Carl Snow, Jr., 1945/06/22: 1
      Williams, C. S.
        leg broken by rock thrown by "friend," 1951/04/20: 1
        stabbed by Beatrice Ford, 1945/09/07: 1
      Williams, Carlos B., wounded by girlfriend's former lover, 1941/02/14: 1
      Williams, Charles, and J. P. Brown, in Virginia Blvd. row with threats leading to both being arrested, 1952/02/15: 1
      Williams, Clara, knifed by husband, 1938/07/08: 1
      Williams, Clarence
        assaulted with a knife by David Freeman in girl fuss, 1970/06/05: 1
        cut by unknown assailant, 1938/05/27: 1
      Williams, Mrs. Clarence, gets ice pick wound in fight with mate, 1953/08/28: 1
      Williams, Clarice
        hand lacerated by jar during altercation with husband, Joe Williams, 1958/05/23: 1
        uses ax against man attacking with knife, 1948/07/16: 1
      Williams, Claudia Mae, curses common-law husband, Robert B. Lee, who hit her with an iron pipe, 1958/03/28: 1
      Williams, Cleo
        attempting to collect $1.00 owed him, is knifed during argument, 1958/10/10: 1
        card player shot by Jesse Stephens in 50-cent fuss, 1967/02/10: 1
      Williams, Cleveland, beaten at South Pine St. party, 1934/01/12: 1
      Williams, Clint, Frank Williams, Monroe Williams, Allen Raye and Mable Raye, run down with truck by Curtis Brothers, 1967/01/27: 1
      Williams, Connie, knocked down by man who fled, 1954/04/23: 1
      Williams, Dempsy, cut by girl friend, Emma Queen, who drives off with auto, 1950/08/11: 1
      Williams, Dorothy, given beating in auto by a man, 1956/08/10: 7
      Williams, Dorothy Lee, slashed by frustrated lover, 1939/06/16: 1
      Williams, Mrs. Effie, shot by mate, Reed Williams, may have arm amputated, 1950/06/09: 1
      Williams, Elizabeth
        assaulted by Johnnie Richardson, 1938/07/22: 5
        beaten twice in 12-hour period by husband, Clarence Williams, 1952/05/16: 1
      Williams, Ellis
        hand cut while he and wife "play" with knife, 1948/09/10: 1
        stabbed by wife, Ella Mae, 1949/12/23: 5
      Williams, Elsie, Corpus Christi woman stabbed by Katherine McCaulley, 1942/04/24: 1
      Williams, Ernest
        and James Gonzales, bruised in fuss about used tire, 1954/06/11: 1
        pistol thrown at him by father, Louis Williams, 1950/05/12: 1
      Williams, Felix
        conked on head with bottle, 1952/01/04: 3
        knifed in chest, 1956/01/13: 7
      Williams, Frank
        beaten with hammer by Earnest Carter, 1956/04/13: 5
        ex-con jailed for threatening to shoot Ida B. Wright, 1955/10/28: 1
        face slashed in altercation with another man, 1956/07/13: 6
        hits James Anderson with hammer, 1956/04/20: 6
        Orange James shot, gun-whipped by brother-in-law, Frank Williams, 1955/02/25: 1
        stabbed in shoulder in Sunday night fracas, 1959/04/03: 3
      Williams, G. W., rifle victim reported much improved, 1939/06/16: 1
      Williams, George
        cut on forehead in altercation, 1939/12/29: 5
        given fractured skull while attempting to hold up GI, 1946/02/15: 1
      Williams, Geraldine
        husband, Norman Williams, arrested in beating of estranged mate, 1952/10/17: 1
        shot in row with un-named persons, 1970/03/27: 1
        slashed by salesman's wife who objected to her presence in home, 1961/04/28: 1
        suffers injuries when hit by Gustavin Boston, 1950/09/01: 5
      Williams, Gladys
        arm broken by husband, who beat her in bed, 1965/02/12: 1
        receives severe laceration of head in street attack, 1954/10/15: 1
        shot in face by husband, Claude A Williams, loses eye, 1965/04/23: 1
      Williams, Gus, Seguin, shot twice in row with wife, Lovie Mae Williams; he gets bullets in chest and stomach, but expected to recover, 1957/07/05: 1
      Williams, H. B., tavern owner shot; friends rush to aid, one shooting the other, 1949/11/25: 1
      Williams, Hallie
        man battered on head succumbs August 29, 1969/09/05: 1
        skull fractured with skillet by small wife, Frankie Williams, 1969/08/22: 1
      Williams, Hannah, struck by brother, Owen James, 1954/09/24: 4
      Williams, Mrs. Harriett, false teeth broken by rampaging mate, 1949/06/24: 1
      Williams, Hattie (M.)
        caught with husband of another, slashed by Mary Smith, 1952/02/15: 1
        and Odell Jones, threatened by razor-wielding step-father, Joe Williams, 1952/04/18: 1
      Williams, Henry
        slain in argument with Mrs. Davis, 1933/10/20: 1
        slashes sweetheart, Esther Davis, 1932/05/20: 1
        stabbed in shoulder in fight with Willie Lacy Cross, 1952/03/28: 1
      Williams, Herschel, mistaken as an attacker, struck with a bat, 1965/08/13: 1
      Williams, Mrs. Howard, beaten and choked by husband, 1951/06/01: 3
      Williams, Ira
        former star athlete and waiter, stabbed by Vernon Terrell, 1940/02/16: 1
        stabbed during Xmas festivities, 1938/12/30: 5
        20 stitches required after SA waiter is hit with bottle, 1945/01/26: 1
      Williams, Jack, cut with razor by unknown man, 1947/12/26: 4
      Williams, James
        in pistol duel with cop given 12 years, 1945/11/09: 1
        shot over "other woman" by wife, Gloria Williams, who practiced for 3 weeks, 1963/06/14: 1
        slashed on face by an in-law, 1965/09/10: 1
        wounded in pistol fight with policeman, 1945/06/22: 1
      Williams, Jesse
        clubbed by Clarence Watts when he goes to sister's aid, 1960/03/18: 1
        hit on head with chair after he drew a knife, 1950/12/08: 7
        stabbed by woman, 1954/12/10: 4
      Williams, Jimmie, of Corpus Christi, cut in face by wife, Annie Taylor, 1942/05/01: 1
      Williams, John Henry
        cut by his wife, Ethel Fordison, 1945/09/28: 1
        slashed by Johnnie Mae Ussery, 1944/08/18: 5
      Williams, Josephine, fisted by Ernest King, 1955/01/21: 3
      Williams, Julie, stabbed by man with whom she was arguing, 1961/02/24: 3
      Williams, Katherine
        booked in shooting of Marine corporal, Charles Massey, 1966/09/02: 1
        cut by N. W. Williams when she refuses to return to mate, 1947/12/05: 1
      Williams, L. A., fired upon 3 times by unknown person, 1970/05/01: 1
      Williams, Lawrence, has arm knifed by common-law wife, Texana Haywood, 1954/04/16: 1
      Williams, Lee, charged with assault on Son Campbell, 1931/09/25: 1
      Williams, Lewis, wounded by shotgun fired by Charley Perkins, due to remark about man and daughter, 1964/05/22: 1
      Williams, Lilly, 19, head gashed in altercation with 21-year-old man, 1965/11/19: 1
      Williams, Lonnie, and "party girl" slash each other in payoff fight, 1947/09/05: 1
      Williams, Louis
        clubbed with pistol by Jerry Walker, 1945/12/28: 1
        knifed by Edward Graham; hits Graham with bottle, 1947/09/05: 1
      Williams, Louise
        struck in face by Major Lee Williams, 1944/10/20: 1
        threatened, run from home by knife wielder, Clinton Flowers, 1949/11/25: 1
      Williams, Lowell B., disabled vet, wife, in-law are beaten by unknown man, 1948/09/10: 1
      Williams, Lucious
        and Officer I. J. Sperry, family fracas leaves them with injured eyes, 1957/09/20: 1
        wounded by pistol shot at Woodlawn Lake, 1947/09/19: 1
      Williams, Lucy, severely beaten with beer bottle, 1939/03/10: 1
      Williams, Luis, stabbed with scissors nine times by Rudolph Watson, 1954/03/05: 1
      Williams, Lula, accosted by Dago Stokes in robbery, 1933/02/03: 1
      Williams, Lula Mae, cut on arm by Evelyn Gibson (knives, fists send 3 to hospital), 1953/06/05: 1
      Williams, Mabel Ray, and Eda M. Pressly rip each other in knife battle, 1952/02/22: 1
      Williams, Margaret, slashed in altercation with two other girls, 1951/07/13: 5
      Williams, Marian, knifed woman can't recall name of blade wielder, 1960/09/09: 1
      Williams, Marie
        found injured and bleeding on stairs, husband, Alfred Williams arrested, 1956/07/06: 1
        husband Alfred Williams beats her...locks her out of house, 1958/10/31: 1
        knifed in wild affray with Elizabeth Figgs, 1964/12/11: 1
        seriously knifed in fight with husband, Alfred Williams, 1956/12/21: 1
        slashed for no reason by woman in tavern, 1961/10/13: 1
        threatened with pistol wielded by J. D. Johnson, 1951/06/15: 1
      Williams, Mary Lou
        beaten by husband, Lonnie Williams, 1959/07/17: 3
        cut by Robert Anderson, 1951/06/01: 1
      Williams, Mary Nell
        assaulted by Charles Thomas, who was arrested, 1964/10/23: 1
        victim of East Commerce tavern slashing, 1953/01/23: 1
      Williams, McClinton
        slashed by "girl friend," 1954/03/26: 3
        slashed in altercation at Sun Spot bar, 1964/06/05: 1
      Williams, Melvin
        head lacerated with bottle, 1960/06/10: 1
        seriously wounded in west side gun battle with Norman Satterwhite, 1960/06/17: 1
      Williams, Mrs. Millard, knifed by another woman in Sunday fuss, 1970/03/27: 1
      Williams, Minnie, answers door; is attacked by three, 1931/12/18: 1
      Williams, Mitchell, shooting wounds serviceman here on leave from Germany, 1966/03/18: 1
      Williams, Mrs. Mozell, beaten by husband, Curtis Williams, 1948/04/23: 2
      Williams, Nathan
        cut in knife attack, 1942/01/02: 4
        exchanges shots with Lonnie Tutson; nobody hit, 1951/12/28: 1
      Williams, Nell, beaten by ex-husband, Billy Williams, 1952/06/13: 1
      Williams, Oliver, should have bought her a drink; hit over head when he refuses to buy beer for woman, 1969/02/07: 1
      Williams, Otis
        looking for prowler, is slugged with club by Enoch Thomas, 1958/04/11: 1
        stabbed when won't pay money owed, 1957/08/09: 1
      Williams, Raymond, lye solution hurled into face while sleeping in truck, 1948/05/21: 1
      Williams, Robert
        gunshot victim refuses to talk about shooting, 1951/05/11: 1
        in knife fight with Lonnie Moore, 1947/12/05: 5
        in "personal argument" with Lonnie Phillips, has head gashed with bottle, 1951/05/04: 4
      Williams, Robert Lee, shot and seriously wounded by Dorothy Lee Williams, 1968/11/15: 1
      Williams, Roger, 20-year-old knocked down, kicked in face, 1959/09/18: 1
      Williams, Rosa Mae, beaten and chased by her husband, Hulon Williams, 1950/09/01: 1
      Williams, Rose, chased by Eugene Martinez with fish knife; officer Rogers reaches scene just in time, 1960/08/12: 1
      Williams, Ruby, complains of beatings two weeks later by Walter Kuykendall, who continues threats, 1957/12/27: 1
      Williams, Sam, conked with pool cue by Dave Mills, 1935/12/13: 7
      Williams, Sarah, assaulted with knife by Ellis Smith, 1931/08/28: 1
      Williams, T. G., man who intercedes in couple's fuss is struck with bottle, 1966/03/04: 1
      Williams, Tessie, reported her husband broke the record player and several new records, 1950/12/08: 1
      Williams, Thomas, 18-year-old youth wounded by 17-year-old gunman, 1968/04/05: 1
      Williams, U. J., beaten over the head by policeman with blackjack (photo), 1940/06/07: 1
      Williams, Velma, struck with stone by another woman, 1955/07/08: 3
      Williams, Vernell
        knifed by Samuel Shepard, who says it was "all a mistake," 1951/04/20: 1
        struck with fist by Samuel L. Shepard, 1950/07/07: 1
      Williams, Walter, conked with bottle and slashed with knife during an altercation, 1958/09/19: 1
      Williams, William H., stabbed by Joe Calvin Ray at bus stop, 1959/09/04: 1
      Williams, Willie
        19-year-old clubbed with pistol by H. D. Simmons, 1942/12/18: 1
        beaten by man, 1955/04/15: 1
        stabbed in back, 1951/02/02: 4
      Williams, Willie Lee
        Armstrong, Cornelius ("Ice Cream") and Willie Lee Williams do battle, 1942/07/24: 5
        Carpenter, Agnes, cut on finger by Willie Lee Williams, 1942/06/05: 5
        charged with unlawfully carrying a pistol, 1944/10/27: 1
        shot at by pool game opponent, Earnest Warren, 1942/08/07: 1
      Williams, Willie Marie, beaten at birthday party, 1959/07/17: 1
      Williams Georgia Mae, is allegedly cut by Stella Mae Jones, whom she conked with a clock, 1951/10/05: 1
      Willis, Mrs. Bessie, beaten by husband, Reed J. Willis, 1948/10/15: 5
      Willis, Dallas, man who admonished wife-slapper slashed in chest by Robert Lee, 1963/11/15: 1
      Willis, Ethel Jewel, shot and seriously wounded by Bill Galloway; Eris Hammond hit by richochet slug, 1968/02/09: 1
      Willis, Floyd, stabbed and robbed by SA youth, Curtis Smith, 19, 1958/10/24: 1
      Willis, Harold, struck on head with bottle as he leaves cafe, 1947/07/04: 1
      Willis, Jewel B.
        shoots H. C. Conner through door after he announces intention of killing her, 1969/12/12: 1
        slashed by Willie Butler, 1948/08/27: 1, 1949/03/04: 1
      Willis, Ruby, beaten, clothes destroyed by husband, Galbert Wills, 1956/12/28: 1
      Willis, T. J., shot by Eddie Toles, 1946/05/24: 1
      Willrich, Francis, punched in mouth by husband Robert, says she deserved it, 1951/04/06: 6
      Willrich, Sarah, and George Raymond, in shootout, 1968/10/11: 1
      Wills, Gilbert, knifed, says he doesn't know why, 1958/02/07: 3
      Wilrich, Eva Jo, 18 months old, injured as mother, Jo Ann Wilrich, and sister battle, 1962/02/23: 1
      Wilson, Mrs. Agnes, estranged wife of Clyde Wilson, has husband jailed, 1950/04/14: 1
      Wilson, Mrs. Almira, mauled by husband, who also threatens child with rock, 1948/08/06: 1
      Wilson, Clarence Pleas, shot by wife in family fuss, 1961/04/07: 1
      Wilson, Dorothy Lee, pregnant, beaten and bitten by husband, Carlos Bonds, 1951/08/03: 1
      Wilson, Dorothy Mae, knifed in back and shoulder by Earline Baxter, 1943/03/26: 1
      Wilson, Rev. E. D.
        objecting to ride charge, menaced by driver of "wild cat" taxi, 1952/09/19: 3
        threatened with butcher knife by Johnnie White, 1948/02/27: 1
      Wilson, Eddie, motorist says wrong thing to truck driver, suffers arm injury, 1955/07/29: 1
      Wilson, Edward Joshua, slugged from behind and "stomped," 1963/01/18: 3
      Wilson, Mrs. Elsie, stabbed in head with ice pick by husband, 1949/07/08: 1
      Wilson, Ernest, man who intercedes in fight is only one injured, 1956/05/25: 6
      Wilson, Floyd, stabbed by wife, Ruth Wilson, 1952/07/18: 3
      Wilson, Frank, stabbed and didn't know it, 1942/10/16: 6
      Wilson, Hayes, shot in hip during Xmas Eve altercation with Oliver Howard, 1938/12/30: 1
      Wilson, Henry
        knife victim said attacked by trio, 1954/09/03: 1
        refuses to loan money, gets slashed on head, 1952/05/02: 1
      Wilson, Jim, drinker at tavern table knocked out by rock thrower, 1952/06/27: 1
      Wilson, Joe, and Melvin Whitaker arrested for affray, 1939/09/22: 6
      Wilson, Josephine, reported husband kicked, beat, and stomped her, 1951/01/26: 5
      Wilson, Leon, slashed in Nebraska St. altercation, 1955/09/23: 1
      Wilson, Lula Mae, injured with whiskey bottle wielded by Felix Lee, 1943/01/01: 5
      Wilson, M., Santone taxi driver is target for fare's pistol, 1937/07/23: 1
      Wilson, Mary Ann, shot at by Essie Lee Chase after too torrid greeting of escort, 1955/01/14: 1
      Wilson, Minnie Pearl, has nose broken in altercation with boy friend, 1954/08/13: 5
      Wilson, Otis, in drinking bout ends in knife play by Gladys Wilson, 1952/10/10: 1
      Wilson, Miss Peggy J., accosted by Lewslie Garza, who is later arrested, 1948/07/02: 1
      Wilson, Robert, three men slashed, stabbed in knife battle, 1953/07/31: 1
      Wilson, Robert Lee, stabbed with ice pick by Murray Hopkins in money fuss, 1954/05/14: 1
      Wilson, Rosa, stabbed by Miller Clemon, 1944/07/07: 1
      Wilson, Ruth Mae, bystander shot as wife, Mrs. Leroy (Pinkey) Jeffery, misses target, 1954/12/24: 1
      Wilson, Stanley, arrested for threatening life of Mrs. Ora Wilson, 1932/04/15: 1
      Wilson, Steve, stabbed in tavern altercation at Bluebird Inn, 1951/04/27: 1
      Wilson, W. L., cut by Wardle Williams, 1950/07/28: 1
      Wilson, Wilburn Gene
        shooting victim does not live at address he gave, 1965/10/15: 1
        shot in the head as his wife, Frances Wilson, fires through the door, 1965/10/08: 1
      Wilson, William, shot; karate no match for bullets, 1969/07/11: 1
      Wilson, Willie Mae, shoots at man who tried to force his way into home; only TV hit, 1963/11/15: 1
      Wilson, Woodrow, seriously cut by Essex L. Stevenson, 1945/09/28: 1
      Winkfield, Mrs. Edna, bride tires of honeymoon of chokings, beatings, 1949/05/06: 1
      Winkfield, Woodrow
        SA man gets haircut with hat still on head as gun is fired in argument over card game, 1943/02/26: 1
        tiff over woman leads to his being shot down by Arthur Thomas, 1953/12/04: 1
      Winn, Lou Ella and Bob Gant, battling together, shot with same pistol, 1964/11/27: 1
      Winn, Ora, boyfriend emerges from hedge, badly mauls her, 1952/09/26: 1
      Winn, Sally, slashed by husband while asleep, 1954/06/04: 3
      Winn, William, Hal Patton Winn, and Charles R. Winn, three brothers jailed in night club row, 1953/12/25: 1
      Winn, Willie, shot by wife, Claudia, in fuss over business, 1963/09/06: 1
      Winner, "Red," warning shot by businessman brings end to commotion between Robert C. and Louise Brown, 1966/07/08: 1
      Winten, Robert, stabbed while drinking wine by a companion, 1962/09/14: 3
      Winter, Fred, cut by Robert A. Jackson in Sunday brawl, 1939/10/27: 5
      Winter, Vilesta, cut on leg by a man who grabbed her, 1950/12/22: 1
      Winters, Doretta
        fisted, hit with shoe by Louise Williams, 1955/10/07: 1
        and Fred Winters, maul each other in riotous fight, 1951/05/25: 1
      Winters, Matthew, slashed in fight with three soldiers, 1949/07/29: 5
      Wiseman, Alonzia
        seared with lye by Jackie Lee Lyles, whom she had knifed earlier, 1962/10/19: 1
        slashed by former boyfriend, 1964/10/02: 1
      Wiseman, Johnny, alleged shooter proves elusive, 1955/02/04: 1
      Wiseman, Lydia Alonza, two San Antonio women injured in altercations, 1963/08/09: 1
      Wood, John, lip nearly bitten off by woman companion, 1948/09/17: 1
      Wood, Willy, Sr., father, 65, twice shoots at 18-year-old son; also attempts to fire at other family members, 1966/04/08: 1
      Woodard, Gladine, has eye laceration and Cpl. Charles Johnson, stabbed in the back, in tavern brawl, 1952/02/29: 1
      Woodfork, Roy, slashed by Samuel A. Brooks, 1946/10/04: 2
      Woodrich, J. C., and sister-in-law, Ruth Duhart, shoot each other with same pistol, 1965/11/12: 1
      Woods, Ann
        bitten through fingers by husband, Norris Daniel Woods, who objects to wife's admiring another's shirt, 1952/11/14: 1
        stabbed in back by husband, 1953/07/17: 1
      Woods, Annie, beaten by husband, Airman Clifford Woods, 1959/07/03: 1
      Woods, Clariece, hit with stick by Early Gilles, 1944/04/28: 4
      Woods, Colvert, blasted by cornered common-law wife, Augusta Ernestine Harris, 1964/01/10: 1
      Woods, Dan, knifed in fracas with wife, Ann Woods; in accident while being driven to hospital, 1959/02/20: 1
      Woods, Daniel, veteran, stabbed by woman, in serious condition, 1949/10/21: 1
      Woods, Eliot, and Clifton Randall, knifed by youths attempting to crash a party, 1970/06/12: 1
      Woods, Gladdeen, beaten by man, 1967/12/08: 1
      Woods, Henry B., two shots fired at close range by Robert Mitchell miss target, 1949/03/11: 1
      Woods, Jean, wounded in Blue Front Baseball Park shooting by Haywood McClure, ball park operator, 1962/05/04: 1
      Woods, Joe, stabbed by wife, refuses to file charges, 1933/03/24: 1
      Woods, John
        knifed by female impersonator, 1965/06/04: 1
        stabbed in abdomen in fight with another man, 1951/09/21: 3
      Woods, Katherine stabbed by woman, 1938/10/28: 1
      Woods, M. C., cut on neck when bottle hurled, 1948/09/10: 1
      Woods, Raymond, 11-year-old stabbed by another boy, 1941/04/04: 6
      Woods, Robert, and William Johnson, shotgun fired from auto wounds two, 1969/02/14: 1
      Woods, Vera Lee, 19, beaten by airman, Thomas Pope, Jr., 1957/12/20: 1
      Woods, William Ray, shot five times by his buddy, Willie Ross, 1961/10/27: 1
      Woods, Willie B.
        Corpus Christi man sentenced for aggravated assault, 1944/12/08: 1
        and McKinley Hicks, Corpus Christi, cut each other in altercation, 1944/03/31: 1
      Woodson, Felix ("Woodman"), wounded in Blue Front Baseball Park shooting by Haywood McClure, ball park operator, 1962/05/04: 1
      Woodson, Harold, peacemaker gets lumps as he stops pair about to fight, 1955/04/08: 1
      Woodson, Robert, knifed in Friday incident with Willie Gray, 1965/05/07: 1
      Woolridge, Fennor, slasher's hand almost severed with own blade by girl friend, Sylvena Hartfield, 1953/07/17: 1
      Word, Charley, Jr., slashed by cousin, 1965/03/12: 1
      Word, Mrs. Louise, accuses ex-husband, Charles Daniels, of beating her, 1948/02/20: 5
      Word, William, slashed on arm by 17-year-old, 1964/10/02: 1
      Wormley, Walter
        47-year-old man stabbed in fight with stepson, Robert Charlie Miller, 1954/10/08: 1
        cut while butting into pool game, 1939/10/27: 1
      Wren, Horace, refuses to name gunman who shot him, 1953/05/29: 1
      Wren, Lucinda, cut with knife by husband, Dudley Wren, 1951/04/13: 7
      wrestling pair shatter plate glass window, 1950/08/04: 1
      Wright, Alice (Alice Griffin), shot by J.P. Brown, because he "loves her," 1940/01/26: 1
      Wright, Mrs. Alma, struck by husband, Leroy, 1948/08/20: 1
      Wright, Annie Mae, slashed as teen-age girls battle, 1964/01/31: 1
      Wright, Garland
        and Andrew Davis, slash each other in fight, meet again in hospital, 1956/07/13: 1
        slashed by Ellis Rogers, 1952/01/18: 1
      Wright, George
        seriously knifed in fight over $10 debt, 1951/06/15: 1
        woman misses as she fires twice with rifle, 1956/03/23: 1
      Wright, George A., and others, fined $112 each for Ezell St. free-for-all fight, 1947/05/02: 1
      Wright, Henry, and Clarence Wright; brothers fight, one knifed, other gunned, 1969/08/15: 1
      Wright, Pvt. Herbert F., booked for theft; involved in the altercation with several others, 1952/04/18: 1
      Wright, Ida B.
        beaten with bottle by James Anderson, 1956/05/11: 3
        ex-con, Frank Williams, jailed for threatening to shoot woman, 1955/10/28: 1
        slashed woman refuses to idenify wielder of blade, 1954/04/09: 1
      Wright, L. D., shot by youth in Sunday brawl, 1939/03/10: 1
      Wright, Leotha, beaten by husband, 1939/12/29: 5
      Wright, Peter, injured by glass from windshield broken in street fight with "several men," 1957/06/28: 1
      Wright, Robbie, said beaten by estranged mate, Geron Wright, 1966/08/12: 1
      Wright, Willie, shot after assailant, James H. Pennington, breaks in front door, 1950/10/06: 1
      Wright, Willie King, shot by wife, who pumped four bullets into him, 1961/11/03: 1
      Wyatt, Clarence, stabbed in the back in attack by pair of men, 1958/09/12: 1
      Wyatt, Lydia, in critical condition after slashing by Mrs. Joe Eva Allen, 1941/09/12: 1
      Wynder, Mrs. Ruby, hit in wild shooting affray by resort owner, Arthur Gooden, 1946/12/27: 1
      Yates, Mrs. Johnie V., shot by sister, Minnie Muriel Jefferson, in house-cleaning argument, 1965/01/01: 1
      Yates, W. J., struck by pop bottle, 1945/08/24: 5
      Yeater, John, Olmos Park police officer beaten by five, 1963/02/08: 1
      Yell, Roland (C.)
        and Lloyd H. Moody arrested for fighting, 1944/10/27: 1
        returns to fight scene with gun, 1946/02/15: 1
      Yell, Samuel
        in row with cabby, Dennis Hall, 1949/05/20: 3
        wrecks inn, cuts four after remarks about girl friend, 1948/02/27: 1
      Yoakum, Wallace, suffers knife cut when he tried to stop a fight, 1945/11/09: 1
      York, Victor
        murder charged against Gladys Williams as gun victim dies a month after original wound, 1966/08/26: 1
        notice of death, 1966/09/02: 8 (filmed in 09/09 issue)
        shot by woman as climax to argument, 1966/08/05: 1
      Young, Mrs. Adelie, beaten by husband, Earnest Young, 1949/01/07: 5
      Young, Benjamin J., wounded when he comes back to scene of dispute over using telephone, 1967/02/24: 1
      Young, Emanuel, Jr., pistol-whipped in row with special cop; slugged man says he was trying to prevent shooting, 1958/06/27: 1
      Young, Eula (Mae)
        after asking Eugene Evans to stop hitting her hip, smashes a bottle over his, 1950/11/10: 1
        facial stitches required after altercation with mate, 1949/07/01: 1
      Young, Harry, claims attack by two bar companions, 1949/08/12: 1
      Young, Johnnie, cut by wife, 1943/04/09: 5
      Young, Lucille, rips mate, Frank Young, in movie balcony with fruit tin top, 1942/10/23: 1
      Young, Robert M., attacked at Kelly Field by ex-wife; lunacy charge field, 1954/09/24: 1
      Young, Rufus, wounded as aftermath of dice game fuss, 1946/06/14: 1
      Zachary, Leroy, watermelon buyer slashed by huckster, 1968/06/28: 1
      Zapata, A. E., police officer's finger broken in tussle with West Sider, 1955/11/18: 1
      Ziegler, Allee
        18, clubbed with baseball by another youth, 1967/07/14: 1
        19-year-old youth shot by creditor, 17, 1968/07/19: 1
        shot by younger brother in family row, 1969/07/11: 1
      Zimmerley, Jake, shot by Norman Williams, 1946/03/29: 1
    Associated Christian Mission
      meetings, 1931/10/23: 6
      Thomas, Mrs. A.J., donates flowers, 1931/11/27: 8 (filmed in 12/04 issue)
    Associated Councils of Teenagers in Our Neighborhoods (ACTION)
      scholarship winners announced, 1968/08/16: 9
    Associated Negro Press (ANP)
      ANP correspondent reviews progress in civil rights, 1957/05/10: 3
      ANP "Pigskin Huddle" releases final grid ratings for 1953, 1953/12/18: 5
      The Associated Negro Press (Between the Lines, commentary by Dean Gordon B. Hancock), 1961/08/04: 7
      Barnett, Claude A.
        Associated Negro Press director elected to board of Red Cross, 1952/07/11: 1
        goes to Africa to discover new sources for African struggle toward independence (photo), 1959/02/20: 2
      gives Cuba and Ole Miss stories equal 1962 billing, 1963/01/11: 1
      Hall, Chatwood, serves in Russia as correspondent (photo), 1937/03/12: 1
      Ike [President Eisenhower] 'boycotts' ANP reporter to avoid civil rights queries, 1956/11/23: 1
      rates North Carolina A & T national football champs, PV ranked fourth, 1951/12/14: 5
      shuts down after 45 years of service, 1964/07/31: 1
      Waters, Enoc P., Jr., appointed editor by Claude A. Barnett, 1960/02/19: 3
    Associated Negro Retail Beer Dealers and Merchants
      beer, wine dealers meet Wed. afternoon, 1947/10/31: 6
      Negroes admitted to white Houston union as association puts on pressure, 1941/02/28: 1
    Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools
      Clark, Dr. Felton G., and Dr. Horace Mann Bond, speakers at 26th annual conference (photo), 1959/11/27: 1
      new officers elected (photo), 1956/12/28: 7, 1959/12/25: 8 (filmed in 01/01 issue)
      new officers installed
        25th annual conference in Louisville, Kentucky (photo), 1958/12/26: 3
        annual banquet on campus of Virginia Union University (photo), 1957/12/27: 3
    Association of Music Teachers in Negro Schools
      meets at Fisk University (photo), 1939/05/12: 8 (filmed in 05/19 issue)
      notable figures at fifth convention (photo), 1941/04/18: 8 (filmed in 04/25 issue)
    Association of Southern Women for the Prevention of Lynching
      white Texas woman, Mrs. Jessie Daniel Ames, does great work against lynching (photo), 1934/06/29: 1
    Association of Texas Negro Newspapers
      Register hosts association meet last Sunday, 1933/01/13: 1
      Texas Negro newspapers form association, 1932/12/16: 1
      Texas Organize (editorial), 1932/12/16: 4
      A of TNN to meet Sunday, 1933/01/06: 1
    Association of University Women
      DC branch must admit Negro, Mrs. Mary Church Terrell, 1948/04/23: 5
      first Negro astronaut, Maj. Robert H. Lawrence, Jr., dies in crash, 1967/12/15: 1
    Astronauts Diversion Club
        5th anniversary celebrated, 1967/05/05: 8
        7th anniversary celebrated (Jo's Jottings), 1970/04/10: 8
        anniversary celebrated with theatre party at HemisFair (Jo's Jottings), 1968/07/05: 8
        travelogue presented by Mrs. Sornie Deen, 1969/08/01: 8
      Calhoun, Mrs. Samuel, takes indefinite leave of absence, 1968/07/19: 8
      first meeting of new organization held (Jo's Jottings), 1962/03/30 Supp: 4
      meeting hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Sonnie Dean, 1969/05/09: 8
      meetings in 1966, 1966/06/10: 6
      meetings in 1967, 1967/05/19: 9, 1967/06/02: 8, 1967/06/30: 9, 1967/09/29: 7, 1967/12/01: 9, 1967/12/22: 8
      meetings in 1968, 1968/02/09: 8
      meetings in 1969, 1969/10/10: 8, 1969/11/07: 8, 1969/12/12: 8
      meetings in 1970, 1970/01/16: 9, 1970/03/20: 6, 1970/05/08: 9
      members added, 1969/09/12: 8
      officers announced, 1966/06/10: 6
      reorganized, officers elected (Jo's Jottings), 1969/04/11: 8
      "Walk in Space Tea"
        100 guests hosted at home of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Calhoun (Jo's Jottings), 1969/11/21: 8
        soiree Walk in Space, plans finalized, 1969/10/24: 8
      See also specific type of sport
      See also Sports
      American athletes on goodwill tour in Africa win countless friends for US, 1956/06/29: 5
      and now it is the adrenal gland that makes Negro athletes best, 1939/04/14: 3
    Athletic Associations
    Atkins, J. Alston
      Houston editor here for rest, 1932/04/22: 5
    Atkins, James A.
      specialist in Negro education visits city, 1941/12/05: 1
    Atkins, Russell C.
      acting head of Tuskegee Institute slain by restaurateur, 1933/07/07: 1
      murderer pleads not guilty--claims insanity, 1933/11/03: 1
    Atkins, William E., Jr.
      notice of death, 1969/06/20: 10 (filmed in 06/27 issue)
    Atkinson, Gladys Anita
      accepted for Spelman College freshman class (photo), 1953/07/24 Supp: 4
      honored at debutante tea, 1958/02/21: 6
      SA girl rates highest in Spelman College entrance examinations, 1953/09/25 Supp: 1
    Atkinson, Miss Hulda Darlyne
      graduate of Spelman College (photo), 1948/06/25 Supp: 1
    Atkinson, Joseph D., Jr.
      accepts position with space agency [NASA] (photo), 1964/05/22: 1
      attends decision-making seminar, 1965/03/26: 3
      "Have You Met...Joseph D. Atkinson, Jr." (column) (photo), 1954/09/17: 4
      honored at annual coffee of Exclusive Matrons Personality Club (photo), 1961/04/07 Supp: 1
      Kelly employee attends aerospace lecture series at Brooks AFB, School of Aerospace Medicine, 1962/01/12: 6
      Morehouse graduate goes to Harvard (photo), 1949/09/16: 6
      named chief executive of Kelly AFB Maintenance junior management staff (photo), 1958/11/07: 1
      selected to attend aerospace symposium and series of lectures at USAF School of Aerospace Medicine, Brooks AFB, 1963/02/08: 1
    Atkinson, Joseph D., III
      9-year-old boy is third prize winner in Our Lady of the Lake science fair, 1964/04/17: 5
    Atkinson, Leroy
      notice of death, 1969/07/04: 10 (filmed in 07/11 issue)
    Atkinson, Dr. N. J.
      Greenville scene of unusual event as lone Negro member presents program at Tri-State Medical Association, 1937/09/24: 1
    Atkinson, R. A.
      moves up to presidency of state teachers' association, 1947/12/05: 1
    Atkinson Investment Corporation
    Atlanta Life Insurance Co.
    Atlanta School of Social Work
      students consider strike at Atlanta school, 1934/07/13: 1
    Atlanta University (Atlanta, GA)
      Adams, Dr. Myron W., fourth president, dies, 1939/06/02: 5
      Barbour, Dr. Clarence A., President of Brown University, to speak to graduates, 1935/05/17: 5
      Brock, George N., appointed director of physical education, 1934/06/22: 7
      Clement, Dr. Rufus E.
        dies suddenly, 1967/11/17: 1
        named to USO, Inc., 1954/04/02: 3
        speaks on Boston Forum, 1959/10/23: 7
      commemorates 300th anniversary of 1st secondary school, 1935/06/07: 3
      exhibits variety of works by Negro artists, 1934/03/16: 5
      given million: unnamed friend helps institution, 1931/10/09: 1
      Hayes, Joseph H., of SA among 24 Texans at AU summer school, 1937/07/09: 21937/07/09: 2
      Hope, John, president, passes; pneumonia claims veteran leader and educator (photo), 1936/02/28: 1
      Johnson, Dr. Ras O., fellowship fund established in his memory (photo), 1963/01/04: 3
      land acquired for housing project, 1934/06/01: 1
      leads with 630 students, 1936/07/03: 8 (filmed in 07/10 issue)
      Ministers' Institute to open on June 11, 1934/04/27: 8 (filmed in 05/04 issue)
      rare New Testament facsimiles lent to, 1933/11/10: 1
      Reddick, Dr. L. D., noted scholar leaving due to charges of "inadequate administration of library, 1955/05/20: 1
      registration totals 1200, 1938/09/30: 7
      Reid, Ira DeA.
        appointed as professor of sociology, 1934/06/22: 7
        named professor at New York U., 1946/05/03: 5
      School of Social Work gets $10,000 Rosenwald grant, 1940/01/19: 8 (filmed in 01/26 issue)
      state auditor wants to tax university for Supreme Court school integration celebration, 1960/06/03: 3
      summer school session closes, 1935/08/02: 7
      Tillman, Dr. Nathaniel P., Sr., final rites held for former dean, 1965/11/05: 7
      Westerfield, Dr. Samuel
        dean gets key post in Treasury Department, 1961/04/14: 1, 1961/11/10: 1
        named visiting professor at Harvard, 1959/08/28: 3
      Alexander, Sadie T. Messell, woman lawyer is secretary of National Bar Association, 1944/11/17: 5
      Anderson, Austin, final rites held for district attorney, 1955/07/15: 1
      Austin, Elsie, accepts federal post in Africa (photo), 1960/01/15: 1
      Baltimore Bar Association admits Negro lawyers; unwritten law falls as association opens doors to Negroes, 1957/06/28: 3
      Barnett, Ferdinand L., pioneer Chicago attorney passes at age 77, 1936/03/20: 1
      Bellinger, Harry M.
      Blakey, George A., appointed asst. attorney general of Illinois (photo), 1941/07/11: 1
      Briscoe, Hattie Ruth
      Brooks, J. Harold, obtains 2nd highest grade on the bar examination, has honor of speaking before the Texas Supreme Court (photo), 1967/06/02: 1
      Clarke, Thomas P., passes Missouri bar (photo), 1946/04/12 Sect. 2: 1
      Coleman, Charles E., admitted to Texas Bar (photo), 1949/06/17: 4
      Covington, Mary White, lauds colored lawyers, 1934/02/16: 1
      Crawford, J. Phillip, first Negro named as Texas assistant attorney general, 1963/07/05: 1
      Darden, Robert, appointed to staff of assistants to Attorney General of Texas (photo), 1967/02/03: 1
      DC Bar Association
        See Washington, DC, Bar Association
      Dounson, Pepos S., announces opening of law office, 1954/07/16: 6
      Ellis, Mrs. Georgia Jones, honored by Chicago Club (photo), 1949/08/26 Supp: 2
      Frye, Henry E., North Carolinian to serve as South's 7th US assistant attorney, 1962/12/07: 1
      Greenly, Charles J.
      Gregory, B. R., has new address, 1952/09/26: 6
      Harris, Patricia Roberts, Negro attorney nominated for ambassadorship by President Johnson, 1965/05/28: 1
      Hayes, George C., funeral services held for rights lawyer in Washington, DC, 1969/01/10: 6
      Hernden, Rachel Prudence, Georgia's woman lawyer admitted to federal court, 1945/05/25: 5
      Houston, Charles, noted civil rights attorney, dies, 1950/04/28: 1
      Houston, William, claimed by death in Washington, 1953/09/18: 1
      Huff, William Henry
        famed Chicago extradition attorney taken by death, 1963/11/29: 1
        million-dollar lawyer (photo), 1949/10/14: 1
      Iglehart, Thaddeus, becomes first Negro assistant attorney in San Antonio (photo), 1963/09/27: 1
      Jefferson, Andrew L., Jr.
      Jim Crow bar associations may be forced out, 1961/07/07: 6
      Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver W., attend National Bar Association's 43rd annual convention, 1968/08/16: 9
      Kansas' only 'lily white' bar association keeps color ban, 1954/07/23: 4
      Kelley, Frank B., opens law office in Oppenheimer Bldg., 1958/05/02: 6
      Lacour, Vance B., Southern University professor admitted to Louisiana bar, 1949/08/26: 6
      Lampkin, Kenneth R., Negro attorney admitted to US Court at Austin, 1941/02/21: 1
      lawyers protest treatment of attorneys by Eastland Committee, 1956/04/27: 1
      Leighton, George N., appointed assistant attorney general of Illinois (photo), 1949/04/15: 1
      Mason, William T., Norfolk, Virginia, becomes 36th US attorney, 1962/11/30: 1
        photo, 1962/12/21: 1
      McCurdy, Merle F., named US Attorney for Northern Ohio (photo), 1961/09/15: 1
      Ming, William Robert, named Illinois assistant attorney general, 1949/04/29: 1
      Missouri Bar Committee names Negro as member, 1948/12/10: 2
      Missouri bar group names woman, Lula M. Howard, as president, 1953/02/27: 1
      Motley, Constance Baker, woman attorney named president of Manhattan borough, 1965/03/05: 1
      Murray, Miss Pauli, appointed deputy-attorney general for California (photo), 1946/02/08 Supp: 4
      National Bar Association
      Negro lawyers plead first case in Richmond County, Georgia, 1962/08/03: 1
      Pittman, Mrs. Elizabeth Davis, joins father, Charles F. Davis, in law firm (photo), 1948/12/31: 6
      Sampson, Edith S.
      Smith, John Lee, appointment as US Attorney in Texas opposed by NAACP, 1953/03/27: 1
      South Carolina gets its first Race woman lawyer, 1941/12/26: 6
      Southwestern Negro Bar Association
      Stryker, Myrtle, is Illinois's first assistant attorney general, 1953/02/27: 1
      Thomas, Lucia T., first SA Race girl to pass the Bar, to join law office, teach in DC (photo), 1940/09/06: 7
      two Texans get law degrees at Catholic University of America, 1949/06/24: 5
      Waiters, J. G., Santonian's son, acts as judge of municipal court of Dayton, Ohio, 1935/08/09: 1
      Walker, Carl, Jr.
        assistant US attorney long-time friend of LBJ [Lyndon Baines Johnson], 1961/10/20: 1
        Houstonian named assistant US attorney, 1961/10/13: 1
      Wheeler, Lloyd G., first Illinois Negro lawyer honored (photo), 1969/05/09: 7
      Williams, Clarence, opens office for practice of law (photo), 1958/01/24: 6
      Wimberley, Joseph G.
        attorney, is buried; once had reputation of being one of the best lawyers in South (photo), 1940/01/05: 1
        Johnson, O.W., attorney, speaks at lawyer's bier (photo), 1940/01/05: 5
      Woolridge, Otho S., San Antonian takes exams for State Bar; only Negro of 300 aspirants to take quiz, 1937/07/09: 1
    Auclair, Father Rodrique A.
      former pastor of St. Peter Claver Catholic Church, dies in New Orleans, 1964/04/03: 8 (filmed in 04/10 issue)
    Austin, Mrs. Bertha
      funeral services held, 1947/11/07: 8 (filmed in 11/14 issue)
    Austin, Claude Ray
      discharged from Air Force (photo), 1952/09/26: 7
    Austin, Fannie Rita
      seeks crown of "Miss Haiti Contest" (photo), 1949/09/02 Supp: 3
    Austin, Harvey Lee
      notice of death, 1966/08/26: 8 (filmed in 09/02 issue)
      stabbed to death; alleged blade wielder, Joe Dawson, claims slain man had shot at him twice, 1966/08/19: 1
    Austin, Jesse James
      obsequies held, 1962/06/08: 8
    Austin, Joseph